Tuesday, 07.31.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, July 31st

0:00 - Headlines
Lazlo's car was stolen
3D printed guns become major issue
the hot water challenge
a stolen shark in Texas
46:16 - Another round of Kansas vs Missouri
1:09:45 - Slimfast has finally embraced his inner white trash

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From the righteous man is the center on all sides by the end. The selfish. And to renew your evil men the lessons you. Shepherds the weak. The belly of dark. And I will strike down upon the U with great vengeance and jewelry inside nervous those who attempt to. How are you right now Oreo I've never been mad is good to hear it. Everybody looks to everybody feels good that's also comes on for a whole new look that's a good look freedoms I thought. Now I change a couple of get well John thanks form full make over now I like it. I've been sure I get the semi straight guy yeah. He's the strangest of there's probably. I've seen his browser history. We'll thank you trend of trying to downloading bloodiest group. I think you know man. I'll Taylor and gotta love those shared the contributions from 1984. We the probably the coolest thing we knew he wears a size is plus or Wu tang Sheridan. I could probably work I'm looking. Well yesterday we. So you were in the exact same thing as. And then we both just have way too many black T shirts. Got to be aware we can change the sun make sure that we don't come to works every time we go outside yeah he walked by acting guarantees. You talk about snow cone learned one whereas some fast insert it into your misses the same thing about me and you. Anyone who were Muslims and certain. I'll just go right down my block congress only region. Castle where. What happened. I don't have talked to about it on Friday night. They stole it from her house and walked outside my cars would you do darted a broken into twice the broken into a couple of times. But never stolen. So then they steal it restored. And then you're able to use in GPS or whatever and Chrysler and I knew connecting contracted car. So Dave what talked to the police down there won't tell you where it is an absolutely don't drive over there and it killed you know I mean nine and I'm sure they don't lord tells them on whenever. I'm sure like oh okay that's I'm sure that some sort of insurance liability. So on your apps for your you connect as soon as you reported stolen it stops working. I'll open it says car you know theft alarm has been set a camel. And then they call the police and Telemar attack on the police found like six hours later. Like it but do they tell you was his someone's house was in place so they call me it was I don't know Wal-Mart and Roland park. Sweet I don't know why did these guys do right pay you eighty just overjoyed right and then. Drop off. I know I did like there it was just filled like my cars through crap anyways I don't think it's usually look at exec can't. That she didn't warn I don't know there's problems when it now so inside the dealership right but there's like smacks everywhere like you know open bags and ships. Baseball has sent our mine. It is it smelled like this happens like I went just. Repeat what. Did you piano is like maybe. I'm back to believe in Wal-Mart does Billy Graham roll their imprisonment I I don't know because a police don't tell you like what happened. But don't so I know we rolled up and arrows you know I mean god and gunfire are. Broke up but there was you know mother and her baby you know I don't tell you anything is and I got your card from getting expensive. That's been processors got that fingerprint stuff all over I mean all that's fine thank god. Well done police and Chrysler you found at like six hours there but do you think that it's. Lectern there I Simmons and you need outdoor cameras maybe I do I have no problem is always parked on the left hand side and I have that Amazon camera right. For whatever reason and of course is just have is really a day apart on the right hand side of the drive when you couldn't see it. He couldn't see the car. I should probably get another camera arrived and under normal circumstances currency. What you yeah. Business. It's not very expensive. This 139 bucks on the cameras are. Eight. 12345678. And put them all around the house you know nothing is so when I'm done. Right I don't know what are jumping in the car when I'm gone and chased I just for curiosity and I just reported it to my you can actually found it. Attention okay I'm curious thing. Is it just some well to do kids who are out of school. And this is their version of antics. I mean I never stolen car never knew anyone and you people who so their friends with them this was a Sunday than ever got talked into anyone tried to talk mean to steal your car. That was beyond the normal run. Tom flooring yeah tiger so. I'm just curious is that something that. Kids do. He is driving around. Listen to music and then eventually they call their buddies saying meet me at the Wal-Mart. A drop this thing off really drive and tone Wal-Mart eat I mean I suspect doing some some possible. Loneliness there. If you had a camera. Chemicals that. See. What that looks like and then when there was someone you knew. Arab cool you would know that would do that the what if it was someone you know. Yeah. Either way. And I EU connect things worked via. They found it they call the police and policeman guy and I need to confront anyone want this to my car my car is not an important no one got hurt. As far as I know what a huge pain in the ass so autism paying an inch insurance and then figuring out you know what you have to do for the lease nonsense he. I think I would almost wish that it was just burned somewhere in addition this very here's the payouts all the time he's gonna arrogant. Biggest thing you go to pick up the car in the police station and you can drive it because the two dozen or a change in market was now. Shown melange kept going on China and towed to. Straight line Chrysler and and they got to make a fob key foreigners own mud and no light at the end of the day it is or partners people out there now. People out there was senator. Yeah and it's not luckily you're in a position where looses this you know this doesn't. I'm driving a purple Mitsubishi suvs via yeah you I don't looks pretty good yeah. BA you know this happens a lot of people that sit maybe they got to pay both. So pre had to pay to get the key club and we have to you have to pay anything to get it I guess it's not like it's been impounded single dime and police and anything. But still you know acetate is a police station in Reno. It's fingerprints are on our. Quit stealing cars bill. They're athletes getting a lot of trouble for Grand Theft Auto. I feel like it's a big deal it's a big deal because it's just you know something over certain dollar amount. Is I had relatives who went to. Prison for grand theft and he didn't hurt anyone right in getting as far as he just stole the car. He went to jail. For awhile. And I'm not pushing science. Nobody you don't have anything and it unit. Nothing. But it's union. She curious I would be so appearance. Do you have that feeling of people is talking about when their house broken into something you. They're not home at their home then they feel like that sense of security and safety is forever gone but if someone comes and their home. When they're not there they feel like they've been violated some other tribes has been violated they wanna know what happened in my house what did you do here to have that with the car all. This is a late tee I don't know what I am asked to just take it to him. I'm. Full service car wash military menacing was stolen and none of those crap is mind superstar laden please try and do you lose and it does not smell like anymore. Charge me what you will. Right. Throwing all around you are not touching and I don't want to. Just throwing out. You yeah. As the questions got a point for Kansas. Honest someone mentioned that extent beach following business card even broken into a couple of times and it gets stolen the yeah. That's I don't get it says it's a nice neighborhood right. On a golf course besides. Let's go steal a car and media happens a lot I had no idea. I don't mean immediate relatives that are police officers I don't know menu button. I never. That's not a gallon on main street Nigeria so I'm trying not to don't try to find is on the right. I understand like going through neighborhoods and checking handles but this neighborhood. It seems weird you would go out. Going through in and looking to see cars are open and stealing you know money your pills or whatever that OK he kind of understand that. But to take the risk of stealing a car Grand Theft Auto we're gonna drive this thing off. From what I'm is clearly a newer car you got to think it has some kind of tracking the. That's the thing that must be when they dropped it off to I mean they didn't drop. They left it. And parking lot I think there and Wal-Mart I don't know all of you think they they caught them I think they caught release maybe one or two I don't know I thought maybe they had security footage of the result in game now our opinion different car. And so they're there. Maybe you get me I'm speculating now no gentleman I was I feel like maybe you know resigned one guy man no jury in Wal-Mart I don't know. Maybe offer him a Wal-Mart and in my conscious way of former come back I don't know exactly what happened. No I don't get into details from. We're. And then you get in trouble I remember. I had a car that I I really couldn't afford I was really wishing someone would steal it. And I thought about a multi relieve the keys and it with the windows down and bad neighborhood housing front but then. My friend said no insurance won't cover if you do that lets us present season. So I didn't know if they ask you questions like they raise your rates twice do you think you should know I don't know exactly where news and they sent I sent it meant they could happen I could have dropped and I'm not exactly sure. But I can't find an error on a barrel doesn't matter because it's one of those things where it it's a push button so as long as the she is in the car run you can push until he dropped it and it was under the cedar something they can just get in and start. Ride north on dropped on the ground like a Muslim grocers around or some thing and maybe they saw the key. And try to it was like holy crap decision to start a starting right. And I guess it anyway played announcing a maybe there is walking around. He's on the T Ayman driveway or something button in the lights Lincoln they go it's a variety of lines. Don't have any answers. I'm brother's car was on a couple months ago and he drove around the neighborhood. Found it okay he finds the car sees someone getting out of the car he calls the police and please select them. He's like I'm I'm here I found it it's it's here I filed a report this is it like okay. But he wants to do take a lot of guys get out of the car you gonna miss a night when it. Oh yeah no I will say. That need it rampart police department thereon. The guy can lower my house. But top case you know of course a lot of man I'm not hiding anything and so I remember sending messages usually you have. The right vin number I'm like man I don't know what he knew this does is he looks over my desk brawl that paperwork isn't it goes. Throughput one finger and pulls out the information. And I'm like man you can spot values like trust comics who knows a lot and Asia's rice and I'll down and then they called me seven hours later Miller got your comment. We are going to tow it tune I think they were going. I wasn't home. But if I was home they're gonna talk to my house because I wasn't meant turning to at least look at. Because I guess after releasing to me. Yeah. I. Some look. And then the same getting your car got stolen I found the MacArthur junior repossessed. You thought your car had been repossessed I mean you can announce all was gone like my worst nose and bank. Right did you read my first call stood US bank and I was like down damn man I thought this thing was on auto pay them. Known. Thank you Townsend divorce is everything now right is a chance I am paid to sing in nine months I don't know. You know like I feel like I am and I'm excited to god damaged or money anyway you know I mean so it's like so I just. That's what happened to me I thought I had the auto pay things set up apparently was been wrong since March or something or April. Well I did tell your husband I'm and so do you guys are businessmen aren't designed them. Jon on okay the last news joins us online auction site wide and I assume all my cards on my drive when she's like oh my god. Shows should surprise. But it's not repossess. It must be stolen I was like damn. And so much easier had just been repossessed. That's happened before I just told bam bam he does not a lot of pentagon embarked point five dark out and banker baron. Well my girlfriend's an accountant so she's saying how did you not know the automated payments and those are. How often do you check your bank account I try to never checked except on days I think he's paid Jason Kendall look to see forget pay rhyme. If I get very anxious look you know I look at it on the fifteenth and see like boom boom boom boom boom okay a lot of stuff came out right and I. I don't make enough money I make and I find money not complaining about money but. I. Nothing bills come how. It goes down substantially every first and fifteenth I'm not broke. But it goes down substantially so. And you think your bank and there is a chance made Ayman Al and by the way I'm having huge car payment right Mike our tenants really low compared to most people each. But just let me my comment is lessen your groceries and weak yeah my car fans really. But like opens or is huge checks every day she by the way she gets overcharged for stuff all the times she finds Zelikow the doctor's office overbilled me three weeks in a row when she's on the phone and I think. This probably is happening to me all the time because it clearly have a girl outside but I just don't look. The only thing I'm worried about is did I overdrafts. I don't I didn't that's my fear every time I looked and as long as I have not overdraft the account I look away. It's like looking at the sun you just look at real quick. Get an idea what's going on and look away and you know like you know I'm gonna afternoon go to dinner and whenever. Do a couple of things I want to yes no you know about it like I don't and I'm sure there have been numerous times at the little more money than I would have fun they are what I do know is because they didn't get car payment. Economy must. The news. Three printed guns this is the thing that. We're arguing about whether or not they should be me. This started a long time goes yes and yes because I think it was like maybe five years ago and everyone knew would happen eventually won't well they they. The three Pentagon's a better round for a while Cody Wilson. The guy who started that company defense distributed or wherever it's gone. He had argued and I saw him minute documentary talking about free speech and you argue that it's free speech telling the arc is cookbook prey like all I'm sitting unanimous yes on Cindy knew is the blueprint yeah. It to make this MS Cindy knew a gun. And that should be covered under free speech so these 3-D printing John blueprints party Vincent sent out before you I guess there's some new ones. There are more assault rifles styled three printed guns or plastic to. But I. I mean they're mostly made a classic. But now bunch of attorney generals had decided to sue the trump administration over these 3-D printing guns start with the attorney general in Washington State Bob Ferguson. Bunch of other attorney generals have signed up but trust in our tweet and said. You don't. Like the three printed guns. Old lead to communicate to the course that we wanna shut this down he really financially as decent as public safety. This is. Yeah us. Almost without exception the people have a right to to this kind of data regarding anything you can not regulate the digital material guns anymore it's. Out there so that's Tony Wilson guided you. This defense distributed or wherever its own but. He does make a good point. It's already out there. I don't know what you do now trumps now between this and I'm looking into three need plastic guns being sold to the public. Marty spoke to NRA doesn't seem to make much sense an exclamation point. So it sounds like rate my in Germany's how to do it. He's an industry trend gone sort of sounds like. Last I checked the NRA has not commented. To lose eight states now to have filed this suit against senior administration. How do you guys feel about that because we just got done talking about the whole freedom of speech and how we're pretty. Is John Smith vendors let him and I think we've talked about things that the anarchist cookbook before. Yeah I understand that maybe they don't largest seller on the shelves of Barnes & Noble C order it and of course throw those rumors and we were kids that want to order Iran FBI opens a file on your buddy black list right. There are exceptions for the First Amendment. You know a starting a riot yelling fire out of the windows yet but usually. My duties exception but but but so is this is it what is this that you cannot distribute instructions on how to make. Weapons. Or is specifically how did make some greedy lenders because there were your instructions on how to make weapons in the anarchist cookbook yeah. Coming discover some kind of language. And then this this guy who originally released these he's saying they're already out there and you can trying to stop them now. But it's RE online people already have the blueprints they can share them. He Q never really does go let's just stop amino getting more or how. I mean child pornography is illegal thing they spend a lot Interpol he right. Devotes a lot of time to trying to catch these guys but it's just always gone. You know what the hot water challenges. Apparently this this was popular couple years ago that's popular again now and the ice bucket Chung and yet how well more like the sentiment challenge of my when these things is the condom challenge Anderson the other challenge. Silicon challenge for the kind of challenge they would put it amounted to pull out of their nose really to put up their nose in trying to pull out there I'll remember that Leah. So this one may zone environment and possibly its own economy and amount is like second nature you. It's like a clown cars I think you said the same thing and we and we talked about that thing magician with the clintons and the Israelis condoms. Just Thursday night. Did the idea of a challenge Vicente that you're here you go one more I think I can do that I can do that decision and I know you can do when we first heard about a cinnamon challenge. I think both of us like come on I mean this was fifteen years ago fourteen years ago we rescinded the old building and we we've got the cinnamon and we don't try it we couldn't do it. But it seemed like teachers and I was. Wish I think I could do that we couldn't. This makes no sense. From what I can tell the hot water challenge. You boil water. Any either poured on yourself or your friend or you try and drink the boiling water through a strong yeah. That's not a challenge that's just. She invited to me not really really stupid thing to do. And this talent this kid's fifteen years old look at his face and look at what happens. No shirt he's fifteen years old. Why is there cal point he had that was a commercial that there's an event. Ground eat yet he was severely burned after taking part in this hot water challenges Americans. Fifteen years old by hot waters on and it burns you didn't you know that they've seen if someone says yeah here's a challenge and a boiled his water poured on you. I'm not interest in this Second Amendment right to do is nuts and let it look simple and it was warm this time it was hot. And we import all over him. And if it was to hunt I'm sure he could. Pull away. He says his skin just fell off of his chest to meet you he was burned all over his body. It's the water got hot and I just I don't know read my shirt off. And I wouldn't doubt in my chest muscle pain is so hot just now we know. Skin problems right here on our face there are many. So when she's. I don't think you know more than fifty pound baby. How merry go like say hey. It's heartbreaking. Eight million dollars. My phone could back. Suggesting that people and try and maybe they won't be hurt but they will I can guarantee. If your friends are telling you to do this they are not good friend that's true that's true in some of these kids. Poured on people while they're asleep. So that is really love dragons to a strong waiting for ourselves our annual report on U lawyers sleep easy go to jail you're gonna drink your mileage morial and use our ideas as you boil it you put in the company knew it sounds like you're supposed to give bull interesting the strong they're trying to take him COPEL boiling water. Don't do that. Don't do this. Darwinism go to like Sox but other kids so one guy someone died doing this is in the last year. In this article are dream he said it you know there's been these kids have gone to the hospital and one of them died. Imagine if that's your kid you have around you that you get a call this is your kids in her house. He poured hot water all over himself or his friends for our morals herself. You don't shoot you when you think you have to tell your kids. I wanna kinda be broad but. But they're kids. Yet there kids and it's still alive. Different I guess but still your kid you know I'll water's gonna hurt and I don't know how man right here and when I was secure needed to pass out game and I had never heard a lot of our stuff it's true I did not know until we're not and now we know and does she now. And don't look past them and that's the name of the hot water in yeah you would think it six million young on June. A lot of things. So I guess yet to have tied twenties I thought you know. Basing cocaine and heroin solid and good idea at the time. Now looking back on it I'm not the smartest of ideas Chris Miles friends set it was cool yeah. Probably better than Ireland losing us. Please don't lease you don't. Well if you get to depressants and you pass out his stuff 300 singularly cynical panicky feeling world and us under works man. This guy's shirt that was stolen in San Antonio disease. Sweeter deal. Miss Helen is named the shark in on his talent is alive and well. According to the general manager of media aquarium in San Antonio but this guy who stole the shark. If any Sinclair. 38. He's arrested and charged with felony theft of property properties valued at 2500 dollars to less than 30000 dollars. For trying to steal the shark and they walked in this team takes a shark in many. What we're here now is included in a baby stroller and a rapidly split the baby stroller and walked out with a sharp. Obviously somebody who knows. Something about the sharks and knows something about. What they were doing and why they were doing and there's a vehicle that they got a good license plate number afford that they believe was involved in it wants to kick it out to put in some kind of blanket went into the just like the security of the building between the -- he was way he's associate the water running off of there employees who witnessed the actual theft in actual. Inside employee area and employees tell followed the mound trying to do. Get them to look inside of the scroll that was dripping water. But they they didn't stop and they left. I guess they're just stealing it is that time. Maybe they haven't aquarium. I don't know what like you steal a sharp. Sharp Portman. That's how I was seniors are the chocolate. Is the last day of shark week. When it was stolen. That in a really humorous and emotional aren't easy to Washington all week he's saying I sure I need to get to sharpen my own. I'd love to assuming he would have a an aquarium ready to go. You have aquariums. Did you saltwater aquarium. You know. Knew I was never into aquariums my girlfriend really wants when she talks about a awesome she thinks we need that is where images and sounds like a lot of work it's Obama is mostly in journeying manager is in the comes. It can become a huge fan and especially for a big saltwater tank and we had won your work and someone had to come in a few times a week to check the levels and to a sudden clean it out. I I just don't. I guess I don't enjoy. Watching for. But the work load becomes a little handy sometimes you wish for. I had a turtle when I was a kid. And he lived in this tank. Probably not a great I let him go bench but that's like too much work to having did you take a mallet you know once or at least clean stinky. Users think nocturnal so if you made him angry. Let us down the German commander in months when you do I think it was clean the tank. Your money. He was much of the past I always felt kind of bad armies. Tank was in the bathroom and every time I want to met in my sometime it's our. Mr. Andrews in the bathroom in mind and big back to admit I shared with my Brothers troops it was like John Jack and Jill. Yet and so there's a big space in between the two sinks so that tank just sat and there. And it was a then it's as easy Tennessee junior brother crew. Well I'm going to do that on. He's from Lucille line. As soon. She about the woman and arkansan who shot and killed her husband over pornography. She's dressed this weekend right after she told police that she shot her husband and kill them. Because you block pornography you know originally I heard that she was in and he bought something on TV. I don't know she meant. Computer and just said TV or if you can maybe. (%expletive) someone off my mind one of those soft core this is probably my heart I. T. I remember when I key military to world's corn one time and it was. It was in its. Cinemax. Quarantine it wasn't like simulated sex but there were like certain things that they would not allow each say your. But there were two things I had a look at Apple's like these scenes have been slightly edited and look deficit this is their policy so they can show our. This. But they can't show this or they wouldn't and they wouldn't show this. Round. Not like there are parts SuSE. And there was a lot of money music. Please read the home it's 36 miles south of little rock and they found her husband frank children in a show and on the property. She shot him in the upper and lower body. Ask them why all whether Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says 69 year old Patricia hill called 911 and told dispatchers she just shot her husband. If wants investigators brought hail in for questioning that she told them it was she was angry because her husband bought pornography. 65 year old frank hill was found dead in his backyard shed he'd been shot twice. So she comes home he's out machete she goes out to confront him and there are some sort of an argument but apparently there was only physical altercation in his shot. Watch your mouth for ordering a forum on the TV. Exe 69 years old she's 69 years old Posey. Com he was 65 and younger still lower import yeah. That's the other thing you didn't think that when you re just on an even now you just think like men and it's gonna stop Bryant. Might like to desire owner has gone way down Islamist Donald and I are gonna have to deal and then anymore. But I issel who runs of course. There's such a hindrance. It's just he gets in the way of everything everything every time you get an honor can I. Learn how monkey and it is something is advertiser pops up wherever you choose the thought cross your mind as a willingness and their take a look. Especially when you're the bones just ruins everything. Because it's just us. It's like it destroys relationships through June. Can ruin your life yes it can work down. How many stories we heard from IT guys who talk about you know. Always found this guy working he had this many gigs of porn on his company computer network. You're working your cubicle he's in the company computer use common knowledge that but I bring them computer and actually you debt and let's levering meant computers as I know I know me. I guess we forget. How much worse it wasn't her you know 56 cent. OK okay. Truth and he and you didn't care I wasn't really causing major problems it's normal. But I did think when I go I think you also think lunches are Evans Sachs regularly and all those things it'll. He. It's more debilitating. Right and I'm sure there are obviously some time with first sex from men. And I'm about maybe for women joining nobody seemed to handle a lot better Fidesz. Should drive news you know. No one attractive girl out there. Just to touch your winner and semi in the bathroom. And that everything you thought about your whole life every decision you made a good job right and you know I went right to crawl out homes right means that. There's nothing else there's nothing else that would make you do that now. Boone and other drugs not a new car not money everything else would give you pause. That old Louis CK bit where he talks about. That the decision making abilities and how does draw the windows users signs of only a child asleep my car here tonight and finally I managed we've all done it the exact and then when you're done you know what. I've done right. Why have I done with my life some got to take to get my car. I have to explain all of this I don't get out of here right. I missed three different things I was supposed to do last night I can't find ranch under Wear pants are my keys are gone. And he had to edit. That's in his future and that voice. There's nothing you can do it. I mean even the president of the United States. There's respectable show he has respectable. And successful. And dignified human being is I mean it is. Still allegedly paying off ten controlled zones. Sex partners. They were models even a lot of presidents. Who have. Those issues yes you're right everybody. Seems to be. Just about everybody. Exceptional little mom. The bush is. Yeah just under assumed there was always something coming you. And I feel like back in the old days. At least you've heard stories and it was just kind of announcing. That he just didn't talk about yeah. In another countries that still is like Francis a tho he's got a whole another team and we don't talk about that yeah. You'd think by now they would accomplish two different things 2018. They would have a pill that. Re gross error Kremer something right we should parents and rightly clue of all the things we care we found until. Instead that bing gives you. About of them. You know the correction correction. How about a pill. It keeps you from one team won for so many hours a taped this before we go to work should last seven or eight hours. That would mean think of how great this evening we don't have a fight for their girls clearly why this jazz music content whether I make up sale I don't think at all. And you're done. I'm I'm a free mind now I'd like to debate when you obviously I mean the GDP would go up. Our our poor productivity rate would would skyrocket harsh you think that's something that they work on. I guess it is good though in a lot of ways we have the Internet now because you hear borrow listening to stuff at least. There's probably a lot of guys who were able to just look at their phone and then. Signs as they someone have the same problem we are called social academic you know one I feel like in today's vantage and that may have been true. Twenty years ago when our guys are just on creation. Slid around I've been here again specifically though the Internet porn thing I know that there's got to be women to have that compulsion but if we went through the building right now I grabbed every employee's phones. He took all the guys phones among all the women's phones and other. I would suspect that just about every single phone. That is owned by a man probably has some sort of corn history distance and I don't know that I expect that on the women's votes. I know the women look. It's not sing. But I do think that generally. The compulsion is stronger in men. And it's really annoying really it's not stronger in men and women have made it seem to have a better. Ability to deal with the completely compartmentalized Federer something insane underdog that's not what we're doing right now right. This is a priority not back. Noggin nick generally being your senator and reduces. All men will agree in this. The New York. Significant other your lover whatever the case may be could be on the phone. Right mom and someone on the other end of the phone it. Telling them. That someone important to them has passed away correction and your holding that person to try to show them. Comfort. You know get a Boehner. There's nothing you can do about it she moves her leg up and down twice well you're trying to comforter. That said live on site one cameraman who cares who died votes to yes there's nothing you can do. I think back to like junior higher price list understaffed and you were begging your body to not do that please don't. That's your main goal is don't get aroused but then square dancing time. Dome or somebody hugs you don't whatever or they just calling muted. Right and answered on the border colonel class and and that that moment of peace that you get. After. Only last. For some guys may be last an hour but I'd say for most guys the last. 102030 minutes that's it that's the window of clarity. On where it where it's not a priority. And then. It's back again. Ownership. Sends images to ruin everything. Well. There is what it is you're got on. Ever since sometimes when you when you do well one. Completely in my hands and is mentally. I think it doesn't just. This news. And mine. Just always there. And you know. What I should do I should try some sort of mental gymnastics right to myself I don't wanna don't wanna don't want in the navy instincts just. Right back at square dancing junior high you don't want me around too bad. I'm trying to. These are talking not just because a woman shot her husband who rushed for for buying a porn shoot lower trying to zoos don't shoot others from that and they can't control there in their late sixties. And he's 65 and you still watch him yeah. It really just never goes away and don't. 65 years old as soon as your wife says she's gone grocery shopping there are no guarantees or because he had to know did she miss you Carville it's gotten a lot of it doesn't. It doesn't matter that's and you know of course the always wins but. But Torre always win you would think. Are you would hope that by some point in life you would at least be able to recognize. This. Is not worth. The consequences. They're gonna come to future me. No he doesn't so even a 65 results as a psychiatrist has built to be here but I'll deal with Elliott that's future means I can get the bell. And then I'll just pay when she's not looking. And then of course is on the show and and she shoots them. Kills them. Should she kills. Nancy the thing I want my Chia I'm so angry she majors ago about the money maybe that was it may be wasn't a sex. Maybe it wasn't my only ever one main users to a number killed him in Renton do you know. When the shooting them. Maybe. And that's what I assumed I assume she was mad because it was pornography that's another thing. Why isn't that go away for the wife she's seven. You think you would hope that by now she would realize he is nothing you can. You can't help it just an idiot girl just. Brian I'm just so defined at the best one right. And at least he's buying it on TV guide and not to. Installing blocking funds in his office. Right from when someone comes and and locking the door. Are you horny right now. Nobody can live your parting. Hours. McCain cadet image sediment of the video and a book. Like twenty dollars. I only got to the free hours. And I am positive at that time in my life I did not have an extra twenty dollars. That's a thing. Just going a couple of days if you if you move for your hotel is a meter every computer you don't have. All of us they know that's why motels have that style of course because they know a hundred bucks to have two things and I hotels. Morneau and booze. And like you trying to get to do this at home. So really Sharjah a lot of money Iranian drunken master thing. Well I yeah that's right or even news. There's there's older you get there at the white plaza president on your computer whatever and they say we've got shipped as we know he's only demonstrably not. If you want to not gonna cost you mean and that's sick and I think it has some boos. And some torn up. Have you thought that in a hotel. Pay per view sex before a pleasant to be ever bought it. Like on a company trip per have you ever purchased him. I don't know hotel yeah. I don't think counting I have but I certainly. I was at a computer I'm Bob who's this world. Sure I don't like our way to much and when asked about it. They're like six. Airplane shots it tastes better. When it's expensive I do believe that it really does when you open that many regime you know technically I have enough credit makes enough money to have enough credit. And credit card regular night can afford these ten dollar Beers taste better. You do successful. But I've never I'm just always worried that the next on the phone and computer so ranks them. Hasn't been an issue. I have had. When I moved to Seattle on my stuff was still here and so much computers have wasn't there yet this is before Smartphones. That was held time. And all the time I had to use my imagination. And cable learning pushing around. Past encounters. I'm not good at making stuff up. You make stuff up right. Man you use it right he was fantasize about things you liked it yeah. I mean and testing counters to that. I don't anymore and should. You never find yourself a situation where there is no poorly we're in the shower or something like that and you start thinking about something. No. Let's let's tons of water through. Mean let's be honest Assad as us senate finishing Jeanne. If you. Need to look at porn in your efforts on the shower down. The phone. Phone has a whole new. I mean look at how big screen is indeed in so fast now in its oldest right there. In the beginning housing on. You don't have a computer. So I just have this port machine in her pocket all the time. Live. Mullen. I don't know I was worried because I saw that of one of our co workers. Into work today. And all there was a big box support outside he Sheila Assad. I was really worried that maybe mother was and being thrown out with the township I'm gonna go check and commitment to check. Good. You're gone for a wild guess here bone comes on your mouth management and I was trying to get it down but yeah congratulations. We have not done this in awhile. What have we done this. We get a point for my car we've not forgotten about it so there's disappoint my car is disappointment that okay yeah so don't keep track in this yeah. As always in the other Kansas representatives so if you haven't still my car stolen vehicle. What's the FaceBook page again. There's a dot com slash race to the bottom so I just kind of waiting until we got. Nothings and luckily Missouri and Kansas. For the most part stay out of the national news for the last month or so there hasn't been a tennis up so here's what we have collected. There is this stories which technically happened last year we have talked about it off the air but. Now people have been going to court bing being sentenced so. You decide rap video filmed in Kansas. Showing six people smoking marijuana while they possess guns. Has brought a federal prison sentence for yet another participant. These this is and the story is from this year. US attorney's office says Tony three year old they go through all this was sentenced to four years he'd earlier pled guilty to one count of possession of a firearm. By a user of controlled substances. Search warrant for the Wichita homer the video was made found two and a half pounds of marijuana and several firearms. Co defendants were sentenced earlier to four years in prison and another was sentenced to six months. There's another person. Who has yet to be sentenced I guess. Maybe maybe two or three people so let me rap music video. Showed people smoke and weed holding guns they use that to get a search warrant. I think the reason people were submitting this is because the idea that they would go search her home for a music video. I don't know what the rules are on that and half free speech works. If you make a music video. Who was that this is guy who went to prison be had a big hit stoke on indeed they actually use some of his lyrics. From his home. All right our listeners that I was out Bobby Schumer. Schumer and oh did would did he actually get in trouble for so that was in the song don't. He's in prison I'm not sure that's the reason holiday then I think they found stuff but I seem to recall some of that dean related drill does it via pop and we really. Yeah I violent these provisions are but. I think that was like breaking down. What a traffic law right it was that they saw in the video shoot it was yeah I didn't know. So what do you guys think they these these guys are filming a music video it's in the middle Kansas they seem to be on his side. We're gonna go. Search their house because this music video and now most of them have been sentenced lot of them to prison. That a point five okay duck boat. The duck boat was on the list that is I think we can just say that's appoints and we have to go through and other social media. Let me scratch some off the list here. So now. And going a little out of order here but several people mention that may be Missouri deserves some money in the bank for queer eye. And the fact that they chose. Casey know because it wasn't their original spot hourly goers both sides as they are almost sounds so they are. But according to this article and not things Entertainment Weekly or something originally they had they had planned on going to a city and Ohio Hussein may be Cleveland actually went and the mayor and a bunch of other people from KC Mo said hey. You know you would be welcomed here and it's so much stuff from the city and you know they're stain from what I've heard downtown it's. That's how I do like yeah that's. So yeah. Could that potentially be money in the bank for Missouri the fact that they chose to come film. And stay in Missouri what do you guys think someone in the banking and we use our children. Tournament in Kansas to Missouri is the one who lured them here this for the show the Kansas. But they're staying in Missouri are still shooting in Kansas. I'm saved me money in the bank rescue both I think and you can choose to use those whenever you want Ryan Butler shooting in camp he had his chance that I okay. Prosecutors say Missouri management sentenced to eleven years in federal prison for robbing a credit union was a plastic gun. Anderson that story don't I didn't see Allen who. Is that we are the most okay. Does that mean for gonna do robberies that awesome luster gone now so I think eleven years from plastic gun. The next thing that I had for a Missouri was the additional 3815. Dollars. In a plastic gun in eleven years. We think about. New York Post are the police officer who was hit us or sorry who hit a bicycle ist this was our first song who's on Rahman read it on our Kansas City and it started to make the rounds a minute he came national news. A guy was right in his bike if you haven't seen the video he pulls up to a stop sign. Any just sitting there is looking down both sides of the street and this copy in a Ford Explorer. Starts to turn make a left hand turn it onto the street where the the cyclist is sitting and he just runs right into him. They guy kind of jumps up the bite the top runs over the bike and the guy is yelling because he says that the cop was on. You can. What are you tersely I could tell when. How it affects you but it. I bet when you do an and it's her. What if they had just. And these. Couple things about that the if you're watching on censored version when he's yelling. What now after a strong due officer he always tells moccasins I also like it was it was like Brooke had yet to help nano does look like things are there your final and much great nurses about her before in my life. Okay numbness and about a dozen Iran al-Qaeda by now he did admit guilt pretty quickly if he does say I was looking I was looking iPhone wasn't taxiing Lisa but he Maliki says somewhere like it's my bad. That back on me or something along those. So that did make national news I don't know what the update is at the cop is in trouble right now it's only happened last week I think I am curious if thumb. The idea that queer guy. Filming in Missouri. You're suggesting you money in the bank. I'm curious as to fact and sharper objects I Missouri Missouri and I'm not stepped fought. In this day and doing at all in Georgia yeah that's that's a point from Missouri. Well we handle all of Missouri but we're not gonna really do know there same with oh that's right yet hasn't gone off from the taxes and I don't everything in Georgia as I don't think that's. I bet Missouri just doesn't. Wanna get that stuff away for Furyk welcome. Old wearing gap. But the fact that they lured queer eye here specifically. I mean the mayors in that video and everything about the pen name that was saw the bike is that a point from Missouri. Mean that's. Coming all the news story go all the Missoula all the stories say. Police officer Missouri. Via you know it cyclist and it was. It's pretty big news I think because of the video and the fact that you just plows right and you're the person that challenges for wasn't supposed to appoint blind people are senator I was can argue itself a group. You know I think we can all trying to play fair here. Can't wait. Yeah just you guys it. So best of the Missouri delegate was earlier Kansas I certainly there are Missouri is taking that point poker so we're taking the point for the vote. We're taking the point for that these cyclists. This is another story that made national news mostly because. The month shy thing. A small town Kansas council councilwoman. Is behind bars that she bit down so hard and a correction officers found that she broke the bone cause all she she's allegedly was putting up a fight at the moment police first tried to take her into custody last week. Kansas City Council member for the tower you're on or her on. Arrested for failing to show up in court for ousting anymore. She's been. She'd been charged. In December for being a pedestrian. Under the influence. And interfering with law enforcement according to Daily Mail. She refused to comply with officers this is a mug shot that everyone we're sharing and it just it. Small councilman in Kansas so that's a point spread tried to bite the guy but he got that and so on I what was the next on the list. Oh hole. Okay I'm not happy office. This. Missouri senate candidate is giving away machine compressed untraceable guns because cnet's. A GOP senate candidate and Missouri is wrapped rattling off the machine capable of train untraceable gun parts. As part of a push to demonstrate his support of the Second Amendment so you could say. They just given away three printer I would doesn't have to be used for guns but it's an effort to show us for the Second Amendment. Awesome Peterson's campaign announced Tuesday and it giveaway sir ghost Gunner to which allows users to print and assembled owns a home. Sure firearms known as ghost guns because they are print without serial numbers rendering them untraceable by a government. Quote I think the new prize may trigger a few more liberals and mainstream media than it did last time he said in a release. The candidate. Was briefly banned from FaceBook after advertising giveaways of an eight ar fifteen rifle. As social media network prohibits the exchange of firearms or ammunition between individuals his long time libertarians are and his Republican are pro gun platform. This is an hill as a lot of places. And he was in the news for. And my sister just excellence while the woman who bit the fountain was elected with four votes not by four always foremost John yeah. That I say by four votes I guess I guess it would be also mine and a dozen reviews and yeah. IRI you know nice nonsense you know like to thanks Chris Smith says she is elected by foremost should also been elected. We have four vote was four two tours of little Iran was foremost by four votes. The Mozilla personality ran unopposed and only forty demoted right. If you're one win for votes and vying for votes. Our sister their own radio Sean back two of I'm looking magazines I can say anything about the votes I didn't notice anything anyway we Tom Fuller Asia as your intention. And now. What haven't we haven't I would go to place for the gun thing. The gun thing as a point for Missouri I'm not gonna argue he's defending the Second Amendment that he's trying to do he's he's trying to get away machine that prince don's recollect. As supportive of this two. Yeah zone the whole point of that enables houses and. Is gay yeah. I was saying you can make the argument that he's giving it maybe he's just giving no latest treaty printers and an army specifically giving it away and this is second time easy originally try to get away showed Arkansas there's nothing about ludicrous. So. That's national news that was are correct that's Missouri. Missouri restaurant manager has reportedly been fired after telling a black female patron to get out of the establishment. After video footage of an argument regarding her payments for the meal went viral on FaceBook. Shelley bloom co owner of town's tourism Kansas City confirmed the news. But I do employment of a male manager identified only as Preston was indeed terminated. On the evening of July 19. Exit AVM back while. Ordered a mile Tom full reason NASA waitress or she can place her order upfront. As she did not feel comfortable giving away her credit card to start the tab. The server says she was new on the job and unsure of the policy prompting her to ask speak to the manager. And the five minute clip which has since been seen overnight in 2000 times. Preston a manager tells us 37 year old woman she must secure a tab before dining. She asked I can just pay for my food he says you can pay for it after you eat. We don't have to use your credit card but we have to secure the tab. She then says I'll pay for my food cash up front. I don't feel comfortable when nobody walking around in my car all night. All night the manager asks are you going to be here all night. She responds maybe towards some manager implies that the bar and Tom Fuller's I was last call at 2:30 AM. She says okay that's why I asked what time you close. Then the manager fired back you know what we're done go ahead and go. Later adding that she should get out and I do not need to explain this test to you. She then says Amanda followed her outside acting super aggressive. She's farther to the cause of the owners of chancellors are not immediately return subsequent complaints about the encounter. People protesting outside of time. Source. Marcum told of the outlet I honestly feel like I was discriminated against and racially profile. Are present is for Tom for his did not immediately return fox news's. Requests for comment on the story. So she's a legend and it was a that he was racist. These say and I look I dishes I want our mood is like demeanor credit card and the cheers and why. I'm I don't wanna do my credit card kind of space for much fruit after you bring me the food is I guess now more that happened we talked about that in headlines such like last month. Someone. It was a group of teens they came to send out an. Oasis some right was that was and they say you gotta pay up front before he can we need your credit cards before you know him before he can order anything want Florida and. So. Missouri delegate you know are you. Went for Tom Fuller I didn't see the story but here and I'm 2000 views thing is what I think. And Fox News the up and spots those are from Fox News announced are not fox for a Fox News dash dot com. We all know there reliable. So old and I guess I'm not other stresses and stuff you guys got boys routes though. So I had. They're pretty gun. Yeah this is from the FaceBook page the the great thing a kick and a City Council woman with a mug shot yeah. Which may wish she for the mug shot a cop hits cyclist. I'm not arrested. For a new music video. And someone sent a story about a gun going off in a student's backpack but that wasn't a confined that was national news softer. I think that's all I have. For now and if you wanna submit more stories. Yeah dot com slash race to the bottom. So today Kansas gets three points Missouri gets four sought. Also we didn't really explain this in any case you haven't heard this segment it's just we started at the beginning of the year we're trying to see which state. Has more negative publicity they get bad publicity on at least a national level it can just be local news stories and has to make at least national news in like the story about the Kansas. Councilwoman was from the Daily Mail sonnets somebody makes international. News but it has to make national news that we decide whether or not it's embarrassing embarrassing enough. Two. More to point. And what was the total before we have 510152025. Points for Kansas. Five tune fifteen. What were they are they were tired already now Kansas goes up. 51015. Dollars 25 points or C 5101520. And 21 for Missouri 2000. So old. How many points he said fourth root for Kansas today for from Missouri OK it's getting closer. So if you live in Missouri or Kansas especially if you live in Missouri students more stories about Kansas because. You know closer and I really thought about that at this point a year. Kansas would've. Run away with this with co bock and everything else and that they have the votes up for Madonna and Jeep and I brightens. Off brightens. Yet in the greatest thing happen and write the whole thing into a tailspin. I feel like we've been trying to. I don't play catch up Preben nip and at our heels ever sent some. And mud. The top tourist thing. There was Applebee's staying back and implant whenever that was January or February yet so less of that please move. Misery does it responses restaurants and businesses viewpoints and desserts and yeah. La unknown. The states in order I'm who has the smallest penis. Have Arabic don't put this on asked me penis size in my state. Conjures measure up. How are they do this fanatic now everyone's relative Phillies self worth common cell learned condoms seller condom mania. Rank the states who are sinners and version of penis size based on the thoroughly unscientific mantra of who bought what where. That includes smaller or larger size condoms. So the stays above the largest condoms and say it's about the smallest condoms. And add those up. Mono who what state has small business sure Mississippi. Who has the biggest. We have to scroll through all of them. I just want to see. To compare Missouri vs Kansas first I someone's sent a story about the number of millionaires or something for state and Kansas and Missouri were both. Reload Kansas was lower but that's Missouri's is 45. All right. That's spent well there's. Only Alaskan North Carolina Wyoming Arkansas Hawaiian Mississippi. Maybe. In Kansas secretary how they come up with us. Common sales man how can how can you just from what I don't turn on I mean there's only really two sizes right. There's regular and and Magnum. In. Here you don't ask for medium and large no idea skinny tall though they have their own thing like you know move the special sensation and or right but as far as a sizes ago as Alex. And as you get Magnum. Whichever that's immense anyways but I. Then it's bigger the it's vigor as of now. Isolate the tree punched through demonstration. Which put her arm. That they're right or condoms and this is how much space right economy recover here's how much and I image is acute arrogantly think actually need. These things that you don't need it in just a thousand. Who uses someone brought us condoms one time from overseas miles an hour broadcast and somewhere and he Boris comes from China and they were smaller. They were small I know on the one Asia Illinois New York. Those are the two biggest. Wasn't World War II there are Vietnam they dropped condoms all over charts. Usual lunch yeah the major you really oh my god and his American soldiers as usual we. There's some kind of psychological warm. Change slash quickly and all. Of the RA. We've done that. Let's remember him okay. That's all from Missouri there's a Kansas yet. Criticizes account. Now for rule by. Kansas reached twelve sizes bigger nobody has Indian nationals because there are a lot of stories with there was a want a few good Kennedy that don't wanna lounge. Worst drivers because Kansas law does not as important. Number of millionaires not as important but those are stories there usually regional president for the all right that the that the all of the data show right now mentally challenged to and I don't prove our point. Oh yeah a this this is national news fortune magazine. And I inside edition. Kansas family has accounts frozen by bank after being back asked about the citizenship. As at a point for the states. So their bank accounts were frozen after officials asked to prove that they are American citizens I don't know game plan and more little bench doesn't uniform are right. The bank saying how many states Ireland. No forty finalist. Mean we had maybe it's because we have on so many chicks man. So we counsels many condoms to look like Vanilla check. Like going on you'll see guys muscles and accounts or maybe how guys every time we talk about penises you bring in women say because they don't need a net unhappiness is. Well just remember I would miss a lot of them a lot of guys in Missouri is don't buy condoms at all and I didn't do a small winners so many guys at the big as organic berries known as the road obviously. Cink. So the guys with. Lot of luggage they don't buy condoms. I'm not doing it that that the content thing. Doubt if Missouri was last on the list like in the travel magazine thing out places to avoid fire but it's not national news Missouri and make national news. For the condom thing. My mom's arms bunkers right okay well it didn't that was it there was no headlining is said Missouri's smallest penises. In the end penis size by state and I write if we compared them and now now. My taken place. Can you ma'am. No point that a. This the team like Kansas had to prove their citizenship. To get into their bank accounts of big national story added Sudan. I think very. They've been with the bank for twenty years as well with the Kansas delegate. I mean that I'm looking at there's three different national stories right here farming it out. In the Quasar yeah. I'll tell you unemployment jumped on to another point is god damn game until you know and about an hour nationals or does and are fine we can be done the best on a national story and I take it upon another point. Churchill who has slowed. The virus. It's just from what I'm talking amount is just a lack of self awareness. Right. But that song but it's not a big deal but I mean when you between Germany where excited about. You know. Riding a four Wheeler to a restaurant parking it next to a bunch of other four wheelers. I just say you like walk like just embrace. The factory or white trash like I mean that's what I am just embrace it you hand fish but. I believe look up trash to see what what people say it but because I don't wanna offend any you know white trash these guys are arguing this for years and years what is right. Those right now I think you just know why is that you are you trying to go through these phases Israel I know I'm gonna go listens and in his life and on the on the last man I'm not important it is what you do because it announced more white treasures white trash while whites the definition says pour white people especially those living and the self. OK so I'm not pour out but I like. A lot of the things that. Poor white people like we share a lot of the same. Likes I would say you're gonna make your lay quite trash. Well no I crash with who yeah water trash Yahoo! do you like handbook seeing eye is not always like a rural thing we talked about one time where OK so I'm from. The suburbs but it just so happens in my particular suburb there's a lot of people from the looks kind of like only so right single late as may be kind of the same way I am not. Again. I attacked if I just think there's a lot of people who maybe moved from. Rural parts of Kansas. As the economy with same with likely zero ahead. Had a lot of rural Missouri they come in to Lee summit maybe that's where they go OK right because it's kind of on the outskirts or NSA that's a lot but you have mostly right right right but there were a lot of people who live there who maybe. War people who moved from the city out to the suburbs they usually think of but a lot of people who move. To this city so to speak from rural areas so I was around a lot of my friends hunted. And fished and mom liked four wheelers and you know all those types of the nature makes us feel like with a wave runners in both also owned restaurants and bars and what kind of establishments I wanna. Too so when I went about bar at the lake. I loved it I did know it existed and over the weekend we were out on the lake we drove all the way to the other side of lake and we end up at this bar. That's you know two hours away from where we normally hang out and and we get there and there's all these four wheelers in the parking lot. One guy even drove in on like a candidate can AM. Dune buggies and he's saying he Newton and I thought maybe they were renting and their turns out these are people who live there full time. Live in this small town and literally drove. To the restaurant them on their formulas and stuff AM to. One of the guys there was a listener. And recognizing we started talking and then I start talking and the guy who owns the the dune buggy. He's but we -- we're talking everybody was getting along. And it. I had a lot of fun time or rewrote it for real I don't know we played darts. And still Solis is now levels than shaking his head this entire time that. That. It was a reminder. I. That I have no trouble. Assimilating with them because you are I mean that insulation isn't it supposedly are people I should try and that's kind of let. Yeah sure you understand that right I mean whatever the word is for it. That's how you are that's. That's. Who I am like I always Sam Porter. I happen have a job here for sure and you're drywall guy surely happen have a job here to say like OK you. Right now I'm able to make the car payment. And and my mortgage payments and truck and right it's a truck but I'm not poor. I like your mind that when you say that I make my carpet and you have a car. Right so it is a truck and the older I enabled Don from those things I mean rob page in the back. There was almost repossessed Richard Butler. That could all be. Temporary. I'm very very you'd find a way to get a truck brokerage in the battle may be but you know I mean just being able to. Just having money. At all I can actually very temporary sure of course raw energy of like white trash saying that it's poor white people fueled and maybe that's. I just temporarily on leave from the poor part. Well I don't know I mean whatever that is on another unit before I think there is four. And and there's just white trash them. And I think there's four white trash and I think you just enjoy white trash language yeah. Told actually actually you like to do them for people for white tragedy and do what you're not for your white trashy like white trash things yeah I would like a lot of the same things I you're OK with Karzai blocks you accept that about himself up. Okay I'm actually took a while and that those in half let me and I've been trying to tell him for years like I just embrace it. Right that's one kind of computers that is usually you'd kind of talking to those people. And everybody's getting along. And we had the inept like 2 hours. Later I am not a man and a equipment. And in place and jars and Ramirez are foreigners on I felt very comfortable. So with so let's come due out this couple's home home and I feel like Laszlo is a upper middle class white kid from an upper middle class white neighborhood your parents probably a little more money than my grandma and an emotional school share. And view I don't are kind of memory go to a restaurant I'm I'm not a lot of senators got a picture aren't so I can see what it looks like up at yeah whereas I like my. But for Apache the food on the noon. That's I don't know I don't know what I'm like I'm not lied. Now sometimes you really excited leg look at that balanced Alicia from like OK and I like pictures is so little laminated menu and a picture of a burger on the spine when we don't have to get so excited here I prefer the white appliances obviously no I don't like couch chili's is my favorite restaurant English. But it was always kind of on that yet he doesn't he looks down on the light appliances. You know has the luxury sedan it has to. Via a dimly lit restaurants the F prefer prefer women not always. You know business class preferably first class yeah. I'm not certain coach of that sort here ask and I'd rather not fly diamond club seeds. Time is actually its full I'll go to the game. If I'm gonna go say it. Bright. In the early weird I sort of case see exactly area there but he's always own that. Which I'm not running from around this nice all you'll try and distance themselves from that but he's always gonna own. Went on and off Porsche. Rights. Clinically guys that I belong to a country gram except in these things about your selves yeah. I don't for a garage four wheelers. That. Blog post I'm nine I know you are house still like you I don't you know I understand that you wanted to coach who have. A steak house for a steak and that is nonsense to me. Do you prefer that it. Well I knew we were gonna go on eight a lot when you tell me Applebee's and your favorite state. It was an apple is there was. No wasn't what was your favor say well you should be Logan's roadhouse spots. I think now's probably Texas Roadhouse has all the Logan's you love reality show it at one point shows solutions are remembered or talk to follow your logic in people's sent a lot of pictures ethernet lemons but I gotta say the the Texas road house. Just because there's so many of them seems to be growing and I'd said like them equally. Overall favorite restaurant though probably just Chile's. Leslie you are getting the picture armament of I prefer to have pictures on the menu yes. I'd like to see what it is. Because you don't know what mistakes looks like well I tried to look at it to see does that look appetizing to massive tunnel is reading doesn't come followed exactly like that menu. Sometime sometime in junior okay and the backs for lapin. Sometimes shouted and waffles together Gamal apples and attention is an almost exactly like the menu. It's. But I think the best merely caller right now are us the money for me personally. It's perfect. There's nothing wrong possessions you can order at a restaurant or the money guy you know you do it per capita what do you for the money it's it's amazing taste satisfaction. But I knew I feel like I made the right decision like finishing that meal absolutely no regrets wouldn't trade it I get excited if I no longer ago. Love it and I do get really excited about. Water parks and you know dune buggies and. The idea that someone owns a dune buggy that they drive to the far. I just don't get how that doesn't sound like fun do you I don't see how you could possibly now I see that you look down on him but I don't believe. Don't enjoy little down on it essentially Alan do. How could you not think that that looks like fun to Sam instead of getting in my car to drive home I'm gonna get in his dune buggy and drive home. That. Clearly sounds like more fun. It's got oversized mud and tires and it gave your hair blow him away under examining and and and Hoover. And write home about I don't get that he's rose in the back of somebody's Kia or whatever drive INS on Monday night and I came here we go. All right he's got a bad back to unlock the Nokia I'm on terrorism that. Doctored me up who were black and Q1 time not cool. Was that a minivan plus let's LSU is a serious note guzzlers block I was like now the doorman a you are gonna sit there and tell me. That you would rather get the back. I'm not same for every trip and I'm. I'm just saying that you're at a bar on as you look I usually like OK did you wanna ride it dune buggy. Part of that is appealing but it's the rest of the day yeah that goes along when that we're unlike Dan now. Not really. But what if you could a request on your Hoover apt to Dubai becomes a curricula. And I can drive it home yeah Hoover do mugging yeah afternoon via the burden I do I've prided undrawn portion of this idea yourselves personal call. An absolute gold mine could you imagine what does run forward as our of that restaurant as compared people up on my mom didn't work also great for Kid Rock bottom. Forget it when I was a private property pseudo. Forgot the electric scooters all that this is. This is tax level no one saw this. If you open up your happen it says. I don't know you can take his bicycle you can take an electric scooter or you can hail snow cones Kia. But when you see that dune buggy guy has to be the most exciting option of the mall for most people. Anything is. Out of money to buy do money I have dune buggy money. I could by Dubai to undermine but then I wouldn't be able to have Mike my car or my motorcycles so I'd. I have to make sacrifices that's the thing. Did the dune buggy whoever had to do muddy it might have been his sacrifice they did probably a car and a or either fight or maybe a kid kids' shoes I don't know. Can't seem there was a woman charged since I just cut off their shorts it was a moment was probably in early sixties and address a full dress and she had rice who was the granddaughter with and they got on a four Wheeler and the kids settled back and she drove off allows toothbrush and drive that's fun she said okay now were attacking character here. She wasn't drop. It fuels pregnancy was a pregnant smoke grandmother she was smoking yes you want to smoke and pregnant she wasn't pregnant. It was a great kid she's taking the count is around to embody. On a foreign issues are for the Duma do you guys and address you by you guys didn't have on kids. She wasn't drunk. OK it was kids day. Okay it was kids day Saturday yeah Saturday was case Zanzibar at a party yet had a party of rock. For the kids and then at night Saturday's kids day at the bar boys during the day that. Guess that doesn't I have orderly donuts kids' day yeah out at the jury's carb. No you know they had a phone party and what did they let the kids in the foam party unity during the day and then another man the drunk mom's or later tonight share. Or the two guys in the dune buggy. I think he's sick kids day at the bar I think OK you know an arm and a wrong town. Pitch kid's day to. It's a restaurant. Was it was a restaurant bar it's an arcade restaurant they have those arms they have. It's about our guards they have it's not David Foster them toll claim millions mustered just two. Let's look slow and independently owned and has toy Cray machine up and going crazy names phone any machines six year old women came to examine their grandkids dry Enron Bloomberg News. Four Wheeler. She's gonna forwarded to dies. In the joined I'm an error kids. Jewels and I cannot address the challenge to get down in a Aurilia. And I'd get up. Is right it was a summer dress. Stood up to hike and obviously she did but the point is LeBron or waste. A six year old woman. Lifted up her summer dress around her waist again on the four Wheeler to driver drank it at home yeah from a bar. In the afternoon from a kid's party added an arcade in the afternoon William Perry one of them morally. Not gonna kid's party that was outside as a separate thing had a note there is going to be kids where they were went to restaurant OK okay all right I'm gimme a break I just told you we stumbled upon this plays over adults there without kids they were inside. They weren't as stumbled upon this kid's party there was. They happen to have an event going on for kids in a separate area. Look I came analyzing organization willing to do that embrace this and accept this and you guys are just attacking me. The resolution you're absolutely attack Omnia I set I prefer to picture of the food on the menu. If you give me an option to take up a ride in the back of an escalade. To get home from the bar or writing a dune buggy yes I'll take the dune buggy. If you ask me if I'd rather. Go to some obvious he hotel bar. Where everyone's drinking Martinis and wearing blazers. Or go to a bar like this where they're that you get pitchers of purple stuff for five bucks and they've got. Billiards and arcade games and fried shark bites I gotta go there. Chara got pictures of purple stuffed in a bar. During kids' day yeah I've got this big kid's party was as separate thing I'll say I made purple juice so the kids can we want. As a separate thing you can order adults by a purple pitcher kids get one free this kid's party wasn't in the bar. There yes there is a bar at the restaurant there's also arcade does all the stuff. They were out on the things. Attendance yes I'm doing a foam party yes it was kids bombarded it was a special events and they they was advertising you get theirs science and on the window that said coming up in just so happened it was that day. And their kids out there with the parents kids and the line. That draws support mothers not probably not a whole lot they don't have a Chucky cheese and guessing war. A worlds of fun war where we take kids park yeah they probably don't. And I'm apart op OK so they probably have a school like to go so far it's summertime they're like to go somewhere other than a park. It's London. There's probably a handful of businesses small town so. They do stuff for the kids. Kids stay at the bar. Sure kids at the bar. Well you can make it seem like I'm saying something wrong here but it was kids day. Our kids Deng a bands on the dance floor was a kid's phone party that's what I was. I don't wanna live there by the way I'm not taken it that far. Nothing's people who do live there I just didn't stop for me but. Socializing with them and now playing games talking about the thousands CC Turbo like George Miller and better that you embody a few minutes ago. It's been a long time. Well. Yes but there's also doesn't know. You always a you won't have kids. Because you're worried you wouldn't be a good dad. And if who here comparing yourself to. Is to sixty year old woman smoking a cigarette in her kid home hammer down on du Mardi she wasn't hammered. And that kid yes that kid's gonna have way more fun I can never give neck head out. Man if you can't be a dad who can figure out a way to get his dad to kids day at the bar during a phone party. I feel like you can do that often we learn kids as you want our forward and you got that you're asking a lot dot.