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Tuesday, August 7th


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From the righteous man is the center on all sides by the end. The selfish. And that to renew your evil men the lessons you. Shepherds the weak. The value to our. And I will strike down upon the U with the great vengeance and furious I'm nervous those who attempt to. Oh you know. Are you gray area donned a no problems. That's great to hear did you vote today yeah. Around here on CNN and I notice it when am I you know. Did you I need a listen they ran out. And often doing. I had learned not to. As proof there was a there was one guy who used to work here who knows I'll let alone is just it's just use my guys and I. Recognizing. Of course a similar time I think this can you go to my concern Jones. Oh you voted on different thinks it's an idea. When you get the names. You know words. Do we don't know using those planes right. I'm not gonna vote against someone for no good reason other then. It dispersants and better than me and I'm sure some people do that. Down also worried that because I left part of my ballot. Unloaded. It's like down you'll see him wasn't exactly well I know it doesn't work that way I run. It's. Tell me myself yeah. Sometimes you come upon a close finish it. Write my own news. Just decision. Yeah I got a shot here and you never know. I know some people were saying they're gonna get there is now saying that they were Republicans and the Democrats trying it I just. And involves a night game. What was your name you know look like press releases something wasn't and the east tell people if you were Republican rather timid. Democratic primary slid wherever you go into the worst candidates some of the worst candidates would. If the nomination the let me do that they know what I am and I come and I just I think it varies by state so I guess in Missouri king deserves to be the center right there when I want to and they said. They show you screen and and they say tell us which one you want you just push the bugs. God telling you push it give you receive and take it over to someone and they give you whichever game you received a man walked over machine and she says you're not right. She pointed Zune yeah right. Oh well considering the tonight right. I was glad she's quite an honor to guns says Robert. I wish yeah. Some things. It's. His agent go. He's got this. The league teams are known to management and are being excited I just given Democrat and so I am interested and wants on the other one knows. We have a good decision I don't get to see if we had one problem one question. Or at least some mine Robby is a big one that's the right to work BS the union bashing stuff them in the your little something about housing. People wanna know it's and persons and what color are the stickers. Here and then someone else who wants you to prove it by telling us to treatment when you voted by telling us the shape of your rooms. I was schooled us. Trials and listen. The paper ballot. So the machine. They give you an option. Again you a paper mound and it goes on a machine. I'm not sure exactly is that my guessing it's in Tron yeah yes and scans and so it's stand trousers instead of I feel as an end. Yes on my and I certainly fill in circles with the number two pencil. And tools not people I've done that. There were rules about people steaming outside of the polling places to be a certain distance I'd people write for an interesting sir please. We're asking you to vote knows there. There's no Serena. And I think it was final quarter this morning and you know come my stuff together and I drills where I normally vote and there's nobody there. And some people obviously have been calling you know they call you do you know where to vote in text and text and they send your emails Joseph Juneau where the votes and we came to my house is a known little immunity in. When your forever and I get there and I'm like I don't know there's one guy Lombardo bottom line. There's a story voters right now. Don't construction that's an empty building I was like. You know I'm like you know resigned to announce its okay. So and I just had to go to. A disaster where I'm. The trend industry. Yeah I'm never got a text messages until this this time there are two different text messages illnesses like high green. This is a blank. From whatever. Our records indicate it. You're likely to vote. Can we count on using the dunes. Where there where they get that thing connect to someone. Must designed to give each new person and someone I know I send and save an hour. And get him into first on. They've got to know about it. And I are gone. It. Can do yeah. And he gave. One of my mind was just a reminder is like my as a reminder to vote. Lose its own and then kind of laying yeah. And I clicked in. And you listen to talk. My aunt she's a Senator Obama. Actually we I've got to get the number. Some French. And went on a sensor kind of our friends. So it cannot handle this I've never and he's been here yeah. And one time and you buy a new show. She talked. I don't know what she's United States Roseanne and I don't I tell you invited up their owners and superstars are but I am the minister motorcycle let the American. Why he's come a long way as nations and using here. I mean honestly you remember me I mean it was a long time ago long time ago. Driving around one of those young mom Ninja's. We're seeing not right we know designed. Outstanding national president roots. Black case and people and what seemed like usually limit I was sitting right there yeah. Speedo. We're. Now he's got all the U receives from the illegal votes and that briefcase yeah. I don't know. Well if you don't look a little work done on. Occasion you should they feel Missouri. Trout bay VS alone no it's. I don't remember and I looked a lot of names. Playing. John I did vote for yeah and cast his rivals I knew she gets the nomination Lenovo for she gets nomination. There was someone you know like the time. Got my attention to revoke. I know there's a new precision what's Amex had. Chances cast well well whoever gets nomination not part of the both ours is not in my. Whoever's in there so named Josh Ireland's first lesson from Enron but I don't know. I'm no loser Israel sure. Probably was something and of course living accused CDs a lot. Bono Bono Bono so in my mind thing and it's gonna be all right. But we also live in the city so right knows it's now. Adam turn ten. It's probably don't know the name miss easier yeah Counting Crows. Uses in its kind of turned to this is guaranteed. And names of animals Dershowitz. Who's Dershowitz calender challenger shorts and turning yeah is that New Year's and M Dershowitz. There's a lead singer Karen crouse his son. Sun its founders were so all of them I didn't know that's almost identical to the suns are they Brothers and his brother my I don't know I don't know religion. Alan Dershowitz. Please sign. Alan Dershowitz Lisa and the town approach. That's sort Tara know Ron Tugnutt Adam Kearns an easy delayed the man who targeted two men from India. Because he wanted them. Out of his country. Memory he'll get out of my country runs last got a gun came back. Shot so he shot three people total wreck because there is person who tried to. And then hell will he got three light sentences. Today for. We're targeting those guys and I guess she could get the death penalty. The victim's family Saturday in one the death penalty in the I don't know if this spokesperson on the news it just said. Victim's family spoke first spokesperson I don't know if she's actually related or just spokesperson for the valiant but she says they're not done. A Guinea or the death penalty was our choice because we believe the punishment for this hateful and should not be a life for like what I do request to say he used that time and it's been interviewed and educate yourself. And inform others who are still out in the open and stop them from killing innocent people like you did. Choosing violence number kindness. I don't know if you've seen. Story about dismissing. College student Ali tennis I ever seen in our. Didn't look into it DC's and the like three weeks now. She's been missing. I always wonder what makes a missing person story. Sean Ryan because you hear the statistics about how many people go missing in today and how many kids don't miss seeing. So I was once a lot. And yet it seems like it's a lot we hear those stats and think it's like I guess the thing is most of them are found you'll also hear the statistics that you almost a profound. With a parent or something and not missing for very long. But. Destroy us from Iowa university I was student. She was. Like I said things like 20/20 one days ago. She was. How cities her boyfriend her boyfriend is working construction he's quite a ways away. She goes missing and neighbors say that they saw any black and suvs circling. The area. Are around this time that she might have gone missing police are saying that the boyfriend is not a suspect. Last I heard. Dad thinks she is where someone she knows. There was also rumors that. Like at ten year old kid and been solicited by someone in a car that might have matched that description the black SUV police saying they don't think there's a connection there. So all really knows it she was at the house. Some neighbors said they saw this car. Circling around. Possibly around the time that she went missing. She hasn't been seen now and I'm guessing it about 21 days. I do believe that. Molly is with someone. Who she knows I'm probably someone. Who cares about her. But that that relationship was misguided misinterpreted. And went wrong really believe. What happened to Molly was someone that set out to harm her. And I think because they haven't found Molly. Molly is still someplace. And we can get her home. He believes his daughter may be with someone who misunderstood. Her intentions and created a situation spiraling out of control. And what do you think that means. I guess that means that peace. And I don't know by the way what you think. If he thinks. She's with someone who misunderstood our intentions and a spiraling doesn't that imply that maybe. You'd think someone. Took her out. And maybe mirror on social media I don't know bus picture Tucker. Thought that this is a mutual thing. Maybe thought that Sheen like to maybe it's a guy. Thought that she lanes and they need finds out that she doesn't do she gets scared and so little that cap. Dirt gets scared right right is that the spiraling out of control and I'm trying to understand what's what's going to disguise by IBC easily don't know. No. That she's still alive in the doctor. Class faces up to and there'll same sinking a daily dish just just with someone. Anderson we don't understand. Children taken by strangers or slight acquaintances. What do you think that percentage of all children missing each. Also shown promising may get your percentage of one of the ones are taken by strangers or slight acquaintance of children I'd soon. By strangers or slight acquaintances. 8%. One of 101%. Wow. What about just since she's not a child technically run house you know how many. People still missing many adults don't miss on says we've done so it does I looked at his home 1100 of 1% of all missing children. Was a 115 and year. So we can do math so this says there's a 100000 active missing person cases in the US in any given time. Of the 692944. People reported missing. In 2010. I was one year. 531928. Were under the age of eighteen so there that covers a big chunk of what you just dug up. Kids who were taken by people they know. Three iron 55000 turned 43 women were reported missing in 2010. Compared to 337660. Minute numbers closely and I was. Says some kids are going to sing and down 35%. I remember that we were talking about indicated new Yorker who might there finally and we looked at the stats to see. Downturn is Iverson listeners cellphones. Over the last couple of years we had a couple of girls still missing teens and young adults. I don't know how. Biggest story that was national I don't know that was big national news or not this story about Molly. Ted it's it is national losers everywhere. Twenty years old she went missing July 18. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to establish reward fund to help bring her home. They said it had almost 500 new needs. Since in the last week. He mentions. I'll let alone a kid just anybody that you know you. Can't. And loves that religious. This is fierce. And maybe they know more than we do. But the fact it all the police say they have right now is. People think they may have seen a dark SUV in the area. You my first thought when I first read the story was okay assembly peninsula worst treatment you've been around him and and they send them thinking suspects and software. And I cellular soon then yeah I wondered that too but I hate it's. Right. I just wonder what if he has a solid hour news and the data does sound like he. Drama and you Sunnis grasping and how much as soundly eat sounds like he knows what happened. Not that I know say he delivers sounds like you know something we don't. But they have to know words the boyfriend is right. I'm sure they'll talk to him so this is her dad thinks it cheese wit someone. Museum in mind. Again some nation council should be there was a girl that we talked about a what last month a month before who met the couple. On no medium tenders and do Damon sat chatting right she was at work things were delayed hardware store something and then. Was it on earth that the first time she met the second time she met and you don't read about losing their wages don't steal people. And don't do anything. I'm stupid and. Shouldn't have assailant. Don't still people. Don't judge on the strength and endurance is not related to Alan Dershowitz. I'm not sure I believe that touch. And do some day. Leaves his daughter may have left willingly with someone she knew. I guess you can have further especially college whatever you can have guy friends that you think you know what we're just friends or whatever and I know you and I'm assuming it's a guy because usually it's someone didn't tinker. It's probably got. Of course. You didn't tell me that there us. Cheer rating of six. When you're not I don't know I just the other day like day before yesterday on an Hanna what radio station worked. More just I think it's WOR. TFM. It's in Madison Wisconsin. So a guy wearing a mask and a hood. Comes into the radio station. Opens fire on three jocks are working there in studio and on air studio. Each community radio station one of them got shot I guess one of them got shot on the bus. And is going to be okay yeah I saw pictures out of last year that separates. Like in our studio with a shattered. And the president of the station was in an interview and if you listen carefully even says he says we don't know what the motive of this she must let it could have been the music. We don't know why. That's that's quite a concern of ours and we're not quite sure if it's. Personal issue or a music issue. Or music issue I don't shoot people and don't shoot people when he said. Or that's line element and so land if you don't like the music. There's shares says funniest things you can do listening to do something else. Oh let's see what kind of news and good. Weekday music schedule includes classical small blue grass from world jazz rock techno metal blues so how can you be mad about the music is done everything sorted. The weekend musical lineup Mexican music class economy invented jazz and swing reggae. Pan African Solso Latin jazz rock and all these blues and hip hop what I ain't so maybe someone didn't like the ethnic music Sunday's music. Medieval and Renaissance music I mean there's something for everyone here. Collecting women's music show tunes from world music kids music and gospel electronic experimental. And vault and our. Remember how this viewer in this sort of locks on the doors are injured as a slight inconvenience and have to walk grounding into the kitchen. Remember her. You learn not help is I want. I don't less easy since something new and so so you do you remember only walked downstairs and then gang grabbed on your car and trying to get in and so Oliver Stone because let's talk radio that the name it. Was a movie in the eighties were a bit. Fisher shot came term notes that because we'll talk radio there's also the Fisher king. Yeah but there's time I'm talking about him I think this Silverstone. Talk radio. It isn't until we get shot. He receives threatening fan mail number two guy Keyes Colin and he's he's pissed about all. Opinions that this guy's funeral near you wish she receives threatening female. When economy Somalia he gets involved I remember he says oh yeah this is the bombings on the Erie opens it up is he's not stairs again Obama. As the show's going through final audition. Spoiler alert kiss your simpsons' yeah I'm eager is increasingly isolated as his wife to come visit him. In simplest thing next in the assassination things very pretty sure at some point. Yeah transform its owners and rumor saying. If you walk into his car and parents and ask for his autograph as he signs it the fan pulls out a gun and shoots in several times so that's good news it's ever asking us progress. Someone asked her autograph I know immediately that there's something seriously wrong with the situation of turnaround. Two G four. The Fisher king. All the documentaries for Hussein 1991. So Robin Williams. I designed. And DJ and says some thing and then there's some sort of mass shooting insists all they need a just started drunken man. Mr. President as he gets mistaken for almost done every. I know I've seen them I don't know where. Play misty form is that the Clint Eastwood line. Visual search colon. No what is she and a stocking or something I don't remember what happens at night. Something bad teachers are taking their calls that's on rumor. Eighty year old woman. In Michigan. Got arrested and thrown in jail. For marijuana. Here's what happens. This is not Clare county Michigan I don't know where that is. You know were Clair county Michigan shows. I think yeah. So loved. An officer. Does this woman's house. I think the officer was looking for her granddaughter. Or niece or something. Apparently trying to return of flown. She had some the universe and thanks so office. Eight year old says she's not here the officer smells marijuana says. Is that marijuana that I smelled. Goes through search the house finds marijuana. Eighty year old Graham on admits to it. Hers she has a medical marijuana license and got her medical marijuana cards had expired my. She had less than she said she had less than an eighth of an ounce. She smokes for arthritis and I think she is like that particular ideas and it was a long list. So. She's claims that officer and then we went to her room and everything takes all the paraphernalia the pipes to join its hot. Takes her outside concert. Blitzer in the patrol car Sherr takes you jail and stays the night in jail her son. Is not bring happiness she's I had a better either he says she was uncomfortable there's no reason to get arrested for small amount of marijuana and she had a medical marijuana or it just expired. Thought it was an absolutely ridiculous to put her through this like that they could have given her ticket and just show us your card later that's a ridiculous. What they do people. We don't need to make him the cold door there was screaming at me. She won't know birthers arthritis. After I smoke I go down 201 K in mice before I smoke. I was say them and eat right now that's what I want people taken. Don't be ashamed of that's something that's gonna help you. You've been here I am hoping that we all learn a lesson from there shouldn't and we may command. Apparently the doctors have prescribed juror in the past of buicks but she says that she throws up an image stomach hurts my. Listen to continue. So she smokes. Marijuana. Do you know there was medical marijuana in Michigan. Do you think. You go in little lady's house. Do not even there for her right there to find someone else I don't know if this person was wanted for anything did story garrison they were trying to return a cell phone or something that they don't belong to this early in the house. And then lo grandma says this is my eyes yeah that's my NN medical party you look at the party say see this inspired me just say. It's expired flock around you shouldn't renewed I'm drugged her when she and yeah. She would. Drawn the and I sold since its senior. Very long. These two bitter. Part of today. How does that or to left out of the shoot bad old lady Amanda solemn time on the kids. No pain. Less than an eighth. Tryout and and move so Monterrey it's that's true he could cover her son could be. So yeah I know brains vinyl business yeah. She's just she's chasing Hornish. May be other way around maybe. There are some lose some early you know. But grandma. That's the dollar to grandma. Come down branch got all the way. He really never gonna make any money snow and itself is small. On his. I guess because she invited in the police officers at how that works well and you know movies. Drop the case because some of these found on and I think he can say. Managed. What does that primaries because now grown and gone on in your house I finish no time in years. But she probably invited her and so is like a vampire. You fire and she can come in and at that point. And he knows she's its anti C instantly dinner ware wolves. I don't know I think I just went and I think yes and by and vandalism and they might have been much different Reinemund virus the rules. Why can't they be out during the day who knows his skills right now why don't they ever for a reflection. Just don't doesn't dad why are they allergic to garlic nose. Do you tune and find each. Vampires and learning. Vampires cannot interim prime human home. Unless there are invited in by an owner of the house I had no idea you can just replace vampire with officers who man nominated to be invited in a public places. Such as bars or restaurants. Humans can rescind their invitation true vampires. Which causes a man hired to immediately leave the house. I know I guess you can say you're no longer invited guy you know he's a denial. And a welcome anymore. Look hold this ugliness. I mean ranch Imus. Ages and saying look at our. Clinton ran on cops. Should senator Bob Carr from news bigger jail. Justice is blind hole large there's Larry not justice is blind. She probably is as or glaucoma so the. He took her Ottawa. Transition dot com now. I think it said that she had I read earlier littlest things Barrett's right us. I do when she didn't and that particular latest. Not today medical marijuana card is what she didn't. Thank you go to the style. Clark County prosecutors and law enforcement and wait. To ms. salzman home looking for individuals who have been known to state that residence when the deputy ride she can smell the odor of marijuana. When she interacted with the ms. Saltzman at the door missiles been admitted to been smoking marijuana. Ceci marijuana and that she allowed her medical marijuana cards a lapse. At that time ms. salzman turned over to the deputy seven marijuana pipes four joints on that grinder and you love the idea that. And there's no rookie move and a purple glass jar elder quantity. Of marijuana inside just as a corner. The deputy arrested missiles and an illegal possession of marijuana. And lodge during that Clair county jail based upon matter rest of police report request for charges. Generated by the deputy presented to our office sure. The English and American long. I know you don't think old people really knew it was still though can't I do. I think girls. They can get away the stuff. A glass of gets angry. All people listening to get angry young person an old person is cranking that we had just. Ignored at their old tech site associates tell me it's safer to bring him empire back to my place and into energy. Yes. If you asked a member earlier nationally. There are rules. With the tender date there are no written rules. But the person was I knew I don't remember when does respect passing on each. In general. Would you do it which you. Nine based on the movies you watch on around me vampire flicks you've seen a seen a handful run vitamins right. Possibilities. It. Download Tom yeah you with a vampire I think until sort of thing to do I think they believe him. The amendment and let Mike Meehan you live forever and a New Orleans forever yeah but apparently they're having fun all the sun. They are you still can die so that's the thing it's not like. You you just have the ability to live forever vote. He stepped outside one time in the sun and toast. Instead she's the heart is OC UT and die it's not like you can't be killed that's a little scared. But potentially can live as long as you once every data point we say. All right I'm done with us vampire thing just walked outside of that you know 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It's over. Basically I Illinois. Right I think I go. Delete some uses only his vampire. I was in Regis. Sandra how close to home yeah. It's. Because then to England. Can we need some somebody separated since. As a student. Bothers me doesn't bother you. It doesn't bodies that the president of the radio station near recently I'm going to be the music. To the music. Losers. Who do the jocks have no idea at this point we don't come. Doesn't scare you. And is replaced on an. When you walked outside that says I got around on your cars are an unconventional ministry decision and never. The states. And you were anything happen idea that a different radio station there were two times here where. At least soon. The schedule there are people who are now we know we don't want to try to get my car that time there's been a couple of times are real resonance to teach it and the might look okay let them let me make eye contact that was a little brush land. Yeah O Li ion notebook. You get a then finalize I'll talk you on a baseline. Yeah definitely wanted to talk about. At some point stop laughing I guess I'm remembering. Well and a conversation might I got done and I told somebody here is we I came back inside taking go out as a guy waiting in the front door and somebody hears and I'll. He's just a mess. Let's find. There. Is playing Torrey when I went outside a certain talking to me. I didn't try to get my card and it's nice you yes JC you tried over your card inside. Target didn't didn't. The loss prevention didn't and I can. Otherwise I'm trying Minnesota's turn that's absolutely true that all happen. I pulled up really going lesson. It's not on the schedule your arms like I don't know if we try to get my I wanna be injured right just like I don't know man was driving by many want to hit the window or something with. And a guy from target was light. No and and and and and now we have it all on tape we saw it you're trying to be nice. Diet absolutely try to get in your guards open your door. When you stop the stop sign and as well idea I'll make sure the you'd tell him that I set I wasn't sure what he did I. Seem like a nice nice enough guy to me. We never talked about it. I think it's been so long they're. Almost certainly. Couldn't be any reason. Why do we get in trouble for talking about it and I won't give any details but at one point the cavs came up here to talk to meet. But detectives. Remember that one. I don't even. Wanna say that there. You'll remember. June oh yeah and maybe it was a does. Down here that was part of it right yeah. They came in. Like what three different times asking questions. I want send somebody leave a note remember. Write your house miles. And I might not know I know this do you believe in god or something good you're gonna meet them. Wrote a note and then I realized it was hand deliver. There's no stands right. Is it first when you showed its own needs someone mailed to the senate okay end. Shouldn't somebody else who like golden dollars and mailed to you that was hand delivered I show the most man. I know I think our listeners from his announcement. We never processed them. This for a while I don't sane person. Detectors and doing all their researcher at main thought it was Laszlo. It's true but that is not true. I do like it was to say just everyone just stop and I ask you they would ever happening so I don't worry about itself and take care of so I thought that is not true I didn't think it was June. I'll never mind you and me for it and not just say manage your lesson in May just let me know you think that we do that look you have to know when the but I know but when that happens you think about what are all the logical re like no one can really do this right you hope that it was me when you remember our economy yes. I'm gonna version found out who is like until now was found careers. And texture and it's pretty crazy. I would not do that that's like a rule that's it is good dude the movie thing I don't ask you help me move because I want you ask me how do you move. I would not leave letters in your mailbox and when Julian letters in my mailbox you also but you asked me if I do you. And I shouldn't. And I am. I think the police ask you can do to me is all signs and teach people. Oh man you lie because Hotmail account. Yes. There's only one man we now. And the address was Laszlo. 965. And a bona coincidence. It was a well lazy and easy and last that's what took them so long it took awhile to crack the case but finally I labs. And them emails listeners mysteriously stopped the last concert time. They'll never catch me. Meg Ryan how are you. Wall ovals or all the utility those local vault today this game. Well the law will roll to roll the ball I don't know how people are more smoke. Please email me directly we should look forward all the worsens while the list based on ball all of up to smoke plumes family. And slowed by the phone connection yesterday at fault that we talked auto body that's bad listeners they do vote. Confined to a we're not worried about and everything about it not worry about it in the least. Liable if you went out of the world laudable for a dozen world about it and now it's all actually about it. They're attacked aggressively attacked me after the show. Oh beautiful weather and a wonderful writers were expected to be there and I picked it back we went all the good you can only. Yeah oh Florida's new look bullets all the folks. All right side is CU RT I noticed you're having some troubles I thought man I kids recommend T-Mobile to yes. All new always on you're always doing indoors always on always on. I mean I I only endorse things Lehman and I can tell you how it goes with your thought I'm just trying to help you out. We've also do well I I'm not saying this is what I believe that you truly endorse lucky mobile for the funerals always wise. Could detect yes they're saying we'll we'll look forward obviously was it for me. Everybody and then today and I love what we get a blue opal then they listen yes as far yet. And the debacle of course or you all go allegedly. And less well noted sort of in short guy and I'm surprised this we'll look at the bull wall. But. We'll bet that you remember couldn't come up with the couple. A card and thought yeah. It wasn't asking for people who are listening. What color the rent so I had problems that the rents a car over the week and asked what color was there remember and he's out do you not remember I said. Feel like it might have been green I don't know but I wouldn't put money on it and then attorney had this whole big thing. What probably better attic that is not exactly what you said was forced to cope with the color. You said something I felt very curious because they just keep pulling my lord you the first thing you says it will hit Alec what I would. Mitt. Then. When you are searching for what we legalize UK mobile what Alec green. Don't like why would I don't see the colors what that's about. I've I've thought about iconic scene for portable electronic we all My Cousin Vinny. Well we'll wait to be all of the ban it we simply play a piece of evidence or. I mean car bolt can't win maybe by G again. Webb pulled cause available within that how it neat green. You luck thank you need to speak hell no more questions. Thank you very very much you bid. Lovely. Lovely. Week it's. OK so I'm not moving like a thousand times the last ten minutes of Maryland and call bats but you know that's why you came up the color you just went from July because of many well. Management talent meant when I when we ask my girl from what color was just say granny she said silver rights over okay yeah graders over yes so that's where I got that million dollar mansion from my cousin many lying sack of crap it may have been there's somewhere deep in my subconscious but I was just trying to come up with a caller. I mean metallic blue make green did not color used. To walk to the old car dealership. But they all what do you what colors that old term metallic greens greens are. And by the way when you get your car. From the rental shop and they throw you the keys and like go grab this and you don't notice sides metallic command green at. You don't look and I don't really. A metallic many greens salt matches are dead and eight. Like solid shots earth you just roll up to it you don't notice and it's meant green I was a little more focused on the fact that had a flat tire and it wasn't the car that I had reserved. That's what I was focused on this and you would notice a metallic meant green car. Yeah I think anyone world and so wait for them back. Come back into it you're now a bit of libel defect. Well unless the way Lazio describes it sound like HE couldn't spot his car unless it's a white car I don't wanna go to overall this again but. The idea that you did you recognize your vehicle only by its color done that's it. I use Ed Randall white car driver that's the only. Sting you aren't shouldn't you know about your. Mark on. You're doing the last blow all yeah on development take the point being this great but the bottom you're just being fit engenders an election climate. What you didn't move that all the prepping you only recognize that by color what you saying is. No one is ever said wolf someone as a warm or is that I hit a light dark black power no one has ever said we what do you quite which it Ayatollah saying. Well Paula I all right all I would say and I don't remember the Colin and that's what I was saying and I admitted many times and I'm colorblind. So I said I I know what the car looks like that's a point I was trying to get across I know what it's he has sold looks like hey it was any given time the only Kia soul in the area I wasn't gonna confuse it for the pickup trucks and it was parked in between. OK we thought it was that I just over development during the big east of the Academy Award winning performance by. Worse until way and it made me deflate our wanted to bring the wolves auction though they've all been just straight. Did fourfold to that little came together well. I do your job and who. I don't know why he is lying about a new signs of finally just a pathological liar national. All I'm that would be fine I understand. I did that all I had a formal job warm ball bolts were Obama ahead. Well the board of course it feels good solution also along at or below apparently didn't have a job. I don't know why. All the little longer than people who what where why or what we're doing is also just almost all the work both. A lot of guys already began the game upon him. All the people here troubled me lying in the whole thing for getting the white guilt that you do it you'll see in the whistle on them. On their four sons. On OPEC will look at what we're doing how we feel about that in mobile. We don't know ourselves also. I mean I think basically kept doubtful. Stuff that's your home with us and I'll get it on getting I do think that you look at. It isn't it going to be Shaw and I think they will wait achieved stand and by that I dated. They they're in you having a quarterback who refuses to take chances. I believe that you won't all be formidable mobile direction. And potential take more chances in life. Well wolf whom some big big world. And I think that. I don't know how good he is going to be at all did Eric Berry or Walt it's going to be on the wall old mother nature on the table and we don't won't choke. Or neutral confused with so palpable he also also quoted a little bit. Fight broke all focus where it achieves the second best. Like weaponry in the NFL. I think it might I think there's the very best all you've got the bad food speed receiver like to eat certainly entire hole. Barely walk and won't let up in Allen who hasn't quite lived up with but I think he will be with. With all we. And you read this system. Kriewaldt will also be in the second but I didn't didn't Opel. Like you that is suitable swoop over weapons at any team in the league and that could be a very exciting at all. Or it could be in office and so throws three interceptions examine. Stalls on dries. Well I mean that's possible. I mean I've never seen at all as close to where you interception game. I would be surprised if that's what. Would you not I mean I don't think. What are you would do other people think the experts who. Well we'll just lol yeah you're talking I know what you're asking your friend your chiefs answer your bias. It's always. Yeah what did you know it is man I know he's an expert but I know he's biased. Ball I think it is what we all division right now that. If you hold all humble and all logic that votes you're going to get that at least twenty pick. But certainly if the Broncos may be only fifteen but the good old people will be king funeral but I think all fourteen months. Wolf gate at least fifteen to 40% of the vote for who's gonna win the bush. I think VA he wept as far away all the division the pick and warmly division that's a legitimate or he and equitable. And so some people like oh where are not a believer doesn't. Just saw something that Oakland was was listed near the beat them the bottom of the power rankings although I think it's obviously too early for that. There will be entire division he had an overall under all at least seven wins and good luck in anyway aka. So like it shipped I think it's soldiers will be seeing that right now. Lightly the favorite but they'd like but you'll like it and street beat them. Already feel worse or stay open during. And so I think that followed like that plot like that they'll walk all the big K Brett like. You don't know how open they're going to be in all over seems to be all as far as widget channel. Or leaving it about you believe in bare it all I have to monopoly there are the end Jared will meet in Opel salt tablets or we would play. Can finish at a big game back in 1998. World when he was quoted again I guess you pity that it would be able to forget that what is supposed. He's sort of new show the world is getting civil from the seventies he would seems whistle blow by the ball. And then you also. Said mats all in one won't. You political smack that or on the plane since he won't hide. And collected a pretty contentious contract holdout he could hit the old U2 years ago. She walks in new arms or what you want cities basically contract extension. Well we will keep got certainly having gotten one so. That's all very odd to me or wait who's on global football until the defense bill excellent at how good it keep keep them. And the chiefs have essentially a rookie quarterback play. So you know who but yeah that was okay he says it may have. And what was that quite. I like hiding if she's going to be terrible it because I think all of us won't be very good I understand why Apple's all the people more skeptical. I'm just got to televise any time is throwing out what is essentially a rookie quarterback right so I missing just stuff and then you look at our schedule. I'm gonna look at Hannity here if I've got the right one I believe they start with a chargers. Remain and they are the chargers Steelers. Forty niners Broncos. Giants. Like that's not an easy first start of the season. Walt yeah I don't think the 49ers. Are going to be good. No may have some you look at it but you're gone. Chargers we just talked ransom note I saw the charges were ranked rush tired in the chiefs and then you go chargers Steelers you've probably get a winning as the 49ers and then you're back to the Broncos the jags. And then I mean a lightens up a little bit but not much. Yeah Cleveland and Cincinnati even an Arizona on the rams. The raiders the ravens. The Seahawks. And then the raiders again I mean that to me just look at the schedule. I think a pretty good team and a pretty good quarterback looks at who is looking at like nine and seven. Yeah I think all of you look what you said it's very hard people got who gave the outside world through this open has always law. I'll bet you know they're always the game that we think going to be be better super twelve. Games leaving here and super open championship birdied eight. I think that would also like ball with the other thing that she's got working for them. Easy is it are breaking the political. The ten best teams in the NFL. I think eight bit more in the NFC. Like you know all those in need of it if he didn't give in no particular order there's the patent dealers. But then you goals hackers. They were Iranians and there's LP. All like you all probably done leaving out the minutes you can go to cal will easily landed seven bounced back somewhat like. So it will fight betting that the white Wilkinson rules like it's all force. He DA FC. It he owns like yet it's well it's great. In the eight seat he. There's the patriots to build a whole lot Eagles the ball he will not be good the jets' sloppy so. I'm very confident they need is a wall and wealthy division gave the north the dealer will be the world. I've won one game in the last 35. Walt leave it I think they're going to go to the rookie quarterbacks do rather little ball watchable Mark Jackson. The bank will could be backwards but I'd be surprised if they are more well. I mean you did he sell you its wet. To a division vet who last year I if you sell this oil seems it could do that again it's True Religion kite day. That there is an eight who were talking among the division but there's no eight piece that seems so I think that. I think if you burn out decent spot in a lot of that they'll have to profess. I'm not a huge believer in oak. A lot of people big believer in mobile I'm not like you're big believer Oakland then it could be proper flooding into your big believer keep you know. I think over the best quarterback in the division fighting they keep it at all toward being. The second best quarterback in the division but again that's because I think their cars and not nearly as good as their oil so. I think I agree review on just about all that I just and just you know like we said it's hard to do scheduled saying well to do but that's going to schedule looks pretty hard to make. I don't like what they've. Think you're going hole all balled it your all the all the world for a little while I. It's intentional decision obviously want what change slight boost mobile games solutions last year while mediate won their division. So they're going to play a division winners from wall ASP that they truly. And the although the division get them off playing every woman slowed you DH itself so that you need to look at you didn't get it. All right one other division of problems. Achieved soon the AFC north. We'll get a mention fighting is potentially the weakest division in the AFC. And they drew yeah that's what we can get it will weakest division in the Internet. So that would now that the same exact schedule and we won their division has. It that said the patent jag yet it seems that division will get that second third fourth or listen to let the big. That's what I understand that. But we're here to try to get a wild card the fact that for example the patriot air that she gave PA it see that the NFC west. And I'm not sure war who did you like the gates himself is a look at it right now but like it they're getting the NFC more. And they know they're getting into useful again you get Eagles cowboys shut it off. Like fighting that bill was or what or who this Circuit City this year. We are always wrote that that game we'll always sort out a little it will go one big guys on that while people. When Alan as your question yeah I'll ask you about because I know your body Chris Carter. What does he thing about Urban Meyer. I. Mean. He thinks are audible. Or at the thought. Like. He he he really really like them and there's no open for a long time. And he said he since urban made enormous mistake lying. To the media about what he knew. A foul ball but this thing quote true it appears also repeated. All you domestic abuse I don't I don't think people lose his job I would be shocked the losses job. And. All right we've all been equality submitted big label that people who keep it all all the all correct protocols on what. We as you did find out these simple people need like. It's been a road and beat this guy dead are sort grandfather. All this thing Pope. Who just recently got fired he grandfather's role boots. It's like it if that's what they're also coached and over in law is meant to. And so what it said the issue in protective repeatedly because. All of whom he walked and that they all obviously white would not put the ball. Alone won't hold. You're buzzing and happy and mean as I mean I wanna see anybody get hurt but I legacy or mine whose job. Coming just from personal to. But that's I was gonna assume that you had. What disappointed that's all as Michigan fan yeah I mean because I think are liars one of the top three coaches should. And certainly always live. I think for the second best coaching palpable well. Say. Maybe. Maybe but that's and I'm unhappy that he's unhappy that their chances easily. Because he's a good coach. I think the only other person could even argue we've samples or. Yeah I was gonna say that I think he's up there. You know I have to look at MS and our laws are great coach and he's really got time to prove it but he certainly has. In the past I swallowed it. Yet which I think he's got to shoot. You do. It. Of what going on said Paterson. Well played so well lately but he got shape as simply scroll lists and he was able to transfer without sitting out a year because of their problems. All told we'll you know it. So it's great you what's. Yeah it's variety talk to. Alone fifty. Meg right Columbia and it's so event titled. Whoa whoa yeah thank you for the cult Hutchinson. Bob. Your Google has low. Six fire the blow. You talked about. This before but someone actually took the time to study it. That is drunk. Purchase seen. On the Internet Amazon Amazon earlier this article. We've happens it happens and I can when you come home manners that a boxer on board. Yeah Monroe diners and a lot of things cross your mind like. And he makes things. There's there's several. Well so usually are really in the net sometimes it works out. I'll never forget one time. I get home. I'm still married. My ex wife say is. 08 got a package you know what is this and I said. You're like this I know I knew it was right but. And now party committed to your likeness can't wait till you see what this is. And I opened it up and it was a record player means I was able to play it off I also thought. There's no way to think that I should spend that aren't on that but I actually didn't remember. Purchasing net. Not positive that I intended to I may have meant to put it like and I wish list or something right when it was there and luckily. I was able to say I told you be excited we what should I am not exactly is that we have a regular was like yeah but this one's way better. And in that time I got that piggy bank where the pain Americans are topping grabs the point and I'm not a bad thing Tom feel like I'm. That almost every I just admitted that when I just say you know I've probably. Should have some sort of sensor on the computer something I don't know maybe say waivers he writes after 10 PM anyway this company. Actually just Amazon should offer that service should assume Twitter and all of those fighting you know. We've talked about that suing you do you tweet something under the influence in the next day he got to go back and looking is that yeah we've seen in Syrian stories and make sure. So this company. Surveyed men and women across the United States. The NASA is interesting questions like they tried to figure out which alcohol. Causes you to purchase the most items on Amazon. Which particular type of album that centrist think yeah so number one then by quite a large margin. Jan Jan was number one. Number two is rom than vodka and white wine red wine tequila beer and whiskey was deadline passed. Jim was number one. And then they did who are the biggest spenders men or women to surprise me because this is like the biggest spin team being. Vendors by their average purchases OK so for guys at their average. Against drunk or buzzed purchase is 39 dollars and 87 cents. Women 45 dollars and 39 cents or crack. I was surprised as I was thinking maybe there'll be something it's a 45 dollars the parachute something like that right in front range I know I've done that 39 dollars. Just seems right at about five or ten dollars. Less than what I would have thought right for the average but they also did. But the biggest spenders too so get to that big drinkers big spenders average highest spend. By alcohol so again they break it down by booze and then say what the average. Top dollar purchases that you we if you if you spent a bunch my it was the most money you'd spent drunken only and they set Ari what. And I alcohol did you drink you know and how much did you spend Coca and so the number one again was Jen gin. A lot of people buying stuff 235 dollars and ten cents. Then whiskey 204 dollars tequila tune into dollars beer 193. Rom vodka white one red ones on thirteen bucks. OK then highest. Average spend by gender. For men a 190 dollars and 27 cents for women a 154 dollar so on the big ticket items the guys. But the guys are more likely. By the big ticket items like spend a bunch of money on accident and the women are even on the women shopped more overall we are right. Those are the guys are more likely to spend more money or on MTV and that they Tim Geithner yup and in this is my favorite part of the whole thing. Regretful purchases. Verses. Enjoyable purchases so. Like you said sometimes you open the box ego yes right you know and I'm glad I did pull through because I probably wouldn't Nath. So the ten Mathieu regretful or things that people didn't regret first between. Move regretful what do they regret buying okay. The things they regret the most and number one was cell phones and accessories. Sixty almost 67% of people said. That they regretted purchasing cell phones accessories. Which I feel like cell phones and accessories are two very different things if you are drunk and you buy. 700 dollar thousand dollar phone. Right that's different than buying another case you don't need or another long because I can definitely see myself fine. Another case. Lauren your car records early run they can use it 25 footer got to a run record so my got a wireless charging dock that you never thought I mean he never works right now who works. Number two. Huge drop for most regrettable. Purchases and drug books. We're number two then homing kitchen. The kid's supplies and Ryan and Japan I never did all right is that copper pan. I told you my friend. It. Texted me and said he got home there was something on the front porch same thing you know what it was actually thinks that there are boxes and when he opened up one of them. There was a letter. Bartenders apron and he's got a bartender but he says he newly ordered because it is something he had his eye on in the past and but he never bought it because it was too expensive and I think it seems like almost a thousand dollars for no other barge and river is not a margin there. So did you Wear. I don't know he did with that I don't know if they allowed him to send it back as a woody in Nigeria send it back and he didn't know so I've never seen this April and act like it's the kind of thing you don't bring up now right sure hey where's where's that. 800 dollar. Leather apron I don't that was the thing. But everybody's got something weird in their wish list or something you know that they think about when they're there. Side I think I'll be covered under common kitchen nexus sports and outdoors I guess he'd pick and change the equipment. At our I don't know I did a phenomenal and family came tonight. Armas started hiking. Something like that what is its stores in sports and outdoors just sports and outdoors I managed my way I slash users and yeah. Stuff like that. That they wanna get in shape icicles right right just a joint you know tomorrow on the start and I'm so drunk and start working on I had it in my life together and next thing you know you got a fifty dollar amount by this it's in the arts crafts and sewing Zacks analyst which I also thought was funny because I really liked the idea of someone being. Under the influence and thinking I need a hobby other than drinking does and they start looking at craps and right so we aren't anything right like you don't paint by numbers who says that's just for kids. Or. When everyone was buying nerve coloring books with colored pencils I mean Amazon sold at a colored pencils when you're this all the adults were vying colored pencils that they can do coloring books right. I really love the idea of someone being under the influences and undermine economic minutes ago about the same thing to sporting her at the same thing. Toys and games is next then baby stuff. Don't have kids but what are you buy for the baby that you regret like he got another Karzai like more close life's upset OK Maureen Ryan I really aren't your drowned out I was so much because in the picture they showed little car seats so that's what I had in my mind like you know you by Trevor something your wife's when you get another crib. Or does your husband because of the of the women actually spend more of video games. You do know it's the last analyst ICU that. A lot. Because. In my defense there was a lot of games that I wanted but they're kind of expensive and gain new games like 5060 bucks right you always said hey. If you break it down. It actually ends up being cheap entertainment too you figure you played as many hours. Over the lifetime that you play the game than just divide that by. You don't rusher on the order everything in the end up the pain a few pennies hour sometimes if they know what they big game is but because it sixty boxing you just download any game. A lot of times own weight. Until light you know so my inhibitions spending inhibitions are gone I didn't easier got to games occasionally. Those don't want you to things arrow is a better return issues. Lots and lots of ten issues come into the house and sometimes. I two pairs of the same shoes and I can remember thinking to myself at the time all have to pare that lie that we when one gets dirty a haven't cleaned one because sometimes they stop selling these writing on and I can't find him and out of my size you know I Wear very common size. The last thing on there was beauty now these are the top ten things that are the most enjoyable purchases made while drunk and passing there they don't regret. The number one thing. It says what department do you usually buy from when intoxicated. And an initial the other side of the graft the percentage of people who enjoyed it don't regret so that the number one department. That people didn't it was a 100% they enjoy it no regrets here at least in the survey musical instruments. I I don't play guitar. I doubt for sure you would think that. That if you were guitar player or drummers of them that that's the kind of thing you get drunk. You spend a lot of money on that's that's expensive and limited in your classes are probably I don't listen to and I'm on listening pet supplies. People were upset about that and does he bite of food and dog toys and stuff like that I don't know an aquarium. Health and household. OK does that make sense ye think him amount of blame on the bathroom still rather than hers so who cares. But then the next 180 almost 89% of people said they didn't regret this computers. You've got drunk and bought a computer online. And now it and that's and that's what I feel like that is such a big purchase that maybe those people are just defending it to themselves. It's a note I did it and you love it need that gaming laptop why you need a game and want to be don't Libby was watered it's faster than the regular ones always one on one atom a wish list. Glass finally or that think article pops and should I go on stuff wishing it made it happen clothing jewelry shoes and jewelry. Next has grown son says as persons as an electric cello but they still never played an electric channel I doubt idea. Want trees if you regret it did you bite under the influence and your Greta because according to this thing people who bought musical instruments none of the regretted it. Electronics. And then Amazon devices. And even Amazon devices with his last on the list was like 80% of people said that they didn't regret. Bias or is he voted Kindle or an echo or whatever. Like depth that's fine I was shocked I got another echo from the learned they zero are frozen my arm my house. The electronics in surprise me if that was on the list I would have thought electronics would have been. Near the top. Of the regret lists because they're expensive and there's a reason and I put those things in my wish list and not just by now because they're expensive. And it's a lot of times it took. There's a little boost from a from a rose yet he knew what you want he let out what I mean. Do your ex wife take that record player needs to I have truly don't Jim Bolton Belushi thing one about the negatives and a two record players. Yeah I've a lot I still have moved. The panda piggy bank to institutions are still have a matching pair of tennis shoes. Never aware of missile now. To do no wrong. I'm trying to think if there was something that I didn't. Close. That was the number one thing that I didn't regret was buying clothes because I don't buy clothes very often so sometimes I had a few drinks. Get on there or something that actually fits because after go online to get sir I know the right size and only couple places where no that they may close fit me right. But I never won a pay forms of him once I had a couple of drinks and buying him and that it did feel good to have the closely you know what I did need to close desire a lot of crappy laws. That's number one thing I didn't regret. Number one thing I did regret. Probably. Choose an electronics. I don't shoes are technically close boa. I have long social issues. I have two issues I didn't need to revise any of them as I was I was fine ones is because they were on sale that I don't wanna Wear is their ugly and a lot of them went straight from new in the box to goodwill that's really yeah colleges wearing 00. But they were ridiculous some of them were really predict what's really ridiculous and actually have a coach you've never seen. That looks like it's still in my closet so has the tags on a take a picture tonight so please but it looks like I'm instrument. It looks like. And it's not like the picture was misleading when it ordered it when I ordered I thought I need dot. That's the person I wanna be hourly all right it's that coat you know you have that moment when you're drawn to lake that's two Imus are being that person. That's what I've always felt like anyway right. It's time we know I now see how I feel on the inside it's got its up puffy coat. It kind of looks like something from mob from Missy Elliott video on the early two thousands it's got a big goal zipper on it. It's like shiny crimson color it's puppy with big stitches around it. And like gold accents. I'd like to see that. I don't get rid of it because it's a remind you where. We take a picture of you and it I mean it's summertime you Al fugitives from the currency. Charlton utilities author on ticket I'm super excited about this. With the shoes. Man chooses so about our health problems open on the issues but the coach is something the colors. I bought this shirt. And did you regret or not what it's a lot and so I have regretted it how I just noticed that your shirt says new money new money. Why do you why did regret that I was awesome today because on the word to the polls and all those old old money people around Gaza ma'am or those of the voting polls across that on Amazon Lula. You just it's that you may like this sore. Miami didn't spend a little. I think you might gators did he realizes he might have new money but yeah.