Tuesday, 08.15.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, August 15th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • DOJ wants millions of IP's from DreamHost
    • Durham protestors take down confederate statue
    • Trump gets protested in NYC
  • 36:25 - Slimfast wants Lazlo to buy a new car and house
  • 43:20 - How can you tell if someone is trashy?
  • 55:20 - Sports with Nick Wright

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So righteous man. On all sides. The children. Homeland. Values are. Will strike down low numbers. IA ER income gray area or otherwise is dressed up. This shirt and dress shirt on James irons. I'm not. It was hanging in the closet and find you attractive in the 1990. Appreciate them. Are you. Great and they are answering. Number no matter. There's a stimulant. It's too early for me com. It's only six Sony online age. It awaits an announcement of. The sing a song. Was there. I think there's been many businesses in my life and I was telling you today is the best halo. You sir. You amortization of that's crazy. This is the best and that's the first day of my mind verse they're moons someone had it's an endless list. Science is like screw you made big man. Wait they're not the same one. We'll mean you're right it has okay. As an office. Familiar right time you play determines there's this old imagine dragon's head on ourselves or. Should I do is being negative it's positive right now. This could be the best in my life. I'm going to wielding. I believe it will be nice feeling in my soul. Did you notice you want to know I mean earlier stated things got a little. Commands chance yes and. Puzzles me immediate and I was running legs and some errands to run and you can tell of the program starting. There were no later than usual. My wife told. Oh bam bam resonate. Drug gone meaning and by the way you know to check them in any news good make it happen whoever it is it's fine and I trust you. My command and business people I can tell her. Punching each other and I don't know let me smooth results go to hell happened so. They say they start the meeting night. Where's awesome again he sent me. And done. I don't know if he's coming or not and I'm here. So. Let's do this holiday season and I said well yeah. Problem is they got some stuff here that I really need to just go over. Always and I said well. You shouldn't say that because he actually specifically. Mentions. In a texts to mean. That to it's ask him for permission or. Were truths. Or deny anything. I don't. Hello considered so that's my management style cameras and this guy named slim fast in every sense does. Now you guys may notice I'm wearing a a button down shirt today is that villain should taking them seriously. They did not this again no stoning your list of was a big shot and thank you else he had fun. The damage and you want to. I have this. You'll also be miss her vast. He tells me is over. Dialogue doesn't look at should not do that again what I was actually six minutes late in an article on south. And usually nobody shows up. Was that. People are. Ourselves trying to decide and I should address you all for being late to turn. I shouldn't. Yeah. Personal issues and problems Ryan used to have issues or problems on gun. A lot going on boys and girls. I talked about me yeah. That's my therapist. That's right talked. I rubbed my therapist and then we'll and that's you really do Dodgers crazy new age says it is something bad that it's presumed. I don't think she likes me. I'm still working on now. Is this she's actually. And our grandson. What's that Saddam. They're being talked. Talk time and space time something you just you get a therapist that you don't have to media news text to really get used excellent well anyway yeah what do not. You there's a website and I think we might run commercials someone as far as where I've heard him I know someone who doesn't I need that for numerous years. On Brooke's friends she uses a just. You know who's on the other hand. Does anybody boxes they say there's an idea. Still like how do you know there license or business like because I don't close acts like him I'm just gonna have to imagine I mean with. Fox based on everything in clear view without traveling to an office and first significantly less money. Traditionally we must not tell my dermatologist doctor fears disease and diplomas and mine was little white robe and I wondered some call miss. Says that mr. is he a doctor mr. Leno and these industries. So no I would explain my son Max. Tyson BC news doctor. I just call them doctor all the time he never corrected mean does she think you should correct someone and say. Mom I try to a lot of dogs and searches are saying in democratic and I'm really nice ass wire beaten yeah. Of the flow of did that on your credit card stock and it is not my best friend does that he's got all of his credit cards say doctor and so like I can't do that is he does as a return to go out. He's got doctor and everything he has is your high school. McCain to have. Many things like has a lot of times since the waiter waitress cool I guess server now. I'm sorry sorry and some. Overturn that bring the Czech currency thinking doctors and so it. In payment create a drill next five bucks a week. Once this week's 45 minutes. Briseno did it irks us the benefit. You can always I can now do my dad didn't play my bugs I've I didn't take a look at something. You can always send in his journal what kind of response community. I don't know Brooke's friend usage she's got one of these jobs are worked all the time she says she doctor there this old timers just. The attacks. Is there really ever since my fear. So I don't know Monsanto's are really citizens put things along her. It's. That would be pretty credible this. Stick to time we would never take time to do it but if we knew how to make it happen you can put a yeah. I guess he might receive a lot of money there and talking and doctor allows you just feed. No funding to yeah. I know but if we could have an app that was on people's phones that's it you know us being maintained contacts Aaron being. Thanks for gassing and they can haze of I have to believe the whole point here is it's a ruse that Allen charge on our tax line. It's. Exactly. Montoya broke the consumers don't think things are so you tell us some tax problems and to try to judge yeah he's being John. I got. You despondent say hey I'll give you an answer responsiveness and only by Watson shares snail mail to this address so then mothers and I've of that. Really. If you could just have that filter from beyond the action that would be talking. Just had little links in there of course than Mauer whatever you lock it down and then you can. Boy it is built on the bottom saying on the list of things and act as zeal. Snow constant. It includes built hey you guys a little idea who I was below you gotta do. Me an idea man. Whoever steals my checking account information once a week pass these PayPal buying video games that's great. I feel like is when you guys at this point the bank is now basically tell me look. It's got to tell you what it's not me Bruce Vaughn and guy are killers and a different state and he keeps using PayPal to buy video games. I use a credit card on my Xbox. Here's a receipt like dad now. Just keeps doing I can't even there's so many singers in my bank account I can't even keep track. I'm just glad. It's a draft. She no drone chugging its extra subways and put gas and stronger. I haven't been to a quick trip and I look at my doesn't normalization as a Jack nationalist velocity Sullivan Tom how. Hello that's how I that's how lost the weight and so you know I Amex thing and I was like. Why am I spending yeah. 45 dollars and cigarettes a day and MS Snowe has this thing as snow cone cigarettes and that I can never prove it to the bank because they really brought about disarming like actually I don't know. You know. Call this a bit this thing amount banks I had no idea they can do as well apparently they can't act close and account. Because I wanted to start a new account so that I can keep track of like paying my Google's fiber in those are some things right there. So what I'll be would come directly out right and I could just see it once I had run just one place. And so I had another account and fund and another company today. Unlike a direct withdrawal right. But my thing was like I'm not. I knew that some stuff would come out of there it's but I figured then and I don't wanna save a company does not defaults but. And set it wasn't let's say it was like an energy company or whatever right. I thought then they would call me and say like hey you haven't paid just and I go I don't get. This is a way I can start to keep track of things right I don't actually owe money to write a mile money do how much does it and when I put it out. And that I can start to see all these things start to come in on this new accountant John get a budget for myself is right for a strike just. Don't wanna start again. So just accounts closed. All of sudden I see a map open again. Minus the amount and I'm like on your new account old account that I closed it is open America as well the company said the day I called the bank division I haven't the company said that this was a legit withdrawals religious. We just don't went ahead and open that backup and data can take a month. Scenarios for an overdraft dummies I overdraft productions and is paying about how to really count I'm like but got to count is close to know again I'm not really my what do you mean. Not really. Sold battle just keep happening and no idea online. I can never close and account would you guys that really hurt but no matter what happens. I could I can take all my money on your bag and go to. That's a different bank and never check draft again and still vintage that would take the money from the guys weren't and don't understand and answer me answers just. I happen to me we moved to Seattle I closed the town here and we moved up there and then like a year and a half later found out that. I owed to make music for my like well someone automatically with just as fast and I close that account right and his successful. So how are you still had some withdrawals that went through later Michael I understand it was like a weekly and it was post it you know I pending or whatever. You're saying this happened you're letting us come on. It's my approach. I shouldn't. Be able. To shall death. My credit companies found roster who you. All right that's earlier Disney's they give you service without asking for payment upfront and they're taking that risk that's right card company loaning you money at lower. Carvell and I don't know what I wanted to risk of not paying my car payment this month. And amassed a mountain. But no. And an imminent. You can you know so soma city you can talk to Syrian Emerson lying. We can send money to influence I guess I guess coming you can do it now you can Simonyi. I just puts it your iTunes account. Sauce. You pay your bills through that apparently doesn't help much but similar track in my car payment when 32 copies of Jay z.'s new records aren't given much good. I don't know where it goes a salsa music wise is this violence. Latter. It's a barter system. It's. Stuff goes on around us and yes it's your dream host. I am. And cracked yeah. Man. Stick around that every day for next and yeah. Webhosting service stream hostess fighting a Department of Justice to me in to scoop up all the IP addresses of visitors to an anti trump website. Sure you guys month we've seen this in the last day. Didn't snuggling you know I Tug on the susteren yeah seamless basically what happened as the Department of Justice went to a web site. Where people. You know they only trump and they say we should rally against drunk. The department justice any. You posted this web site where people came against and they don't like something they wanted to be ever protests against we're gonna need all the information. And dream host the same. Wait. Why why why he won all the official again. Was gonna need ought to renew their IP address and account information. Down web hosting services do hand over information for things like. You know if someone comes in and says hey they're there to traffic people or this person is hosting child pornography or dispersant is you know committing a federal crime. And a lot of times web hosting services will turn the stuff over but this is different entry must say we don't think we should give news information. Mask her the push back from dream host right now because they even put on their blog they said look. We regularly respond to requests from federal authorities even state authorities. Looking for information on IP address when it comes to criminal matters right out the sex offender cases prior child pornography however they say in this case. This search warrant is so over broad it's untargeted. And dream host worries that just by asking for anyone who visited this website. That they may be the Justice Department navy trying to chill free speech. And going after anybody who actually went to that website whether or not they showed up at these protests are not. DOJ DOJ is demanding that must hand over one point three million visitor IP addresses. Along with contact information email contents and photos of thousands of people. Quote that information could be used to identify any individuals who use this site exercising and express political speech protected under the constitution's First Amendment that should be enough. To set alarm vols often anyone's mind. That's what jima site. I just like there's some others have gone missionary. Focus on and try ended. Look at the search history of their reunion tonight trump for. Very Big Brother it's. Pretty. It started with a lot northern San aren't what I'm getting what I need. Each State's information all their voters any and all your registered. Giant polyp early and UCL uses its level I think. I don't know but he's he stopped right reporter for things on policy or hurt them very much when she certainly didn't suit and resilient and I CD still you tweeting about it a lot. Windows apps folder. I'm an interesting relationship with crystal Margaret and I think he's an evil horrible despicable human being. I believe that to be true. But as opposed to other people. I don't think he spent but I think it's in his salt and I think he's an educated person that I think is Smart I just think he's so misguided. There is a level of respect I have for him because he believes. In it so much but what he believes is just horrible. As opposed to other people I see talk coming you know things like Canada's or do there and given my experience. Thought it through like you use your insane but in my William they're just an idiot I got guys nominated. He's Smart and he's a bad person. Do you think he's used. His intellect to come to these decisions. Are just around decisions. That's why must play an important. Durham, North Carolina. Protesters rushed and toppled a confederate statue outside the court house. Lessons she's video. I'm really understand. Why this is. Museum simplistic but the confederate flag. Race history. The statute of. Seeing him from the courthouse so I just. It doesn't seem like that big of a. Obama the statues I'm being honest like whatever offense if you wanna say you know I'm from. But Carolina's and we have statues of confederate soldiers and those were our grandfathers right and that's they believe there's campers from a court house. You can't put it from a schools you can't put him on the places where you use and intimidation factor in order for minorities put it in a joy to put it apart and called Jefferson Davis park you're gonna get mad at me because it's publicly funded knows about him. What ever. You choose to live in North Carolina it's so when fassel's behind. That said. You can't put it in courts are things were to be is worth. A black woman to be watching unicorn and there's three statues of confederate soldiers staring her down as she walks and let's try not doing back yet if you wanna make it rubble park. I don't want anywhere public I get it but I do not a funny you know this mindset in memory of the boys who wore gray okay. I don't. You know. I think we can talk about history. We don't have to erase history. We also don't have to have statues. Of the guys who lost. You know I mean things are losing to Germany about it in Germany is forgotten about and instead you minions statues of Nazis who die that's a perfect example. They faced they talk about it they're not forgetting about it but all those symbols came down as those statues. You know all that stuff has come down. And that's what terrorists. And trump went home to hold trump tower last night in. I don't really understand why why was he going to is it because the White House is still. Being worked on Leno was on vacation they were working on it I guess is vaccine went to jumped arm into protesters greeted overnight president trump arriving back in New York that following the president's home. Protests and outrage over his response to. Today most violent. Rough over the weekend. You you're that guy like I was under no. Yeah. That's. As you're spending your free time doing. Did you watch vice news my chance let's finish the oh. They they say man they send news drew down on Saturday to live protests. And so on their journals I don't know Ernie must atop my head with the entire episode was just her down there in the net. Whenever I see the footage I've seen that the the car rim you people want but she's talking to these guys who she's talking to these neo Nazis and skinheads and listening to what these guys say I mean it's one thing chick kinda know that they exist and you see the footage like okay. That's where finds 2017. Some now. When she was sitting there with him so when you watch your right yeah I mean just holding on YouTube dot throughout on the love senator. Because that stuff her sitting there before and after the protests you know spent when they're when he's talking in his office and on the computer like. I know I asked yesterday just owners seem. They find these people. How they recruit these guys. Really really really. IBC racist stuff and an anti semitism like. Talking about how yeah well we like trump but we want a trump who doesn't let his daughter go off to marry some June. Good lord. And she's IC wants a little more races and yeah I do. It was bad. So now. Last have heard that that September 11 thing today and and that's still canceled right here so we mentioned yesterday that they had. Scheduled another protest it's. And there's one cancer but now there's now in Florida maybe they've got a bunch of them this weekend. I just saw today there's a bunch of them scheduled. Across the country. This weekend. He is a good thing and canceling them. I don't really understand how old I am schools. Deal with I wouldn't normally like I'm I'm all for free speech and those infant. When someone got murdered I think you can absolutely say look that's a nice yeah someone got killed. As soon as you know what part of our duty as a university is to protect free speech was also to protect the students lives and you know what I'm looking manner right now and last week somebody got youth. Proved to me are these things can go off. Without people dying. You could have a very words of the president that no matter where he goes from now on to. The rules could shut down I mean I agree with what you say and I I threw you on principle if somebody hadn't gotten murdered and I get by the hell does he weighs endless clearance president. Threat to students seem to run through which which they've always been allowed Monday as Lindy decided does how long does right I don't know. I think it's I would say that if I mean I think it's the truth is in the numbers. Meaning if there's. It's a plus seven I'm I'm in a public space or twelve momma what I've learned nothing happens again and you can as. Well reasonable adult a dean or whatever of a university and say look. This seems to be an isolated incident that happened in Virginia and I feel like you know weekend that we have the police and we have to campus police and we can. Protect our students from any sort of violent outbreak. And yet. God do your thing am finally back but this just happened last week and we're not sure where this is headed and you know why. When I'm gonna have an hour Candace you don't have an off our campus who put it in a public spot just outside of its. That's fine but we have to protect students from violence and I think that by the way. I would do that on both sides of silly happen on a left leaning causes someone got murdered but don't you know I've not drink. And maybe just gonna a couple of weekends here I mean but I think this weekend I would not want to be the dean. Of a university where that was scheduled again it's it's I it's a fine line I don't I don't love. The load chilling of free speech in there he should be able to speak wherever he wants right do think once that group. From what I can child. Puts other people's lives in danger. Then. I guess it was one guy drove his car but that's enough for me is airman let's pause for a second freezer door and this is where they're always gonna save lives are always good. And after. Take a while I agree review I do think. A lot of university having kids trying to but I think a lot of the faculties and universities are pretty much follow us free speech formula. Last. Kind of my thing last night talk to you about so does that. They've already canceled so many speeches for people who are just. Offended. You know some locals on campus forever and that that. Really pisses me off thing America's security and cancel these speeches in these guys are gonna get chased out campuses are not allowed companies cancel the speech entirely welcoming party doing now. Certainly this is a case where NN and they worry said. We airline which I think makes sense we're allowed to cancel leases that we think they present a threat to student safety look this clearly he runs a threat students' safety. And I do what you see how long I don't know but right now. There's a lot of shenanigans it's different than like winning Bulger was told them right now piano on that 990 that's ridiculous. This some very weak you know we do an audit were injured running. I'm sure it's us that press. Can play a lot of muffled shot. I don't like Canada and what I don't mind. Outlook for I am losing my you know let this guy speak in on an annual Atlanta someone's and racist or the first CF losers let him talk this sounds all supposed to work in America protest. And so the only that it. Rides so mark I'm review and until someone drove a car into lubricants that bothered some people was impeachment. The people taking the statue seemed. I you looked ridiculous. It looks I know maybe you saw video somewhere. A Saddam statue coming down. Fifteen years ago this. This. You look great geez the guy who's about to conscience and start kicking it and then the guy comes up research and punching each and he realizes how that's gonna hurt. Medal and it's it's we stopped sisters came in and draw comes over and it's not a they're not a very into patient yeah but yeah. You need which Genesee anything that you need to be glad to. You think this through live at the optics. Maggots betting on it yeah there's been this is bound and zero as his owner's sons. People say we better destroys a politics is an airstrip a slave owners face on mount Rushmore look. I understand a lot of people actually do have problems. Glorifying slave owners on money in mount rush from a big declare war against United States I'm talking about specifically side you know. These confederate statues and yes other people at Texas and other all over yeah. You know now this is going on I've seen on these articles by others I think you're never gonna win now. Find some things can be ride in kind of unimportant I think the important part is to. Get that statue of the Bible a lot of the courthouse again I agree statues of Jefferson Davis from the front of the courthouse so when minorities walked in and they're facing charges and all things are facing the entire history of Jefferson davis' well. Slot and make sure that that doesn't happen that's my point I mean if you want and then go through and start soon. Tried to get. Pictures statues of Robert. Dothan Alabama. Well fine but I'm telling you right now that's not my top list of priorities my top list of priorities are courthouses and public places where you use those statues and that. Imagery as intimidation. That's where it needs to go it's fine you know month ugly and John putting god we trust is on the money and I like to make you take it off I don't give a rat's ass it's fine. It's wrong but it's an important. I agree I guess and I think you'd agree with this than when I see video of the bunch of kids or people whatever. Only down a confederate soldiers says honor our boys in Dre were ever an upset by. I don't hang on just such redundant. And student protests fifty plus I'm with you it is not keeping me up at night that there's you know a statue and apart somewhere New York. She was and it's all over the country look at this yes assault. I'm just saying. I don't have a problem. With those things coming down but it I do think we have. Certainly. The something going on right now I don't know pitches. Over time sources tyrants on the right now the steals. Bank it's Phil's round this week and was horrible and seeing these people on on the news listened and talked and seen just. Everything was just really really small group now you're seeing these these people who are. Residents of the young Republicans and our college campuses and liberal states in now there. Yes well I'm not really I don't like to Nazis and you see that guy from washing season I don't agree with the nuts and whatever innocent really look at this video. There's a video of him when someone's are talking about a date did you he's laughing about it. No I don't think I do disagree as much as you think with some of that symbolism. And the fact they're crazy and when you do it you got called out for. Swings are Z yeah these people are calling themselves conservatives are Republicans reverent and tracing. You know it's. Nazi symbols. Just like I was saying it's not all Republicans are. Kkk members and Nazis and when suppressed by if you are. Winsome premise or not soon. No Republican. You're certainly not any. Not a nuclear progressives. I don't think he spent a lot of time at hospitals stuck. You write anything else. And real quick and I'll be done but you know he was reading some cause renew these comments from dry part yesterday keep in mind Steve Bannon still works at the White House. And you knew that she receives some of those comments I mean it's it is like a mouthpiece for these things I wish it was at a a far right. Dancing and its new site or whatever I didn't realize that it is just turned in June. This is where these people hang out I thought they were hanging out on the east. You know obscured dot org sees do is enter for a chance chat rooms and our Reynolds is going to happen. Right bar and you got a guy working at the White House has really. He got elected it's time and I am going to go. Blue line and as is he might ultimately guys we keep saying this we keep saying this but he won. Why do you look calling on him to get rid of people why would he get rid of people. That's how we want people because other people equating. That's but he's still one. That's it thinks of the under armour CEO quit the guy from Intel win. And another drug hey guys from Merck firm looked on as the South America whatever does Curtis. He clearly the size three now juicy trump streets and you talk about some streets today. But first of all he retreated a guy who was calling a fascist didn't realize it lets up five minutes from the at bat. Should they guide you to read it it was like well that's it I'm retired from Twitter I just I just because I don't have done let's round. But he's still gonna treat this morning of a trump train running over CNN employees know where you reached him he did 33 and paying down. Unknown white supremacists they retreated then deleted to see a lot of Chicago right to want to play nine murders haven't. It doesn't yeah. So then. He sends out this. Nothing can stop the hash tag trump train with the with a guy being run over it means you. Do you remember what happened on Saturday night nurse it's summoning and you run out of people who got run over by a vehicle. I mean in the past maybe you can you can argue about the dog whistle you know let. Oh no it's. Right how do you defend them. Strange times best. Yeah you know what. We have to keep it keep them on a that's like you and me. Like guys. I can't allowed to have realized an audio wanted to Colin Braun girl's. That's my thing. I know YouTube. I just fantastic that's fine it's my thing. Go out there and protest. She confronted me I just read a sizes and I'm just your lunch he's all. Okay. Hi hi our it look. I know I trying to convince you to buy things you don't need an ailment by miles around I don't I know but look I just feel like I've looked I'm you know. I always think about it. I feel like you I know he was something to park so in this driveway. The bank the only buy that house this is imminent houses for sale and Detroit my Summers. Now. This things that some like two and a half acres you can RE I mean it's nice write that I guess it was the slash CO UR kmart's own house. And it's. And see if I can get to the really I mean that's a nice front yard right share. I feel like that's it now right there there's a driveway you put your mom's a Roddy live there right. Look let's tackle art. Plaza even want an in ground pool and so long as I can remember look at this pool he got off your clubhouse out there. And he's got basketball courts he's got the whole thing recycle my lack self. Guess how much the months Roddy is and then guess how much the house's summer get your ball on a budget here. I don't know how much Hamas rise only 179. Know really yet. Might not be the world's most reliable car but it sure looks cool enough bilateral right. That house. What do you think 15100 square foot entertainment room okay the entertainment room is bigger than my house has eight and a half after my entertainment room. Has eight and a half bathrooms a three car garage so. It's a five point seven acre compound sorry in Oakland Township Michigan. What that means but so nice area. 15100 square foot entertainment room we saw a pool eight and a half bathrooms. Three million dollar spot area guard house. Pond in tennis court. What if I told you this house. Is only one point nine ballroom million dollars. Is that really true dad he paid almost 5000004 but apparently the housing market Detroit's might not do so hot right so yes assault for a loss. A huge loss. His loss is your day going right you could buy that house now. A runner charts for yes. And you should you should call your your realtor right now. Get the house and then we'll go pick up the miles Roddy and park it in the drive way to go to Troy knowledge on. You can just broadcaster now it's one of those little more gun and I really remove his things. Thought we would. All do it together live together okay and then just don't tell runs the board has eight to have backed him dressed up and we see here on the board. You know I don't automatic assault on only because a father he could live in the guard shack but I like you're good news stay right there. In the guard shack. Awful at a Murphy bed and there are some thing. Whoa whoa whoa this is and I know you better than what you are living in now. That's and you can have access to the pool from ten to 11 in the morning are so drawn on around this is Eminem's how soon are you as they were artists ever that's not true well as he's a great you seizing greatest rapper every certainly huge fan of his Ehrlich brought. And he's he's really living in his art Howe's son has dark houses mind. Okay how about you like our house. I pictures may also may be the most the size of the studio I think to snow cone he could be your driver. The sample of that date back I'll probably hasn't reclining rear seat there on a monitor he's an alcoholic. You're gonna have to and saw during the day and if you needed driver at night you might I can't count on him. There's alcohol and drug problem that what I need to drive on drugs. The alcoholic. Slogan turn things is true I can drive the most or. I think as long as daylight hours he could drive you around which we you're going to be seen around town. Think about it it's year old. Schoolmates. Girlfriend's. Relatives split an area the ladies who don't make exactly owners and an amount their own house the miles Roddy. All right so two million dollars a lot of money for absolute steal for this property. But the most around. Relentless in Texas essential component furniture. Yet. Go to forget it I'm in mind kind of show higher standards are more than there it is funny expensive to first place and the guard house. And that's there are guarding our Shaq it's a dark house I was sad as all the pictures like Shaq. It's what you imagine guards. Stand him I don't know what your definition of Shaq is the time there's nothing on that property that you Shaq. And offensively your talk from a counselor and you know on the ice and posit does have it now bathrooms and a bunch of rooms I mean sure it was kind of yeah rooms it's to command. Songs is quite an agency won't be like and he has it was a long thorough knowledge arm and put. And let's go to Kundun Conan in Washington. No we can't to please go back to a shack. You meant. American show action. Now not expecting people do that's a huge house I could easily that they knew would never seen. This is a use building. I see you all god damn time and it brings up a lot of good points no. I work on the show look you've wasn't going to Wear one of those black drive so you nor peace I had. Me and Jerry Rihanna remain high John dynamo rolled our eyes and his unmarked. As I drove there you ought to move and then you sound just collar town. You are limited evidence tells you know the area I don't know why you'd ever room. And. Bring your boyfriend he can be the dark. And anti you know he stands guard during the day hours and it can come back and limit you just show up. Are we can hang out just sometimes not all the time you know me and they do their MySpace traffic. Look at this place. Think Eminem copies of the book in global statues try to stage a place right that's notices his stuff is awesome really hammer. There's just these random. Statues are now looking back. They don't have those thrifts. The conservatives are wise but. What do you think it doesn't quite apply or does it is pretty. Easy. Op ABC eighties. He's ask me that's. Usually the one appliances. I'm sorry does well we can modern enough component on friends fish brochure and lead guard shack and say that I. I think there are you. Greater or you. Good I just wanna mas are on Eminem's home. Or you're in the bathroom in. Decided to cultures and you board. One hour and a snowstorm on. New go pick up the car. To bring here. To assessments. Sorry. And you know we had to go pick up that we don't okay I don't live in the same world you do okay. Eight a speaking to a. Water instantly says I'm trashy. So what things instantly say I'm trashing this is a thing on right and I feel like they're missing a lot of the obvious stuff here. Some the top thinks. Anyone who says those doctors don't know asks. Okay a check that is pretty good month now someone says that Doctorow anything I know what's best for Maine I don't look back from my own maybe. A lot of junk in the front yard that doesn't belong there furniture dogs without leashes. That's trashing an agreement with. Some. Stream mean. At your child or children in public doubt grocery store to reach some sort that's a good one that's trashy. Real drama take off her shoes and a wedding. Yeah so annoying. Thank you for sharing your reception there at the wedding reception and walk up and trying to eat or whatever and Dan got a shot his daughter wiles and come on yeah. And they walked out a lot more than a little tipsy and it got there it was nerve and like our current. Form. One of the top things people say the people who throw tantrums. At food and fast food employees in over our name being wrong about me when I mean like anyone cinema and it was Saturday criminal waffles from Chile's anyone who is that route to a retail employee or faster employee. It's trashy and of course. From the top thing on this list was tough talking about people littering. And it that's trashy. OK let's trash yeah it is but I feel like there's other things and if I can trash in the front lawn is a lot trash and throw syrup about the went on and cure. So stroke on I looked up another list of trying to figure out what her. What are some other things that people consider trashing. And that the first thing on the list that I saw here because gonna guess is why addressed snow come. And kind of posters. That read time alone. Rent to own is the first thing on the list whenever. Now I know it when I noticed the trash anymore. It goes on to say that it you know unless you're the type person who are he does who knows about this you might never imagined that one could it or one might want to pay to rent. A three year old couch was suspicious stains on the center cushion or wagon wheel coffee table with a loose leg but it's true. People rent literally everything. So those people alone a lot of stuff to eventually oh analysts you have it ought to know Manning and oh yeah I get to what you own. The sofa the lawsuits are paying on now on that other stuff pulled out Ahmad wings you consolidate. That to act. And that company pays. Your rent to own. Loan shark. And dirty no good money to someone else you still pockmarked no matter how can Palin's pay those off of and other stuff. People living on disability checks this is trashing the okay. Me and I am. My disability is or round I mean some people as a rule of choice yes but some people there's some guys are injured in the Milledge there are some damage and they're getting a disability check. So a tough round you know style car. I did you know the first thing on the list was meant to home but I obviously do things are trashy and I figured at some point out you called out for one of my many trashy Abbott split. One of the top things according to the Internet. It's trashy is nom. Using pain medication that Yemen prescribed. Now of course. We just learned that looks like maybe tiger why doesn't Toomey although. I'm just saying I called definite time taking credit or been as they opposed on the slope on this list as well. Speaking wishing you seals that the Tiger Woods was on yeah what do we have did you see his arm and a man now do you think that he gets prescribed all that stuff. Or does he have to buy it from someone. I think he gets all that stuff probably aren't they yeah it might get in areas bike and in xanax Ambien pot. And delighted in his system all the same time ice. Alina. Imagine. When you're fat. Level of rich levels celebrity just text your doctor and maybe not I mean maybe he wasn't prescribed those. I think he probably was Michael Jackson had a doctor literally putting them sleep each night and that's what he wanted. And he's a good Carolina doctor did you ask alias that whole prescription under the boot and play after hours in the area of the Arthur king. Didn't. I don't I don't wasn't Limbaugh getting them from adopting her daughter's doctor shopping via literally five or six of them are a and figure do that go to five or six different doctors don't. And make them also stuff to a different pharmacist but I think you get in trouble for signing there are some remarks so you don't want while yours now you can't really get drugs. A lot of risk of some sort of troubles lying if I go to any this is a serious question I'm him when he asked his while if I go to a new doctor. Let's say tomorrow I go to new doctor. And then then girlfriend is she says why. Are you hear yea yes someone who has a mean let's just do it that way okay swim goes to a new doctor tomorrow even those swim Marty hasn't doctor at least some that. Swim goes in the new doctor and the doctor says why are slim as drug called sheriff's race for someone who isn't me. Long slam home so slim says that new doctor. I'm here because I really think I need a prescription for. Whatever let's say to audit OK you know I just read about in the news good enough for tiger good enough for me. And in the new doctor tells slam with a jewel told doctor gives you and swing set as. You know it's never public well doctor I really would like to have my old doctor be my old doctor and have you be my new doctor I think I might be done seem mild doctors that's so doctor shopping as it. I just don't you go back and we're we're still getting doctor yeah. But a swimsuit goes right another doctoring his prescriptions and other -- questioned if the new doctor tells swim I'm not giving you delighted you don't need it and swim says okay one I'd like you to be mild doctor Bryant and the eagle back to it are the old doctor you go to another doctor and why are you gonna CNET dot. The storm and the reverend doctor she just can't be illegal. Now I don't think so let me ask you this. It's swim goes I don't know why swim gives bring up shrimp. Needs to realize and it's kind of like dating if you're not faithful want to swim S to keep bringing up his ex girlfriend. And they none of swim his new girlfriend's residence so when he walks into a doctor the doctor says they swim. Or by year old doctor's room to say like our panel doctor. Okay I'll never go to the doctor so matter of fact I've never been with a doctor before. What it's hard to started. Half mile and back pain that saw. Along that same premise I guess that the flip side of that is what it's swim tells. Is old doctor. Its current all so listen bass is doctor okay mom. What is slim tells that doctor hey you know when I lived out of town and had a different doctor. I was prescribed. You know there are less sure even though I don't even know swim may not an accident prescribe that what some say we know another doctor prescribed this is sure. It's not that swim needed it running short answer is that legal. You sure about he conducted X when could say that picture. Shall talk doctor. I came on some advice unicorn today you told her doctor and you're getting thought and he never got it. Your line like I don't know what it was I thought I was awed I'm a doctor. Yes it's like that most Summers I know I thought I was gonna get original course dries values and views and must have been wrong all these names are royals on her mind it's for your finish right whenever I mean I don't always a dermatologist. Not that I am I was and he wasn't a doctor. He was a minister and finance not a solid conclusion to me that I thought that was a diploma turns it was a fantastic Sams graduation certificate. But he definitely pretended to Vietnam and. Now. There are. Programs and things set up that would try to catch it from doing that might says so if you're gonna try to do that. And there is a risk of being caught I think we live in this rule we assumed I have to thank you are crazy and broken enough to feel like most doctors are you did just about anything you want. Because there's a fair chance you're not gonna make it tomorrow. You don't even know slam. Or used Tyson Mathis when should say it. If I think if Broward and I'll swim. Like I know you. I'd say that just go ahead to any doctor and tell your problems. And you're probably not going to find a doctor who's gonna say we shouldn't give you anything. Swim swim ashore managed similar problems is swims never been told that he couldn't have anything. Swim never even been told that you can only have one thing there have been times when slim has left the doctor's office but out. Swim wishes he got more. And that's when swim starts asking around town and says that. Hey. Who's your doctor there and some on my tells them this is my doctor she works out of her basement and somewhere on the outskirts of a lake and spent thinks. Well let's looked like the thinking and OJ never swim looks like once one starts thinking about other doctors and whether or not to call them and how that works when they're not insurance and do they talked to one of the swing is starting to think. There's really nothing in those folders and he even if it is those people are communicating with one and all that some time. Like they don't have the Internet. Mean they do and they could and I think. Government. Your state government I think they also have access to what prescriptions are getting. So they can tell if you're getting too many American commander in trying to crack down on doctors and those are things or if you're getting double prescriptions from two people but the chances of them actually doing that. I'm a polish woman on slaves and women and the logic is really I'm really really bad and it's hurting. I seriously doubt that the swindlers who spent a lot of times plus the state was someone's got a new governor governor will suspend even less money. It. Slow songs were thrown out the problem. And swim should realize that there are risks and all that. Storm could end up imprisoned swim Kernen Brandon three hello willow seriously what do you mean prison just weren't good enough and it was doctor Kaduna and she win him. Is a breaking Lama doctor shop. How is that a crime swim once and now we'll also. But how is at a time because you're not allowed to do that's not a doctor and swims just trying to find tremors on the such doctors in six days that's a crime so it's swim wants to buy new Ford Fusion swims not allowed to go to different dealerships right. Muscle infusions on on. A drug a lists a schedule one drug list. But swimmers trying to crack the code to slow demise many Ford Fusion says he wants swim can not buy as many oak yours says he wants. Swim not a happy. Nice. Sparks from a friend nick writes from IF AS one and first things first in the morning we're that I Crist. Nick right. Really firm today that shows are. 53830. A intensity level that. Hopefully people contracted out. No I I wanna start with something kind of nerdy college football lap slow and in the future aren't into it we that you can probably won't talk or total current. So people are saying in eight years. College football ought quarterback collapse is one of it not be that crop of quarterbacks at the college level ever OPEC. So I. Yeah in yesterday at the that network occasionally I must admit it being a street had a graphic up. I like it operated college quarterbacks in the jostled and improbable is there right yeah and. That guy who was with today is than ninety bet college quarterback this year. So I think is that guy that is expected to potentially go noble walking in the people why don't. And that struck me is. Like because it's not like these other guys are eligible and so it just got me thinking what would you like the fact. There are so many guys in college football quarterback position that are just extraordinary. And that it doesn't translate at all. To the next level and that angered a guy like. This year the number two pick in the mid crooked EU goes up and pick better crucial walk that extra bit you what I mean. Foreign quarterback at North Carolina show watts was about quarterback in the country for a national championship team. And you know the vital to your world view is terribly helpful or like there are all. Does it bother me. You like it. I'd like to the quarterback is draining council moments falter in the NFL. That they're out of you read that what you book or relation. Queen that's how how great look out quarterback Warren helped grow opium crops. That I agree yeah. It doesn't bother me and yes I also think that makes sense. I don't want to make sure I think Dick well. Several reasons one I think sometimes. College quarterbacks clearly can be an product of a system. I mean if you go back to you know when Houston was running a fun and John David co angler to Spurrier. In Florida. To whatever those types of offenses are those quarterbacks don't to translate because. You can't. Make one move as a wide receiver and be open and only one read as a quarterback you can do that college because. You know you're gonna play 111 games and probably ten of those quarter cornerbacks are gonna make it in the NFL or even come close. So you can you can tell by your opponent you can overpower them and overmatched and if your floor vote or if you just it's speedy wide receivers or even now if you're gonna run a wishbone offense like navy. You can do policies don't once you get into the NFL you're playing against. Top cornerbacks and top linebackers and getting pressure in the games you know faster and means faster because average positions faster average positions. Stronger and so there is no weak point in a defense you can no longer really be a product of the system after pretty goddamn good. Art that often and now I can be totally not that you guys I have like a much more fun in person and to bring all of that and to spur sports' Larry I was. Worried that I was gonna get asked that question the next week or so and I needed to what to say about got. All about like that is questions and it was like paper get to see the applicable time. Ought to watch my my answer was it easy quick internal review what animal whose course. Who liked emergency at. Athlete to watch. Yet you're here like so loyal worksheet I get that those that I guess you could pick a sporting KC guide com. A waiver wire in your life right now delegates he could be going right now you're Saber guy. Washington. Okay that last clothes food source for. I feel like you guys that make fun of me because this should be something from my childhood but I think that was yours you know the royals make in those playoff runs and that that. That game against the blue jays. That American league championship game where Wade Davis came out there and I'd Wade Davis was awesome he was the man astronaut says Wade Davis so so bad ass and you know obviously elderly couple years though so I'm guessing you want muted talk about some nominal. Watching growing up. Mean obviously no one was as pretty incredible to coach Jackson played baseball here and and I love a lot of different she's players typically Asian and Neil Smith and you know much of those I was Brevard. Mr. Locke yeah. What are so be it business and so pre not to eat it up art but but not Tony Gonzales you know agreement on the mind. No George I'm reminded that these guys it's a double play the best out of that it aged day. You know I mean I was born in 84 I never really watched George Brett growing up are early morning hours. Is the greatest ever in the history of his position he played the majority it was clear. But that's not my guy either so it's all of that you freeze all start up in Puerto. No Priest Holmes is a good one but I was older you know when Larry Johnson. Yeah I mean he was awesome there's there's a lot of chiefs that make that. The make that list. Per meal would be easier extra ball girls. And it that they are going to now he's a little banged up article broccoli this year. It. He was. At court is pretty tall order is greater sunken boat war. My entire life visit to the incident sports fan you want the guy that to me he. Actually our cleanup Dante Hall that created the most excitement. Like every Sunday putt the ball like that type of school. Liked it could change the game right here. And so from Walt white paper king of Syria we never I wait it is an interest in one do you apple liable Justin but it leaders you put your. I know what Norwalk in growing up in fifteen years you with your quick. And I. Do you said this is so it'll make me look like today but I think Jimmy Nielsen was unbelievable for the city. And now I couldn't I think there's a great ambassador for soccer just an interest in funded. And for him to retire. Winning a championship on a shoot out was. And a pretty amazing feat and I even remember you talking about that about how. Big of a deal that was so I don't know what I like. In Italy in deciding when that happened and you that he's did you Courtney are wrong. But one of the shootout it was like nine shop yeah. I did right. It was right before he was close to have to act and it just the way he had the sheets out there in the way it was called the Mets city this city kind of all the sudden. You know I've I've talked to generalize is an avenue one soccer game in my life and that was in it was an amazing. And so I I think if I wanted was inevitable and soccer game however I was and weren't at that game so N and then the other thing that I love about. Players. No matter what city you live and I love and it's you know a lot of times not the best player. Russ that the person with the most scale it's not a brilliant and you know that was just me everybody was like resolving itself but there's something about him that made them will himself to that win. You know that's why I like no no I like Jimmie and I think. In football. You know. I don't know. Joseph Montana I wasn't here but I mean I gotta think that was pretty right for you guys are you can't really time in chief but let me do it for him to come and be like. And everybody. Think maybe you wouldn't be that great for him to be as good as you look awesome it was amazing remember last when I first met you US knew my favorite in Seattle it was a deal Carter. Nah hey do you like dale Carter and cornerback like yep absolutely. But I was a kid and I remember that guy getting in fights on the field primary and get a fight to Deion Sanders I remember him you know. I a lot of it has to do with where were you when these players were plain white is white they stick out your memory. I know Wade Davis is a weird when nick and I was in my thirties you know and that by the time the royals made that World Series run. But I associated that I was coming out doing the impossible and and winning those games and so to me he was kind of the face probably because he came out of the variant of the game. Of those the first time in my life seen the royals beat the best team in baseball. No reliable news that Jimmy Nielsen and that they have gotten essar would eat the wire. Well that what what we talked that last week where I. Shelby white paper or my mayor may not be that bad break but he's the guys that I associate mulls. With his baseball. Yes and thankfully the most. It's. You know all on your question Ravi is like Hoosier paper. Royal of the nineties. 'cause they're like it's like Sweeney and that is so depressing. Because there're don't want. And whose hand what was the what was Hammer's name. Oh did you look at poverty in order asking him when he's being like it was Bob wasn't that. The barber can't let me not that it was bombed. It would but you know it's funny it would. Yeah Bob hand mob in one of I would certainly your pot or and the Iraqis. In him when I go somewhere like those are those who named like upper air like those names are certain I don't know enlarged group set up. And dare I honestly didn't mention. No well it's funny did you say Jamaal Charles like you know I I think I own two shirts with players' names on an and one as a dare Tom usher and one as a Jamaal Charles sure. Derrick Thomas is going to be at the top of a lot of people listen that's it that's a pretty easy answer for a lot of people. There are up because that Europe peaceful or like every year useful all but Burke sick with that warned. It's like a bittersweet taste is so when he seemed ball. And not level achieved a high level. Just so that in what is suitable but. There are some of those days you had to make carrier on Super Bowls you know you have those games that stand out memory games that they were supposed to win. Like that 49 camera 49ers coming to town and they were undefeated in Derrick Thomas guarantee a win Schottenheimer was mad he guaranteed as wind. At halftime had a we will mark the field because he was dehydrated and came back out in the second half. Remember how many sacks he had that game but the chiefs want. And they were I think this this statistic I've heard I would believe it you have to look up at that the chiefs were the most winningest regular season team in the ninety's. But in I don't. We'll leave that to be true yeah. And they. Don't think wherever terrible our heroes house doesn't mention no he wasn't here all that long but not well as a called crazy story to follow and you always want to go out there when he was out there was drinking. Oh yeah. Now wanna party aren't. Right and I love US I mean that that stadium would be empty except for the nights in the day that he was pitching he'd rather talk about how much you love to bowl win in straight up fourteen people. Know what a great wanting Greinke. You know Greinke now corner Arizona and he also buggies sit and like all out of general consciousness you know what impressed you mentioned. Create your own Super Bowl it is maybe it. It is being talked up bottles were being cute city and that sort alters are not there. Pretty freaking also. The three day visit call super couple reasons that three people for the NFL season actually starts it sheet. It's often because. You get a chance I really what we eat which you matched up great with New England last year. I thought the chiefs could it be in New England that they played in the playoffs but obviously the chiefs couldn't get past the skewer so it didn't matter. In this little. And a couple years ago when the chiefs beat the Steelers. And the Seahawks. That was I think the Steelers game was a game where they broke the the passable record I was there that's one of those games and I'll never forget you know and were talked about. Will Tom Brady continue to be the starting quarterback for this team after all an outlet in your community that they are when they beat the patriots yesterday the patriots and SE oxen and you know those two teams one on the plates on Super Bowl. And that seems. We looked like well the page exactly in black and they played in that vote either funny I earn money by. So like you get deployed defending Super Bowl champs or you know that your and the ultra cool thing about your playing on Sunday. He's viewed in on are you working on first and it on Sunday. You can just shortly. Who pictures smorgasbord of all stripes or the Internet like you're gambling and it's in watching how you want. Like that in and we are now I mean we're 2040 days away from. I mean this isn't about sort is so all yeah and so then the troops that it works. It's. I know I didn't like last year. You know there in that I I think you could make the argument. There and then it up it's division and hopeful. That these top and but he certainly like I don't think they're the team in the division that going to be at all. Like what do you think's going to be the worst team in the division the charters pistol at the reverse is to walk and I think instant. Over her well. What last year until their car went down and the Broncos still have arguably the best defense and all their question is do they have a quarterback you know what this change. It seemed that like Alex Smith will make the most sense or is the proper well Peter great supporter within his own division. Like you typically angle at patriots and that would what do you typically don't do that. So like. I think that she needs. You know I mean that's kind of what Jean Eric predictable like I am interrupting you think you'll get up against an Angel doesn't include. At the entrance that we Drew Bledsoe. Corporate it and it didn't go to the cowboys. That they are great and awful. Momentum and remembered drew but Sloan both loans from I don't remember him and patriots and Dallas it's weird. Yeah there are on the circle was pertinent. To our I mean you can factor reliability view I just in my head I can't remember him. Taking snaps and the cowboys uniform and effective you know more about sports in the colleges and sure you'll Washington wasn't his first met. This dock and you see ahead.