Tuesday, 08.22.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, August 22nd

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Flooding in Kansas City
    • Trump to send more troops to Afghanistan
    • Woman wins $417 million lawsuit
  • 28:35 - Slimfast has noticed massage parlors popping up all over KC
  • 49:40 - Bill Maher is in trouble for fat shaming
  • 57:52 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. Children you'll mend. Belliard starts. Will strike down oh number. Hi eight. I have I'm great are you done. Just good intelligently address today who is. Similar. YouTube. I feel more right and doctors. Investors who. Now you don't get the white coat and I don't I mean. You get anxiety about. A random pain or an eight or my wrists in my ankle started hurting a little bit of remember that whole ordeal on remember. Saudis freak out and is good doctors and may have been now. Trying to nomads trees for a little bit maybe. Take a little too lunacy. Sure guys don't. I've seen stressing. He synagogue. Clinton when he comes in and does like you know the status openly take your blood pressure and yelling. Damage blood pressure no I want to be bad. Show and he convinced that I got it I feel like it's a car. They like man I feel horrible all the time and I don't of the doctors are losers like how are you annoyed Honduran president there why heroics I don't know. Trying and everything's fine you know it's a community or comes to travel agent mechanic as it was really aliens not doing it now I'm just praying that smaller time. That's all I am an anxiety. Right I'm like a man. Feel fine now three years. I'm okay now leaves. So I have to get up the nerve to say. When our man. Streak now. I'm watching. Guess that's a normal thing and I'm afraid. I'm there because I'm at journal anxiety about what I don't know no idea and I'm afraid he's intelligent to say what you should be anxious about right. It's this lump it's not a waiter. Thought you'd be anxiety because I still have that. A show and I haven't prominent docs to a site that masculine thing. Rumors are so in Germany from sleeping on no Tomas and do whatever I shall should do work out three times today. He knows what fishing vessels to some killer and that's why don't you in a startling in the back from Leslie would you shut up man is free tonight dying. Tell the truth tell him the troops writing. Yeah I come off like I'm mentally good to know word utterance is settling that focus like a tournament favorites. So that you talk to is a limited like okay. They might not is doing his Irish in Finland on disease takes a moment. At all. And you go to the dentist. The morning muted dentists brush your teeth to try and make up for weeks and I'm sure you know neglect. And you can do something you can blossom you can do everything you can in that moment HT think when you go to the doctor are you can do is lying as if the doctors can say. He says he doesn't smoke so. I guess there's no need to check. Right he's creating crashes no need to listen to his lines. Attended downplaying. My anxiety and anger and that's. I get really happy you finally when I got those pieces of paper my hands and it's all over and he didn't tell me that I was dying. Walk out to my car that's one of the greatest moments the doctors claim is over I got my prescriptions. And eat at least as of right now you don't have any internal now I have pending test results and have to wait on drive the same feeling. There's like yeah we'll have these in a couple days and they are now. Just tell me now. Oh wait. Well I still goes on. Man is finally says no when you talk to silence we you know we do know is that I don't. Did you get flooded and your house in London. Now last night so I live right down from where I was completely flooded their argument turned back people were on their groups like she was outside and oh during the rain tonight so all of the cats out right it's fine. I got home late last night. And I mean it's five there's a point I was driving home last night from west tore right. And should. I could I mean I just couldn't see I couldn't see anything that and then I'm gone I'm going down on 103 and so bad. I literally can't tell. If I'm close to the street officials enter on to get to where I live or not I'm not just when I've lost. All sense of direction and when I am and at one point. I went through water and it went up to you know when I was like pretty high and it my car starter and I actually did this. Forget it and I'm sorry I was dye hair okay whatever like I'm not I mean I've been concentrating. But it took me I now Ernie did home. From Westport and I'm going five miles now and I don't want I can't take anymore I'm done. I'm not for Janet now does die here I don't care. And they said that the next street past that where I'd given up was one where people were floating downstream I just didn't get to me that I get home. One cats inside and the other chats I've. Some call mom and I can hear me out. We are now out outside samarra. China don't down. They're saying on Twitter stay away from Indian creek whatever ride is not safe that's when my cat is he's in India increased. I'm walking down there just pouring rain and in my boxers and T shirt. Sliding through the modern. I see an attack. And he is under like a boy she's like now I try to get a result it won't come to me and the Eagles back in the bush announced cannon called dig in underneath there. And I hear on the corner my hair. Do into another side unlike Somaliland. Mind and is still raining at this point that's another like three times and try to get him. The last time he must've made it closer because the other cat came out like followed link. And went around the corner to a different area and walk the other candidate. I could the other cameras like after another that was like you know he's not really thinking is like come on. I'll get them. No reason for almost tonight here and he went out into the military when I'm on a rescue mission Formula One and not just never come in even when it's rain the last thing they both like did just seeing that now we are his kids he made national news today. Amy this morning part of Kansas City in under water people I'm toppled roofs trying to be rescued there had been already more than a 130. Water rescue calls. Just this morning after ten inches of rain fell overnight this is an area that just had this type of flooding three weeks ago. Inundated with more than two feet of rain now in just the last month it is going to be a very long day ahead in Kansas City. I was like Good Morning America this morning I knew it was bad and EMC and rained Tom and I didn't realize until this morning that there was that much flooding in a little part there isn't at least. One sailor I heard about. Yeah we're on the rooftop and the police. Couldn't get to them I guess overlooked park has a need. Part of a division of the fire department or at least firefighters were specially trained in water rescue this is what they do. And they were out but they said that they were talked into the chief for whatever is on the news he said. We're not gonna go now because is too dangerous to wait for the water jerseys of the family so long as they just stay there on the rooftop. We'll go get him in the water recedes but a 160. Rescues. Around the measurement and at least one death. That's according to ABC mom's well we need there and it's it's. This does is I do disaster restoration currently working on proper is a 102 or they are pretty bad for sure. So those properties destroyed cars slowed when I'm on my owner trying to catch a chance that the yeah it's so depressing and every time it rains I think I'd I would get anxiety about the current status of my daughters there's not look at these older or lame learned from the fact that every time it rains I think undoubtedly goes to clean. I am amid a foundation to listen to clean again yesterday. It's horrible it's such an and I think what I. There's not a smoking a cigarette I turn around and managed branches and and meets a little I was like dominoes chipping up the gutters are overwhelmed is an advantage again. But I just pay those guys to come out I had a guy come out look. He gave me estimates. You know guaranteed to never get clogged and I think all the time was there's like every are different kinds that I looked at and I read the reviews. And the reviews are good and he came out and he gave me quote and also president. I'm gonna seriously consider this and of course I never did it and not only do they installed less stuff that this guy at least said. I'd go up there I clean everything out completely clean everything in the ground which just thinking about actors and anxiety what's going on in those roses that are run in the I'm sure there just. Clogged completely out. They clean all that stuff and then. I guess if it ever gets clogged they just come back and clean up for you like lifetime link yet there is it won't get clobbered deserve probably does come back. And I'll. Of course. Like last night and think you might didn't do that. Yeah right why didn't I just called I kinda have them do them. So you're actually doing no that's not right behind them lunch they're closing yesterday from mr. Lee from the looks pretty nice out from what I can tell. The only big. Political news content is the Afghanistan story you know trump was. Really. Not a fan of the war in Afghanistan as a candidate not to say he's a fan of it now but as a candidate. You probably remember and sameness we need to get the hell out of there as. Afghanistan is a total and complete disaster. Why are we doing let's get way that get out of Afghanistan. We are so that's what he said you know as a candidate. Well apparently back in July he met was in the top generals said India are out of there were losing and they've really pushed back its and we can't if you leave you have this vacuum for terrorist activity. And so last night he spoke to send our right we're gonna. Some more troops champions. They are not the nation building again. We are killing terrorists we will not talk about numbers of troops. Or our plans for further military activities. Conditions on the ground not arbitrary timetables. Will guide our strategy. Sixty. Few believe that war started all sixteen years ago. And trump to expand the US military intervention in Afghanistan. President admits his original instinct was to pull out and says he has vowed to the advice from officials claim to take a tougher line. Attacks. Analytical. Yeah yeah. It was your general thing. His. Mom wishes is notable are the dollar stunk and there's. Oh there's one person regime goes father funny joke it's. Made and is imaginable and I have in her mom's. Still dealing let this come over dinner. You're right I guess asking for gas engine. And Iran's incidents. They know I'm glad blah now. Should be on that six years ago but instead I get them. It's okay yeah I know my dad. My dad told me at a burger boy yeah when I was thirteen to. This wasn't you weren't supposed to happen at a huge have you know. I was older I ending your friends. Obvious tell me that. Which is really weird because if you think about it. Your father was telling him look man. I'm cyber use said this to be more than once I've thought about it I've never run up to what you're funny when your father said look just was not supposed to happen. What your father was telling you what say your mother's social sites. Plus since October and I trapped tropics and the current maybe. Emma wasn't about like does a man might look and then you weren't supposed to happen but god damn man. Yeah why you. That's what he's saying yeah but I want in I don't want you could do. And he didn't use the Redmond and it didn't work doesn't always work we don't know big dividend. We know that he's yet is Mikey said what he says he read it I just couldn't leave as I have stated comfort zone greens are better. I know you are supposed to have been but I stayed longer than I showed amazing wasn't so good years ahead. Your mother's pregnancy on the use of her that is exactly may cause of great concern. Does your. I don't know actually it's about a point that's what I. Sending counterpoint to my dad never explicitly said and done a spread pleasantly senate he says that is you have American writer should not happen I should've not stayed as long as I stood. I. Overstayed my welcome. That's what he's saying. And that is something. Out of some them learn and I'm burger boy when you tend to thirteen well. Your mom related armies on I know my brother got it. I I was not going our OK and my brother drove him to get a vasectomy the next day right exactly it's not gonna happen again there are gore and the day after he found out that my mom was pregnant run my brother loves telling that story. Because again here's the telling you to the mine again my brother's a limit to drive my dad to the hospital yeah. This is part of the problem I'm. But again announcing they're telling them. Is like did so god. And yeah. So I don't have to get the same time not because. I'm Jack clearly can't go to Ed currently Anaconda. For the toilet can remove it and timely fashion. On what that's a complete and the heat of the moment I always say don't worry I got this and then here rearm. Sixteen years later. I. Well. What are the keys to be. My parents. Very nice. To meet gonna letting your childhood. I say this terrorist attacks on announced hit I'll most dominant car what. I was in the CVS part on who they are wrong when I was on and around most of them just find that texting give them something different. And when this happens and just like tournaments ago. And here's like I was you're not serious party on. Saddam yet here in the black cars I don't know. Resort I'm favre's good elements and she started yelling my son he textures and I simply relax its last. But the president is on. Well I apologize had to go through that mammoth home. The man. In what may be the largest award so far in a lawsuit. Tyne ovarian cancer at talcum powder room. Los Angeles jury. Yesterday. Quarter Johnson & Johnson paid 400 in seventeen million dollars in damage. To a medical receptionist who develops but I cancer after using the company's trademark. Johnson's baby daughter a jury awarded her 417. Million dollar. So my client I think today. Has done what she wanted to do she's gonna die. She's losing that but she's so happy that she won the battle for the other women in this country. To articles I read specifically said that she used the top and powder on her on. Uranium. Which is that sounds like a plan that comes up every other than I would have thought write a book. You plan calls jobs here I don't know what happened technical name I guess maybe I thought the name we called it was a technical name now they know and it's not I'm afraid to say it. Both we call it. I know what it is set I am right there and I don't know no man's land the area in between. All got to. Now what concerns me is I use a lot of this is named the whole lot of you have already uneasy. What do you say the G for the T. But this team. Okay as to now I don't know the GS. You know that gee do you. Crimes of hoops. I didn't I don't know that I've heard that really is very I mean look it up you know reduction yeah. Wow that's exactly what is it just goes through two things. Is that the song who got the dude yeah yeah. Who got the Jai is always looking yeah well it's not funny she got cancer now Johnson Johnson. Doesn't bush and yeah we shouldn't rely data for the jugular joys of Hyundai says I'm Anna Johnson says. They are going to appeal and his faith claim. But only read this. Thousands of women sued because her courage and Johnson & Johnson only if you lawsuits have gone to trial. Come. Johnson & Johnson is going to appeal this decision in May believe that their product is safe two years ago so. When we talked that guy a long time ago but its rivals who soundness that I don't get dry malls and a top cock. Right because I mean who travels tilting the gym by your diet as always there's drive also talk on the right decision actually to packaging and Tom dart I told them black bottle. I told them my use a lot of faith Aaron yeah. Actually he's not a baby powder goal monies that yeah well that's known Parsons known carcinogen. So I had to look that up in this said lightly you don't Xbox constant enough but what I want Somalia's president how passionate. Player isn't it an agenda strikes. It said that you inhaling it you can inhaler from being enclosed porch that that I think it goes and man if you ever. If there were camera in my bathroom. When that I don't feel delighted it's just told you know just like two weeks ago I children orders also topped Iowa Mike should look out there it gets you quarter and seventeen. Not worth it if you'd. She's she's terminal means you guys. It's. Okay well I don't have kids salt and Evelyn I'll take. Life. Get a top cock. Is it likely. Spray or something liquid. Yes you kind of have the power no you don't I don't even used the spray going to honestly it's wet feeling Florida's going to put your hands are saving Green Zone after. Right and I'm here actually. Could. Drive each. And that we don't have I mean I've seen. Bam bam usually you're at all. It's like smoke signals without much did you watch bush I'll powered up. Sure sure I like that just happened on the blogs about it. I was up powder on his crotch huge load drive balls aren't too sure. I never use a product. Bullets at the text that says that's BS and reporters sounds like you gave liberals want. What's via us. Maybe give us tour. Maybe not a thing that didn't cause cancer. Must be a doctor. It sounds like a man who knows who's talked about that. As we SN reporter sounds like near live from oncologists. I think. That's a game live a decent day liberal information and news bad news. Your houses flooded. Lisa wasn't flooded. And not a mormonism is number one and is looking on. Local news sites and all these. Ares Cutler and people's houses flooded. Don't mess fire that thing in my backyard. It's an amount that's under construction currently. Nights. That's the missing woman from Overland Park sizzled news NBC news. Arlen park police pharmacy and assistance in locating. It Diana. With one saying TI I don't know. Tonight and work and she's described as a white female five foot 220 pounds of ground air blue eyes and has a tattoo of the word ramble on her shoulder and power. She was last seen in 8300 block of the wedge to street. Where's that were so I went SW EDD this apartment is an entry Metcalf an actress and think about like Johnson County fellow lawyer. OK yeah chancellor Donna she last contact your opinion on AZT to social media message a message were. Known to visit to lay think Kansas City know frequently. When you're kidding your parents left with a babysitters and when that did you ever Jeff betting site they want to come back they were. Never gonna come home they are missing they're gonna get a car accident. I've parade and home situation I pray they wouldn't come back. Oddly enough I've driven we come back and mail resume. You want him to come back and they didn't. Choke on. Your president elect Lyndon. So you don't want. Much is steals everybody's different and did your parents go on line. Almost never widget you say because I mean from what I've heard about it probably a lot of time spent in home. All the fun was there. No need to go out. Now my parents lived and I was I maybe had a baby sitter. Four or five times in my. Entire childhood. Did your parents go out alas I was are like my neighbors their parents left they went on a date every Saturday and they were left of the babysit my mama kind of you know it's. It eventually gone along the Dan and I think affirm. Or no would you like John. Such a different time I guess you're Irish people still don't you do like couples things you know like I didn't coed bowling league or something in my mom and then I found that your friends or go bowling on Saturday night spot. They'll be gone for like down two and a half hours assess. Plus at a sister Russa there's only so there's Lester snow my sister did may Olympia do your read to him. Do you do you try to circle of friends. I never did. Portugal and. They were selling Olympia beer I don't know. In the last couple years ever been very rare occasions. I had seen as soldiers and also bought him a thing and maybe you could bide. Twelve pack for like 499 innocent and his amazing. I think that was popular beer no regrets cartoons and all the commercials are a little time. So make it. Yes let's say that they were selling it real someone bought and I think but they know they had like Hy vee liquor you can buy twelve pack for some ridiculously cheap exercise I'm trying to I don't anymore it's just so sad who bought I look I don't look it up to see who bought it must not Olympia brewing Olympia wash it's like bring your ears you know they've sold baton. And number stroh's Israel popular. I neutralize I don't probably doesn't even know those stroh's and I were like there's stroh's when I was a little kid they had Alex the dog wasn't Astros now and before that it was slicks stroke you never proven by Detroit. So they're small they're doing strange let's meet our downtown. And one really so that that's service from. But you can still buy stroh's ice cream and stuff you so much arrows here I think the name's Alexis I love stronger around the league combine around here you can imagine you maestro is a monstrous tomorrow I don't know if you combine content. The minority in the stroh's. I've definitely seen it I don't know if it's around or not I feel like I've seen it. I'm sure if you go to one of those sleep well maybe not me because it's not heavy snow the press junior RO HS. Says that founded in Detroit the headquarters and around Los Angeles. It's under its past. Which may be on notice that. Adrenaline you want and there's there's somewhere in this town there's someone's zone strokes. Yeah and olympians past and so there's an Olympia there pushing you find strengths and those lists. Let's do that today on smoking and we drink a bunch of cheap beer. You make that happen so gonna. Do you get a stroh's. It's something. Thanks senator emails album gonna. So I'm busy brings you knew nothing can come and go get a little bit. All girls. Beach ball. Right around the corner I'm excited man and by September 8 and Saturday September 9 should go to Providence medical students. And the sooner. There's a long list of bands and applying and you can go for under twenty bucks a day right. Right 1965. Tickets starting at tonight despite a bespoke Casey dot com has the full line to get tickets are tells you whose plane which today. On the angels will be there. Okay. Kind eight. We don't. Read the story I feel bad for this guy one. An unidentified man not only still fifty dollar sexually from an Indiana adult novelty shop. But he made his getaway Sunday afternoon in a dodge minivan police report. The suspects cops say into the exotica store in Evansville. And carrying his own back. Into which she placed the stolen item. A bang in vanity with a bang inventing. Man I wanted to bang in base so bad. Thanks for Christmas special when I was in high school known not for Christmas we plus it's a mass they called a master raider. Looking up a master greater now than a plush toys yeah only it's it's it's from here. It's like Texans from here to here. So banning embattled hero and I didn't want to describe it the device which resembles a woman's rear end and genitalia features eight tool entry design and interior. Knobs and reds. Bring him back he struggled there. Additionally the left cheek which this was not the case you want and the left cheek of the bang out so rose tattoo for a life like tell us they've got a rose. Tattoos your ass cheek a couple of that's the last I like them. Track a female employees fold the main as he left to the master ray Bader setting up the store's alarm in the process as a thief. Slid behind the shots from red Dodge Caravan the worker knocked on the mini vans window places like well earned warmer weather no confident again dead woman when. What no less I mean. That's disgusting and beauty yeah it's the important bits and mailing your seventeenth. I like to think the brain is the most important I was child I want they had on they had one of the 24 hour video ordered a place called. And you know who try to sneak in there and it when I was old enough to go on members of the Xena has the right size yes like yeah I would say it's actually got the size of that thing. And it was up on the show me at a time. Yeah would you now. Room I feel like I want to for so long and never I have to at least try it now I don't have the desire to spend money on one now until all the like put endless time and I wanted to play. And it all and if you watch a video or change came when it came within video what's this one still comes with a video I read but at the time. It came at this video and it I don't know the new one does or not but I had a picture. You know it was modeled after some porn star right it was supposed to be a mold of curler and how life size thing of her face so you know. Presumably could put the the betting and betting on account Trevor or on the bed and then you could put the the picture of her face on the pillow for our rights as they get. But the real thing pretty much like man it was so expensive this this this is fifty dollars in this story I remember being like a hi Jim Allen are excited I think machinists and I. I am 99% certain that at some point it got returned because I've finally said all right I'm gonna go I'm gonna by missing a reference that man has been brought back what the packaging. You know edited taped up like it at an open and so yeah. Is easy you can't find it's been retired so I ask what you're talking in my as the bad another one and they said no rule and I civil looks like this why is bad news. I use thing and Betty and being done now girlfriends use now once used an event. I'm in Canada denies is why they're all use everybody is used at this like so commonly Texas cleans easier. I wasn't sure and I didn't what am I put my mom's dishwasher I didn't hear find a math. But this guy must have the same problem he's embarrassed to pay for it. So he unless you're just a flowering emergence. He'd be stole it actually go online or come on this is bite and Adam and eve or something don't. You have to steal it or why they made forum for the minivan who cares he was in a minivan. You know I mean there's there's front Family Guy that the smoking gun hanging on says. Up pathetic adult novelty store thief may get away and dodge minivan cop says why are we. Calling him pathetic. Because stole a base about it it's pretty okay and you'll just pay for it. These terrorists. While I was more marriage and he does it need is whatever they of those places exotica store in Evansville showing up on his debit card. On his bank. Transactions. Tiger is doing just that I'm very pro sacks but that serial killer stuff migrating. How's it different just like a more involved flashlight it's it's at that time it was. Pork and Muslims have been shocked by the closest thing to a real Georgia death. Minutes discussing the bachelor torso and it's really ever got power saw a woman is just using. That that it that it you know that the bat that apartment she won styles and there's a this is like the you know dole equivalents. It's the thing and Betty. You didn't have an adult novelty store your kidneys stuck into contract and similar video stores chemicals black drapes areas yeah I don't they sold bay embodies they didn't have much to glow in the dark. Massage parlor are ready you know who like comment on what we're goes on and thereby. And urban massage. Speaking of massage parlors and he does noticed that there is. Is a several new massage parlors in town. Have you seen this now. And of them okay you remember last a long time ago probably ten years ago we were in here and nick great says something about how we solve massage parlor somewhere. Off the interstate music off slim fast you'd love it there's a massage parlor across interstate. I'm sure it's some sort of sex worker place you should look into it didn't cope with confided in exist he remember. If you wanted to get a massage you know you have like the chains like massage mania like there and since places on the plaza or whatever right now. I don't know if I should I don't wanna save. Specifics obviously so I thought I saw one and a small very small town area that this was the first one of them maybe six months ago OK and it just said. Massage parlor and it's like wedged in between a liquor store and a tattoo parlor to place not getting. And I thought all right that is not the kind of place you put a legitimate. I mean who's to say what legitimate his ego I mean massage parlor. And I saw another wants morals and then the other day with in the last season rigorous so I was in Toledo and a's called up a massage parlor capital world is a geyser. This walked in and you know. What are you want. Like San Francisco they had that whole district and they when their bus and up all those places all the guys who went on for massages they arrested them and they still rules. They are you going to lynch like fifty bucks and you know they started to massage and I say what kind of release would lighten. Mutineers. On hand early age. And oral reliefs in all have the bang and Betty a vaginal reliefs. Or it'll release. They have the hole both leagues as a playoff remotely as soon as she said that now for the enrollees. I immediately went with the hand released on the benefit package put us on our. I think at. I've got to know some sort of code word you know you are even in the right placing your timing is common just said. So you here's a never prizes you can have the hand really see oral release of gradual release a little untoward if I went I don't know because it argues that a code right and there's something that was a code word for laying the column. I'm ready to finish or it will Woody's. I didn't I went to went Vegas and the chiefs were done she says you want to tip. And I said. Oh OK I think you'll like deep tip that's what she's talking ourselves like how much do I tip and she goes well that's up TOI civil I don't. Just didn't like tonight you would have people normally tip but she's like you're making me very nervous Charlton heroes like a copy. Not a exhibit 200 bucks to roll over the ballroom. And I say here's I thirty pays like a 180 dollars as it here's my card yeah I was like here's my card. I owe it to Tommy what. Let's say now is starting to mankind and as an OK I sound to it get the Dow mantra priced in dollars. And so since she comes back she's got a receipt that I took a fifty yards and and she goes. So if you wanna take the they wanna take a shower now and I sent a shower I said OK so we get off. She gets me up massage table watching down this hallway tasting room it looks like a morgue. There are these plastic platforms lane over these metal troughs and she's like you just lay on that at all give your shower that you want me though. Lots and it was like game nerves stainless steel metal thinks when in the early on this was gonna pose just act like a man Affleck I don't know. Like I gotta go this is I'm gonna get arrested something's gonna happen against Minnesota and why are you playing on this metal. Meet table with. Olive garden hose under understand this isn't what happens in the movies if this things are popular. It's your demise of his weren T I saw her music day there's a girl up from a phone if I don't say where is but it just says massage. And NAND. It looks. Shady and it's got like a light up open signs flashing and earlier and then you've seen it is Obama place yet that's only in the Arab what may be a month light in the room that I have seen that and the other day I was over there and I put drive ministry and there is saying a girl sitting out front on her phone smoking a cigarette and she had like. Stripper heels type shoes on and she. Shall I kind of grow UV into you know I mean. A woman of color. More specifically Asian. So I guess these things are popping up. Was a bad news or who's opposes them all because he can't keep himself bottom. If you ever gonna tell this guy you know what he doesn't go to funny you're wasting you go away at SXSW. And then it. He is complete end but the lemon party yet. We go to New York City this guy's just driving. Rumors around town looking for massage parlors any city goes to. It is a mission for them to your. I am job and a massage parlor that's what what do you remember when we were down there at that place Texas or if the didn't that there was Clinton their big scandal in Austin right before we got there. But we got there and they disclosed on a much massage parlors or something he's so into it. And my point is if it's you set to go to Vegas. My point is that if you. Now there's no way. They don't destroy your life. Because it. 1 of the ways you were able to get away from his own just wasn't around your does your telling me there's one around your home now they usually several losing to be several right here it is it was from April. And that's what it was number Austin police say they uncovered a prostitution ring and a northwest Austin massage parlor after a waste pipe at the business became clogged. Yeah and destroyed by hundreds of use condoms CA I remember them. Used condoms. Why some massage. Man you should really set to get it you know like on an airplane. To find a place like that into an airplane each molecule to flies we had to go to Vegas or San Francisco. No my poured Israel have you honest to god if these are around you that I know that this is your size ARU guys when you don't see if we can figure it out I don't wanna go alone and on my place I am sure. And yes. Yes. It. But trust me yes from what I saw it today. 95. Cent a certain life. I need to know what to say right and I'm not sure what you sailor and look like a job he does that sound like a top post and tell me what to say. Ago and I like muscles please okay without you can't write you can't act all weird and nourish OK so tell me how to not at all we're American massage. And lay down there and she'll start decider don't try don't just be like okay. We're lord do what can I don't think you know we Arizona guerrilla style that everything will be fine. And then she'll roll you over dues something you know buildings some sort of sign in a new rule does move forward Tyler that's organ and vague. I need more I get nervous about when she says now do you want. Just you know Mike carried tipped you write about and this is a code word on what you've got to take the money how much you want to you don't. Ask. I didn't know restless and essential apps and then I sure would well don't I don't get ahead jumper Timbuktu you can't afford it don't go well I don't party paid a hundred for the massage yeah and then it cost more to have some access way the world works hot shot if you can't afford it and I don't know Manuel I need to know what that is you gotta tell me. To a concert tour out of box all okay then I hear it blow me one whole summer while I'm over here when you get higher. A professional in the coming can't you can't can't. No because you look at back page every day in your say I can't go because they could becomes. You've gone there you get a hand job and you leave nobody has to come your house no punch drunk love no hookers they don't know who you are they don't know where you're going may don't care. There's 300 dollars or you want to do it if not a stay at home and have such as your as somebody embodied but don't tell me about her first ball. No one's gonna have sex you front and fifty bucks. No one. The one that we're talking about yeah. Probably isn't too terribly expensive but the other thing that I mentions me in this place. If there's a cheap one it's got to be the near the top the list of cheapest policies as well it's got to be. So you could try to. If you're going to say he wanted to play we got a golf has been a hundred bucks a point 1% agreed. Mugs. Good luck. That's ice in traffic. You're not too big dummy. You're paying for sex. Did you you want to tip me. I'd like a tip. Anything that happens after that tip is between two consenting adults in this room I also knows Ayers toy box I pulled the ball may. You do that it debtor I don't know what no sense I just told you what I was. Hundred bucks yeah after all her marks up there. Should happen much cheaper. To start on it okay. And take cash you don't need that stuff showing up on your. Bank statements. Eight even if you're not married to a everything you're gonna get calls from the banks and here we just wanted to you know. German side I think job where you are gods are okay BankAmerica what are your cares on your business accounts that they charge you three different times for happy massage. They did. Well. Anyway there seems to be. Our officer surgeons southeast beer not the I've noticed several it's stoke on Matt wanted to buy your house yeah. You should just since snow cone you know like Arizona Texas a good luck I deliver aren't fit to march. They pay me no no. But. Are edited march and that's a fair deal. I think we should send him to the massage parlor mob sent him yeah moves out and oh my golf. Now see what happens okay good buys a home base why opened fire on me and I ended up Alan they kill buses all the things. No I don't Lebanon be on the local news. Non interest in why would you bust that up. I don't actually I just think will be nice to it I think you'll be funny to hear you go in there and see what they say and here you trying to negotiate with them. It just seems like something it. If we're not gonna do together someone should go check this play like you want to introduce you got a man and a roaring I know you so well. This is just think. Let me explain to everybody has stuck. Slim fast is to kind of person. Who won't comment here. And talk about something. As if he doesn't know about it. After he's already done it in so then if people start talking about it he can say yeah. I knew about that main BP plays and I'm like well because and we would automate and Libya so we may say par saw some fast car. Asian massage parlor and a bit like come on guys I was already talked about that sit and wait are we say Nadia or talk to other. It is not competent to see it's a big smoke signal the fact is he's already done in a release of GA your massage parlor. They've done it two weeks ago I noticed trying to draw us off the trail that happens is banana over sixteen years. Do you think he'd come up with a different game plan and try to forming but I am well aware of what happened you guys might actually be excited about the fact that these places Rashard to show up. Sorry. I thought it's and see myself we can all enjoy it. Together as friends Soyuz and fashions and you went on on a night out maybe should have invited us last time you went before the seven driver bar owners are resilient shouldn't stripper heels made it wasn't a truck and pretty far away every shoes slogan. Parliament's not a farm like okay. Church just happen to notice that on a corner window. And there's no way. Here in turn around there's no look I. Didn't even that part of it is really left out the second part of it. I swear there's no way well. Now you guys don't pretend like dumb and maybe you guys already knew about it how to line now. But certainly I think is a good chance of wanna view is gonna go check it out now. And I say why hide it was just go together he wants is your go to guy like Jordan went did you hear him about it but I don't like it rests so. There I wasn't born yesterday you already went and now he feels immense guilt and shame that it feel better and we will let them. Just be something nice that's why would he got into the eleven poorly resolved so that I went home Marlon and pull our. No more the more Drupal I was upset because I page your injury being left. You let be alone. The payment. Bridge Brooklyn or acts on children master ring around his parents buying fake beard birds the massage parlor. He may need help he also wants them torso vs when I was seventeen I wanna. Does this guy and his guys wrong I didn't want a used one. I don't I don't see how the bang and anything is. That crazy since we all heard agreement that the real balls look like fun which child doesn't make him a bit too much. It was first celebrated for two Dave beach voltage. Now our top. The sky says is a body losses for German virginity to Chinese massage far that's good way to go. That is a good when you don't. Via di di di. Earlier losses for John and Jessica where Hoosier Julian man. You don't have to be awkward and weird the next time you do with a real person on this is not a real personal real persons didn't do that's what I just. I haven't played our ally Ichiro goes up it's. Developers village of the you'll be a little bit lawyer you know we all just revealed pump and dump kids from the tenth grade of the inexperienced young man some. Immigrants Saxon or. Bang in bad irreverent and if some. Who might as well just be the Taurus. The best labs say just get the vegan buddy you guys have already shown interest in the real dolls. I don't see how it's crazy for as far as his sixteen year old Toobin and use it more of those things. They had that thing in their right now stoke on. Think it's crazy is sixteen. If you had a bigger house unused you had one of those mural alone now. Really you never know those unused clutched under under somewhere that's different. This thing has got that URL of a rose that makes it worse. Now I just Don Imus does my speed on type size of snow cone. You pay a 150 bucks a man job it's reasonable for your first time you're trying to pay vat prices during your rookie year you make more trips to figure out how it works let's go Oca. Yeah so let's take that first trip you are saying hello guys tell nearly. God damn massage parlor or hall of fame on overrides. All rise there Jackie Robinson amazes him. As the song and just think about you booster crime. I think about us. She. Your buddies in trouble. Omar should interdict the Bill Maher doing. I don't know. I don't know last I just don't know where you don't know a BC group bristles. Brussels. TV fat shaming is deadly. That's an obesity action coalition. And the margin of attention sorry Bill Maher did potentially fatal damage. To the obese population of America during Friday nights should you see the shows we cannot. All because of some below the belt fat jokes. So says a leading obesity organization. So I've here's some of the audio from. It is long nose has been closing segment after new rules and ask our long thought our Friday show he wanted to talk about the obesity epidemic in America. And then there's something I like they're called the bipartisan. Pro fat movement. Despite the fact that obesity accounts for 18% of the deaths in America and a huge chunk of our health care bill. And is the main reason people Wear sweatpants and public. Liberal circles the worst thing anyone can ever do is mention weight because that's fat shaming. I do conservatives. Any attempt to even offer guidelines about what to eat well that smells like social engineering. So I get what he's saying American liberals say everyone's beautiful we can't make fun of any I don't be mean. And conservatives say. They don't also a deep Michelle Obama. At Q when he talks about how Yassir Pailin. Sugar cookies to elementary schools after Michelle Obama right implement you know healthy eating standards for kids. So. He's saying that there's a problem on both sides would rather not addressing of the fat issue right. Sorry but among the shaming police. The most important message you can ever send an obese person is that your body is perfect just the way it is prone on a Gurney. This big headlines I'm liberal web sites like body positive that he has no size limit really no limit at all. There's no middle ground between shaming and show low. OK so he says sham oh right okay now an option MO it's not nice but. Mars closing rant segment on real time was riddled with fat jokes including obesity is the main reason that people were swept answer to just heard. In public among machining please your body is perfect just the way it is prone on a Gurney we heard that the jokes were underscored the obesity crisis. They say it still wasn't appropriate the obesity action coalition nearly 60000 members strong. Tells TMZ that Mars jokes were only in bad taste they were alarming for people who were on the edge of the cliff fighting weight issues. They say fat shaming on a scale like Mars can lead to depression anxiety. And pour body image for those who are overweight often delaying critical medical appointments he's saying you don't. Have to watch and they say they shaming should be are certain shaming could exacerbate medical problems and even lead to suicide. It's not your show. He also talked about are shown. It's not your show. He graphic animation jokes and people don't like the no stop watching him. I don't take care of itself I know that makes you sound very libertarian and conservative but. It is here he works them. They. Success based business. Where his success. It is clearly. Planted. On us. There is not successful. And all work. Right yeah murderer watch him martian ice free ideas we decide which ones we like which ones we don't. I just wonder Bill Maher actually ever if he genuinely. Loses any sleep Borg or gets upset. When he sees the headline on Huff post that says you know beautiful at any size or any sat what you know wherever he was reference I can't imagine. It just seems like something he likes to poke at that's the other thing about. Managed fine by it slows things up I'm always interest in about Iranians and he's not a very attractive man. And that's a hole. And yet he starts up a scenic it's responsible for 18% of deaths in this country and disease. Does he really care about that as we Carol no smoking is I was smoking is a huge problem that's an easy way to replenish him joke. Which is trying which is still far. And I'm still lives on a Chris Christie like the rise of a late night guys OK Mike but that's what it is exactly say. Hey you look this is a serious issue to OK yes it is and I understand Michelle Obama really was right I think it is different with kids OK I guess that's different. But if I just don't think he's really concerned about our well being of an adult. Who's overweight. I don't think that bothersome design don't think he cares if someone else smokes lyrics I don't think he cares. I'd. You know I heard an easy way different tone joked yeah and because he's. Not overweight. He thinks. He can make fun of overweight people. He's in that club of people you know. And whoever it is. Whether it's. You know it for a long time ago I was making fun of Kirstie Alley on late night when she got big boom out. Intel I think fat joke on TV I think Chris Christie right he has been the target. Four. I don't know. Years. But I just don't think that he actually I don't have a problem it's insane it nominee I don't it doesn't bother me but I don't believe that he actually. Is worried about. There helped more physically I'm worried about it because he's saying things that are detrimental to people who are overweight. Right well maybe I imagine I'm trying to I don't want the sixth on he's and I don't tell me liberals are accepting them designer OK well you know why you're not gonna tell me that you're trying to help people who are overweight by calling him Shamu. Right. That's non. A positive way to help people that's clear so you're trying to get a joke and and you're getting a joke dead at the expense of them all dressed and guys of your concerned about. Their health what did not should just tell the joke. I'm finally jumped. Shoreline. Distilled joked I didn't even know about it until snuck onto recent. Oh man did you see Bill Maher is really develop that fuels the best thing I've ever seen you really. Now Todd good to start than being told they can't bring. You've got to watch is like a missed by this week we say are just way. Well he really gives. I do like it when he is. When he's interviewing people. His monologue as horrible as well monologues so since so I must get the minds of pretension it's so bad and so not phony he does is very very like Steve Allen an old school and I got to go into this time machine right. I just don't care about him yeah I just skip that part. But this is at the end when he gives his final spots you know bail as citizens as serious moment after argue that are new rule out there. You know this is a problem usually just a fun a lot of them are good in some of them are very serious and you know eat at you tell you more or less but let this apparently. Angered some people. I mean this obesity groups as a let their numbers are. One and so I like your thing and I've got. Nice. Nick ride FS one manager shows start. Two weeks from. I bird in the morning and interstate 53830. That one that. If you have DirecTV you're. That is channel all at 219. It you that it is Time Warner don't call Time Warner word war room spiked the cult. From yours well what you know you got back from what all of them. Alia that they have the right to expect from. I will be in equity in New York where channel four comparable spectrum so it can we you know spectrum to the same nationwide. In order in Kansas City. It's yet to return to date are 30 in the morning and read and it also early really need to admit what. Coach watch so I would appreciated watching secret Carter and general all morally the ratio. She is our there are certain rules actually announced that general war. Forward to working harder than she used to be on The Today Show. She did local sports for a long time and it was on The Today Show which you do it very popular morning television show. On NBA BC NBC. For ten years or so. That poor person she is mourning Kingston Jamaica. Are. Interest and our kicker our parents were missionaries maybe. Shopping like you. She's Jim make in the in our back because you born in Jamaica. Not Jamaican it and she doesn't appear to be committed such a thing that it. I think you guys a couple of turnovers which are a couple tried to anymore. So I'm sitting here listening to some podcast from last week and I guess. I think what these may be UN on facts. They get a brilliant. And it's no I hope you don't pick the wrong way. Out is what it would settle what are Ratko for a little bit but. No matter who was that. Their first and you signed. What he would speak to you about their life. And you make it so I'd never met I think I'd local that you would I ever met in person. I never met no no but I'd feel like I you know him as well like any. I feel like he he didn't help workbook grudgingly at one and you regularly went into the podcast. And I opened oh. Angrily at it who view wild last thing like that guy right it's like it. Whom ever whether one. Net sales in Prague actor key whether it was Merrick like what. Whether it would be it would only happen or certain things out there are more network L would repeat the nickname. No matter who made united buying this thing and make him an indelible character on the show of course until late and up and quit. Now it's actually opposite. We create them. And then they sell like oh I can go do this myself there and then I believe that a and they don't realize that we can do is get any dumb ass from downstairs to do what you do and then we bring them up and then may. Now they don't do something else that's usually how works. And right like and you would sort of curry like I. Feel like you're talented. I appreciate that. No I mean it is it is one of the written. You guys bombing at Aetna bunny sports didn't go down the ladies didn't go down we. Lost you was no of course not yet. Know like is replaced with the Jewish kid from down history. And then I and by the way it's earlier this current the past week likely on an episode and Sunoco just. All clumsily reading the Indy improper. Like it but it's not going down there either but. I think that it. No it's it's you guys like in week some weaker talk has been very generous with it while he. It flat or remarkable sound well like coming college also I want our what you got Wimbledon or let me at that level because you're like me reputable radio Kurt. How maybe. Not the guy that talks or any minute now. How mini. We use it like on music stations show. I've been around as long as you. Same error saying there. There's a handful around like as my cabinet means maybe and a reliever into evolved into some top 40 morning shows that the same couple people. But there's not a product entries aren't around rocket trees us kept him being. We've been doing a long time and. They've made it really is but it but it really is. Katherine in being in Los Angeles. And the cute she goes in Kansas City. From Soledad is that there's a few more there's there obviously have been together as long as we in the same things I don't usually see these people and they say you know all week but it's in Israel and I mean yeah like it junkets or something somewhere and I look at public well he's two and a lot of times I do like its top forty for some reason I don't know why that. Happens but. A lot of top forty. You know. Shows what. Or constantly mediocre. 40 man I don't. And I Ike is mediocre apart but like these people are longtime listeners are sure role. There. All over means you could do how dated it. People in or opt to go television show on MSNBC. Where he will it. He would end it or we get it with saying it's been this many days since mission was quote announced in Iraq right. He made the unintentionally or rip that off from something flat at all. You. Similar yak a long time ago. Lot. Of that wrecked. Oh man what you want I'll kill myself she's. Our recruiting guys for twenty years. No and it it you've done well it's not successful. By anyone's. Definition of success. I've been successful enough that. Unless you're lying on the podcast like you whether something or personal torment shall have a six inch per hour. I don't. Fair enough but it's all about that. You're right I'm elegantly put that I've weathered it personal story and got a sixty inch curved UV. I'm very well well I'm not let your right not many guys can claim that I'll take that I'm a stay alive tonight. Out exactly like I'm in sport. Indicate stories the cavs might actually be trading artery Irving. This is kind of bizarre because hiring doesn't want what little ground anymore do we want a crime I note on that broke the story last week. LeBron might be leaving Cleveland and huge collect. On that and that story what I think actually first broke about six months go look at all of us per our so called credits are not about the jobs here and well arbor give you a paper real quick. This now because I wanna make sure I get this right and I was just we're eating the very beginning nobody. Light wind I call you guys like we spoke vet tech. OPEC can you type and the like global news. We park and then. There would be like the fourteen new well I'll Parkinson that it aren't ready correctly. It potentially really interesting. But it seemed like it impossible they're just now. It seems the only news source like advice from your direct competitor for three hours ago some stuff from months ago. It just says Mohammed Ali exhibited slowed slurred speech well before parkinson's diagnosis steady signs. To be released Wednesday. That's as a study to be released Wednesday of Mohammed Ali's public speaking from 1960 to 81. On the when he was in his early to mid thirties he began exhibiting signs of slowed insular speech. Several years before he was diagnosed with parkinson's syndrome aged forty to I don't know if this is there a story that broke this or just the only one popped up on Google news. I mean I don't care like he has PM my gut told us news and we don't do due to our third in the fox sports like let's find. But I don't. I guess maybe I'm. They get maybe I don't understand. There are and it is quite far was what I guess I don't understand it is like I'm now looking at the article. So what they're all it's like what they are saying is that boxing match up is burning. As well parkinson's it which okay arts. The dinner we are read in there think that. Maybe things like CT in those you know some of those terms or just now becoming aware of might have led to the parkinson's in the boxing played an impact on. So where he. And like of course this speech is going to be a little mean weeks in our circle for so that was at bats or burn up our partners because it was. I thought I I if I may let at one at that was on so that it was neat being. I was doing work that interpretation of slope that's actual outline what importantly he goes there and he gets the sort of a court fight that by rights struggle and I've. Hey we're not on TV or anything you're just on the radio kids in your barely on the radio Kansas City so don't worry about it it's good practice. Tax. Our partner well Tia these.