Tuesday, 09.11.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, September 11th

0:00 - Headlines
The Tao of shooting
The Dallas shooting
Trump gives remarks on 9/11
Principal in Georgia bringing back spanking
Slimfast has memories awakened 
35:21 - Slimfast is trying to buy a used iPhone but is getting nervous. Lazlo may have a solution.
46:06 - A good ol fashioned game of Would You Rather 

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Don't fly as a potential listened to a church of Lhasa podcast if you could do me a favor I'd appreciated just subscriber rates and leave a review for us hopefully a good one all right thanks in drug shelf. So righteous man. On all sides. Cheering your homeland. The values are. Strike down low numbers wrong. No yeah how old Mario great how real I've never been there. Never been better rates to see everybody here I Janney I journey. She's busy. Hi Jeremy and they know Anglican. It. I shut down due. Is that your brunch. And moon. Welcome Melissa was delicious alaskans don't know like a community college and should recommend here. Bring them in years. Since Houston. See you know more than a junior to I don't need to play that game and on Alan Jones. The guy some really want tenacity and isn't there. They all have their eye can see because I was history behind Lindsay they had their note pads out there's fire and teachers talking and all the heads hidden their phones behind their. No pads little depressing meticulously little pills every single one of hi new phones like they're by the way I thought you were just allowed to have your thought our kids in high school were allowed to. Use their phones now they take notes on his own don't cheer. Do you kids take phones as well I don't take they take humans are not allowed to particularly spectacular thing again. And Kenny teachers take the phone away because I can see that being a big no issue you have to abandon the race. I have to pay the bill. Shorted than she can chip and expensive. Pricing. Wouldn't we were kids few. And something out there was a distraction classes took it right you get back leaving the classroom the end of the year. But with the phone I can see there's Magellan team that that is 12100 dollar fine. Don't be selling a drawer at noon essentially limitless. No I don't know I've never been to school I base it all those Netflix to my guess do you present in Washington looks like they're on their phones a lot. And I wonder. Is that allowed now. It doesn't mean there. Did you show tonight did you think about I'm definitely. I think a lot about these guys should I do think about it. What do you do like. To have an iPhone and I still unleashed a thing about that once you try to remember colored truck is not worried about it soon and get them wrong wrong. I know what color my truck tennis I didn't know what color a rental car plus these are you relatively new and George asks John zarrella looking. I just it was a parked in the same spot in the one spot over there there was no car there when I analog I was just saying maybe you could remember what colors and no no color in Canada was. The color of the interior and shut up. See now you're angry because you don't make sense but but but. The Dallas shooting that we've been talking about -- of shooting Dallas shooting on the Dallas shooting. That's a hell of the things. I believe this I know you read me in my ear injury accomplish the Dallas trying to impress the girls you read the Dow's plume. And then here even down shooting we desire those who want to shoot us the least yes we want to have shoot us that's the Dow shooting for getting a shot. And 99 people volunteers shoot you and one person just sits there with a gun their lack of acting disinterested and that's someone you want me that's the Dow's shootings. This is a Dallas shooting. And it's completely different now police officer and Dallas shooting is a way out west and Dallas shooting is gonna police officer goes to the wrong apartment thinking it's her own. And shoots the resident. So yesterday. We talked about her account. In her statement she said got off on the wrong floor. When I got to the apartment the door was slightly ajar IC a figure inside the apartment. And I made sandbags notable commands and he is not responding to my verbal commands. And I shoot down our witnesses who are now saying we heard some things that are. Seems like that story doesn't add up and some protesters did take to streets in Dallas last night but it's. V deletes. They kept the Texas Rangers in the sheriff's office in I don't know the difference talent they're saying look we gotta finish our investigation in the Stanley saying. Why we have to finish your investigation before you can just give me a basic outline of what happened why is my son Daniel. What might be going no I Ben Wright but DG DG. Knock on the door trying to find inside left and investigated and bright incidents resemble we don't know whose side of the story street but we do have witnesses are contradicting her side of the story. Attorneys for John Stanley say two witnesses told and details that contradict. Tigers account they heard knocking down the hallway. Oh well woman's voice that they believed to be officer guy you're saying let me let me end the family's attorneys say one of the witnesses. Day and heard gunshots. Followed by a man's voice will we believe to be. The last words of bold. Zone which was. Oh my god why did you do day. OK so that will be a little bit different scenario. Then the doors ajar and she goes right they did hear her saying knocking. An insane let me end. Let me end. And then hearing gunshots later that's a lot of. And why would you I don't Ellison yesterday. Russian drugs being Texas ranger. For a lawyer. Although many gunned down saucer Geiger and so no led. Friendly right now. You have to distance yourself from this. Today is September 11. And that means. Senator. And as a seventeen years ago seventeen years ago seventy years ago is that true. It's. 217 years ago that video a couple of weeks of someone. Someone had found a video from inside and he was it an old and it just getting re shared her resume video of I mean obviously was older than a billion there are even seen. Touched on. Just does why does the baseball team investigating the cause for the. You're right David really gotten screwing around here. They volunteered. But yet he was sent to you you talk saw something it was on the front page or better a couple of weeks no lines and you know the company. Giuliani figures three boys Texas Rangers here he doesn't let Rollins and now there on the white little plans Miller's large restriction that the the Astros committed you guys have fox in this entire. Gas seventeen years ago. That's how long it's always so you have. There is a video taken from inside that apartment where those girls were drinking. And they go oh my god you seem drinking their Beers and they only got in the camera pans look at the winner because they see the second plane hit the towering DC have. Drinking do like their. How dated their outfits earning I don't know why would they were drinking but. It was probably when did the second. Plaintiffs are gonna mourn today in some like early the first and hey if you're not going to work great BC news I am merely sit there and they got a perfect view author windows wouldn't let's see what's going on it's that we don't know what's happened you think some little commuter plane or something you know. It's our. The guy just it looks old seventeen years about trump was there today in Pennsylvania where flight nine do you three wind down. To pay tribute. We grieve together for every mother and father sister and brother's son and daughter who was stolen from us at the Twin Towers the Pentagon. And here. In this Pennsylvania field. We honor their sacrifice by pledging to never flinch in the face of evil and can do whatever it takes to. Keep America safe. I. People are upset must leave today the only controversy Tim was a fist bump. He just watches and not just who will do so he's walking easily he's excited about the ceremony exposing his little you know blue. I think he's good like USA you have crazy I really loans. And when I see people I mean the same news media yeah. People outraged who's outraged. Did someone see that and actually their their instinct was outraged green you have to tell them to be outraged. I. A school in Georgia. Is bringing back. Paddling. They can take your kid to the principal's office and cattle them if they misbehave this public it's a charter school. I don't know much about school and I had to look up charter schools are beyond what it with the definition hero now you can definition pictures. So charters school is kind of a mix of both it gets funding. According to this Google. Definition and its funding from taxpayer dollars. But it's also organized by pieces seem got maybe need to school in an area the old public schools shut down or something or maybe it's I'm. Maybe you lose your accreditation. Mike has happened around here right into an open a school you get enough signatures you find some money you also get some money from the city ending you open the schools. That's the definition I read there. People can text me teachers can text me Betsy Abbas can text me I don't know exactly. Where it falls. And so far as public vs private school but Georgia has allowed Catalina acts schools are corporal punishment in schools for a long time off and on. This school is bringing him back. They sent letters home to parents the parents do have to sign a permission slip. Saying yes I grant you the permission if my child misbehaved you can take them into the principal's office and paddle them and trying to a lot of parents are OK with this in the superintendent says it's just another tool in the tool blocks toolbox. Sometime where corporal punishment will come of the Norman school and you didn't have the problems that you have he is just one more. Tool that we have in our disciplinary tool box. No matter where you stand on. Spanking your kids. Sliding panel in whatever little. I would change. It would be possible to be a lot of parents who say I am not against the idea of speaking my kid ever or paddling my kids what images ever. I don't take that stance. But who would also say but I don't want. Someone who works at this school do it's a very bright but. You are giving them permission your demolition so let me when I worked at that preschool. They did the same thing to say here's what we wanted to we wanna give kids unsweetened cocoa will. If they misbehave because they stick their tongue out at one another sure. Any of us. Give them we'll give you come down. So the first time it was implemented. The unit had some parents said OK the person's implement this girl gets up in front of the class. They take the unsweetened cocoa is our premier mountain ash starts crying did you search gagging and she's froze up inside all the other kids now in my mind I was thinking. This is not looked apparently had in mind. When you when you signed that permission slip apparent sign of permissions and one parent was very angry in this school and exchangeable for child abuse in this teacher got. And drew a record. But we're wanna bored kids who technically she had permission to. Sure how this punishment now that parent when she found out she said I did know this is I was gonna happen is that you're gonna get a little screw what my guy. Well. This is how it played out. And technically. You gave them permission to do it. And the idea that you would say sure go into the principal's office. And he can put you over his knee in Saudi with the panel. Superintendent says takes discipline it very seriously there is a period in history were corporal punishment was kind of the norm is going to didn't have the problems that you have I don't know if he's talking about murder rates or. The economy or just kids were probably Rauch he doesn't specify. Parents of students in kindergarten through ninth grade charter school received a consent to paddle form. Nominee you signed a consent to our panel of course. Which he tells a corporal punishment which would occur on the students third offense a student will be taken into an office behind closed doors. The student will place their hands on their knees or piece of furniture so sticky gas in the air. And struck him on the boat docks with the panel. There's no obligation it's not required apparently neither no obligation. For us to use. That as a disciplinary measure of it or they can deny consents. Boy your QB about our kids. That's the slyly as guarantees. So third of the parents consented. San Diego. Go ahead. Slot or not I got to strengthen the principal's office and it was my birthday and thus not a joke much very funny on your birthday taking their close the door and ask. It's a 100% Giuliani put you over his lap and he had a paddle and it wasn't hard but ego. Whom each year for your age okay for your birthday ya for you would take you. And it was highly doubt. They don't call you not a plus yet they say music and agreed to the principal's office in the night go down there and he'd say did you and I don't know anything at Bieber way schedule this you know rear view and his office alone. Yes any close the door. Yeah I mean you ask the 100% that is globally as 1988 they love you out of class employ every week and I knew how hungry I knew was my birthday. Well if I was at that school and I had you been. 67 and eight. So those three birthdays I got spanked wasn't hard there's gonna happen he might have been but the this spanking it's a hard. And I didn't think about somebody when they did I just thought and I think he gave you a little. And they give you some sort of little birthday gift as you walked out. And we're never gonna get to the point to where we want the government to parent our children. Brighton where I figured oh yeah rim or that so. When that happens you kinda have to be like all right I gotta love the idea. Of people being able to spank their kids are hitting him to switch I don't love it bought a house intelligence Alou and I can and cannot do either. So a certain extent right. But I mean if we look at Indy only classification. Of human body is not even I mean it goes further than humans. That you can actually just hit. Our children. Small human beings you know you really are usually you can hit your wife right. It did your husband hereby apples to supply your dog behavior over the panel and someone found out they take it back to exactly. Now underwriting you know we don't have another one again. If you walked into a bar and just so wanted to go but how does your arguing about Colin cabernet that's assault brother here only person I can hear it is a child. We here is why why why. Why and I don't know why Liza is the only one who makes arguments no comeback I've heard him make him before and every time. First of all the size advantage thing gases got brought up because we civil when he mentioned the size advantage they affiliations and it's only you. Living thing that you're allowed to just hit it is and I tell you get that wrong at Connelly nominated you. And I like OK I got McAuliffe was like caller police have dominated you mark did god damn lucky don't have the principle that you like why it. What advice about what have you so that's a tune your girlfriend or your wife. I do all we hear good news Jimenez and by the way I sign a permission slip. Boston and you were to go cry I know I also live in that World Bank got a seven year old console and a dad or mom had some. And then they go to school got to worry about a principal hitting them. You would not be allowed just not to sign that. Permission slip for yourself but at least it is to give our boss said hey when you get in trouble instead of getting docked a day's pay you can trade that for us whining. And we said all right we'll sign for the sliding the only public outrage because I shake your ears essentially eaten. Paying for these people against swine you're holding money over their heads so that you can. Get off on your Citizens Bank vanish in Kansas but eventually child does not know who can't defend that church could break you can spank them. A little person and the strength of the sides view the web defend themselves but it's. And certainly those that limited capacity to recover from it right away and understand and process all the things that go along that. All of the past like whenever you know seven year old yeah yeah in the brain hasn't finished or right exactly. Mean the fact the only group of people that we can have their kids. The fact that they say you you go in and push your hands on your knees to get it describes how you're going to walk in his room. Put your hands on it shares stick your ass up in the air. And then Wake Forest. And then there are allowed to swat you with this panel. I would nervous says that more than one teacher has to witness the behavior because it probably doesn't. I'm guessing knows the timing your classroom is only one teacher and there's so it's 11 person deciding whether or not. You deserve this punishment. Secondly your principle Toyota. Does he live in fear. What do embryonic school mostly got some bully you punch Asia then your principal punch you dead punches you. And then this ass holes I don't tell a lot when kids got punched more than a lot less problems OK you know what I'm gonna have to see the statistics. Studies right loves his soon did hit the mall are. End up better people I'd love to see that studied the only argument is my friends that me and now that you don't hear all the time and I'm okay. That's the one thing I hear you or I might mention me and I turned out fine and I always say great. Let me spend a week review and just see how fine you Martin. And that's really the only irony here here. Get anything else is anecdotal they say well you know we didn't kids were better behaved well a lot of things are different. There's a million different things you could factor in for slaughter even know if that's one of the arguments but if it is I need to see. How much money were the parents making it that's a what was the poverty level I guess that's cool. Where they hungry when they came to school. My dad had me I'm fine really. You really. Commodities have paddle I guess I don't know. I guess is better than hand you don't really want them to use in their hands. A battle. Like daisy confusing just pull out one of those big wooden panels and an excellent principal a. Occasionally it. I might principles did not have rules and you just a thin piece of whom it looked just like to think from I had not seen another one until a solid days to confuse versed on the other thing but my pencil and still get a bonus pursuant. I did not like the birthdays and now. It was very I can do opt out. So we're just pretty young Mina. I would felt uncomfortable say I don't want to them and listen why don't you want to do what's wrong with briefly what are. That'll do you harm was displayed and lay you over is neat she's any. Don't whine don't two arms and girlish I'm sure I'm not a re doing it didn't hurt. I'm just getting met a number of the I guess it's his son. The drunken human being well liked our show obviously okay d'isere massaging your secondary teachers being in the battle carrier garden that we can have a admire prince in what schools were. Public schools. Are closed schools writes never have been the main you've just forgotten everything and. You repressed all that. Because those things don't seem weird at the time someone has to point out later took and I was twenty years old and I'm now lasso and I sorted. You know we just chat about things I remember one time as talented as. And it just seemed like more more optimize the same wait wait wait wait what's that. It's perfectly normal. Hold on you did what you massage your feet there was a meeting time that wasn't a big deal and does not know that's an all it takes a long time until you. Finally. Come around his waves thinking ego I guess that wasn't my guess enough people listen that wasn't normal the we know that guys earlier I kid you know that now. The birth expect these don't think it's normal didn't seem like that figure could you don't. It doesn't seem like that big you don't look normal it doesn't cement that evening I'm like I don't think plaza would freak out of his kids said. On our case we get a birthday spanking from the principal all of you won't you can't you learn something new every day is saying I would lose my mind if I found out on a much. Yeah a lot of anyone it liked it except me. But even it and I don't let my kids right saying if I did and I wouldn't honestly it's very important principle Lewis Bob Rouse sounds hard to birthing Davis tense things that I'd like to live and he bite me in the parking lot and. Sure I told my parents I maybe didn't I don't know. Touch and so is my mom used to hit me with a wooden spoon not like going to strip clubs blown open. Right now we're not saying that one thing led me to believe me appreciate that you select go to strip clubs and long ago when you guys because my parents know my dad let me know your I don't know I don't sort of blown call that's. We are from a small sample size are seems to be some sort of correlation and certainly this room. And his contacts are now our foremost guilty as charged I don't know anyone I don't know some clubs right now YouTube now yet because all blown out and Doris Day got a little bit weird kid did you out there. Most in my well you know if you wanna do good at least your son's out of the strip club on blown call on my. Try not let them all kind of life. Plus cannot it is going to be bad guys yes they Roman doesn't feel that's exactly how I felt if I would have said it and you know. Kindergarten I don't wanna go to the principal's office to expect I think that's probably how I would have felt right. Like the guy who doesn't wanna go to the strip club with his buddies and I'm this is normal. Things necessary hold people do this now there. Everyone is serious things sickens about our visible on their birthdays I don't know them I just silly about this is your birthday and you didn't get some sort of a gift. It's an incentive. They gave you a little gift as you left. I think I don't know there was some sort of. Contract that promised he wouldn't speak to many are as you know why. Who knows what it was but they did give you have some sort of a gifted and small toys in a book probably. Don't know I have not seen anyone else say I don't wanna go up and gets things right that weirdo so I want someone to stand up and and so I think we want to do. It's just like when I was a little kid someone said. There's cops over out on the outside of the playground outside the princess of wire they're cops in the teachers said. Well there is a man who pulled up he was taking pictures of the playground and I said so once. Wise intelligent well you know eighteen to music as a lot of cop cars are taking pictures. What he's thinking god take pictures of playgrounds like as a little kid here isn't you don't understand you're not thinking that way you're thinking. Why isn't illegal to take pictures of playground equipment line this is that you're massage lady street gives guys hours irons and with little. Like all the weirdest thing going on at this goes some digital picture. So usually take a more pictures that's out there and travel. Could look a word out. Out of all the foot massages and aspect innings. No cameras allowed your elementary school. I did meet some one who also wrote her feet couple months ago and earlier this outs and it is us to post my age. For some reason it just came up over the weekend Michael was asking me about what happened in new under the bed when I was eight and if I think that that was serious that I had the teller honestly. Even today. After as many times we've talked about it and Gaza telling me it's not okay. I will be honest I still kind of thing and wasn't that big of the deal I'm CNN comparing it to worst scenario. Circling the bonuses and says I don't like going to strip clubs and and don't like okay. And I didn't get hit as a kid. No that's only since I found something. So it's no one's on the principles yesterday debut as a guest the homeowner. I assume those are yours I assume that's what he got out of the deal Sears will say is not a big deal are. And her feet and yes really thank you know now I've read the psychology today article about federation while lawn I know now without any major impact on my life yes. Twilight Zone ladies and so I don't its size is not lines. I enough and useful ladies it's the value of the principle by new us weird. The principal thing now. I mean yes it's we're in the since you couldn't do that today but I guess up until this summer days here today that I would have thought. Know it's weird like I get that people probably wouldn't do that anymore but in my mind. Before this conversational would have thought it's just one of those things they used to do before all the creeks and all the we are is because he's. I think he wasn't agreed now it was clearly a weirdo right now and I'm now. You got to remember. Laszlo also told me. He was very suspicious of essentially. Anyone who wanted to go yeah work for the Muppets or her Sesame Street or whatever I I thought he was so sick. For thinking that way it was a simple a horrible way to live your life to be so negative and that the more I've thought about it so I development it's a top forty station I spend your whole life trying to talk to kids right man. Why. Reminds me of here is lost mine honorary the principal and that's the cooling carry around this okay. Nichols and obviously now look at the Catholic church and look at it. It's weird thing. It's access. So that principal had access. In and also if you didn't wanna be teacher. Which ensures simply probably had you been to be principle once your principal I don't know. Exactly what he did in there and we sent our office alone a lot during the day and many became on the hallway and talk to all the kids. As they were in all things they do lose restoration stuff yeah. Maybe journalism shows a lot of work and my Jersey in the count answer. Who's. But the point is he still got to be around the kids he and I'm not saying that this guy. Was. A pedophile. Or at a there was anything wrong with him that he had any. Ill intention yes I'm not saying that. Baylor I'm thinking. Right you're thinking it is that's a world we live in now down. One that calls I'll try to file size gun right now as opposed to anyone before like this guy wants. Election or just curious why you really are asked to be monitored every argument volunteer choir boys got a lot of cigarettes in this family. Use a birthday spanking as saturated don't backs do not horizontally openly talk about it we need to go back to the 1950s like this guy wants us to where. If you got. And job by your principally shut your mouth about. Act like a man. Raisers who once they go back work that he's doing that principle principles Georgia I don't wanna go back to that. The principal and Georgia once actually punish kids my prince like he's saying and back in the day we used to do this all the time right and it was going well that doesn't mean minutes ago. That's what I'm saying he wants to go back to that where kids get a good read just don't talk about. But you saw birthday spanking is everyone's heard of a birthday spanking when you're a kid there were birthday spanking us. There was no it's your birthday. Let's not seat commander. And they Gaby is banking whatever. At your party and the only now he's someone gave his I I saw kids give her I did you that's the first time I've ever heard at this time to produce Fuji lots adults either. I don't down around him. I've never heard that until right now I don't think guys I think of a kid's name. All those these. Lol I Johjima and all these people are limos will be below another moment touched by someone when they were a kid. Everybody that I know not just didn't happen to me. It's at its one in six and things like similar about everybody dogs and people who work here are much higher raise everyone's. I just didn't happen to me but I still I'm never had to worry about nine I can come home like a vacuum in school I may have to worry about like my mom. Nathan Lane Amy and guilt tripping Meehan right. I think all my sister picking on the whatever had a lot of stuff to worry about the little one thing it never crossed loyalists songs don't touch my winner like dire. I didn't. I never had to worry about I wasn't gonna happen. I didn't realize that all you guys worried about nine Intel. Much later I thought that was a very limited thing that was only use on an after school movie it. And Scott Vail played the older brother Darren was I didn't realize that was his stuff as for dominant market that was a. That's what I was doing was normal and experimenting and having fun and I was lucky enough that this person wanted to fool around with me in. Like I said even now I still think what happened to me. Is worse the way it's I didn't push your IOC officials us senators start of the peak now. Other principals are doing us and British soldiers say if there was this person. That they know him and I need. Killer loose. Well Mike my teacher was just the last name her first name the last day of practice Monday. Yeah last was not a but I do think he passed away at the amount of time. To a lonely. If that. If you see I was like over our shoulders and is a volley of and he got you could argue and I do think it's that they get the deal it's not that big of your work. Like we jokingly he's not going to hurt me and potentially hurt me when I shouldn't hurt you tonight. Turn on our right behind if you sue Rubin generalized as leverage and strength. If you wanted to show you that he wanted to show you. But what we were talking about is she seemed confused now not a well known as breaking news tonight Greg but I heard they spanking you act like you've never heard of such a thing. There's a girl she says I got strange analogy go to strip clubs and do blow. There's correlation. Some. She gets spanked by your principal right parents on most kids I don't know did most kids its banks. At least and that. 50s6080s. At least all the way through June answers I would think. Most of your friends plaza got spanked most of my friends got yeah yeah. You are in the minority if your parents and dirty but they were progressive enough to say yeah we're not these are sax yeah it's usually. To say that that's progress and there was it was not long ago. No no I think those are my friends and parents. And that doesn't mean they all got. Black guys not just means that they got spanked or slapped tour. And some of the may have gone wild guys but I don't think any my friend Joan Beasley now. But you know he had done and go to your room and I know learned they would do to go after they cures whatever went. News. Adults and I'd belts again just imagine snapping like. Filipino and then you'll love that I get hit. I can imagine sometimes you can talk side. And they say it's an accident boots though. I feel like. Selling. Is less risky don't notice it more receipt that's when you get robbed right. Someone knows that you're coming you've got is related they were one play they were not true. Yeah Cashman can Margaret ski. I don't know I just had a bad feeling about the drug in my iPhone. And sure I've been trying to buy it on I'm trying to buy a used iPhone went on Craigslist on one of those two. Charlotte. Expensive. It's ridiculous and that Apple's about to have a big thing tomorrow so I know I'm gonna end up I'm one of these. They're gonna update everything and on the one that I buys can be just old enough that it doesn't support the new OS and some are clunky and but. I think I went on Craig's list. I thought there's not enough phones on yours seems weird does not remain listens and stoke on set but everybody's wish to have this would mark opponents like. He's I've never been on FaceBook marketplace not there well I went on the and he was right that's problem I'd say like. The 1020 times as many listings you're stuck in the area easier. Yeah but here's the thing anytime you go to talk to someone on there they know exactly who you are. You look at Craig's as you can see that anonymous date date generated that email and drag Chrysler or you can text them. And just texting them didn't necessarily give up your identity now when you message there and say how much of the phone. Of where do they know exactly who it is it's shows in my profile they can click on it they can see my burden this bank it's. It's my whole history right there all I wanna do is via phone from the that's a lot of information for proprietor of a used phone to have about a customer right. My guess is also a lot of information for a customer I have. I'm also in front facility annual jazz things right I don't know maybe but also I plan but when I clicked on there's I've already been scammed a couple of times. I thought well this seems wrong what's gone and I looked up and it turns out I was being scanned so they create these fake profiles. To look real and it she looks like it's always a very nice looking you know single mom who's got a few kids and whatever in the trying to further its Friday. And then boom you get stamps remain under your skin. They ate ice they end up sending you a text so I I had a conversation with someone for awhile I guess aside attacks to its FaceBook messenger whatever it. Is sending these messages SOK well I'm trying to find as she says actually had to sell. I have a few phones is actually sell used phones. Of you know on the side or respond side house locations and up front about it. All I'm willing to meet you and phone store to make sure that it works while locate then you start getting these messages that. I should have deleted election showed you but they're like big banner ads that say still looking for bonus flashing you know in his says click here for both law. And has details at the bottom if you like to get this phone before someone else. Just put your money in this PayPal account or and then I'll be shareholder for Uga and some. Did you I didn't do that is ever send money you know your phone is an issue and person with those are the obvious things but this is that this guy he's in his pretty decent deal not a great deal an okay deal on a phone. These are talking to me wanted to meet me. And I won't say exactly where he wanted to meet me Casey's listening them a little nervous and he obviously knows who I am now. But something about the situation something about where he wanted to meet me in. What I said look we certainly that's part of town I'm Seminole hard you know I said. This is what made dinners I said Wayne can you meats and he said I'm free all day every day. Dan knights and I said for how many days he's like all its. It and I thought. Our first I thought quarry I can meet in the morning I can meet that night this is perfect right. It's like a doctor says you can come and see me whenever you want but that's not why does this guy have a job. Why doesn't have anything going on and he also said that he had another phony two phones and and it's not too many. I just got nervous I can hear it allows those voice in my head. Saying you gonna get rich dude you're gonna get rob why do you rate something has happened. And that the effect that the opponent that I was tired or I'm gonna buy this phone battery that's an original daily to my girlfriend and that its not gonna work they're gonna be tracking hurricane it is stealing her I didn't know through the phone don't economy and itself on plays in the can verify that it's real and I said yes yes have asked of like me a cellphone stores and and the I'm only talking on to say yes I'm fine getting little zone with the problem. And down. I still worried now about one of fits what they had water damage and can you know I had a phone and had water damage networks for awhile and just go play new phone I. I can't afford to go by and knew little careless new. Ozark well. Those are Izod brand new iPhone ten at two days later he finds out that there's a wait at the Apple Store to get a dilemma is that so it is or do you say more like governor turned off that's annoying however like you know. Eight months I and I don't tell him. But it doesn't what are but does wire. But they go eggs it affects. How much themselves well. How much Ireland have twelve bucks or something 600 geez it's extra hundred. A tough one because they don't always announce the new woman you can and in the press and drop and that is true fuel cell within the next 24 hours that values go way down. Laid out and you want and you don't you have someone that convertible phones it's like a phone store now the you've collected quite a few undone. If I'm a little boys I was hoping that meets talking about it here. You eventual I didn't I don't know. Because. Bureaus cracking dropped and so I need one actually I'm still using a subliminal disorders. From five or something seven plus Sega seven post is pretty sweet to me I'd kill for one of those right now I mean literally everything else that at that. I'm more about it killed about this you take my iPhone ten. Today Apple Store to get fiction. And I'll give you this so I scheduled appointment. And it's. Go to the store I have to take it to the store and get its terrorist get effects we'll then you'll give me that phone Booth. As it seems like a pretty good deal gone in an apartment doubles it's for her or all. Work phone its eighteenth tee. I have. Blown perfect now iPhone works. A huge amusing and right now there. We don't the Apple Store and exactly what they expect that the typical. Suddenly you can do online walker and there was what I want brings to the plaza too I think that's rely as a wind isn't that we're all doing. Journal we know work. You think I can just walk in there's some come and leave you go online and from his scheduled appointment would you go in there with me. I want to go and Casey trying to run. The Apple Store the ingenious idea as I'm walking around the ten like that but I'm not used to that at bat but it is out in the open just carried out on the and then. We're apple sort of return my phone it and so I get that phone working cash. But what about if I get it working and it stops working a few months later no gives these vaccines you're gonna want that phone back fine. I know disease factions. It seems like a pretty did you see me some lines Mario Arctic deal you don't have your old phone anymore decent something. Are. Obvious your phone fixed do you know where the thoroughness. Tell us a gut guy you bring it and I'll schedule an appointment and I'll take up there to get it fixed up or wherever they do. You is that what you have to do yet to take it and I can just mail it to them or something we'll. Because that was one I was exploring the people they grip. Actually pitchers are people Irish turn off Internet covered like Jesus Christ sings integrated. Man lot of killed. But the input from a lot of trouble and I did sit here and judgment I view are not going to get that phone pics because it was a brand new phone and now you're offering me. A free found that I'm looking out a lot I know very well what those phones go for about 300 to 490. Dollars whom I'm thinking. Is it a war. 409. Dollars us a little to schedule an appointment. At an Apple Store and go in there it's not as is sick 300 bucks older. We're illegal doesn't it's not wait a second hour really work at an angle I pays snow come on I delegate this to him I pay him let's say fifty dollars. Resign now I know he wants the money yeah my vision I hate to June take a deal. I'll give you a hundred dollars and just to get muscles fictional have now all come. And I can give us on the hero because chooses. Cracked I was kidding that all didn't look you know I don't forget it as severe pain I'm an opponent tomorrow BO then you can data when everyone because I'm in no hurry you're. I was kidding I'll take component don't get it taking care of no lives exceed its local and I've got going on here are little busy days do not use the surf avenue near you. How are. You you're offer to meet and I and you can itself. Turn it down by you and except I'd say and I know I'm an Auburn family accepted I think I said yes and how long I say yes and then I started talking about the now isn't work it out. So you know as I am originally rights and on does not pay your hundred dollars yup there. And you'll from the fifties. He double bureau there I was negotiating ago I started at fifty Cutler because I knew he would take seventy plays I don't know hundreds you know. No no direct tonight but at the I'm not going without you. But goalie I wouldn't led a full term fixed tomorrow on a box with you I don't pay you to go with me now have you with me last time as a friend. I think I bought. Some ribs. You did I bought you lunch carried that I've I had lunch with. So I have to pay for the fountain which is already expensive and then buy you lunch and you don't go with his back up and what's your life worth. That's where at launch but I guess my lunch launched its I take you come by you ribs or something's very barbecues. That would gates as a whole thing is is it's too difficult to shouldn't be this difficult. Should just be a player's going to be pretty musically. It is going to be pretty easy for you because I worked out pretty good deal was not on me you. Cut it out from under me as capitalism and that's not capital double B. Our insider trading market insider trading and it's a legal issues you lose you never know takes you back soon. Churchill who has low. The virus. So it's been a long time but this has similarly to these hypotheticals or I or maybe he wrote in my I'm not sure. But he thought that maybe. We were wanna argue them discuss them. Which has done in the past the most famous being the one about. Believe that in. The deal was I was gonna give view. Half a million dollars and you're gonna make a porno with your parents and her. We're going in and I was more than half a right and we got the price up to I think it was a billion then you agreed to it and then add a billion could make out with his bad. On YouTube. But and a video had this day. On the Internet and now and I'm not promoting his fifteen minutes I'm not promoting the video but it just it was gonna state there was going to be taken down share. None of this you go to watches as this video has been removed muzzle is embarrassed not enough is that has there that's for. So let it be hit someone and again I shouldn't be laughing at some of these well okay rule one of them is what I've heard different ways I feel like we've done this before early just. This same idea different scenario says we should have sex with. Morning. Before the right just try this could've been some some of listeners would you rather have sex with a dog but no one would know. Or not have size of the dog liberal think that you had sex of the dog. To actually do it from which I've seen that phrase like your sister or brother or so you either have to do it in our house. Or you don't do it everyone thinks she can do it. I. You like. If if if everyone thinks I did I just keep saying but I didn't do it right and I would know and thanks I don't know in my mind and I'm done then drew a message that's everyone. Is a big word. So that means your boss' year lied they're like that's the guy just goes actual dog next time you go to a job. To apply for valid on or you are really guides such a dog and I know I didn't know I know you are. This is saying you can't convince them otherwise you're right they know everyone everyone thinks every day believe that you did your mother thank you out of the way he's got no matter where you go everyone thinks you have such who have dogs but you know you didn't just so why isn't that comforting to know but look it's not ideal I don't want people thinking how caught early you animals you know is that animal that's normal rule be well as a one straightforward he says he'd rather because an animal cruelty now from Azerbaijan. Don't jump to conclusions. OK so we size of solitude so there is a Chihuahua. Liberals say it's a German shepherd. And and is this. Young and is the Chevrolet side though is that. As I'm sure it's receiving an all time is receiving may think that German Shepherd Dog cats until completion is did you got to finish out. That's not sex otherwise. Shortage now let's not get into technicalities. Christianity let's just assume. For the spirit of the game. This on us okay let the the idea sites supposed to be. I did see one that said I wasn't gonna read it to you but direct and find a way because it was if you're straight male. Would you rather. Would you rather. Please snow properly. For the first. Ten minutes or for the last ten seconds. You get to choose one at a we're gonna have to people organ ams but let's Batman not Christopher. So which would you and and that was one of the questions would you and you have to answer that I think will now to what the answers to what you answer. Well let me rephrase that. I don't know what the answer is but either choice but I'm rejoices inappropriate and doesn't want to shop I don't either choice is an appropriate one that is us on the air. But for the dog thing we're all gonna live in a world they don't think we did it even though we did we're gonna live with this secret and we're gonna keep a secret but we did do it every day it. I didn't talk on camera that I think after you. Yes everyone knows what I mean that's that's I know you're a big guy not really good job on me mud that girl Laver didn't tell. We're sack hurry and speeding ticket no I'd. But but I didn't stage oil OK we have such a dog is their guy goma when just nothing okay yeah nothing Agassi. Is there is that picture of that girl on the smoking gun back in May Wear red sex with her dog. And and as a big mug shot ever a picture bird dog now maybe she didn't and everyone else thinks that she did but the point is out there you don't wanna be in that position do you. All right this one I think I'll tell us knows the dog's pretty. That's either be holder. You can choose I suppose your preferred breed all right what is now. Those total blind bulldogs like one of those. It's insisted daughter said German shepherds so let's Abdullah German chambers of all deal with the same dog here. Sonic is changed gust. Hands and eyes are going to be available why it's always do is really got hot. Wasn't got a big guy behind and almost always goes straighter guys would you manners now there's no. We go but in my head I was like you know I programming ideas in my head it was a female got an argument well it may be different seal yeah dollar doesn't suit me. Sorry my god this is not yeah I know that this is not gender may go whatever it that statement did not surprise anyone that that the. All right. Would you take ten million dollars gas but for the rest of your life there is a snail. That is trying to get you are members. I think I've seen something like this I. And out of the venue will post you can't words you can't yet this guy said to be Cavagnoud from it you can't ever be touched by this mail otherwise you'll die. Just kind of liken in Mario going in the castle of Delaware that chased you all the time. So if you get caught by this thing you die it's coming out a few at all times and but at this speed of a snail and until. That slop. So you could go to different country and try to forget about it but eventually it shows up. At the speed of a snell will though that's the rhetoric question was you both live forever. And so it's always going to be coming instead of the ten million dollars yeah well it was you I think you both get ten million both live plus Nelson now there's definitely an area we're gonna hey there's. Hey this and my what I wanna live forever on ten million dollars that's going to be I mean I don't hear that but the eventual post was going to be at a friend Lockett in the box they put in the giant. Ball or maybe this was the original version and a sergeant Fernando volcano that is a beer and a black hole it was so ridiculous but. Because I saw lifesciences is once you know he started on lavish such a dog my dog snorted left the Ruth take that however you want. I see this question where it wasn't sales of person so there's a person. Lou it's almost like that movie that button right free push by someone else dies the temperature worried like dole is someone gonna do the same thing and push a button is gonna kill me eventually you don't know yet but. In this scenario was I did you let's say 500 million dollars but there's a person who is looking for you. And they're gonna keep looking for you and they're trying to kill you you can go on Heidi you can move to another country but this person is looking for you. Would you do for 500 million dollars. Well of course you put it. Where there's a guy who's trying to kill you girl whatever there's some some there's a person. Who is out to get you with the Internet everything else you wouldn't be able to use your credit cards you would why is they'll figure out where you are okay. Okay what I'm 500 million dollars or run earth I also am I don't know how much is Acosta give bodyguards. How much is it costs again. A car that protection now what I'm saying OK a lot of guys live and in that world. Where people and girls are people wanna kill them 24 sevenths. And then not now have 500 million dollars to protect themselves with right but you are you willing to trade your freedom. For that for the amount of freedom to what you are brilliant and to make this person never cared to write off 400. Hundred million interest chasing him yet exactly yeah hired the Israelis across the finer scale. Yes give me the money. I can't do it can't limit fearless. When you're an idiot it. Well I I. I'm allowed to make a decision all right I wanted to bad decisions I don't want to be chased for the rest of my own bodyguards Rachel I don't know one of the bodyguards is getting paid off by the person who wants to kill me. Well you don't I don't exactly so I'm nervous all the time I'm already very anxious when I shouldn't be. Now imagine how anxious I would be knowing that there is someone wants her worst thing happens. I wake up and the kind of person standing there like you ready. I don't you all of this tournament torturing killing you know you sort of a bench is by a house vote no no the ocean current known fine and you still have 500 million dollars. And that does not buying neither piece of my oh my god my goes on your thing and we moved into normally well harsh economic or whatever who blew. You just very quick. Says I don't bodyguards. Yes and as I just said they could get paid off to killing Maria made me. And you can tell the other guy had 500 million dollar when you do so I'm guessing when the guy kills you think it's nobody hey we're gonna take his money get a piece of it also I don't know I don't 500 million women many. And so a knapsack and nobody got in the middle the ocean tonal map. Turn off all the Wi-Fi is the only requirement. I don't know well in the 500 million of them realize I don't Nazi thought does your afterward I don't find apparent house. And some. Hotel in Vegas. And live on top and stationed guards up and down not always. Following are right around into someone gets me someone gets and that's fine but you as you know like I pay 500 is assuming. You take 500 million dollars to be the head of a mob family no yes no yes I can never navy it's an iron day as you go what if you're right roller coasters and then you got to worry that you really get shot or the guy working roll please don't worry about after awhile I don't quit worrying about it. I know I'm a quit worrying yeah my whole life and I don't have someone after me trying to kill me that I know while I can understand your logic some reason now you go home every night and about killing yourself epithet that's. I live on a million dollars this way they'll take a 500 million and actually do it but did you guys have a punch. Not find the like oats national suicide something week you're not supposed to be. Making light of that I'm not making light of and I'm saying you're going to be denied the points for 500 million dollars of I found out that my life was aren't liveable. Because I was in constant fear colleges be they got a punch. And you know 500 million my family here that they have the money goes year span and right and yeah. Well one thing I guess over as a kid I don't have kids I don't believe in mind my fear O'Reilly that's my older Brothers. My sister my mom my kid please. You know what I'm listing your point you have a I could just not deal with that. And just have things stayed away they are not take the money Mo money Mo problems in this scenario. That's ridiculous it's not what's the big time Thomas and learn would you rather have to execute. Yes I don't know if I can say this. What would you rather have to actually cued a young person on television or 25 young people discreetly in the woods or maybe you can get away with that. Might have to do it and the people know watching those that have to do that means let's say hello and they don't they don't know I don't know why you're doing it. If it's true once you view and serve well I don't know why don't feel duo I see him now I'm that I guess they think they have a reason you see how we watched on TV when you see you getting their heads up and killed and harder I don't know a lot of people who are doing math earlier and ownership of the question so the question is would you rather have to kill one person in this scenario they use a child on television. Or 25. Discreetly. In the woods in the jungle war or created one yeah. Just overall. You're killing fewer people you feel better about it yes even now this is kind of like would you rather have everyone think you are killer although on this and there you are either way. It's just that the one that you did on television now everyone knows you're a murder. And they're an idol and I don't and I'm getting away it was killing 25 children and once. Somehow I don't understand that's is gonna slip through the cracks of the local police department. Well disable this trade is you have a chance of discrete good chance to get away that kids are also law I'll not that I get away no matter why is he going to matter why room. If you did in the woods there I was saying in mad men was are equal and let's say that lets change it and say that if you. He did got you until you get away with it. You do discreetly in the woods you get away with it I do it on TV revenues people see the data and what. And am I get a I don't I don't know where you are there Gloria our house that they don't I never find in a matter where I am. They could eventually find their way you are like who's this guy you know it was back to you guys are real router yeah I kind of know what ever other she drew no one interment soften. That should be the obvious answer no matter what no matter how many little caveats we put on that scenario or. We're so much killing one child or 25 children. You should go to one. Shouldn't you shouldn't be thinking like well a nice save face by killing 25. We should all be seen it go with the one even if it means. That we go to prison for the rest of our lives. Right. Poker boom why does our son I don't know why are lecturing me. Because there was a lot of especially because you have stories. Straight away from their regular guy yeah jury and you also made it sound like the reason or there's gonna be chase dressed in my life and is forget about it. You don't obamacare. But the kids I didn't Campbell Brown well. Crickets we've talked. I'm kidding. I say that in that scenario like on day one another evil kids. They were confer warlord and collars on them right doesn't make you need the other children. Don't. Their victim I can say that they're gonna go on and killed barrages and then we I say more people by telling them I'm sure you know Ryder. I pathetically doesn't give us an event out. Aren't as 125. Grow up to be the next Hitler I don't know it like you know what it is a moral questions that you should go outside mastered kids who were going to. Johnson County community to its colleagues feel about it but what. Would you rather have to pay for everything the rest of your life and is anyone buying anything you have to pay in pennies. Or. As your only form of transportation. Like did you get up right here and you wanna go to the bathroom you wanted to. You know you got to use a pogo stick now do you cone now if you could use public education so you could take a pogo stick downstairs and Colin Hoover or attacks easy triple a ever. And get in the car and drive opposite as you get out of the Z chip. You're puck going back into my house hello all around inside miles into the refrigerator to get out here and I wanna go back yes cereal and finished. You're paying in pennies yeah I think you have to show. Its. Our time. You got to take that pogo stick with the getting pennies we're at a pay for everything you're gonna. Or in my house you're gonna have to get a bunch of pennies every you know what you have to came monopolistic so at least you could motive in the trunk your car for you to the dealership but Sam like to make it made it and I know this is probably a pain in the ass but I do have cash here. And when you go to buy gas. Yeah you're gonna have to take a big old sack of rolled quarters and it Qwikster was it like to finish pay pennies I'd like to pre K count all of them know yet to have them are older Knowles and accept them loose like that I've tried. Guess we'll yeah rolled out to enroll as funded after all so it does it's different and find someone to roll them free for ivories like you're usually you know doing. Two floors. Can count now. You're gonna papers up with pennies over the pogo stick right. If the role. Quite what to fight page you. 300 million dollars. But you have to use the pogo stick. And I will say that oh at home you don't have to use it to voters to be here. But if you wanna go to the restroom here Gallup I was sick go to the restroom is an easy I've done get back on the post it to her downstairs there you don't powerless to open. 300 million dollars. Hog beast and a few guys you love money. Completely fog your vision. This is going to be a complete handicapped you are going to have uphold those ideas and in my home run you don't abusing her arm and I am a killer home mama spent about a hundred million dollar an hour and then you can retire because you're in the room. What is your game aren't so you saw these and hope I get severe flu Clayton Williams say that on changes so you say yes two of home one because I didn't think it through and obviously if you add three and a million dollars and have to go very many places you can order a lot of it. And I have to work on the mark killer poor let's save dad's let's say he's got to use that thousands have brought a million I'm Dagen. My first purchase is a killer also have to go anywhere for my second purchases some sort of engineer to create a killer posted that's really easy to use yet. Now yeah an army of assistance you know bring you through what every need you used on a pool Koreans. Models come over seven here comes I'd amend may get me I'm I had my ruled that if you into my house. While some lousy you gotta Jumbo stick to. And the models you're a hundred million dollar house right now. And everybody's got to jump monopolistic that's the rule. All right your girlfriend and your mother switch bodies and the only way to get them to switch back. Is to have sex. With your girlfriend using your mother's body. Do you do it rate is leave them. And I think how does leave I think I would just leave and lot then sorted out the side door which would you rather have sets you have to have such as to get to switch back. I got a section either one of them yeah. I mean I can't answer them this what I have to do to get him to switch back I have to do. No I usually don't that's fronts and I would leave let them let them deal with that out of the result I mean I feel bad ozone. Now I think about this your mom is going to end up in your girlfriends body granted but is Obama. I feel Mario's me I love my girlfriend that your mom's gonna end up in a psych ward some wires say no you gotta believe me. This is not mean. Why are you going to be a site Gordon because she's going to be saying this is a mile track to someone else's body I'm not. I'm guessing your girlfriend now she's suddenly trapped in a seven year old woman's body is just gonna be like well yeah I want my she's also than it runs while dad really valuable than your girlfriends got a mind. I would think if he's going to be trying to tell people tell me something happen to me I don't know what's going on. First of all I don't know why is leading this year because it doesn't matter we're sure it doesn't doesn't matter where you are I don't know if I you know my body's not nearly as great month. Got a decent life out here on the ocean things are well. What you do fairly trays and an owner happy you've done now Obama doesn't list anything your girlfriend suddenly is and sleeping with your dad. My dad's honestly we make no one ever talking to an end. That's amazing body not thought about that move but he's forgotten all of her the passwords for computers and phones and bank account as my mother my gonna be fun to represent your girlfriend and I know about my mother didn't get never pass right on the domain and you're just saying that you could fix this you could do you could fix this you have the remedy. But you're just I have to cure myself a look at the all you have to do is make a choice and at the time with them that's my but you're just leaving you just believing. Is leaving I'm trying to gear monitored and honest and good but yes. A journalist but at the scenario. You know you could help you can't just leave them both like I label malls. But all you have to do wanna I care. Because you just roll into people's lives why haven't I guess he's how pretty awesome. Pop your mom's life is pretty awesome. But this guy he also don't have any in any memories. Of what letter did this why Larry can't really say is up now she's talking to the body good. On why so when she goes to meet your friends they're gonna say hey what's going on something and I don't you. You're are you can't it's anywhere. Are you it's easy to say IMAP my house an easy what did you come over to energy music I don't know what they're really thought of you wait till the old ladies my mom things I was sees a much my girlfriend and drank. I. Want now have Purdue went. Yeah that's part eighth yeah. I'm saying you give your mom the fountain of youth. Awesome and your girlfriend. Or. In your room and a knife and may be your mother doesn't wanna live another fifty years maybe she'd rather spend your golden years with her husband whom she's been with. For the last sixty years and she's got a life I think Hillary maybe I went from the what should show up for its thumb LaMont can show up manipulate viewers not gonna believe this. But high on a wide gap might never be like with her puppet theaters led all profit from the that dude it's healed tomorrow he feels a hundred G about it tomorrow it's total woman he loves the last fifty years ago period. But actually does what every guy does when their contacts at age. I'll aren't there. Do you see just how every guy there's seven days and some lines judge like they're liable only younger and tourism. It's very normal. All right since you guys are not being realistic about this and not taking this seriously all changed the rules you have to change them back. Do you happen finger you have to make a choice. Do they know I'm doing it. Yet another chapter in the wrong body easy say look I got a sex is want you to did you guys switch back and a half Fiji's which backs so. I've chosen my. Because it's actually my girlfriend or I chosen my girlfriend. Even though my mom's gonna be seen me do this to my mom's gonna see where I'm like in bad. I. I I am familiar with tiger once. There are no straight for the cure here I don't think. If my shoes my girlfriend. When my mom's. Body and phase out its Sharon I have my mom spotting stage your girlfriend distracting her mom's body right OK but I'm choosing my girls are what my mom's via. Whatever you want a college there's all minder solely out there tonight. So girlfriends and but I am when I Roland I'm like oh I prefer to get 3-D. Like I don't know what I liken bad lied oh good okay mom right. Well obviously but here's. Knowing that when she looks at you when you look at our that's your mother right that's terror but usually you know I'm you had to do with her body and you see your guess the switch back you go seared in the next time. With her body I mean by you spared your mother from any of this she didn't have to be involved in this manner. Which is why I think you have to pick their girlfriend don't you. The girlfriend soul. The girlfriend mom's body you have to because we'll move that way you've saved your mom from this you why involve your mother in this. You're broken already has sex with you I presume. So well are you involved right she knows that she's and she knows the situation yes mr. Bob involving so there's no other bodies they are now that you son was. Up in the same why involve your mother in the sacks if you can avoid it if you don't have to do a studio saying the F. What your mother is doing now and you did a sexual her corpse right. A tough call a court's slow whatever. All of her hands. All of our physical being. Moms you know I'm sure he'll tell that right and you're going to be over the everybody's getting around Millard who knows that's not. No she's not an agenda here is don't be like hey I mean it wasn't really her inside there you did have sexually mother's body. Tough man but she's not gonna remember she didn't experience it she doesn't. C'mon. You have to go well I girlfriend's girlfriend's body. So you bring in your mother earned this you brought a lot of us are perfect episode now your mother now your mother. Has to walk into that room even though she knows this this is one of the only ways to fix the situation. They are saying you have to like go crazy in bed and more united path like I realize this. Just let you want to put her at. You can just say you can either write grants us up to me. If you're just they visit the area birds. I would hope you wouldn't do missionary you're gonna look in the -- the whole time you're doing well then the lights are wrong could start. Could argue it. But you have to see is this fun so everybody you have to how would you not. Realize that you can't look Ater. Apart but not a good look chatter that we're always on the night. This deluxe can make IRL I closed my eyes and just keep in February just did there and get out. So let's kind of go buck wild hopefully no I'm not I'm trying to make this. Not intimate beautiful as such your mother Bonnie no. I don't I don't obviously resented that and I don't think you know that's not the case and I've made a compelling case as to why unfortunately. We got to just so this is not an ideal situation but it's the situation wherein. As something has to be done about it there. So make a choice I did most every change you've changed a couple times where little or no choice now so girlfriends and I sex my girlfriend's body your mom. Now my girlfriend Bonnie right. Your mom suddenly looks like your girlfriend all of a sudden. You're worried about what since profit at the cricket with the with the I don't know what's inside there will ever a but if you're like a warrior on the personality or simpler to understand the points. I'm worried that these moments ago over Sharif does he's like Nathan Lane and run our time. And then when they switched bodies back and you go how lot of Brazilians have. No me go over Thanksgiving dinner she knows. You both know. Yes sacks. Chino who's where and that's such but it wasn't her body move your body but it was. When sex is the physical is yeah let's hope she's the one is your feeling it and living it and not moment she is the one. Your girlfriends trap another wrote in a different body because he did I OK little low command. So is Reagan easy road to all of them. So now we're back birdies so concept I Summers and on a regular trial mean if you want to be sure eccentric. Three shows a final answer that way everybody is just equally uncomfortable via. Yeah your own it together. And he's so I had to do it I can't as Leo. You can't just leave me how to fix it Daschle's exit because I thought you would want to fix it. Because I thought maybe be a decent person and wanna help this person now. How about your girlfriend how about your mother. And you votes just said. Want to get as far as I'm I'll leave town of bulls just leave town. Would you be fine if suddenly you wearing your dad's body all of sudden right now yeah now now okay. And what if you're nervous and I could fix this button. I'm out here I brought really again know. And leave but but but but but she could just have sex with a little boy you wooten. You know who you just don't. I can't explain this. I know why is that and our fathers out there but just go. If you think handing failed to have the sheet in now with the whole. Like sound like it's not like some of the city. Does that are due to lose dude I don't know. You're really wrote in the spirit with traffic. But yes that did cross my mind but hold on I'm just curious you're saying that if you switched places Liza with your dad. And your girlfriend could correct this by having sex with my view either puzzles body. I would say and then just leave. Because you got a couple good things here like a couple of things happen your bag it's like Desiree young again without Agent Orange pride and really happy news you know the largest identity for a Psycho and that's why guys alluded to the goods on. Put it. I I understand that that's a noble nice thing to say region data mean diseases society Katie supposed to he wouldn't want you to die before him no parent wants to outlive their child nobody would be his choice. And ogle men don't have thought. So what about your kids' futures he gets a brazen now but that's it there. You just in my bonnet yeah there you don't get to see going to towards watched him grow up and of course are being. Problematic this is a perfect situation right. And it could have been fixed by just. Telling your girlfriend have sex with one another on the growth won't have sex with I don't want body was his dad's hole I asked him which would you rather have gone either way your dad. Your girlfriend or your body. As if it. I and I brought wait like your dad do watt. Do you bring your dad is which yes all eyes are a little alleged abduction or not they have the option. Right if you did you can tell your girlfriend being this old man the inside a bit. Or bang the body used to go my dad's side of it right. Oh don't know maybe. I don't know how to fit to accept if you can't handle one outlet even now you are giving something to handle. Boomer you're not a given you know do you see scary and beautifully it's he gets the experience. Young girl right. And you see experience and now you you have to take that choice some cons right and that's he is no losers in that situation I guess maybe dad when he's back in his. Aging body but he's got that memory you can't take that away from him right now. I think that's a yeah they beard. To have looking down seeing your bodies and you know like looking now seeing what you're working with and when I guess it's going to be pretty reared her your girlfriend senior mom's body too in that scenario but yeah the point is we're trying to fix it. Why it is also leave just in it boasts an there is he's is gone he's just relief well he's out of there. And he's just gonna let them fend for themselves and they're just confused they have no idea outing got trapped by zones gonna believes I. Don't know how they attracted any of their well so I just told geo. I'm god. In this situation and I did this I told you how to fix it and it does not happen I did it eight years saying I'm out all the attacks on Israel will be levels that these girlfriends that. What. Yes I understand I was terrible but why should reverse again using what you why would you leave. Both have been your growth and your mother why would you leave and I see you wouldn't want that happens that's why I reversed its yes. So. Agreed. What you like your girlfriend. You what you dead. At such as your girlfriend. In your body. Thought after him. If you want them to go back if you want us would why do you wanna beat media and live from Florida so badly and just abandon everything I do you want that I'm just say this seems like them all the options us about strong book. Is that the fastball and well dad had a mutual my mother doesn't really care live much. Peter bill in Florida on the beach also I know my dad's you know kind of sucks from now also I can take that heat for a my word yeah. And the biggest it'll live his life but that's the whole point of bobs that he. Already had his forties and now you get down I understand the circle of life rights. I doesn't seem like to do is now you're saying you wanna go sailing or strange you give image you've got a good changes your kid or something that he's Benjamin button. I if I could change that I wouldn't. And I said. You could change this scenario. You could it. Just slot your girlfriend have sex with what appears to be you but is actually your father and then he gets experience. And you get to go back and raise your kids and I don't want to hide your. Yeah. Didn't he just. Doesn't want to do is just huge just would prefer to the CNN's I'm sorry I don't start dominance of the I want to be done but you would prefer should be. Some pain he captain limiting your mobility to the net. If Oregon moved down here right now yesterday. Inaction and you learns you'll never get to raise your the only day I go about Ras I he's got a comedian talk to you aren't. Sure. It's on fast thanks for listening to today's show before you go please remember to subscribe to rate and leave us a review we really do appreciate it.