Tuesday, 09.12.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, September 12th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Football returns
    • Apple Event
    • Hot dog vendor at Berkeley
    • Afertmath of Irma
  • 26:15 - Ted Cruz looks at porn on Twitter and James Woods is a hypocrite
  • 48:30 - The guys have no idea if Lazlo can get into the U2 show tonight

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The righteous man. On all sides. The selfish. To remind you evil men. Values dark. Was strident tone of the. Hi hey. Mario I'm good how are you I'm grange. Sorry about the late start yeah. The problem and they decide to come in. Such a more precise fix the board. Three. Sure they thought they could get it done. We were. It's in our history shows smoke regular to go along. Well I signed challenge wherever. Now yeah. On time anyway so it's fine. I do our special when they weren't. July from June. We can house. Briscoe Manning a volume. You could. Relax and out. Saying all right it's. I. You guys didn't take too many days off for suck ass and uploading podcast. I've had to resort to listening to 933 for a talk show. Elizabeth look a little little room just for you man. So okay. I'll be on the new station. I think I know why you guys have bad ratings you rarely ever have a full week of podcasts. And that's not how this works my best and I any if this works we might have better range we never had podcasts. And only count the loan forgiveness. And I don't know if I'm allowed to explain yeah. No matter but I appreciate the insight. I'm take and your advice. Under notice I'm gonna look into. We. Everything is nice and here now. Nice and new. New buttons. Whose words. It's a way. Doesn't know somebody. Proud you. Guessed she is seeded. I mean yeah yeah. Jim yeah. I'm hanging it. Look I was fine. Yeah yeah stranger things sung better. So I histories BC anchors and feel like you've. Guys bowling green is that there since it got really good reviews I understand how dishonest feeder which. I love how mad do not change nothing. Grace. I enjoy your passion it's like they signed up for subscription. And the services available oh yeah right. Man this is free. So enjoyable weekend. I. And I apologize to you and everybody else or take a Monday that was on the line. Guy from now on will submit my vacation requests schedules not only to my boss. But to attack side as well you can either true or tonight. We brought in Bridgetown and I expect you whenever you call in sick or take a vacation the senate to make. We did as an American. Take today off it was disrespectful to the troops. On 9/11 on 9/11 Africa I was in New York City on 9/11 Dick had shown respect you know that. The I was in TriBeCa. When Jay-Z engineer right next to the freedoms our Freedom Tower I saw that night lit up. It is for our Freedom Tower. I love us Marines and on my peach assumption. And every corner of New York City. So you get to watch. Football. I was unless I saw an and Denver game yeah me and no link the second half of the Denver again. I was young lady here arrive. You know site right. And so then when you're even an out there and our further among one of the palace football on it snow of the saints run yeah into they did that whole. Ice the kicker thing within. That their new kicker and I hate to be that guy. As it came down to the end of the game it was a three point game the charges came back and and chatting and almost had detained. It's fourth down with five seconds to go and here comes young lady who. South Korea and came to the United States must. Being in the sixth praying. This time around it's good but it's a little Paul before. Okay man. Coaches want will leave with the way. Forty sport it's what you. So I don't want either team to win so but. It's pretty fun. So it's an exciting game that was bad. No wins mounds by the way the first female. Natasha finals she's done a lot of college games Prius and insists he may recognize your voice I knew who's the guy that they said have a break down on the sidelines and works for ES PNC then on to mouth I didn't actually see this for you I don't know what happens to own the you guys. Watson now on the main. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado. OK but I wasn't as bad as it could have been blowing people are saying there's no way this actually works Trieste in a seemingly had a meltdown. Okay he got nervous. I thought I could have been a lot worse. He got through it. The big news is today. Which is really just at the last couple hours and apple have their Big Ten year term plan to try ten year iphone's. Announcement. And everything a lot of stuff at least you know in the last couple of weeks. And IOS eleven who leads in this it was a well maybe this is apple so does apple does stuff on purpose to get misinformation out there but. Everything that's. People that kind of predicted was partners and I found eight and made us frank. They look a lot like the iPhone seven took the all glass. And then we were skipping the ninth there is an iPhone acts but it's not an iPhone next. Tonight on ten. This is iphones. It is the biggest leap floored since the original iPhone. And just like people predicted it's gonna cost 999. Dollars be the most expensive. There's an awesome iPhone yet they say it's awesome like hearing hearing you believe them. We'll let it what did you hear two words. Stop working. If you're an injured person I guess you think it's. Socks your iPhone and I guess you're excited because people online who were Andretti was in a statement just Samsung phone for more money little less features and so there's no home button anymore. It just swipe it yeah. Uses. Facial recognition and I that govern the home button is obviously still water and dust resistant and Noel ED screen which they had predicted an edge to edge display. Now looks fancy resort you can make take four K video respecting get a better picture. He's very violent Sharon. 999 dollars. I just to the payment famers Ernie your delivery and get right now. Windows and using comes selling orders on the fifteenth on the fifteenth OK so any music comes out like what we can. We persona to the announce. And then like I said the eight. He looks like the seventh only it's all blacks. So there you go. Oh they also announced. They're gonna do. Over what's if you don't watch the watch is going to have wireless and announced we don't have to be connected to Bluetooth on around noon is that they were saying I don't have an apple launch wasn't that that was the first piazza said that apple watches the best selling watch rip in the they set up outsells Rolex initial list. I'm excited to be there. And apple TV now has four okay and they're gonna stream stuff you know kind of like its. PlayStation if you were a slingbox from those things you can be a strength. Like their own judicial. Notice did not say apple TV trial goes right. I don't know making their own Smart TVs out retooling your house Samsung does a lot of people thought the days. Mike do that some Nuba yeah makes cents. Come home and have a great big. Four KTV. That looked like your iPhone was easy to use like that man I've said before us and they made. I package down night for you put to an agrarian soul and you get a call our. 200 grand did you make payments on like this is averaging an eight man so here's here. Apple all appliances your apple TV here apple car that's a bargain if we're talking boy you don't write an interview of the fracture anything else you can own this house and have everything furnished there you don't know. This out life and I've started a program run a nation and one of those. People Southern California we take a weekend off and comment. Will be the first person in the high end line. The official dogma apple car and I saw last week commute before that. There were some you know they get a lot of information by agency requests for patent system specimen. And one of them was sitting at some point apple had thought about replacing wheels. On the car. With its. You don't like or instead of just you yeah yeah. Rather they did that. I guess. I love the idea of the car. Well I can just do heroin almighty and pour myself in the vaccine really take me no metal car. Yes cent of this seems like you may have had too much drinks might. Willie Mae. Let's get out here speaking apparently I drive my my ex girlfriends have to look at. God damn that is likely I don't know just a bad I think it's about I didn't do it against us. She seems to notice the her husband's giving the chip. Shot from just take me. Some homeless or know how much the apple products arsenal communion after ringtone Nemo an image and make you funny human deaths since you're right you're just make payments here. Yeah I don't think I've ever teed off. I think it paid off the last. Or three thumbs I just say. Re not even notice. Like ten or fifteen bucks a month or something and parents should be given new these silent June of next year she. So now you have to decide laws are you gonna dead. Being. Apple TV. Or are you going to die easy. Xbox one acts. When it comes out. I guess she get a boat you can run your apple TV your new apple TV through your Xbox one acts and UC. It's just another Xbox confidence everything's in its may forecast. Lot of choices. I am kind of excited about Oprah Show me for getting so much. So I don't think she's just yeah. I love that idea. Did you guys watch video play Matchbox Twenty god damage certainly. Yeah do the moonwalk. You watch. On your subscription. So yeah. Times. The rescue. Guess what's at video of UC Berkeley county who it was it's. I mean the money from the vendor walks and I was and it's just a lot of people off feel puzzles and now. All right well. Russia Iceland who have watched sisters. Campus officer UC Berkeley who was confiscating money from a vendor hot dog vendor because as he didn't have the problems are just taking the money out of his wallet and someone's only multi. It's. Pardon my. Good drinking jumpers on the football game penalty given a 109. Earning a living. Ceremony occasionally. Lot of our non border battle not a guarantee people drinking in public. QB. My review policy. Journalist I'm doing and I'm human you know you all slowdown hit you'll and under features and you see drinking in public and armored man gets his money taken away and a take. All right let's go to. You right now and then you right all right so. There's an investigation has been opens to look into what the officer did find out if that was what he was a lot of soul that's actually not sure yeah. So those in the action didn't have the right to do that in this instance. I just saw today over 54000. Dollars has been raised. Burnett fender after the real viral 54000. Dollars petition for the cow get fired us. Over a 100000 signatures. I do you see that and so they are opening the investigation and I saw this morning at 54 that over 54000 dollars has now been raised defender. So. You go to the go fun Nancy. Yeah we're 60081. Dollars now pinnacle of 101000 dollars. Thank you well and young. Anderson left. And how are your parents and they survived hurricane. Her mom and I hate to lose power. Governor C 60% of the State's Samantha Power. Dominant Austin's name you know. So do like they were sending power crews from here locally to go down to Florida city workers from all of the country get down and help them get back. A line. I don't know it's still a 60% but I saw but this morning news governor since they. 60% of the state was without power. How much is now out of Florida and what remains of her is marching north. In her wake she's left a path of devastation and so many homes without power. In Jacksonville in northern Florida record breaking flooding in the city's mayor offering this advice. And I would remind folks to put a way white flag or something that represents a white flag. We need to get you out that's the mayor Jackson. I miss you lived in Jacksonville Missouri lake there or something. So the flooded they were I was watching home videos and this relates to be known as is all flooded but. The mayor of Jacksonville telling people if you need help the white flag house that we know to come get. Goes Amanda I didn't know it was that bad there either of us on this morning. I don't more than leakage. I personal media without delay I saw read about the flooding the home video that I watched it posted on this news or older. The guy was saying this is where the lake used to be over here. Now the waters everywhere. Downtown was flooded. Is there another hurricane. On the way I saw something this morning says. There could be another hurricane and there's another hurricane coming we knew about tended to right. We knew about Jose. There's another one and a golf strike me I guess there's some of their own troubles. You turn it is. There was one other we talk and. Fascinating stuff stuff you know our property values sausages and who knows. He roof everybody's everybody's gonna wanna live here now because it's safe. Enough hurricanes. Where Michael Hirsh home when's the last minute micro burst I was a kid a little. Does actually met your mother you a lot of not only did. Town. And let's look Hydro burns well why not let your moms tell my story teller its root it's not a micro Bradstreet felt I was like oh man. It was a man burst. Michael. Reach. I. Those sales micro burst yeah no wind blows just somebody's house and they go then just. And independents who are making math in the bathroom and people like I'll look. House blew up the site okay. Where the roots go in micro burst. Where wire eyebrows reflector yeah. He's crazy. And what strategy at June two mini and micro burst Santiago. Conte OK so that's the other day we can't judge Jose now there's another some tropical storm that entered into hurricane. Pulled out right out of Lance. I heard someone say that Lawrence. He said there was another one. Look at just a big George street guy street Columbus. It was like right after Donald Trump shows no global warming I mean let mother nature hold my tools. Hope my luck okay. I. Yeah I forgot alone true. I heard that name and while. I did hear Mitt Romney's gonna run for senate. Don't know. Is that soon. He when you saw morning. My brother. There's reflects. Strong and and as. It's dangerous assignment yeah these are scared of them Simoneau these pictures. President who we don't see it and I am my phones and firm run and you do us taxpayers so many times. So I finally Clemens plans you can mean looking you're sure you know he doesn't seem you just shows me pictures of his motorcycle under par. It's no. The other. Contacts as I said Jesus what's going on are you okay musically AM totally fine discovered and no big deal originally told. How are you okay things you know tow truck came and all the like government and our history you know he's a Dodgers moved forward. So I heard I heard his brakes no way. Sharon. Just very very scary. You talk your sister. Violet talked yet. As an active movement I was sitting there watching Leno is thinking about siblings and on and it you know. Some. I felt weird coincidences and I'd just been thinking about how to talk to my siblings enough and sending us pictures like environments. So you know. All your. So it's. Call your siblings. If you have siblings. Older siblings where you know. Do you wish your little brother and Jerry shed a little brother and sister. Ever wish had a Big Brother. When you're never bogey coolest dad brother device cigarettes and beer and stuff like that. I haven't thought about it I just grew among family and I never wanted anything you wanna I mean don't you want to follow how much older is your sister than you. Seven inch OK I thought it was as you can by Libya. I thought it was more than Alex you're almost kind of an only child to choose and how's it. And stuck on you had a sister in the strength to. Two sisters every show Rosen yeah that you knew generally should. We know that. Guarantees that yeah. I'm a little fall far from the tree. Man living there and shoot fewer homeless. I don't know you that's basically. This is all about. Really if you break it down that's what siblings are people who keep you from being homeless. What's your parents or not. Right that's it it's your friends hey you you got no one else you always have your Simmons you're an only child I don't know what the hell you do. I don't know what happens then what happens then if you. Is what you're an only child your parents are gone homeless you have to be you have to really really really nurture those relationships with your friends. If you can (%expletive) is simply not there are special and helping out maybe a well yeah I mean maybe you can really really got a following now. On what do you think it was a case yeah. Able Kansas City what do you think their Brothers and sisters and aunts and we've given up on them for drug addiction and they go yeah see times and sometimes it might not have families and worse they just. And everybody's circumstance is different you would goods beautiful music you don't have to worry about as simple as that taken you under my wing. Thank you. No you welcoming me anytime soon. People say I mean to him but. Newman on the air I mean. Okay. I hi how are you confident are you never been better. All right so Ted Cruz hears you and I like porno. Woke up Tuesday to find his name training on Twitter linked overnight to a certain video from the Milf hunters series. No fun turn. The clip itself is just over two minutes details of its contents. Mostly unimportant. Or sorry unprintable this is the Washington Post I'd like to. Well Larry you know as a surgeon video. But those who have seen it it features the sectional sofa. Shine as a modern say it's nice pornographic actress and Corey chased her through investments century modern right there are fictitious new stepdaughter. And a very energetic young man in promoting cruise. He's not in the footage of course is nothing to do with it. The clip has been on the Internet for more than a year but around midnight eastern time. Last night someone signed in. To the senator's official Twitter account from bank clicked the little heart below the video so viewers looking at porno on Twitter I haven't done this before I feel all like to maybe I'd just sort of porno sites. I have I don't look at porn on Twitter do you look at par on Twitter. You do aria that was the first thing that I found really useful for Twitter like. Following all the porn stars and stuff and and oppose that I was going to videos of themselves and only reason these Tumblr TO. And a you know on your phone it's a lot easier than. Since like you know iPhone isn't allowed is no porn hub apt to get to go to the website to write them but if you're on like cut Tumblr or Twitter. You can just scroll right tool and look at. So I'm guessing now hold on to say he says there official response was. Because there were reporters waiting outside the capitol. This morning to talk to about it. Are the quote was it was a staffing issue and it was inadvertent I'll side it was a mistake. He said a number of people in his office have access to the accounts from. Lo and he. With strong throwing actually thought you know you never looked at porn on I really had like I don't know I'm not a morning in fact I look at port I just don't ever think to do it on politically you've. Accidentally hit the harder on things of course strolling through a rush and I never been in this particular reporter wrote thing what was it called. Sexual. Some them. Where is sexual put somebody else's tax summary Texas now assuming it up to the milk I don't sort of wife ex. Now she Canada us in. July should flatter her. But it's if you go to. The Twitter which don't. Unless your image. And even if you're of age if you're easily offended by pornography down. And on the point of this story bam bam is that no one's easily offended by pornography. They just say they are but everyone looks at it. And everyone looks at Cornell and everyone master makes. Ted Cruz the Pope. Doesn't matter this. They at all touch themselves. This Twitter feed looks like. It's like being on top Obama and Osama bin Laden was in his thing master random porno magazines and pictures are Condoleezza Rice. And death we've all got our things from council or other. A total pictures or Condoleezza Rice and heroes. Super excited about it. A Jimmy Kimmel said well done act Ted crews using the power of like to illustrate the evils of porn. Hash tag winner. It's because that's at you know I wonder Jimmy Kimmel. So on Twitter now right if you follow someone. And they like something. It'll show you things that they like writing I don't know. I don't notice I don't mind but I wonder if it's because I've followed too many people right. But some analysts telling me that if you followed two different accounts. They don't tell fuselage yen name and or YouTube is in Gaza someone like senator Carol tell you. I've never seen mine do that. I'm not can be successful team. Some people say it was a big deal there is really no big deal letting don't support it doesn't bother me with the exception of the fact that. Now he tells everybody else what to do. It's just saying so when Rush Limbaugh is now preaching. You know and drug offenders need to be thrown in prison riot and family values family values family values and he gets caught. Doctor shopping for drugs you like this hypocrite. When Ted down Ted values when Ted Cruz. Does the same thing any talks about knowledge of the moral decay of society any rails against all these things. And then he's watching porn now that's a problem it's up soccer CO museum saying. The hypocrisy of it so. If you found out that. Slim fast rose doctor shopping and I was watching porn now you and be shocked nor would you be upset. Because. We already tell you I would like my stuff. Where were coming to a promise of I came in on it every day. And talked about. To do okay. Ended. Of the American society and in them that I was out. Raged as to where we're headed in these types of things. Well. And I don't think that had crews. I don't know maybe does. Do you think yes staffers who have access to log into his account and midnight. Without him no well he might have people have his other words I am not nobody's logging in to Ted and if you work for Ted Cruz. You're not logging in on his account and I'm looking at formally nominate bill. Ryan log in our bosses account and scroll through doors that just doesn't and Doug is not true doesn't happen it's ridiculous. Although let's be honest. If Donald Trump that are on accident would you be that surprise. If you like to porn video or something from his account poll Coca. But he'd I don't feel like he's saying we should love sex. I'm just saying if he did anything al-Qaeda or whatever it is if you like Sierra would. Putin poster something. From his account. I understand that you should not use a what you're saying is if if you are staffer you had access to take cruises account you know better than a look at porn. Hats on that can you be very care feel accidentally hit a like button. Like earlier someone here at work said. Was time historian Allan a look at some one on FaceBook as an OK but don't accidentally hit any like bombarded by now. So I do what you're saying although. With some of these politicians I don't know. Maybe they've got staffers who. And nobody logs and none of their bosses account and looks at poll no no I don't think so either but he shouldn't be looking at porn on the Ted Cruz county should. Abbott throw away counterparts and of course users such summit would find it. I mean I do I do feel for him. In the sense that new domain he can't look at porno anywhere. Because he's gonna get caught but I don't feel for mentally such a hypocrite about sexuality. Ryan. So forget them I don't feel bad at all initial blow over. Penalty fine. And insulin pills still talk about you know. How home. I don't know gay marriage and gays sexism. A decline of western civilization and you know we need him to save us and then an item normal master bedroom. Won't woman masturbating too were stepson having sexual another woman well fictitious out so well I mean that's what it is such above video is. You they don't so. Speaking of bush speaking of Twitter tempore. And morally okay. You see this James Woods story now you know James Woods is like hockey crazy conservative wind bag right in if you do you farm on Twitter death. It's. It's not so. But there's a new movie I don't know if it's a new movie I think it's a new movie called. Call me by your name. Have you heard this movie called me by or named Noam and uninteresting and it is a coming of age story about a seventeen year old. Who falls in love with the 24 year old house guest okay this is a little. Com. Snippet of the trailer okay. So what you do run free books. Transparent music. So let's river road and made some strong crime later right so then there's little clip of it you know needle it's not really so much about the movie. But it's seventeen year old Carrick was 317 year old boy whose final of the 24 year old house guests okay okay James Woods. Took a what's popular coin homophobic statements. On the age gap. Comparing it to rule about a Felger Qaeda and gamble now army hammer. Responded. And sort of couple other people so here's the original. Tweet someone and Aaron this guy is. Tweet it out 24 year old man seventeen year old boy stop and then he had a link to. A story about the movie called me by your name right James Woods responds to that tweet or you know quote tweets it and says. As they quietly chip away at the last barriers of decency. Hash tag nimble. I kind of there's James Woods tweet right there and then he quote we today this Chad Felix guys in 24 year old man seventeen year old boy stuff. So James Woods puts a hash tag and amble up there and says that are quietly chipping away the last speakers decency. Army hammer. Response to him and says didn't you date a nineteen year old in your sixty. Tar twit Twitter loves this right no army Hammond actor. And Armon and they. Tour loves this they start saying you know. Hammered just killed James Woods almighty god should have given mr. woods adds up to make sure I he had his life alert his hand before that route was burnt all the stuff. Right here's the story. I didn't know this phenomenon surprised James would. Brooke James Woods broke up with his child I mean girlfriends this is how he emphasizing your James Wood 66 is no longer dating his girlfriend. Ashley Madison 26 they began dating when she was nineteen and he keeps Amy began dec dating issues 1980 engaged his arm which is nineteen serve pretty extra emphasis. But I can't even she's the daughter of one of his friends I'm guessing that friendship dissolves pretty quickly. OK so. You got that story okay as woods stated his friend's daughter in his right data when she was nineteen he was sixty. Well amber Hamlet you know she is now Google imagery on the hour it's the she's the girl from on my camping and Arrested Development. She was in I mean she's been in a few things shoes like Cedar Rapids and did you ever watch rested development. Now unconscious. Okay. So she chimes and and set us. James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once. He wanted to take this to Vegas quote I'm sixteen I said quote even better he sent her a now you look man put that out there on Twitter. She's fly she's not making that up and she's. You know. Relatives say backdoor. I don't think you say anything back here. Machine I've followed this whole time and through on Twitter and I didn't see that he ever responded. You know he had to had to feel like. Why did I start this. Okay. Why. Again he was James Woods was taking issue with this movie. Portraying a 24 year old. Male character final with a seventeen year old male character of people is Sanyo is. Homophobic because. Clearly he's not worried about. Age gaps now you can also say you can. An early voice call that a lie. Which parts what Amber's Hamlin car right right. And then she show you calling me a liar James this is now far from all I can see this as she said. You calling me a liar James this is now far from over and that I can promise. I feel like if you are Noah sounded dumb to say if you're gonna go into criticisms of future that's ridiculous but what I meant was. If she is an actor is going to accuse him some like that. Of that encounter. It's not the kind of thing you just want to make up. Because if she did just make it up there's a good chance. My home runs and try and sewer. Since I know people should also traction there since I know people. Actors it's he. Or she says since I know people love the question integrity and honesty of women. When they come far was stories like this here you go innocent text message. She shows a text message from her as someone else's who's your Marilyn James Woods and his friends tried to pick us up at Mel's diner when we retains. And then the first responded damn totally forgot about that what made you think about. I'll see that okay totally miss that. So this is someone in her Vonage is going Billy. And should. Grab the screen shot of. And then. Front seat Don Cheadle Kama creepy old dude. It's an. They went down arms and I'd lay under a train for the brave queen that is an amber camera but I would not Lander James Woods. It's like the Bill Maher segment you know I don't know it and then James to a responded when she sent out when my enemies you he's responded proof. And that apparently was his last response. But. He I just feel like you did I just have a feeling. Of course you do lucky we know that he date of the nineteen year old when he was sixty. It was his friend's daughter. Mean I'd I'd that's the story right he's not denying that that happened there they're linking to and articles about that. And like you said she's a public figure and she's accusing him of trying to add on her and she's using quotes. She says hey I'm sixteen and he says even better. What do you think about a 24 year old and the seventeen Euro falls in love. A 24 year old. And a seventeen year old. What stage concerned. Well it looks like I think I'm seeing this movie from the trailer looks like that are somewhere in Europe. So let's show a slight foreign seventeen and cements our apartment. Now it's just teacher at a school only if someone using an error influence or power upon them of that and brought that up because we've. Talk about that in the past but let say name writers are no Asian influence about how. How about what is the moon I don't know what if you graduated from high school and went to college or you're seventeen you're about to turn eighteen meter guy or being a girl a parting and here in the same school. And a persons older than humans still a lot in common not just doesn't seem and then take that you know. Thirty years forward and you know. Your dad being seven years old and your mom is I don't think a ridiculous thing in this country. All right roll a seven year age difference is in a big deal right. Now seventeen intended. I don't younger guys are right let's see if it follows the article are choice that I invite to. And then and seven and so in nineteen is but the formula says virtually for Euro. But it here it's seventeen is age of consent. And lynchings was was freaking out because it's two dudes write about some problem that's what he's freaking out about that's like with the hash tag gamble on. The prime watch disorder that's also why the movie made a person seventeen. When I mean what's wedeman. I read a person's a movie right out and Ahmed Osama Booker supplement whoever did amend a person seventeen because of dementia more intriguing write the story about our right. Pedroia more rural apparently been isn't always right. And an age thing but it has a hole ID is different than if it was a a twelve year old. And a 24 your eye but they guys I'm here but they also led to seventeen par they could've easily the character eighteen and there's not had any sort of controversy about the agent just about two boards. Right to remain silent angels a little bit and it exactly right what. Is this acceptable but right that's all point in this as far as summer two boys except that. Acceptable and then they put the age thing in their two even. Right made it a little bit hard to decipher. As to whether you approve or. Well. I watched the trailer. There was some mom. Touching them. And some. Some romance. Assume that the actors probably. Eighteen. Maybe not that ironic it is. Watch nothing. And sing it like to know I'm just saying it was. You know you've talked about before. At the grocery store earn. There's you know two old guys and try and there. Kissing each other on the cheek and Sean PDA and you go wow. IA. And pro gay rights in every. All matter I just told the London that. I'm pro game you do whatever you want sexually do you want but I'm the only thing I ever found shocking in my life as well and in Key West. There's like 27 year old there is retired. I thought all. Blight you love each other. Like there's more time I get that right because I'm a guy thing is I just as some sort Yamaichi super tragedy here and I'm young and I'm often. We often have drank some and have their own. Slash but I didn't realize like oh you're gonna lead to higher together in Kabul and now and good for you I'm glad that you are. But that was you know I don't know seventeen years ago my life and it was postings or is kind of eye opening now you see it right now it's kinda more normal. But back then that was won't sales and I want to. I think it's kind of that feeling because I did that guy does look older than they other than that initials are B seventeen obviously. As long enough. Romance. Oh wait so James what this is James what's responded army hammer tip. Did he. And I must have deleted that. And what do you think she means when she says. Are you colonial wire. He said the first one is it's illegal which is talking about the so this Arnold designed to see this on his funeral you to get Downey said the first. Is illegal time at the age difference and he said the sack can't. There's a line talking about her I'm guessing right okay. So and then she sent that screen shot. And so in what your rights as I know a lot of people here quest integrity honesty of women when they come forward with stories like this here you don't you sent a strange. But you read that tweet that said. She said something about are you calling me a liar and a tree wanna do that so it's far from over far from over. So. Who knows what shares. I James what he says a huge factor that's that's a rumor that's what he's known for right up. Biggest penis in Hollywood. That's not a bad rumor. Going around about now. Although. Just say be a good thing to start but I don't feel like that's a kind of thing you can start and sustain. If you don't because someone's gonna put into it yeah. And messages. Lay low. Someone put an end to a unless it's true. Anyway James Jordan doesn't semi seven. Am I didn't really get another should YouTube thing night. I don't know what the hell. I have to get some bright but until he's judged on any credit card what do I saw that thing on fox for. They said it. You have to have the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets with fuel. I mean that's you guys watch some video right is that what sounded like you. Is to prevent people from sell and take tickets. Owners stand. Debuts in examples some mom who's spent like 700 dollars on Bruno Mars taken spurn arcade and and they get there and they told these are real tickets. You got duped. So. Apparently had a I have real sentence I still leave my credit carbonneau make any sense I have real targets in the in the auditing should make it sound like you take it is the credit card not actually think you should stay GL one girl seasonal even if you bring that take it. They take it is really your credit piracy but it gets my accuracy is what she was saying I don't know because I've never. Are paid for tickets anything in my mind as. Yeah McKenna I he used these students. Because I don't pay for a minute I text her friend who works Ernie said he doesn't know either. Someone asked than a solo Texan and like people have to answer. Because if you bottom freer what are my buddies are gift for someone writing. They went with there wives you know whatever maybe. And I wanted to give this new page to someone but then I'd have to go and win them at the same time a new restaurants are just there should be some sort of warning that says warning you'll need to use. So maybe those tickets are different. Maybe does take its. Are they say yes. And other people I don't know. Much well that like that girl was saying that her tickets went actually tickets or tickets are like a receipt I don't know she's right now a vigorous and when they were talking to on line there yeah. But there are credit card is really what they're using to prove that she bought the tickets. Maybe those are different tickets and Reagan had thankfully but I benefits shows him actually in some of the ticket they asked for your credit card that's theirs and that's kind of a tomb and they put in this machine almost like good chip breeder. And so is located deferred you know one ticket and what you Latin. You always want to I didn't pay for my credit card. And wanna I wanna give these tickets to somebody else so our co worker. Who works next door I saw him earlier he was asking about the show tonight. And I was asking him about this to get things and did you see this thing on the news about the taste this again you've got to bring your credit cards so he knew about it. So you gotta have the credit card for all the tickets you can only buy four tickets for credit card is something. Which is exactly what the settlement segment. Is anyone on the Tex lines saying. Yeah so Alicia Russia is broke it doesn't matter Theresa is on the website is says you can change the chicken owner. I don't put yet you continue to go on only bad for the Phish tickets were too you have to transfer and so I ended up selling to a mind. Glad to go on the satellite actually transfer into this person's credit card. Boy had a putting their credit card I don't like send it to this person they could put the tickets on their credit card. I give coach saying so whoever. Credit where credit card is used to buy the tickets they have to give permission to put her under different with an online market place I go on sale the sales of tickets they buy them. And I transpired wanna bodies I know you waited an hour ago I have a my goddamn now wanna pay Vaughn I think we've got to do. His get out of the purpose of someone buying component get the personality does blocked them OK I would play way to today so I thought did not know. Seems like is going to be attic. What happens Tyler what happens. I think we need to do is have the person that paid for them. Like tranche of them on the kind of app or something deal. And you are among your credit card. How well among my credit card and are gonna pay for I mean in my clinic Arabic charger there goes and files have been there and it won't charge at all like Ortiz Cheney didn't charge related just changes associated those tickets with the different credit card number he allowed that. To transfer. Once. Shouted. Well you have to do any of that or not. I can tell this person. To treasuries to my credit card I think. Now someone saying like I want to cold play and in pavement exit if our guest is different this this news story out fox for were saying like. U2 is doing this and it's this new thing and will more bands maybe they should follow one. So conducted on when this were to do this once again another Barrett's office. Com. I don't know I mean I'm an order star John explain this to someone. I think you have to go to will call and talk to them they're saying and that news story that at least that girl who out and you know she was an expert she was just someone standing in line do you remember. I think my business standing in line. But you're relaxed she did she was saying that floor can be some of the horse for ticketmaster's IA I think she aren't marker whatever your boyfriend. But she was saying your ticket is really just a receipt your credit card is the ticket you need the credit card to get him. The credit cards used to pay. That's what used to get there. I don't know if that's sure enough in this is a smoker and I and is concerned. Call the box office. That's a good idea call era had box office while we're sitting here are trying to do is out and say OK yeah we're I have to do. Well someone's calling me now. With. Hell out. There's C I would think that if you. When you go to buy them at this is if you have to have the credit card it would say. Morning. You're via. But when the proposal to place. Was this has always been the case is only just for me show what had to have been right they could just say that when I was gonna Mario is it. That rumor doesn't do that was on all I'm saying good and they do that after the brutal more sponsors it was that much time. Now there is using that as an example of why you choose doing that this is an arrowhead. This is our mark forever mark but he say it fan experience plus customer service are on the call. I don't understand what I have to pay for parking. Is if you pay for parking ending in there and you can't get into the show and her partner. And kind of bring cash don't mind. Don't have cash the unemployment part of part I think you have cash rate billion to have cash department. I'm always thought that I was not in debt and cash. So person's emotional trauma box office manager. Okay. Do lot. I don't know large finest you know I have tickets and I'm dawn on taxes on them throughout a renowned. I'm take as a zones and you know it's not my credit cards of us here you. Understands more than both of us. I just watched that thing on fox for Gabby easily go from grass explain bill's first. They said that you that you're tickets aren't enough to give UN you need the credit card that you used to purchase tickets to get it that's the way I understood the story. You wash it too I showed it to you is not what sounded like me now. Okay here's the story this is according to fox for Casey dot com. Every time there's a concert seems as someone who simply falls victim this gamers it's hard to forget the story UK's told about that. For you to an order to get the ticket concert goers must have the credit card and I. Quote the way our lives forty dollars cash law. Call it the way you two is handling their ticket needs to be copied by other artists I think it's great okay. Wonderful your feelings I need to know what's happening YouTube fans Fogarty out of the stadium Monday night ahead of Tuesday's concert said they never received physical tickets only a mobile receipt. However the receipt alone won't get them in the doors quote. You don't actually have tickets you use your credit card to get it as just a mobile receipt or a ticket outlets like tickets in Maine right doesn't it. Its search for the hard Ticketmaster Wailea has different has different numbers different seats listen on their yeah they scan your credit card being you. By up to four tickets on that cards if you don't. Have everybody with you with that's for the issue is. If you buy a ticket from someone or even if someone gives it to you as a gift you may not be allowed in without their credit card on ideas clues and maybe not how does that 1000. I would maybe not expensive the scalp is a hard fast rule may be not. This is someone that they're interviewing. Is that causing quotes. Let's season tickets and we are more expensive than mom. U2 fans are loan will pay the price. Staff with tickets for less and Overland Park said it's best to purchase the tickets from the venue or ticket master instead of a person off the streets a cable what if it was again my friend bought the tickets right. Fain says she has no problem not receiving a physical taken just showing her card information. Quote my mom knows how to do it all it was your car month. Jill since I sort of got box offices when the voice mail. I was on hold forever amen to voice mail. I'm right right like this story does make it sound like there could be cause for this sounds to me like I can't NN I'm worried about the but the but the scenario I have tenants within this person the way to. You don't actually have tickets this is the quote from the fan that's who they're quoting here yeah. You don't actually have tickets you use your credit card to get in they scan your credit card venue by up to four tickets. On the car so if you don't have everybody wants you running right. It's only you have already paid for the tickets. Psychic take the money out of the time there's a story that's tonight. That doesn't make any sense one of my mother bought these for me for my birthday right in she'd asked to be just come with me you do reports like snow comes I mean that's what you have to suggest a change it to your name Powell. Through them. What you cause knock on them ticketing I don't know that Ticketmaster David Sutherland and he wouldn't how did you Wear I don't know militias say life is weird third party think of plus seats but it but you were able to change ownership yeah but it was all news Thursday or using a similar. Yeah. If. System. I thought for sure is owned give your clear answer on this excellent here's what you have to do you know. I don't think anyone know no one knows doesn't mean ammerman whose texting and different things yeah. Now I'm looking for some sort of definitive answer but Assange found normally our parents contradicting each other. Resources do you have physical tickets what does physical. Does mean I don't offices are receipts. Forfeits a physical ticket how to wanna know what a bit light it's a piece of computer papers oil. Right how one of those is an actual ticket or receipt isn't a ticket. In some ways it recedes right I think I paid you you gave me a printed out receipt that you change the name to ticket. That I venues together and crying about your honor I was at I assume this is if I had to pick the correct word I would say this is a voucher to get in there on Wednesday. Would you send us a right or not since doesn't look like a ticket. Nor doesn't look like a receipt and looks like they paid for voucher and looks like it to get to me that's that's what I my name and narrow down a dramatic and regular per hour when you print your tickets like for and that caused financial literacy its ability to repay any receipts are right I've but I print those and get into the stadium I would just like that. The call to take it. No isn't enough. Just take the forty bucks cash. So you've as the only real cool. So we say about tried calling them again. Astros are gonna let me and a this isn't someone is saying it's only will call that you need the credit cards. We haven't been somebody else and then another tour in Dallas and they had to. Put gives them tickets and a credit card which some like let's there are no physical tickets at all. What is good shape but it's the receipt. There's just a receipt as a bar code right it does. And okay. This as the bar code only allows one entry per scam reading us and it says unauthorized. Duplication or sale of this ticket. Democrats are calling hesitated so that's the ticket okay what does that showed its UN Canadian military that you should be able to right. People are saying if you have a bar code. That's good you can get a very god why why. One person hope that's true what I don't understand why that what might I mean it's whoever makes fake tickets doesn't make a lot of bar code right. And I'm not gonna make a picture and I liked how does that. Duet change anything in the world and you've paid for parks to get in there I'm not worried about dynamic anyone else evident. With the my question is I don't want dry although when Aaron had to not NN. Which is huge lines will all right now. What if I bought a ticket and lost my card yeah I couldn't get end. It seems like they would have thought of these things before MI there's a simple answer artist I'm getting right but what's O'Connell is saying. Made me concerned when he talked about. You can trade. Trade ownership or transfer ownership of tickets. Online I think that well again this that was very different show but that would make sense. They're using solar blast Bronson is like competitor of you know Ticketmaster whenever. And most of them had to find marketplace was sort of added benefit they're trying to offer you solid take that from my experience. And put into this. He's completely daft. I'm. Not he's a number of cylinders. And it. But the Washington I don't know what to do now. I think ego. Get in line. When they scan your tickets. They say sorry this isn't good enough just. Don't fit approach. Gap that's are always works at the stadium shows that the cubs throw threat. China saying Japan to get tickets at will call you have to have a credit card. I thought the story that wouldn't make any sense these are stories talking about people buying fake tickets and you can't sell tickets to people run I think if you have bar code that skins. You'll be able to get it we try calling them try it. Silicone usually easy to do what time show's start not a whole. I go down there and talk to someone. We get on the bottom of the. You don't wanna go down their pay forty dollars a parking. Steen and monitored. What you think your tickets and find it can't can't. I think those are tickets Imus say I think I think as we get Chan are all lies just a feeling. But then okay I understand you sent. That would make no sense. If you need a credit card. To proves. That you bought the tickets. What I have here is an exact example of why. Should not work and see this as someone else's name on. So. Eastern time. Yes there OK now I'm thinking they are gonna want to hear. They're gonna want your idea and credit card. Yet this network. Now why you say not because. It doesn't have your name. I think they're gonna see that and they're gonna say OK show me your ID. Based on this story. And as you'll see article on because they speak some of those that explains more. Let's see that's just announces they're coming. What you need to know this is from five hours ago. Two big days terms for his complex. But we were saying the Irish newspapers that neither credit card you have you can't print particular itself so years are not close. Why don't. Pat that's kind of what that other person no ones ever Lady Gaga. That if you had a ticket they needed a credit card you physically cut it print out those tickets. So now what and even happen at the gate you ought to mean. That makes sense if you have those in you don't need a credit card. Okay here you go parking it at the parking gates open at 2 PM it's forty dollars. Stadium gates open at 530. For most tickets you need the credit card you bought is with and a photo ID. And a photo ID. You could have printed off reserved seats from your ticket master account. Is that what those are yes. Tailgate rules are the same as an app well. It's an acceptance of those sound like you have printed off reserve seats from your ticket master counts just. Sounds like that's what those are. These are bullet points first full point is about the cost of parking second is about. Gates opening third bullet point for most tickets he need the credit card you bought it with Andy photo ID. Fourth bullet point you could have printed off reserved seats from your ticket master count. Looks like that's what those are those aren't others GA of those seats are shoots. Traffic is expected us to be happy I Keegan voicemail on hold forever than they say leave a message to wall trying to fight back. There you go off. I think those are tickets. Don't use al-Qaeda don't think you can turn off the ones and Ernie are guests. The oldest game in number and says if you call this summer heroines are. Could have printed off preserves its community. Master. What we did do that. Those were doing you an idea with those. Here's I'm worried. About I think. My gut says those tickets. Should not require ID or credit card because you printed them from your ticket master account roar. I would be afraid that you get to negate and the person who's working CSI or whoever it is says I need your idea and credit card and you say. No I don't and they say. I think I do. Because they're thinking that they need IDs incredible article you'll spend a good credit cards or just for GA ticket that if you have seats. On why would I make a difference. So people just don't sell those. That seems. Us about the two. He's on the phone someone. And they are and and he's gonna find out. It. Whereabouts in an answer my arms are around. I think you can do it. Printed. The printed printed from the website and there are only for the four. You or your credit card if you're on the forgy it. And if you have printed or hard tickets your father O'Connor. There ego bigger did you feel comfortable with a person's all yeah she was. 200% positive she was the first and it's accidents had called this number and I'll be out. No that first so they just talked. Aren't you filed over it. Yeah and this person just thought and so the same thing you don't need your card just to tickets. If you're on the floor GA floor that's in need a credit card and if that's the case you've. One why would that matter I guess those are the ones are trying to keep people from scalping probably. Those are more expensive ones maybe it's harder easier to scalp the GA ones because you raptors sent I don't know yet. But there you go so he does need the money for parking. All right cover afforded much. Snow comes wanted to region these.