Tuesday, 10.10.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, October 10th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Snowcone's commercial
    • Trump vs Tillerson
    • Father arrested after reporting missing daughter
    • MO rep says NFL should pull tax dollars from teams
  • 34:37 - The guys talk about a couple of sexual assault cases from nearby schools
  • 1:07:04 - Students at Harvard have figured out the secret to happiness, but how are guys supposed to make friends?
  • 1:28:04 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:48:03 - On This Day in 2014

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The righteous man is sent on all sides. Selfish. And to remove the momentum. The value of dark. Will strike down low numbers on the. I mean Jimmy sexual you know that is. Tennis and hello look up to someone told me it was a thing. And I decide to make you like to remarks McCain who doesn't. But apparently it's her reason to see Timmy sex as a person who doesn't Larry's a distraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. So I have to. Just like I really like the person that you have to like him and there was one that was. Sox announcers did he section there's another one where you're. Only attracted to people who are intact and not a drag him. There and done. Those of course my time okay. With the ladies so I say thank god for damage lectures. Without homosexuals bam bam where would we be now. I do that you meet. It's because I'm assuming girls roll into sports bars and picked me and you out of the crowd and thing boy Don I have that. DO CBO section yes yeah. Save the essentials are only attracted to people who are intelligent well. Now Joseph I'm really knows it down gay dad did he sexual. And say DO sexual. I'm wicked Smart and she lets him. So that leaves some for us. I just saved a sexual club I can go soon. And around outside trying. Please do not. Men are attracted to an intelligent women okay. Yeah. There is no name for it. This is a headline believe it or not men are most attractive to unintelligible in the. Smart women and I've been single. Men prefer less intelligent women. A new study surveyed a 120 don't dismiss and found that women with high intelligence and heterosexual relationships are viewed as problematic. Well I mean that is true. But I enjoyed very problem. But I'm saying come on that's true I think everybody who's highly intelligent as a little bit more problematic. Successful ideas can be like that like where were you airline. And the other room. For us I was in the other in the other room being a village a little. OK I was just. Written above. And that would be less problematic. Successful mandate less successful women now because they want to be dumped around the because they want someone who prioritize is their life and latest compatible with how are you prioritize yours. According to John Carter and articles for the wire so basically they don't want Roman rule. But her intellect to good use with an important job they'd rather have a woman willing to be good in the backseat. I'm very seats. Do you LogMeIn here. Only attracted dumb guys he goes some women are only Jack's done to us. I played football this guy. My entire life his dumb as a box of hammers and he just came up online via. FaceBook thing in these married chancellor is going to be really somebody. You can knock. Hold a conversation of that fine gentleman. Strong is an ox a giant. But you know. Not real bright. Morrow Celia attracted to stupid people. Anyway. Did. It means sexual. And say abuse sexual. Our actual sing songs and I heard yeah. The discussion about. Human sexuality and on different spectrums well. For all the different sexuality and he's spectrum. So recent trend in the dating world. Women are attracted to two unintelligent man. We get a sense of power hour you and it's contingent she's only decent. Nine reasons dumb guys make the best dozens. The terrible liars there you go. Beautiful guys who bring us. I like Smart crazy vicious man. Do you. It's genuine need to talk to me. Anyone in the contract to. They're not repulsed and amend. It's really crazy. The only Smart. I and millions of commercial. I did I just heard it's. It's an awesome thing doesn't talk to a junior now do all right judge signed here to consume to a guy here and yet we hear that voice work man maybe got a new career why you don't get all red in the face now. Let's hear it. He doesn't talk to whom. -- accuser you say it's now gone and I wanna talk to the guys for a second about deodorant because choosing the right and are working real lot harder than you think with the Hollywood casino 400 coming up men and women Wear different theory that unites in the commercial is on our guys I know because this is a commercial for men's deodorant. She's fashion. And they stink Bihac. Is that if you think about how hot it gets in the scars and how long those drivers have to stay in those cars and so the deodorant they choose really needs to work for them and one of the best drivers ever Dale Earnhardt junior trust agreed deodorant and a treat you doctor dale. You've talked to death death goes yeah he's like no no let me tell you try this new degrees felt was a vast values they don't more important than her own dollars. You gonna be good proposed original release yeah he did that car all day. You're ratings basically our same job and our prayers are drier getting extra minutes you know we know an endorsement means relaxes keep throwing now ordering just that I think you know Barbara. Because I'm not nearly as active as he is so I put it to the test last week when I was hiking the smoky mountains with my girlfriend. Did you actually go hiking emotional you mountains sign. How far. How far is is hike. It. A man. That's awesome. Yeah. What I was slowed. Us. You used your day. So all I am actually in those who are about veterans but never put to the does like hiding in the tournament. I couldn't come up with a story that compelling to tell you why use that idea by three packs and Amazon was like to it smoke. I can tell you for sure that degree deodorant is a game changer makes you feel fresh and confident all day long so no matter what you do and if you're hiking in the smoky mountains. Or your city and a hot car for hours which you really shouldn't be here unless you're a NASCAR drivers so. They don't do that but whatever you're gonna be doing. Degree deodorant has you covered this guy emotions and technology which means every time you actually move. It's gonna give you a little burst of fragrance so it does smell good all day as well so look for degree now on display your local Hy vee. Degree deodorant I promise you we will not let you down. And I do it. Minute by some right now I'm nineteen I've done my elastic so I just want you do that. I'm Obama and I mean. Why should you know. Comair permission volume. No idea GM. You talked in your girlfriend finally lose and this is toughness. We're gonna sergeant and a system. Assuming it's. A two room maneuvering and it is the and I have some right now they see their sales buying. Yeah rush. It's kind of cool you got to do you ought to come athletes is via pay if you. And if you don't mind deodorant right now garden pick up that degree how do around brother out man. And he tested it out see you don't have to. Showing an epic solo. I'm biased thing. Every everywhere I go and seal pursue honest and unbiased stick in hopes you to continue to do. Those commercials are. I think everybody should bias stick. And then tweeted a picture of that sting. And managed saying hash tag thanks note found. Hash tag I don't know hiking. Chad thanks so cone. I don't know definitely yeah. We kind of funny man. Deodorant cameo rocket and ruin us. All through those smoky mountains. GM dale earnhardt's number. You just talk about it. US go over. We're gonna saying. I size cribs and you've been married looks awesome looks really cool looking downstairs basement sports bar thing museum back us. And many drives Alley everywhere animation houses cars their cars he dries out is race car. That's on my favorites of my favorite cruises this. And a method man. Redman. And that's a man doing to me but I Redman was the one where he's living where's cousins living on the floor and he's living right now is the one I know. Look cash shoe box on some refrigerator. Right. I think that I think that was Redmond as Germany lives and match like Condo and his cousins asleep on the floor. Think that children. There's a method man with a shoe box on top refrigerator naming. Take a picture of yourself really you know losing you know. I. There you go out to lunch today we didn't have a pack of smokes and some degree. Who else. Now you get factored. Donald Trump. President of the United States. His challenge to secretary of state tonight Q tips. No there hasn't casinos snowy Hansen yes he has he has yes he had no he hasn't you dare argue with me thanks yeah this is very news. And address the main headline this story that you call the president tomorrow and now we're do you think. Reports I'm. I'm gonna do with petty stuff like that I mean this is this is what I don't understand about Washington. Again you know I'm not from this voice. But the places like come from we don't do with the kind of petty nonsense. I was telling him the pleasure government call your boss a moron and expect nobody else to ask you about it. So you know trump actually necessary plays like she. We'll. It's. A challenge you to a nine huge that's. Trump was in an interview with Forbes in doubt take. Brought up. Tillerson caffeine more on clothes. And trump says. I think it's fake news. That's what he was told were so I think it's thickness. But. Beset us. If he wants to. We can have an IQ test and I guess we'll have to compare our cues. He says and I can tell you who's going to win. Justin tell yeah it's yeah. So obviously people on Twitter were like yes let's do it lets you promise trumped. Big ratings on TV if he does this IQ test. So just the last couple hours minster has now offered to host the IQ test. Bring on the IQ test Mensa says it's joined us president trump the secretary of state. Rex Tillerson. On their battle of the brains in your interview with Forbes published Tuesday trump suggesting he Tillerson who allegedly wants public Maynard chief a moron go head to head intelligence quotient showed him. The stigma State Department has denied until it's never made those comments. Syria. Mensa says they'll help. When asked if any American president or cabinet member has overtaken immense admissions test before. They cleared out of all the crew can confirm membership doesn't release who's actually take in the brain busing in San. It's a lot of people on Twitter this morning make it when I was eighteen. But sun people Breyer out then you trust really confident about his IQ. He's mentioned it before but now sameness. Will have to go ahead and have an IQ testing say right now who's gonna win I like to think that at some point trump took one of those online IQ test. And scored really time. Like where does he get this idea he has this really hide you maybe took one when I was a little kid I did take a night. After like three in my lifetime but they don't see the results Fresno when giant. We tournaments within those results in all I legitimate psychiatrist. Or psychology. Because your parents think you're crazy. It's and I think you think your genius or slow and I can't figure out. Problem as does not ask. Scenario that I. I would love to see these June. Take nineteen shots and take it or not just have the results. Televised I don't watch them. Reading the questions I want to questions to be broadcast of the TV audience. You know you're IQ is I don't. Should take a test. Now on it's I won't even do one of those. Escape routes are played gorgeous and people don't. That Texas Tyler still missing after father allegedly made her stand outside for not drinking milk. BS here's some iTunes soon. Many trees to make up. Just in case he wanders off. This girl she was missing for her earlier loss man. Whose touch through smoky mountains. She's in the season now I think he did not name an accomplice ice and hundreds of mountains and I was like yeah. Nothing I'm saying you can stand outside knocking lost. Should make that I'm actually I believe you did. I absolutely believe and then a whenever I see you. I was about to get your compliment. I was just saying you know that's kind of an outdoors guy differently. This Seymour outdoors even me I'm not outdoors and in them. These mountains and first rookie Q what about you and Sharon lane and make sure. Down Sharon Matthews has been missing since Saturday in her father's 37 year old Wesley Matthews and arrested in connection with her disappearance. According to our Richard. Some police department. There are signs up everywhere but no sign of three year old Sharon Matthews anywhere when was the last time. I'm sure exact same my home everywhere right now Richardson police are working off what the girl's father told them Saturday morning. But Wesley Matthews placed little Sharon outside at 3 AM behind the back fence of the family home because she refused to drink your milk. That when he went back outside fifteen minutes later the girls gone. Anyway I'm more hours before you call police. Yeah that's that's not something then you'd think a normal person would do and so that's a big red. Flag that was enough to win Matthews in jail for child endangerment but he is free tonight on bond. There was no sign of the family at their home on Monday but Child Protective Services confirmed to news say they have had contact with the Matthew Stanley in the past. And that this morning they took the couple's oldest daughter and placed her in Foster care. To the other kids in Foster care that dad's out on bond. And people are criticizing him for not calling the police quickly enough Paul can't criticize him for putting the kid outside for a drink their milk and baby. And sticks are out back behind. Let's say that he didn't. Armor intentionally OK let's say that he really was gonna punish Iran putting her in the backyards and stand out there outcome data. And she goes missing. And so many panicked before recalls the country it's gonna try and look for rules and why wouldn't you call cops immediately is looking. If he didn't hurt her I mean there is going to look for you don't call us immediately you're like oh my god what she's really she's resting. Here she's wondering how can I gotta fight lag far right actually you're looking. Five hours seems like a long time. I mean. My cat Ichiro takes off well on both my dad's out in the real. If I'm really worried about a month and he's been gone a little little time on the like usually fine tune and an hour somewhere. Five hours does seem excessive to me. But I understand your point. Five hours seems a little bit yeah right. It's a long time. And I totally see in panic in the morning trying to finder. Now some people are saying no right fielder well again. Sounds to me like he's an immediate. Punishment missing. This stage they. Attracted an AMBER Alert because they don't have any. New information about a time amber alerts work but that was weird. It's. They AMBER Alert has been discontinued. But authorities are still searching. Kids. This is sure you drink. Always shoot in three. Santa. You treated the other kitchen equipment posture Hillary answering certainly good. Time being. A Missouri representative. Does suck if he didn't know what if we find a minute we've Baez denies that it can missing in Illinois Foster can't just the fact that he put her outside his punishment left for fifteen minutes a that was supposed reflexes as he came up fifteen minutes later. Just as you know it is not a very good round going outside for fifteen minutes maybe he's pinstripe. Just I. How I'm doing is I'm building in a historic forehands especially you know like you to go outside in the backyard for fifteen minutes of three and you ask me yeah bring him so much. A singing 3 PM no. Got a German. Now unless they didn't. My anniversary Jim told police fellow Australians she told us stand next to a large tree at 3 AM. The tree was behind defense about a hundred feet south stream is home across an Alley to nano update go to jail. He admitted to police that he knew coyotes have been seen and you know it's. OK that was the original serves at this gorillas left and. New area so yeah I notice. A Missouri representative. Has said it's time to stop giving Kansas City Chiefs taxpayer money. Because I don't know. Black people something innings and usually they need to stand up internationally through. Representative Monique walker he's from Clarksville Missouri. He's a lifelong cheese vandalized over labor says maybe it's time we start given these good teams money. If I can respect the flag every state. Rep Nate walker says it's time to consider pulling tax dollars from all NFL operations. Fifty NFL doesn't wanna respect our state our flag and our country then maybe we need to reevaluate what we're going to do. Walker says he is a lifelong KC chiefs fan but he says the state of Missouri has poured 150. Million India the NFL since 1991. You know all most of that want to build that. Dome in Saint Louis and yeah. That's not our fault. She's undefeated you leave us alone. It was reducing about how much debt they still have suggesting a Saint Louis. And eighteen. Only a hundred yeah. Sixty million dollars so the fail on that stadium. This kind of crap system that we've. And public. We build you tell me you can. Unless it's sort of finished the tour. Here is it just looked it up. The stadium meant no Saint Louis. Taxpayers. Stiller on the hook for hundreds 44 million at. Taxpayers are now shoulder the remaining payments for the Edward Jones dome. With only the help of revenue from tractor pulls volleyball. Concerts and the life I gotta put tractor pulls before the concerts. Now create permanent tractor pulls and volleyball tournaments encounters along in. June itself. It's semi tractor pulls a taste of them. Yeah. Personal Germany Turks will know the names belch it. Not a whole lot to do there. She. Kind of a crappy Kalish and I think at one video. Place. If you went to my brother to schooler she went to visit. And Norwegians is terrible. We just hung out of the park there was nothing there. Sure it's changed some since then look. Some teacher colleges. Can you name the most I only know Truman. AT still university. AT still. They do civilian version. My experience. It's a through medical school health sciences nonprofits thriving graduate school. The champ decision Truman staying in uniform doesn't. Tons and digital pictures. And we'll. I'm sitting doing this music. There. The sooner. Nice to me. Well we look at this picture of the marine recruits. Should victory over. Well curt schnell you know. I know your big town all that money through. All my money under the hot there terse no. You're losing about teams. I don't take all that. Tax base and Kirk smell if you took that back then they don't want. You. And I easily write you try to clear them out at least. Ten seats. Take him back either personals. It's a little flag orange thing is regardless of us back she'll tell you this series. What's the population of courage films during. 17150510. Let me amend the senate knocks you looked out. That Edward Jones even notes on how they can be host and our own tractor pulls. He should call you friend yeah. Dale. And see if he'll give some money. A get us out of this mess we're so don't. You guys mostly texture. No fumbles I can see that I know your. Team to face it people when you're assuming the face time and time. Did he go excuse not to nuns. I was sent. Not a couples thing that just. Just one couple. Hello. He doesn't go together. And he takes him right now. Don't get mad at me I like him. Cartoon. And it goes legions. See we inserted burning. Am radio stations there if you get a job there. 94 point five KE RX now the classic rock station 945 the extraordinary honor written now. And I mention reunion down. Thank you can do brazen report every Friday the race Libor will our friend dale. And so loud you Biden really brought you by degrees so could you have to get as of today on the tractor pull that week. Two people. All you know nine point seven Christian radio. God willing. Did you fly out of there isn't a good Kurtz though original airport known. And now it's just end up on water I don't know just as you can some kids drone I'm not doing it. What airplane lands at the airport and personal. Eat. Since embodying and so this weekend. We're going to three mistreating them sorority party. Renee and you all know and it sounds. So he's been reading books about our pick of sorority chicks. We'll unknowns in the test. I wanted to coach yeah. Try saying. You give me an hour. He isn't Damascus. You must. The new you know all the. Yeah. And some people were saying they couldn't hear the commercial. You are just they're listening on the street. So. If you wanna hear you like to go back and listened to podcasts are going you call it it'll have the commercial right. Sir censoring us. Don't sensors stinky. Really make more sense if your name was thinking don't shoot green. Don't you do agree. And. It's. Once I choose to Houston. Showgirls dancing. Presenting. For one another. And stay for instance I do. They're dancing. Two girls. Mission college. June that. Trooper from the a story about the dolphins coach who can sing. They. Surprising and all love learn and that's what I wondered maybe there's some sort of connection there. Oh do my aunt who's who's regarding another time Honolulu. Aren't. I've finally stories they tell me hard to believe I don't I act. Accurate you know when was it going on we were in school he listened tell us there's two stories in the last two days. One or low volume one from Lee's summit and one from Johnson County from China mission. So the first story says almost a REIT I saw though some on first salaries zone firstly some Amal. Police only some are investigating reports that a team with special needs. Was sexually assaulted several times by another lease some a West High School student. According to police report the assaults happened at beginning August 16 until September 22. The police reportedly among throw him a more a month ago. The police report indicates that students are sorry that the student accused of assault is a seventeen year old boy the assaults allegedly occurred in the school's bathroom. The victim's parents said they began notice seen in August at their child was expressing rage. And the also raise it they had never seen before he was moved in Arizona there's a lot of them boys as well. During that time it was discovered that the victim had received text messages from the suspect. In which the two allegedly texted about monster of a monster in the energy drink caffeinated energy drinks and as here. When asked about the victims of the suspect would not leave them alone according to the victim's mother who found out on the suspect that lured the boy into the bathroom with offers of a monster energy drink from the victim had to pay back the suspect for the energy drink. The bad time to open. The student reportedly opened up further signers of the suspect began trying to kiss him and rub shoulders she says she also told her he tried to pull down his peers according please report OK so that's certainly Soledad. This away he would call they would Texaco and saying like hey I got a monster energy drink and anywhere in the bathroom and they can become an account automatically tell monster energy drink and I think has some Enron visuals are you only for the monster he only for they try to polish fans and and I never have essays tend to reportedly open up further telling her her being the mother think that the suspect began trying to kiss him and rub shoulders. She says he also told her he tried to pull down his pants when this happens. Like every day for a month and how deleted it reads sane and started. And obviously reads like it happened once I see he trot their learning this on September 16 to seventeen the parents contacted the school system principal who formed safety plane to keep him safe until the investigation was complete. Complete there was a camera to a second the victim reportedly told a friend. That he had been raped the staff immediately responded and took the victim to saint Luke's east for sexual assault nurses examination however do the reporting delayed a nurse could not complete any physical exam or recover physical evidence. The victim stated during the nurses interview that he blacked out doesn't remember anything until going to fifth period on the day of the alleged rape according to the police report the boy cried uncontrollably. While talking about these cells a police report indicated he tried to jump from the balcony to this to stop the voices in his head. Our spokesman with the school district told fox foreign emailed due to student privacy considerations round we'll discuss any incidence of this nature OK so then another story let's put. All nonessential items shrunk because her how disturbing. So it starts a month and a half before this happened so he says tech text does one boy and tax Pataki another boy in many says thank you got a monster energy drink for you come in the bathroom and I did you. The other boy with special needs comes in the bathroom and get the monster energy drink any tries to kiss a little rub shoulders. But occasionally stripe and the list goes on for a month and a half but the final lane. On September whatever it is sixteenth or seventeenth he comes in from monster energy drink and I'm back date he was right there wasn't raped every day. I I think it sounds like it happened a long time ago they didn't find out about it until September 16 seventeenth Melissa Harris condoms in schools assistant principal he goes. To saint Luke's east and they say this happened so long ago which can't recover in god it's that's what makes me think it happened a long time ago because they say hey. You know two bit and he's and I blacked out I don't remember but I think those rates from the voters say yeah and the victim and they're saying I'll kill we can't complete any physical exam or recover evidence has been so long. That makes me think this goes before that beats. You know. Right came to an adult about it. Much later got. But I don't know for sure yesterday it was real vague they didn't mention Danish goal. Last night they didn't mention the energy drinker and I just said that a boy with special needs. There was you know alleged assaults of the sport especially doing your specialty is mean means and you know I just don't they said that the special needs class right as someone was saying that the specialties classroom. Is you know in its own area but it's still in the school which is how was our school I went to another Lee summit school runs the same way we had a special needs. Class from her wing I guess but it was still on the main level with a lot of the other class terms. So I think you have another student or shine missions to match the other kid that kid the alleged. So don't deserve. As a rain statements from him. They don't know thorough and I think because of his age or not they don't even limiting me like an attorney as attorneys and then dangling in oldest and compare Laura thanks so night Yucca. Then this is another headline student sues Shawnee mission school district for reported sexual assault that study hall. A Johnson diamond a school's student and her father are suing the Shawnee mission school district court in court documents a female student. Attended west ridge middle school incident male student sexually assaulted her during study on May. Court documents state that they were. It's right there were two teachers present in the room at the time of the reporters salt. While investigating the students are for the school resource officer found three prior incidents where female students reported the perpetrators had assaulted them in a similar manner. So this person had been accused before numerous times but the school district did not report the complaints of police. The court Rick. Earners. Sorry to court records state that perpetrate or was eventually given a ten day suspension but was allowed to apply non school days. Occurring during spring break towards his ten days of suspension. The school district emailed statement saying the district has not been served with any legal documents on the same creek we can say without reservation this investigation. The term N. That the investigation determine if these allegations had been deemed untrue and inaccurate. The district cannot comment any further however we look forward to presenting accurate information the proper time place. So. Why so cool saying there's a girl. In this one. And she has studied all middle school room there's two teaches in the room she doesn't study all middle school just and there are streaming in Oregon to high score on him. I have so it almost un. All right so then she just on all study on middle school and she says she was sexually assaulted by god idea. The says is writing at some point and that nurture teachers in study all may know us. And in the reaped school resource officer found three prior incidents were female students reported that the perpetrators are the same guy I am. Yet a similar manner but the school district did not report. Those complaints to police which sounds like why the parents are suing I but then Monday say because their statements as regular fellow not to be true district has not been served with any legal documents on this inquiry we can say without reservation that the investigation determined these allegations had been deemed untrue and inaccurate. The district cannot comment any further however we look forward to presenting the accurate information the proper time place. So they're saying don't notice I'm pretty confident about it we looked into it didn't happen. At least for the previous. Books like us doesn't call home run. So. That's a pretty confident statement. I am I wrong you know I sounds kind of like I feel like mussels ahead we looked into resolute and you know we'll continue to look into it right and where are making a school safe for children ride that doesn't come off like doubt at all that comes off like this didn't happen. If you had one positive Internet users or the accusers came out sort of cameo. For them to be that. The kid's not in Saudi haulers something's not right now because that's protein that's a who pretty defiant statement. But from a school board middles of the school orders as the school's self. It's is. Of school district okay. What what was that well well. What was the stat. It's been awhile since we've looked this up. Because at some point we found. Now one in six people. So at some point they'd been sexually assaulted. I don't know if that's still number. And our Amory got that number but I remember us throwing around 011 okay you ego so now that this is according to victims of crime dot org. One in five girls and one in twenty boys. Is a victim of child sexual abuse. Self reports say shoot 20% of adult females and five to 10% of adult males recalling childhood sexual assault or sexual abuse incidence. During a one year period in the US 16% of youths aged fourteen to seventeen. Had been sexually victimized or recourse are like 1020% of US youths aged 1417. And sexually victimized. Children are most vulnerable. Between the ages of 713. So that number that we've seen that said one in six or something that must have. The most event. Mixing girls and boys statistics together. Because this makes it sound like it's a lot more likely to happen to girls and boys. One and five girls 120 Boyce. Why I've. I mean it's always been. How is it that everyone who want clear I'm. I'm always shocked. Madonna wanna speak for everyone British. As far as I know I'm the only one who wasn't sexually abused and by the way not only it wasn't sexually abused never crossed my mind as a kid. Never crossed my mind. Never crossed your mind that it could happen never crossed on that what happened at new. There was no instance where was even close. No other kids. Try to lure me in the bathroom. No parents of friends tried to do any thing no older kids. Nothing I've really gotten the fights. There's times on my I had to run home from school so budgeting in my basket but not touched on the mile. Not raped. There's times that I knew that my dad was super pissed he was gonna hit me but at no point I think he was gonna. Have Sachs would like. That didn't come up like that wasn't even a thought like all men your dad super pissed he's gonna have sex would you like that. That was not an option in my house. Yeah by its. I mean most people I know wasn't a family member not that it can't. I know what happens a lot of pro my elbow whatever around and you know started a dud just never happened no no other kid. No baby sitter. I had babysitters node older Brothers or sisters nothing. There was never talk of. Sacks. But it didn't come up. I still think revenue was about as the some people. Puzzle convinced him it was inappropriate to begin month. I thought it was just kids fooling around I remember. Kids like my friends talking about things that happens. With other kids. When they were alone and I realize it its general may be in high school or something I'll. Something happened to everyone at a young age I think you ms. Seger this whole time but it turns out all of us have some story. It's just. Getting them to tell the story and once I started asking my friends and owned by girls I dated everyone had a story about something that it happened to them and Rihanna. Sometimes it was Texas I was right I live right by more recent brutal. Well different. And then there are some people who I guess don't remember. But it makes you nervous doesn't it being a parent. Trainers like gym here's the thing like I have kids drive so storage start until you start reading these stories. Because again I go but a bottle or that didn't happen right and I know what the dangers word to me growing up right. And I can control those my dad ran a house with a heavy hand right. Well I can control and I don't do that. But I had no lied he that everyone was getting fondled somewhere like that was not. Part of my perspective so when you become apparent you're like OK here are the things that I need to protect my children from right. Drugs and alcohol abuse ride I need to keep them motivated there's all these things I need to do. You know verbally abusive physically abusive. All these things I can control right. To a degree. But I'm I just didn't know that that kind of stuff was happening. And so now and as this whole layer of well god damn. Are you tell me that everybody that happens everyone. Apparently not apparently one in five girls and 120 voice. We you and I see a number that was higher than that some point I know we saw numbers and one and six. But like is and maybe. They combined I don't know and then what about people who don't remember. They were all men or do won't admit I said that it wasn't what happened to me wasn't so wasn't bad. But ourselves sexual assault us says that was bad and there's probably things I mean that was like just an older girl was older than new. I'm saying just what it was sexual assault. But I mean what about the people who don't mention it because it's on an intimate family member like Al I wanna deal of that right and I keep it quiet right. And it people who don't remember. Somebody says what if I knew one thing about a wonderful boy. Played so Lawrence will an older boy is that abuse yeah. Yes I told you went out and start touching penises of older kids that's abuse I told you I went on the police right along. The first call that we got was to our house and serves as big nice house. And we sit down and that's that's what this woman was alleging that the neighbor boy who was you know. Nine years older than her son convince them to do you know something similar. Back on the road. That I had let sure neighbor Bryant who was like nine years older than me arrived and I was maybe ten so he was nineteen men Gaza Lannan. It was like hey man you know come over we went in the back yard to get it right. We sat on the bench to Geller. And it was like. Have you ever tried beer I was like nope it was like president maybe a little bit and later have won and we had a beer. And he told me about life. And I listened. And I got to the laughed at no point did he try to touch my gender and all your press did grew up with me it was like a man he told me that he was leaving. And enjoying the air force. And to take care bill is will those guys are kind of looked up from a ride in an Arizona teacher asked Bryant amount of care we at Lowe's we have Larry. I know what I think will now Brian gave me breeders' unit touch me like that wasn't even an option and by the way I'm all motorists of all of that in over Brian's. Thoughts right. About area. But I never let the teriyaki. Terry octave is the other kids who didn't abuse me to see in jail now he got out he got out I sent a note I said so to go to my body has today. Remember teriyaki recently in news clip and I got out like. April 5 of last year is like he's our man just in time for your birthday party. Oh okay. This is serious subject right. And I. Don't wanna make light of a serious subject I'm not going to make light of the serious subject I don't mean to wells portion. So con was asking me last week. After work one day a bowel he said you know I've heard you talk about. Something happened you had never heard this story what avenue I told them and I told them why didn't really think for a long time the that was even. Salt and it was just kids being kids and he's like no that's that and I said did anything ever happened to you. And he said. I don't really remember. And I said OK now I don't know I think about maybe there was a time when I was I don't know late tee usually Tonys where I would have said repressed memories are silly but I have no idea now. Right I don't know maybe they're real thing maybe I have some repressed. I don't know. But we this totally up to use now gone if you want to tell Laszlo what it is that you remember. He told me he remembers one thing. And he said I don't remember I I can't remember any details I am a member who was there but I just remember this one thing I went. Well some Russell just jumping around before I know you know exactly how do you say well you cannot say. That that happens. Accidentally or that that you know I don't remember it so must not have been anything series and it sounds like the only time this and I doubt happens in the commission of the crime. Okay please I'm dying here man had just gonna on this labor of love for I don't. I'm an idea yeah it's all guys but now what are they are plentiful oil business. That was and confidence on. I told my story I told my story I understand Basel I don't know of anything I don't know what happened on right now. So maybe nothing even happened I don't know but I'm really curious how you only remember this one little thing. And how that one saint Jimmy seems so. Bizarre it seems like you remember some of. The circumstances surrounding anything other than dial one thing so you just heard what ought to sexual act that I remember it wasn't any thing. That was an insult I remembered something in but when you think when you hear people tell stories about assault. That's you it comes to mind right you think about it and you think what happened to me do you think that you think what what did happen to remember. How old you might have been two member like a surrounding where you were really how scared I was very little so you're look really little. Her I mean I don't remember any thing other than that one detail. I might never won back to the house again at some detail. I remember one point. Someone or put me in this. Unit department of some kind right on gymnastics Olympic gymnastics thing I was like slows one piece yeah it was like a silver spark component so investors are doing actually. I'm not laughing ha ha okay I'm not I'm looking down and seeing as how only not a little like. Five maybe bouquet little. And I was like this where you have to babysitters because a lot of these stories end up with well I read a baby sitter and there was some kind of baby sitter remember going to this house a few times and I was like oh. It's always baby sitter it was. Another family I think but I think that maybe the older sisters were taking care of us. I don't remember a lot about it. Is it possible when all eyes on Israeli authorities babysitters house whatever is older sisters and you look down here and a sparkly units aren't there. That's all you'll remember I still remember and I'm really mistress and a boy or girl or something you know they're gonna do my December after that. Time. I never won back. And I because it launches and I remember somehow I thought my Mamas are upset about something that I can be. Make him and I don't remember really remember a lot about it I remember that human target thing and then never going back. I think I thought it was among all my mom was a seventh on the money could be wrong about it. There are faster Lola now. He can't plaza I tell you can't call her like talk you never got over you can't talk your parents about it you just can't lie. Because we knew what I am saying I don't understand because you never have I so because you know when you see like in movies were they depict some creepy guy or creepy girl. Taking advantage of a kid in this and that they have some. Ploy some tactic they use to keep the kid quiet you know don't tell mom and dad because they'll think this or don't silence are sicker because this as an adult you think that doesn't make any sense yeah plus children can be manipulated that way but as a kid don't have to tell me that I just thought every time the phone rang I thought. This is going to be that girl's parents calling my house. To tell my parents what I did. And I'm going to be and so much trouble they probably won't love me anymore like they're going to think I have an hour or so because I guess I get that as a kid yeah it does and I understand that and you have to Foster some sort of relation and I got an image is going to be incredibly hard for everybody involved. We are grown men now yes OK June now address or whether the so what happens now if you tell your mom and she says. I now. Now I know how I would respond to that you knew. You know I mean there's some things you just don't wanna talk about the some skeletons. You just wanna leave. I don't know so called why would you not ask your mom I know from either is it I just feel like it's I feel like it's ancient history I don't talk about it I don't bring it out. And I don't know. What my mom sent Jose and I. I get why you don't wanna bring up highway closings coming at you once again just I'm not trying to interrupt you I get why you don't wanna bring up your mom can join you know what happened. And whether she knows or doesn't know doesn't really matter right doesn't happen. But you're not sure what happened yet that could open up like all like maybe learning process elect what did happen or what didn't happen I don't know I. When you say you boy you feel like Milan. I don't. I don't know she I don't. I can have always she doesn't think it they happened or know any thing because I feel a mom would have told me at some point. But if something did happen I think I'd rather keep their repressed beyond that's maybe had. An intuitive. Thing to think I'd rather just keep her breast honestly. But again I don't know everything happened I don't know. Paris there was something bizarre something. Something strange happened. And armor auto ones. All you remember you know try and that's really that's the only American. Do you have like anything else learn. Now. Now. And I remember something just against something strange colored. Farmers that think you like this is a variety. But I don't remember what happened. There I really have no idea. Lipstick on stuff. I don't remember anything until this doesn't like if you remember you covered something good maybe hoosiers girl's drug you know like it'll. I am older sister and you know I think one time she'd like. Did my hand got married a bombing and I came downstairs and I was or what I now there might do that to ride a nice reminder that for fun ride and as a bunch. And they know my mom laughed but there was nothing sexual about it. So maybe there's southern central as there is a solid as he has this match if it takes you with a leotard. Then it. Again I had two older sister that does that amaze I feel like and those out one resume stand alone event that weird at that time. Not a mean. Yeah well you wouldn't it seems. Odd to you that bizarre sort of my sisters in this at home right time. The total has Bazardo I'd rather just keep her press announcement. If there is anything. Do you talk to your kids about it. How do you ask. Moved my parents NASA would have just said no nothing nothing nothing that wrapped him in no way of an like my best friend. I feel like our stuff happen to him he's Tommy the stuff that was happy with him in the eye of neighbor. And I just felt no way I'm not telling my parents about this vital my parents they would think of me totally differently they would. They would. They would like me anymore. Everything on a bad person just knowing that I know this stuff I'd lose all my essence it knew about the stuff. She can't tell. Like my name my friend he played doctor with the neighbor she was only a couple years older but I've you know the said that she did I feel like. She was certainly the one who was. Perpetuating this right. Whatever. And almost called it get a game cassettes which he called a putt. You know and you got to remember too we knew that little couple years of age difference in making huge difference true what you're aware of what you're not aware of the which is why. I wonder. If that's why so many times are best friends about it is say well I remember and the story starts with my babies are the babysitters of the house beat nice so dedicated. Who's doing with even younger kids right right. But two stories them in one day. Not that they don't happen today about local stories about this just seems like. Some kids that. And it is really another kid's mom. I'm not being honest a little while I was in middle schoolers and high school. Right now just two different stories on straight took place and I'm a little score more emotionally like that wasn't even. At no point and I think another kid in middle school would. Sexually assault me or high school. Mean Iowa I'm I was aware there were predators ranked I remember. Being fifteen and walking home from a bomb fire right. And hitch hiking. And a guy pulling over and had Alan I remember it is clear Zenyatta like on trench coat and glasses. And he was got older is like where you're going and I was like yeah nowhere man and I just took off running exiles like that's about it. But guys looking for sexy time right and I took off running him follow me and another guy that I went to high school when. Who was a senior Taylor behind me is like man I saw that car and god didn't get to rile them up right give your ride home when I was like thanks. So I knew there predators out I didn't know that there were some that were perhaps my same age that was never. That wasn't contemplated. I don't have kids so I don't know home. What's your biggest fear is a creditor of any sort of any sort yup. So I don't know what you're supposed savior kids I'm a new pediatrician problem about it until that happens. My doctor dressed in a pediatrician is clearly told my kids before. You know. Are you knew your mom your dad I made a doctor. I remember that's Iraq I remember the talk about you know here's the doll here's who's allowed to see you. These parts it's your doctor your mom I do remember those conversations. They hold up the cabbage patch don't clocks. But. That's all I really remember certainly not seen. Him that I ever discuss with my parents. Not until I was in high school him my dead just as really quickly and passing if I was using protection how's that. Launcher and high school right there were no talks beyond that. Well it's notorious for your call Claremont. It's the bottom of the teen. I'm actually really go to regressive therapy so I have a sparkly units are. I'm like and put that on again and he has an animator. Has now making fun of the orca if you put her on maybe some memories all they wanna talk about. The north talk about it beyond. They weren't talk about. That people who want to talk about that. There was a brother and I asked if he was oak each you do have to say anything about you could have said no I'd rather keep that a secret. I'm sorry. But her. I thought that it was something that you know that I could relate to it. Do you go you know because I didn't think it was funny and saying that I had something happened Meehan a messed me up to. So. That's all. What are organ donor. The thing Nielsen. Now. I don't know how to describe them. Well Leslie you're the parent. Tonight we have thinness on some sort of message about how to talk your kids or. I don't know you know what your kids have sleepovers early kids sort of feel not a big fan of that man and is about I don't. Thanks so much because I'm divorced but yeah of course of course I can only control where Matt. And sooner or later your conceptually so I'm feeling you have to give them you know. Who most amount of knowledge you can. Confidence. And be open win them so they can call you or talk to you and any time. But I don't have I mean look if we had an answer from a stop this it would mean that many people doing it and that's the greatest fear of anything right. Yeah it. Want. Talk about something a little more light are playing code word comeback talk about something a little us. I am so nervous about what to code word and I know I'm entirely random I was too but I checked and I think I know what it is and hopefully it's not. And so okay yes it. As I was convinced it was handed being Lee it's harder something Rancho and us have noticed before yes were just bad luck right. But it says. That it's. Something I'm hoping that's what it is well there we don't. I think it's appropriate. Tie. How are you and Jerry you. Are. Showed a dramatic yeah I know is. These are therefore is mad at me literally just talking about. Europe's sadly I mean Europe's with me always when Madonna but this is and so you but then I. Understand why his thing it's a seven mile that would do I don't think yeah I have a good thing isn't so many years of so mean because he came on he went small to the national smoke. And know when I came down visuals walked out as it was a very walked away bad so I mean. Okay. That's not how it ever happens is that upset you know but I was just obvious. These pseudo Sanger is obviously Europe's settlement which I'm finally got on a promise. You are making it known he was on hand through May let it be no limit when I didn't even know it was happening not happy. But the smoky mountain conversation. But he can chip but he I don't even see why don't you won't rob sexual assault and wanna talk about I said. But why go all league battle alive so adamant on the cubs have a component because there aren't. I mean I was all of our idol you guys are ahead of this I don't know I don't know I said. Drew you like my daughter to learn today what it was I didn't have an one thing you're kind of sad almost no I don't wanna talk about I kind of dollars. Now notice and you know like I didn't bring up a lot of things. I grew up at a Vermont. I've told you guys a colossal. I say Lou mongering. Let. Mommy about me. The season I don't wanna talk about. You would literally just talking about it. I said what would you do if you knocked on the door and came minutes army doing that. And you said we've talked about that. We have now about you put your radar Spiegel magazine and a friend who probably talk a million times now. From a TARP you've got to Penn hills section dig up a penny section nice guys are both you know sly Stallone man. Now before I guess we don't talk about a million times yeah hold on one thing I can't talk about and then we'll be able to soon. I don't like that. Why is that implying that he won't be able to all your saying you can't talk about submitting your life all I'm saying there's one thing in my life and I thought that's what you're referring to but I can't talk about and I've shown you. Pictures recent area and said look at this enjoy it but it's for your eyes only right. And there is this person here with feelings and it and and I cannot. I can't I'm telling ya business and does that lead of the thing I can tuchman has nothing into me right neither does mine so much as I have summoned to a man and you know. As it was up to me. Piracy you know limited of course even accidentally. Even if you go black. The something terrible has happened to me. The scarf I'm Rhonda Glenn Tom. They talk about my dad find my grandma had done an excellent toyotas of the mayor because she fell off. Talk about my dad's phone number and is being crap in his own pants. Nothing like me Democrats these for the first time that's when you know that's when you become an adult. When your dad becomes incontinence you know become a man. Well. You know. Gonna help in that out of toilet helping your dad. Ma'am. It's held a thing. Some in elementary notre tournament the real logical Troy and if you're lucky to go through my guess is it's funny guy sure right girls probably say you know I'm never got to see my dad Grohl whenever I see my dad you're right you know whatever. So but you see the movies. I remember that Ted Diaz the Diaz will be put in the movies they glorify Ellen a little bit more it's not just let me say when you're helping your dad and he's very sick and all. It's not. Tet the Ted Danson I know I never took my dad out of hospital picked him up out of his bed insert to carry him home while he was saying. All I can talk from my hatred of demand action item from and a anyway. Oriented coming over mark how are you supposed to get to know I mean it's I don't tell you everything about me. Imus is rich. Secret actually I'm in left. You know the one that I can't talk about that's it. Right and that's under sir I'll meet us is there's an asset I won't talk about is the one thing that's not about me or someone else. A cash solve this thing that says he's got receivers don't don't. Young. Lungs recruits. So early on. That's exactly what some with a lot of secrets would set it. I had one that's the best forced you talked about earlier so unfortunate talk about it I think you mentioned something to me it did and it and it sounds like. Something serious do you care to bring an up and you said. Yeah I wanna get this up my guests come. Some bother me for a long time and learn about I feel about Iran you know and you set it actually is a lot better now. I'm starting to deal with the equipment that so I saw that yes there was some study that talked about is from Harvard's you know Harvard those kids are Smart of Fallujah. They were doing the secret to happiness I love stuff like that Ron Bellamy do a study fear it's easier to have penises all on the grain you know why did you ask the lady who had 20000 OxyContin is actually sent to our house is too good place to start she might have been happy you know what maybe not. Let's figure out what the Harvard people saying well they didn't test that. Period that's probably doesn't lead to happiness is news to addiction and death gone now world got a dime in Seattle Mariners. There's two keys to business. And drug addiction is not one of them you know I would think non. Don't sweat the small stuff out. The tracks are things stress you out they don't matter it settled singles at the small stuff and it's all small stuff from thanks GL well that's true man. That is absolutely true it's true but it's really hard did. Seed out when your in the midst of a personal crisis I'm fine but look cute all right I'm not saying I'm happy what would you agree that I sweat a lot less of the small soft them all people do. That's stuff does not Biden's final and I don't like that's okay man it's fine. That's what I'm not gonna get upset about that the way you guys spin out of control about emails and things like I'm like man how do you live a life and happiness. We don't act right when that freaks you out. I can't live a world where that stuff breaks now because there's bigger stuff to different Ottawa. They say you have to learn how to put things into perspective realize what's important and what's not. People who were able to do this tend to be happier they realize like the shortly focus on good things they don't let bad things and her life stress them out too much. Some bad things will happen so you have to beat resigns and does the second key to happiness. This is tough this'll too close to home don't allow yourself to become too isolated. They have found in the study a strong connection between how happy people are. And how much they socialize. How close they stay with friends with family how much they talked to their friends and family. It doesn't say that you have to stay in touch with every one now. But being isolated is not go what do socialism makes you miserable. While they say been been isolated is a good but neither spending too much time to people who are toxic her negatives he had to figure out in our room if your -- and I'm bound negative. But you're not supposed to license to be isolated. Problem is as you get older especially if your guy. Com. Your friends you know researcher girl part you do different things you lead different lives you to print journalists must and then. It becomes harder and harder to make friends and to actually about. I told you write about what happening with the deck repressed my phone number I'll collate the cape and out. I actually had a guy who. I won't go into details because that owners say who he is but I sort of know him and we ran into each other like web net week not before the kind. And does it live here in this area is she okay you this year and the guys from all vacationing education and but some early you know going to deeds. Details are not together not together I'll guarantee you we happened or an individual or small world right so that's why you strike up a conversation because look how are you doing here. We'll tell you doing here but he asked for my phone number my. McCain we should hang out some time and he's my pride my age mid thirties shirts like hey you know we should hang out sometime golf. Get a drink go to dinner germs and let's hang out. It's still came. Retirement. And so weird number on his phone and said he goes you know save it whatever young should detect some time but. As I'm watching and thinking man as we that he. It's kind of weird that he ass from my phone number almost like to go wanna date you are asking well at it right but there are age how else do you. Make new friends especially guys camp. In and we're not joining now we're not going out joining. You know I don't know. Indoor. Turned trampoline gymnastics group store. I hang gliding groups or extreme. Anything groups were not those kind of guys at three of us love we become more more isolated as we get older. Here we see anyone it's probably it's. One of us one of the three of us they like Laura watched the Mayweather fight which happens Ontario and here's runs outside of us and so we'll do we do but I'm just saying. I spend more and more time than the amount of time that I spend. Away from friends in my home. I spent a lot of time with my girlfriend. Right but the amount of time that I spend a what I just don't that I go in between seeing my friends my friends stopped by my house last week. My childhood friend. As said I was in the neighborhood and I literally didn't know if you would be at work yet and I have not seen you or hurts me so long but I thought I would stop by your house just to see. If you're still alive I thought I effort. But the couple. He lives a kind of a kind of a long way in 45 minutes away at some point that we lead very different lives. What do you do how do you make new friends. I guess you go up to people and ask for their phone numbers you. Can I think his situation on. You make for you need friends like soccer or feel like I did is it I like a lot of those guys joined some sort of group can also makes it easier with kids like I feel like. Even if. My kids aren't necessarily froze when their kids like some of the guys are like Baghdad and you know that makes sense. Don't know real young kids kind of pick who your friends are because you altogether but now. You look. Those guys a Mike has produced for the whatever protection Armstrong. I like him. And makes cents. Our kids tunnel little leagues. None of that stuff. So. Just maybe you weren't somebody's cell program my guy real estate guy I talked to him trying to nail him and I can. Nomad the guy lives in my neighborhood soccer Mike right. Yeah Mike you meant to soccer won't affect the soccer thing was good for you you met some people from doing that. That's what I'm saying no I don't do anything like that. I'm not a morning let all the sky. And let's say going out and say I don't know if you got a Barney meet. Haven't meet some god I don't really know whose caddie programs and it complete stranger. Meet this person at a bar he talked music politics whatever it is you get along. You'd wanna hang out again and how do you. Following you son William crazy you run into someone you think. I like this personnel to be friends that person I have no idea is no I'm glad it happened several times where it's like you can't my girlfriend introduces me there. And we should we should gossips it's a little earlier. Girlfriends front. It is a mutual for the senate can't do that anyway besides it's our daily revamping rides though you're just kind of screwed. If you do something wrong that he's got to hate you or he does something wrong and you got a him. If friends kind of gotta just you know you gotta figure that out on your own and attacks on that would meet up the outcome of the problem is I'm not going to be from someone who goes to meet up dot com. I don't know I've I don't got a friend who met. Mike is I don't know his best friend the spread and he spends the most time with was he just back to Kansas City and went on Craig's list that like casual encounters something which I thought was for now. You know. That's not true I thought that was for sacks he's lying know no no this guy did he met but I will say this guy comes general it's time to learn English accent right. Talks about where he's from an England all the stuff and other friends for a long time. Not really coming on iTunes and that's being so you weird a little weird but they get along splendidly. Back then hung out a lot but he did turn out to be taken them. All British thing. Well which is what you expect against Simpson with a unique and I think Drexel was. But at this guy just insecure may be used that I don't know maybe some aspect or something they use that as a but they've really got along well I couldn't believe they met. Odds on there are any media guide and airmen before complete stranger and you get along with some greater relative toll hang out the Italian how do you go about doing that. You do is no way to do it. Want to know mutual friends you just met this guy you sit at a bar alone you talked to whom when you're talking sports are so wonderful borrowers whatever it is yeah. He lives here like you could hang. I think you've got to try to find what that normal that would that common denominator as other you to fraudulent like. I'm dishonest on hasn't happened I must say I was at a bar watching the Michigan game Ryan and more votes just from Michigan I may be. Because I've moved around so much in my life I led that point say hey man. Now I don't really have any Michigan football fans you come here watch the game ever used every Saturday. And of that person's like Demi in my body is philatelic arm and I'll just show the next Saturday. Is your son makes sense. Would be to find that common thing if it was a regular thing that you could do I guess I'm thinking alike. Friday Saturday night here pairings are Bosnia's underneath I don't think that's ever gonna happen. So I have to be like a normal thing might have banned them into a bar to watch the razorbacks. And I have an image to guys watching him I got along well I think it can be like head. You've got mail and then it starts from there you decide whether you like kimono. But there's no common denominator at that moment other than. We like the same music or we can agree on politics wherever it is. I don't know exactly what you do many Intel Russell again if you did have that much in common you learn to Manila to announce up. That's married. We you have to ask wanna bombings aren't enough you know trying to find ups if you're single and looking for friends. Was Smart enough to find a girlfriend I keep trying to be friends with Neil Smith. Here once a week about the so I keep talking to own and last week he was here Alfred Cox. Know from cookies you what did you say to any spot on man because they keep him on and he asked me out then. 'cause I know he's got everything good wife. But it is guys keep up with a book a measure going to be annoyed. That's true they'll be your friend. Like you think you're like man maybe at some point if I run this guy enough times and he thinks of me he doesn't know we do down here. All you eagle so Neil Smith for achieves player he's on the sports station at least once a week. And he's always in the building at least once a week. And back as against sports. Legend hero of mine right so I seen an inability NASA get really excited sold lately. I've been trying to like talk to an okay life. It. It really doesn't occur there but I'm sure there's like no not accept it. But thank you and I just am uncertain of turning Tehran not wall between his and in his mind. Do you know. Any time regular schedule like Lee and any time you free de Leon your when your girlfriend Ryan yeah shall I do then I don't know what shall go on doesn't what are you doing a free time. Nothing new facetime is movement and I don't know who. Pretends that she's on the couch tonight kind of next film. It's not okay. You've worked don't you thought you were AM mostly due post writes until midnight. And then leave here it would be awesome though you guys text means of what are you doing tonight Garcia is and I kneels ovaries of who the hell's Neil. Neil from the middle none and on and yeah he's a new idea really don't hills I think Neil our boys Daniel none none none are no different Neil. Cool that's both meals Annan Neil Smith took a look at the he's at your house yeah offered you cookies one court to act but now our friends fall wiley go on tonight remember them. With Neil. Lola inaudible actually you text a couple of be blown texture will be able to order something. To go to my girlfriend's house for dinner tonight I am right here. Are you work. Out a half 2000. Text your first. So you can't. Can't. Well Don. Nothing. That doesn't mean I'm becoming isolated the second ruled her happiness is a don't become isolated at least I'm hanging out with someone going over my girlfriend's house and not that's not isolated it's just you know. And I you both Chrysler and we've IRS. Suppose. But. I'm looking forward to it. She's cooking. He. Says we can touch butts. Was our main I don't know. She grows. She says I was excited about coming over and I said yeah out. Yes we're gonna touch books and I said sure. Like the blood shall torture yield touched on social to a German don't know. That was attached. I'm looking forward. Art she do you think. To think. You'll wanna be friends with me to think you had a lot of friends. Until he answers from the new. But if he doesn't know. You know like if he doesn't know how much money we make and things like that. He might. Be able to think of us as. Kind of equals and some not. You might think the model we mean you're supposed to go out once a week when our girlfriends you never know what. Text limit on I don't panic is hosting Monday's CNN window that we should know last night more than now. We went into the month before them and a reform I'm never gonna do it and you never gonna make a difference. Thanks so I'm just went and visited upon. How do you make a friend you say you wanna hang out sometime in May say sure you wanna go out to say no I can't. I make it is that way. I wanted to see the new Medea movie. Roger wanna see that. You wanna go so gone. Tonight to come until October 20 was still was similar tonight what movie. Apparently a new blade runner is like really yeah and it didn't make a lot of money I was disappointed there on caucus that was great Mike decides I wanna see it. CNET. And you know. Maybe overlooked this summer or is he played our we are Newsom and and a policy blade runner what time and around. Don't sing on the airs on much. Do we can make friends that way now. But are strangers showed afternoons on am and on that now why I don't that's really my it's so weird weird nice is it's if watch I'm from on the 071 listens to us at the time the movie they drive down their wait outside. To talk to us that someone who wants and what is usually a Clinton or wants to Uruguay as those kids who are you different I hope you never know. Uga you know that puzzles can suit guys listening yeah. He's listening right now forgiveness and. Why. Behind neck. A low last quote when you are these six are the boss is. I got Eric. Are good literally right I would pick up the phone to call you I got a nice little piece in Croatia and like they keep the city was a big help with. To date for our sort television show. I'd like to thank you for good television show at all from Blacksburg 8:30 AM. It will climb on that one. You re air most states from three to 5 PM art get to 4 PM central time on campus one. Like. Not a lot of people watching it and maybe it's because it's nondescript I think maybe it before Obama however. They put all year operate actor or one of these Major League Baseball post game shows and about 400000 people watched that sucker so. I think that group from keep this city now I assume that'll mean are well like a million people want a sport that aren't they talk about the failed immediately by the port development state we appreciate you. Nice girl and now maybe they'll tune in tomorrow. That the idea of hope open a little more and more and more because otherwise the line of people who would cook Turco quote exported to you know bill of that maybe not the greatest. Strategy let me ask you questions no vote unless there's something you want that may know. Who do things. The trip because I went in your bureau yesterday level would you let me back up mobile data on. Com you've made a point uphill fight for it and on Monday show that it is an important one for both roles today which is. Apps so lead what is right. You go to football game and believe in protest. And that adds heat that we say that having been on probably was still. Like it currently that game I knew they were probably going to take any. I hope they're with the right purpose and there are no water what I want to get it out. Like far and so be it and I also actually don't care that much more they're cheaper. Late in the I think we just aren't copper 800 billion dollar military but the market look out over. Right so. You walk there are on the things you didn't win it goes against your ideal right. Or here's my question. You danger joked that the worry. That I'll beat guys got. It looked like it's not a meter Ol looked like Interpol might try to are. It changeable development outlook we are remote today do you think Jericho purple right. To tell these guys you've got to. Now. Because he's their employer. So I don't think schools. Have the right to joke is there to stand for the pledge. I don't think my employer has the right to tell me to salute the flag. When I walked out of this building. I think that's nuts man employers' role. And lets us on some sort contract that stipulates that I'll do that then you know get to Tom waited and I. A son at an earlier in the game that's not part of the game. I don't see how you control that aspect in my life. A week to week but we are locked. Because it's so. I have a lot of people boring to me are talking about like full on Twitter people might think ideologically. Aligned with. It looked like he would fair ball in you know and it means. He's allowed you know that the workplace conditions. And I you know particular or maybe it. Further which is. Very nothing that he he pays them to playing practiced the next few professional bull all. They're all that they're no worries in that your in this type of personal all the except for some reason we decided what was it via the sport. We hitter now but over like. That one point. Might end there maybe some sort of code of conduct policy insular contracts are an agreement with the NFL players in. But boy if Finland if they wanted to throw as part of the code of conduct conduct. And I don't see how they went Matt McCord along. Well the argument people are making. Need to eat like within even if you don't agree with Jerry journal. Did you think it's costing them money you need think it's coughing and sponsors. Here. The update this is or what 140. They have the right to save them not to do it. Well and I just think it that the very dangerous practice. Because what you've been determined you know what word exit. Like sponsors would actually prefer. Fight scene and no like that not endorse any political candidate. Any time of the year. Like your your round and only I want you rallied for him you know what I determine my guys like our sponsor Palestinian. Don't want anyone with captives. Yet that he's got to cover a lot like that student who are expanding. Their ability to. To look at what you're thinking eager out site your actual war responsibilities. By public Eden and that is where. We'll also have to be mean I agree to view right you're absolutely right there I don't know who your argument that you think is Smart but they're not. The other part of that is. What is the consequence. So again people does lack. An immense amount of critical thought. And they and they lacked an immense amount of the ability to take a situation and follow it through. So let me just put it in this. Let's say all the teams say you have to stand. For the Atlanta and if you don't obviously the only consequences if I write. All right we're. Sure that while what I didn't want to play anymore. What are you don't just it's just. That so let's say. And although I mean this is really lets say a procedure electron. He doesn't play for the lines anymore so he retires. Depending on what he is like. Really have to retire. And that's like three of four times of being on the redskins' next month. Right like you haven't thought this through Jerry Jones what does he Kia as the you know how it doesn't play for your ass anymore. And you is like you'll have to do is older but yeah eventually you're out well. Fun thank you. Are you don't do with a budget but one of your dreams that's one of the Seattle Seahawks from over the rules rich insurance that's real. That's what you want Richards sure is silence. The third string quarterback and he can't play. Your coach your coach is not approaches like hey. Half my team that can't play this week. You play a legal in sixteen. Is that what you answers. The other part of me is. Why this would be you remember in the. They were like certain I don't know who they are reports that Israel would be you circle. It does have flaws. That war technically. Are gay but they've more logically. It would like you want that you couldn't. He didn't say how they do. One of the more abortions like. The way and had a B twelve is about fifteen feet in the temperature had to do this whole argument you know. Or you say within its use today our. Our policies. You. You can't have sex with you can't expect men right you go to the optic equipment through Altria packet you'll hire. Aren't you like yes yes it. And so when you make this'll. And literally 99%. Of the people like editing gate in the healing our lack. This instantly you'll making only you you're setting a war. Black players that you can all well and like or. Don't like quarter mile. Like you you probably like that. Of course that's what kind of owners haven't come on already is that you can't Neil during the National Anthem they would have already done that it's a much a white owners think they. They would have done that along time ago that one for the fact that. They're just telling libraries and all analyst views are telling people what they can and cannot do you might see some white people taken me. What are the better I mean beer. It into other acute problem with it again I did that got your update people would use our partners' board here earlier. Here are quite meet you Neil I'll talk the apartment. The pregnant and. We need congratulating Jerry Jones and attacking other border into an individual European Court now which buried. And now the rocket propelled that beat the top the agenda. Libyan capital older meeting next week which is just a little. 31 what billionaire and shot on the who is a we used to being that we should not black and you were there. Aside whether or not they wanna change this level but you're saying. You want your opinion on if Europe are important to your. So that the players on really. Good job of making clear at every stop. We are not its partner right. That we aired read it I thought you know who's been dealing with apps teammate. You've been feeling all along yeah I thought there eloquently like 22. And I'd love it Kuwait where it was funny I love myself I think amazing athlete and amazing person. I work at a date to get better. Myself my body my crack that doesn't mean I don't like like. Country or what my country but before her car so that it. Who are cool the idea. Lott what someone is they act went haywire you know I want it but yet. Dampening the financial I think the country's lack. Like I think Americans like it was not I think America is sure you know like ninety but country in the world I think it ought to brought. Wired it the other there it's like American and. Who is now a cool. You requisite apply in the NFL. Loving America. At. It is. In fact what people thought like one of the things about the matter is that you can go a lot right. Like right. You guys understand what I'm saying that's like yeah it's not a totalitarian state and so the that. You now I'm sure there are on like. Derek lecture on players that appeal corporate original Justice Department's. But don't want the mayor has more well. Don't look like America's polluting went out everything that people might say is that people think America's overeat well. That they would like those guys. Well how appeal in April football. It got or. It certainly feels like that's where we're headed men and a lot of people say that's just. Yeah I mean how many times have you heard someone's if you don't like get out it. Look at FaceBook and look at the conservative people who are against these protests and it's the same rhetoric over and over over in the make as much money. If they don't like making this much money they should work if they don't like this country they should move. That's always there that's what you are the meat of what America's gross to be about which is it you've got a problem to fix it. But there answer is always feel like Eden yeah. But the lateral alliance credit so like you know I'd like Jerry what the right. They like what you mean I would like to act you know he's not injured. And Kirk was adamant that he. Like that guy is not you put people out there he's talked to apartment. Like you mean. Console. Blue Obama cowboys were taken me that's the questions are one has gone door. Well the one that beat up interesting is that Bryant. He's not that bad player anymore their highest paid player represented by JP JP turn on the soup course at times. Performance because the itself. And like. You know that's an interesting one. Problem per pansies. Yeah it now are laid up to a contract. So if they were caught and he caught consultant enormous amount of one. You know what I mean if you're keep it as more player that was still really that we. He could do with bears little you know what I mean I'm not someone else is gonna give me that same deal. Those are I don't know what do and is there anybody I mean. Okay so does my doable Welsh. Well yeah. Accurate that prior all of it he was never kneel and particularly like is here now it in graphic art. Spansion I don't think you're an error in that it scored terribly new model who's got. What what would be more in first thing I got. It I I wish it would happen just to see what happened with the ordinary. Like. One guy you'd be toppled what they see in higher sense of why. And look at the bowl game without two or you lie out of alignment like that more devastating David Chu. It accurately weird quarterback quarter what happened but that entire unit like you can't like. Yeah well yeah or that. We know would be even better but that'll never happen of the entire coaching staff didn't. We're yeah or I help my husband now right that would be for the first solidarity with the players. For those players would kill for them the next game if all of the coaching staff took a knee Amanda come down player and Jerry Jones had to coach a game. The problem but here's the thing you say the players were killed four and here the problem in Pittsburgh. A lot of these guys is actually the plot like Ben Roethlisberger. Really hit agrees with that you. And it popped. So like. Or do yet maybe the players the coaching said the player trooper some guys for the coaching staff. But maybe some of the work like gambling I'm album it's from the beginning. It well it is an insult to supporting. Helpful along racial lines that is too like I participated. There is a moderator in each of them at your record dating acquire Foreman and that is why. And all and one other like Hewitt is Australian guy. The week on the show I'd just like you could use an Australian do you lineman for the Broncos. At Hewlett you know what I mean yeah keep believing bundle them. No I really doubt there's a chance Alex Smith could really got to ask money list is soon to get pumped up before games is like NPR. Went viral maybe he could be the guy that does it but yeah. And I told you guys. I told you guys that. Error writers reached out to be about my aunt. Aaron Rodgers is like. On the right side of the issue right there and more secure his job in the civil. War. What. I mean I think he has more job security to anyone in this sport squirrel right. It is his job in just about anybody. And he still couldn't. Now he's so Linda. It's unbelievable yeah. I think people do it again this rig. I don't think anyone on the countless. I'm expire are gonna do up but it's not going to be on the cowboys. The counselor though reports are that tall and also control how loud do it. I think mark Peter don't keep children. Part appears here that it don't give hopefully mentality. Yeah he's one. And life you know like there have been some type of thing I like that you read on the right side of the issue. I'm not they want and what makes you think that. I hadn't seen it. Now you want to believe it. Know. The way you know and it sounds silly. Here I think is how much Mike Vick locked them. Like the amount of law that I hurt and it gently. On the former players. Well you know I mean I I I I don't know former Whitewater sort of once a black youth in the like I like it and really circumstances. It just swear by Indy where you make me think yeah. He's on the right side a lot of these things that make and like I maybe well again I just get. My gut feeling just like I got on call when it's not what. Yeah that's of America feel. Maybe Tom Coughlin says it'll ultimately. Might be I'd like to call me an old. All of them. The rebel leader he Ditka. Now. It can keep in mind. Poland in Chicago. And he's a thousand years lol did that and that that the quote. I don't know where all the a fraction outcomes from. I can tell no one in the country and in parts per won't be hunkered years. Now let the and I know though it but your quick might pick a sword because that is my personal radio arguments made radio and Houston. I knew Dick it was really mad that. Thought well Washington. The reports that the velocity and team name. So we're doing an interview with them and halfway through the end of the year like coach coach coach there's some breaking news you're not gonna believe this. They're going to be protests. I'll side of Buccaneers and raiders games this weekend. From the American pirate association saying that you know we dared decorating her name and he just went into it for a minute. Sure he Mercury about liberal Obama global warming in the political correct Coulter selected that the guy who he's been quite the and just go out say that. Did he do that and those fake drugs when he traded for Ricky Ricky Williams returning like Oliver cause. Well now maybe you have missed the putt maybe I'm. Maybe applying to wake up next Wednesday it really could not that they kept it up. Originally it was a dollar. Small way to know it. Or good luck at CNET. Church of let's play safe and. 24 seed. What's going comment would you wanna talk about tiger I think Spencer was trying to as the resent. We trans this on them now okay player. A new often part of success story was talking about like banks through a good. Good. We are we read a story about spiders this house outside saint Louis the fame and at least 6007000. Brown recluse spiders. The said the former owners knew about the spiders and and tell how do you keep that hidden. Don't know. I mean it just seems like a lot of spiders like of urine go look at the house you'd think you would and I mean on orders were 6000 spiders hiding an ounce. And it's. When you've got your basement filling them. And there's like the space between the basement and you know that whatever they caught it's not a I have a base all right I don't have a crawl space so it's like hey guess what would be the crossed his vision of a basement goes around the foundation goes back like a foot. As darkness just hell it's just Telesis spiders. And house and Pete's fighting it out. You're going on elevate and having a run you run down there you throw your laundry and ending your run back Oscars. And honey look like that. You just seasonal old house and how much still the ceilings are very low you rundown there. And I don't just mean don't you feel like they could come up in the nine being a bad that would real and if I saw on ice to I've told them before we haven't agreed elbows spiders and the senate pizza you are allowed down here. Because as your space I just surrendered its you have to are up the white flag. But if you come upstairs it's over what you saw unpopular UN NET keep coming up certainly a sense among down in the basement to kill your family. So they pretty much stayed Illinois man from town writes for. Right I and and they've pretty much agree to these rules as Frankie the pats on the baseman. But they're all brown recluse as they are really yeah I've got to tolerable. I don't know even know what a Broncos looks like it's they are actually really easy to spot because they say that it looks like a violent on their back and it really doesn't exactly but here's a picture of what but I mean in all look. You see that violent there you can see it when you get up close it just looks like a perfect violent on the back room. It's disgusting problem you do you are you spiders freak out. No not really I don't I don't love them all. You know I can't stand them. Really for extra I hate this and appease a lot more loose and appease scared because they can move they can chase you down and their fast the house and people get this big. Knowledge you have sort of beads that big always mental absolutely whites they're all white and there's this big and they don't like the light on and on and on and on and and again and so when you turn on the lights experiment. And they run back in the book as I did you have eight inch long. Senate Beasley is at the age okay that's maybe likes exits like that like that law. And all of them but a lot of them are this bit in your basement or buy it. And their two down step on because you're afraid I crunch time that let. But the size of a rat there hell there now step on Iraq now I I use cardboard night laid on top men flew. Fess up on the cardboard and and I I hate the senate feeds spiders. No liking you kill him. Apparently. I don't know you can try and and I guess they come back we've had every time we talk about that someone calls and torturers like look. It would temporarily your item for awhile but then we'll come back and why I don't know. Why can't you can you can kill anything you can kill people. You can't go you'll spiders don't their bodies against Simpson are you think you'll be able you do and you should do to kill so the beat. You can do the best I can content put some sort aghast that they wanted to put it they wanted to kill spiders is one guy said the best way to kill spider is their bodies execute their bites of the counseling can run through poison and be okay Angus. So the best way to catch is that these traps Lee gotta go down there and there's like the sticky traps Culver. In dead spiders. And right now I don't see them that often when a trauma like an island downstairs and there's a six inch white sand impeded on my dad's general I'd move forget about the basement. I know there in the basement salt on the light and be like all right I'm coming down there this is your chance now known how I have some good to see Iran. It's like a house party broken up with a no but occasionally one will show up in the shower or in the kitchen sink because they come up to the drain. And when you have one of those things in the shower with you. It's really you had a six inch all tenacity in the shower in his shower with me is why don't mind it's it's our fine. It's an aide I mean it's once out of their five years I think I've had innocent people like it's not orders like it's like ABC and move into houses that old I was I want. Two yeah I want to Interpol does lady you. Lives in Newton New York net anyway. She lives like five houses down from Amityville horror house. And the other people live there I think the people are really strange you said they didn't change anything announcement kids play in the basement or the other kids are murdered and whatever it okay so you're weird but if you're. If you go to our house league showing Casey's house or whatever and they're like hey you know this houses for cellular coups was a and voyage going gauges were you can't find another house. You can't find one that serial killer didn't live and on how much I don't believe in ghosts. But you can't find it yeah I mean. There's got to be another house for settlement neighborhood same thing where there's rationales for sale neighborhood where six inch. As senate leads don't crawl through the drain and take a shower with you you think there has to be you think they give you do they give you a disk. Out for moving into a house for people were murdered like is it our troops are how sure because there's a house. Member when we were in Seattle and there was a big news struck the guy killed assault in the attack happened right down the street from my mom. That's a really nice house and has sold pretty quickly and I was thinking to myself what kind of deal those people got on my house because I'm sure. I don't I don't know if by law the real dress to disclose that I am I don't think they do but maybe that you I don't know. I don't know why you have a thousand dollar house is like that down just tore it down what does that one there was. They don't give a hard time selling it went on Kansas City there is that Bob the butcher whatever that is yeah announced OK but he was like notorious in this guy just you know went nuts and killed scrambling. So I think he's gonna deal and I don't want via. Why buy it well you know you don't see the bugs that first and that I think people always have an extra mayor get rid of for a weaker to. You know so. On our. Just don't understand. We had him in my house growing up it was a new house. And note that the worst part is that when the exterminator come exterminator comes in he sprays around. The foundation the house and then the next couple of hours all the bugs will come out and they die. So I didn't even know we had bugs until mama brings exterminator out. And they crawl out from ever they were they blind their backs and Annie had dead bugs play around the house and I don't want that. Right now I don't see them often know man bijur a long while and I could hear six cents and appease scurry across the floor it's fast and no I got this thing move. I'm not injures the nice thing Munich is I should never I had never seen 10 in this now and I'd never seen this is what they look like. I had never seen one before oh my god yeah that's worse than a spider right yeah and they killed spiders that netted a mangers are eating a lot of spike exactly they're getting very fat and happy. So I've told my wife and what we can kill the senate PCs that we can kill spiders ridiculous and it feeds they say might have more spiders. So it's a deal and she's got bothered by those as much as fighters I'm bothered by those get rid of them. And malls and only moms don't like them and again in the housing relied on. And as a real or are you doing to disclose whether or so listen again you do tell us what that was like an urban legend but. You do have to dispose of other person has been murder any crimes have been committed in the house. Assange won realtors shows realtor. I mean look at this picture came and I definitely that there are no I mean move. They are. Past. Faxed. Who. It's one of these things frozen. Yup. They are now John Wayne Gacy is house remember summoning a band bought it now he was talking about the bush chose some latest accident though. Joseph engaged is how summit in a band just Google bon John Wayne Gacy is thousands on announcing the guy from semi suction think. He didn't know a bit in column it. These numbers tell him. I'm give the story wrong but is there a story news story I'm looking to. Yeah haunted. Gacy room in Villa Park haunted oh this isn't this isn't the house a couple of bodies hold on. No these are. This might be similar place to lift. Them. I think they did tear down DC's house because I think when they were trying to get totals buys I read the book about him acting like it. There were so many bodies and that crawl space that they just toward the entire place apart. Trying to get to I think eventually just tore the place down if he had bodies hidden everywhere in the crawl space. They just kept finding them. So later bam on somebody's house. Well this as attorneys criticize Illinois Hart house with John Wayne Gacy room in any room and a two former prosecutors who helped convict John Wayne Gacy seed or filmmaker rob zombies decision. To include his suburban Chicago harder house. A room dedicated to serial killer. Could be hurtful to me levels of this is our Robb's army and having a house static or rooms dedicated Jaycee. Why would you dedicate a room to gacy. It's one thing to be a big fan of Hormuz is and I think it's a big fan a serial killers. They had said it was literally torn apart yeah when they expert and everything they just kept on embodies. Muir. Well I'm asking you again you never given me an answer them. Why don't you move well you can't sell a house with the senate the house party alone in the basement it's tough. Now I did go down there about a month ago and and and tried. The feeling once your shirt now. Now I don't have abided by C one though that I get the kind of artists like some of world. But I did go down there and I about a month ago and fill up their some other little two points with country. But they're they're everywhere. And as. The centerpiece. Will eat the spiders. And in there I met their poop. Or they take the what's left that they don't eat they rolled up into a ball I'm not sure if it's Cooper that's left over bugs and they drop them and there's these little pebbles. In your like crawl space here in a little old belittled they look like droppings but there I thought we had mice is up like no those are those are bug parts that's for. Let's discuss plugs just yet to back muff chopped. Trent reservoir to Sharon Tate murder house. I don't know myself. So. We use should not medical data and were killed obscenities and it is remarkable milestone Carlos and these are big they're voting warn your basement. I think the senate these could take Iraq. They're big nuclear Canada lives you can't tell you know but I the cat might kill mice and they kill Lott the color chip monks and stuff. And new us discussing you should move. Now keep that mind. You can't go down like in your bare feet to do laundry return tomorrow you don't go to who said their feet no one's said anything about her feet. You put on shoes and socks before you go to on the don't say anything about their feet. Justice I'm always I know I have shoes and keep the top of the basement in case any to step on something related downer. Choose us it's a war zone. And they've won. It's like it's not actually awards like a demilitarized zone it's like the 38 parallel answers ethernet or whatever the reality is it's like this is the line. And there's been no official truce called. Or not officially engaged in battle right now. So. That's what's happened. Also went up ultra H a picture let Obama find a big juicy. Two of our non interest and what do we miss gray Drake. Having gotten echo I told you we should have stayed up here and not gone to smoke that cigarette because gray always calls a couple minutes early Sean yeah. I told him we missile and kudos to him know he's gonna have to do the movie reviews now gonna kiss Spencer I need you to go on rotten tomatoes dot com and coming national talk of breast cancer is going to do or this is my experience Spencer isn't Spencer's going to tell us what's coming now have a converter and it has been moved out as burgers these.