Tuesday, 12.05.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Tuesday, December 5th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • Al Franken may be resigning
    • Bannon disses Romeny
    • Marcus Peters¬†suspended one game
  • 35:54 - Online bullying leads to teen's suicide
  • 50:48 - A couple sues local police dept for failed drug raid
  • 1:07:43 - On This Day in 2015

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So righteous man. On all sides. The valley is dark. Will strike zone of the and destroyed. No no volume Andre Perry who I am great great great should do here never really matter my man good. Excellent. I'm great. Judge threw better. So gung hey look who got a new hats and and you had an Iowa had a what's puzzling Wichita State. He's got the black eagle royals how much does that kind of rotating around this royals which states. Never seen it maybe about an. Old lady mama give me it's very true or not like manhunt. So I you guys have done like moved a little bit slower does she text you see in my cereal baby mama. How like you know that's a step forward as opposed to like guys like his mom. There's just you know there's like different way yeah so illnesses yeah. Your right okay mom this kind of determined derives a new. And Mallory leisure doctor I guess there's a lot of it is about reflection island in the hands baby mama back to beat. I never really an anomaly here well as to what's that kid's mom yeah I mean and and. I saw nothing Wall Street Journal so there they don't use eternal anyone anymore. Because it's drug touring around the. I was data series started I started off as a term to describe generation people but now little needles as soon as they hear the word lawyer Billy wade but I'm not really when you are I don't because it's become this is absolutely you have to derogatory and you try so hard to get out of dean running well. I feel like when they talk about Leo so they are always talking about people young Indian they always say always I must someone in their twenties and 35 years old I think there's a big difference between me and at 24 year old and his former. You look I don't I don't and I would love to be young someone you know means call me millennial. I just feel like they're not really talking about me. And definitely on the cusp. We'll leave on 82. He's close. End. You know I used to walk coming growing up we taped shows with a VCR plus I didn't have the Internet. And they owe any senator I've only as is that when you were born into this digital age you never known a world without it and. Just into the music talking about. Now people are you talking about you they're not that's why they can publish that zany you'll. Category just in between their next. And you're right and you look actually acts as you're drawn between the sixties in the early eighties yes sometimes I get thrown in there. Sixties and early finish. But calling the millennial. Derogatory it's the most political thing that's Democrat I don't think it was more meals a day a doctor with people of the Wall Street Journal wolf. Oh look at. Colonial usually a seasoned minds. Joan actually come out and you can sit and Europe the end of action yet. We run. So come out and we are mullah. Yeah. I'm firmly planted in June match. I'm on the cusp either. Minus didn't goes baby boomers the engine acts as an afternoon between. Policies. Is my generation Z millennial Generation X. many boomers Silent Generation generation launch termination. Since those Silent Generation. Insurance plans where. An engine life. I think July sings when it. I. 1920s. To the 1940s whose son generations. The following the GI engine. Shiite generation. I feel like ever heard of Silent Generation you not remember Shiites are. He's the greatest generation is that the GI errors at them and letting. It's got to be Jian. Wrenched out of me. They would have been yeah that's crazy on World War II that's where you were born from 1901 in 1920s for. Jackson clearly immigration measure. Yeah we June textures. The commitment. We're the greatest yeah. I was a little kids listen to music out here musicians talk about being Generation X. they didn't have a name for anything past Generation X. so. I thought I origination accident. Like when they did Woodstock two in the ninety's they said that was generation axes Woodstock whatever. And it's a time. That was it. A little chilly. And well older women and again. Kind of what seems right. There's different things when I talk and zeal they went through all the different. Categories. All the different generations and you know. Different. Outlets have different years yeah for generations. You're I'm guessing you look at Wikipedia's numbers tell me Gaza summit with you numbers as Wikipedia what's been generics sometimes other people does is Miami owns news thunderstorm and Jackson has a ruling tune to your neighborhood. And Susan colonials are mid 1980s to mid 1990s. Yeah I love you just yeah. No precise dates. It's like this says. Mullen feels usually start in the early eighties and you just admitted. So it's just. Depends on the US. Here right now I don't unannounced into it if it's off a couple of years you're still guarantee either of us. There is the oldest millennial all line more than youngest projects personalized. Suicide getting coined the term around the time children born in 1982 were entering preschool and the media was first they didn't find it respectively to the new millennium. As the high school graduating class of 2000. So I graduated in 2001. So according to whoever came up with the graduating class of 2000 who they were referring to isn't news. Business and he graduated drop down when the sun. I just like in this Wikipedia article he had a different categories there's an introduction and terminology Dayton. Age and then traits I see traces the big picture of a bunch of kids and sensors legalize marijuana that. The only new millennium wish. Yeah. John Conyers is probably GI generation right. There the sermons like USC. Defense on. These what 88 there and OIT three new stage and I know he's in his eighties and the announced on a radio show this morning that he will officially be retiring. From politics. He wants his kids takeover thank you always is now if you want to reset the thing arron said his son but it that if we could have been mystery was extremely carry on the the legacy cities and he's worked too hard to have his legacy dismantled. But he officially made the announcement on this specific Christian radio station was talking to we're they had cameras in the radio station. And you're hearing. Conyers talked earth do like the speaker on the poorly we have to sonar and here and there watching you know why don't we ever talked to anyone important nothing cameras coming there's no content. And I think you heard helping me get presented poker I am very tiring. Day. And I want everyone to know much appreciated. The support that. Incredible. Diminution or every city across the U. Rode my supported not only a matter of hatred and across the country as well. You know. Was there there was a new allegation. Lindh last night or yeah. In 1929 and 1929. Do you think you like this Korean War. And Joseph Paterno she's been hospitalized. The. But this. Oh they did say didn't they he was hospitalized for stress related ills just like I was originally missing him and we are even accused of stuff when he was hospitalized right yeah yeah that's what they have. He's an owner I'm retiring today I want everyone to know how much I appreciate incurred londoners were literacy. Centers. Please do not only allegations. And he settled that Saddam. It's true. And kind years has vehemently denied allegations alone he denied allegations that he settled he doesn't fifteen sexual harassment complaint with the former staffer who claims she was fired after refusing his sexual advances on Tuesday he again. Dismiss such reports as politician rejected the idea. They would Alter his legacy. He says they're not true and there's something I can't explain where they come from. What was what happened last night there was an acquisition. Anyway leisure time. I also saw over. Mr. dozens of uniformed employees Khan years allege is sexually harassed her afternoon was found. Lucille C insures retirement funds allegedly paid the settlement of 27000 dollars. Moser reported on the settlement on November 22017. Including accounts. And other ethical concerns associated kind of jealous insurer. The last and homeless and their staffers. Our tires and our country strives to unleash on an intentional and on title due process in this case I expressed an adamantly denying allegations made against Franken can. There's so. By officers on the allegations and express denial of liability and her essays on more from rigors. Active litigation. Just say they fired dating masters and Netflix and master's from the ranch. Spiritual. I'm gonna Washington now I did watch the very first episode. For some reason there was a reason I read something about how old Sri Angel wasn't. The weighted it was filmed and because like bloodless and watched the first episode of. Tequila. I didn't grab me you know. I know our deuce and as I'm not drop and John Conyers district. I'm well aware of Julius. He may have a son many agency Linus and take over but I know that he has a nephew who is. And like to Michigan's. John assume that's who he's talking about but maybe now. Yeah I thought I read. This morning and he said amenities once or somewhere that he wanted to sound take over. Troy Maurer. You know Roy Moore. He's a cowboy. Music Campbell and huge bang bang back. Brought more. You know the Republicans are like distancing themselves from Roy Morse a couple of weeks ago you saw McConnell and probably warmer. I don't have been out there it's incredible truly good market for them on the day and let them mentally challenged Jimmy Stewart. Pennington is there. Not everything that is marginalized online processions all end up. Angelo based on Jimmy Stewart lives to go for married expands its latest southern drawl did you register where you are right whatever he wants and you know. Some sort of racist ethnic sound management Jimmy Stewart and his says they know I'm I'm no Kim Jung whatever vision is all based in Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Stewart and John and I know one imagines secondly finished his Roy Moore. Bond. So the Republicans run this season themselves. They say McConnell said he should step aside right end. The White House originally said that if the allegations were true he should step aside. Paul Ryan and said this troubling he you know he's efficiency should set aside right at that point out of weeks ago I remember watching this interview and the Republican. Party sent our we're gonna go and pull funding from destroying more on this this can be toxic. Not anymore it seems like everybody's all in now. Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore writing a new wave of chrome support. The president know fully endorsing him and this morning the orange seat back to supporting more when just several weeks ago the head of your NC said. This allegation that we're obviously very concerning. And concerning to the degree that or we polled our restarts then Alabama voters. Are gonna have to be the judge and jury on a second I have to look at I had met the women that have come forward looking very concerning. An allegation. We're gonna go ahead now given money. She sees it there is yet another. Additional help I come out and then that woman who he's an argument I sold it. Don't remember where was that she had letters. Later adding that he signed did you see them. He's said to Hannity that he knew her. Yet if they knew each religion but she's big in the democratic world. All part of this is usually. Well I just saw this from six hours ago 530 that come. Trickled was Trump's endorsement of Roy Moore a mistake I keep seeing is set today about how the Republican Party is. And screen itself by endorsing this guy did it. Mitt Romney is coming back to Republican Party and it's gonna split the party. Do you think it matters I feel like this cloud could hang over Roy Moore for however long he's elected. Senator you'll think well that's. Cowboy molester but just. It doesn't stop him from that they said that once he gets elected the first emits doozy today ethics investigation into suspected. Potentially. Keep him from actually becoming a senator how does that work. I didn't know that was a thing ought to look into little little business and our. I saw he blocked. Homeless guys and against and Jones. The Democrats Doug Jones a solid touch sensitive Roy Moore blocked modular. They can hit my criticism block change. Who wins that race is anyone in this room thinking there's a chance of that Doug Jones guys win nonsense I feel none chance I doesn't think there's a chance in the world but Barack Obama was gonna win when they said he was up. In 2000 I know there's no way. Now in this instance they're not saying Doug Jones is up there's and it's neck and neck. I just I don't see it happen. It's really more. I can't say. Watching him this morning he's seen and I don't hold the footage was assumed walking up to this pulpit and went on a Bible and all these really more than others cheering yeah. Music on my. Yeah. I'm gonna happen on an island. Sponsors thing. You know I'll let you. And they got an idea the last time. A senator was expelled. Now. 1862. They are supporting the confederacy so that. That expelled and you don't get kicked him out like after he got elected. The last and expose an agency sued you for supporting the confederate streak and CNN. Yeah. Because I've never. Heard it's like well one even if he wins Indy so he sought to face this tactics invested so much so wants. They can succeed to. Kissing the story about the guy who was killed the most court and I'm. I've seen I saw the headline. Maybe yesterday morning. But there was no details dissident man was shot Westport and I saw where was her look really close to make fortieth and they might say in this industry I'll find it but. I its usage. Over their Mario and here we go Sunday night. From there walking your walnut street so fortieth him Obama against. Since I guess that makes I know where it is to think of it it's over there by the behind the post office area right. Look at a bungalow mass and down. You may think the victim's name was sacked pierce he's 24 years old apparently according to his dad he does. After work on up for others it's friends and that's right one time yet. He was walking home this car pulls up. And done it's a maroon suvs and pulls up next in his friend. And this guy gets out recently I guess two people get a base. Say this is a robbery in your wallet your phone a lot stuff. Apparently these guys comply digging if they did everything the robbers ass handed over the phone handed over their wallet handed over whatever does rescue tour. And then the driver of the SUV athletic gun and shot and killed. This son Zach pierce guy and as far as I know they had just you know description of suvs in maroon suvs. But that's all they have right now I haven't seen that anyone has been questioned or arrested if they have any description beyond that. And I saw they had this vigil forum last night and I. Looked like one of the did you know they were flashing those pictures up there I met him. In night one of the pictures definitely it's forty park looked like it was a beach ball the Marciano with us with his friends. There really are day and we I everything unpacked from his apartment which was the really the hardest fired. They really sets and when your when your cashing out their stuff because of not coming back. Passengers dad yeah earlier and you know I am saying look what YE he took someone's life for phone and wallet you know. And they always tell you if someone. It's as you've held up at gunpoint just do what they say right yeah I don't argue with him don't fight with them and his friend Cindy didn't. He complied. They shot him anyway. We're shooting people man right. Com this news is dead he says I can't cry the moment makes me angry because I've read so much these people don't know the person that took. Looks like get a lot of people out there it is this vigil to channel its handling. I'm watching is dead now. It's it is I mean earnings and have kids I was it's kind of reaction was I can't imagine really really really hard to watch. And just happens all the time I mean that was they said he was Kansas city's just Kansas City proper 134. Homicide this year. No less and I talked about the parking lot. But I don't think. Slocum never mentioned she showed that article about Kansas City here moving up on the list of most dangerous cities now. They hit India theocracy are the list of the ten most dangerous cities. And they give you a Saint Louis is number one. Memphis Tennessee so the way to do this is some. Ten most dangerous US cities by violent crimes and they take the 2016. Data set. And they say solve for the crime rate per 100000 habits for each type of crime according to the data collected you're the most dangerous city so Saint Louis now. Population through 171000 Memphis Tennessee population 600 to 7000 Rockford Illinois. Population 3000 Baltimore Maryland 621000. Detroit Michigan number 5673000. Kansas City, Missouri. For a 73000 number six on the list. It's above Oakland's. And the Joaquin was in the top ten. Yeah. As things about them and battle. You didn't we have a year of few years ago maybe even within the last couple years were a homicide rate dropped quite a bit. 134 sounds high but. Seems like every other people who guns and shootings in downtown homeless or yeah I mean that's not so you know that's homicides. This list that I'm. Talked about his violent crime sign puzzles people you know I mean I know a guy who got shot. Just a couple of blocks away from where this guy died the other night and he didn't dot. Let's same situation he was walking home after having a couple drinks he's that the friend there's some guys want chemistry they come over gadgets or stop Jimmy starts off being friendly. It actually says to him. At the end this conversation is our oh I'm sorry I have to do this. So what any pulls out a gun and shoots it's. Gas Adams I'm. And I. Home for me at times. Dad shouldn't mountain. You shouldn't have to get themselves. And certainly not an. Surely not only watch. Cell phone right. Beer money. Did you see that woman who loved. Sent that snapped a set about a lot of my date and then went missing gee this industry and I learned the snaps an eight month it was said something about like them. Don't know might date or wish you luck might today. And that was the last anyone heard from harm. And there ago. Authorities have recovered the body of Nebraska woman whose disappearance after a tender date last month triggered a massive search and bizarre social media post from two persons of interest in the tragic mystery. Lincoln police Chief Justice. We Meister said Tuesday that analysis of digital evidence led authorities to a body in rural Clay County they believe is out of Sydney Luke 24 who vanished three weeks ago. Quote we do believe that there is evidence of foul play. So apparently she had met a girl on tender from the story that I wrote earlier she met a girl on tender that's your shoes those who don't stay with I think it's a that it might have been her second day. But this girl issue on the Dave west has any. Male roommate who's 51. And apparently both of them armed suspects now. It's it's with heavy hearts and we share this most recent update with you all. This continue to pray for Sydney and our entire Stanley may guys internal rested on the levee Sydney the police officer said that the persons of interest Aubrey trail and daily Boswell. Remain in custody yes and guys 51 admirals 23. And they just ended it was her roommate this guy was a rooming. Both apparently left the state in the days after she disappeared. They were arrested near Branson Missouri doesn't sound room. I. An image from video streamed from. We did sell the digital evidence plus. Other persons of interest. Some videos are drawn. Okay because I read about this is the guy saying I'm never killed anyone my life and I've never heard a female my life I'll take that for whatever that college worse. This is before he got there with a right after our mission. Prior to their routes around it. Prior to the rest Boswell trail poses several bizarre videos online oversee address reports about their possible involvement and the supreme. The. I think. Sounds to me like the killer. Never trying to get out of dodge. On the team. Senators say they don't lie though. Rondo. If they are making these videos and we don't want the wire you Massoud you're saying on the play and obviously they knew that they were members of going deep. Right yes at least keep persons of interest. She says. Boswell says she had nothing to do it loses some benching knows. That she'd gone comment a couple of candidates were there during which she claims they drove around smoke marijuana. But says she last saw her on November since team tonight and their second date. I want to take her home and chest and dropped her off at a friend's house and so I did it. And here are my number and I haven't heard commercials. Did you guys watch the Steelers game last night. Good. You know you problems. Lou the you might be too young I remember being a kid and watching the chiefs. On a Sunday afternoon. Play the jets. And I forget that guy's name but he was paralyzed right there on the field you don't make have shown that it as a kid yeah. That feeling last night when she who wasn't the guy here. She Ryan shares are yeah chasers yeah. And even earlier OK from the first angle that they show. You don't really see the second time BC he puts his head down it's not what he got here he puts his head down and kind of goes in head first. And when you see that after knowing they had been moving his legs. By the rookie. Josh Yasser that first hit there you can't really tell what's happening to them when they go to show the replay. You can see and of course the whole time I'm watching as I'm sure a lot of people war because he he grabs his back guts and the roles or is back in I. When new rules can't help but notice the speed arm of government as a whole top half of his body is moving you know eight and he's trying to. Signal what's from the his legs are moving him. Down and that's never a good thing. Yeah as soon as he had them. He goes down. But I did see this morning. That they were saying that he was moving his this fevers moving as lurks Germany's today there's this an update later without us. That was brutal they read how candidate right angles to it right. What's it look what game was that was at two years ago was that was a browns in the singles and mishap what. There was a game yeah clears things I was at the browns in the name laying. Wasn't this guy is burning up there and it's yeah I was. Perfecting I think vitamins view him. There was so little time you know and I was making sure that I used to deserve the right story that you're talking about who's relied Italy and here. When you watches him chiefs and the judge Friday. But I remember reading a story that guy's name is Dennis Byrd right. That's right and he did he pass away now I'm Leona a little because as I know the story OK so he was paralyzed right. On the patio at arrowhead right now. On the field. Three years they're being learned to walk again I want to know that. So he could walk. And on October 15 2006. Team. The base seventeen year old driver from Claire more serious Ford Explorer and the oncoming lane. Collided really birds car and killed him. Kill him and his twelve year old son survived. OK remember here. Passed away and he might contribute to a variety gamers something. But I just remember sitting there watching night game. And ask you my deadly what's the what's wrong with them let you know is she gonna walk in and as it I don't know. He's really really hurt. And it wasn't. That it was like he hit on his own players right is that Meredith she's. Doing now. Shark hunting they got there and enjoy yeah I was there was another jets play. And has been really depressing man. Should you have your news agency rushing have been similar Olympics next year that's good. I didn't quite understand that loophole globe so they can compete then at least can compete at their clean but what is doesn't count is that what they're doing. I didn't watch said doctor Mir on Netflix did you guys watch the Russian doping thing the girls were. Yeah I never watched it and mean and and I did seat at the Pentagon. Or not depending on the DA wants to do a bunch of background checks to people who already own guns you see that story. But Julie didn't have to do background checks the first time around apparently never gonna go through into thousands and thousands if they do have a background checks of people already owns enough. How did that happen. It's this kind of behind that I don't know. It seems like postings it wouldn't happen. In this climate. Dec Fed's the issue OK here we go it's 4000 orders to seize guns from people who feel background checks when import thousands on your feet up the delayed background checks. From last year sold was this like they got backed up. Got you said take the gun and sorry dominant on time and lindros is known I don't know gonna go get them okay. What is system I mean what assess Juilliard and get amount. Grow up until I decided on a background check things in my shoes rear you're gonna take us from him and their busiest I've called and manage their disease usually Black Friday right he's gonna do more background checks on Friday. Yeah that's like out there and a new design the I'm. You know what's crazy is. What they be thirteen years ago. We were making fun of on school kids off a number that. I'm never home school my view away. What knowledge and I'm voting yeah. And so like such a bad idea if I was smarter. It's been probably ten years since we heard that first story that girl from Missouri who Desormeaux try to evidence on. If you like her name was Megan doesn't sound right and but we were all shocked re like you could get bullied on social media did appoint it. You know you'd wanna take your life and now you see that you don't not again right you know and that but this does seem. Like a new low. And if you haven't seen it thirteen year old Rosa Lee Avila. Attempted suicide after constant bullying her parents thought they had seen the worse at that point only started getting bullied themselves. Charlene and Freddie Avila from Loma Linda California found their daughter hanging in her bedroom last week with the cement I don't know exact match was quote sorry. Rosalie had been bullied repeatedly for years and the pain finally became too much to handle she said. Armed they told me I was ugly today it's according to a father. They were making fun of me today about my teeth marks rose Lee's parents rusher the local hospital where she'd been on pictures on a ventilator. And it's. But they don't say in this article you NC which social media platform was to my eye is all social media but the parents receive demean him on social media. And this is disturbing it's I'm in shock. That the parents are seem to me months social media. With Rosalie is face that said hey mom next time don't talk me into this and it was a picture of them a bad like I made bad. It said talk me into this and they put a picture of a grave next to her face. From her mom said. She called bullies heartless. Yeah. That's more whip put enough for you to do that I mean your heartless you have no compassion. Out of father said that he gave his daughter's Charlton police but that the school hasn't done enough to prevent tragedies like these. He says they did everything I'm supposed to do as a father and these people did not did not respond because those bullies are still out the school. They're still there in my daughter's gone the so they know who the kids are that sent the stuff from the sports school that. I cannot be. And it I was looking unit we're talk not that story now is. I dueled it. You know bullying. Online bullying suicide. And it's. Her story came up but it was right next to another story from one day ago. Which is also you know this article I read about rose leaves from yesterday this article from Colorado parents of a ten year old girl who took her own life. Over video of a fight with the alleged school bully. They say the school could have done more. Her name was Shawntae Davis aged ten over Colorado issues mum. Take off life support last Wednesday two weeks after she was found hanging closet a homer parents say they're dollar was fully after video. Of a fight she was in at her school in October was recorded by student impose it on the app called. Musical. L line when he enters a point. I don't even know who. I'm totally out of it. She's acts choose ten. And I salt if you were talking about that story both of those stories arm. I guess you yesterday FaceBook announced that they were launching a version of known as turner for kids but goes through your account. Yeah he is you have to be. Fourteen I think to have a FaceBook. So. And raped a thirteen out of FaceBook to anyone under thirteen cannot legally have a FaceBook. So I social thing about a lessening the FaceBook said that they were the parents on the stuff to trying to figure out you know. What the best way was to do this how to make it say journalists things from. They say there are no ads in messenger kids in your child's information is used for adds it is free to download and are no an app purchases. A messy because primarily designed to offer video and text channel on the types of play full mask filters usually popularized a snatch up when you read stories though like those and other stories. First of all. That would make me to consider homes going. Yeah Shaq has got you going on and then it happens enough that when I Google it and getting multiple stories about a French within days of one another. And then what do you do about the kids were a phone I'm the kind of person. I feel like and again I don't have kids but if my kids are Smart phone everyone else series had the mind no I'm the kind of person who say I don't want my kid. To be the one kid who doesn't know how to use. This technology was a comfortable you I want I would want them to be comfortable. Use and I hear these stories I see what my nieces can do those core Smartphones you know when they're young. It because everything's intuitive to them you know when they start using a step at such young age what they're able to. To do with that is seriously impressive and I. I think I would want that for my kids were at the same time. How do you. Prevent. Then getting caught up in. Cyber bullying. What do you do god we've got to turn the songs consulate just constantly just comes eyes consulate general which phones and the fact of the matter is an abortion there are not always what they saw want them to have phones to be able to call or text me may be able to call them a tax them at any moment right. Right. Yeah I saw that there is an organization is trying to get parents to wait until their kids ranging Heidi get Smartphones and eighth grade. So this they're. And I just have just phones or just tax exactly they give who they see you know Jerusalem every provider has some sort of plan that just allows him to make calls and doesn't allow them to access data and stuff like vastly couldn't use. Social media apps I guess. But. When we were kids. I got bullied and junior time. Yeah I got bullied pretty bad NG. But when I got home it was over it was over when I left schools and I was still stressed about it don't I didn't wanna go to school next win this round for a couple months. And my friend was being bullied by the same group of guys always pretty calm enough to deal with an addict and an upfront in your face way were good with. If you got a Smart monitoring this reminder that. Jimmie just said you soft right and tiles and you start in right right. And let's just stick with the names Jimmy Kyle and Nolan their names once they got busted because. Something happened would they got you know the principal found out and they got busted there wasn't a way for them to say all right I know that I got in trouble for picking on read but. If I can do without him knowing that it's me without being able to prove that recycling. Because now though like I have already had my two strikes wherever and it's by do this again going to be a lot of trouble on a wanna be a lot of trouble so that was it. But was social media they can say I was gonna create a new username. And also start synonym. Comments or threats or whatever. And when your kids say something like you don't understand it's different than when I was a kid there right now. None are absolutely right up until however long you could always say no really I promise we went through stuff like this too I know it's hard to believe. But this stuff have we were school but now you can't say that. No. There is much more pressure. There's a lot of pressure Lucas. Dollars in more. Yeah I mean I was worried about what might run into. At the bowling Alley my hat you know the soccer game whatever I was worried about those things will sell and so be there. Should I stay away from any type a school function outside a school and his children sometimes they did. I should I not sign up for this club because I'm afraid one of them will be in there. I did. Atlantic over the excuses Friday didn't wanna do that's why I changed my mind mama's silently certain she had no idea. That's your thing too when your kid. Your embarrassed. That you're getting bullied so you don't want to tell your parents. I had to I try to Canada's special envoys I don't know how you can then I just that I didn't do know a man I'd. And who knows the work but I'm back held her hands beside I had them all their hands eyes and look I just almost ruthless and 1000 kid. I would get bullied or picked Donna may be a teacher would say something or make me feel bad as I demo until my dad because I was embarrassed some. Maybe I'm just embarrassed because item on my dad a fuels certain way about me or I was embarrassed because. That's where it is right I well I think that I was really had to worry about me but I also said that there is you know we're sitting there and I said I also like I admit I felt like. At times I'd be embarrassed. Because of just the situation of people making fun of me. And then and now I've got to tell more people which embarrasses me more because whatever they're making fun of me about is embarrassing. And now I'm taking this quality this trait of mine that is embarrassing to me that people know is embarrassing to me and now I'm telling you don't. That people are making fun of me for this and that's embarrassing to. Us and all that stuff is gonna happen and we're Ollie ends and I said. You tell your dad. Us and I don't know the answer will be a lot of desert they admitted they go to school limited they submitted to a listens as a that is something that is do you feel that way. You never have to be embarrassed in front of Maine. I'll be embarrassed in front you don't. The three of us we can do this together. And if you need to talk to me then you talk to me about it and I will let you. Be a part of the solution. And the solution. May just being dad don't bring it up. That may be part of the solution and that's okay yeah but I just make sure that I have that conversation went on. That's good because the other thing is like penicillin when allows you personally deal with it that's ridiculous stuff off my adjustment. Yeah blue eyes a kid I thought of the Q you got picked on. I just knew what I had learned from television from movies and television so the kid gets picked on is the door key. You know he's this he's a very specific character years she and I didn't want my parents think about who I was. It's not I believe that I wasn't that person's like no I have friends. You know I don't know how this right I have had a lot of Frontline and and I just didn't quite I think I think I'm you know I do OK you like it so much who I'm friends with I don't think people really. Don't have a I don't know how to explain this to my parents rushed to nuance to exactly I'll never really never got to and I really have friends and by the way I do you know he's got his own stuff going on exactly he's already come out anymore about where can run these other things and he's trying to relax and now what I'm gonna bring a whole house down by having this conversation on everyone on the kid gets picked on. Loss. Like this and you kind of guy a break it down on slums sit down their kids have that uncomfortable discussion. And hopefully that works and saying well I've no idea. But just what you asked me what I did about it that's Ryder about a lack conversation wasn't that long ago. You know which would hold viewing asserting simple it forced her and I also own interest on a cut. Outsource prayers and nearly entire clash as an attrition that aided me. And did you have kids who you were like scared to see on the playground and stuff kids who had corner you. Any that I like to fight. So I was into it like everyone hated but if and what hours' flight you design makes I would tell you why you we acutely and I remember level coming from being mocked them. But he's limits on the you know Brad. Dirty jeans rally inaugural make our economy might we non residents started to get closer drew they might fight them on the would stop and salute you know I mean. These guys always waited for me when I was like I'm fighting entire grade when a rod and tension that was. That's touch its 2000 same here I got an entire fourth grade class a sign as a decision that they hated Maine. And I also got a progress report from the teachers. Saying that I was tigers soon and that was signed by every teacher in the school some didn't have. So every so thank you think about that every kid in the fourth grade and every teacher from kindergarten six straight signed a sheet within a five month period as of that realignment. Now you think. In moto Maine Texas confirming. No man. They must this'll Simon robot. I have no Felix. You Trace that back to the 44 drill area and that's why stop. Feeling which. Look up to me. A Khamese texting me cry. I don't know man I can waver and start on the balls just do now. Like battlefield out anymore. But you guys balls blow to the sex on two really hurt feeling no idea. All the time oh yeah now I don't feel and get more low lying about that right like I'm like looking at social media and hey what about me up. It never bothers them he looks at the tax line looks social media hill argue with people I just like I get nervous feeling even. And it's kind of that same feeling. A passing period in school. When you think something bad might happen this is you know between fourth and fifth paris' plan deceased people on. That anxious feeling I still get that a little bit. Not to the same degree but there's a little piece of that. And I don't think it'll ever change. For me. I don't know. I'd I would. I would. Give all the money. In my bank account to have. That ability to just blocking her oddly skewed turn it off you do all maliciously and about their would you give all the money in your bank account to be dead inside. Yes. That's a win is very Smart man sounds like a relief huge relief. They can be. Problematic. To sort of you know yes I've noticed that I have noticed that no one's they don't cause problems in my personal life and times as much alone I didn't know doesn't hurt. Ya CL well crying yourself to sleep is not always easy way to make got to zero. There's no right way now. Now maybe something in a medal. A crazy world. Crazy world there's filter all news headline news. Acting about. Pot I didn't realize that that was the story from Kansas City ever remember now. Talking about though Turkey see instantly it's gone back to court like I don't know which paper this is. That this drilling to. But. The federal trial. I will focus on whether police lied about results of tests on discarded tea leaves town and Kansas couple's trash to get a search warrant out of a swat style raid on their home. In search of marijuana. That this search happened back in 2012. Right kind GAAP. So what happened was says Robert and Alan Hart. This is again according to ledger enquirer are seeking five million dollars for economic losses emotional pain distress and humiliation. And an additional two million dollars in punitive damages in response to the 2012 raid on their Lee would home. Authorities targeted darts. Both former CIA employee homeland after seeing Robert Hart and his two children leaving a store that sold hydra tonic gardening equipment. Which is sometimes used to grow marijuana. Johnson county sheriff's deputies found brewed tea leaves. In trash they collected from a curbside receptacle outside of their home. Who's an affidavit. Claimed a claimed field tests indicated the leaves were marijuana. So there's no we are attacked no it was brewed tea Leon and I know that. But I guess they send it off to have it tested again OK I made fun course they may have may be able to say no those are just. Tea leaves and I sold a field test Alyssa was pot. Officers armed with assault rifles raided the couple's home on April 20 2012 tells like man can you imagine that's for Torre. As especially. Especially if you're an ex CIA agent right well I'm because I mean I'm scared when it comes from and in my house with guns right but. What Obama's CIA agent I'm I think like all known. View may be coming to kill me because of some information I know right oh. My elbow thing to get very episode of Arnold Schwarzenegger in real quick like what is happening got to stop till peoples and other calendar days significant because April Tony marks an annual celebration on users of all things candidates. On that day in Kansas law enforcement authorities planned a series of marijuana raids dubbed operation constant gardener closet they only come into the matter and I was whose comments I don't know put it to Hart's house the swat team found only some scrawny vegetable plants that the Stanley was growing endorsements and use that stuff for. To grow vegetables. Art sued Johnson County officials 2013 but a federal judge dismissed their lawsuit between fifteen black I don't know. The tenth US Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated parts of it in July. Appeals judge. Or so in samarra. But there was an AP OK appeals judge Carlos Cerro called the raid and unjustified government intrusion based on nothing more than junk science. And incompetent investigation and a publicity stuff that's what this sounds like her. I wasn't there a law abiding tea drinkers and Gardner's view where one visit to a garden store and some loose team easing a trash maybe east. May subject you to an early morning swat style raid. Completely still is original proof vest and assault rifles as with the judge said I don't know official does or not a few account of marijuana legal in a bunch of states and its. You know there and you've got medical marijuana feels like even just us 2012. That perception. Has changed so much. Remember I don't wanted to do with marrow I don't know. But. Just based on this article if someone. Came to my house found brewed tea leaves. And because of that busted through the front door with assault rifles and bulletproof vests all us of I think I should be allowed to sue. Right now. You can't just say that a field test told you brewed tea leaves were for marijuana. Yeah that's a strange thing I don't know how to go to one of those classes. And there's a guy. That writes wasn't like almost the same thing and I wasn't so very much on asking if they do it in different years and this is the same year. There is a guy that was in my class. Man gators have been before this because I'll bet you went to that class before 2012. Probably 20092010. OK so it was a must capital are also unfortunately hearing and Kansas. Yeah saws at this class and those guys said you know I ambivalent on the story or whatever and he says that. Well. It would have been. After 2008 because it was a reelection George Bush him. Right is that right. We're you know we're sure. 2000 and it was Obama. So I always Obama. A weight was Obama but you went to that class when we got back from Seattle which is always whose at least 20092010. OK so anyway. But it could have happened to Paul bush was still president right yeah echoed dog or maybe even some Obama set I don't know as a inaugurated though or nine iron right. Anyway the guys in class he says the years either Obama or bush now I don't remember I don't wanna give you know doesn't matter here's the President's Day. If you you know if you buy drugs. You're giving money to the terrorists right via so he says okay all that makes sense to me. And so he goes to one of these places I don't know what I don't know. Move in a version. To version number and all I don't places a soda had jumping out they are on their own garden shots and Amare and some of them are sold at what would give you probably consider had chopped a lot of them though like one of them in Kansas City bit. I remember people talking about was really just for. Indoor. Drivers tiger upon excellence is longer yeah market and says for like I don't wanna gardening like indoor gardening so this guy goes to one of those types of stores on knowledge on right. And the way he tells a story is that in the police get his license plate number they drive I guess they drive the parking lot and you know what I'm making some assumptions. Based on a sketch story to me right. So. He says you know that they get his driver's eyes lose his license plate number. Dem ago rate is trash they find some I don't know paraphernalia of how you grow weed or whatever. A book of growing wheat for dummies. And so he. And then unfortunately they've Boston there was not house. They really can't define as they make on the base Manning says they find three plants that you know. Are just scrawny and crap because as it turns out he can't. Grow weed very well he's on go about it. And may take that. And our custom. And he's in a class about how not to drink and drive I really don't understand full. Scope of that story I don't know why that would get him into drinking and driving crimes act that I've I've heard of other people going to those. Classes because there isn't a specific class so they get arrested with parents and a class for one. He was and is now. Powell's right for you it wasn't behind the wheel of any bank fraud I can understand if you're behind the wheel and you had gone on nearly half of those plus rate your journey was in his home. Yeah there's not as old doesn't have wheels now. It doesn't make any sense so it was it was a night class and I doesn't matter as much and leave him there. Concerns like fifteen years after my crime. Yet in a different state. And you're taking the class. Right ideology economic classes and a deal line like you know the ninety's I'd taken all the classes. And Sonoma I'd move my arrest was in Key West some I don't know don't have computers there man Ali's old file systems. And I god damn hurricane wiped out the building and now they didn't have any. History that I completed these classes. So I want to go try to get a driver's license and only so I don't know you can get one because you have to whose classes and I was like why do I have to keep the record sort of coming world is that. And racial slur you should keep the records. You know for your own information usually have them. I'm like you should keep the records why don't you'll of the records. And there you know well back and forth those who don't would still wants. Passing the blame here. If this record was for murder you wouldn't handed to me as I walked out and say you know keep us safe in case we don't look at it again make sure I don't know what part of my guy but but it I don't need you to bring in all your criminal records learning like -- Think I'll take his word that it you guys keep the records. All worlds is a clue locate the records. Try to take his classes again. Then all that's always great always feel weird nationals would you do well in 1996. But what about the rule Dillard why. The worry about it. We had a guy mind you got busted because he was drinking near beer it was supposed to be drinking won't be I said that counts. Sitting you know I don't know. They've said that's a violation of write whatever somehow you broke the rules and I have to take this counseling. Thing and I thought that was weird. My lawyers that we think it's so he was not supposed to be drinking at all initially came in every area and they said that that's a violation order intelligence 'cause called there isn't even called lunar. Has half a percentage of alcohol or something but only if there was 3.5. Now. Are now into let's regular bitter. That's just great to beer Kansas beat. But I just as our guys out there Beers like you know who you're really start doing an Internet on OK I'd take seventeen million of American drunk yeah. I'd always heard it the amount about calls solo to you have to drowned before you can get trapped on rising body processes across is it just glad to be joining hundreds and that it's not gonna stop me from China if they were facility 121 which is why they don't sell it TO. As you already know I know when I was well I don't know what they do now when I was a kid they used to have those. Like. Eighteen and under Mars or whenever. You know from my high school kids or whether garrido and I would always have near billionaire. I think between two wanna buy I challenge mirror sometime and had my calendar from them they always edit and I think 121 about two yesterday I wanna bio duels thinks so why. Because it's considered beer has now on it I guess the three point one of my mouth wash. Exactly I don't know but I think you have to look at that not look it up I don't think facility under 21 I think if they whatever my where on a lot of yeah. Oh assists this is this is bush talking about funny. He cited by buying drugs me. So that's that it was George Bush but I. The different states have different laws regarded as an integrated minimum the out onto Spanish about their many states there is from the legal frozen which went on for just sit there they're all classifies beverages under point 5% up call to be not alcoholics I guess some states who buy it. I mean 'cause it's marketed as a nonalcoholic. Beer my. So. While you have to be true real excitement that's the thing I was saw it was weird but I was always told well because it has a little bit about on. But just like you definitely are caballos things can have Alexander Wang's right arm right it's exactly cooking Sherry Haller her eyes and usually you can vitals of chocolates that are filled the boos at the moment so canoe. That's where thing I was also a class on time. And a guy. You know. Scott had to be in his late sixties Rankin and and make everybody tell their story. And this guy says spring Ahmed Al makes up a little bit but and you can't realize now also doesn't matter he says. That. He gets pulled over for driving erratically right and they say you know you're drunk and take a breathalyzer and he says I gotta you gotta take a hospital. I don't feel well Cigna hospital like you know served. Are you refusing a brothel lies are he's like yes he got into hospital no I don't care if you refuse a rough lies and owns a Jospin both Sony refuses the rough Liza right and take Oswalt gets the hospital. And their final that is not drinking that guy is going into a diabetic coma me right diabetic shock them. And so. He refused a breathalyzer. And you refuse some rough lies or you lose your license for a hair both what he's still had to go to the class and I can't go to Brazil because apparently it's just what Italy's of the time it was just a mandatory punishment for refusing to breathalyzer hold on so he probably losses license for six months or a year earlier loss is pleasant for a year had to go to all the deal on classes I don't know it was Andre getting. Do is join in a diabetic shock but because there refused a breathalyzer. And apparently it. You know whatever state it was I was there was Florida but I don't know we know where this is anywhere but am apparently you know like some stays just advance you refused a breathalyzer. Here's instant punishment no. Ifs ands or buts about it. If yours is a rough lies or you lose your license for a year and you know you have to do be sentenced. I mean I'm back bench is like adding candidates know it is I remember I mean I knew that rule we all knew it. You know hey this is the deal if you refuse you can automatically lose your license and all of blind what are you might not have a DUI knowing your record or wherever. I remember that but you would think that if this guy could prove that the hospital said hey this guy was going into diabetic shock for whatever. And he wasn't drinking than they would say oh OK our bad kind of like saying all those are tea leaves us at a house I apologize and you fix your door. Right and paper anything we broke. Well mark doesn't make any sense. Plus news mean usually there. Kansas saw are lines you take and in blonde Grotrian tests assure rushes for dear life. No lawyer when she chairman Rupert. On the web site to your own dad's a pop up might very well you. But boom boom boom Susan wood of what happens after like. That about the news that I learned. So your first offensive your Susan take to test guesses is in Kansas so looking. One year license suspensions followed by two years driving only. When the one of those blocks. That's the first one. Ma oh Warner. Fascism your cruises car fugitives are wanted and possibly cause die and you knew it wasn't drinking. You know I don't draw things as human Austro. This Levy don't. This website says so I don't know if it's accurate or not but it says for Missouri your first refusal. You lose your license for a year right second refusal. One your license and ignition airlock device must be installed bongo. Third offense one year license. Ignition and airlock oh it's the same things the second. It only at the punishment between two untreated. Can this move. Four years driving only long sanctions to number when we were at that argument remote like I can mop and asking helpful. Locals balloons. Triggered tremendous I didn't know he was doing and he's like taking only blow up as these balloons. And I was like appease its exit and I blew up like Perasa gadget that's good deals like locked. And some say man he's trying to get his cars are. They don't well yeah I was on probation doesn't get us about traced my breath and honesty and I'm gonna put this guy's now please see your breath. Now as paranoid we are probation for four and a half years. You start to get. A little bit of that balloon tricks Bartlesville I don't know over an hour resembles that I heard someone say that at the bar as I I was like come on. As someone else said man that doesn't work don't worry. Even if he was trying to didn't get his car or but he didn't come back so I'll. They need that though for. Things other than just cars I'm joie put on cars if you've got in trouble put what about like Twitter and stuff you would think that. Our borders and apple by now should have something built into the fingerprint sensor. That says out. We are very happy kids in NetSuite into hate sand. Your your left please save me. 25 seed. I know Mario good. How are you pumped fantastic body it's. Ted Cruz surging number two in the power rankings Ted surge. And sort of she had surge that's. And your name Ted Cruz surgeon. Laszlo soaking. Right that's a good good tag line like that. That's another teacher I know he's an erosion is as close as I rather be soaking. With Laszlo are just going to be so Panetta recently. Try I like Ted Cruz surging on some. I know look we were gone to him being talked about issue just beat you caught up. I'm sure when your vacation did you. Did you see what was happening with trump over the last week I really has paid no attention I really didn't spend a lot of time at the beaches. That's good get away from it or not just ignore for awhile. I Indy peopled it because I I enjoy it. I enjoyed it but then there are times where I no longer enjoy it but I feel like I need to. Keep up to date so that I can enjoy it later. It's like getting to a bad part of the trilogy so you get he'd try to push it at the end so the trump thing just dig out of today's news is he wants five million dollars from CNN did you hear the sites are heard that girls he wouldn't debate tonight under the debates as it looks like you shake and says I won't be the debate unless you give me five million dollars paralyzing saying that okay. So this goes back to a couple of things one trump said that he got this endorsement from these black leaders in the in the media including C instead are you met with them they've never said that they endorsed you you've. You've somehow mistaken meeting with someone for an endorsement from someone with the other big thing the big hurdle a black leaders say. Well based I saw a couple of them more on Hannity and some of them are saying you know we just wanna keep the dialogue going I hope anyone's officially endorsed him. The bigger story seems to be that he can't shake is a story about Muslims celebrating. After the Twin Towers American Muslims celebrating a run towers and down. On September 11 I remember where I was on September 11 I remember watching TV I remember seeing people celebrating and other countries likened. Packed right and that to our kids in the streets and they were throwing candy I remember seeing burning American flag I've written but I don't think I don't remember ever seeing it excuse me the United States. I'm sure it happened I I I don't know now Donald Trump said he was at this rally and he either regionally said that he'd seen thousands of buzz American Muslims celebrating. They were throwing parties are celebrities on rooftops and he said there was an article about it by this. New York Times reporter surge called Delaski AI GC disk is this to me was trumps this is where he took. Anything could be kind of funny and al-Qaeda guys beat this he took little bright sun is a hard look at this guy right yeah so. For being literal Sergio as is condition he has this if it looks a lot like he has CP is in his arms are. Handicap in their panic now crammed into his body in their underdeveloped in their one hour. So he says look I remember writing a circle I don't know what Trump's talking about trump makes far from at a rally. And says yeah house and I don't CNN. I'm watching this total novice reporter. And she's talking about starting it up make a statement. About this and that it. I gave them an article in the Washington Post I you probably also. And by the way this was right after September 11 as the September 18. And right after sort of an amazing thing right after. A couple of good paragraphs. It's edit talking about northern New Jersey draws the probe resigns. Written by nice reporter now the book yet to see this guy I don't know what I say at all I don't Iraq. Okay now. I was if you see that right but if you get if you haven't seen the video he put his hands up and does only what kids Saddam entry school right sure someone knew what you do is that you're right. He knew just what the right hander whatever he's doing that. Then he says oh I wasn't mocking him. I didn't you've I don't even know and they said no you do know long. You work at them before and then he says I may be an army red don't but I don't remember my certainly wasn't mocking his his ability. It's he's not he's disability. So then they say peace have been he's on morning Joseph. The other day and they say hey we want to know you say that you saw all these things you say there was this article. Where did you where did you see these videos and he said look it was 2001 house really long time ago. All that tape was probably long gone these were the old days you could just store things in and push a button and get to be that's he blamed Ajax technology for these guys videos so this is morning show up do you think there's any chance that video you think you saw in Jersey City. Was the video people in the West Bank Palestinians celebrating. So he's asking in his thirty Jason that was that the video you saw wasn't in the United States but I took place in the West Bank he says no way. Up again Willie it's a wonderful that you brought it up again. Just this is why you can't get away from these subjects instead of talking about things that are well we didn't spend fifteen minutes are the most exotic and saw Dutch television fourteen years ago I sort of television just. It was written about even though the reporter. That's just you know me that I just doesn't know it is they know me but I don't know him but that's okay. But do it brought us well paragraphs they tried to pull back right OK in the wash it about don't get to get bad. I have received and as I don't shut up I have received hundreds of girls as tweets from people. Yeah. So what's. So I don't fight so they just don't buy something but don't think at 1415 years ago what's it like it is certainly impressive but didn't play a video. 1415 years ago did pretty good put it into my house they destroy after this stuff. You know do you. OK so. Sports are viewed they destroyed a lot of that stuff but there's a lot of newspaper reports of American Muslims celebrate. OK so they keep let them know Donald Trump fan and I'm voting for him as saying. The right you've got to have an alarming here. This is. This is from the here in New York it was easy to get angry listening to egyptians Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, New Jersey. To celebrate as they received word of the murderous attacks in new York and Washington. That's an article written. After nine elevenths and there was video that CN and I saw seen in video report. That they've done on. Anderson Cooper something talking about our member. Homegrown terrorists or something like that at taco people who supported. The attack on 9/11 but they still can't find any video. So today Giuliani says that he remembers this now he was on CNN and Giuliani says yeah I remember this stuff happening. That is true. We had pockets of celebration. Some queens some in Brooklyn how many people. 1012. 3040. And those are just rumors as we're just report I don't know and I don't know them out what we we had one situation in which they kept a candy store owned by a. Muslim family. Was celebrating that that day. Right near housing development and the kids and housing development came in and beat them up. OK so that's his anecdote re okay there was an above Finley celebrating they owned candy store near housing project. And these kids came in and beat nobody goes on to say they've they did a pretty good job of beating him up so. The press looked into it and they found an article from the New York Daily News right after the attacks and said. Yesterday I saw firsthand how anger over the World Trade Center attacks turned on Muslims who call New York home at 4:30 PM on a 116 street five black teenager stopped in front of the American Muslim community. Of east Harlem site a closet sized candy store with a makeshift mosque in the backroom. The tiny store owner Mohamed called re stood in the doorway. One of the teenage boys and firemen said do you feel sorry for America became dean gave them a knock a knockout punch in the faces and reeling backwards. Under the floor so this actual. Newspaper description makes it sound like right this guy was just attacks. But Giuliani goes on to say that he was able to corroborate that story to be true. So I I pick Leon is here that I don't know what Donald Trump says he's tried file your idea to say. That American Muslims know American Muslims celebrated. 9/11. It is preposterous all American Muslims celebrated not eleven by the way probably some American Catholics some American Jews some American Irish people. Some American Italians I mean that's one of those statements that you can. White police say is 320 million people and say hey Derek some American Muslims who celebrated nine elevenths the answer that is who we start this conversation that's right suddenly of course are probably ones and there are probably. I mean of any sub group of the American culture I'm sure you could say this group. Celebrated 901. Of course some abundant right so where trump isn't so was he says there was video of thousands of people celebrating or thousands and thousands on the exact quote in no one can find a need this rodeo. So now he's mad it's CNN. Anyone's five million dollar odd million dollars which by the way. If I was seeing and it's worth it. Hey look I can't get into that these are huge I know but you can't what are the other people don't want now earner like us you know Osama. What they think you're worth basis yeah. And obviously he's worth a lot is where tomorrow's. And then Jeb Bush said yesterday so he said it yesterday or today before that he thinks. Something like trump is scary and uninformed and think but he still said that he would vote for him over Hillary. The slick. I feel like Republicans have really. There's really kind of backed themselves into a Donald Trump are well and I had that much I mean how are they don't contain members and they said I'm not there's nobody to vote for right by the way crazies and a vote for these people right. This and I hate Hillary. I'm not voting for these people well I think you know I have a lot of Republicans in my failing to remain they talked on other people like Marco Rubio. May like some of these other people my candidate you know but the the Donald Trump thing all of them to a person Sonya I can't I won't do that. He said trump is now I will say that as you get closer to the election. If its Donald Trump. Reverse Hillary. Then at the truth of the matter is that. I don't know. That Donald Trump needs to energize the Republican base. And I don't know that Hillary needs to energize. Did Democrats space now that's usually what happens an election right like Obama he energized the Democrats and they went out and voted right. And that's how you want right right bush they were able to energize Republicans that we've innovated love George Bush they're able to do it through. Ballot measures like gay marriage and those types essentially energize the base you gotta get a base energized. I delegate as Hillary version Donald Donald role energize. That Democrats. Exactly even if they don't love Hillary ain't elect they're gonna go out to make sure the Donald as a winner. And Hillary will do nothing but energize the Republicans they wanna make sure Hillary doesn't win. So that's really going to be I think it would be an interesting race because I don't think. I don't think a lot of people are excited about the candidate that are going to be voting for it but V. They heyday as usual horror that goes through their minds. If you're a Republican and Hillary wins or if you're a Democrat and Donald Trump wins. The actual horror that goes through your mind we'll send you to the polls that day we may get the highest turnout ever. As because nobody is gonna energizing Democrats more than Donald drop. And nobody's gonna energize Republicans more than Hillary Clinton. Nobody. I think Barack Obama could change longer and a third time he wouldn't energize the Republicans as much as eloquent. Jeb Bush cities uninformed and train on people's fears but would make a better president than Hillary Clinton it's still crazy we're. Talking about and I know we see is his shuttle and its December oh well there's an article in the election he's gonna win the nominee there's an article today that that that. Lines up Powell. At this point. Because he should have been ancient history by now that they really there really is a way for him to win the nomination that. Look Spencer he can't say any thing nobody else turns off v.s that hit his basement out nobody is step forward no other Republican to step forward. They're scared of them even aware that even when they take a shot Adam even like some badges and evil and Jeb Bush. Pulls back that punch in Israeli gonna knock amounts days are formed to scare any praise on. People but you do better than Hillary like he can just lay them out he can't throw the full orange. He can't just say that look you cannot vote for this guy he's scary he's stupid he's cartoon character of himself he preys on people's mayors. You can't leave it there the exhibited about it and Democrat because you're scared problem you know you everybody nine on the Republican side is scared of them. It does there are gonna get into the bay and he's gonna call ugly and stupid. And he's gonna say something ridiculous about them and then they're gonna go from polling at 13% to 6% ask Carly. Issues like look I got Joseph to take your Donnelly you're ugly you're stupid and I own a bunch accompany you could run any album dummy and a bureau like. Are out there are rumors and whom booed. I our car going to hold strong radler drama these.