Wednesday, May 17th


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We're broadcasting live in the spring TC's studios bride to Bible and I bring company and we just been making friends all over the place this week and we have more. Say your name Varitek there's I have heard that so many times today and you would think having a weird name like G Ernie I wouldn't screw. Other names but. There to yes now and I didn't know how to pronounce your name my parents and eSATA Gerri every gaffe because that's nice to me yeah nice to me is often house having no. Very good run days for all the needs of our cross country trip from Los Angeles to New York so heading up all the spots so you're just literally driving across the entry. For no reason or hum so we are transporting a quick. Meant like musical equipment is a just finished a tour that ended in LA team and so figured I would capitalize on the opportunity to head up a bunch of spots that I'm not going to be touring this year thanks and yeah I'm meeting people along the way am I kidding up fans in meeting them in parking lots. Doing some radio things. Such limited time I sign your Twitter did you have breakfast with people I did an axis of evil is winning at eggs set up that's awesome yeah. You can just do that just via Twitter have Madden yeah I think giving people like very kind of last minute things because it just be because of our schedule we can't handle. More people he it's like if hear about it as enough to get there in an hour like I will eat with you we'll hang out. That is not good news. Johnson wrinkle. It amazing how we can do social media now I love it expense such a fun ride. So I'm excited today kind of finish out the country in. Get back to the East Coast admin only two months so I don't know what I'm into and get back but we'll see go on tour again probably no brainer pick. So have you and then to Kansas City before or is it your first time. I had. Very good vibe here. We have a good time. We a lot of barbecuing this and a lot of live music and day you know we just hang I know they show schedule is insane I wanna I wanna pay beyond the way forward as a show schedule all off and be I don't know come sees some of these shows and you're welcome to come back. Whenever you want if I. And I can go to Michelle Bernard cyclist is I think maybe you should come back from wearing help I think yeah with those guys I told them we love them gather phenomenal self fine. And just. Ridiculously talented musicians and other great. A lot of they've come in and done this acoustic thing and CO2 and it was a situation where they didn't have any equipment with them so we literally got an Casio keyboard. And it's amazing and they rewrote down. It was insane it was the craziest he has to sell the stake is their set up is a Jeremy station is various yeah like stationary yeah like spaceship buttons and knobs and things I and I said here's a Casio Kodak make this sound great right and they did it was a main thing. So how did you get in the music give us the background on very K I mean I've been playing since I was a kid as I've playing with my dad and his eight or nine hour play piano he played entirely different drops of Jupiter and I don't know like Nelly Furtado covers her and then I've been in bands ever since they cited an all girl. Punk cover band in middle school we were terrible but we've covered like. Iran has been done as a cranberries the breeders' snagging a dream day stuff like that. And ever since then I've been writing has been in bands and so this project started about. Four years ago I didn't like it started writing for it and something just clicked the end and it's kind of been a really awesome right since and he's been doing it all to yourself yes that has to be. One and just insane into a hostile learning experience as I'm sure you've got your hand dipped in everything. Yes it's I I moved and very aware of the business aspects of the project moves. For me is really important because I wanna be able to. Right in music I want to write and release that music when I want to eat which I think once you get into the major label system you up like. I don't know a 20% chance of that actually happening yeah so for me when it's allowed me to do is have the flexibility to release a lot of music. Exactly how I want it and kind of do things like this where I can say I'm driving across the country let's go. And my whole team is just figuring out creative ways to make that happen yeah so we're very immediate which is nice then a red tape that's got to be a good feeling as well it feels it sometimes feel stressful sometimes it feels amazingly liberating it really depends what day. And if you're driving through tornadoes in Kansas thank you were yesterday ensure your thinking in the back your mind why the hell am I doing this yeah yesterday really I am I'm traveling with my photographer Nicole and so we're documenting everything. And I feel we both left that experience been like we've really wanna live. We're we're really not ready for this and yet because. We weren't convinced being New Yorkers that I think we can outrun the storm yeah so we're chasing this patch of late in front of us. And then the other stun kind of comes from the right eight. Yeah and once we're in a lake immersed in the darkness. We decided to people who are trying to get stuff. I think you know leaving this like we might die we stop it SA mother nature UN Yankee hero. And just all always only created an ashtray that's awesome we are talking to very Tay. I got back yes okay. Just passenger tell wanna stop then and say hi. And I definitely want to start talking to a little bit after you play a song about Spotify. And all of the craziness is gonna happen there can you. A lot of lessons on time and I do Spotify has been a really great advocate of me from the beginning and I think especially in this past year seeing. How much that's exploded into being independent artists but over a hundred million streams is like in very rare thing so I I'm really grateful to. Every one. That's awesome we'll talk more about that you re a place I'm Burris absolutely are we apply this song is called under dressed is that it was the first single off my last EP. Aren't perfect this is very attain live in the spring DC studios Brett you Bible harboring company. Anything means everything. Man who they news. Now name. How did you extra days and Mondays ago and ahead ooh. Sorry and on and stone. We stay alone and my clothes. So you can show me and there's no reason and should be in say. Yeah. Mean could convince me so sad my head back fans see is that left behind what. Mean you could convince me so Sandra Magnus do everything you need me and it just didn't come sorry am I am crying. Well I didn't. Didn't. Stay denying it. And and and now name's Amy and then. Nene. And then runs. And an email. And Jackson and Diana. On the ground and science and saying means and in. Exchange in fun I never run into our line is. And a room. And anything means having pain. Naturally lose. Them Maine M you can Simon constant pain and it's dumb kid a us. Staying. Ooh. So early and gone and so mom. Same loans among close and must be making promises. Can raining today move. You can't convince me so what's up my hand bag then name is I mean yeah. Moon and then convince me stone star Bono I miss you bring in Amy and then just around us I mean I am I. And. And I am yeah. And clown and now ancient enemies and Nene ignorance. Sorry and then leave me and actions as named Zion Leon. I'm Diane doesn't mean zero and then it's. Eight and did Honda Indy and her mom and and mind is the. And. So TE air her. Miss daisy and Susan Diane. And her. I. It's fast and so I am the mom and zionists using means and then the main seeing him and so and so and men need me. And I mean fast and Zion. And sighing and saying things are demanding and saying. I am done I'm certain he's. And I'm nine and her mom and sounds and. And I and move on and. And none I am. And it. That is very attain a live in the spring Casey studios branch you Bible harboring company so we have this text line people been texting and while you were singing a vehicle I've got one that says acting amazing voice. I'm really dig us. Whoever this person it is their tank and who does need to act check it out directly on Spotify is your music available to purchase is Weller is are you just streaming right now honestly it's. Everywhere god yes so it's any streaming platform any buying platform for the most part. And then my debut album comes out on the 23 of June 9 and so then we'll have physical copies CDs finals. All of the good solid out doing it yeah I I prefer kind of all accessible so whatever it. Whatever ideas. Honestly me. That's where I draw the line only because they're so impractical. And then I even as pretty is final and now violent awesome I love vinyl I think it's so funny and there was like a big press release few months ago as like Green Day. On cassette tape and Mike Weir and why isn't there right now well honestly I don't think I have an old cassette player at this point. No Peter do you walk around the block and again in my ten years I'm ready CD players I mean cars in theaters anymore have CD players anyway now it's pretty moving nine. Aren't talking aired today act again just passing through town not really stopping the play anywhere just making the trek across country and we are talk about Spotify. A little bit ago and down. 66 million spends on act cover. Yeah in 1975 somebody else cover why what made you do that song why did you pick that song tiny and that's sounds amazing. It ends. I rarely feel moved to do covers that something that people tell me I should do and I'm like and no one got it right and so I just heard the song and when I find the song that I really like I play it to death and I had this time on my hands and so. I transpose that sped it up I did like a little we harmonization. And did this kind of little demo of it and I pass that up to a producer that I work with pretty frequently. And and gave the directive and we kind of built it took two days. We released it two weeks later when there are some new strategy known nothing and I think. It just had this very organic. Gases. Following here. It has been nights and did you have that little bit of anxiety when you click share could just going home and I don't know why I'm gonna do and then the numbers search right is being on Spotify it did you have that mom or your like oh this is this the gonna kick up like yeah I initially I we had no expectation that any men have a publicist at the time so there is. You know I had somebody like send them in email blast but it there was. No intention behind opens I think for me it was just more our. It just made it very clear that I need to continue to do exactly what I wanted to do and I wanna do it right just because. The it was so organic everything that came from have you heard from anybody in 1935 can't. No I mean enrichment in your scope Yahoo! in his right yes. They are just like congratulations. But and apparently I've heard through the great. Sign that the 1975 earth and then night is long nights that's gotten themselves trying to get that acquaintance and I've torn. Yeah we we can make that happen yet at least any that we have a lot of things that may be taken notes I know we need to be there working on. So that's the Texas as well. Somebody must know how you spell your name so they can find you I love that it's VE RIT. That's why can't say because it's believed that accents it's. It's basically. Friends. Okay so it's truth in front Pena. And we'll put a link up and ninety thread about the comments well. And so you can hear this let's see what else we got people are still just like freaking out are people happy yeah okay cool as well and as long as people aren't like getter off there now we got to tell us and you so I think guide. Only after I had always voted namely guy Alan ELF bombed out there it's like they get me Leo we love we love our bombs we did have to be very careful about them here. I think Ed act I'm via Kong and it. Messed that up. I do what we're song yeah absolutely I would GAAP this is the first single off of my debut album somewhere in between. That comes out the leader in June and had two very penalties mean. I. My hands it is O of the sale are the actions two million. Bill. Bad decision. To Alex and mom or pain in. He's just playing here. Me there have a until the season. Based on the scene all day. Oh. Impassive. Smile paying. And my back and gain millions of men. And rose and learns and rings is my name and lean. All. June content. And. And you know none of the and John still on and he. And added and I am. Yeah yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. And. Moons. See beyond grad gaming management does not mean. And who. So I think so green is names. In them dissipating. Green leis. Am so. So and flying back and get a Guinness in the. And and. And she and those. And turns. Rings is drying and we and. Not sure. Do you want. A hand. And feel on the narrow. John. A food. Lose. And now I am I in game games. And. Then the and turns. Dreams is flying a man. I you run. You need me. And I feel young man and and John's and I have seen me and loan I zoom around things. And. It's. The I. And John cunanan's. And mean. Millions and moves me down. That is America and live in the spring GCC has brought to you by boulevard brewing company so much for and just driving through and saying hi this sir nice to me also and Disney's here and thank you for having me and I can't wait come back and play an actual show here. We're gonna make that happen we need to out please I mean. Yet it's going to be so much fun if it so what's the plan enacted this year back to New York Steve discuss some time off for a little bit and yes so I start rehearsals for my headline tour. That unfortunately isn't through Kansas City. I'm gonna start that August when he third of them out for months and they go to Europe for a little bit everything's kind of pins in the hair don't know. I'll be wearing need to be in for people want me there. At Dawson and you get to decide yes he did at all by yourself exactly and today we're just jiving to Cincinnati stuck casual job well. Be careful of the weather. The truth and no I'm writing us item like please no tornadoes we don't read don't drag you tornadoes today you've done that you've been there done good anymore I think. Tank no more or they aren't real. Kansas experience it's 20 that is true and now you don't need to do that anymore yeah pull over okay I think the Imus the mom decided is going please pull over please be careful I guess you don't I don't get our blessing and think you so much thank you have a good run feel later.