Tuesday, October 11th


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96 drive the bus we ever got in live in the sporting gave these studios bride to Bible are dry weather this year high guy hello. Now real quick before all of this apparently is they radio dream you're inside his camera into barely I was I was Kirk cool that would I would hero and humanity like write the song ends may come minimal damage and it was a little cool okay so imagine that the song is ending right now guys. Yeah yeah the guys and then you value out to the sound. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I got these two warmth. Though it's gotten sick yeah. I do it I got I got I have a long time momentary. Hey this is Cameron. Post Sega hopes up for tonight. Break at you know his hundred. I had I got my 86 by the buzz is Cameron from weather is what is you listening I just said yeah yeah. Yeah and I immediately think give it certainly is pretty hard yeah. You can't Stoddard you can't like Cain and we do all the time judged. Yeah this decision when you guys may not know feed ban on these radio things we don't care we don't care for professional. We don't care. If things make no waves they've played back and have a good time. Record Laszlo eyes and think of it as a she's sitting at a bar chit chatting having a good time. A sweeping is that right think about how the word out so now all your nerves are done. Bank via okay I'm really glad I didn't do you actually show. I heard all the things he had to say I was like yep no. It just it is peg goes I your brain at that point then you're just you're done but there's an iPad that happened many times my brain just shuts off. In the middle of the sentence in federal what he's got a gal that happens and our stays seated at the lyrics yeah what do I do that planes are. Okay just makes him an apple and mumble and they get back yeah I mean. It mean most people can't really hear what you're seeing any true actually it's hard understands journals nature and Ceci plague they are million. All we are talking whether you guys are on tour right now wish to save on challenging your junior yes 'cause that thing going and. Superfund act it's is that first like warm tour and say about how guys engineer ensure all I really cool. It would be an all really well it's been just like super firm saying how long it's his tour been going on so far. Like a little over three weeks so far I think we have like sixteen days left sixteen. Yes. Turning it down your leg encountering him in windows apps so why is it. I did myself so many times in conversation with you guys you isn't Barry all I have to know we're babies use them now they say your babies these guys are doing well. I ask does say that about like rocks aren't good you are cataracts are to blame them dangerous here again today and I got hardly dangerous guy. All of the normal. Another station in the between them to. As a dangerous and and she said on the media. They have I'll say I'll these and now I'll say you're dangerous than a decade adorable they Orix but I. It makes me feel old at this point so I just it's been interesting the only thing that I know about you guys and I was trying to do a little bit or research. Is that there are two camera that call a brain and that's all I know that's all I know about whether it's solid house in the book and I don't know anything else nothing nothing at all. Steve you spend and dangerous yeah. I don't know whether he's playing tonight at the Granada. Would say Montel and junior junior so give us the background where did you guys come from how I even a band give me the whole spiel and sure you haven't emirates. By now yes so it's actually a funny story. Cole's dad are drummer coal and my dad. Played an event together actually like there early seventy's I think it's and they were like a high school cover bad sort of say. I'm. However called I for some reason just never met until about three years ago I was allows for the band together and he didn't government I was like I'm friends who signed as a driver. You know fat and cause moving out California anyway. Two go to college right good musicians institute. Yes so. We met up sort of played and it was like oh cool. We have a really close are very as they were like my way better than I thought it was going to be so antioxidants. Yeah. As I. Obsessed kind of an hour doubted them. For Brad and I opened up Blake FaceBook page say that he did a bass player is that it's not like any. And some. There's like the budgeting that responded that there are all like jokes we make it fun thank you my senator Byrd. Ahead Debra it was on the responded seriously. So that no lucky today news. Really at the base and the keyword since that's what he does both thanks. Today easily it can do and a child by telephone yes he got a got Stafford who like birth like sixty dollars a Wal-Mart. Yeah oh yeah and those. Professional experiences. I do and then I actually met Cameron out about all the parents. Isn't he a some senior housing Pope. Can't hear it did and that's kind of how Weathers came to be at this spot we have some sort of player gripe about three years ago just like. Jamming out the other by trying to find our sound to write songs and stuff and bad. I'm the first son that we wrote that lake. We all felt good about was I don't want to know who adds we were like okay this is this is it this feels right to us ever we just kept going from there. In her care of the name Weathers and all that stuff so now the two songs I don't know and happy pills are both on Spotify. Yes I heard that where and when are we getting following what's next. Us sometime early next year we hope will be full album are. And then maybe a couple disarm its gonna be released by the end of this year. Racists singles yes I'll be really cool but yes we are itching to get music out we don't that the fans are if she'd be here more so in beret with you there but it'll be out soon because there's such a new bad you know we're just. Either so workarounds to disarm some other songs that I get anything right side to side. Has it been going Infrant these audiences the many have not heard if you get to what's that been like they've been accepting it feels like rocky four. I bought a book club every day running upstairs just preparing again like every day relate to get their their only. You know putt went rooting for the Russian body. Or IKEA. You're happy pills like these guys and that's and pull him again rocked. Your heart as a large and is it does before every show this could. It's very cool because like at most just because of the first of three dads like literally nobody does that's right except for like maybe like ten people. And the bill take like the first couple SARS type who gets what who were dealt with you know the crowd itself and then by the hard. Like by the Edinburgh said it's like. People are like jumping up and down. Good on the first day every night yet she that's okay I'm good way to play there's a blind need to think it's why they think first candidate only. Okay you enough. The only 10 yeah. Who's soon. All we have got to know whether they are playing tonight with famous and junior junior. I did not there are still think it's available so you can get all the details on China has a concert stage. And I and to try the bus that come but we do have a good deal. We have a is child xylophone which I love and it gets an instrument has not played for a short question. Yeah I'll try our sponsors and car engine and digital broadcasting live anywhere NBC studios try a few by boulevard bring home I think I have so. I was a. So here's a rule that rule whether it. With no card. Yesterday. I saved morrow hills there. I'm happy off the time. I'm happy all the time I'm happy oh sorry I know. Listen Taylor. GA or. Odom RO house. He'll run the. My kids know it's. Yeah I'm her. If they try and who apathetic. And they add tape back. The other time. Happy all the time and I'm happy all the time. She may have heard the nice to see you heard the PGA tour. How tight the brain. I hadn't done how far do you think. People and it's always excited. And happy that I was it's I have been set by. JDK okay. Okay. The others. Do you call this time I'm happy now. Did you guys. Strange things I feel Kabul. Two exchanged names to feel normal. Some strange things feel normal. We normal. To feel come. I. True. Okay. Happy how this guy. Happy father's side I'm happy holidays. Hi. PA head of the nice GA did a nice car. That is the weather is live in the spring Casey studios bride to Bible I bring company. So we haven't texts and people can text us immediately what they're thinking says it's been going crazy being tired and you guys and implying I wanna read somebody's story. Once said I loved so much with lots of exclamation points and the question mark and I understand the question mark but that's kind of questions please say this is recorded in weakened by this right now it's not recorded they just it alive so yeah I Larry get on the ballot tonight Gary got his bat and ball. SEN I and there is a bit like a stripped down version of happy post card YouTube it's called the red light district makes like if you look up whether separate those red light district argues. Dude it's up there it's like a cut. Piano and cello and classical singing do you like to incorporate other instruments besides children's toys. Sunny just handle instrument. How effective we did we video I can you know piano cello I. I've actually I played piano first before I did okay even before right to exceed seriously pianos if they did so. That's why pounds and. Nice to have and I can be a hard time in the about the continue however there are a lot of kids do love tweets and Beckham coming I loved it. Someone says ten out of ten edition of the song. Sell. It's insane I don't usually get should see it suits a peek its. It's beautiful is available on our planet I think insulin studio and death yet I find that it. Get it in surely there is so specific it. We know whether the end they're playing tonight opening up for assay montella and junior junior. At the united theater tickets are still available you can purchase them go to the show you're gonna have a good time I promise you really low it's going to be a lot of fun to be good. And then if you have to SXSW plans guys. He got to come to my hotel or. I know that sounds scary but it's really not. 00 and being played act. Oh yeah now we're familiar Storey east and they'll call you easier earlier. And then you're like you have no idea that old display to south but that's what happened before I know each year we invited in to play acoustic and children's instruments in my hotel room every year so. You're gonna have to combine hang out and drink some boulevard beer in his had a good time to me is this that we're doing right now on a bed which makes it that much more or. This comes as our group is death itself is a Tempur-Pedic I don't know what's whatever openness and then floor. I don't even know flood oh record. I just I mean you are permanent thing now after this and that happen Lawrence go thrift store and shopping aisle and. All I love loves the exactly steady the people that are listening if you have any good like this sure thrift I did everything I know I started this historic places as we got us. Good we'd love to know we just met last night about a really nice for coach for sixty dollars so awesome yeah but severance. What shared a tornado. Weather's bad but also it's a grab the subject that they don't find and Hermanson. And follow the finale on the winning track record comes out of the early beginning next year regularly apparently. See how that all it comes back full circle bar and I'm glad that the weather I think you so much thinking they had enough.