Wednesday, 01.10.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, January 10th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Mudslides in California
    • Franco responds to Ally Sheedy's tweets
    • Missing student found
  • 21:50 - A list of places to avoid when planning a vacation in 2018
  • 42:31 - Porn Hub released its top surging search terms for 2017
  • 54:50 - Gew gadgets and gizmos lead the guys to create their own Judy (Rosie) from The Jetson's
  • 1:11:17 - On This Day

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So righteous man. On all sides. Children your homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike down low numbers on the and here. My men and a slim fast now orient come good are you do I'm good. Go to a little tired today blow strong money I don't know. Nothing. Trash dump I don't do anything. I think I'm okay. Israel depressed like a weakness that seasonal depression there again you didn't do they. Usually don't do nothing we'll talk to anybody. And then trying to wake up earlier just so that I can see some more daylight instead of waiting up to come straight here and then. Lehman is dark. Bus until daylight and I know my number is something is really tears start commute my night Els religious and often. I think that's our problem we spend most of our waking hours this time a year in the dark between various journals and all lines for anything right there's no there's nothing nothing no look forward to like two months we do have a three day weekend this weekend though right usually long yeah. They're excited no that's on the move forward to hear what you do today off. Play video games and why did you go Armenian I usually on days off I like to sit home and drink coffee all day and play video games while I don't do that went wrong while you can continue to go to recognize the other managed to connect up. Outside dissenting view be intrusive. Course spend time do you wanna come homer I'll make lattes and got little and no you have to come in my spine Jones and I knew it. I knew why do you wanted to come here now settled on go to other people's houses just come on I like it when people come to mind Tyler you're a new combined. Well I guess that's why we don't hang out much outside of work. Boy. Was strong and you're all right are you and I remember an imperfect. Good resounding hard. And all I go to. I did not promise treated. No I. You and you definitely not your me from your drums you know I'll never know Hollywood or just people who were asking telling us we had to go. They told us that the holiday party was going to be before the holidays. They did they send out you're going. And Amanda scheduling averaging Rory tenth in the early days and every year for the last five or six years a schedule that starts and right when we. On the air as is certainly it's 4 o'clock or something good or five. Yeah they don't want us there. They wouldn't schedule up weekdays at 4 o'clock every year really make him. And I want you know. There's only you know I don't really karaoke yeah I heard that there's going to be karaoke he got to go I have no logos and delusional. I have no problems with the big seconds or like I like to people on the second floor used to that she's parties are for them I've yet to be a big show. Did you have Jake shot didn't cheer you had you know very you know very amount. Yeah I you know life's work are confused people. Just compromise they know us and I sing in three big shot didn't you yeah I know don't do that. Now as a good sign you have to admit that's really just announce and think about how much when it comes out Hillary much cocaine it was moved. Yeah it's Buddha because put up your nose. The depot cocaine up your nose like did you remember I don't look young enough I don't know you know I don't know. Certainly no one's going to use this as someone will text us the answer no one's gonna Texas. No one is gonna answer that one you should go to the party knows expecting you to go to sellout. Multiple parties. That's when I don't expect you'd be there right and not really seeing them and not only should you go you should get wasted and sing karaoke. Can you imagine. I imagine right now. If I just went and got hammered and join them yelling at people gases during a yes or busy trim Toyota does mommy gone. Wheldon right. No never invite you again I won't whatever you do to make it clear that they literally and we should both go. We should both go in just start pounding whiskey as soon as we get there should do six shots of whiskey each. And then just see what happens I've already done that people are expecting me to make a fool myself and we need to go do it and just say they can bass booster dose wearing a waste for you would be impressing year old Luis. You've always got your S together at those things you're always you know mind your p.'s and q.'s you don't ever causes seem right I think this is your opportunity. I have more OC and half something when as Christmas fast. Jewel and then that get out of a taxi and just walk in there you should have a a glass of browns and blacks and yes as you walk in there. And then just watch trade after the karaoke guy or gal and put your name in. And drink what you should welcome the karaoke thing and unplug it. I didn't. Now I'm interest is now you have to go yet to call that the but I like I do this in the middle of somebody's sitting in this one governor employers. Yes and you'll see awards start drinking again and yet. I think you should go in refund I mentioned that. There are some people don't know that I have Atlanta Atlanta. I'd like to introduce. And I want what. In this. And this time blood that's inappropriate I believe what you just intersections. Yeah I'm not even talking about moon girls slow necessarily know line. He came back panel number should I said there is you don't ever NASCAR legend legend. We introduced soon yeah and sexual assault that's and never met these feet Jerry and sexual songwriting. Is borderline right quarterly there. Little creepy you know a lot of nice that I would today's times that's enough business generally. No they got to be more careful in my body I'm senator when he didn't and you know like. May introduce another non. I don't know going to be in a noose so I said I'd like to be in those is like and you'll block we're not going to walk the hall. You look at him he's okay there I'd love what you're doing right now but Gonzales is not so backpedaling that's still exists it's back no it's not. I said there's a key player that I now look to be in the duke like Ambien and shame on him for years and has some and other names that's all. All right so maybe there's a couple here. My dad Aaron and in those two you don't. Not a crime now and I'm now just it is a crime now that's a crime yes then there's that doesn't go over there and I and I'm crying like an anti crime related you know finally I need them. Meet them on a professional level not a Meachem and the party into. This party in January a lot there's nothing professional men should be able to go to the Christmas party without feeling like they're going to be neat that they need to be. Introduced yeah. We all slim fast they need to be introduced someone go to crucial part of some socialists and I don't have I handler and ask them to meet me in the bathroom our showers on the ninth and I would like. Don't want to let them and the editors through I'd like to be energy news. You don't want to meet these people I don't believe you. Maybe you've already met them but there are some people here that I still haven't are you insinuating that I've been using introduces his role I think seniority have been. Introducing these people I don't know what you do before I did I was you do you walk down there with that little pad of paper and I don't mean that early I had a pad of paper boy you guys. I never thought the paper you walk somewhere and you go to an easy disappear primary season meetings. For all I know you could be down there. So a his theme all repeating it reduced. Our Christmas party you know like you know what I you wreck she behaved though they're not speak to anyone else I don't know opponents don't introduce yourself don't get energy you don't. Nurses and somehow god tells senators loosen excellent things. You're right this is lying. I don't ago. Life because I'm not even allowed to meet people I wanted to introduce yourself deeply unimaginable way you want to introduce yourself how high mining dream nice did you know what's on the back. Once. Just inappropriate it's not inappropriate that's an appropriate then. Benoit. Then you're free to. You don't you're doing your muddy the waters because there's a lot of people out there that have a legitimate grievances of people who legitimately act inappropriately. Saying and I wanna go to the Christians started to meet some people. You had an absolutely impersonal your hand I think is a lot louder and I would even positive any more than I said hi all I send us a little dizzy exactly running I I really conducive. Believe Obama I'd like to. Really understood. I talk to him every day I don't know their names are nice and I finally get introduced that's on what you got that big office we do in that office and what's your job. Given nice car in front of me and anybody with a big officer trying to usual power. In position hey you don't know me because I wanted to meet someone with a big jobs and I'm varying. Open minded to meeting he would pick offs this. And you should go. I'll think about what you wanna do headlines. Mudslides did you see M. Oprah Rob Lowe among celebrities affected by deadly mudslides. Fifteen people have died hundreds still await rescue. This devastation. Stagger the only words I can really think of describe what it looked like was it look like a World War I battlefield Oprah posted some video of her walking around him I guess her house was destroyed as well. Like I said the last death told us always fifteen dozens more missing Maine got. Search and rescue dogs out there looking for survivors and helicopters out there rescuing Finley's up their rooftops is a video of an incident being rescued off a roof top so to us it's a good. Much of James Franco and he went to a party didn't introduce and sell to someone I guess. Now he's in trouble for what the leader of OK remember valley she paying down so she goes just literal streets she deleted the we don't know why what she was sane and in. I forgot all about this but there was thing enemy Doug rose seventy Africa about that the seventeen year old on and she ran there so people are different time I'm not happy with Franken is he worthy of that that meet to pin or whatever the globes and solidarity in the same time is up. And maybe that's at times up I'm up. Anyway he went on col Baer and discussed the allegations did you watch the video I read about and I analogic how to do. I think they're great commentary and total respect for her I know I have no idea why he chose obsession and between down I don't I don't. I I can't speak for her and in my life I IE. Pride myself on taking responsibility for things I've done. You're on to say if there is restitution to be made I won't make it if I have done something wrong I will fix it I have to. But he says he's the endurance that I guess he directed Alley she. And obviously that's when so much percent of we had a great time here I don't know what she's talking about. She took the tweets. Down I don't know what that means and a couple of people who systems Toobin and one of them so they have a consensual relationship finally got a good I was trying to find the other and a accused so listening about mileage. Helio or something them. I didn't name wrong no I think that's that's right finally. Hayley she's an actor. So I couldn't find exactly what her accusations where I can see in this third actress Sarah tender cap and retreat directed at Franco's stated remember a few weeks ago when you told me. The full new CD you had me do and two of your movies per hundred dollars a day was an expletive because I signed a contract to do it times up on that. I didn't see that have you heard that that's the first I've seen us so much time. Well here's. Violet. Haley treat cute hash tag time's up and James Franco Berman the time you push my head down in a car towards your exposed penis and that other time you told my friend to come your hotel. When she was seventeen. After you are already being caught doing that to a different seventeen year old. Then she said a couple weeks ago James offered me and a few other girls and overdue annoyed convenient phone apology. I don't X I don't accept but maybe some other people's lives would be made easier if he'd donated. All of his earnings in the disaster artists to. RA IN and 01. Which says here there the nation's largest anti sexual violence organization. And then she wishes filed were. Users of Georges street Clair was 171000 dollar Carlyle more details and we'll be out soon. Working people who are doing in the best safest way and another reason it's been hard to come out this is still heard about this is that we had a consensual relationship. Unfortunately and fortunately there are others who went through the same thing as me was him and worse. I'm glad I am strong enough to speak dose for almost despite trolls OK Obama she sings she wasn't underage but she is accusing him of situation wasn't duration of their relationship was consensual but. My relationship embodied pushed her and were exposed penis I don't know yet but also that her friend was only seventeen. She said he are getting caught doing that do different seventeen world I don't know strike goes lows happened. Yeah that's what it sounds like I thought on the call bear show that he was just addressing this cheap. Accusations are are tweets but I just all the clips that were posted online so I don't they said something about these other people I don't know if you addressed. Violent paley accusations and not really known shoes. I think this since she's an actress right now just says some guys I'm not saying I'm not gonna mean in a bad way. Like her. Heard Twitter just says. Tummy and learn. And Scott mailbox and it's also doesn't say like and check out this movie or my webpage or anything like that. She's an actress. It says she was in a couple of things here's an Emerson she was on a show on FX she is a writer and recently wrote an article for Playboy golf and non. Did you hear anything about this missing guy blaze Bernstein. Nineteen us off toward the university of Pennsylvania's reported missing when he failed to return to his parents summoned. Old. Foothill ranch California. Ozone winter break he went missing last week and legacy was on. Winter break and he had been stabbed chatting with someone. And obviously snaps disappears we don't know what they said he left the house anyway took part you're missing their left. Our house that night with no wallet. No money no identification. No credit cards no keys. No I classes this is someone that needs to learn eyeglasses. My phone calls. And southern wasn't in the room so. It took awhile for us to realize that he won't block the night before. So he goes to apart Julie's house around 11 PM heat he gets picked up by a friend rides with this France's park. One of the stories I read said that the friend went into a bathroom at the park came back out of the bathroom confined and another story just said that he got out of the car and finished. But they found his body no yeah. They found them yesterday yesterday afternoon this and his bodies under the brush fair trading is there investigating his death as a homicide but they're not saying anything about. And you know what killed them what can I condition is bodies and an idea here today and said earlier than whoever he was talking to mustache that is not considered a suspect. So at this point if he went missing at the park with a personally was snapping with I don't know I mean you know there could be some creep at the park forever or random but I also don't know if they can get done. I guess they can probably get those deleted the things I was very comforting is. The third person. Percy was picked up my high school friend on January 2 right that's reason was heading to meet a third person in the car all they were mean it's okay does things said that the friend. It was neat to pick them up in the car was who even sentiment at least that's when they made it sound Bernstein was picked up my high school friend on January 2 was headed to me the third person in the park. Sending and Della Donna. An attorney and friend from the family. When version generation turn his friendly and sending him text messages would deny your back she shakes. Adding the location device in his phone eventually stopped working. Okay and this says a meeting of third person because of the curbs on the other person action taken the other friend this is another article. I'd like I just. Google his name but it says up resumes on the Southern California from owner break. Met with a friend last Tuesday and the two drove to break go part. Witnesses told the sheriff's department Bernstein apparently got out of a car 11 PM. Went into the park and that's when he vanished in hasn't been heard from sex the park was searched Friday says so they don't say anything about a third person you know. That the other story that I it was I saw on television. Definitely may assign the person he was snapping with its who went to the park dot. But the parents and everything didn't know he was leaving and I don't know in the united acknowledged after what right do you leave that stuff in the car. Or he just left the house at 11 PM it sounds like you left the house Milan none of the stuff. So why would you get in the car the friends. That it is selling its against your well if you're leaving your parents how imminent stories on 11 o'clock there's going to be somebody else from Miley her glasses right why leave everything. I guess maybe they were also trying to make the point he certainly wasn't planning on being gone for very long BZ and have a daily medication he never saw I guess that's part of why that's important. So immigration enforcement officers are making some eleven stores and target and a crackdown and others know come on yeah. Immigration enforcement officers are making 7-Eleven stores and target and their crackdown on employers who hire undocumented immigrants. I'm Wednesday agents from the US immigration and custom enforcement's. I enforcement descended on nine DA 7-Eleven franchise stores across the country. Where they began audience and interviewed employees and managers according to the agency. 21 people suspected of being in the United States illegally worry us. Agents targeted a 10711. Stores nationwide. Two days to and in today's actions send a strong message euros businesses and hire an employer and only the worst source. Ice won't enforce the law and if you are found to be breaking off you'll be held accountable. So largely from work enforcement operation innocent employer under president trying to. All right I have a question makes a 7-Eleven back and there's going to suck right now so I'm asking is it a franchise. I think the ball flight most places so subtle violence and noisy you can also franchises okay so if they the only way if that makes any sense other than just being straight up. Prejudice is just of course is if they said we've got all this paperwork here that shows that they have a bunch of people working for their stores. There are illegals were gonna go to these stores and see if we can find these people yes solar solar missing. Ice characterized its action Wednesday as they followed two actions that took against some eleven franchises. In 2013. Nine franchise owners and managers were arrested for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Use of stolen identities and concealing and harboring employees who were in the country illegally. According to ice all the one who was a fugitive until November of 2017. Pleading guilty. And they are forced to pay more than two point six million dollars in back wages. Parades on Wednesday were meant to ensure that accompany. Has taken the proper steps towards more responsible hiring and employment practices. So a lot of dogs got this update your presidential refused to commit to Robert Mueller view. This has changed his mind. I would tune you out I don't know why ever send in the first place like dummy with them. And less your lawyers have legacy yesterday yeah. To meet with him at some point there's no getting out revenge and okay yeah I guess don't be combative don't act like China you're invasive. But don't ever volunteer they ask me I hate because apparently some were you mean when drummer mark relative emotionally a busy guy. Yeah I want our large and investigate when everyone's whenever he wants and find out what everyone's which I'm telling you again is nothing but you know what I'm. Torre is very dangerous place and I am the leader of the free world and as I do that. I don't always have time just walked over to Robert Mueller is on his memory once Saddam for a cup of coffee. If you want to speak to me. We probably figure out a time to do that I'm not committing to win and where for any amount of time I'm busy and hopefully. He should be to what other incidents. Like I don't you two months since makes way too much sense. For trump I feel like well. Okay. Can do it left. I don't know if I could hear it but it's tough because we're in the same room. Well I do have headphones on. I feel like I heard part of that I hope the people in here comes out. Am trying to come up when managers who have drive my god tries Lim a solution. Not a problem. Yesterday. We talked about that Kansas representative Steve Alford who. Made come into what was I call the weekend coffee gathering or something I don't know whatever. You know I've made that you we had this discussion about you know. You said well let's Kansas I say I could have easily happened in desert memory okay ancestral one up your own trial. I feel like maybe it's time that we just. Get at a chart kind of like Jackson or Johnson only we just we just keep a chart out for the year and we'll just keep what makes us on course yellows and see any time something makes national news of some sort holders tallying authorized. Anything to your latter up in Seattle who had more embarrassing. National coverage. Oh really cool and we think it went. And I've lived here most of my life I don't that. I'm not confident. With putting money I don't wanna vote. I think Kansas or when but it it's not you know it's not a spot dries you think you also got to take things ended considers like you know who the current governor is. Things like that aren't. Because I think that can lead to some. On formal balls in bad shape there right yeah we are we are. Well do you know what Fo course is. Photo or not how door. Photo horse total war for our voters voters is that is that voters are fired I heard and the new save voters. Voters so doors. And it is the largest publisher of this is Wikipedia. Are English language travel and tourism information broker. And also says in the first relatively professional producer of travel guidebooks. Chef owner they checked annually and we added this choke on our starters scoreboard came this woman learn nothing. Bit doubts no mention an aggregate it's only the tenth. So they do. I'm used to seeing things from the travel is an traveled I come that we zoo stories about you know top. Twenty CDs for sisters or Russia. I've never seen this before apparently is bigger photo or is no list came out. For 2018. That's when I don't go well honestly don't know yeah zone yet he says. Sometimes you have to say notable ones you love. And they say the editors and have a deep belief that this world is worth exploring and we do our best to recommend destinations of wonder based on more than personal taste we believe. That we're not only passengers on the strip but are stewards of the slam okay. They go on to say that because I know you always know where not to travel I know this is a reflection of these considerations. Where shall we go or not go that best reflects. Our courtesy and concern for this wonderful world so they go on to say that they hope that in no in 2018 is resolves. With faith for 2019 so next you'll be telling you go to these OK god. Number one on the list the Galapagos. They say well this is like a US saying this is world wide open the Galapagos. Galapagos they say don't go because instead it went so long without human interference and it's a very fragile ecosystem so that people going their screws out. Number two on the list as a whole but that doesn't a couple of those on or number two on the list. Isn't this specific place it's just says places that don't want you to visit sometimes economic -- brought in by tourist dollar just isn't worth the strain they talk about you know. Amsterdam's trying to limit how many tourists come and because they see like five million tourist in a year or something for appeal population of 800000 there's places that are having trouble. They're keeping. It but the upkeep well much of PG they've limited how many tumors can go through their now because suffers intra. Very SA don't like cruise ship stocks or any more things like that so that's one of them. Top small they just talk about. India IRL they have some reason something was. Donald mud mask being done to the Taj Mahal a lot of mass soccer sounds like they're trying to do things to for upkeep and it wasn't done right now. Hang young park Thailand true that's how you pronounce it scorched. I tropical beach vacation I'm sounding digital waters emerald green in their dozens of tiny islands and secret codes are you even. Oh certainly yeah he hates white sand beaches prefer a picnic like Arizona. Lady boys shock. All the images that we conjure up our collective imagination. Which are they say probably from the beach tournament like every major pressure espouse death. You remember the beach. I remember you like that of course of course like the beach you know I did my thing let's think we are DiCaprio guy stood. That's why the Emmys are gonna video camera some I don't know if he's on the beach there. And it's a silent here so apparently again tourists have not torn that place up because some. Got 19% owner on mezzaluna where I was I don't care I think I noticed in my right arm. All of our data reviews because Iran's missiles around in that movie came out just not accurate at the for the ones you judge yourself. Out once you consume the movies so who's gonna run prison on each and eight. I don't know what I think once you tell me what to think I heard that I watched and thought it was terrible when you guys said it was Graham thought there's always something wrong movies or valleys in a million insulin video game and run around the beach. But yeah video of look at what the Indians would you mind you he's no he's like and like all got a virtual reality thing I don't remember me Manitoba. It's icy memory found and does some sort of via. A beach it was on cable and then go through what's define it as a formal I don't really see it and I met at a bar was a secret gotta get there then I'm just telling us and it was great view figure lecture me on this argument thing was shot I don't believe the youths. You know we're gonna launch it the three of us it's a three day weekend. Now that's a return on Monday were our age are you an honor Martin Luther King Erin wants to be so we're gonna do. And tired of wasting these holidays not get anything accomplished I don't watch all three of us all right Leo. OK so don't go there to be just drive apart. Her. As pristine and allow okay Myanmar well that's not a surprise right. I don't that's not what I hear that I don't think like. But analysts and I want adult or how much about him marginally positive assure my ignorance I don't know much about it or autumn appease the I feel like I can relate some sort of omelet. And Martin and mom would let him you know ash our analysts today but sounds good if the millions of. Hand me and the Myanmar. Beth show I'm the demo omelet and I'm the rim are among national spicier I don't know if Saddam gimmick that. A lot Los analyst yes in Myanmar basically the Hondas there was a time when I guess they would have maybe recommended it but it's. He's the UN has labeled the move the country first and human rights violations. Tom. You guys don't think Myanmar don't think dangerous Burma. Than that sound dangerous like when I was a character like that was slick are Malone is dangerous. I was laces program or ask that. A I don't know I don't know you know very well when I was I don't know much about her life when. And I know her mind and mission of our knowledge of managed follicle and president I thought I think monkeys these monkeys in Myanmar a lot of added over on the boards. The low as you go live. I'm I'd like Myanmar and in Thailand on monkeys I want to go to place for you cannot be the monkeys are they run up to you ending there on the exterior through. While Myanmar formally known as Burma. There's a sovereign state and sell these measure them India Bangladesh Thailand. Well house. A lot of information here well this paralyzes you don't go there why. Does human rights violations. Okay as we said the Galapagos again this is a list they came out for two doesn't seem from photo ores which is supposed to be. The largest English speaking travel guide. In the world right now I just read a Wikipedia and I think that's what I just read you. The thought lonely planet with what they won it is the largest publisher of English language travel and treasury because you were busy and we're gonna. Ron Turner's should come as usual I can look at the episode these places hustles to go for various reasons the Galapagos too fragile. Places and RD had too many tourists and screw them up. Taj mall the beach. We know our DiCaprio but but but but but but Myanmar because they're human rights violations and child soldiers Mount Everest. Mount Everest has its getting destroyed people are leaving all their crap out there on the mountain and I'm sure you've seen stuff about that people die I have no desire to. Climb Everest legacy do they tell you to a smaller and smaller mountain somewhere else. Let me Emma looks cool right. Not. Yes that you and monkeys. Perez yeah. Also got avenue. Honduras is on the list. Real knowledge fun man looks like Vegas. And Ali this week yeah. Mir mar what can I go to limo I was strong human rights filer why do they do anything to me you know I I don't know on just instant there is sure you rise through. Myanmar's. I don't do anything to me they like me are no I don't know filling rooms might Joseph Francis resist their zone Georgia why. And is using only if she smuggled children to the bad guys travels around child and a thorough Canadian patch. And trust fund does matter but it's not a bad idea from Honduras is on the list of places not to go. This is sadly when it makes headlines it's for the murder rate. Not because has the best diving in the world it has one of the highest murder rates in the world. And members of the LG OU community. Are common targets in Honduras. So don't go there. We just building in the middle listen in Myanmar. That's crazy. We're there I think the apple now Truman's. Great Wall of China and Beijing so Honduras you know I can't really Great Wall of China now and Amazon is and I'm happy to provide for nearly two millennia they're great volleys under its number of sources mining erosion of deconstruction tour farmers are taken to turning restructured into shelters and fertilizer I can go look at that from a I'd just about three minutes yeah all journalism the wall it's just at the says it can't handle the two. I was a bit all the and hey you are locked on yoga program look at samarra this wall like look at the a okay. Moos we will all look over here it turns but that. A huge wall. On Iraq were she was on the list it says look cubist illegal and several Ers legal flight to several government a sanction tour companies are allowed to take US citizens. With all the proper paperwork under supervision vision of a minder or. You'll be taken to leave the hotel accommodation. And taken to see the government approves of Tyler Moore. Forget Reynolds Laura Burnham if you're really willing did you rock stations engines all the hoopla they asked for. The build a long time ago when I don't. Why I say it this says don't go to Cuba because they the mysterious illness that they think was an attack on government workers they don't do that tourists are right you know we pulled ovals. People out there audience here wherever Zurich and second of senator thank you might have poisoned they don't stick to tourism today. Anyway she was on the list but you thought they were Bremen airport they think it might have been poisoning people at the embassy everyone got sick. What I don't do you know. I do think it has improvements I would like to go to Cuba as well to some less okay solid Cuban food Cuba let Cuban women beaten. Unlike a fact and are also drive a muscle cars from the fifties. Cigars and a Cuba wrong drink I like Cuba the true believer yet I could I could live in Cuba. Plus I got that massive. Great ceiling. But for the fact but they're great mound of dirt. For it soon but I held suing Castro builds on himself or try. A case of Cuba. Beijing great well China Honduras. Ice cap our highest murder rate I thought otherwise go to China when you can admire trumps all of boys they're gonna put an art museums and I summit today and Myanmar. Human rights violations. The beach. Leo DiCaprio is sizzler from them as friends. What there's one place Adam mentioned close to ten there's nine of them but I skipped over number seven on the list. What is it I'm asking you to guess he'd take a guess for what number seven is on the list US Missouri. What let's just reserve Missouri Missouri out of spotlight live there and it is paying Dayton between Mount Everest. And Honduras. Missouri Missouri let's ask the server and Missouri. The show me state it sets the show me state is full of wonders the belong anyone's travel bucket list is home to breathtaking limestone caverns of Budweiser clients deals. Kansas City Barbeque great jazz silver dollar city. Okay well plus. Why days it's awesome I love it doesn't have any sense first off what Missouri is very specific as compared to the ground all of John and I understand and Myanmar and the beach. But one. Why are they saying like if these it almost feels like like the great launch tyrant and they did that I'm just listening who's correct me if I'm wrong to lose your story. But voters in a great while John is awesome. But there's still many terrorist closing Amsterdam is off whenever there's two majors my memories are awesome for the dive into a symbolic they'd probably say is what they're saying Missouri is awesome. Probably Alex silver dollar city like limestone and stopped. And clients deals aren't settled on the bucket list of course the arch does or should there even mentioning are trying to get a additional measure climbed the source of here's a bad source Kansas City Barbeque great jazz and silver dollar city is next to Mount Everest. On the list is in between Mount Everest and under us Mount Everest and then silver dollar city. They're saying don't go to Missouri I understand that I'm just don't they're trying to say something nice a bit bodies or these plays right I'm not here on the nice things they're saying is one is Mount Everest and the next thing got his silver dollar city yeah I would always says he's not around. What would you talk about those those they don't go to Missouri like him we go to Missouri. Which by the way either and I never go to Missouri say. The travel thing that we read last year said that lake of the Ozarks is the best thing dessert right that was the number one thing analysts listened to see this dude is like the US they have the Grand Canyon and that is that this is our only times. Larry why give me go to Missouri Missouri is also the place where SB 43 was passed making it more difficult to sue employers for discrimination statement the aren't gonna work state representative argued that homosexuals weren't human beings. A tourist who got lost and ran out of gas was later found murdered in his jail cell without even being put under arrest and two men were hunted down and shot on suspicion of being Muslim. But wait that happen in a laser that story happening Kansas we don't need I don't know there hunted down and any discussion about the case they are 08 Kansas yes they say Ole are on here Osama. Right yeah that there was the yes Indonesia says Olympic Games rated near Dallas could do it yeah that's horrible. Obviously we got plenty of problems in Missouri Leoni how they're dangerous low relative few things from Kansas there. There urgent these are just a few of the startling headlines from a state that prompted the Missouri chapter of the NAACP to advise jurors to skip the state. And the looming danger for visitors when they're touring the United States Missouri has a separate standard of laws that are only applicable to some people. According to mr. Chappell head of the Missouri chapter of NAACP. Includes people of color women the disabled senior citizens foreigners and people of faith as among those were discriminated against. He further cautions against the manner in which these laws are policed in the state. Not everyone dies after our encounter with law enforcement. And we wouldn't suggest that but there are so many negative outcomes that would indicate that there's some bias in the way of their laws are enforced. We think people have to be aware of this danger. And you have to decide for yourself Missouri is number seven on this list of places around the world to avoid is the only place in the United States. My aunt Julie Tyson. In non. There'll mex yes I guess North America was on their because she was on their right. That's it. Or under as was on the I saw on the news they talked to a guy from Honduras who lives here now. Music yes 11 problem number one are probably shouldn't be on the Saddam Hussein that's. Yeah well born yeah that's why don't travel. The Missouri of all the places in the world listened seventh most. Horrible Placer dome Missouri it's on them trying to tell you that forever by the way. Part of the reason why. Open. It didn't say demeanor like despite. Being at home this note and no don't wanna learn. It's not some problems. It also says that. There's a museum in Missouri that purports to house the holy fingers on the Baptist. Holy finger Heidi how as a wholly finger. Now we're at a it's been. Is solid and I apologized to charges will keep body parts of saints at her like a finger or someone got her hand at one of these places it's bizarre. Let's. I don't know if any. Catholic Democrats we go to church and take a little fingers. Andrew that is an hour but yeah someone offers no I don't know if but we got all the finger back here boys I'd bet you do. Sir but but but why didn't they mention the wonder like thousands somewhere I'd bench you would have thought that that. I bet you would look at. And I mention one cardinals. I don't like that they chose to relish it you worlds of fun when. You love silver dollars they didn't mention. The wonders of wildlife museum and aquarium or bass pro shop. Both in Springfield. People travel from all oversee those two things as best crowing independence it was a headquarters in Springfield. So it's the claims a little looser. And a couple of German prisoner. Missouri is on no list. 2018. So you know these that in this would be place to avoid. According to them. As our great. Man that's magical bunny time great. If you got a chance to go see the great wall or John about this finger. What we choose what you have to pick one god came down so you wanna see if younger with the finger. I'm also taking into consideration like flying time and all that but a definite discussing the finger socially must keep close. Mean just. Really just put a finger at John tell me it's the thing or am I would know or where it would be or he's gonna fingerprint on tour. There's sure he's nine get your finger you can. Xbox. Three Griffin or anyone candy that's been the valves on oil going to. So I think that's that's that's that's council point write we're even now. Kansas won Missouri want not to mention you're represented said that thing about what it I don't want to misquote him he said it's always the trainers and Nelson actions is that true no way. I don't know. The fingers at the Nelson Atkins. Well it is saying it was you're in this thing. Missouri is worsened Somalia or Syria has been a few miles of them think this whole time yes as a museum heists are thought that literally bit of a failure editor of the but the but the but. Our man and his client does not cool yep sorry I mean after all that's how. And they until blow blow blow. Our man I know you're excited about this large part on release that are top searches that. Surged. In popularity in 2007 gunning again it. From eminent Chinese urges new ones are really picked up pace an annual year end review of all the stuff people search for a last year. And they give you all the different terms it's all the biggest jumps. Mom on going to ruin them isn't she genuinely here's some of these of course only here all of them. Number seven on the list. Surely at some. Cheerleader yelling at the top seven here surely there truly are decent it's that's a classic one. But for summaries and it's it's up to check it picked up a lot of speed cheerleader. Contrite. Japanese anime there born. Adam. Then the Monterey damn I'm not into the cartoon slightly you know Huckabee whenever. Having got an area like I wanna close nor anything. Number five is. Aznar who asks are asthma. Autonomous sensory meridian response that's the thing we talked about Wright's very similar whispering yeah. The question that's been like going out is that the thing where the wall like little ports. The video on YouTube you put on headphones which she asked us. This is you'll have a sensation of like. They life care like maybe like cardboard paper like. Yeah I always enjoy your master may learn. I don't feel mass idea I guess apparently jumped more. Largely been on you're just as this is a unit. What she's saying. It sounds Chinese speaking inference on I don't know if that's appropriate but she was really genuine. Okay we played it before there was that it might have been the same old when she she would you know. Blow into the microphone from one channel to the next you're right we're not. X. People who are watching has been blown out wayward. Yeah I know that there is no revive from blown up like on the other and you tuner digital songs smarter Jesus who prizes. Even though because you know you're okay that's what I said it was hello I said it's not passwords and well. Yeah that's the way act I was just sends increased in popularity. But that's from Canada but I'll tell through it. Cookbook buffet as it was open to it but the that's number five. Number four I think his phony 1080. TV I'm trying to watch on my Xbox. 720. Do you even get sent a 1080. RYYY. As a whole lot of ministers is to see why. The adjustment is number three on the list of top. Searches that surge last year. Engineering. Staff are now do you think anything. No way promising. He's even looks Phidget spanner and she's put it own boy. It's it's connected to a device. Where I was sure we're us. I could see actually called I was looking this. So sick owls did and I just missed it. Although this is just personal assault sick. Okay yeah no. A piano how does that fit let's not let everything. Does this study how many views 476000. Views on that and assistant. Random one and I clicked on Phidget spent our number three ranking minority. Huge surge in porn parodies of American morning television show on track that's number two. And the number one searched that saw a surge last year on portal was performed for women. -- Was I mean sure trip. Miniaturized means. Could no woman the end but it's not saved those preferences form for women. Com. Tiny teen. This just looks like regular porn to me. Maybe because itself and all does you know what. I would say if any these videos have one thing in common one hell I bet you that ties in together these are classic born to sort of puzzle look. It's all like high quality classy born. It's all. It's exactly what snow cone hates right so I was immature or whom all the videos look like like this they'll look. Classmate. Time. Orient all your go to what you do. I pay. Good decision. But but but but the fact that all such a good thing what you got there. Number one you need. But the but the but the you don't like your fun now. Point for women it's a thousand top one thought that was that's something came up that's the only thing that I could tell that those things in common. Cheerleader. And time aside to pay us at this month's huge fans want to. A French horn of yes. President numbers right general meant it when he's just a French horn it and just speak Europe tour are Santa Horton you know why would he do that Barlow. Why would need to get on with something you'd think it'd lot of men would be to do it the other way and play it with your judgment judges and play with your buck. Oh. The most searched things are also the you'd expect. What these others start most large Chinese Korean big. When Chinese Korean big. Oops these girls cyber searches China ulcer just like all of America is very specific. I mean a Chinese Korean would you do that Cheney had a career and usually it's appropriate. They need to be GOP was going to appeal opportunity but I don't know that the bush cheerleader out good enough sort of bridge it's been tasks split second Tony. Lesbian censoring. Lesbian Suze arranged yet you've ever looked up I've never Google then and there. Gang bang bang bang cheerleader. And rang. Big asks men Ashley you can see how much these searches are on the news that I earlier huge. Yes yes it's missing a search term you are not there yes there does its dealers big wet ass thank you. Cream wound in my coffee. Stoke on if you don't mind race. And he's going to black but I'll take some cream this time let's see I can't say the next one of ER. Virtual reality how many people have the headsets that are going on are we behind sure we get when I saw CES there's so much stuff about how does that mean they have some arms. But the losers. Great to combine all. The adrenaline. VR Han. Three some Asian. Over watch people who do cartoons of over Washington Nationals cartoon. Ebony. All. Massage. Japanese. Teams here's the top once mom. Stepsister. Step mom. Milf had time lesbian. What's with all the steps sister mom. Stanley stuff now yeah you that sugar found that. The volume. I just don't I never thought of him again I just never searched it of this bothers me to some of it. That like the cartoon porn doesn't do anything for me and him. But the rest of it certainly we're all work. I'm looking through these that's all and if the job done right sure there's none of those if you just exclude the cartoons. We can make the cards mortgages medicine CNET dot tries I don't closing dornin family either I just assume I don't play at least to have what does it all out man all over the Internet. On fire. All right kids like a cartoon form let me know if didn't Arcadia I can't really do much and I errors and a I'm in. Five or so 100000 now. More than a figure it's better. Back cartoon character as a blue winner bill what does that. I think this was his pubic hair now washing their matches is. Is his daughter and more on the assurances dollar now we'll watch. As it now is that owners say that I'm refusing to back fossil it's a good story I did he likes to know what's going on them. He likes to be believable. He doesn't fast forward through any of the back story stuff. Snow cone like some. Cameras hidden in bathrooms a public that old little let's look at it both slower than her. Well this is gonna get the demand last week that's kind of your thinly no Chicago's favorite borrows glory hole now that's you or help him with an amateur laurel with a nice those last bright beautiful put but. Who gets my fish it's been a good season you guys as he makes a waffle iron right. OK so called likes and. Revenge for no it's not gonna lie X. Girl I don't know they're being felt all again not right. A boyfriend or girlfriend real people being they decide to fill himself suddenly decide what film themselves. And I think Phil are epicenter of a robot. A so you get these two and they decide to film themselves. Would it themselves and Dylan you know and then what you liked it into it she says. Please promise me you're never gonna show lets anyone he says I promise and they. We took became America's. Veterans for. That's what you're injured. Your whole thing is that you don't you. I don't think it was revenge on you like I miners are viewed around our own yeah. Right found on on the fast food I found out my sister's phone right yes. That's that's revenge for all you like surprise classic gave us less if you like surprise I have a penis as surprised as I love that I know that it's gonna happy surprise we all know you all to pot a little bit. So it's not really surprised you. I want to be so I like the one you're not enough out there right. Well I now be up front about from the began when you like it when the guys polarized our own words would you go you're if you didn't know that it has happened I need to know you know going into it I've never won enough. If you like to surprise you know. I never wanna. I'll usually don't end once and I gotcha it's a mystery it tonight he's not I'm not positive guy is plausible and I ability you know I'm. And I go into that you're gonna see that natural course. We would argue while I'm there. Well what does happen then come out and was surprising and enjoy that. I don't know IRL producing doesn't need to be a surprise on sing and I I blind. Flaherty got. You'll have to hide if you multibillion dollar reserves are different kinds of assets launches once you know networks to protect the I am not in denial about it by classless and I'm not a denial about you want to plausible and I believe you can say I wanted to be a little bit more out there. That's Ellen I don't know per share full. I wanted to be right in your very. Why. Jesus flush out here reading porn statute that then goes on trillion Duff yeah. I think. They did the exact same thing last year and the year before. Just add more information. This year they had to suffer bottle are all Soledad you know it's the saddest one and he told assault on Ottawa memorial and it tells all about who looks at more went through all the countries. When it's up for holidays women's downs on Ayers is not presidential so arizonans. Through a rough on veterans day. The act goes up on that jazz veterans are you sad moment master than they do all the holidays that's a holiday the feet I don't a family over. But he like at the day off from work Sony ghali's re now failing and I knew we should make sure you know owned we should give them homes and medical parent of and on veterans day and it's fair. You've seen it there you should be doing something to give back to the veterans here and there shouldn't have to sit on the master read on veterans day. I think it's today is sounds like other people are sitting am home match ready to go to the jury is is today often they sit at home I think did you know. When you as long as you remember. Why you're free to sit there and do that on that day off. As long and maybe 400 put a little thing of it reminds you hey sit at home right now not work. Bank of fat that's why you haven't actually I'm kind of batten yeah. For all the wrong with that. And I saw this thing. Yelled. Consumer electronics things going on there and I was reading through. Some of the best gadgets wherever they do like daily updates on stuff. And I found this I was readers anonymous when there's been a lot of PR stuff. There's a lot of you know someone throughout the cell phone fingerprint scanner and it's in the glass cigarette to have a sense of reminiscent like the new Samsung's might have Latin OK okay all that's of his interest in. But then I found this there's truth bomb. And it was kind of expensive but when I saw this I thought all right. I have to tell allows all about this because he would definitely be interest it is called the full teammates that was the first masonic think there is second on two. But this is a machine. Comparing automatically fold your clothes for you are okay and how that they had a couple of them. You just but here it's close and and I can't figure out which is which because one of them you could put the clothing and it seemed like you could kind of dump it in there and here is saved. He shoots out auto I do not careful folded laundry just put it right next your washer dryer and it falls and then we take out of the dryer throw in the folding mate. And your clothes or folder right. The problem is he going to challenges and while I'm fine now one of them said that it was. I wanna say it was like. Tens of the X 161000 awesome but that that seems high. Awful we may says it's device should be available here you go. So this must act I still wanna know one thing you have to put the clothing and one at a time machine like a pain in the ass to get defeated there. At that point in my eyes will be folding. And what initially when we can dump the close limited says. Believe me automated laundry folding machine is still look concepts. It controlled everything from garments for five year olds to double excels for adults it can also fold towels pillow cases. It cannot fold baby clothes yet socks or underwear I saw it couldn't use Sox. It says a device should be available I sometime between nineteen for 900 Nady box morons well worth at McKinley it's not for another year. To be dead by then see this thing here's the 161000 to 161000 I robot uses artificial intelligence op because this one sorts. And folds your laundry. So source informed I and I'm guessing that knows the difference between shirts and pants style that is how are coordinates and this one's called lawn Droid that was it 100 uses multiple robotic arms to pick up the clothes which are then scanned by cameras. It's connected by Wi-Fi to a server uses artificial intelligence to analyze the object. And a neural network containing 256000. Images of different clothing items. The robot arms then determine the best way to handle said clothing. Where to hold it up by and how should be folded. You'll need a couple of hours for to finish folding a load of laundry as one T shirt takes five to ten minutes to fold. Well if you put their kind of character yes there's that they can account about developing the most complicated decision are right. They're not gonna let's relax and so we're also Atlantic as a lack but the price but I thought. This is the kind of thing that I'm not saying that you spent sixteen girl on a but I I'm on nine and a nine iron to grants. Basic 2500. Bucks a missing short sample of her reddish hue drier than you know of course what they need is that you add anyone takes it out of the dryer what I need is like a three had a mom's always wash is. Dries and unfolds and I think most people would do that yes that's exactly if they just have one machine. That dinner at all I feel like at that point how much would you be willing to packed. A lot because in my Washington Washington prior expansion of domain six grant noted sudden probably an folds them yet he only. Things left to do I guess is a putter away put all the drawers and hang in the closet but I saw another robot at the show this week. I think it was either this morning or yesterday showed off. It it's just looks kind of looks like one of those robots from my Iraqi was track whose that was not rocky two with a robot to admire the song goes to the fridge opens it. Grabs a beverage of your choice and as cameras and I can see what is taking up and brings you back. You know. My Diet Coke OK I don't need that. Suddenly go get yourself out of fridge now okay but that's just the beginning if he once you have a robot that you say hey. Go grab me a beer but hopeful Mike close naive guy Judy from the Jetsons right now die and I like how much would you pay for June from the jets some painful periods. A a robot that fold your clothes picks up your. Laundry all that stuff that's. Yeah well I'm being honest like worth 30000 dollars more than that probably. But I feel I get 30000 dollars you would get the loan to make the payment on right now. I saw it cleans my house let's say an issue vacuum hello god it's her west of Chelsea and Judy from the Jackson around. Okay club Valencia let's say that it vacuums. Dossier claims right claims about them fold your clothes are grabs up from the kitchen what say you can't cook okay can push on the microwave. Furyk puts a dynamite and a lightweight belt then there you go and as a playwright in the valley and he showed up for you but let's say can it can put the Mike what if it needs to. It can fold your clothes and put it away. One also easier to deal it's cleaned them back it was a macho telling us moms run total Roma the up. Now it's like them the best rumor you've ever seen yet default I've paid all my stuff away I'll pay a lot of money for thirty grand right. Mean yeah I mean maybe more. From him yes of course may be more a lot more they're pretty awesome. Be pretty great I think. Just being able to go grab piece of that additional be pretty great. It's not work 20000 dollars to scope grass in Canada kitchen now just saying I'm benefit current and mom and clean and you all that new little minor things. Folger laundry wash your laundry. Yup the thing that everyone all the companies are showing off his virtual reality which we talked about earlier with the corner of searches. I'm only have you used saying that you we've got a little beyond that right president for what did Judy thing. Com. I can see myself making payments on our. Use. High mileage to good condition Judy for our ten grants. Of make do like a five year loan on that be worth it especially if even if it didn't let's say that it can't clean the tub and stuff but it can vacuum and ours that was done paying alimony on the dollar and for the number all I'm giving them a bastion dot that would be a treat for yourself the hit actually dropped interest itself. Buy yourself a Judy bloom even if it didn't clean that tub and all that stuff it just vacuum to mopped. And grab stuff for you like wind gusts off all unfolded laundering clear away. And Danielle viewers things just nice February 10 grand I think this course of 101000 dollar item all this other stuff. I don't care about. The VR like it was a risk and you have a VR headset or somewhere it's fun. But I'm not I guess a couple years away before we all start using. Augmented reality NPR headsets recession that's a little ways away what did you need to do not do. Well I didn't wanna say it. But obviously Jew he's going to from. That's my guy came out on a you watch you're not that it sounded brother junior wants to or not I'm Zain name to be a fool. Some will be a full tonight and I gadget. Writes that doesn't have slow like at all. Blips like shorter prison yes for them. Come on I'm not wrong I'm not only are we on the Laverne and Uma okay. You laugh but you understand what am I gonna. OK if you're a straight woman and you live alone and you want to have been happy to announce why wouldn't you look I'm not a very well look you guys and does not exist. Just shows the sexes say or do you guys and why there's no light on my eyes because I would have sent the robot of course I would and I just I feel like most people would. Of course and they're not. Sex that they could at least kiss it you're gonna sex it anyway I would learn what it looks like. They have a robot that they didn't think it's set. We had two other things I saw this week is CES one. Is this thing you put in bed with you enter simulates being with another human which I thought that's the last thing last solar wind yeah someone uses. It simulates someone breathing in and out like it you know raises and lowers it makes it doesn't snore makes noises like a person all right and there's a if a robot type thing that's for your. You know your your mom you're you're you're elderly Greek grandmother someone who's living alone. And missing is supposed to keep you company and how she interactive technology unit and it kind of widely noticed kiss that helps them with lonely life that was why do you wanna kiss that I'm says a brochure and affection someone made a robot that you just a stimulus. Let's let's talk about bang and robots and told you why you go to I want a kiss the robot we want a lot of romance the robot did it's it's too romantic I didn't say I was gonna remain said he wanted to kiss that I just meant that I'm gonna fool around even if we don't go all the way why would you while wearing yellow box and I can't always like Danny did you know all why do you doesn't want I can make it all away maybe it's not the 2.0. Vacuum cleaner volunteer. Yes I understand you get on sane middle I don't maybe they say next you're gonna have a role model might say I'm not in an. I've seen my nephew I able to go well I'm not I'm telling you is able to let's say it's able to go yeah it is able to do anything. Boys but a I thought of as goes the kissing that fighting well like I said Obama you're not gonna have sex thing at least distance. It did. Yes cuddle with Casey it's eighty teacher who. Many beach it's been reported forfeit like why did well received cuddle and kiss your room then why are you Connelly kissing her remains. If you're rumored to my roommate. It was my ex wife now or when you're what about in the family room that's life we lived together I think there's something like your wife are. You wrote it was never your ex wife. Once you win my roommate won't know why should why we only kill tunneling and just get maybe why you divorced. Yeah I don't. A giving them the Danny boy for like what five years and hello again yes I understand snow gone I'm saying if you're going to choose a roommate. You're going to choose. Someone who could not only to miss thank you Tuesday morning. You know what I'm saying no no I don't I don't let's go to OK all right well Motorola android was my roommate I crews move in with a girl. It is about actually it was my roommate. We used to cuddle and kiss. Just using them as a principle that you wouldn't necessarily have sex whereas the robot that you're just unwilling to listen I'm sick and do all of my own is just your wife. I've seen it if that surrounds. What you're ex wife or the robot that Judy thing if it's surrounded. You're gonna kiss and it's a second and your daddy gets. You deal I'm saying Hoosier daddy you're gonna Javier you're gonna talk to wedge I'm older and ready to gather all he had an eight. Now you're just talking dirty yeah. Equipment. I'm a journalism program so 1000 reenactment of porno is always a an old man calling someone else batting. To stroke it is tough but our own day disavows Dougal and can't. Wait he saw the older man up and someone else that it always over a year old yet dear. Who's your daddy and he says oh yeah daddy. Yeah one time. Because I want to lessen at least I just sit down never hear the end of epithets at them. If you live and let the hot draw off little and you're like yeah I just don't you know I'm I'm women had sex I don't have sex and every year still got. Carla friends and it can't cuddle and kiss and yes. Yes man you're gonna hug you you're gonna kissing you're gonna know hugging total all out. Judy if you live with it is decreasing isn't ABBA ABBA album. I've done a robot the you've gotten house not a machine and I'm Cindy and beings then there's no right emotional core items rights to do any thing has done. Hurting anyone Google victim wearing yes but then why doesn't change the rules and said no you absolutely can. No matter what answers and I was saying it has accident and I was saying OK well. If it wasn't quite ready on America killed all the wasn't ready for that poppy it's not ready for that it is so it is done. Unemotional literally now like it's not advanced enough they have worked out that owns and pieces like you like north park. You do what you could go to wanted to feel good there was nothing yet there's nowhere doesn't have right on anatomy okay. While those saying you can do with anything if you try hard right now I understand somebody's muscles it was a silly made it. The anatomy nice enough to kissing Carl as a face eyes went on enough to master race until. I'm I'm thinking of Judea I guess so from the Jetsons but if you have a Roebuck harmful to your clothes and such a huge kiss and cuddle Julie. Of course slide and look at it but that didn't have a ball boy eating Bologna lips to lips. Young or. But all I meant was a step up to mean but but but you viewed coddled Judy Xoom comes and get it now appeared you're gonna hang out and boards and an excellent coach what do you like OK I understand old man's attention thing is whenever cassette hello we can hold Angela Roma the whole thing and hottest thing is that every. Earlier in two man I don't know how many laps I don't know rumba. But the reminder of the wrong. And oil competitor's share. We rumba. This but but but there's your. Consumer electronic show 2018 update. They're not making a Judy that you can kiss by the way. Lou will now. You know and had laundry might where I had no idea that so many men were interested in robots they could cuddle. For Christ say look demand for years have been trying to get out of coddling is also my robots and ala. Look. Judy you I don't know if you're ready for like this but we can coddle. Duties late show Smith and watch enough I just met first base or something that's on meant. God watts I destroyed juries are supported as usual some. Don't have an apparent to us to. Judy wants to feel appreciated. And that's not how you show someone appreciation lines it's not that's how they show you appreciation not the other way around. I. 2070. Hi. How Ohio zoo has changed my headphones Brooks I had to grab my headphones on my back. Do you hear me now those are some. Nice and found him there for the airplane in there enough career with Quebec they are doing their noise cancel well. And giant. So. Someone sent me this song today and it might be my new favorite song I can't wait for you. On top of those headphones when you are what you might turn out Hari Krishna doesn't it. No strangers looking thing I've ever seen they are cute they're huge they're I saw the other guys. There's a rapper named raucous I'm sure you're familiar with them. Are a wc US he's again it hides it in and he wears wears a hat and we're southern front of his face and all of his music videos and his interviews. And day he released a song and it's hand featuring Donald Trump. Although it looks he got down to mask my life but the song is called white people crazy. And my a little crazy I thought you might like this song and I know you're very very selective. About lineup yet but I thought you might like this week. We'll start we'll look forward. You can break. Administrative it is yeah. I can't. Are those girls one's a French men are the other one's going to run faster some things I'd like to see that I saw the Missouri. White people do and I French let you go around best actor looks like he's from Lord of the Rings imagination Val blind yeah that's. Yeah I doubt it's it's on the front I don't know French maid but none Ren fest saying is accurate. Donald Trump you crazy Hillary Clinton she. Half of Drake heap praise. Yeah. Obama still click. Farmers markets comic books is doing yoga becoming cool I like and he's. Starts. Star Wars Starbucks. Cooking meth cars stopped yeah but it took a guard's gun and actually really got ADD OC DBM techno. To picnics game shows high fives they have brought. It's threw only. Got twelve cats and he says five dogs in ten fish make web sites to get rich yeah. Oklahoma and now and it how we're those fetish have a weird ass Spanish giant jump to death from bridges sounds true. Always call me. How much considered yet. You know socks not only don't. I'm like no I have a six Israelis are usually my delight. Because he he's known for hiding his identity covers entire face with this black cloth but he wears gloves to. So I. Who's a lot of records I don't think so I had to look him up and I saw an interview with the mowing the source or something and ask him why hide his identity. But I excitement like that song when I do like crazy. And it's an all those things around pulling GR. Because I asked him Star Wars in Starbucks of course the constant contention. I do have too many cats a couple of my house goes rotation came home. Going up because Garnett did rose city at radio city medicated for that you know. And he could turn doggie daycare center who I don't I mean what can be more light and taking your dog doggie day care. So all posts for the you can make that year the lazy boy died and I think a lot of Lou is a good chance what people are praising. The other mentions it. Yeah. And he says you know sucks up you might not much not much similar president said the white people crazy. By people crazy I hear. We predicted at those guys way. Our I am just saying that's our prediction enough light. Because he's won the gloves to says he just does it for entertainment and it gets he gets attention they highs identity ever on was asking about it. And says I'm as an entertainer so I think it's funny that everyone gets so excited about the fact that my identity. I think it's because he's having these lights. Popular misconception that headphones and I can hear that they sound different one act like. I to have the prince's layup on Syria on the side of my head and really on look there's so why did. That is your face looks longer. And museum say yeah. I think the bald head kind of but it makes is how I'd look long like frames that I've never seen like that before take a look record. It's an optical illusion about it makes my face look longer yeah. Because I think the sides are only so big. Where now. I didn't want to do it these other headphones broke its all these phones that's fine Stefan. But that's I have white people praises. You didn't think it is funny is that it. I dollars and wonderful now I got a big old kick out of it early national prize. I was really left when he says Starbucks and are no less because your cars and I would you know. Announced like almost an agenda out it's 6 o'clock it's worn often not thinking about other things front. Like what we're doing tonight. We're gonna artist who's there. What to. We brought on this president about Thursday was that I that we use to go uh oh what was Thursday like Matos whose fate tonight. We get to something like it's Tuesday. I don't know Tuesday every. Not that I'm a college football person but you know I know that that game was a huge deal last night. And I tried to turn around when I got home. And every channel had like four different boxes with people talking over each other while the game was in a small wonder did you see any of those by chance is like he has been through 34 it was just sought an Austrian right and so if you went to the original ESPN they had the full game and all the other ESPN's had like ten different people talking from different locations around the country. Very confused. Had sent a text message reference him Wear a watch game without everyone. I'm talking a richness that you turn on ESPN one. That's channel to ten on to fight again and it's like schmuck is. Answered and I fall asleep immediately we can go see. Was well and is going to see that I don't know and I'll. I don't they just all rewards there's almost no chance I don't care if Ben Affleck who was Lazarus director said Lyle and was the greatest thing you ever seen. I don't care lies lows kids are dying to see if his parents say it's a gracing you'll ever see I don't there's no one they can talk Laszlo. In this scene while on lands that I don't even wanna see Lalime and I would totally just won a bunch of sleeping bag guy. It is well Jerry your boyfriend at one I don't even understand each one it is what happens it's exactly musical line singing in the rain as it looks like right right. Wine glasses are gonna watch that and I thought why did they do that I don't know. Apparently what else can we do. I just that's your first day sports are oversold we go straight to white power to lower end. Let's see we could receive a movie. Let's use fine. Mom because her cell Star Wars. Long Lance now. Passengers no houses like sites via knows the senator Chris. In figures. What's that that's on audio ladies just opens get this space shuttle to the moon bright with doctor Frederick about it. I'll because of the other men right when you roaming agreement. Hum oh why him. That would be perfect guys that's it forget about it it's Don what is one OC that that's a move all Bryan Cranston best Franco or James Franco is the rich guy wanted to do his daughter they don't get along so policies that they got to try to work out their differences easy you know successfully doesn't wanna start dating a lot of tattoos and why him why am as a James Franco I'm sorry girls he's super rich. During the holidays loving but overprotective Ned travels to California to visit his daughter Stephanie at Stanford University. Other go to Stanford in California new. While heroin he needs his biggest thing I ever knew that I don't know where Thompson was last night. While there he meets his biggest nightmare overwhelming and a socially awkward boyfriend Laird who's James Franco. Even though there is a billionaire. Net disapproves of his freewheeling attitude and unfiltered language is panic level escalates even further. We learned that layered plans to ask for Stephanie hand in marriage. It comes right UN. Mean I am yet and I'm fifteen course was short woods in her alma. A mission there. 915. I'm really nine. Not a 52. So make sure your town your popcorn owner. They bring it you know they have a zionist seats so we do this again when we get the ticket assigned seat and nobody's there last financial out of the popcorn for three hours. What's the popped courtroom at the metal bull. So. An earlier plan is but I'm hoping to build into. Like he did it cinema big time work at the holiday where. Does that work. On it review every.