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Wednesday, February 7th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Quincy Jones makes some bizarre claims
    • Cornell frat in trouble after 'pig roast'
    • Falcon Heavy was a success
    • Child drowns after saving friend
  • 27:34 - Another kratom scare from the government, and this time, we're not taking it. #WeAreKratom
  • 50:31 - Working in radio, we get a lot of the same questions in comments. Lazlo's friend put together a list
  • 1:11:55 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:24:22 - On This Day

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Still rages on it's on all sides. The values dark. Will strike to own up. How are you okay I'm good and you go man I'm great good right. Anything going on in the interest in no idea ash around the smile. I'm on you know something not I don't know anything I literally just asking those anything else sounds like you know something. Will now I'm really nice smile on your range and I usually have been okay it will now I'm definitely injured as you you don't normally act like this no would you say is there's something going on and smile like you know. When that smiles and says there's icing and I know something's going I don't know I'm just asking if there was anything going on Lyndon Johnson to others nothing wrong. Okay. Find drilling alone who not a thing nothing like US. There's nothing on the last time mom. But today just name is RC knows my position on gun. It's wrong it's gone on there's nothing going on John with you both do you do you weaker. Our reaction here I'll I think you know what's going on the glass so nice to count on me know your wrote this and it was it was so you know fruitful and do. Would you do knows and what your W two we're talking to each other earlier. We're always told you flew to Moscow earlier because I I I blocked and through my consent find either money and I come back in here you're both you're both here. But doubt mean I think you two were talking about almost. It's a little Sandra yeah men and don't talk outside this room wearing. Well if hill's children like Abbas. I'll respond and and help turn around me like the Bosnia and I'll say now saying I said hi you know I didn't. I'm really get it then I know you didn't you know we feel crazy yesterday I'm millions. I was gas line and I know I saw you on the phone. Alia. While I was on hold but I want to you know I see on the phone it's puzzling thing. I was. Billionaire boss sounds like one years ago and what do you do I sort of much pleasure it's hot here Mars is your sister and friend anyway. The importance of exuberance. I'm sorry you. It's this year fine. I doubt you wanna do OK well then fine now is gasoline and I don't want. If you knew what was on underneath I didn't know I don't shock value in that. So already we're on the radio it's. No yeah I thought well there's nothing going on you guys did is bigger and you definitely need someone who. Justice T shirts I you have one of these. Only knows well yeah I got it from here I got to somewhere from here. I know snow cone has won. Yeah. So going hello I've church allows us from Honolulu international resolutions well. I have those too. Let let the be the thing bust so you know he's kinda knows when these things have been eaten on friends split up and no one loyalists and exact we take notice none. I don't remember them don't know duly noted there's an undershirt and besides you guys have these shirts I know you have seen you Wear them. You've never seen you or that I. Say it's exactly yeah you never saw her I don't mind him. I don't know from back you never see him go but another strain on us now please it's fun. All one big teams rice does Jesus who goes by the way it has nothing going on and accomplishments and his. Because of the intra day and I'm sweating that one of the big revealed there was like all right I was little yeah dude why is doing now he stood capital I took everything yellows. Well. There was no revealed I just I got fine nervous are you sure at some G nine I walked junior you tour laughing and giggling like a couple of school girls without the united know you guys are talking about NAFTA like I was left out they decided to make their real bad you know I was guy got nervous and I got sweaty so I took my sweatshirt off. Good good thanks YouTube itself. You guys don't talk about the news. One would assume. I've said Nancy Pelosi is doing. Rinsing generals and a I do my desire hepatitis on the headline Mozy was gone. There's a history of the hour and a bachelor so I don't know his alertness secrets down behind O'Donnell channel and I'm very Smart. Shots section is Donald Trump's daughter I saw leasing data bonkers things I know I should loses its settlers and if I'm Bud Selig usually and he said that. Someone called you say the violence and that review and his nose and belly dancers behind them up for possession of bestsellers I've ever. And you're seeing maybe want to. Estimated feeling in such release in my own Brando had such and Richard Pryor. Why didn't seem. Blood regularly got an update on my phone that is fed Marlon Brando had sex from Richard Pryor and I don't know emotional I don't wanna. Yes Richard Pryor hasn't loosened up to me. And he said he was charming. And Matt. And they should not you know when he said he named chairman and he'd have certain I think his quote was he a mailbox global okay. Hold on that should be an in then the headline biggest battle and I saw says something about Michael Jackson stole songs and yeah I definitely don't. Everybody send Quincy Jones says Marlon Brando has actually read Richard Pryor I would have read that article yeah. The notice came across our store songs and not a day with a bond goes like yeah who cares. If it is they return Joann I'm looking for the right Quincy Jones gambling did you lose eighty right dated a bunker that's not a specialist said. We're here. I was forewarned there's something mentioned Kyra I get a dot that is totally wrong and it definitely said that he dated a bunker went on a date with a bunker or something. So if you clicked on the are just see or hear Quincy Jones gave you re always said he knows who Joseph Kennedy okay. Clintons or maybe four or Jones dome and knew he was sure his career highlight on some of those British accomplishments. So until Jackson love to live my judgment of plastic surgery. Man. These injections Obama's state of independents. And best song on her famous in Russia closer attention turning to Billie Jean. So. He says you don't like Hillary because there's so I never really cute secrecy backfires and then senator shouldn't be talking about this. And then he's. I. Oh run and then he knew duke Kennedy. And the connections there between Sinatra Lamas and Kennedy. Joseph Kennedy using bad Manny came do strange to have them talk to giancana about getting so. She's a us citizen soldier it was too sensitive to discuss publicly Jones once again saying we shouldn't talk about this publicly. And so The Beatles were terrible. And another ounce burgers and Paul is worse bass player I've ever heard in Ringo don't even talk about it. A movie was just watch grizzly music studio music do you like slogans and misconduct against demonstrators witnesses. It is. There was all of them Ratner. Weinstein. Says Weinstein is an jive beautifully don't run the guys that Weinstein doesn't jive mother. Calls please oh OK but yeah. Jones can't stand the president and says that the commander in chief is limited mentally. After responding to questions about racism. Jones called racism trump is on and he said it's trump and uneducated rednecks. Trump is just sung them on and on here I used to hang out of them is a crazy him out for limited mentally. Megalomania and narcissistic. He said he used to date of Monica do you know. How Monica Lisa and I'll I'll Tommy Hilfiger. You told them out of Monica wants to have dinner with them he says and I said to him no problems she's a fine mother referee likes that word yet does she have the most useful legs I ever saw in my life wrong fatherhood. So. Those beautiful alleged is that Oprah shouldn't run for president she doesn't have the chops war. If you haven't. Ben governor of the state of the CEO the company or military generally don't know how to lead people. And then he says that Marlon Brando's slept with a writer James ball Monday. Comedian Richard Pryor and singer Marvin Mickey Kantor Seymour they had snacks and transaction while he was the most charming MF for you ever Matt Jones told the outlet. He'd ask anything any thing he's Ab hum mailbox. Only question. About how you would know. Mom rentals of movies menacing come on man he did not give an act. Now seeing this. You have in the stroke he's sorry guys I'm wondering is someone gonna claim now what what's Richard Pryor's family or Marleau had some pages and James Baldwin shirt that might happen. Marvin Dan Lungren today. It's looking pretty had a lot of the ladies around I don't know man there's probably a lot of drugs going on Lewinsky and those comedy nights when it was like Richard Pryor. But Robin Williams right habits who they are all. The second busiest as a bunch of scrubs then that's definitely isn't a case to have happened. What drug is that I think the lines get blurred when and when you got that much money and hanging out in LA I think yeah we'll marvel at Marlon Brando Emmanuel NASA imagery a picture of the potentially put up goes a mile Renner was excellent. But do it right there yeah looks intimidate these ambulances looks I guess if you like that's a good challenge in the site and try to intimidate and I'm very easy Tim Brando. They're good town where office old. Squared sent circle yet I just got this mental images and you set it not Quincy Miller Robin Williams Marlon Brando. Richard Pryor who else did you say in there just all sweaty and NATO and Baldwin he says on the back comedies to a purse for some reality show ball solid Georgia mom. Hey that's just. Don't see anything about it if it's falling short. Distance I thought I was less access time. A young age and turn on he was around that it's Jim Carrey day 2000 cigarette smoking coach yet everywhere Leo. Yeah that's what happens we smoked any cigarettes dish but it took you have section due to an extra second on Brando yeah. Well I didn't have that headlines I didn't realize he's I just solve the well really the headline though I didn't think there was any other headlines and no kidding now I don't either I agree Marlon Brando had surgeon Richard Pryor and Marvin yet to have a nice colleges said this anonymous you know Hannity. Quincy Jones as Michael Jackson stole songs and went on date with a bunker. That is not. It although also that he said that headline how to earn that story how you hold out for that for your click maintenance so you just hasn't responded to this story is a really essentially a little march well and a mean you know. Least metaphorically said he would you have six of the mailbox and come on man. Being there. Well my top story was about the the Cornell pig roasts are to be solvent but the good surge. Healthy degree what is happening today hey I'm aware listening now I think some agency today you know I saw that that polo season. There on the house floor for seventeen hours or whatever but come on what we've got. Trump the team politics to teach. That bit that the pig roast that's a headline Cornell this. Fraternity. Sayeed had baited talent I think is what it was. They had a contest in the apparently they called it the end of the pig roast and they're in trouble now the school is so upset people are upset. University officials uncovered the contest that involves members sleeping with women to accumulate points according to USA today if there was a tie the winner was chosen by the member who had sex with the girl who weighed the most. OK so you're having sex with girls for points right. Adds details a day game leaked out last year sparking this investigation by the university's fraternity and sorority board. That recently concluded. The maturity chapters been put on to your probation the Ivy League university. At the Ivy League university in the press national office denouncing game which is the latest example of a Greek organization behaving badly. So people that the goal was you had sex with as many girls according to this article. Guess as it does many girls you could you got points for that but you got more points if you had sex with the depth of the bigger girl so the more the girl weighed. The more points you've got and they called it. A pig roast. On the there's a saving your week tour in disbelief and even more so that these alleged actions may have been taken by those whom we called Brothers. If your kid made it into Cornell. Or you know that's not a story that you expect to bury just to see you don't expect your son to call you see dead. I'm in trouble you try to tone earlier your coworkers my son's in court now he's he's an ivy leaguer and then you see whenever you can. You're about to take rest. How simple that was Jimmy. What was that called there was an American Dad! episode where they went in and and he's an attorney takes a little girls to the party. I yes. It's a party reason those ring ugly as girl what they call that the area that are going to be crowded parties in the wasn't yeah I was like there's something like that. Ryan Henry Steve Carell or something much it must be X a common thing via split people are sent. And then fraternity that of attorney says that there are upset as well. That they're just lead to such a thing would happen Zeta beta tau joins a growing Lester for charities and have been embarrassing disciplined after horrific. And at times illegal. Behavior. I don't know that this is illegal behavior just embarrassing behavior. I know allows it definitely doesn't care but it looks like a lot of people do I saw a lot of people on Twitter care. I can Ilan mosque sent his space acts out in. Into orbit. Would this Tesla Roadster GSE images and Tesla floating you lost a stream of that floating through space plane David belly is the coolest person and I saw people saying that they were trying to make their flatter their friends watch this because you've got to live stream of this car going up. Out of it and or race as it gets high enough and into space you can see the curvature of the earth where I would love to know what our. Flatter at their friends thought I'm sure he would just say that the footage was a doctor Fisher gap. But anyway I think about this a private citizen. Put together the most powerful rocket in the world that's what they said right the most powerful rocket the world launches own private vehicle into space with the rocket had the two boosters come back down here and land successfully so they can be re used it was pretty amazing. The falcon heavy is 27 engines lifted the rocket off the same launch pad used by Apollo eleven. The successful launch of the world's most powerful rocket was received with jubilation among SpaceX employees but CEO Elon Musk described a different kind of early. Yeah I had this image. This giant explosion on the pat with that we'll bouncing down the road Likud has a logo landing some good good. I I've read his biography that I you know he was sort of a part of but he wasn't all that enthusiastic about somehow I year old was but. The whole first part of the book talked about how all these rich guys a lot of rich guys wanted to get into deprive their rocket business and launched their own space companies. And that others had try to think pays us and tried some other rich guys and try to hit it never works it always ends up just been a money pit. And they anytime and other rich guy came along us and I wanna get into the I would start my own rocket company space program. People say don't do it it you'll never get to work it's who admits he can't find their engineers so. It's pretty impressive that you got to a a private citizen who launches I know you don't care allows a buddy launch this thing in his face kind of cool right. They don't care outstretched American let me show you pictures the pictures of that car with beer yeah I watched the video is our coolest thing we're boring around the earth with David belly playing on that it's it's kind of cool. And they got he's got it as a space man mannequin that says don't panic as as I don't panic on the on the you know I infotainment screen and they're playing David O eight and you should see. Elon Musk Tesla Roadster. Look that's all floated out into space it's it's pretty cool. I'm Melissa. Says. All I'll toss from the Sinai city. Does his car driving around. Spanish yes coal yep that's a real that's really Japanese cars and now it's gonna go orbit Mars or something right is that the point this omission is an elusive given mores or. Yeah or or. A lot of Mars. There's just assume for my mother's shoes no attention to. That's the last story is is it downer. It's a town I don't know if you. I mean. It's really bad I'll I'll show you that line. I mean the Big Easy hero blood. You see this is morning now what you. Most disarming now people are going to be curious what the hell we're talking about there's an eleven year old boy trying to save his twelve year old friend Dave it's twelve year old friend and gone out on the ice. McLean on this pond near Forest Park in New York. And he tracked through the ice on the ice in this eleven year old. Seems anti Perez went out to save them. Any didn't he rescued him learning process even fell under the east through the ice and he was in the ice for too long. And I watched the footage of these firefighters. Showing up as a these firefighters get there and they're in shorts and T shirts are not ready to go diving to search for someone. They are breaking through the ice and swimming around in the water in their teacher George George I don't understand about that I have no idea but I'm sure there's a reason I guess. Just they were in a hurry to get there's fast they could they didn't take the time to put on I don't know who I am so breeding here right. So this you CDs geysers drawn closure helicopter footage. And these guys running on the ice and swinging jumping into the water in their shorts and teachers are trying to find they did find him but he did in the water for too long. It appears that the child went out about fifty feet before that ice let go underneath them and was plunged into the water the temperature was well above freezing. These ice the ice is not safe there's not gonna support you wait they can have tragic consequence. I hate that idea I've never. I mean it doesn't really get cold enough there's only Minnesota we don't go skating on ponds I know I see people really show people whose car she Henry image zone. Ice fishing and yeah I see people do crazy about it comes only nice and yet that that is here on the that that freaks me out drive cars on and I know I see those guys like she only in Minnesota they often on the lake with they're with their jeeps and they throw a little huts and cannot. Fires in their joint holes in the ice. I still using it quite cold not fear at least anymore I saw people with the last couple weeks walking around in the middle to ponder loose park. I just thought man it was like sixty degrees a few days ago. I know it's it encapsulated in really cold for a couple of days but I don't know how long it has to be all right how long does it have to be what temperature. Of course is well on revenues and a real outdoors you guys you have just. Anger unleashed a mission where you would. What is in the eyes that would tell you test it boils down to pull back out of really you know nine inches today can you be trying to run around. I'm involved and senator. Yeah I do I see YouTube videos of people going out and in you know Tennessee Tennessee who go further out or they gonna learn they jump and see who can jump the most times for the ice breaks. Not. Juice at all. That doesn't end well at best. You end up with some type hypothermia but if you fall through the ice. Look it's ever happened me I've seen it in movies and seen on the news how do you get out of that how well you climb your way out of that. Our communities breaking and announced. Depend memories you gave destroying at least those who don't you know we're Holy See you can I expect I'll I'll get you go under the IG this article can now ride in the U trying to swim back out you know. It's kind of gathers since they can't finally fell through right AB industry people trying to get tired so they fall golfers almost like their resting and trying to come back up and find it. That just sounds. Horrifying and I goods and a horrible story he was eleven years old. He saved his friend's friend is okay is that IBC he is not mentally OK yeah. So. Story but also. Good reminder I guess sooner. A mess around looking for a frozen. Concept we need to win there's danger only these kids. Unattended and a and upon actual plane on the ice on it and didn't see anything about parents being around or anyone be around this kid rail cars on to save his friend. And he's in the water for however long until the fire department gets a lot of layers of the partner in the present things they do all in cash. I guess and I mean our scientists say danger thin nice do not walk on month. Don't walk on the ponds. So. To eliminate another plane parents and tonight you don't volume I issue limited runs on national bridge right. It's usable. That's all I got. I'm sorry that I I overlook that Quincy Jones story every leading if come on. The headline said Michael Jackson stole some songs and I wanted to it was an unlucky aren't I love you very important story to story was something. We've we've done. He walked in here with papers check like you guys haven't forest. Easy science and go ahead and emotional. Enjoy. Again. I feel bad an enormous story about the kid. Loan programs donation from better. Well okay people have been so I got text message that woke up the text messages from my brother people in between it so conine. She opens are you shaking his head and it's happening again. We'll talk about it but did they busted this time so on their bus and I don't know if you saw. But Huff post put out an article and expose them did you see this up close circle now what happens. They've been exposed all of this UBS all the the DEA and everyone thought after us and they've been exposed the missile down we'll talk about it. I don't know anything about some. The Jenner baby and not even sure which originally had a. Maybe I could all use C I seem almost it's kind of doing things the youngest one ranking it's time you. It's scandal. That's like chewing hiding knowing news who's been in and out and she had a kid and data that exists on yesterday's news or something about the name was it was the baby's name butterflies huh. Oh did you see Jennifer Aniston's house JC NN's. Jennifer heinous and I saw this on Twitter Jennifer Aniston did so I don't looser people mag some design magazine. Magazine. I saw from People Magazine on their clear. She. Talked about how she hadn't been an actor she would have liked to have done interior designer something and she loves this magazine come and take pictures of her home. This house look at these pictures this is her actual house. And OK that's your tools and Josh yeah. This is her study or her library I mean you know that that's pretty cool little weight easier back extra bathroom. I think we should take pictures of our homes he can't try and bring them. Like Jennifer Aniston's poker trying to make it look as nice as you can and say you know we get a peek inside. I want to see Jennifer innocent gay people speaker glimpse inside your home. Knew we can give people of Pique your wants are surely we can kind of recreate these shots early years business image I was guns as slim fast motion. Not only about me it's. Kind of business and that is legal ones not that well I don't know there or there. Yeah I mean so she's got a marble tub I've got hot tub. You know it's always surrounded by priceless art and a and a view. I've so got to Tom. We can show how sweet. About that pool. Did you see the pictures or reporters we'll use that tool is present her Justin King sitting to give you words and energy shoes on land. And then cools it. Yeah it's. Little. Income. You love your recent success little mouse like that. Why not. We can do something totally to regroup pictures only jeans 26 million dollars and join your knowledge we can we become something bigger picture of your your house energy inside that this. Sit on the bench with my old shoes on there what I heard at the backup and then just give a semblance of your own. Well I knew that yeah yeah we only need to live yet make it look you know give a glimpse inside your home. And I want to take a picture up on the arm of their chair rush with their legs up. Didn't make sure. I'm yourself and then just take a picture you know of one of your rooms or Jesus doesn't either house as an outdoor. Bar area. Yeah however kitchen area. I can come or something. I accomplish something. I mean if you go straight to those records and only no no don't and that's one idea housing maybe the garage. There are thousands and has gone from wanting an injured onto it on the radio exactly what you're leaning grungy got them that I can go to state officially outside of that it's art isn't Quebec government. Love. Is safe and sound here there's a safe place for you and them. I know how are you here I feel as it was sort of three to zero real wanna be right here in this room. I appreciate that I know you guys will never make economy for any thing or. Of course operative criticize way I look to address or some thoughts on dish right I got enough of that school it's my pleasure in relation to social field. Nice safe. Place. Tom your loved. Because your love. Unloved because I'm love Wimbledon and heard them before and I'm like that. You're you're also loved. Because I am love like can do nothing but love back and Brett yeah. There's a couple things one owners talked about the human doom over thing. What I else I do nothing. You know you gave me a look I'm looking listeners cut it and see you all starting gate you know all of whom. So blessed to get him looking so yeah I gave you look I think it was the look of love that you are loved you because you are loved jail right. And also. The year so much more than just love he made a disgusting face and shook his head. Call my face discussion. Bill. I'm and it disgusted fashion and now he said disgusting you know it'd disgusting face you know what I meant. He supposed real safe place. But it. So. Wake up today. And people are to my brother the science professor. Who never I've never had a discussion about this with them before I ever he was texting me and Al's brother Saxony. I see people are tweeting it so Khan on two where. I guess that's related to you that about this freedom again. Most of ten. And then I got net so I didn't tell you this stoke on I got an email from a crate him distributor who basically said. Or stroke what's your dress I'm just gonna send criminals like what I don't know this is a joke but here's my address and get rid of I don't know he's he's worried to top. But it's not illegal yet. So the FDA released this is the headline from outpost. FDA releases trade and death data. Undermines its own claims about drugs deadly harms. So last year they tried sales stuff about you know all of this this this this police officer he died right arm and and he Ngo and the only took crate him. And we did find deals and a system because a lot of times if they had some on the overdose too into a hospital he saw something else was in the system right. Low and then the autopsy said and I don't this is sure not the thing that I read said that when they did the autopsy it looked like he had he had shot 6880 he'd so he was trying to do the toss and watch what people were some pleasure gentlemen challenge basically exactly like you take in the parry did doubling your tong and then just trying to swap but he inhaled right some people doing. Well I yeah unless I go and that's not good you shouldn't do that with anything you should do cinnamon challenge you shouldn't toss and launch drugs and mix it up and drink will still tossing launch. Plaza carries you call that they'll pump and off but none at all they'll toss launch you crazy judge. And so I finally Huff post. Is on our side now down they said because all the stuff came out you know that they're saying that it's an opening Lloyd the FDA is and it's abusive or they can easily abused and eight could be deadly or it is deadly and now they want a crack down on it well outposts looked into this and said that there. Data that they released undermine their own claims the FDA says the incidents underscored the series is sometimes deadly risks of Credo. But the list contains events in which Crayton played an uncertain role including a case which teenager hanged himself. And another which are drug overdose victim tested positive for nine different substances. They tried to attribute. The this kid's death from hanging to crush them this sounds ambitious so why me. As ambitious and they just leave us alone I can't take a constant back and forth. One day it's fine the next cities that are coming after it again don't just wrong you know there's home. Yeah. Why cant they just let it be I was never a big conspiracy players I ever thought that you now. The food and toys drugs Antonio Garnett can't see straight was trying to keep. You know any time he's also is that all of this could help the depression of the drug companies don't want you to know violates. Give me a break but lasso now it's. It's evident there's there's proof that's what they're trying to do you really think it hurts people. Well I'll ask him that way thank you Jason back. He takes it back before you respond to answer is yes dammit but and yeah so that's answer one and then one day as I don't care. OK but do you think it there at least exaggerating these claims. Look let me ask you know look look me in the eyes if you could die from taking just Graham would I not already be dead. No wonder what is you don't think so well how many years well if you could die just from taking heroin you probably be dead to Biden. No I mean you know you gotta get lucky to die. Here's a little bit of luck involved not everybody who's an attic dies or spun him out actually continue to. You news and don't die and a menagerie you are too I think you have a higher but parents propensity for death. Then and non user. BN Muslim world because there's really answer to that is yes I know you have around I have shack so we you know you're only saying that because. I have a higher propensity. Then. Other people for myriad re ask for a normal does. I don't think things served. Mill but constant. Drug abuse helps any of the things I you're dealing weren't. Be it liver failure kidney failure. Rash is backed pains or depression. Well listen tombs them so the FDA commissioners said. That he sought to reinforce a November public health advisory which he claimed there was quote clear date on the increasing harms associated with great. At the time the FDA said it was where 36 deaths involving trade in which it held up as evidence of the group that. Bravest of the drug's potential harms the FDA. Has found eight additional cases since then. Gottlieb said. That brings the total number of credit associated das to 44 he also announcing agency conducted a novel scientific. Analysis of crate him further supported FDA's characterization. Of the substance as an OP Lloyd. My congratulations your statistic your audio yards while and people losing hotel appeal is. Okay John Boehner meadow clash tarnish something year old woman. Whoa whoa oh please again right after that whole conversation yesterday not been feeling lately. Well one. About life about my blot my European. You try to be encouraging yesterday down into too hard on myself and I examined 36 year old suburban. Mom without the family go with the drug problem. Yeah that's what you're telling me does some back and that's what I was telling you that is bat that well. Well. Or asylum yesterday to earn him. I yours and that was bad I don't think that's so bad. I try to tell you. When your kid you say I'm not gonna do any of these things in life knock you down keep your head up you keep marching through but you know what sometimes you have to to a bit of a shortcut that can be. Found in the bottom of load green sludge water bottles those trail more. Upon. You know of bait and whatever the case may be. Please keep your head up and you keep marching if you didn't throw it thus I was saying like I got to you've got he can do this budget is sometimes you need a little bit help to life gets harder and harder and harder. That's all. You. The gonna tell you I mean you remain you argue it but you argue this thing that you take like it's. You argue that line people who smoke pot. Are you like oh what you can make the best pans out hemp like okay. You argue the same thing as Kramer like no but seriously it's not bad for you it's a good trio and. I think it's my it's not I don't think it's good for me but I think that's it's no worse for me than Miami depressant was I was on for your I don't know I don't know any of that. It doesn't matter we do but but but but my. I will say that for both of you this doesn't seem to be working as an antidepressant. And yes I I say that I say that knowing that I have a pretty big sample size and I usually every met us. Yeah happy is guys you guys I'm did you ever Dan half line every day I don't know I've never easy it. Now do not understand earlier. I guess today and yesterday you know I'd say around before we never did any of that we were never. We were like this remark smiling and laughing John smiling and laughing and out of the ground and make him plans should know go from Super Bowl parties and run. And that's not true chance to shake a little bit. And you're like you are like guide whatever I think you ash drew told me last night hey if I don't come in Georgia is known like it was suicide. A bull does is only throw away. When I'm hot and I respond by the way you said I don't care. Right I think at least I thought he was joking we are. Some of us felt weren't happy. I'm happy and we yeah. Yeah slim fast the guys the definition of happiness two guys a basket case. I just I'm finally you. I don't nation are now on your drug of choice is fine you should really take all your alarm on saying is now. They're probably angry trio but that's okay according to hop buster which we know. Is Earl finally zionism is and isn't good for you it's not. But I'm not appear espousing the virtues of whiskey but it should be legal of course you should really do Graham. But it slowed way you guys are you like this is better for me helps my depression I'm like oh really. I can tell. Almost all real happy fellows over there after four years of dreading nothing but preyed on kids. Really seem. Like you've got it together almost all this is a miracle drug when it comes to pulling us together the YouTube guys. And cabinet can now I realize this sort of animal answered. Yeah I am starting to may have Yankee years and no neither Bryant who is like a miracle. It's like a miracle. It's rare air if you think him starting a family. This positive of course of course is and it's directly responsible. And great. Let's no what you don't worry about it you know what I mean you'll get it you'll find I know what you mean right cradle that. Yes yes yes I am OK I understand the emotion behind the as the three. Almost all of the FDA's cases involve subjects who were found to be on multiple substances at the time of their death with a vast majority including either listen or prescription drugs carry well known risks is outposts not some. Doug cradle I want I want hash tag we are Credo which by the way hash tag we are great. One Internet describes a teenager who hanged himself after struggling with depression and prescription drug abuse he tested positive for a variety of drug scene including Graham as well as how the whole. And a handful a prescription drugs. How can they legally say look we've got this death that we can attribute your freedom when he was drunk and took a bunch of prescription drugs and himself. Why is well I don't wanna sound like a dead man out to get his man but how did this man they are you merely as ridiculous just. Whatever the. It's never indeed. How many how many years now it's. In that again and happy that they've been that they've been toying with this idea to say we're gonna take it away. And so I stockpile and then take at all because I don't think there's any need to dig you know junior detective. Oh. Dodgers hired financial oh yeah because every time they say you were intake airway you by 27 more kilos which case. They know exactly why does is stimulate the economy basically they Al Capone of crate him over here yeah if I don't take some fast vault. If I don't take it they are actually that I should be the way to stimulate the economy they know some battles by tens of kilos. So there's no threat out every once in awhile okay. Now account. I didn't wanna mention that but I did think earlier as I was about to figure out which credit card hasn't been maxed out on trying to you know or freedom. I thought you know this has got to be really good for business every time the FDA puts out one of these things and threatens to start you know things don't know how babies gonna come out of little leafy tree. My group. I had a plan. That it. The FDA's list of great related deaths also there are 43 year old man determined to have died from complications due to deep vein thrombosis. He had a long list of medical problems including chronic back and shoulder pain and a history of alcohol prescription drug abuse at the time of his death he'd recently been prescribed five different medicines is toxicology test came back positive for OP it's been so that's a teens. Best known as an ex antidepressants and medication apparently used to treat to Rhett syndrome. He also tested positive for crater but look at that whole list right things it was on the eve five died tonight from a non. Hanging you know beloved brother mylan stronger revolver guys that you I don't care. I understand you are here but you wouldn't think it was a great and you'd think he was on there them but he was and it's something else probably uses I don't know who knows what pack cocked to look things are gonna find that I don't think they created was that thing. That ended his life. You wouldn't think that beyond us is no way. If they said he died. You said oh my god. The shoot itself I'm to. No offense and Michael are you sure over a toss your washing. And we choked to death. Before the break them. A couple of body. This is some this ridiculous as and com or go to DC I'm gonna. Well I got the audience something they've got a good lobbying group now one thing you know they don't they did in the Hoosier it's your challenge is where drought there one of the cases that the FDA listed last that this is a trade related death okay that FDA. Listen this. It is being completely redacted now on the document. It also appears in other areas of the agency's database as a debt by homicide. June would gunshot wound to the chest someone shot him in the Jackson the FDA said. Looks like don't play them well you guys thyroid using credit when it does heal that thing myself and I didn't probably lived if you miss reliable. We'll grow over the area as well and you're trying alone even try you have here in the crate him put up a little bit of movement and tough guy and physicals and era and encourage them. You can't hurt me. Well apparently this guy's gonna. Ship boasts some which I appreciate boot. I'm Marcus sales doesn't like from around here he's a distributor yeah he's a shoulder of trying to do you really a web site that you'd kept buying it fuels from it's like look. You're my only just a couple of I don't know closes thing downs on the senate to you man good luck I look at how dollars in your thing. But I just can't say OK I'm estimating my entire living off of view that. For the last three years that you senator shut down in my wife's Australian real jobs so and I do is give it to you man sorry that I Wednesday and manages the three Israelis out of order was three months ago you ordered 2000 dollars worth and I got a little crazy and harassment and Almonte plays has only I was lot of kiosk thing it on you. Buying more so you just go ahead on TV a good deal but I need to make rent. Well I'm gonna have to do the same thing again I'm gonna have to stock outs on guys suggest you do the same. We went through this last and his right you Rhode original but because you can get a lot of friends. Denying. Nom graduate. Or those yeah. And I will payback. Let's call it 15100. Call 15100. Lunch cost sharing now and I'll pay you back. Panda within a year. No. Thousand dollar loan you money wants it to he's out of here is 223000. Dollars just a good six years to merit a thousand bucks. I was actually upset that edited very very real. Couldn't hang over your head every day. All's well he's only okay. When you buy diapers she can create them have a guy diapers. Sick in. He's he's an equivalency as the you know that mom is unjust outcome great yeah he's done. You have yeah. He's easy. You know I was sucking on it from him and Felicia Dunn is such a coma tomorrow. But I'm sure of one thing you know odd mix of another matter felt that it did. Right I think he you know what you sir given that that baby very young age and we can just watch we don't watch what happens it will be able to prove to the world that you'll never need. Any medication for anxiety enough for depression nothing will be focused no I don't maybe ADHD are Brazil is a documentary you guys amazonian yes yes yeah. The tag we are great them hash our great and strong hash tag crater maybe we'll prove yeah there is Davies. I love it. I am maybe. How is try to maybe. Don't bad. And what the public is it too early to start introducing a little bit to create ample I don't know Reitman and yeah how you start talking Jerome yeah tell you're gonna GeMS emporium is that your and then you know have as Marlon mom David Graham should take it. You know run you don't have that talent does the little little known but some and curry made last night and wreck both. Trade and baby. I don't see you want to go wrong. You wait we're gonna prove these people wrong once and for all. Through my child. Yet. And then my next goal after 'cause I feel like now. Huff post his support has been loaded as they're they're calling out the FDA. I feel like my next goal is to call out to all these you know we want to run never heroin people. Which is actually built up a little bit on drugs Arun. Not I'm Sonoma with the hard stuff. We're gonna we're gonna domestic the next Muslim but the gonna do. Ashton and baby I don't care what you guys Zurich. I don't care and hearing your name is still. After all its own. But aren't you a little bit upset that the FDA's do in this I know it's not your thing that no government overreach. And is well delivered to their hair on a little line they got busted lying why and and they want to change is not my own tea because the drug companies say hey we know our sales are down with we need them to buy more bands those and present size much crayon being bought I. I don't know it's I once a global trade or business number. I don't know I just start to see it came in a couple of percents of land management are laden and six man that's all it nonetheless are lobbying absolutely killed a Kansas City you wanna slowdown like trim business and you go look online to people who say they got off their medications is the day you see it all the time momentum back John when they get rid of the trade him and ask how much crave don't. Was sold. It's probably hard and to track that who's on the fact that I thought I could tell you. I can show you receipts. G dosage. Weren't buying incurring them this is a for a long Kay Quinn that. Definitely the age changes its mind on current. You're right so callers I'm not that yesterday what's a priceless thing that's or at least you know comes as close to be priceless to you as possibly a make or earlier savings that they said we're gonna ban it. And it's gonna be banned forever. And this is your last chance to get it yeah yeah I would probably. I'm glad I definitely think you have to. Half of my for a long Tamika. Quarter of it mean to be a half ago probably. Think you got to. I think your you have yeah. No regard for a lot of money for grimly I know yeah I just Arafat to animosity and we know what when they've been assigned to I hear and read all I want I heard him. I. Oh OK but but but but I hadn't noticed. That there. You make fun but when they banned the stuff yeah and I'm the only one. Old great man the crater landing create a greater land of the blind a one eyed man is king. And I'm gonna Hammond B only one. I'm gonna be sick not gold mine a surplus. A reserve stockpile of pain you east and all the time make a funny is gonna wish it is. So that's. Please I just need a little better grade in my and so sad and depressed in the whiskey isn't working I just need a little something. Something to help me get by just a little something I'm missing. And the monitor was you know me tune inference yes that's true I do I really feel like again I would other people right to do it alone you know that's good that's healthy right now I think that's healthy I don't like that I don't like to do that stumpel Clinton. You know I'll drink alone sure sure but that's I think that's that's normal but I I do like and I'm with you guys. I do you guys going on now yeah. I'd yeah hold it. I dumb buddy of mine I was sitting around that list of people's approvals or to radio and how many of those questions have you. And pastor of people send you iPhone and I saw and the food. Don't it's things that asked yeah hold on I did see that. There's a good. Well it's all things and I've already asked before is for sure. OK or at least somebody is said to you. I know you're working radio. I know the old person that comes to mind is which we've talked to before as the Haiti. How much would you charge DJ my wedding and went on them. I'm not a DJ am it's the IT. Now soak owns a DJ not technically in its vision they do these international my own auditor yes but I don't know how to do that. A case these they're the easier it. Your jobs I guess is really question your job. It's super easy Elliott to do was talking maybe push if you Buckeyes it was so intense sure yet here now on. What kind of stuff do you guys get for free around there. But does such a weird angles and your jobs are resilient and there was talk. And pushes your buttons this one of those things everything sickened and am now an inch. As well thousands every 100 people don't say that and by the way I'm not fancy myself on. But criminals say that to move. Anyone else that I know up but you don't sit comedian Don you've jobs three just down termites from oracle fund jokes aren't the only reason or they don't say. To an actor like. Just pretty usage. Remember a couple lines there. Pride does that anybody else that does one thing that I think people do because I'm guilty of two is seen things on YouTube and then only could Mac right I can do that. Which I still think that well a lot of good. I'm pretty easy you should drop back five steps to throw the football. Season back on and yeah I've got now on a lot especially from you know if you and then also says like Leggett and so elated so it's condescending. Because what he's saying what I do what I do takes no talent whatsoever you can believe that that's fireman's condescending to say to someone. And then the other part of that is you are and then. At the very least inferring that a job that you do takes an immense amount of talent and is not easy and I hate. Have no chance of doing it and whatever it is a certainly run and I couldn't do right now. Yeah that's one minute that I feel like. I am almost positive somewhat to high school with my ranchers somewhere who was drunk. Was also always do you know like I always use an elderly Bangkok works out of six that he says at least. Once a week someone says he's talked about sports I know more about sports and you're like Iraq about gal that was sports is even worse via what I was elegant you know I not to we've been successful but I think. Someone told me this one time and I think it's true. Yes you can do this job. Yes you could come in here Monday and do my job and doing good radio show that moved Tuesday to probably do it. Wednesday you can probably do it. When Thursday what are you gonna do. Friday what are you gonna do and fifteen years later what are you gonna do. They that you can probably do once they can do it twice it may be a little bit harder five days awake for hours today. Sorry you have an entire adult life here I'm here and in Europe. What kind of set you guys get for free. I don't know that I aid kit that I don't like to take it like specifically people asking that's my the most common thing. Is he was asking me for something can you get this team that can run as someone is asking for what's the court spin you've Matt what's the yet that's a who's there's there are different and cool and his shirt you know now. This is good. I've definitely been asked this what does a lot of times a barrels a day I was there all the time you know I can I get and you would be you'd be surprised you could be in a restaurant. And a waiter or waitress a bartender a manager would say our men. Bless your show all the time you know I really wanted to to go to buzz because really you know criminals to potentially Yemen just email me and then just drop off the bill. Yeah with the bill and I thought doesn't like quid pro quo on my job did. I got you weren't a lot of times that I must say you have to do it just seems like they're viewed that I thought that was. When I first I thought that was part of the tread like hey can you get me tickets for this. Because I can get food back there and ride our I can get beer back and they're not right and I'm like your colonial all right good and I'll get you the tickets and you get me the beer. That's. Messed. Seems like a fair track I don't wanna call anyone out I have so as someone that I did business with. And they asked for. Tickets and so I gave the may a lot of tickets and I thought well next time I'll bet. I don't get charged right it's the net charge which is weird and it's not like it was even that much money it's one small amount of money. You work this is this is good you work at the station which one are you I really believe less music which nation is it okay which one are you what what are you in the you know like you know what you don't like I'm. I love the people who say I. I and I give us a lot and I get a you don't want us. But I'm loath to do know now don't listen we have no idea I have a friend who listens anime proceed to ask you are a hundred questions. That only proves that they listen and you're like man you don't we don't we don't have. The dividends it's fun like you can just say I'll listen I got a couple of questions just really then you know on the really listen. This is sports talk but as you know got a couple questions for him. I don't know I mean. Well you know a snow cones having a baby and we columns freedom Amy that's saying look I know that they've picked up on some cement. Apparel wide at least a couple of someone says all of which would station I'll which which one are you of I don't I don't end but apple and think you look you don't listen it's OK fine it's fine. But I should give you tell me you work for whoever but I don't say why did this all is well listen here every morning. Are we at a time I got back I love you guys are you man listen every morning at the wrong station to talent the other night of pizza bar these two girls one walked up and say your for the buzz. And reference that woods' former U. Some country. I mean did you can tell. When someone is just blatantly putting out there that I have never listen and tidal wave why pretend who cares if you don't hurt my feelings. Tom. I know this is gonna turned on my radio and when you guys are talking before when DJs are talking but I am. Let's go I have heard similar things like I usually like to talk you know my drive home I want to hear music and I tell you guys talk a lot so I don't listen okay creates fun and you go why are you telling me this right if you see work for state farm I don't go well you know I just I I really think Geico so much better at the I'd really like the solar present used to love to cashiers were right at the there's an active defense. Do you ever listen to any music that you're station doesn't play never. Ya never. None did I think more commonly inside do you like all the music you play. Yeah do you like all the music you guys play how many times you sign they hate one song when you stop playing at that I hate this song YDS player. Okay maybe someone else likes it or I could. Maybe I don't even like we don't like everything went right now of course what that I think is maybe one president hasn't enjoyed you can evaluate every song I like. Why don't know where you are Nordstrom's like every third shoes are right let's catch. Let's think about like we stand by every single to solve reprise somewhat see a lot of him as somebody likes right somebody likes it. Don't veteran and I hate imagine dragons but people like him ever successful trying Tom I love imagine Brian generally you don't. Idea. Point arena rocks. On new dollar fund dollars go let me and it's another Fonda the it's like not much I like that will you mention me slash my business. And that's always comes from someone who doesn't listen by the way there was a mass you got to like your radio station okay what he did well we mention my business who you say this of course rancher Moret. And you'll hear it because you do a lot of residents whose business is just imminent on the radio word she Yasser I don't know girls and from from grown adults and make you just maybe mention my name on Monday. Maybe you could just say something to say like god I met this a net. Todd this weekend can you say that wouldn't find a way to say it between your in your thirties. And you'll. But I tonne for me to find a way but I tell by the way and comes in a lot Symantec's. I've begun to remember to mention Todd yeah 'cause there's obviously ring. Of course. I'll find a way money meet with plaza early on Monday and finally we can just. Weave that into our conversation. Mom. I want tickets. But you know my son's journey good. I have been asked questions about that I've that's a fair question I see way you think I might know I don't know but 99%. A semi I've no idea if the tickets you won. For whatever short good seats are not in less I gave the trio are as well if we know it's you raise your right but if you want them from somebody else I don't know. Out of life you know there are afraid. For her ex girlfriend. So again this is a list allows those radio body was sending around about questions that people are you. This is perfect. So you're still doing that radio thing. Bradley is not a facade a soccer career it's our job not even a job not the guys still do not radio thing sometimes is followed by something along the lines of you know. You've enjoyed you do don't you think you might have to get a real job and our editors found some numerous scientists and right. But I still do that radio thing. There Rebecca. Other it is you should DJ in my wedding. Yup that's a big one. Don't you get sick of hearing the same songs every day. Depends on in if I dislike us on our guests and a lot of times were talking about something here soon. Do other things. All OK. People. You wouldn't think that someone would actually say this who was sober and and didn't just despise you but I've had to happen. I don't happen from a co worker. A coworker that I liked. Who was basically said that that the statements you've got to face for radio for a boom. I was with a co worker and we met someone I know it's a high school with and she's on television. And when she walked away. He said. You know all. It's pretty clear when you see someone like her. Why you're on radio and she's on television but like yeah. And I'd. He wasn't trying to be funny he was just like you know gas man you know look at her she's. She should be on television. Okay that's that's one thing you could say right and I kind of implies but he went further and said. Tom. And that's why you're on the radio brand new should say and you know and in theory goes by personality wise and that's why in sessions where downstairs its. Text. I could be on the radio I have a podcast I've had him until it happens that goes along with him you know what you do is easy right. Okay this is kind of like it with Israel and I've heard someone say something like this. I thought everyone who is on the radio was ugly you want that ugly I've heard things like Jeff before like you know. Why that's of people radio before in the Arab. There's some trolls here not that bad. And I get serious is somehow choice underage do we I don't mind if people stop and say hi Eleanor not chime in and on and on like it. We're balanced I don't like if you stop me and say Buhner and contractors don't hear him being an easy job where can you please give me tickets management business for her. No vehicles weapons and well this show or listen regardless of the touch there. This is on the list but what about when someone says something about your voice hands. Ellison. When you think of someone you know as a voice for radio. You think of the of the news personnel from 1970s. Right that that guy and he did yes you hear handing you might know. He should be doing commercial the guy who was a note to did it the homeless guy to the Kraft macaroni and Shia area marshall's right yeah when you heard his voice like that guy he's got a good radio voice yeah. I don't have a radio voice. You don't really believe that you urge your saying that because I certainly talk about a pleasant you do. That. Storm Colin oh this is a good one little song has no business in oh you work a blanket I only listen to blank. Now if that happens a lot yeah we're good the buzz yet only listen. I get that from my friends from people I dropped Webb didn't Alia I you know I just I never listen you guys I was a or I don't listen to the radio. Yeah actually come I was on the radio that doesn't bother me for some reason as much as a person who wants to make a point to say to those social announced oh I don't listen you guys I was. Because you don't George Utley and again I would not be it would be. If it were done. Tell anybody else's career profession and but it would be C seems so. So rude right rival you just wouldn't say that. Might you. You're at Nordstrom visa and Tony shopping centers rush up. Right I just one dollar and especially when something is personal to like what we do what is your life so affords. How should I Chrysler telling you don't don't don't don't look at that. Who Asia and George Silverman. Car sales saying persons as of today. How much money do you make there. While I don't wanna say do cause us you know. Took some classes in college radio men. I was you know what I just couldn't just from not just from aluminum to make enough money yet. Placard that I did radio for awhile but you know I'd get out of it because the money's just not there. We want our. Are you trying to say that you couldn't make a living doing it are you wondered just nine and I'm gonna that. I've settled for a low paying job I slower than heirs of whatever that is right. And maybe is lower than years but I doubt not pretend to. Like but I doubt that you had his bright future race I mean you're not making northerly now I'm just saying that. The person is gonna make an okay amount of money doing business you don't have to I'm not you don't have to look at me and and feel bad. And I think of rats ass he specifically but I've had people say Jude is that is like a real can you live off that. Did they pay you like enough that you are yet to have another job I had that question more I don't think about anybody. Just say specifically how much money do you make. Oh here it is okay so I guess a similar can you do your radio voice. And I hear your radio voice. Say something like you would say on the radio. And the last when he's got on here is does anybody listen to radio anymore. On top. You know I really didn't I don't know of all those one and I'm surprised to CB is. It until I read it I didn't realize how many times I've been asked that but the one about. Where was it. Something about our children I wouldn't mind knowing how much you guys are excellent the social effects on. But what lines move morals for your hands in the paper. Who else would you ask that now. Maybe a government official whose lives are taxpayers salary against. But the one about ears so you're like you're on the radio like a celebrity. That that want his the most uncomfortable and I hagel surprising how often. It happens policy like this leverage that famous. Not only dynamite and how comfortable will be okay but you're like have like a local celebrity you're you're like I mean it's this whole thing what he's supposed to say and that's a bad economy now room noise yeah I was surprised to sit on the list because I. Like a set I'd know that I guess saddle up I would have thought of it tyrant and think about how many times someone is says something like that. You'd like I assume you probably get us into this please refer it. Via you don't want your front you hear that you brought teams get on your own gig and I shall reap I have a lot of followers right largely a celebrity. You know. Stop a law. Please. Again. This is something nice. Doesn't doesn't bother me at all I like it I think it is very nice and someone says hello. We're sitting here alone all day we see the Texas we got attacks on us as we see people types and social media you can see people but it is nice and someone says something. But just tragedy. You know predict anybody not just us anybody doesn't know. Changes voice when he's not on there that nobody else all the star. Writer Beth. We're talk another common one is. I your for the buzz. I hung out Gerri want to a Brandon anybody should be friends with Seles play a story about slump a bright. Yeah most of these most of the time that have comes up that certain people are dropped and. Some may be when people get drunk they do look for the guy from Norstrom and say look on the shelf of Moammar I don't know. Because this is pretty much on the record your every occupation has. These kinds of questions right. Yeah and I guess maybe people do go up to the Ford sales and so would Ford sox' only by how much as we know really how WR yeah that's sure how much everybody make. You know. Can you make a living do matter he still disease still doing the right insurance thing. I can't that's my job right I say you write an element nationalism and one's got solved the one it really irritates me the most. I think is it must be nice and that's not just for our job anytime someone does that to you if you buy something. Tom if you receive something in if you have a cool job whatever it is when someone says must be nice. I wish I didn't you know must be nice to be able to afford that must be nice to be able going to work whoever what do you want me to say to that month and that and Matt. I'm not saying you're being a total Dick when you say you've you're making everyone model. Must be nice that I was in a possibility for me desire he had four kids by the time most memorable that. Why why are you upset with me down I don't do that discrete normal I didn't I didn't do address is something to use him so upset you. If you thought you had to attack me. I don't like that but that's not just a radio thing that people can let him run stroke if you have by a car or a motorcycle or a new TV here whatever someone says you. Must be nice high gonna pay for the kids basketball well okay that's your priority market driver this TV. Go to hell. Milan have really bothers me to get angry just thinking about delegates or anger management. That's a good lest. There soon I think term. Finance guy everyone ask me. If I'm happy doing my job every document IQ workers have to fix everyone's computer progress your nearest you have to look at. You know whatever. Confessional to answer I get these kind of dumb ass questions all the time so you know are established a lot of people. And yes a couple of the for the last politics news and these are questions puzzles friend who does radio. We'll share in this list of people of questions people ask. Teachers honestly don't knowing. Questions teachers get. Yeah I feel like that's not our own people think they can do your job. But I feel like you know what you're right I can I could go in to. I I can go in there and do your job for one day yes maybe a second day yeah but I can't do it all year right I can enjoy year after year after year after year after year I can't do that it. I'm not a teacher but I feel like teachers did stuck on that same thing like we do. My god can do that footage to teach kids math. Or the same questions you know college junior categories must be nice Jeff Summers off right ala crap. Was first says I subcontract for the government I hear all the time must be nice to blank as Ximian. That I got this job easily fall off when. We have the must be nice thing anytime someone says that to you. When an idiot what a deck when. I guess people do this a lot of people. Insurance salesmen. Salespeople. As person of the cars salesmen. There are the same stuff and artist and I know when an artist I'm a graphic designer this is totally relatable to Maine. And says morals regulars Dix. All I want for you guys. Is to say what I text on the air. Well there you go boom today was just made an older your phone number I'll speak can text you back. The line. In my man nick right now are you. Well vote on are you heard him talk you Arafat's one. Person. Every morning what what. And I desserts a sports story would just I saw you were tweeting about Clark concept that he didn't want to trade accounts meant to the Broncos that was never an option. These divisional rival. I thought that was kind of common sense is that fairly normal that you don't do that lets you take Josh yeah. Yeah I think that Saddam thing I think you should trade him whichever team UVs at that deal. Because you typically are trading a player that you kinky. You know curry irked into a ton of damage you view I think being at getting a really good deal for all Washington. Have you guys. And following your role. It's Malcolm proper soccer. Now since. OK so he's the guy he plays corner but they sprayed. He's the guy that intercepted Russell Wilson. Two wins in nets and global warriors are. Okay. You play more maps. Then you play more this year than any player on their. On what you Richards. For a he played every single snapped in the two playoff games leading up to this. All week long you've practiced with the source. You've been seen stop during the National Anthem. Each well there's on game day numbers seven guys on game days or. You told her. The picker strep. They do not play him except for one special teams that the entire Opel. It back up Eric world please his back more than four minutes for the games start. That awkward that he is starting over or and then reports or rumors came out he broke some key role. Up Belichick denied that he broke achievable opportunity broken team rules went on. Ought insert him yesterday that the primary in eighteen who wore a look like being a little weak in this clerk earning ability concert. Number eighty he's been in crater probably somber little insert him. Comic on the post well you'd all agree teammate. It would greatly awkward goodbye to the scene because I've really been in the soup or are we certain. The patriots certainly not bringing him back in fact that we insert or back. And it is one of the most puzzling. Coaching decisions. That even wanna be in recent memory you've not only binge this I don't start. You don't put on the field for single and snapple in the all the lighting up Turkey since. And start the better in the football game and no one seems to know what. Do you have any ideas now. He's the initial idea was maybe keep local but the part for the people local hole which saw her you'd want your 46 gained activation. Now why would Belichick specifically say it was not for disciplinary reasons. Like why say correct. So so I mean I think. I think there's only really one logical conclusion but I think lad will will reject. All. I think Belichick was trying to win the Super Bowl. Also do some other thing. So Malcolm and by that I mean that's Malcolm what would that pat I'll speak with the patriots. Or new big contract he'd been a pole award won most of war it was but this year this year would vote lash your arms deal. That it or talk to conquer he wanted more money so the patriots they ended up when he signed upon deal. The quarter from bought what with the money now from what we're warming. Malcolm Butler did not agreed to any expansion throughout the year and people right. You know very opposite Malcolm Butler won the most of the Seattle Super Bowl. I think Bill Belichick well they could be Philadelphia. No matter who was playing corner we're trying to send a message forget the ball workers removing comparable or to other potential future free agents on the same. You don't take the offer you not only able to replace you bear Hsu at the biggest possible moment know his career cheeks. You think you'd think Il now one simple guess or. And for the Super Bowl after playing over 98%. Of the wraps all year long. And I think that they the other thing it didn't adjust course it's one of the city guys are gonna start. When Eric whirlwind Jonathan animals you're just getting lit up throughout the game and apple while we're on the heel for a single snapped. It unconscionable. Unless. I have another theory. Yet or thought he he I've W Madison is going to be done. Europe started Doris I have a military I think. Malcolm Butler. Let. Tom Brady's. TB twelve massage guy. In the locker room. I think he had some sort of connection with that TB twelve guy that. Ballot check sent had to stay out of locker room and there was all that turmoil about it this is times like personal train like an accurate and Atlanta we read about how on the road accident get an idea where that. I think there's some sort of connection between those two that's why Brady came and said you've always been a good team may. You're good guy that's why he came and stepped up form I think the problem between Brady imbalance checked. Butler did something that I don't think Brady did it but I think all of that plays into the argument. On nick I from a Alex Guerrero. That inter state you'd think what I like do you think it's been saying. No I think it's possible but I think I think he would be Smart enough. To. I I hope I think he would have been Smart enough to put him in in the second half at some point. If all that were true but maybe not. Well I just get a feeling it would would win the Brady talked and went and hosted and doesn't seem to do that that there was something going on. Between Brady. And this guy. Or eight left in China where it's just about the ongoing ever seen Brady and Belichick. Has been the other and I went well as saying. We talked that Monday that use said it could strong but it should fire both checked Schuettler will. Do people look at it. Yet. On. And so. Now you're sure it does but you give us a steering. And I says that's true of this conclusion Alicia aforementioned dismissal. Because it to you agree it would mean that is Butler had broken a team goal. Brady doesn't comment on events or current. Yeah unless he broke a team rule that Brady doesn't agree with the lol I mean right. Court fight you'll I mean it it yet you. Read Marat but I'm saying. Maybe he brokered team role. That Brady doesn't agree where that's not a team rule which is this. TV twelve stuff. That's interest the other odd thing that happens USC would have with the colts got to the right. I'm curious are you that reporters and you're just that has come to you. I just made that up I'll mono nick your theory is that your theory view or other peoples and same thing. I don't Guerrero war yet. I never lets not general Lazarus pass laws are your theory and it is your theory yours alone or other people saying the same thing. Well very often happens is you know might say it on national television and and other. People that you call. OK but you OR GO didn't read it somewhere something you came up. Yeah this thing is a lot of people are speculating about what this would be because the thing that is most confusing. Is that they dressed. Is that there were seven guys who were hope he practiced for the patriots. If you knew you were going to wind and why was he not wanna that'll be scratch. He could you knew. It wasn't only to send it. Him a message it was to send the Guerrero guy messages to send Tom Brady a message. I run this team not Tom. Well the other thing that happened we audit YouTube or chart we're. That was crazy he took the calls jobs it was again on Tuesday. I'll stay with the jury right. An NC so definitely they announce a usage and a job and yes like now. He's not going now he's. Why Somoza goes door with a base plants in anyway legacy Robert Kraft General Jones said you know one room. Teach out of in the new coach. Well that what it could be it that he's been given terms he's going to be in Mexico the patriot. I would. And with that effort it comes sooner rather than later because you're taking an enormous financial hit by becoming the head coach. He just torturing any chance yet of being a coach for any other team because of what he'd do the COLT that it. Always lowering them over. The end like. The old Malia makes sense because what were you agreed to become the colts coach of the Cole victims are properly about it he goes to July. It stadium in New England to. Pack up and all this crap the ballot check it with you at all Pittsburg couple hours you come out and all the sudden not we. And what's being reported today is that Belichick told them like all future Wal-Mart you Kurt Kuwait parts they'll call me. Like nineteen buildings so that's fascinating as well everything that's going. Feel like you know there isn't as an interest in case you but he's. Alienated every other NFL team it will be very hard for him to get a job not that he can't. Time passes and people for dad and people need great coaches and bought. Rim and the short term and love maybe even in the mid term he certainly has alienated NFL teams from taking a risk to hire him. Bought. His endeared himself to one. These get mad job. That city's got a level that team's gotta love a Mac coaches got a lot on that owners got to love on like I need to stop every other team but one team loves him. Want you allotment for a band to but I hit the whole thing. You can do that if you think Belichick there the next five years. The I don't think Langston I don't think so I also thing. I think Ali Kamel and his pilot Manning you know Billiton listening to three is left my god let's go. Well BP has two or three more years that would mean you would have to think that he's not going to get to coach Brady. That means that they could also likely Belichick said I've got one. And being a great deal so be here and mutate so. That the patriots job. He's up there are different job. Its armory that's two right. So Brady's now. How long do we think Brady's gonna be there Maceo osu formal or. Birdied that killed. Or thought okay. I mean I don't know if you will believe that but. That's what Brady courts. Well dig into that my theory on this. Tom Brady merged bill ballot check massage masseuse not because I believe my theory is right on. Art I will I will be into the Alex Guerrero. Each guy fury. All right right. Our guys discuss at this miss it but I feel like I'm right on here. I'm not dismissing it at all in fact I was going to go. Further that I will be into it in a fight buying any need on that ball no quickly become the nick great burst expert. All right it thank you nick talked tomorrow it yet happily welcome victory in the pot get back together by L one dates right over torque. He says are welcome cynnex. Church who left please save me. 2079. Page I am I'm good. Are you I'm doing good good thanks to. Are you all right men. I think cell lying. I think I know Lima and learn a ton of mousetrap which. In the back to your truck you know while they're gonna smoke and I'm looking immaculate lighten isn't as an eight alarm out there them. Mommy thing yet it should be a common ideas cannot count out the top man I know is more than a handful. And I linemen to. I wanted to count but I illness there an elegant counting alignments a lot of miles Stroud slide. There's something wrong like did you where did you move into the back of a restaurant or some thing lots that it's exactly. Because that cost seven. But one of them won those traps. The mouse escaped. It got away from tall guy he managed to choose where of the back to end amateurs their own minds don't know I dad mountain Iron Mountain. Talking about that number please I hours or whatever that's on the mouse feels like you do you think it just a simple thing borrowed Nadeau. He's like man I'm on mount lemon chill up my arm and out of this thing. An impressive feat. You know. I I I know some. She says she's not bears virus on to say it but Tom. I propose a really really old house now just mice in the basement people in my eyes and she has to go down their analog original mama VNA seems like direct but but because the way and there's another Malia made traps and saw Alicia Alonso Leonard god damn almost humans have a how are gonna go down there so also humming a diabetic you judge amounts of one of those images you're like irregular like in the palate no dice somewhere right these other shot sew so also things like him and about things big and up to -- ZoneAlarm and walk away now hold on you're gonna dump luncheon or something instantly know you gotta fight I think mine and I things basically saying you can't catch your room. I'll chill up my arm bitch now come down here who's tough now. Hold on before we circuit Yasser legs from Peta members. She she essar gonna do laundry she'd seen them should see one likes very by. She's like damn I have him members hate my pain killing mice. He only in June oh yeah they want you to catch and release they want you to use and just come back well trust me so. She says I've got myself I want don't know I don't need them and so I'm like all right nonsense I cheeses and I don't wanna do what is Bozo spiders and Peter Carroll's. Fighters holed they have spider traps to have looked in all this sense I sort of my mouse can hunting or volley you know what color and politically incorrect but yeah. So when you go online. As I did when she first only batter I Google you know whats the best most effective way to catch might attack. And on Ireland to catch a Peta member a lot of a lot of them slowly carrying amount sign a lot of the articles mention cats. And they say if you have if you don't have mice in your house is a good chance you have a cap. And that's why you don't see them because a catch him outside China my cats do right now almost every day it seems like a walk outside there's a mouse claim that. So she doesn't have a cat. And and also her basement it's one of those old houses there's like a door on the site and house of leads directly into the basement I just nobody knows George goes cold and have been open and who knows how many years you know gaps there are central Michigan. So. I looked it up. And a lot of people have these you know catch and release track you can make him at home you can buy them on my resume on another girl's room was in the restaurant that's right and I'm telling me kind of think like. But you know what I'm mom or dad moved into a new house in the southern us Noah commanding broke. We have myself as a kid and bring in your house or my dad and up all the traps. So one Saturday after she joined by I got online and started reading about this and meant Imus spent like two hours watching my. How to catch my channels watching YouTube videos of mice being caught in traps secretly set up the camera watched him in different types of traps OK so they have you can buy traps from Amazon or whatever that catches them in the U go release them. But everything I read say if you do that they're gonna come back in what sort of like a lot of acreage you're gonna take away the hobbies let him outside they're gonna come back of course why women. So it said. The best thing to do was killed them. And then they break you know what the most humane way to kill them as an innocence and I can thing on their heads the originals that I assume. Are the most humane all kinds because the glue traps they buy their arms off their feet they start the debt they panic they dragged the trash on the chew off their feet all that stuff freight. The poison. Is and probably that is eat it. And then they go summary don't know where they're gonna go. They die a very valid I found it they give you the details of how it kills in this discussing. And you don't know where they end up so they could end up in your closet wherever and and it's Massey when they dossier icy hands they also can drag the poison around the house plus a good barber does another. Yeah but if you guys had just done that you don't want to all right it was a so it said preferably you want to snap trap she said I would really not like to have the centrist he's on when have to look at them because I'm not gonna go pick it up until you sir jumping up and I don't wanna see the lane there. Tamils orange things. So what's the second most humane way so that's armies once it's basically snap trap it's enclosed it's a plastic trap. They you know you put peanut butter in the back a minute they walk up this ramp. They go to the back this ramp and then if it works sepsis an often plume closes snaps amend their and their clothes inside and then you just throw it away you can't see him. There's little indicator on the side trap says mouse caught right but when you hold it up you can see like their tail on their whatever you can see him in there. I still live there now and I'm not so I I don't know when this trap snaps if it kills and immediately or if they I really don't know she said. Please tell me that it just kills them immediately and I said on of course that's stupid but I sure I actually I official how many I grew so how many mice and because so I bought originally have off four traps I remember when my dad did this when I was a kid he set out all these traps and graduate college seven of them in the first couple of hours. Seven just in no time so I put forward different areas of her basement and over the course would users debate. Peanut butter peanut butter and dog food village out there all the web sites it gamblers the best. My slight PM and they love it and because it's sticky they have to sit there and some are censored a set off the track. So I think yes I set up for the first weekend. And after couple hours nothings and you know after a day or two I caught two of them. Some of the other two jobs and work to work on caught a couple more over of course and time so I have four total set around boss for more traps. This weekend. Seven my Marlys engine my. I mean I love it like I'm an assumption of corruption much less my father when. He's still in the Detroit right yeah thumb. It was killing him it was killing him he hated living in the city ranked okay you want to move you want to retire it was like 54 or something right OK and he resigned he was dying. And he is gonna let the city kill him. And Indiana ran upon in our backyard Romanian opponent is back in his backyard and saw him I drop a mad house right now Jana pond island and then. In upon in his backyard and it was filled with coy. My other Fisher archive. I keep he put him there yeah I parliament right you know there's a bunch of Koi and it was as big pond and you go out there and watched a COLT Ryan you know him and now I assume is to get away from my mom and her 1000. You know sit on the deck and just watched according freedom love almost Fisher right yeah. While long columns I hair in. Canada but the bird. This bird. Swoops down picks up one LeCroy an original like Sher. That damn bird count my dad alive I believe for three years. Because my dad. And his birds. Were out war right my dad would try to catch the bird. He would try to keep the bird out of the pond. Every morning you get up and count the fish to see how many were gone. He would then have to go replenish the fish so was the same amount he would put on net over the pond. Analog bird would come down and ripped an ad off and then take a fish out. It was not going lord I believe my dad I believe this in my heart of hearts of my dad. Didn't. One. To wake up in the morning to see what the bed he had stopped the bird or the bird had conquered him. You would have passed away and asleep. It was the only thing that kept him alive and that's good for three years was the fight against the bird. I absolutely believe that that he would have died at 54. And that bird not swept into our life. And so. It's good do you ever get reminds you like the old man from Christmas tree tighten the dogs right button because. I don't know if this thing took over raster and your dad I didn't have Google I will tell you there was I went back there. Years and years later. And showed the boy's house or a group of people were outside right yeah I said he's still got that plunge in the back to my guys in jail and learn coordinate. And I said guys bird ever come iron take those eyes I didn't know I've never seen it I feel like maybe. My dad also kept that bird alive for three years I believe that bird had no single purpose in life. But amass so my father earth if we can all live by the lake right but it flew every goddamn morning across the city of Detroit and as long bond to get a job I feel like did I had a mission as well it went back to its thousands have been happens that I won't get that old bastard tomorrow and they both. Plans to fight each other and I believe that's what you found here not with a all the mice in the basement but the lawyers should. Shooters are off I feel like you and him at you and him got a lot of the talking on this gates I've I had this. Defeated feeling when I picked up that trap and it said they're gonna often I looked in the Bakken he'd shoot his way out there a distinct. And man I'm telling you I have Google's not known that I spent a lot of time researching on what went Estrada were these videos I even tried Google we like. Man vs nature OYEMI. And it's enjoying new alive and then I think what is going on in my life and nothing admits he's in a lot. As I'm telling you know it's severe depression my father erratic but I keep telling her I am it was a dying man who's a lot user who is set to dot. She said and and it kept him alive the mice are keeping you alive I know I'm depressed York she also lies are giving you something to do why the traps in your truck. Have you decided on just got a different job and those are full of god I thought your Aladdin. Like I've got this house cleaned up but I'm numb I'm miles man those are awful so they need to be disposed of you know it's I've got turmoil in the dumpster work. No shelters like our weeknight shall circuit you you know we come over for Michael I should come over checked traps that is we can wait on that only wounds. Now I better get over their check on those traps in Seattle Alicia they're gonna still my story and soon from a restrict I think if you do send anyone and sound politically Eastwood flipped me yes took a man burst birds sitting on it when these to a grand Torino to right instead of fight in was fighting in that Asians and there. In on the Hondas or some the other people who drive foreign cars are a member of science foreigners already. And now he's fighting broke records yeah. He's nine he's fighting a parent I think it would make a better premise certainly less offensive and possibly. More exciting than then original me. Well that's good to hear about your dad because I've talked my mom about it and she said oh your father we have myself for food into this house and your father shares have traps and she's like. Greedy he was setting up traps constantly go up there and checked and constant as a lot of us I think he knows maybe it's just another. No it keeps you alive dimmed depression. And launching to die because your life is. For the most part over and you realize you've seen better days if that's genetic. Then yes but I believe that you may have skipped about twenty years. And gone to that point where most men dead. And their mid fifties and they don't lie in my even alive. And then amount shows up and keeps you alive Mara and Bob bird shows up something a squirrel that you can go to war whether. Good neighbor dog. Here in the backyard every day and I got that thing right right NT ZMI tomatoes what ever it is you never even ill people go to war led dare keeps hitting my cucumbers I get a great thank you gummery anyway but now you have a battle and something. That and that's I believe. I believe the universe send your enamel to fight when there's your personal animal defy whereas I'm scared that you hit this point in Yemen authorities. I'm I don't know why you're gonna do when you're 55 or more you. Gonna have to fine although like I dinosaurs some thing I don't know. I don't know I think about my mom had a war with a squirrel for years I'm Molly Martha Raddatz is still leading whereas shuttles yeah he's in kind of thing you know and it was the crackles for awhile my body BB gun just try to the squirrel so maybe it's not just a guy I think it's a battle is just about and and you know Michael McKee sane minds we'd catch your Mac. And I tried to know this is war. They're. As far as I'm concerned if they're trying to get to your dog's food they'd gone to war a burial at the very things they're hacking your family. That's kind of what I feel like going there I got my gloves on and it's just it's dark down there have got my class site set up the traps and trying to put him in good spots and I'm village alone long arm eighteen choose karma for not using glue traps I can't wait that long becomes violent night. And I think an escape that travel allows some serious damage here and it's looking to pay the MF for who said that up Mac. I like to think it is gave them walked right into another trap. No he didn't. So you don't want more than this stage and you walked into a trial. You know dollars I handled it better than you thought Honda that. Your enemy you haven't had to do not allow some Iraq. All that's another thing I saw a lot of he has of people fighting rats who free up. Wolf I'm not fight rats a about when you might be a it's the might be but if Iraq shows for that that's do you want you because you are alone strap into Iraq wipe that smirk I might not what he's thinking right now but it does.