Wednesday, 03.07.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, March 7th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Stormy Daniels sues Trump
    • Ted Cruz releases new campaign song
    • Father teaches is son a lesson on Facebook Live
  • 33:58 - KS vs MO - we figure out the Hooters incident and go over some other news stories
  • 50:40 - Tommy Lee got into a fight with his son
  • 1:07:43 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The right choice and it's on all sides. Selfish. And the sooner you'll mend. Belliard starts. Will strike to own up on the and. No my man how are you. Doing get a new. Good man who are clean this place for us correctly I don't know smells great knowledge of things plus installation and I'm no detective. But solely clean it up. I'm gonna guess that there is. Some sort of amiss happened here we. The trash bags and missing from the trash cans anytime that happens. It means something was and that trash bag they could not remain in this room. And there's that trash bag is missing there and the one in the other studios missing I noticed the other studios housing bleach. I wish this was mumbling please yeah they have time whoever wants. I don't know what that smell is it's that snow loves this is a smell of energizing citrus zest a mixed where. Vomit yes it drew yeah. That's not like someone was very sick here primarily glad to spray solution turnaround. Yeah I don't know you're supposed to do I don't know what to supposed to do either he announcing when you go into the battle to meet the use the same spray in the bathroom bill for bilateral more than a couple of weeks. Anytime you smell that spray and suddenly you just think it's most like Tony if not just smells like I saw that's all you can think and this smells like. Sick and it tells them something that's a true and pure guess on an orange juice and some drug died way too many charges and I didn't use good I'm not I'm not like student to I'd walked over here is really strong we know it well. I'm their dad is better over here I don't know whenever. Bogey I should not have gotten the lord's monster and no easy way just kind of mixes it up another notch service. It's common I don't know how larger here than I was when I was gonna yeah. Get used to it. Maybe. It's. A slice. Tom little Caylee. I'm all right. I take my car and to walk my card to. Yeah. I had to drive my cars and dealerships are not dealership but to like a mechanic like Firestone. And drop her off I called them yesterday sibling can use when can I do music you need to bring your if you want him back. By closed tomorrow night and easy getting here at 7 AM tomorrow. So I drove it there's an amber has a flat tires and they need to patches is like cardinal drive. The cartoons. And couldn't do an adolescent at 24 hour that's not done like you don't need but get this thing isn't kind of in a situation I don't really have like you know I'd I live alone and I could boomer I guess but I love this place is close enough that I can drop off and then walk home. So I dropped off in you know at 7 o'clock and then I'm walking back in it was freezing this morning I'm walking back news. Freezing night ass off right at Sacramento and right in ninety packing up by the time we got toward the comets and it's done. Why couldn't I am just brought it in and a reasonable time you know runs dropped out of my way to work and you're since you're getting some caveats I don't have a car and we're we're. So my growth and give me a ride to work not have to move her home. Watch it over to the mechanic to pick up the car. And I got to get them before close us and a feeling of being British and some you know I got a man's first roars like dire problems trying to. His opinion and you just don't have your car and and they didn't say how much it costs. You know and they certainly something devious it's convenient right and I people most is up is probably under warranty you wanted to do. But. Dealership about my cars are really really long way away and there's no way am walking from a lakers back to my house you know also. His convenience worth imagining you know my doing this all wrong. I'm just gonna Austrian. It's done right logos everywhere and do just that the housing groceries and a houseful of groceries and I got tired doesn't leak hopefully. You in my car and beat dame always grocers changes. So it looks good but for as much money as I spent I took the before picture of the fridge right before they got later as I want to send it to my brother and I deleted because. I took the picture doesn't come in a sinister Brothers and because he could form after. They bring all these groceries we can we talked to the ceiling dad got really anxious that I spent way too much money on groceries delivered to my house. They deliver all the gross you know multi away and I looked in the fridge in the bridge doesn't really look any different because. Most of the stuff in the freezer. Lot of snacks lot of stuff in the pantry. But I was a little bombs I spent that much money and there's nothing in the fridge. I certainly don't mind and I do this drawn up there was water and mr. Penn and stuff like that I wanna but it's just didn't look. Certainly wasn't fall I think most of that went into the freezer in the stack it's going to I do get eggs. You know that the necessities son. It it looks into the I wasn't about to see you after picture because I thought oh no. Usually bad he's gonna say I adult and wrong yeah. But most of my goal was to put your clients on the free easy and also in the freezer I can't you be finally just 30% of its full everything's log us on top of the pinch. So yeah I feel about her. Jim milk or fruit and milk yeah water bottle yeah lots of beverages about a lot of current water on like decent and you. So you know he's all right and different. You've got to monitor from my refrigerator home life your career refrigerator refers back. Back to doing. I am so many drinks. That's mostly what I thought I was embarrassed by that it's shaking all her old car and water young. I thought geez I'm a line made this fun. Kramer who's line mimic the real line me to sit and drink and lime into a nice perfect it's fun out Israel's I was to be an adult towards and really you know. They really analyze it yeah you know I'm tired just drinking water and I can have sugar I'm not. Cooler minds right and I'm not a style health street drinking damn water. Some are the Jews so some good eating Oreo o.'s trade deadline maids got Oreo should you yeah. I got a double stuff mega stuff. And chocolate cream and yeah. We can midtown. I'm never likes and meets sweet. Immense like Jon may talk Letterman chocolate chip ice cream you know like you like this again. Like CDs meant sit people I'm real excited about. Don't let things too little. Yeah see snow river. You come over sometime in general snatching a lot of cheeses including. They voted on the new slate relies on cheese pizza every trying to cheese pizza cheese it's no they're delicious I'm not usually big another way our season. OK okay and I like those two Pete's an old fish are great those are almost to staple I think yes but this is pizza flavored cheeses are delicious turn. I mean I recommend it goes down trade with. Give extra ice cold mr. Ed are we any money from them yet no not hard to miss out talking about him. Your talk about the news. Sure very exciting going on the big news this morning was all stormy Daniels on her lawyer was Olerud television she's stormy Daniels is suing trump. And says that the hush agreement was. Invalid. And that it's invalid because he never signed I didn't know this but I guess in the agreement. Trump has. Pseudonym like they gave him a fake name David something for her and her lawyer is on television day in people were asking is that. The president music yup. Like OK you'll how do you know you know how keep music all I know for a fact this president and if he wants to argue that. And he can be arguing that that's totally fine and one of the other things they said was. There were rumors that there were text messages in recent pictures and other things that she had to improve this year had this relationship with trial. And they asked is she still have that stuff does she have those things it could prove the relationship and he said. I can't tell you that I know the answer I can't tell you whether national hazardous stuff. Well I think at this point she wants to tell her story because there's so much misinformation out there. And so much misinformation that's been spread by mr. Cohen and others quite honestly over the last six weeks. Relating to what happened the circumstances. Of the agreement the circumstances of the payment. And she wants to set the record straight. She wants to be heard. And she wants to tell the public the true facts of what happened here. They asked some additional problem from the assistant and write a book to show and make when he said I don't know. Russell Smith I can't confirm or deny whether I must make any money in the future border goal right now is for the truth. The new York and she says that this agreement. That this hush agreement is invalid. That snow on record about you and I wonder do you think she kind of like Vietnam. The Muslim band called us at do you think if this goes to a court and a judge season you know visiting us now. Liquidation this girl intruded should sections under god that's that's fine like a sign off on those judges have to get political we know if you look at the supremes are. Right they always vote along party lines so he's even judge sees this is the judges not trump fan. I gotta say GAAP measures in ballad she's right he never signed and in business terms of four I'm sure they go yeah I know she's not say anything right. Feel like there's a good chance that this judge rules say yeah it's invalid you know and talk. And she has text messages and has all this this other stuff out of these things are industry doesn't matter. Does any of the desire to trump supporters care did it because I don't think they believe it's real. Obama. Unless I mean couldn't compares messengers to right cut the phone company confirming CM no these are actual we can confirm or they allowed to do that. And you know they would as I can make enough to have the touch screen shots and send out big screen shots you know. Makes it look like you two guys that you stake I don't know why he says trump says everything else is fake right. Is what you say and others failing. I think in the past and this has gotten brought up you know originally his lawyer had said and they all said you know not true none of this is true and then his lawyer admitted. OK all I paid. The hush money. These everyone thought was he paid. Right if you paid the money. Out of this a political out of his campaign that would have been no legal right Brian and so than the lawyers said no I paid. The money which is what a hundred he what was 150000 entrants like thousands like that I paid that money right and we all thought a 130000 dollars. And it's. We'll tell IBC deleted actually paid on three down on me he has to say that. Right so this doesn't look like he came out of the campaign there runs but then the lawyers this week he started saying I never got payback for not heard 30000 dollars. Funny you didn't go home the settlement also real Smart funny thing. If you're Trump's lawyer. One of as many owners. The story it is you know does what we're gonna say to you paid it out your own pocket that 130 grand. No like all right man I'll say don't worry about it I'm I'm a lawyer right like I got you. You wait a couple of weeks Anderson at home and like. What do I say you never paid me back right. You actually have to give me a 130000. Dollars right right because you said and I cern. But I tell you you never paid me back she could actually extort the president's broader U 30000 dollars there's really not much you can do about it. That's an interest in angle I thought maybe it was just to perpetuate this lie to make it look like no not only did I paid out money. Right either pay back in and said look he's complaining about the fact he never got paid back he obviously didn't pay the money. Right he's now out there and this is still has Larry funny Jews like you know Illinois and he used furniture there. Grand room. Absolutely I don't understand it I think it's only sings it Lynn. Let's follow rule on the yes actually and that it said that People Magazine thing it wasn't like 2000 any your honor cherish. They just kind of thing and it was after he'd been married right there she was pregnant was that would allow us is like I don't care and do. I don't know do question is do Republicans care to many trump supporters care maybe. But I don't care. There was Donald Trump I'd. And I'm not his friend a horse like three times and you know you. Before Donald Trump was president if anybody would have come up Jews and you ever think Donald Trump had an affair. Of course I think right now that's I don't know 200 about a 139 on exactly right yeah well putts because he's been. I guess embraced by the the religious right and these people does it make a difference and they just keep saying it's not true they liberally man. The religious right. Showing their colors. In the primaries. When trump was winning like Alabama. Against. Real religious type. Candidate social conservatives and right moon they decided right then and there. And that they showed all her true colors that they hated my MO minorities more than they love god yeah. You detect that is good evangelicals you picture. I've watched you pick in the primaries the bad guys who says you know this is about just god. And you know. Restoring you know religion to you know they borders and now here and trump resigned god I think Mexicans are drug dealers and killers I need to build a wallet. Then you said yeah you know I got things cruel month. I'm not came from people more you are you picked suddenly becomes the latter were the marchers in the closed borders in the gone zero. As it turns up until the myth that that's the thing but instead they see we'll of course he's not perfect but they won't admit it but that's on saying it won't change their feelings deserted showed us today they were gonna mostly guys rage brown people more than they would vote guy who loves god be. So having an affair isn't and stop them. The other thing you may have seen this point Ted Cruz since this new campaign song that he posted DC this is a radio ad. And it's a song. And he and it's he's going after his democratic opponent that O Rourke. Now in in the song it's a little country video player Korea. Com the song is called if you're gonna run in taxes you can't be liberal ma'am you can RE in and play country psychic yourself. But he makes fun audio listen closely he makes fun of his opponent. For changing his name and going by. A nickname so this is the song this is the campaign song from Ted cruises can't. And Texas you can't feel a real man who's never. Spin it Obama. I think it's come up raising an iPhone for changing his name. All right so he wants to take our guns of the mores but he says he changed his name tells them Robert Earl Robert. Any changes name to NATO because his opponent's name is Robert Francis O Rourke but he goes by NATO Walt wives seek. I'm not sure why he changed his name and I'm not sure how long he's gone by any sounds like he's gone by for a long time. But Ted Cruz IBC is it Ted Cruz his name's Rafael which is weird days he decided to. Go after this guy for going by nick in south course. Ted Cruz is on CNN and they ask him about to calm out why do this when you're going by nickname. Ted Cruz is responses the most Ted Cruz responds you can imagine. You go after bad over his name that it was obviously. A nickname Y one you didn't like that dirty pool when you run for president the president called you lion Ted you didn't like that kind of tactic. And you know look you're name is Rafael. You know you go by tend to be your middle name is Edward that's an angle sized version of but he went the other way and has a more ethnic version of his name why go after it you're both doing the same thing. Well listen you're absolutely right by name is rob violent were Cruz in the son of my father rough file cruise an immigrant from Cuba who who came to Texas with nothing and had a had a hundred dollars in his underwear. Couldn't speak English and wash dishes and make it fifty cents an hour. You have on your dollars in his underwear why am unaware I don't know ma'am I've heard the door lunch Simon and a million times. You know you'd take that has ever granite but not everyone can afford pockets. Dollars and there didn't have pockets doesn't Clinton campaigns Ollie had was his underwear and the magic going into apply but I dishwashing job. Blatantly faster than one million dollars an elderly and immune with the amount. Are you oil washing your dishes in the onto it until I can afford pants. She's she's in my on their way my body then you have a hundred dollars a night. This is my son rough man we call them 910. And he says they can even like it would trump went with the name calling is a flight you do it. Well look mine my father's acumen and Cuban immigrant who had a hundred dollars and under these finish that statement by saying. You left out the best part of the song you know the best part of the song is ray says he you can't. Run for congress in Texas if you're liberal man wherever the hell the name of the song is analysis. Defense that was it right it's our time when I was dead. Enjoy the hundred dollars in his underwear that was it. I don't know why. I don't know why did he have a hundred dollars in his underwear does is dead corroborate this Torre. I don't know his dad died right zest livestock and I can't remember. Now holds the who's who who's supposed to be part of the JFK assassination that his dad when trump bass. About The National Enquirer story that said. It's either his dad or grandfather right. He accused of being part of the JFK assassination sounds something you look into but they did the math my nose doesn't. Does not I think it would have been his father and what about the guy is running against him NATO or better no I've never heard that nickname before me that's not a I I heard that he said he isn't this isn't worth talking about using charity. You know make fun of Zain there's other issues real issues that people owner discussed. I couldn't help but think is it Beno or Balco and I've never heard that is a nickname for our isn't DT right yeah. And they know mayor referred to her soon to surname of the you know I learned names given to Alberto. Albert you know worsening number I don't know a bird Joan Rosenberg told number so. Usually short summer toe and occurs more. So in Spanish and Portuguese speaking country in disguise Irish he's O'Rourke yeah. And it's and I heard them column Beno and better out of her boat which isn't. It doesn't she. Liberals are excited to think that this guy's got a chance of being takers I hope he does not hold my breath news. Washington themselves. They don't oh well as name's Robert Young. Robert only work right. Robert Francis O'Rourke I get NATO tonight really. Shown a according to general Alberto writes she's. Pull off for a cartoon type. Name. Our Jake Tapper said that CN thing and takers like you know you. Try dead angle size your name order and he tried to make his a little more ethnic rivalries are you also Hispanic. That order is Jews share rebate joke or is that just a name he's been called since he was a kid. I don't know. But the fact that Ted Cruz ran an ad making time for change in his name lieutenant Cruz Susan it was perfect pretty good. I'm his son alone and was. It was Ted Cruz's father stripper. I don't know and 100 singles in his underwear deal. You know he landed in Miami. Danced. Dance are now he walked the walk out of singles in his underwear and any win looks for real job. And became a dishwasher. Right Leyland acknowledged in his underwear I don't know. I don't know why I'm. If you didn't have pants it seems really hard to get a job and lesser but still a chance to be had pants with no pockets that seems. I don't know maybe. That was a dancer. Hundred dollars in his underwear. He does that really adds so much color of the story don't slighted he shut it in his ask. This I guess the BBC you have to put your underwear because people steal from you right. Lot of pick pockets and your China I don't know. Tossed from the border and take a hundred dollars from yeah maybe that's and people say that a lot maybe they really stick it in their pain in their underwear I don't know. Why him and I don't know. He had to been when briefs. I wouldn't put money in my underwear. I put money in your nor I know and you have and I take it out and put it in my pockets and we put an amount first. She's seen the dad. Who will we can talk about this more later but did the video. The the guy posted on FaceBook he's from Virginia. It's a four minute video he's driving in the rain and his son is running in front of them. And he's got a backpack on the dad says you know. Hey guys say FaceBook. Don't do is do this is my son and you got trouble on the bus I'm not happiness so I made him run to school enough doses tell your parents did you watch this is hard. Unless unless well I got to throw all the buzz enough for you got to actually kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bowling. Which I do not tolerate cannot stand therefore. He had you know run the schools. Com or write about one mile from the school so all week. He's got the experience wearing the school the good news is I guess he keeps up pretty good mile ice six miles an hour so far. This or here's just an old school simple parroting the same killer nobody this is a healthy way. For child should be punished because it's you have exercise is something that a lot of people don't think children should anymore she just come out and MMX mugs for the rest of their lives. So this show your top parenting that's if you don't know what it's like the end. Gives you show less and you don't have to kill you don't always have to be dumb but sometimes it sucks for them and that's what teaches them. Is there anything. More insufferable. Then the parent who pose as things is let me show you how you apparent right it does say do it and then says things like now everyone thinks he can shouldn't exercise now. Who else so that hurt who's the person missing kids should know exercise around. There are they're against it. And this and this is a healthy way to do Hillary says something like this is the right when it was time. How how do you know I would like to see what how your son turns out Jim Wright is isolated saudis when I hear what he's saying I think. Maybe I'm not totally against I don't know I thought about school right I'm not tell you a lot of it was severe rise. So condescending and the other thing is your right. Before. You won't. I should show and on and trust me you wouldn't you always tell me like came and your great dad yeah and I always tell you like I don't know man I'm just trying to sign on the front because. I don't have the results Jack. Like maybe that works let kids never bully again and none. An end and he ends up winning a mile race on the Olympics there it is like to look at the bright lights. Any successful respectful and all those things a man that's parenting done right you did it right. Are. Maybe he runs only kills you right we don't know how. We don't know the results of this yet we have to wait. Before you start claiming victory about how great or how horrible your child is how great or how horrible your parenting is. Or how great or how horrible someone else's parenting is. It kind of got away from the results. There's certainly things like hitting and punching and as a way to go like all right you know a lot. That's just inhumane yeah. And illegal we're gonna called illegal but. On the scale love you know not hurting your child and different types of punishment we kind of got away to see Ella turnaround and even then it. You can try to be a bad parent and just get lucky enough to have a good kid. That's true. But I guess at least in that instance no one is probably going to call you out I say. Why jinx yourself even if you really proud and your parenting skills aside do you accomplish this punishment idea. Don't jinx yourself but post he's villas because if they win this kid gets arrested or does something bad everyone's gonna go back to go Tony and Carl. Remember all those videos you posted and there's going to be playing them over our greatest night apparently guys let me tell you something like Vegas Mike is doing now played Xbox and is not jail. It's it's super annoyed and there's been a ton of it in the last. I guess like probably ten years since peoples are using FaceBook constantly another guy who takes his son Xbox out in the yard and smashes it as a result and or go with the there was that was just a little Xbox. Brazil 360 loving and so wicked thought he smashed it imminent but it really didn't but USA region lesson I do enjoy wanted to constrain his own program that was your Xbox but seriously wasn't. Wasn't there a dad to box his son ending people's sons and yeah we know I got control he may have even been a step dad is I don't remember. I remember watching the video of him boxing his son I think you've been pitching on his sisters some runs on a box you. Any beat the crap out album on FaceBook is proud of and I think he got drones yeah. I don't know Kenya and shall for making your kid run in the rain with a backpack on a run on the street on the way to school. Someone got call what is it Chelsea FC PSA and I Donna image you can run if you want. He says only a mile I'm OK with that one of the comments that some story though this morning did make me laugh as I can just imagine when he catches up bully he's got a lot of Carpio. It is that's next vs say don't you dare try and run for many the future could look at the training training the bullet. What do you do if you find you kids and fully understand you wanna get him in trouble Brosseau. There's got to deal long talk. You gotta try it this dad seems to be taking us. I'm envious of that group editor principle again that's a tough one and this dad takes an interest in and his son and you know as far as a run. Well in our news right right again not as not he's just ignoring coming knowing him so what was the conversation you had to demean you found out you can get to dump the bus retreating some maybe. There's kind of zero tolerance policy these days but when I was a kid if you got kicked off the bus for more than a day when did you get kicked off the bus and all he did something bad. Really bad to somebody else you gotta fight or you're seriously making fun of someone's. What do you do when you find out that your kid can't write the most is hey you yeah. I do mind I don't know and sooner you can learn from that because to me it was a worst wasn't running areas and my dad would drive your LaRoche blush. I have to knock on the door. Common side when their entire family in tone I'm sorry and yeah but I acted inappropriately you know won't happen again. I remember like. Home Monday I know wanna do that I thought about that this morning and I thought what is the kid after he does all the apologies and everything goes back to school says hey. John bears now was may have to come over your house not because you told on meet the beat your ass for Tony I can tell me again are you is isn't gonna end. Think that's what happens I don't know I just I don't know what you're supposed to do wing your kids have when you funny kids bully people. May be running in the Arenas there isn't the right punishment. This guy has a whole bunch of nice fellow artists yes some. Well you know well I might embrace tiger mom. Which just in general the idea and here. I am I'm woman who wrote the books and all those things so really the high life this guy do it yeah you don't you hate that crap right now and I'm not into that but I know people were like are yet right. Mom lover. Read the books and there's all site types of parenting books you lose guys like you know I'll dejudder raise a boy. And do this I don't necessarily agree with that but there's a lot worse things apparently do want that kind. Just comes off the concert and threats which adjusts and decided to comes off yeah. Count your kids or condescending know it all French. He's comma Bali time and it. Just like you gang fight card from you do and I'm like his attitude on the stuff that doesn't school. Comes off exactly like you and your agenda and really someone probably needs to hit you once. And someone trolleys and Kim wants my job. I'm sailing and all the other kids another agenda bust easily hit you and you're such a condescending know it all friends you could probably wanted. You more ass kicking away from like being an all right do. I just kind of got out of just like all that much money you got your rescued from one extra time in your early twenties and be a much better person. So it sounds to me like you agree US Chris Rock special yeah sounds like he might have agreed with producing about bullies yes. I don't have kids I'm not really allowed to vocalize my opinion about that but there is part of me that thinks. Believe this terrible horrible I know I so I watched a documentary I don't want to think about a can get I certainly wouldn't want. My kid to get bullied if you can prevent kids from getting bullied I don't know how or why you wouldn't run but then I think I guess in some instances it does. Paired kids realize I'm afraid he just say that right. But if you just get rid of it completely. Are there unintended consequences. Does think she did not realize this on his behavior behavior sir Issac and I. Help them make a lot of friends when they become adults and go out to college your blood ought to get a job. I don't know. I I can't condone the idea of Seattle this kidneys to learn that the way here she is acting. Is not socially acceptable and maybe bowling will help them learn that. And does that to me getting beat up they just get rid makes fun of they'll learn to them when they gasoline C shouldn't do is people like you wanna do this or I should stop doing this so and are still aren't. In the workplace I don't know. I can't condone the idea to keep getting better. You can. No no I don't but I think I mean I think you made valid points I think there are times where I think bullying can go too far. But I think we put the label. Of bullying on everything. That's like bullying. Like manner he can shouldn't have to go to schools fearful of safety rights when you get picked on or made fun of a couple times. And you you know you should you got it got to stand up for yourself and don't you know that's part of living life like I wouldn't say we gotta let my kids today. You all I got bullied today at school. Well what happens yeah. Oh well this happened well you didn't really get bullied you got into a little bit of an altercation verbally it was someone. That's not something that happens every day where you come in image and slamming her head into a locker if that happens. Prime minister Ben but that's not we're talking about here right. Right it is easy to Chris tracks special he makes examples he says. Bill Gates. How often do you think Bill Gates got made fun I've got bullied in school or any kind implies that. Bullying can lead to a Bill Gates and run can lead to a Mark Zuckerberg rock that may be bullying made them strong enough to. Become who they ultimately became breath. I think there's a judge sought but I do think we label bullying. Yeah as soon too wide of a thing I think sometimes you get picked on another bullet sometimes you get made farm enough bully. Yes I think you I would never condone a kid getting hitter punch thrown by another kid but it's a little bit career being run. Now I understand there's not a real and be nice to you or might not laugh at yourself whenever that is really. Yeah. Did you read this drug well okay first homer we gotta we have to get caught up on that. All right so today. Did you guys see the news. Charges have been filed. A white Kansas City, Missouri firefighters facing multiple charges after police say he called a three year old black we racial slur and spit on him and incidentally Kansas senator's quarter. All were so shall we say zoom in their reporting here very dark Thomas who reported several places. Terrence scheme 42. Was charged march 7 that's today right in Overland Park municipal court the oval part police department said in a press release officers investigated. The case and turned over evidence to prosecutors for charges he is an international headlines. After the boy's family witnesses spoke out about his scheme who goes by the name Jeremy skiing could not be reached for comment by heavy and is not clear if he hired an attorney to Kansas city fire department. Has not issued a statement about his arrest and is employment his employment status missing opinion to say as employment status is not clear. The boy's grandfather said learning the suspect is a firefighter made things worse quote sick to my stomach the grandfather told KC TV. But you know what you have to pray for people like that the society needs to come together when it's a child. It's not right. So I solve someone says there's are a couple different stories and had his name and then there is actually on FaceBook I saw like. Five things you need to know about this guy's got insurance you know did you see that announces the site can't be reached for Lloyd Gould. Mentioning it was there. Yeah it was that the five things you need to know about this person here are five fast facts says he's been charged with disorderly conduct battery and assault faces charges of eight months in jail if convicted this is supposed to be them media release from. Over on park march 7 2018 says he's been charged one count of battery a single count of disorderly conduct in a single count of assault. Some been given a court date of April 3 the misdemeanor charges stem from allegations he spat on a three year old. Monday February 26 or goes holding responded to. Call. Over the park police tweet did. Please see this media release for more information regarding the incident at scooters in February. All right so people are sending us that. Insane there it is yet to decide is at one point or two. Derision said it was gonna be at least two points because it was so bad but then it's a mix of things happening Kansas it's Missouri person. Tough deal I'd but I know and so on says I'm getting I'm letting him roll over me on this when you think it should be one point. So come that's how. Only say that each state gets one point for the us why each state gets a point. Are you lonely. Out there are people on Twitter who are angry that OK so now you're you're one thing the only argument you had. We had 21 you didn't think what he did was so bad stuff aren't chaos. And I dodged by Meredith and true was that they were saying an all that had lines Kansas. The envoys said it was embarrassing because that headline was Kansas but now that's not the headline anymore. The headline is all Casey firefighters spits on child's. But the point of this game. Was that. Which state is gonna embarrass us the most on a national scale well being run throw on the coast look and and read headlines on national news. What state embeds them this story happening Kansas ride but you said that's because that was a headline said in Kansas. But now the headline is back. The headline is Casey firefighter. Calls three year old and word and spits on him. And happening Kansas I don't know what's not and Hillary. Not anymore. Well I think we have to kind of dig for this story that I mean if you Google it I get what you're saying I give us a don't think you. People on Twitter and basically said. Something in between what you are you know what's Oakland's arguing yeah it did happen in Kansas though but the dude is from Missouri so. Should it be two points. I think it's fair to say they're raising Weezer was gonna be two points for Kansas thinking that it was someone from Kansas they did this and can arise. So that happening Kansas and the headlines last week because the stories over and out people. So says that when the headlines around it said Kansas Kansas Kansas. But it's from Missouri should should Missouri just take it point for this kisses again get a point I'm fine with that because the guy came over Missouri is so you can't just come overs are given points for things right and it's the same would happen to us I would say it's a point for can. I would not let her Madison but I was named Burt was about Jewish church rolls then and spur new threats and his Brazilian go ahead and take a point for levels are linked. Somehow I think not. Solo I think your ideas might change so is it fair. To take one point since the headlines were Kansas but the guy is from Missouri at Missouri takes a pointless these final at that. I mean of course and not against. I think the fact that. Our Kansas City, Missouri firefighter. Went into a looters allegedly. Well he's there's been charged with an up and spit on a three year old and called him a racial slur. I'll show my dad's game over the hump we can't I don't feel like that's the knock out punch you were looking for that provides. It was early in the it was dodging and had a governor problem that they got an a couple of swings here and there but it is really starting to get. Beat up a little bit and go all the sudden that really looked like Mayweather McGregor and about the ninth where. Model Rosemary just wasn't getting up off the mat it was like oh my god. Did we'd just. Assault a three year old. Is that what happened. I don't know I feel like Kansas is standing over Missouri or. Now saying don't get up talk. Don't get up to our. Little cocky coming from Kansas this is the home of god hates fags so I a lot of people on Twitter Twitter have said. Who are Missouri even if they're upset they're all kind of same but I sandwiches. We set a lot of time five I feel comfortable so missourians want that now there are two things that have been saying yesterday and today for this game actually I saw the first on Sunday but. This first story. This is in the news today it's on CNN it's it's on it's just about everything called the national news things now this happened last year because it's in the news today. And I would argue and people have argued that because dragons took two points already for. The same news story and because it made the news twice. That same even though this happened last year before we turn this game this is now all the national or state Kansas man pleading guilty in state court. This happened he pled guilty yesterday. To killing in India Ers are an engineer from India in this high profile hate crime on an international attention and raised you fears of growing and towns in America so he's been charged with a hate crime Adam Harrington fifty GO. He also pleading guilty to injuring two others during the shooting incident at a sports bar. So this is all the headlines say. Kansas man admits to shooting this person. You know it's a hate crime we know why did it it was racially motivated and this is in the news today last night and today. So because Greg is a two points laws are you OK with Kansas taking a point for us I mean. But that last year but. I will say they have a story and I remember what didn't. It wasn't our hero who tried to interrupt it. Well I don't know but the but the point is that yes there is me but the point is the headline says Kansas man pleads guilty to Reilly tomorrow and hate crime I thought that same story there was. The gentleman who has a hero right the other person who was shot while they tried debt how right I tried held on to say does that money in the bank that the guy tried to tell people trying to shut down the west Borough Baptist Church constantly but they're news stories of the west Borough president got a shot four of cook yeah I did that easy is a hero. But the headline says Kansas man. Admits to killing this person in this take Imus racially. Our I hate crime we'll take a point by now this other one should think about the hero stopping end here as great a little bit of money in the bank nothing but the headline is just. This guy did kill someone. Et Al. Racially motivated murder but he is admitted was racially motivated. Now this other one I don't know this is Vincent US several people but I like this happens. A lot of places I'm not certain why this is making national news snow when you may know about this is a new your friends are some of the people in a midwest innocence project. But Kansas man wrongfully imprisoned and actually solve this. Just on my own browsing through headlines egg yesterday or Monday now people are sent this Kansas man wrongfully imprisoned. For 23 years receives no compensation from state. Assets and LaMont to McEntire was exonerated for a double murder in October he walked out of Kansas prison with a clean record but not a dime to his name. This is according to CBS news this headline after losing 23 years of his life behind bars the state is offering him nothing. I cans one states that offers. Wrongfully convicted prisoners no compensation at all on their release. Let's see he says I think it's on just about me being angry about it is not going to change it. And they talked to I Tricia of the midwest innocence project she went. I worked when McEntire easily she said McEntire has other reasons to be angry she called this case a perfect storm. So this stories making headlines that he got a jail and is it getting any money but I feel like there's a lot of states that don't give any money. When you wrongfully convicted right and I'm not certain why this is making headlines also what happened in. 1994. So. I just wanted to address it because multiple people I presented him. What do you think. Worth something and not worth something. I would say if we knew for a fact that this should happen misery like if we knew that Missouri compensates wrongfully convicted but I don't know that they do does Missouri. Give money to wrongly convicted people. Is it says there's multiple states that now. Well we have a guy and a single was. The figure out the Missouri doesn't Kansas does that we have because he he was accused in Kansas was inning. These happen in KCK you're a little longer are totally out. So Missouri does compensate. I don't know. That sounds familiar this story it did I don't know why this story is. National news this week maybe the midwest innocence project did a good job of you know getting the story out there but I it's been sent to me several times. Jury. On this. More the point. Not worth the point I don't feel like it's time. I don't feel like it would only happen in Kansas. But I'm going to take a point I would say I'm so comfortable. Well I mean you can just load up points I feel like you no matter where the matter where this game goes for the rest leer I'm gonna really ammerman a firefighter. No matter really what happens on goodwill. But I got to look at Kansas is up by twirling and on like reverend firefighter and you guys are both have to be like. You know that was that. I don't think because other states allow it and that. They could happen other places and that probably has some other places that are above the point yet but this is Missouri vs Kansas to have Missouri doesn't it Missouri does compensate. Wrongfully convicted like they are willing to compensate wrongfully convicted people in Kansas does and this is making national news. Just saying. I'm looking upstate tears that don't compensate wrongfully convicted and his whole thing about Kansas which. This is supposed to be I don't know maybe Kansas. Oh all right I'll tell you what. Put a temporary plant there's save this story Emma looked to see for sure. Whether or not Missouri compensates. And I also don't know why this is a big story right why this is a national story. Wrongfully convicted people are released. Somewhat regularly. Are around the nation are okay but this news story has been. A lot of different places the last couple days NASA people been sending it to me so Missouri's taking a point for that thing that happening Kansas. And then to Kansas is taking a point for the hate crime you were so that each state gets a point today yeah which keeps them. These Missouri ahead by two bloom again Missouri eight points in Kansas sex poker and then mobile put this other one in the may be categories say the story. Campbell decide on May do we can use it as a tiebreaker we needed down the camera focused how's that instead of just. Figured out which state gives money or if we just had it this can be our version of money in the banks as people keep it was a tiebreaker was set at a I might take a point. We now some new blood certainly know more about the porn blocking on telephones. You don't run into Missouri and Rhode Island known in Missouri I didn't see it. I didn't see anything I saw that they wanna charge report in Rhode Island is it's a national story yeah lynch British and start Andrea Moore a Missouri house bill is seen as either way to end human trafficking. Or an overreach of Big Brother house bill 2422. Sponsored by Jim nailing would force distributors such cell phones and computers to put porn blocking software. I'm devices to keep kids safe. Oh I see like especially human and you could. The heat well and just emergence under any human trafficking and child exploitation act. Would also target web sites promoting prostitution or human trafficking. Mom. Hum. He says. Is no longer a situation where you have to go looking for porn are kids specifically go looking forward it's looking for of them. Now here's the thing if you're over eighteen. You know blocking software can be disabled. But you first. Must make a request. She have to say hey I'd like to look at pour my song. And then you have to pay twenty dollars each. And that's given to be human trafficking in child exploitation. Prevention fund and you have to sign a waiver. With your name. That is kept by the distributor has second. How does this differ from the Rhode Island symbols of Rhode Island that's all the headlines Iceland C it is Rhode island's. Plans built to hold residents par for twenty dollar ransom this is as. Pointing SO this week Rhode Island lawmakers have come with an ingenious way to raise revenue on residents of one time twenty dollar tax. And anyone who wants watch Internet porn bill proposed by two democratic lawmakers in Rhode Island. I'm would require Internet providers in the state to block sexual contents and patently offensive material less users pay twenty dollar fee. So that's that is America's this is phones while I looked up the story and the only place I see you know is on KS HB here locally has has made national news. It's my brilliant and I got a couple places but. Bomb. US news and world report was one of them but it hasn't passed yet. I would say if it passes you. If this passes and how he's got a page to unlock some denying your end leave your name yeah yeah. Back the sprint store via. Like today. As Laszlo. I like go to support on. So I'm going to cut you guys check for twenty bucks and I'll sign as where you go ahead and keep on file. Come on man not cool. All right so you can see it's not gonna save the stories from today he states taking Missouri doesn't compensate wrongfully convicted. They deal OK so just went I didn't show it for now to plan all right so he's just two points in Missouri gets one game Missouri still ahead for many people want it. Checked in they ignored at FaceBook page and check out and we barrels stories say there. And you have stories that you notice are getting national attention that you think are embarrassing to understate you can send it. Any of us on muscles or media some fast 965 reading email and to me some fast and I said the buzz dot com allows us it's a buzz buzz dot com. What is it march 7. I think we can turn this ship around we're bellow what I think that yet now we're down by one I think we can turn the ship for a left firefighter I saw. Churchill who has low. Did you see this. Snuck on Tommy Lee young that is I know Jiri undergo any other dumb or furlough currently got him M Anderson. Look how did you watch the Tommy Lee Payne Anderson. I'm on a boat or wherever that section is because yeah of course you sought a added no. I think I was probably in high school when that came outer junior high that was a big deal. And I did know if you miss can we don't care I saw her later craft they guide. Bella online wires on the Dallas at one point apparently Tommy Lee and Pamela have a 21 year old son together named Brandon Long. And they allegedly Tommy Lee and Brandon allegedly got into a physical altercation. And it left Tommy with a bloody lips of People Magazine is why I'm reading this this particular story it says they confirmed. Officers at the LA sheriff's department responded to an incidence Tommy's Calabasas California home on Monday evening. The Motley Crue band member was transported to hospital that same night the authorities say Brandon whose mother is Pamela Anderson. Has been named a person of interest in the ongoing investigation. And has been cooperating with the police no arrests have been made at least at the time of this rate my fiance and I were embed when my son busted into the room and assaulted me. I ask you believe that house and he knocked me unconscious. He ran away from the police that's the truth so Tommy treated that Tuesday a barrel is reports regarding. You know the different accounts of what happened. Tommy is engaged. To this woman Britney Furlan. For Lan you know this is to be heard that name now. Our I'd never heard ever either military options like 300 some thousand followers on Twitter whatever it feminist water. And it days are profiles an issue as an actress. I read about her on Wiki and it says that she was like the biggest vine star in the world and vine was a thing before she left mine that she might have had the most followers from. And some list named her one of the ten most influential people on the Internet or something. At the time she was the world's biggest vines charts as usual social media. I never will so branded as the sun. And representatives for. Anderson did not immediately respond to people's. Requests for comment but just hours before this tweet. Tommy posted. And then deleted a cell feet. Of his swollen lip on is to Graham writes ETC that now but people don't you know shots of what it's sad and this is captions and my heart is broken. You can give your kids everything they could ever want in their entire lives and they can still turn against you. Good job Brandon great son exclamation point. To so many Julian day. Before that he said on Tuesday. Tommy posted on in mr. Graham as story video. Will that looks like his son's a messy room and untidy as as for all you girls potentially trying to date my son. Here's what you get to I think deal win as many took pitched a son's room plugs it right along with those so branding and the sun spoke out on his sister Graham's story on Monday. Sane. Quote as I get older I started to realize that there are very few people you can trust that's my super depressing stuff for a night just thought I'd share it and be a Dick. That's what he's harassing him now why did they get into a fight. Is this confirmed this is what eight advising that everyone the same as when he got into a fight so. Pamela Anderson was on piers Morgan and she started talking about the incident in which Tommy. Assaulted her right and he played like no contest went to jail for a few months and however many years ago that's been when was out early two thousands late nineties early two thousands. She was talking about that on TV. And Tommy had treated. Think she'd find something new to discuss instead of rehashing this old ass but I guess she has nothing else going on and needs attention. Signed the abuser. And many super disease who she attacks every day and ask for me back up. Stuff people are saying that her son's all this these gifts angry does dad like hey don't talk trash a mom like that. And that's what led to them getting in this fight so dad comes and or sorry branding comes in punches dad Wald a fiancee of divine Starr is in bed but credit. I shouldn't laugh I know it is amassing weird well yes but he'd eat Knox is dead or unconscious according timely and now. Last I heard is that Tommy Lee has said he's going to press charges. Against his son. Or did you see this no. You can you really he says ready or Tommy Lee plans to press charges against his 21 year old son after the alleged assault. Can you press charges on your 21 year old kid what are you doing come on. So immediately called her job she called Utah she called the cops and she'd say honestly the bottom total life. Hi she resuscitated tied and he was like all dole called and on some fine. And then love update by that time look tops and handles everybody else should really. It's really hard to be on the phone the police in daylight blonde you know it just came to seems like everything schools are about the letter word god. They never just take that as an answer now like to know what we're gonna check but I don't execute what there is so in that 911 calls she'd said she told the operator that he was unconscious. And that's when she said the thing about brain and having guns in his reimbursed or Kuo was my stepson has guns in his room. And that's why am freaked out I just locked the door. And so then I guess they must have vast you know how Tommy was doing allies alleging that not a source close the timing. Told the publication that Brandon had hit him so hard that knocked them out and his fiance thought he was dead. Well that's what she says for god thought he was dead now I will say this I have been employ any of fights and I've seen plenty of fights. Why should someone gets right not doubt you things are dead and I don't but especially at a time rarer yes it is rare disease a look at straight knocked out and people and even if you'd even if you're like no I seen it but. Let's think about how many times you watch boxing matches and guys get knocked out. But they don't get straight knocked out to where rare there's no movement like that is really rare. Really really rare and it does happen I guess that was born on USC but if it does happen in fights occasionally. And absorb every school fighting ever went to and someone actually got knocked out what's your guess is only two times I can remember. I remember a lot of screaming and an almighty god is he dead you killed road stop stop stop you killed them. So I can see divine star being worried it that he died she's an embed next thing she knows. Her fiance is unconscious. She told that nine on dispatcher that he was bleeding in his mouth. And as she was having trouble turning him over onto his side because operator kept saying you know he's turnovers and I'm trying to he's knocked out some conscious. She's freaked out. Vinny says take canceled and she tells the man on operator hi ya okay he says he'd like to Chansi guys he doesn't want you guys to come now. So did you see the consulate. I know they can't and it Palin and piers Morgan are treating edit trailer. I didn't see that what we're facing a so. Tommy lean. I'm saying. Mean sends a tweet to piers Morgan so as your interviews of Donald Trump and my ex wife are all on it right now yeah I did some. The Amanda. I thought that was where he treated the stuff about him I was reading and and pierce. Treated him said morning Tommy. Lovely to hear from me you know I'm not responsible for what Pamela told me about your marriage so I suggest you take and work hard dot dot dot. And he's that I suggest you don't interviewer are you that desperate for people an additional literally has nothing going on. I'm sure there's some people better worth your time lovely to hear from you to a PS so he was act he mentioned app piers Morgan he was responding to him. We're talking to him when he said the thing about you know signed the abuser who she texts every day and asked for me back. So now he's gonna press charges against this on. Can't know lesser charge Williams yourself. Right you can't know look maybe if your son is so crazy. Then he's multiple time come to admit he's tried to poisoning you he's come to your house and set up. Booby traps these there's trip wires here like I did it. The brilliant and a the I don't violate a restraining order against you I'm sorry that apparently I screwed up somewhere along the line rider when you're gonna. Take responsibility you did I mean look I doubt it. I was gun stores in 1988 so so that's when the assault happens we asked a long time ago I don't time I get his point. I know there together and 88 that's crazy I get his point of life. Really. Among real TV at night and that we're talking about what I did in 1988. Dots and got a BS and me right like come on. I get the point. But you still have to do it at some point take responsibility for your actions. And be like you know what now his son. And some ways one the DNA lottery. Like man your mom and dad are timing right and Pamela via you don't. Have a lot of problems that other people would have. Just by sheer numbers you should have been more than a Third World country right as having to figure out how to what cricket you're gonna eat for dinner tonight that's. By sheer number of people you have to be born to two pretty rich and famous people. You're not you're gonna. Not the same problems as other people right. And plot. You also got to lost a little bit because York. Well to do parents are Tom could try to remember going to iron rich writing and I didn't I have some problems and we've got other people don't like an anti drunk we know your dad. Beat your mom your dad has sex videos out. Can imagine how many times ingrained in life his friends have tried to sneak in that video you know he's sitting there like I wanna watch a movie and and also just turns and that's okay. And I kinda it's. It's not fun moment and it's your mom. Think about that that's not a scooter had he might set it up when I wish I was eating crickets in order our country right now so he's got his own promise of your time. You gotta be like okay. You know. This is bad. This is back like it's bad man a near my kid and it's back and I haven't done a good job and I can't allow you. To come into my room and hit me so hard on people think I'm bad at my bond him they're sixty you've got to slow your roll of that but I also understand. That I have not been a great father. And your anger is probably warranted. And I understand that you are at the age of 21 and you are carrying around a lot of anger and it is. A direct result of the way that I have behaved as an adult. And you as my child and the way that your mother has behaved and the way that we probably behaved towards each other. During your life. These are very very very trying times Brandon. You cannot close race so hard that it knocks me out when I also understand I probably should not be instant grounding your bedroom. And sending it out to my twenty million followers saying girls who load a lot of cancel my kid is not a great parenting rove. I if we are going to keep score. You have every reason in the world to want to hit me very hard to tell I didn't do it. So. I'm I have to ask you to move. But I have like a lot of money and I do give you some of that money to help you move. Elliott subway guerrilla cool place like ally or something and go do whatever days you know what you can't live here right now. The other day I'm not going to do is press charges against you know. And try to put you in jail but doesn't make a lot of sense from either because while I didn't come into your room and punch you. Metaphorically I did. The village is go idle this ride out and you know what you're 21 you hate me. Most 41 year old say to parents. You're gonna get to be 26 and you're gonna realize that you know lot. We're all. Flawed human beings me more so the most. And we're gonna get through this right now you're gonna have to take his money that I made partly because on such giant dish back. And they give that junior gonna have to get yourself a house or type it. And and don't come around for a little bit time for Joseph Walsh god text and in but we're drug. And I promise not to tweak. That imam or. But I'm really gonna work on it but when you shared Thanksgiving just feel like bridge why bring up 1988 just like let's look what does go. Right right I just say fresh as the six months ago lunch. Right yeah maybe a lump in your divorce last year. Many imam got divorced in 1988 we've got to quit talking about it man. But we've all got to move on but if I sit piers Morgan I will beat the hell out of him. Brash did that crack and because it is really causing problems. Fair. Deal. Everybody's good at all right now I'm not pressing charges though which I got to leave Bermuda got to leave. You can kick and not do all those things that Leslie just said but do not press charges though when you look. Like I do should you can't press charges against your old and so on in the money send him on his way. Or whatever. Did you go live with mom again. Maybe they split time I don't know it sounds like usual and little Italy live every once. I can't believe that we missed told these jokes I don't know Motley Crue sounds very well. You know we got knocked out his girlfriend had to kick start his hard. All. Rice right coded okay unusual for this what if I died tomorrow. Right. Here's some money is time for change. You don't see. That was pretty. Now let's not get on with the show when. I know as Israel has got a role I just don't go away mad right usually if there's a go to guy Ronald build your own home sweet home or. Your real live wire kids burger and I respect that about you and it's gonna be tough to live without a field. And I know you'll be really sad if I die tomorrow but yes. I need GO. To ghost start your own home sweet. Home. The kick start my heart that's where it was I don't know if she thought that my girlfriend had a kick start my heart. Yeah who's right there in front of us nothing. I was also looking at because I didn't realize that Tommy you know I haven't seen Tommy Lee in the news while also looking and his agent looking at his band mates. It seems like ten years ago it was popular show all the guys from the committee did that reunion tour I'm guessing you kind of saw all of them looked like. But Ari if have you gone only to be looked at Mick. I mean I know he was always a little bit all in the rest the guys and I knew image well put it you punch him in the sand. He would die look at that they can have I got man oh man I actually think as the guys who have a dog or about garden. You think when I was on the other piece I would not be surprised. Man I mean isn't that crazy though. You're what you probably when you're in high school Motley Crue is huge one think there were real chicks love Motley crew worse is that we're just sealed these guys who look and when this guy guys old how old is Tommy. OK he's like 67 he zeal is a look at these other guys 66. But all these pictures of Tommy there showing you know and all these articles all these stories about him. Mean I get you know it's not as bad but still. Look at that. Just look a little it's all right if you look on me if you look at some of the pictures on a Manila solid president on his fiancee space sometimes slug it out on now. You know he's got the tattoos on the face the stars and stuff that's of doesn't go well doesn't age well it does facial tattoos she did. In a couple of facial tethered they always always tough and this little goatee and it did he's dying his hair jet black hole. Whatever. He looks a lot lower leg girl on a side note she is. Just five consumers use such a big vines star she is quite do it could tomorrow yeah yeah. And a great guys we got to look bad about now marionette gone after that was take a look at what you guys trying to. Yeah. 6 o'clock. Mon man Mick right after this one are you. On. It is wonderful to talk to. Pregnant doctor like apologize for yesterday. Odd a lot of hours laws so called sport like it was anything but I was back through it and while I stand by ever heard that it has been troubled biology teacher our current emotional on the guests and I go right convert your like that's like apologize. We're talking about you can confront the you do whatever you want you joking right now are you being serious. I. Both we are I'd be a little over the top by apology but I did feel like I would. I try to get kind of jumped you guys got in the world that's argued wanna apologize that. All of you can attack us or being trump apologists as much as you want we're both confident. In the fact that we are not fans of trumpet in no way do we feel we support or help further his agenda. Now there are certain things you can make fun yeah we talked that much is trying to kill it's absolutely. True adults I'm just trying to got a appointment please make a point just try not to make fun of our looks you know our personal lives too terribly much certainly on the Atlantic is I. Nichols and it just starts lane and I saw some pictures of the audience agreeing what the hell's wrong with you. And you've never been attractive but that's a kind of sense that maybe could stick with me a little bit at night but Kanye trouble biologists. Didn't think about once did you last. I didn't even hear her saying we were saying it wasn't bothered by it at all in the desert like I gotta make a point here comes political. Ours will go all the stupid one right here right now. Did you see cabin of role for the players' tribute yesterday. So she caught. Lacked earlier this year are we eating their game with an undisclosed illness. And some players on the team confronted him about it people that know what was going on. And you rotate your pal he had an upper arm as light or blown panic attack didn't know what to do. Really what went to a hospital he was more concerned. Not been with them. And since then how you've been seeing that there are treated and how you act like they get old and I'm not dealing with the Greek folk whose grandmother passed away a few years ago. But the details are really. Important has that in NBA all our. You don't want the war on the player you were sort of leap and our player in the league he it will conjure. Like we all about it you'll mental health is one of the reasons you said that he wanted to talk what. Another world for the work world and at all develop his bout with depression in about a week before inspired Campbell while. Now they want me back gain that right. Didn't play you talked about how. I will act in to go in the game in the second. And that he helped them I can't I can't and then just one walk currently down on the ground. And while I dealt with from the person I'd never. I've never panic attacks I know you lobbied we have one you know what shall I I'm not sure you urged her to panic attack you at. About how well thank you got it at Eilat. I don't know that the panic attack what that it bought. I thought you guys thought about you guys being so. Open about your guard up with you I want called in what was wherever it is absolutely. Typical and I thought it was partly urged Reid wouldn't hurt the entire book in which are really good piece. I think assessing and then he talked about it today. Com. Also. He said that his didn't know that players came up to them. And talk to him today like. He said that it Kyle. Korver he talked about raising two boys. And the stress of that and then LeBron came up to whom incidentally about it you know a lot of people today. I. What is it that's a rallying around him too like you know this is okay. Why hadn't seen that yet so that all the band and they play tonight. The players are available to media today so that the first I'm like people could interview him up now because achieved hero proper course in these reporters to view. So if you look at Cooper on Libya are really cool. Net sales across aside. But everybody is going through something glove side so I think whether it was talking to Kyle. About parenting his kids and only has two young boys. Or just talking to LeBron he said LeBron has camp to me and shook my hand and said you helped out a lot of people today that's what's big. Yet you all well. And it dumping their jobs. I mean you know army just ten years ago wouldn't be in the. I think we observed that they got a call aptly meeting and talking about that you know what I mean saying and I do wonder. Are we coming in just a hard thing about these things where I do wonder ten years ago. If a player like he'd be you know why did you leave that game. But he that I was having a panic attack idea what that was then now Matt with derision right like. And so I thought that was on the the cool thing I was thinking about the good the way he described it. Like it again is something that I haven't experienced I've heard about talk about all of how debilitating it can be and so I thought it was blurry and out there I Uga. It is we were I a couple years ago and friends text me. And he he'd been at work in he'd gone home because of that was wrong that we thought he was dying in these are asking me about buddy was having a panic attack in the symptoms that he gave. War you know textbook panic attack. What he'd never had one before and it is weird to think people who grew up having them. That that feeling that you get. You know. It never becomes any less stressful I guess split but there is some peace of mind knowing that it's a panic attack in the not having of a physical heart attack it it is a mental thing. But we do forget people who have panic attacks have dealt with generalized anxiety depression. For a long time you forget that there are people who never really experienced that and the first time you haven't happened exactly socialist Tallahassee Friday. I mean I was in junior high and I thought. I was dying and I went down to tell my mom was gone she knew immediately to she'd done their whole life. Since I was lucky enough to be in a position where my mom said look I know what this is. We're gonna take you to the doctor immediately some people don't tell their parents or tell loved when they say well you just need to pull yourself up my bootstraps. You know put it maybe you're probably stressed as you draw slaughter bloated too much money may be should stop it and you know so much debt on the credit card things like that. And that's not really the issue so I was lucky but it is important at that you know and when people think that they might be experiencing Nazis to remember that it could be. It could be generalized anxiety depression something more than just I'm stressed out of about what's going on in my life from a dealing with the things that are going out my life sometimes you can't help. And now I've bid. LeBron James is that's why athletes and more comfortable discussing physical ailments but rather than mental ones illnesses LeBron here. Because relive any sport in the world where our whole lives were always taught figured out on your own being as strong as you can. Don't show anybody any weakness that's how we've been built we've been built like that our whole lives ever since repent of the basketball picked up before ball. Whatever the case maybe it's like be as strong as you can and deal with any issues that you can't on your own. That sometimes can become a problem. Obviously when you're able to see that sometimes that's not the way to deal with everything it actually makes you even stronger. And the respective sport that you are in. If you can realize that that's not the way to deal. Why you know today like LeBron I don't like chemicals are some pretty solid. Answers you know from a guy that. You know is pretty outspoken. It and I know you don't like you're Kobe LeBron guy I know we believe this nonsense he's a choker sums up what. Now our basketball. Well. Then not like him as opposed not I don't Hillary is I don't like the brutally treated you so poorly. And I'm like you're older brother and it pains me to have to hate him for you. But again it. Eight and forty or your soul ice and I I I forgiven and I think you could forgive him. That's olive oil I am neck. How loyal I am you can forgive him he's dead domain. Well I appreciate that and that will I think a real sport in. Is. The out they also they were in a way Michael Bennett. Who is another outspoken athlete but equally or should they traded him to look. That it sitting pupil champion Philadelphia Eagles so they've just gotten better they apparently are looking to trade. And either trade or will be tortured sure. So that Seattle's. East and as we know that kind of coming to a close look able white well again. Earl Thomas the overall figure an injury like. Actually in the way we know we know it is going to be drastically different side well Wilson and Pete Carroll. And there are these lighting doors moment in sports history. Born ones that are shall mini bar there so what Mubarak wife back. From their decision that drove the ball that are vulnerable Marshal mentioned that super global. And now that we haven't looked like Europe he ought Opel over. If you think about it from their perspective. Simple they want they want of one to grow they were in the papers when we're in a world lynch wouldn't look at the issues that ended up. Writing on that all human into retirement. At quarterback where are out that they edit the orbit. Between. The deepest support all the players in the coaching staff because of the week on the defense simpler look they were trying to build coaching staff is basically get it. Betty there read and make an apple because they didn't want more and to get Super Bowl would be community didn't want him in glory. They wanted to go to company also will open so all band. Everything is different and the on the court cited. Error in it may score then that would have been Tom Brady at that time. Our content isn't global wall and you would have been sitting there in twenty. It teen having not won a Super Bowl since 2004. And go out with the patriot and that doing injury problem would be yours or -- things. Well Iran in order a lot changes on that like I find it fascinating that people would say. The only part that I find we will during at all and I. Is that you really think. She Carroll was in that moment in time was like pilots have Russell throw the ball to him on rustling of the MVP not Marshall it's like. I don't think they have time to think I that I think. If I had to guess why they threw the ball there it is nothing more. Then bill ballots Jack. And the New England mystique they over thought it. Because they were like if we run the ball here they're gonna call a play like this we need to do something different we need to call a different life. They over thought it because they were scared to lose and New England being so good in Belichick being so good. It makes head coaches and offensive coordinators in defense of coordinators. Second guess what they do and the only time that we haven't seen that really happened was this year where they were like we're still do we do. So a couple points on that one days. I agree with you and I do not think that it like the apple two and who ran the ball. Over. It is all old irrelevant what Detroit news because. It it or leave it short. Like it call it means orbit where within our school because the players week what can speak about objecting to it and talk about you know. Applicable pupil for years ago chew things over one. Not formation they were. Where they had a nickel deep and so we're quarter and choose say you don't appeal all all week. It kind of line. That would that he and elegiac installed in training camp acted but that the cornered basically built in the east and for that situation. They practice it all year they did not use it in a single play all he's been. Until that light which one in the triple what the first one the second pointed. If you walked in and help builds. From that moment to speak your point what will she ever won the law that would share. Like not calling time out the clock running actor mark strong who were on the were on first down. Admiral what wider culture calling time out got a big advocate they score a vehicle bill would show. Guys on the sidelines trying to tell them to call are now. But you again if you believe the report close to detain you walked over quell the appeal. So all of that he apple was expecting him to call time out. And he didn't. She saw they were a little pain in what you know what I'm gonna let this thing play out. So that's exactly what you're talking about that like I mean belt objects call that he understood that he's very good but the clock. Okay typically you have to call time out here it's like for those bright thing I know what you know you know like. He knew that they knew you knew they should call art now. So you're not doing it kind of lose Seattle do you look at. I mean it's so you guys are no doubt in city hall of famers that are no longer. If you engines available in your article Ahmet camp champ well we'll open like you walk in Kabul bank everything dipper of those right now. Well I think that would that was one of the biggest you know I mentioned earlier sliding doors moment now Seattle's Perry met beep and down. He's what we'd like injury of the ought. Like it there at second simple birdie one team that won one super multiple wanna just they are small sample that one ball should go. And within the next three years Pete Carroll. We'll be coaching a big time college program. Well cheered the day. Why won't you know Pete Carroll oldest coach in the NFL. Yes I would I hear that I'm shocked by a pre and it's not a goblins gone right. And so I mean you know that it. So why did I don't know that you will I mean that you will like your point thing that we Seattle but he. You don't mean that you. Ordered he does so I'm told that they Jordan bottoming out that guy's got 1010 years enemies if he wants it. So all of that going on I would day that she should maybe inquire about merger shortly but got a note that. No I don't think I'm a little bit I don't like guys that speak out. No not at all art ovals more scenic. It's. Change you. I'm an ABC.