Wednesday, 04.11.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, April 11th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Paul Ryan will not seek re-election
    • Trump threatens Syria and Russia on Twitter
    • Something about a megachurch pastor
  • 25:13 - Snowcone wants the guys to throw him a diaper party
  • 37:20 - This new trend of punishing your kids on social media
  • 51:47 - The Greitens report comes out
  • 59:49 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. Tearing it you'll mend. Well these dark. Will strike their own up. And destroy. No no no we don't know how aria I'm great men never really better. I feeling around the room. Yeah only okay. I think I had a dream that the doctor called you this morning there and a dream that we were at work do you got a phone call I don't know. And done. It was the doctor's office. And they were giving you your results I don't know how quick they must have a labs used went well yesterday. Because must have elaborate there and that building. And you gave me a look and and an open up. Or as the locals you know look was like you were strewn with me like boy it's terminal but I knew you're joking. Around and then. And in the normal job positive I was joking no because I never got the response I was waiting for you to tell me you know it's like to. Don't think we have a section anything that states and no injuries or sex dream anything that can dream and it's important I never get to the important thing in dreams right sure whether it's finding out the diagnosis he orgasm. Whatever it is I'm always trying to get there and I was wake up before Athens retrenchment. But it looked like you were joking around me like. Run unemployed. And that I got the feeling the you're clearly trying to pull fastened around. I don't think you do that. If they called you and said. But it's nearly as high as a serious and I don't think you'll look at me and go. Moose. Loy I think you're just walk out of here. I think you try I think I would think oh he's on the phones in the dark about it too much is just something about the universe and we have to put out there and it goes away and Sheryl yes positive. We make a big deal out of it because it's nothing we're making a big deal out of nothing. Does anyone else going on. And he did have gotten any results again that's too bad owner how long it takes your blood work. I don't know I Simon got Miami I knew I had physical or we can go but I think. That they email to main site. Term and that's what we'll do it he maybe you'll just get down below we open up and say here's your cholesterol your triglycerides or whatever I hope that simply doesn't mean you're OK right that's how I feel my doctors never. Discussed a physical with me afterwards is just. He does it and then they Ximian piece of paper and I trying to make heads or tails and and we never mentioned. Again. So I don't that's just he's he's allows a doctor is that he knows that's how I want one to beat you know I don't wanna talk to you can't read it. He's they let us into this I have one job and that is to push whatever pill and the guy who's just a mile this guy and take a look at this grass fiercely. To make heads or tails. But let me ask them do you need more drugs because I need new wave runner and the air will feel like our dogs I was an average no longer my doctors officers always assigned. On the door and says doctors are not available for samples doctors are not available to talk to us. They released doctors do not available doctors or not there's always today like doctors and unavailable today for. Meetings or whatever. I wonder if that's like a way to make the patient feel a little bit more secure and safer would really like just. If you look if you're a private entrants come on man. My doctors obvious definitely does not say that there's always a sign my doctors I was those doctors and on oil wells or whatever and the last time I saw my doctor he accent is just this last week or reaction said. Again you know I don't wanna take anymore of these types of drugs I don't like them out like the way they make you feel and I'm Denny said. Okay the only green I just feel like there's definitely one of those kind of drugs and work for US and I don't wanna dig us. How about this drug music that's literally the last thing that you gave new hope tonight TV that I see gay didn't play last year took for like six months ago. Are OK okay you like down the global. We've been overload hooked it is true when you're usually I don't actually do that you know I'm nice to only. You know like I did did try to tread act my doctor should resign and a her son Charlotte put you on the coach Wright is always has intently who ya know not my. I think the only thing that mine might say when he walks out of of a meeting with me an account with me at thank you might look at his nurse Tebow might have been seen this guy for almost thirty years and the same nurse to. I have a feeling you might look prisoners in Cuba if that I would just get to the point until we what he wants the that whole thing could have being young I was 25 insecurity two minutes right if you just tell me the whole ahead in his hand in the GI don't know when I read this thing online and one about maybe give me some speed Pete just said I'd like speed I would have just given it to hum right. My momma stomach just ask. Just only one Michael mom he got but they know. I read that book about the prison Dockery talked about how they know exactly what do pagelets like who's coming in looking for drugs I assume it. Doctor like him nose to obtain these meteors can not you are solely madam is a right to give you decide after an industry doesn't list maybe like OK or say no I don't think in Indiana. Let's go what I do I do so again I think I need this because there's so you go this straight you used to that drought really hey I think I need this you know at night sometimes a freak out new peanut butter and what I'm saying and it is important for when knocked. Inside there's the other. And item and run out of it I walk around the house moll of anxious reared touch of my thing to peanut butter. And I think I can use this is really gave an hour before working his side. Now okay so I doesn't listen you're doing now or wanna wanna go around overnight because sometimes a bit like a little bit and investors and then none. We'll wait and see how everything else works together. And my doctor has told me I told you my doctors told me no before he's so like yeah I'd rather join us a lot of name yeah I'd like some on steroids yeah. Let destroys your god you guys could worsen pain nearly kind of you know everywhere. Yeah musical sounds like fibromyalgia. Or bulls. Song and give you this and that's just a day you know the point where you can't complain to me anymore. God damn hard doesn't work but I do definitely JP. I go to your Leno route. There's a direct route in the news Jerry let our route to gentler Ralph being. Full on I'm trying to win an Oscar drive. Given there's a difference between those two I wanna make really give me the I don't need. All I knew I don't usually I really want like no I want like I do know really our daughter are known and I go to a different doctor. I go to a real doctor in my day musings on the guided me when you get ministers heartfelt letter he resisted really work I'm okay now I don't have any doubt. I don't not depressed right now so I don't think any Basilan stop taking this and try to see every new list. But I think I do need these such things because I have a stack of mail in my letter must assign I just walk over it every day yeah I can't accomplish any tasks right. I talked about that initially because. I died I do I do this I'm sure by the way. I'm joking obviously my doctor listens actually joking he's a real doctor uneven on any med so. I don't really ask Bernie thing I've been he's been trying to wean me off slump so circle liner are doing good just realize you went too far is doing really good. He says he listens. It's he always tells me says hey he's somewhere great and listen almost every day as often as I can. And I think. I hope not really help the that's not sure I think it's not true and I hope that it's not your I mean ratings and right now I don't know natural rating road but right now. You just hedging your bets that maybe he doesn't want to be challenged him and hey doc. I don't know I tell you in the offices Rihanna really try and although he knows exactly. What you ask from the last time. And he and I have actually had a conversation just like the probation are the yeah probation officer that comes isn't yet have a certain people your life you radio hey. You do ours asked Ellis on the radio but you can't do not allowed to believe what is it it's your doctor your probation officer your significant other you're any immediate family members your mother. Anyone else to police the police got they got sick there you guys know that's a joke Greenwich mean. That's why they call slim fast is just reducing the system do it's also view. Some finish and you might about it and everybody knows never drink drugs you asked for so he knows Lester and like you know trying to get he knows but he also knows that I really need them. He knows on the tortured soul. I really need them. That's on sane anyway it's tough to get drugs from him so don't go there because. It's just basically just said it was an ATM's are pharmaceutical and I'm joking around that's slim fast again this is retelling. That's not as sure the guy is than there's a reason he's been there for you know thirty plus Seattle does is causes of the fifth HDMI pharmaceutical. Then why they get rid of the pharmacy in the building because there's probably working on tropical belittle this president is Catherine and and fine well I he's a good doctors. Leave there with a smile on how good do you feel about her. Well whatever you know there's different ways of approaching medicine to no end. You guys as a homeopathic wherever where they're rubbing your neck and sticking needles in your stomach I really have a doctor within snow wants honesty is always right yes I. I I strongly believe in the power of pharmaceutical industry yeah. And so Lucy and so does mean and that's why we get along so well right now. Good for you to. More intently and open. I actually am. Don't give away too much information. Bonus and as I was asked how I saw where's diplomas from when I never realized he had to school there I'm not consider it a school run stop arming and I didn't know you can get them like a medical tradition that's. That is so crazy I know people who wins in school and these people didn't have a life. High hopes big guys no one was expecting much in the bag are going to college and even there like I'm going to this school if I mean you're outside Seattle and he he's got a diploma though like I would think. You have that diploma maybe like. A fantastic Sams or something you know like this is I don't at a school there and it yeah I was you know. I spend process I got a degree in two years got really threw me and I saw that degree feels like a hole. I remember zoom yeah. Ideas and talk about the news sure. I'm Paul Ryan. So why do you suppose I didn't see what happens when Republicans get replaced by other Republican answer NBC news in the White House. Bryant's came out today and say you know life's short. And you gotta make the most of it. While you're an office. So I quit you realize something when you take this job. It's a big job of the lot riding on you you feel. But you also know that this is a job does not last forever. Are you realize. That you hold the office for just a small part of our history. So you better make the most of it. Between London. And that inspired you to do big things. Let's quit like literally like so I quit I wanna go be a dad is tired you know weekend dad. Of course now everyone's. Arguing about whether or not. Do you really stepped down because he always planned on doing this you you wanted to be a full time father or because you saw that the Democrats reds take over the house he didn't wanna deal with the onslaught you know right. In the fall dumb like essentially he's giving up a similar screwed I'm getting out of here good luck guys I don't give Verizon reelection right. And that right now because there was only one person who was really running against him to try and when the Republican nomination. That guy is a white nationalist vote and he's actually yes Twitter taken away which I mean. Basically I was running against Paul Ryan junior in short trump junior and be right back and look here's the thing about Paul Ryan I don't like a real like complete. But I saw a bunch Democrats say pointed out hate. He's like a sane person like we can talk to him we don't agree on any policies right but you talk to us and he will actually do bipartisan deals with us and find some middle ground right and I think a lot of people are scared that. Republicans can just all become what she's yes and we can't work with them at all. But the guy who. This guy will probably get replace Republicans stole their money by somebody else and so we're borrows I'm really old Paul Ryan is a good guy right we'll know brown she's. I think you're saying he's a good Republican we're down. Nothing bad iron stash guy now as I guess the prior stash Randy Wright yet the guy and into the Democrat who's running against there's a woman I forget her name. And then there's Bryce Bryce he's like the front runner for the Democratic Party he's this guy should the commercial last fall that the union workers steal our theories like you know I was tired of his mom's sick in the east helping his mom with a medicine. They called iron session on Twitter but the Republicans are you have to find somebody else because this guy he really got us we are taken away for saying racist stuff. And I don't have a candidate various looks like the dominator in particular incineration sense did you believe it when I read that Israel's like man trump declared war today on Twitter and they're not taken that away I was like wrong. Speaking of which is something about I can do is region of the country but there's still something about watching people on the news even though it's been two years now or more of watching. People who call themselves journalists. Reading Trump's tweets with a straight face is still makes me laugh. President trump sent Russia a strong warning. As he plans a possible missile attack on Syria the president treated Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia because they will be coming nice and new and Smart. We shouldn't be partners with the gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. Nice to noon Smart nice and new and Smart you are here. He's a series of missiles. Galleries then get ready to shoot him down or get right they were gonna shoot me you said you're gonna shoot him down I but I understand and come into Syria were shooting in the series event JR does does. You can read that as well get ready Russia are coming after you know he's saying we're gonna I don't care you see guys shooting down if we shoot missiles to Syria. Well you better get ratings are gonna shoot him to Syria. A again this goes against everything transcend for years about first of all status Syria don't involve Syria also. Why do Obama and Hillary talk about their strategy don't say anything you dummies and you can look at all the tweets everyone's finding them today but no one. Some voters don't care and I'm reading this stop can no Fox News isn't gonna. Post images of those old tweets it doesn't matter. But I read that there's several things he can do they can do then do what they did last sentence really fired off of you know some sort of oh yeah it is what it is an aircraft carries a recall they continue in the navy let's get something some would miss shipman battleship again. Battleships and you and bring it. It's real thing there. The battleship sounds good but at least. Syria couldn't reach an act. But the Russians could Soe has other options I didn't see it as other options were I guess you keep that a secret but he has other ways to get missiles over there. Maybe it is launching from here yeah oh sure there's some missiles and fields in my Kansas issued a moment I really. So then I did see Russia just respond a couple hours ago and said we do not Jews. Tweet your honor diplomacy banking. Because they don't have. Wi-Fi to my right. To her and ask them why finance guys from selected a youngster. I do Twitter that's right they're gonna that stuff. The sooner we find little. Mega church pastor in Chicago and what does that mean Russian treated. Like who in Russia Trinidad and it is a Russian treated all night including tweet back pain cirrus between US and Russia responds there SH we didn't. I mean judges and they responded a couple hours ago so we don't do Twitter diplomacy and move like some from the Kremlin that's your official word the spokesperson for the Kremlin's sudden combined yeah we don't do tours and others took to Twitter account and just mentioning Russia. Are right there are some official Russian accounts I think there might even be like it Kremlin to I've seen official Russian G trees and maybe those are all indices. I know they have Russian embassy Twitter handles. Mega church pastor in Chicago. What do you think there's headlines re education. Nice I Catholic. Stole money now you're close to just ease off the kids' stuff. It's kind of a Catholic thing unless you're youth minister and had an affair yeah yeah I'm an affair. You know a long hugged people long kiss the I was reading the allegations this morning. Some of these women's accused him of hugging for too long. Like man. I'm the first to save the pastors accused of something he's guilty. I'm guilty guilty guilty of any sexual course. But the long hug thing there was a woman who. Says she had a consensual affair with them. And he should make you wish she's now denied it. So the church he came out and said look none of the stuff is true. And we did you know there's been an investigation. It's all false but I was gonna retire later this year anyway it's a distraction Paul Ryan so I'm done yeah embodies church was like yeah. No retire and their cheering him and say how much they love on the news out there interviewing these people they're all behind them. Making the Christ here because of him. And so my dad's right for a guy. July oh man and their gratitude you know she's she's pushing your pasture. And I love the man in Christ and one lesson. And what I'm gonna miss some I also read that he was. Clinton's spiritual advisor Reno Lewinsky's stuff did me and so did have a fair I. But he says he didn't. I'm bill wife posh titles is 66 because this is a huge church I guess it was no big deal in the Chicago Tribune posted this OK I don't know of these mega pastors. Like I didn't know that Clinton had a I guess I assume he had a spiritual advisor but I guess is a big deal bill bibles yeah I met. I told you the greens created us in their image. Think about that. You're sitting there you hug me too long and got a Boehner. Yeah. Which is okay. Times up. Foundation on. That this guy who has was let's seeds no investigation that claimed an appropriate behavior with female staffers. And tiger against accusations of lewd comments and inappropriate touching stretching back more than twenty years are caught flat out lies as what he said. Statement released late Tuesday night Hamels said church elders. And clearly stated that outside independent investigations found no evidence to support the allegations brought to their tents around Goodman does happen soon. In recent times has energy and he thinks this is it safe. But look at our holiest of. What we're Ramones sanctuaries should. People need to remember women as married notice you need to remember. What men do everything they do. Is motivated by Sachs reasoning go to work through reason man wanna be famous to me reason men won it doesn't mean anything. Without sex. I guess for priests a lot of time as well and I still. My career. Guy's career wise. The reason Nate the only Arizona guys' nicest most of such an even talking that's probably gonna get into trouble online. Lifestyle is or isn't doesn't want us led. It's supervised the girls just probably unsupervised so when you don't want a slew of them. OK so all you give you guys and images numbers like you keep you nice try woman that you don't wanna sleep will be no I'm saying you honestly Roland. You can be nice to looming you don't wanna sleepless. You can read yes like nobody involved and I just ridiculous that this. Ridiculous and I usually well we're gonna do any damage done and Amazon camera and put out our smoking section. And just watch which women walk through that door which ones you guys are real nice duo does. Which ones you like all wholesale and I'd like to watch you I know it's the only person talking a moment yesterday was me you guys completely in order shirts are not kids having you guys literally turned away on. Exact. Which is actually prove they haven't on the smoked for the last three days and just starting and she's trying to be friendly to be I don't know why you're on the you have got to did you notice us included. Let him accept this fact at least agree that the reason men. Wanna be famous rich and famous even if they're not thinking about it all the time. Ramon looked this guy he's got 25000 people in his church river just an error. Come on of course he's hitting on women in the church accorsi is of course he's hugging them for too well maybe shouldn't be doing now. Asian behind him for too long well he's a member and then to act on. Right saying that I'm just saying men are nice to web why he should work and there's a guy is super nice do it every morning raiser a couple of daughters like and it was asleep when you. He wasn't really being gives you more than in normal work greeting. At any point that he's interest. That's absolutely true and that's just something else that you are clearly off right now. Which sometimes happens soon. Like why. There's there can be times when I wanna say there could be times women drugs. Or maybe drugs may be Yule. And hey can this be nice duo but what gets out of hand I just about any other examples yes you can do now. You try to play that Malario like moments she and her fluid you're not it's yeah. It blew it president gave me try to play but I don't know common judgment I've seen you down there. I've seen which wherein you allowed to just walk by which Illinois. How are you I've watched it as pretty obvious soon and I'm a you do get a little weir on cute girls I will say that you get out guns do you really know him don't know I'm Wilson just say that you can we I'm cute girls like interns that are huge and their money. Yeah I saw you. Being nice to other girls don't honestly yes it's a dip using different kind of different. Governor Arnold put millions adds a different and I hurting then that's a different kind of nice job setting a date. If a guy gives you any sort of talked and he wouldn't give Levy Levy is snow cone says whatever he says to be. Males mail sales guy who walks out. And he says those female as if at any point that conversation is slightly different. It is intercity assist us on the wrong and I. It's just say yeah you're not overly nice to people who don't sleep well. What she yes you can argue that now yeah. So you are overly managed to do mostly group. Overly nice Beers and I surely it's really this all started you add an overruling the starting with you you want nice the girls you don't honestly. I mean I guess it depends on what notices but I think black when I move the ball I don't know I'm so you have conversations. And interactions with the women but you wanna sleep when you don't have conversations and interactions with women that you don't want I don't meet your match. I'll say you know go out of your way. Democrat you will bloody ways say hi to someone that you wouldn't otherwise like. And I'm not sure yeah. I am following you guys don't know the sales area and just. If I don't if I hadn't run crimes that you guys would lead to where you went in the sales area. I guarantee you there could be more stop still pretty girls diocese and offices and there aren't enough. You can pretend like that's not true gender fluid and sexual boy. Well that's just he's just busy donated his gender fluid do a stranger that anything is being gender fluid. Hello. Please don't talk amount of it though because. Now he's more. When he said that's pretty 1000 now okay. And I got excited but I got everything else. I thought his Brooke's going to get some allows like yeah okay old rule will think about should've registered some wire something. And to I'm telling you man this no go Damon is like c'mon guys. Does go through a diaper parties forming in my dad's side for a party that's the one I live your guests are to give freaky. But I like our guy coming up big maybe. A couple. I'm a big baby. Well so that radler I don't worry that they were expensive when he said that's what he needed. Well I told my as a man don't ask people for diapers because divers are like cheap you're OK you know it was done everything else. Well I saw I did the math for you can do I looked at him on Amazon you're gonna for cheaper. If you don't like Costco or Sam's plumbers and I understood the Amazon shipped rate which is not the cheapest price shouldn't get via. You get among supplied 252 diapers. For 25 bucks that now well I don't know Masset went to buy a box Twitter go I'd get that and so if you're twelve. Months. 25 religiously and I think it did average kid. Roger can slow it's going to be more if you're Smart are going to be slow and no nonsense into this photo is Smart. Because it could be lower but let's just say for years you know it's warriors about its army part of what he crucial oil and now they're why bring up put everything out there what I'm. Still much in what look man I'm a man of science under is doing math. You gotta zone map and put a write a medal for years you're totaled diaper purchase 12100 bucks solid. She got a double file for years not. A cure for that. If it's four years did you guys and god loves a lovely thing to a five bucks I look you know what I shouldn't be asking munitions we do nestled on. So did you where were you on Amazon does that round I'm gonna I didn't I didn't I went argues we know much welcome that Pampers 222 count want holy dollars and what's that Ali how would you know the difference. She's an acute nurse. She wants what both name brand all right if you wanna see you want hug he solid loves. 25 bucks. Five star rating will discuss those and then broke party given to me parties for authority to box. But 1000260. Amen I don't loves to this. You know they advertise heavy fine 252. Where we should be the job god I hold on to modern states and UN diapers or 25 dollars. How long to sell some months. That's a lot cheaper night I don't like towards some of the things are way more expensive than you think whenever kid. And some of the things are way less expensive and have a kid diapers is a lonely like oh. All right this is as bad as I thought twice by Barcelona I mean it's notch now also cherry does not as when you are win it when you're when you're having a baby thing man. These divers are going to be outrage responsible for years like 12100 bucks. So I just say no way now to learn to do diapers. There's Wi-Fi but all right here and look and Adam. I I mean. When you can get a tomorrow or more but I'm looking at those hairs look out I was 25225. Bucks us. I see you're right here loves all truly guards for that price housing and I can get something you know lake gold leafed make fancy. So really feel like a gift I got excited when he said that's what it. There that's Berenson like you know I really need is stroller with inflatable tires on and got everything is in diapers. Now I'm not make it funny I'm really not. This is not I'm married to sit for hours I get a baby wipes to men so you can get the 648. Sheets for fourteen bucks I don't worry I'm bucks a month and he does too. I'm a serious question for you I prefer do it wipes what about stopping your house. Like me at your place do you have everything that you'll need at Europe and the baby is going to be staying with her he said most of the time because Zandt and I get that. But there's going to be times right where he spree stays with you. Yeah eventually. A cut I just I mean gee you have like a crib. Borer. We are over her replacement I got I don't pack and play in my voice but are we have everything what sat so again it's like a little it's base toward crib. Drove. Portable crib you don't want Algeria. You wanna carry all that stuff back for some massages gonna stay over the that's where most of the things that are poisonous. And when you know on a few months when he comes my boys will figured out then. And I. I would jump bombers loves doing their voting culturally guards that's cheap 216. This one's joined sixteenths. Or 25 bucks. The only change a little that was size but 26 absolutely and it's third and 1263126. Although it never more than thirty bucks all the way up to size six so please. So what six was the stuff that's gonna surprise and it's expensive is that the stuff that he sings Artie got strollers to car seats here. I'm gonna move emotions of formula when you start to buy that you know now back to similar price should not let him drag news for me Arnold thing. Well I need some Brian remain. Unit some reason your house I mean what you have. Bowker I don't know if you're gonna some manners your returns and so pres theaters. Please forgive me. If you're 'cause women who do visit taken really seriously breastfeed are very very very serious about it and so please forgive me. But man they're going to be times. At 3 o'clock in the morning where you are not gonna want to warm up breast milk. You are going to need some room temperature formula in a bottle you can just recited capital. And see that maybe. But right now and text are gonna command and maybe if you didn't know if you never did that. God bless you are better filer there I try not to a year ago. You're gonna start trying to clearly hiding that stuff like I'm behind the strategy now. I got a Brian items because the mother is really don't you get everybody formula and really OK don't wanna prove of that but I also don't wanna roasters and all the crying baby for twenty minutes one warmup I think Melvin and put it on my wrist to figure out is Israel Dillinger is it too odd is that you called. You're gonna really OK so I've got 42 of those little bottles when these things are gonna like single serve he had. Save your money for that I'm afraid I don't I don't. OK there was any diapers Murray writes an analyst I am I behind the books in the book cases. So investors how to better our anybody doesn't mention that involving clergy each she had a party. I thought is any guide our party. Billed women have the party I understand that but the sort through a diver party for guys. And you're supposed to planning on mentioned that revenue divers are. Well I Leslie diaper don't want diaper party or a man not a party vigilant diapers. Fine. A diaper party is a straightforward baby shower for that guys have never heard of this. Diaper parties usually involves three things beer. Barbecue. I'm guessing diaper you guys I don't party though you're gonna have a beer and barbecue. Or do we do it in my house when and a diver Varney in my house laugh out of it until the throw it. I don't ask it's embarrassing or we don't have the on off some best hasn't mentioned I kept thinking you mention eventually one. He's a god father. Now they've asked me you know what I was about diamond Diamond Bar in my house for you let realizing as we really got Bonner got out of the what a genuine thing never dominating for my kids. Your kids and they were kids are playing the air well we will what are you gonna get and toys right now on the road seven and I'm Lindy what you're here. How old was shot Joey your airline wondered didn't go to doctors don't send you all you can hear. Or warriors and I was two or three yeah. To god be wit about his strolled and by the way that's for is quite Burris met you voted came a day here's on the frontier alleges lets you that beat them do weird. Well. We are his listeners do it would never met in person usually does see. He suggested godfathers Shaw what did you injure Israel yeah I because I'm not the god father and while I kind of regret my decision as you know it sorted out soon as you made it. But not just suddenly got a live wins he's really failed loses godfather part so far. You guys are talking on me. Yeah I'm not you're the guy I'm talking about now I was in an honest I'm not good at that stuff because I don't know and my Brothers we've got threats in the bachelor party. You I didn't know that there were baby showers for dudes I didn't know that I've I was I was gay gonna get you gifts in. Thought that was it kind of have waiting for the by her party I'm goblins candy guest so you saw a driver part of your house now. Definitely not I don't wanna get your hopes up and say like sure I can do that I think definitely I would have done it already. I'll give you diapers but I'm not gonna. Throw a party at my house and a lot of diapers. For a party invite people and they bring diapers. I can't at a pebble just as diapers and Stubbs had to get excited things and maybe your answers get hungry. For it. I don't think it's the right place to host a party also it's very small total idols. Why wouldn't feel right about throwing a sort of prelude for a part of my house is now you know I just wouldn't go right now he's just offered. No I didn't see that myself I was going to until I realize again I was not the godfather invest ask him no I don't want to go. If I can and I don't fifth. I just you know I don't wanna go yes that's much easier fuels and diapers and ages and diapers in Europe but a good god father but we don't need to have a party. Invitations don't need to be brought into the OS on violent I only to party just give me some diapers. I humanizing these are part Islam party for the guy that I've never heard this labor party have like. Four or five knees he's necessarily get drunk then. I don't know hang out that's basically it. Well with. But with just you and I want to let nobody come to my diaper playing western Georgia or June when I invite you just feed the three of us so we can just fly as I could bring diapers here and would be the exact same love for your invite and I guess it would just be a story. Your body serve our whatever answer though probably come. I Cameron some around when you Sunoco etc. What's wrong with theft. What we thought that I do your place and now. I think after a would you just do that here just bring the diapers and that's what that's fine. No he should do is if you really don't know what a pentagon father forget Gary Player. And so then Robin has faced some I gonna do us is that what that would have been a thousand jobs on Iran have one in my house right. If you want your house. And then you do another one at work. Where you invite all the guys from work. Downstairs to a conference rooms we don't have to leave and the males feel obligated to swing my target on the way here I'm Vazquez got some diapers and they just are all madam. And even sent out invitations like now I love ballad do this I know you don't wanna join but apparently. And today's new world we throw diaper parties just a little baby shower so man ram and a diver part in a conference room and then again. You know Casey Jones or some barbecue don't let the guys feel are either as a free barbecue and then we'll come up way of some diapers. Call your buddies and Charlie also gets a Mosul Casey's shares should've told. Don't you auction all that stuff. And passes through that that would be cool. It's a good idea there I don't know that I know I told. Churchill who has low. You remember that today that we talked about a couple months ago who was in his truck. Taking a video. Vertical video on his cellphone on his son running to school in the rain there. Is that well. Now I was OK okay smoke yup only teach you how to. Do punishment. Works like this and it was because he said you know what kids are blowing now. Hi everybody welcome to. You better listen feared dead in 2018. Any young men we know I've got two wonderful children Hayden my son until my daughter tempered today. As many of you know now maybe those Ares I get these are my friends live events it once a crossover like the YouTube saying a sitting all right many VW Sega fans. Some sun has finally got to throw all of us enough for you got to actually kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully which I do not tolerate cannot stand. And therefore. He has you know run the school. More right about one mile from the school so all week and he's got the experience to bring the school the good news is I guess. He keeps a pretty good mile basis aren't very clever. This guy had several videos selected and and it remembered the time there was someone else right around there who had been doing the budgeting and you talked about. How you liked some of them I think may be that guy who smashed the Xbox and I'd like bad guy yeah. Because he got married and I think didn't he have another Xbox forms yet but he made them live for that thirty seconds what is it and smash and here's like. Just seal Xbox so New York Post wrote an article about the I don't like is putting it on YouTube. Rights that's an annoyed when I'm not saying whatever you know pair of kids I want to that's it you know he was a weird motive seems yeah. Due to my YouTube channels all of a punishing my kids look I get real excited whenever reason the punishment is. So today this article aside my you know the things that they used to do we were kids our parents had to get us in trouble. Whether it's you geek rounded you have to write an apology letters someone go to someone's house that was kind of like the the equivalent to back then I guess is you'll knock on someone's Ehrlich guns I'm sorry. Cheered you know that I'm sorry Janette looked him in the and so are huge and right so this new rule wave of mom and dad's. They say had taken this you know to another level and now there are 30000. Clips that they were able to referenced talk about in this New York Times there are on the line. Just have parents. On machine their kids and now it's become this big debate. So in one film it's has a pair of furious adults. Shaved heads of their kids for being bad in school and hitting females I saw one of these videos. I remember there were that's your thing a lot of times these videos start to spread and the people change the back story so I eventually saw honestly you know. Girl makes fun of another girl at school with cancer right for being also mom she's okay. Turns out that's not my mom she writes shave your head because she got back greats in the bad happens as a law and yeah who knows how often happens in this could be the same video they're talking about. On the distance as it was for being bad and schooled doses for Sheen females. Out while in another a mother shows hearse on the PlayStation she bottom for Christmas only to talent she's taking it back is going to return it. OK again if you wanna take it back Klein why are we filming it. Right and I'm okay you say this is what you what a guy I. Maybe not the way I would do it but you know if that's what you're gonna do that's fine if Legos that your kid could end up at all millions I was better than other people's kids and I communal way if I don't get the whole. I am going to punish or embarrass my children and imported on YouTube and dad's idea why privilege of like I'm going to. Not only am I going to show you the PlayStation. But I'm gonna call over the entire neighborhood showed them a PlayStation and then smashing my god doesn't make sense to me. I think it's because you know these pants with the kids all day. And they see a much they love social media so the way to punish them is to put it on social media whether friends I think they want attention. I think there's nobody there I think it's probably an easy way to get some people talking I didn't know how playoff kids love social media. I think they love social media I think I think I got a really good idea monetary apparent yeah. I'm not and and I'm sure they also like the attention same reason everybody uses social media. So there have been some people though who have gotten in trouble for this I mean there's. I remember the guy who shaved his kids had to look like an old man tournament that he got bad grades so he gave in the old man hair cut. And said that it had to stay that way Intel's work improved okay. I don't that should be allowed and I mean I guess it should be allowed. It bordered on uncool I wouldn't do it to my kid I don't think about a kid I. I don't expect that allows a would do now did you shave your kids had to look like none old man we just got to err on the sides. But OK you know I prefer that over. Getting them now I've seen the videos of the day as saying you've got bad grades now we're gonna box in the letter of taping might yourself Bloch senior care right. And so and shot it is enough but now let's film. What are you thinking. There have been some people who got Charlie talked about this out. This woman who. It gets in trouble she makes her kid to drink hot sauce okay. And because he I think you control for line so she makes and drink hot sauce and she's screaming at him. And then she makes him get in an ice cold shower and diesels from and I've not seen has been I don't know I want. That woman claimed she'd attempted to do their son's behavior with more traditional punishments that nothing worked well I'll do a court case the woman was convicted of child abuse. Handed a suspended sentence and a 2500 dollar fine. Then that separate accord historical from a child chaining phenomenon which they say is one that's really gaining steam. Says from failing school the using swear words no tie up after themselves or bully other kids are reasons for such punishments go on and on given that so much of our lives are now document at a record on the web. It's no surprise it disciplining our children is now live stream to quote. The thing that's so weird about this is that their video in themselves. This is a parenting coaching sue actions. And does she said she actually cried watching some of these clips who's this for. Why are they doing it. This is not for the benefit of the child is it right it's all about attention why aren't they just engaging in teaching their children how to behave properly and use positive methods why shame them. They'll never. Don never get that respect back from your child. So. That's kind of what I felt like most is ours channel changing no shaming your kid. On FaceBook or whatever for attention and it's weird that we have all these. I think we've not gotten the point we can all agree or shading your kids is out of fashion dash. The majority of the analysts now agree that maybe I got me well yeah people get utilities but there's still a lot of people who defend it. Anytime we talk about it there's still few people say no you das thank you kids eat out you know you don't have Dartmouth. I don't know where you jaw line and if you move. Spank the kid is still legal. In an interview instances which as far as I know it's for an illegal to spank your kid. But what he can't leave a mark I guess that's for the court to decide when someone decides. I'm never understood the Spaniards I don't do anything but blah well OK were line is that while under what would you rather duty to Borneo I mean I honestly think about it real quick too late and who else can you spank right it doesn't the only person you can spank is one who can't defend themselves. Yeah I always are like I did as a friend and I can't grab you Nabil I had into your job today. And so the only person I can hit. Is a child who can't defend themselves prescilla John the only time and at the long lost out there is that. Right. Well almost upn. No idea what to do I it's my business I was at my kid. Leaving had numb I was spanking him nodding your business officer OK welcome. Well you know my anybody else underdog I didn't trouble. Right you can get broadside hit the dogs are. That's animal cruelty or bring in grudges against Kafelnikov this hot sauce on Jesus. She wants she's angry hornets she's out green arrow yes terrible ball but okay first of all the fact that she felt match she. But I don't know let's let's take you know it does someone else's film that too that I probably my husband and enjoying their well that would that happens a lot. But let's take a camera out of it if you had to do on the other. Spank your kid which is pretty normal behavior for a lot of parents or I don't know give them hot sauce because he lied. Which one is worse which would you rather do. If he said hey you're lying and I told or your customer to apologize for us. And she'd taken shape or is that down as thorough OK she doesn't to a select that is now too much. Because I told you I worked at that treasonous cinnamon thing they they made him eat Coco it was unsweetened cohost of the kids stuck their tongue count or constantly that they gave them. A spoonful of Coca not a parent had to sign off want to give permission for the teachers to do this. But I've never seen it on and scared I was gonna have a consumer analysts and would take care of the put and Coke they brought this girl out into the room and she you know are they stir up in front of the room all the kids are sitting there. And one of the teachers grabs this spoonful of Coca puts her mouth as she starts. She throws up on the floor Jenny McCarthy's and I K come on stop well they got in trouble people aren't I reported them. And Norway gap that was you yeah snitch I reported the good for you but I also thought man I wanna make sure that because there was other people their lawsuit in purges and I were employees Alec look if you guys there like look we think we should say something it's not being. About three of us and was also government agreed aren't we will talk to these and they came in. Like a week later some of from the state was in my boss's office and went and interviewed a Smart time so they stop that. Put IBC's and apparent was mad because she didn't like that she'd say well I thought it was OK if they weren't you responsible Coco I don't they're gonna force it to her she's going to be crying and throwing I don't know like that put him. I kind of the people wanna she might did not at all imagine if your kids hear from the school and is. I'd lose my teacher forced kogan on the front what they're into driving school and even try to be someone's idea. I just think there should be week maybe we don't need to write a law about it but let's just all agrees is society if you see someone shaming their kids online they kind of sock. Right time here and now maybe there's a fun way to do it I don't like again back to the Xbox and you still think that needed to be filmed I think it does not. I don't wanna compare that to put hot sauce down someone's throat yet and that god employer and I story that kid wouldn't do whatever you want to do is I got sick. I'm smashing your Xbox and took it outside and make him watch it any smash it it has started crying is like how does that still. Matures I always like daughter goes off the right wanna go back inside of Lexmark combatant. I'm all right without. Yeah I don't have a problem with that but again it just didn't it didn't need to be films. And this is a thing out child shaming it said in one of these child shaming videos it has 45. The million views. This dad is responding to his daughter's FaceBook post by shooting her laptop as punishment underneath the clip he writes quote. May be a few kids can take something away from this if you're so disrespectful to your parents and yourself as to post this kind of thing on FaceBook you deserving. Of some top tough love today my daughter is getting a dose of tough love. 45 million people watched that so Pete that's clearly an incentive for a lot of people to post this stuff. I just don't. I don't like it feels weird and I know it's a very thin line between. My decision on how to push my kid and we've all decided it's abuse also who's watching this who's watching this again while some people get all your kid like you're watching another kid being at least half of them might get their parents that one thing if you are watching your child you know be bullied you are being drier shorts and I want to Galileo could be embarrassed like. Are you cheering for the academy and what you do and kind of weird you guys to watch other people's it's so weird but I don't have kids so that's why I'm asking Laszlo. Analysts are going to get whatever kids so maybe start and think about this stuff I don't understand it I don't like the whole idea not disappointing and I don't know other people listening right now who like non on election in my kids' online it's fun it's funny post videos of com. Nothing poop their pants owners who want to not a and and ABC no I wouldn't do that but the X boxing is fine. OK but why film anyhow that's it yeah why so why. If you want to if you're proud of your child and you want to share. Did you know how much out of you are she's a picture of her playing soccer so don't measure of her playing team ball whatever right wears me pouring hot sauce Donna brokers use a little last alt plus Monica and let's think like okay that one of the guy jogging or whatever got a hundred million views. That pays a lot of money. I mean unless you wanna Montel no I think these people kind of like the dog trained YouTube guys there are certain things that just seem to get collects and not this parent shaming thing that's part of this article is about. People watch him it's because half the people arguing you know you've got to try controversy. And that is look man that video I got to go back and know. Rerelease is trying to report its best you're not all right so we'll look at it and we Casey did not hear Eric Wright. Has had a real puzzle you have kids are gonna have a cared that this thing's getting people paid. It's tacky and you paid on james' strategy million views are nothing to do the things I'm saying goes away some video editing. And we figured it out. Yes yes and topple hot sauce on your kids are on say it's my kid in Boca. No I said video editing I'm an auditor to my kids for your care or we could smash and I'll make sure you're on a mile I don't care you know what shape heading down in the grass and tossed the baby out of the chain between sonar bounces higher blood plasma they got a window there. Well I said they. Now you all enjoy getting out of your regular money forget forget is that you all the child's shaming that's been done these videos with the Internet now. I run a little late industry say was he's got to walk a mile and school if that's your costs and you're talking about yeah. Anybody who's dog is he's not move it needs to take up to speed. Yeah. Well. Sean Goldman a bad girl. I just read it. Spent read I read it. And no one knows where Rangers. Until into an injunction does. Well your bedroom to your wife Hillary and can you click click. Oh yeah. Okay. Okay watched hoosiers Docklands story. Right now. On and no we're gonna talk about it I thought you one you were so curious I was wondering that I need to talk about it did Hillary did a demo will someone help break it down I mean there are starting to now book they release revolting Andrew like 24 pages of documents what I can hear you you don't have headphones on we read the whole thing right. We're not about half of that but not much to break down is there mean well I mean this part about her asking him to put on she says that he had her put on not. They called it lounge where or when but she said it wasn't like a men's white teacher spitting them out how to slip into it and that's audience that they know. T shirt and amends but jam on his virginity is fidelity you address us from in any as are put on men's pajama bottoms and is weird it's like you know. I'm whatever I mean. Obviously this does a magnesium a lot of trouble volleys things are true but. They don't just like. People like different things why he kept saying and being that like you know I know you nerve injury and be comfortable on meet a couple of then it's our segment I'll work out. She kept saying at body wanted to like do some sort of sexy work out thing that because he testified knew how to do proper pull up for something. That's what she says he took it out on the basement. Right and again this is all at 7 AM that's they had to me before work and then they're cheating isn't such a famous Harry was married. That's civilians are cleared but. There's also met someone as Amanda for now I'll spare me your health when I was in eyes I didn't have a house like I remember when I was in high school of the my parents. I guess you know keep an 1819 whatever I remember going places in the morning like before work. To do rivals houses to flaunt its there was slick yeah she'd like I gotta go to work order and I leave at 830 so if you wanna come over. 730 it is an hour something okay it really sounds like that's what they were doing and it was she's saying that he lived right by her work when she was as close or she can walk here. That's how they match right she's our stylist. AMD if he's saying like she said this whole time look. I'm running for office soul thing is she's saying that when he took the pictures that might take a picture the look. My improper sat to have something in case you try and tell someone. You know and the reason it through my house I can't meet you to coffees and I assure me. Why didn't this you get muscle bone turnover I need to be protective of myself. Keep pace she said each actor for wires and stuff for John Ziegler got wet ash and then patter down if you have that. Secretive and protective via. Well and and you're you're you're that conscious of the fact that this is a big deal because you you're running for office. I don't know I guess hauling always wins I don't get it. It seems like you would know. If you're uncertain now. Why sort of pictures I mean bad girl I've not been event girl. I haven't been I don't let me thing. So now what. Is he resigned. Or ridiculous those allies it was if he's he's doing it I love I called the Brady Bunch defense but. As you know there was all drained. Because she's a reworked guys. One point in that'd. Testimony she said when asked about the camera this whole thing hinge the whole story. Big came out a few months ago or whenever it was couple months ago said. He took a picture of her what she was blindfolded and said if you tell anyone I'll release has been as anybody who's anybody write that he was in trouble for. Having this picture or because it's illegal to transmit this picture Ericsson camera phone in the sky to the Internet that's breaking off but she sat in the testimony. I don't remember for sure if I heard that the camera or that was part of a dreamer what sort out his defense and we've already seen insane is. What that she dreamt this stuff was all libraries guess we've got that again. You you know biggie smalls. And be Dick about it on your kid yourself wait a minute or why it is the deal yes he's yes yes. We're Minnesota we've got to Jesus you know you don't punishment for being a bag earlier streaming and Mike for. Like what are you demo he's dancing around here when the report cannot cure like dancing behind the police are really important let's say this they're. Well that's it. I mean that's that's pretty good it's candidates it's pretty good pretty big news I'm saying it's pretty big news it's not like guys are solid and she didn't have anything right like oh well we don't know she might have had a dream that someone took a picture. Cuba an missile attacks line. Governor of Missouri. Ehrenreich whose is apparently accused because this recording 33 days he says it was all a dream and Astro. No one says. Being. Aggressively. Breaker. Well I feel like it's right by a man as she said that she and perform oral also acts and she's such desire to. Leave a basement that he was unilaterally that's right yet she says that she felt it was something along lines of you know I guess I consented specifically to about bought it wasn't really consent based on my actions earlier saying I need to get out of here right answer is tied up and no other way to get out of there so I get a team and she's crawling up the stairs according to her and he grabs her and says hey you're upset sure it's okay. She says he's holding her. You know and named still trying to. For slower sexually and that's where she thought I guess I better do this machine claims and after rushing did that. Is that aren't and she lap but I think he's essential flight. Well since you dream lives but it but he. Did he admit to sleeping with her when he came out and said he had cheated right duties and he cheated on time. How he's admitted to cheating this event so may have put there's been able Angeles where they say I'm made a mistake but. I didn't do anything illegal now he said that he's not gonna do any thing you'll see hill has been porting order orange yet and that's for the true it will come now. And date this whole thing Saturday beginning. I'm not a bad thing he refused to testify. He'd play defense ready didn't he wasn't a part of us. Bout. That. It's on downgrades. Well he's going to jail. There's also on a pretty credible to me the right he redneck girl. Amended are alleged to have called us try to get a lot of trouble here right Michael look of love if that is what they release is true that's right. Yeah definitely I mean today but I go to jail for right ya know I I agree I just. A lot of people it's hard to get convictions for right now I mean but that seems pretty cut and run. And there are what four different witnesses they talked to all they don't name them. But but I think one of them must be the husband right because the ex husband wasn't because he was one who originally talked to the Saint Louis post dispatch and sent this summer and get them. Boy he's easily told them about rising Shia I told her when she knew when she yeah she told him he said yeah they get on a major Napa and so. Well I go to look for. It's everywhere and we'll CBS news NBC news in local news and but I think we told you probably a couple points from Missouri we already took a couple points for Auburn's Q judge. And thank Churchill. You're on ABC. My friend nick writes from app that's one of the first things first. It's out in the morning here in Kansas City should listen and watch it. Plus 3830. Games central time. I'm sure you guys talk about that extensively but I I just read the entire 24 page report yeah. On the sitting governor misery are its students know called credit and they agree cap you guys well I read it recounted. Get ready so we aren't the current army it means. Given the circumstances. In the news came out. The people involved it is credible an accusation and like are we imagine one being any and eighties global power line in what appears to be credible also some of the weirdest. So I did actual. How you'd hear the court I haven't yet our Brothers to mark and I are out there we can talk sports. I'm curious how could you not have the dignity just rose on your office writes once you know that. Because you won't want but let me ask you this why. Why would you maybe this doesn't all come out if you resign before they decide why it. Is split in the political game. Of where you are and what Donald Trump just waiting for news not true lies the guy Alabama damn near winning. Election I feel like to go to used to being you know what I'm gonna resign. Now would go to defenses. Or used to be you know. Take some time often go to alcohol rehab right. These are all the things be announces it supplies and that I would Nigerians and it's lies it's frank and it's a dream. He's sad that I happen tablets seem. He calls them lies and tabloid trash. All right track position usher in a new era of defense and the defenses and that it happened. I don't wanna be too fatalistic about this or that what you're describing is world. And eat eat circle lottery I believe it is true that we are all in any orbits about trawl. No I agree it. But I mean that's what I mean that is I absolutely believe it to be true there's no way about it. It used to be L resigning used to be our go to rehab and I know I sent it over and over again but now if you look at the people who are accused of things. In the political line now apparently in Hollywood you just quit in resigned Stell. Or in the sports world you do that but in politics you come out and say it's a lie it's a political witch on. None of this happened the Democrats are trying to get me or the Republicans are trying to get me in stereo. Yeah. The only part of it would also work withdrawal work. Well the only part of it though what you said that it occurred with the. So within twelve might be the best example that being successful. But what. I know you are peaks and build more noble to you guys like that show quite a bit and there's a belief I think legitimately that built more like your show court ought. Takes from you great yes. I used to watch film more DVR watch every single Friday night for the next that. Honestly I want these four years ago couple years in my time in Houston. Stop being able to watch you right view because it was so frustrating to me. Because what used to be sure what now just so for instance hey. The climate change is happening let debate about how to fix it or even that it is worth fixing became a show now. Wouldn't know we don't actually agree it's happening. And it debate about what he's who it is not is not an interest in intact it's incredibly. Which is all politics have been for the last two years now that we can't agree on a fact so we just wait. Here's the thing you're saying north junior I. You guys know COLT in on what plug in cheek when being called her up apologist I can't wait it at the BO. Well I think it's I think politics won't eat it. And took advantage of it more so in eighty mainstream politician I've ever seen but. The ground work was being away for it there or inconvenient. Facts. Instead of lying or you've been the best championship denied that their backs. For the better part of the last. Decade and now we're in a position where the world famous person in the world was doing a regular basis and now or in real probable. Because if we I do think like with you we we might have. We might hate me but liberals are all about how what resources should be spent want you to be impolite at or on climate change. Maybe there is a legitimate argument I don't know what it is well apple could be yet there's legitimate argument that you know what. It actually not that big a deal and when you consider the money will take to fix it. Liked it though is that monies that elsewhere we can say more wide global like OK maybe edit it like that that discussion. Well it we've moved past. That type of discourse cute job know what you say it's not true. And the carping Gergen warriors didn't worry your hand in law we walk the plot added something like this which is again. And I it was and yeah I heard the tail and ears his second book or wherever your. It is nothing oh you know you're saying is it true I don't want it it's two acre yet they what you what you call it soup. But this was it it will take that at hour 44 pages that. What role an accusation at one can exist without their being video moved up to quell right. In simply say no didn't do it and I'm not providing. It and and we are sold. More than. Bet the Republicans. In the state senate seat and Powell's Walt then they -- it will work picking you well. Then it been like how what Google functioning democracy we actually are really comes into question. Like you predict kicked out of all it like that you can't. It is only in the -- what you resign is because it's the dignified we do if you want to remind you always have the record saying O workers slowing well. So I like do you think you guys do you think that is to me that the climate is in Missouri right now where they will call well. I don't know there are he. 33 days he goes to court. And so I think if he wins that trial and I think I don't think you necessarily goes deals. I don't I'm I don't take a lot of trial unpopular he is with the elected state official Odyssey Democrats Tatum but he's made some enemies with Republicans to quite a few. So he is not a popular guy with the elected. Officials in Missouri so I think it's more likely than possibly another state. That that there would be enough Republicans get on board to say hey resign I mean. Obviously all the Democrats in the state have already been on Twitter and making statements today saying he needs to resign immediately this is ridiculous I go into what he's not going to he's our cities and go to trial. No more so let the ball in the eighties. I get this thing just dropped in Milan a couple of need to know to be criminally guilty of blackmail to know it is a whole whole. Abomination and an embarrassment to my life like here it is quite old state this debate which like rocket. I'm thirty career pole and I was twenty. That in my 33 years in the data are that this guy had right. Would still be the copper these are all there. Like the life. What you are saying well let's all embarrassment for us I don't think it's an embarrassment for over. Staunch. Right wing Republicans I don't think they've thing. It's a lie is when we're charge you still have people who are coming out saying. I watched them on the news the other night retirement trying to find jurors for Bill Cosby he sees people saying. There's no way he did that I grew up watched Zach I'll of their guys is obviously none of this is true. Right now I guarantee you detects I'll start rolling. So there were no weapons of mass destruction. Right I did you people will start texting right now saying I use their their weapons. And the rain and especially it's it's really really hard to do it. Consensus that deep of it at the guys on your doesn't what you just said adding we're not arguing facts anymore. The quarry were arguing what to do what we we cannot agree. But back on which stand at the discussion we do not agree on that secret like that to be honest. One. The benefit of living in the world that I view and sports. Like what can happen is it. That I don't like it theaters in thought exercised by the way. Like it or it could be a great like it should tell you that would be it someone smarter more creative than any of the great it. It's sports or debated like politics. Like it that day during. Heart. Debate we don't debate we debated today what the eight or should do with their upcoming work program. And it's my entire permit for the great what what the indie Super Bowl champions the patriots. You know like Bieber. I like the principle like oh they look up. You'd become number enterprise it would be laughable for you look at. Really not that bad compare. Well they're right up to argue about. What's it touched on what's not a touch supplement the efforts. Yeah but that because of this agreement. Is OK art good thought it scenic. I'm cheering shine Caron head off last. Okay 65 and.