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Wednesday, April 18th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Barbara Bush dies
    • Slimfast doesn't think the female pilot of the southwest flight is a hero
  • 19:25 - A window-washer who dressed up as Spiderman turns out to be a creep
  • 40:33 - The guys take a quiz to see if they've gotten old
  • 1:06:48 - Sports with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. Siren you'll mend. Values dark. Will strike down low numbers along the. Oh no don't start a whole you know you start every single show is talking about our hypochondriac. OK fine I just said this is it this is that I find witnesses fine I just asked if you got your blood tests back and you send. You have to go when they called me inside and miss and my time from him yet they said that my stuff was done and it is time for me to come in and I'm supposed to go back anyway because I'm supposed to talk some about medication yeah. I am I don't mormons fun. In terms in front I'm sure they just change when they do things in the past they would mail NBI your blood test and learn need to come on and they just asked me to come in your mom or something they did say that. Although I guess they wouldn't in my race. The fact that I. I have for a housing and did take comfort in the fact they didn't say like you should drink sophomore. I guess they don't cellular so monitor and each doesn't drive you he's. I mean get around and until nominee you know I knew some lesson I may be fine to drive here and MD OEZ trim back because boy that would really help you can to have them drive him and didn't hums in real problem we don't want to leave your car here. Why would get a home be a problem. You're gonna be under various yeah. Just seen through the tears they say we've had some people have a hard time. When they receive news like this I thought if you wanna drive that's time zone recommend. Oh man. I'm thinking about just not going in Rome Moulin Rouge national leaders just stood up and almost fell down I don't like LA and it is a sort of too fast you. I did Manny Zimmerman that does not see everybody. I was stood up I see those aren't Marla really your lunches or whatever they don't know I sent a drill ourselves and I've been sitting down for like twenty minutes and five. And not sitting down where your ass out no we shouldn't have to ask you get light headed. You regulate better when they see enough of the YT like you know Virginia fell against the wind selling grabbed the wall and braced myself. Yeah she's this and sound for Jerry Jones commander couldn't see for a second. Yeah I won't talk about it. I'm just not gonna go in. Oakland entrepreneur do I think it's a really good idea I've told you sort. The only person who can tell me for sure medically denying dying is a doctor. So without that item is resilient they are not nine. Yes but I can have that tonight believe plausible deny ability mile mine like I'm making too much of this is 00. Forget about it to some degree except for when you. And stand up and head against the wall. I didn't hit my head I stood up I got Mike and I watched you know you're insecure grabs one million low and I was at people do that all the time. He was easily senator stretching go low in the fall back into the couch no jet that happens to people to do a lot of people name on me. Since I was a kid and I'm fine. It's got to be something else to talk about others. Welsh I don't know. Barbara Walters not Barbara walters' Barbara Bush Barbara Walters may have died two I don't know I miss seeing her wild bunch. Maybe. Probably not well. Sure you came to speculate I always like to lanchin Iceland's. What are you talking about Barbara Bush or Barbara Walters army Walters our rules and isolation issues younger which is generally all came when he was asked. Bush is Gmail for. Oh vision of how would you know is that legislation was Wear skirts across relations. Awesome by choosing good journalists. As I when I think of her I think. I don't ground breaking I don't German journalists that he's not a sexist thing I don't care about journalism in general that's not what this Barbara Bush died. She are content and our players. You do that here's a clip of Barbara Bush. Shoes on I think Larry King in 94 talking about how lucky her whole life and and many. Like that's an amazing I 'cause I always knew that I was lucky and that's who life have been good to me that. I really remembered again how really get it had been a love people I really loved living in the White House fun. I don't miss it at all fusion is what you love you know. No because I got more we're having the best time you've never known com. The Jew I mean I've received you saw that she died did you watching George Bush talking about her dying nor negative press about her I called Powell's unseen in this morning did you watch any of that. Seems like everybody loved where you're looking at pictures of marvel walters' Barbara Bush she just did you watch any coverage of her dad those people talking about her. He Mike Timlin really liked her I found this clip coupons. I found a clip of her husband former president George H. W. Bush. We know love letters he wrote George HW my daughters are off his own toilet okay. I've wanted to warn you this and see if it would make you emotional you're busy a live look at it Barbara Walters. In pictures this time and I am shocked Morgan and damage. You want broader I mean it was an accident I was. I was thinking of Barbara Bush and light headed. Julie can we please listen to this week please listen to George Jeff bliss and a woman is diet. McCain has no real quick on MC's Barbara Walters and letting us right here. Now. That is that's not. This is is not her legs C is my whole image Marmol is lazy got a picture of suck up millions of ladies from 2003. That's a color photograph. It's not very old there's no way she's Reynolds is I was a child that graduates who knew her. OK there you know those guys legs. Iceland's. Taunts and seeing America I believe you look at this on. Station there it's I don't want to ever have nice legs somewhere in dance and you know not like. There is more like Barbara talk about. A woman is died then I'll beloved American thing here has passed and everyone's paying tribute to work. And we drew this holes tribute up now talking about Barbara Walters legs. You brought bathroom habits are. You brought it up it was an accident because I pass out sorry. All right I'm gonna take a series mind when you listen to erase all of that I don't understand because I cannot sense yeah. But yeah. Hello Salem and clear. I want to call it a lot sheet when she demanded today. Think about Barbara Walters our Barbara Bush Barbara Bush. And about her pearl necklace. I don't know are we got it. Us graying hair all letting everybody loved her married did George. Now when you listen to George accept dueling pitches. Odds are I'm not I'm done I'm not I want to listen to George H. W. Bush talked about. His beloved wife for you ready. I've found perhaps some class mountain and we're. But even then China calling chanting your name Barbara says this. Mom mom used to tell me now George don't want to head. Never listen to their mother. And little did I know I was only trying to keep up and keep up the market. Mark pierce it Vermont and artistry. And write New York Times. C'mon. Is that touching or what O'Neill Tino over there. That was touching it was awesome what do you want nice to see coming out there people actually I'm gonna have Barbara Bush stuff now you want and you're laughing about something I. Barbara Bush looked with the task. Hopefully I'm Armstrong you'll remember bush. Just look at a boat like I'll retrospective Barbara Bush's life. I feel bad for. Hw. Damage to. And I don't know. I'm anything bad to save does anyone have anything bad to say about Barbara Bush mention somebody does but I don't you don't do you. I know our family. They were Republican but you don't just like her personally right now right she's a good person everybody likes her. As far as we know just Barbara Bush. Trying she's a nice lady everyone laughter I'm watching TV day everybody loves this woman. Everybody her kids. Colin Powell. Granger and see if if if if people really like turf hey so that pilot about southwest flight you know we're someone died. The engine exploded. Out pilot. People now culinary hero Temi Joseph Schultz. And she has like a local connection did you guys see this. So I guess she went to only. University views heard this before what is only the university KJO nine so 83 she drags and we did a university only so. This says Schultz was a 93 graduate of the university in a late stuff but university. It says it of that university. In O'Lakes just says it's that it was an only thing. Anyway she's a hero and there's now audio of her. Talking tool. In his ground control is only when your space her. Bear trap air traffic control air traffic control after she realizes that there's an emergency people are praising her for her nerves of steel. We. These crap that you've written into that category and make you happy that article stated accurately as well we've got. Do passenger you can argue this airplane that went on fire. As it at a fire and I think. I think they're all at. I went out. As a technique. No it's not on fire but part of it's missing. Does that there's a hole and someone went out to yes maybe. That's nerves of steel maybe also in that moment and I was talking a lot about this earlier but maybe. You don't know what's going not sure obviously something comes up that says you've got engine failure. And media. A flight attendant comes a tell you that window is broken and someone's been. Sucked out of the play I have no idea but maybe you don't know exactly what's going on usually you got to get them. Plane on the ground you don't have time to assess everything that's going on you have to get I don't know downtown Atlanta trying to planners Mitchell she doesn't know what's going on as. It's my first female pilot in the many views are right she was one of the first female pilots to fly fly hero for our fighter jet. I really awesome. Did you just say she's a hero no I should be our guest this recording our whole lawn. You're the one he says so he's not a hero because he's is doing his job is doing his job so it made it plain with no engines are clearly an inclusive talks and a with no engines it's on our own restaurant he does ladies played. Explode and I was getting sucked out windows and she's like I got this whole. That's nurses feel there I'm not saying that it's not but if she's a hero rather than solely it's on that not every time and a woman does something great jet to compared to a man okay. Here's I will say this season if you don't know what I saw was a hero now I assume you guys are good I see what you guys are Dillon read and usually I'm a little how wow. I sort of nice but we just got here and you said you know I see it and you said you know what I'll do I'll call her hero. I can hear allows an outcome and Paula Natalie here are my doubt just that she's a hero and I didn't do images of her legs aren't easy here on. You mean there isn't supposed premiums and you hate women hate emails concerning where he was in here do you want pictures of Barbara Bush his legs Barbara walters' Barbara Walters and down from a dead end here well known say OK I won't say she's here okay. Change. I wouldn't you know it and obviously you're. I can't practice carries governor yeah she's a hero I think these guys are doing is not gonna work you're not gonna get savings accounts you are you got to me I'm done now on the wrong she's a hero he's the hero. I think I don't know what Sully Sully on this plane. So he was aren't there plus volley on this finally wasn't on the although I just keep them what I don't know hero was only hero Sully did his job okay and what. She do Jazeera okay. I think is pretty obviously you guys don't. She retraced her nerves of steel and helping to prevent a far worse strategy after the catastrophe killed one passenger less seven others hurt. From sure disaster I was at the heart attack okay yet there was someone talking about a heart attack I heard that too but then. I just watching the video earlier MSNBC and it's the same. This woman who died Jennifer. Riordan and she's on Twitter there's clear moments talking about. She's like a philanthropist and a lot of charity work she's from Albuquerque. And they were very clear that she was the person. Who was sucked out of playing like they were talking to witnesses who some of the it was one of the guys even helter back into the plane. And then they talked about how she passed recently made it seem like she's the one who died. This actually gets sucked out like when she's out of the open your eyes read another story this morning that said passengers were giving accounts of how they actually grabbed her and pulled her husband. Police talk about Jesus. She's sucked so they grab your quarterback. They said her head and her arms were out of the windows like a true waste when they pulled back it OK I choose like sucked all the way out of the airport. She was oh you mean like you thought the chiefs. Flew out of here player and played decently in the field somewhere round you know that's just choose sucked out of the Portland yesterday there was something out of the blue shoes halfway sucked at everything she was that she was pulled back into the plane era after she. She's zero or the people looked older regular blood. Odd I was losing to tell us the women's on fast. Isn't there if their women men and on Thursday on the ground in G-8 B I said this gals a hero okay this gal gas a chief Harold. There's a name yeah I'd say she's excited crowd yeah. Yeah that's what I said I say she's a hero miles a sense noisy here Olazabal says they only tell you say this woman is a hero this woman is a hero and I remember. From last. I'm about sue because a you do not because of her now because it hurts me to admit the truth which is what she did was I'm wrong but Lazio has argued for years. Well I always always have to come up now that's a question were you should Frears is finally got to debate Hillary so it wasn't on his play every divisional. Live about July she's a hero yes that's my stands everybody don't want to tell them to go back and drag about every other guy is never done anything COLT and I compare to back. Every bill I daring her to selling this morning on the news or no do you follow them beat you toxic masculinity OK okay. I think the difference is this plane malfunctions to cost right solely. It's undocks because swerved. It's G if he had an interview for Dutch yeah. This is them now I want you to play this is a malfunction on the plane and financiers don't control of maybe he's the oil before she and I I don't all taxis. You know what slowdown. What needs adjustment a lot of from me. This is what you want it's all those walk right into the second and until I do you're asking me why would bring up selling one every one literally in the news is bringing us aliens saying this is Joyce comparisons in those comparisons to captain Sullenberger. Whatever I hero who landed I don't know engines on a river and now we're also seeing cheesy Euro because you're an engine blowup when she lane today. So cheesy hero he's zero I'm good with that use still say he's not a hero. That's because I tried to zero I said she's here since she's a hero now she's he's not yes. She's here are so I have to compare it to me is I don't understand how for years like millions singles comparison isn't just doing any time a woman does something amazing we don't have to learn to manage those songs are they losing just doing your idea on her own. Did an amazing and heroic speech ugly doesn't need to be compared to whatever man so she wasn't has been done before that you like to hold her up again soon so just doing her job she was just doing her job and part of our jobs plan in place and get everybody you know I've. It was out of the ordinary and now she had been doing those. And why everything else. I was always agree it is absolutely understand and dialogue loneliness and they rarely got to bring up solid win was solid. Doesn't hate gaffes or bring up stuff from ten years ago just to prove that want a man can do when a woman to do on an endearment stockman. You done. Now. Here's passenger Marty Martinez talking about what happened while he was on the plane. What happened won't know the Indians getting Bodine yeah it didn't look into it but it broke a window. You know rose seventy. And that window will pop all the obligation I wouldn't. And I wanted to pitch you don't take it off the ball. Where it felt like if it's free fall and going all the look filling. Going down east. And we are travel days I got like going down to like 1015 minutes. And of course everyone's freaking out are you crying and of course that I had Wi-Fi and I knew I couldn't get any order and all the just career. Carol are I'd I'd come on pick a blind eye cut loose. I thought I was like catalog will block moment blogger then. Loss. Said there was blood everywhere and Arabic Bahrain state senator Collins well trying of course Arjun is book library plaza would find a spent an exit polls Gary Caldwell on one army that I know it is weird that there are I'm glad to people do because it's it's great for earth. People like us have more for curiosity. That someone seems to always be willing to take up their phones start FaceBook live guys don't show as I mean I know and don't turn the camera and I don't have. In that moment I don't have the ability to like take my phone the ability to stand up two quick OK okay. What is what do you guys that I went what I miss. Work. Yeah. Hi hi how are here I'm good Dario and find you idiot my uncle Lloyd Lola. What do you do and a well that's. Isn't it a tough decision off the air I don't know I couldn't all be glad I mean it's like being around a four year old. Is this outcome. You say some good roads are doomed for you yeah well you know what I need right now I think I hadn't thought. I don't want to Mandel he's gonna moods that I just we have more home I mean what are we have what I have some might top secret information is I think he would just go with it right now. I hear you okay I think you look what what I really don't think you'd ever to top secret information about any until it I don't know why I don't. So what do I stumble I don't even remember blood test results they will player you'll hurts us. But I could ask him if I want to you know some male I choose not to moment but it is easier weird. Adding your bit and we're booted if I come to you. With open arms now I can't do you was something debt that I expect you're. You're your your your consideration for my privacy or our wells is privacy or clearly don't or just attorney client privilege is dead and destroyed junior. Maybe just. I don't know coup if you started that he turn the Mike on as an immediate among the Lloyd that's those of trauma first two words and your mouth library. We were discussing. Political Claire what is that maybe we dude you. There Kay would talk to the guy alone. We were discussing political correctness is. I connect with each. Just talk to him. Yeah he's in a mood that I slump well I know. Just had the bug won't go home. You wanna go home. We owe you a good idea I don't know I don't Afghanistan. We were talking about things that are not politically correct to sing anymore because and I heard Joseph Rogan mention that. Back in the day hospitals used to say don't this is true or not but I mean show rogue and so it's probably true projects and sources yeah. And he said that hospitals used to say. If someone had downs and in the day the correct term at the time of the immediate mongol is to sit on the couch because I'm not kidding that there how these these terms you know they they constantly. Of albeit something becomes you use it in hateful way and so you move away from me need to determine what are they were chartered losers decides to say. Say that would no contacts. I know is as it is back. I think I think you've got mad at me for saying my uncle Lloyd in the past they was food proper one right now for the development little person. Little person is that what those of you say it's well. That little person that was being interviewed about what the proper term is he said some people like little person people find it worth. Just usually not midget I never know what I. How often are you I'm not all of a person that you have to act one have what you just say hello how Oreo. And quit being and able to hide. The tax on says. You're armed. Those three words I started with a high. Those technically he did say hi to. I can't remember when we talked about me you remember because people were passed we talked about them. What's that fellow's name that I had made some thinly veiled. Completely. A lot of them inappropriate accusations it mister Rogers. Power don't insult. Diseases there was speculation mounts different it was just it was a discussion about family not gonna do it again validation. Trepidation about. Adults who choose to work with children. And we excluded most school teachers of course. But there are certain types of people who work with children that I now have this. I don't know this this fear of and a man who have kids but I just it's a distrust. And I understand that the majority of them are good people but it's there's a disproportionate amount of them compared to the general public that seem to be. Predators predators. I don't know what the proper term is now editor. So people got to sat and I thought we were clear I guess they tell you yeah like mr. Russian and I dare you even head. Someone who works for the company loses lakes in any loss and I agree with snow down. Mr. Rogers was a saint whatever helps or not. Kim. Who Pollyanna track. Cell. I saw the story and I thought oh but I did get an email from from a woman who she only sent me for him as you say you are rights. To be suspicious. Up from people it's okay to be suspicious and she even sent me only to this book from the ninety's about protecting our kids and and I look using it talks about people who. And read the whole thing I have time for that but largely orbit just allowed to listen to this for Cecil news stirred Yuri noticed ornaments on it now. I know. Desire and things Spiderman I don't know why Roger. Spiderman window washing gets a hundred years for taking pornographic images of children he baby sat so here's a picture of him. Number only work the studio and I got the studio and see. It's yeah. With the emergency. I don't know that I don't we had that you know we were in I don't know it does that considers sky rise as a high rise would be. We worked on the fourteenth floors of an and the one on ice scraper ice skyscrapers it's always guys giver but only seventeen stories is that the high scrapers and I rattle as a high scraper it is say hi skipper you set -- papers it is an highrise skyscraper I don't know it's at either of those who call in the sky rise. Then I'm but because of the sky rise or ice it I whatever. You do it. The point is we have the window washer guy and sometimes you know and I hear I'm from mold. You say he had never seen want him before he's just hang in their day off and my gosh couldn't believe how Ohio because let's we're just sit and realized I could be listening to a songs on this guy. And a drop vital when Downey's. Sometimes you weigh Axel that's what this guy did except he dressed up as Spiderman. And he washed windows and a Children's Hospital okay. So he's just simply that is the only job though it was in the window washer and other places too he just. Well this specifically is I'm looking at a picture of him yelling he's dressed ISI measure washing windows at a local Children's Hospital. And they say he was no hero behind the mask. And instead the constant creep was sentenced to a 105 years in prison Monday for child pornography. This is according to Jarrett a turn 36 took pictures of two children he baby sat. After he befriended their families between October 2014 and may 2015. During that time turner took sexually explicit photos and videos of the toddler on several occasions. WTV. Asked reported to us he also took pictures of another child and infant. Six times the children were between the ages. Of twelve and 31 months old he took the photos and his national apartment the images also include himself appearing to I you know at the rest of it. It's discussing. There's quotes from what he he captioned under some of these pictures also don't really want our freedom but it's you know. I don't even need do it's it's fact. He's I guess if you did know he was a predator you read these captions you might think you just talk about how much he loves his nieces or nephews but knowing what he did. It's. It's tough to even read on you address at the Spiderman as an attempt to gain access to children court documents obtained by WS MV stated. Quote children of this community are little safer today with this predator behind bars. That's assistant special agent in charge Robert hammer the fact he would film and then upload to the Internet videos of himself. Doing these horrible things the point is this guy dressed up like spy game went to a Children's Hospital now. I think the EU and I would both be probably a little more suspicious. Of a window washer dress up aspire manage shall maybe not but as that of a window washer just have a Spiderman the mister Roger. Then doubling his name applause and I would certainly be I would you know what now I feel like I'm taking a little bit about I feel like man you're up. Window washer Children's Hospital like you might be a good dude and every morning just promised by you gotta go do the job anyway I want our audience kids are sick so you know on. A doesn't like Spiderman it never did get to see me. You know just I'm probably be less leery of that this is a kind of thing. Where I am a very cynical jaded per cent and then the ski accident overdrive. Rice takes an even further doesn't run like wanna know there are no good people period you wanna look here in person and say and that's awesome I'm so glad there's people. That you know this guy's got a job or happens to be prosperous kids' hospital announced dress up like a sail out a way to doing good for him. And then you restore legacy go you know watt star does nothing Douglas were we suck as a species is not the guns were just forget about it. Nothing and sent mr. Rogers. I don't know if I've ever told you this before. But. I know someone who went to prison. He's in prison for. Assaulting children. And I was around him as a child haven't told you guys us know how things have really never told about this now. Well I think it's been long enough not I may have been afraid my first night because I don't I think he may have just been getting ready to go to prisoners is closed my friends' stories now I don't know this is when it didn't. If I was never where I was never. Assaulted that's actually sort of slim we should just club so when I. A book is transcends just let them know that this guy. He worked. I mean the people I guess anyone who has I was in on time up there not that many people I guess who would still be around that and that. Nobody tells what's Coleman he worked with the family member. And telephone number of years yes and I would go to the office to the it is you know it was my mom's office are proud to say this. The guy's a prisoner I'm trying to protect him there. Maybe his family because I've met his family and and his kids and his wife. But we would go to the office. And we how old were you I was little I mean I was probably I knew this guy from the time I was probably. 54 or five until I was thirteen or fourteen token and found earth couple years later that he'd been arrested. Apparently he had done something in the past that obviously my mom did know about her she would have never like he'd been. Charged with something in the past and I guess maybe he had done his time that part I'm not so clear on but when we were go to the office. You guys are gonna laugh but this guy was like he was so good with kids he was so excited. Not in that and I'm not alone I got married but the guy always had cool stuff he's like hey we commit let me show you this and he always say that you receive something cool. And at this point he's probably in his fifties you know late four originally that he's. He would you know pick up our records show me how outlook on that dial a phone number to use in the sounded this thing out check out I got these rubber band guns you have put. He was always good open around he always had toys and stuff from hand and my parents always talked about. How much fun this guy was he so much fun the kids love them all so. I actually at one point wanted to have like these I I bought this bed and those thousand birds reported to come back to him. I bought this bag really tall bed in like it was so tall off the ground Ramallah and I was a little Kim altered any steps to get this bad. They kind of get back dance steps and I don't know how to do that but this guy that I work well if he does stuff like that you know why don't we go over his house. I go over to his house. He does it we build the steps is his kids are there they make ice cream form mean the whole thing economically here. No my mom reserve I remember being at this guy's house those are tomorrow's neighbor's house but remember his kids being in there. And I remember. At one point my mom wasn't around because they the son his son came down with ice cream for me. And the ice cream cone had broken so he'd take in the eyes concurrent stuck on top of the ice cream. And made like a clown or something out of and said sorry guys can come broke we made this and I remembered the dead getting angry. Like now like to do it right you know I mean you'd go back up there and redo it is not any of broken ice can come and I think I remember thinking. Boy that's weird because my parents are just somebody the guys come in on right in Munich looking back. It's creepy right like he wanted. I don't know if I'm making too much of it almost like. Now I want impresses this Perez sounds like I'm trying to be funny but I'm all right Jack and all that stuff. And I only found out later because. That the company or a mom works they had high beta adopted like a family for Christmas you know I needed to do that thing where you adopt a famine there have money for gay or whatever going to. OK so I think they did like every year and did you guys got down to manage found. Cards on past. And one of the kids who was a part of this Oliver L that's such an excellent. One of the kids who was a part of this. Or the families have been accused him and he was found guilty in any went he went to prison while loading the complete failure as a prisoner for this Christmas thing at the company had not dig in all the companies are kind of so I'm guessing. This when I was old enough that I wasn't going in there anymore yeah. But I'm guessing maybe this team McCain in the officers some I don't know exactly what the American told who knows what he did tell the parents says okay we're gonna press charges and everything I've seen are aware happened with muscles or. But I remember when my mom told mails like home to pack exact guy. Was really good with kids like no one was always excited to see him there are co workers in the office who also had kids and we went in there. He was a fun one you know I mean he was excited everyone talked about. How good it was with kids and like I said he at least hallways and stuff did you finally dissidents like multiple kids it was a he'd apparently been I think I united I think our searched his name. And he's registered. And you can get some of the details because he's registered says like you know. But the person under the age of whatever and I don't wanna the heat also gotten in trouble I think it back in the eighties or something and he had. He had made Jerry didn't register or maybe he didn't do the registry yet but he'd done he'd been punished some brownie was the Donnie. Tenet whether he'd gone to jail or whatever yeah he finished in and he'd gotten a job and I happen to work at the same place at my mom did. But that back combined with all this stuff with classless thing and now this story and there's so and so come. Forget it I cannot do any good I know I understand his sense of skepticism and concern but there are good people in the world and boy aren't there. Yeah we always are always driven by something Roy adjourn to watch and you guys think every person has an ulterior motive. Starting to via. It took awhile every teacher. It's been OK now none I don't know exactly don't know I don't know that's exactly right that's not happening no it's not just it's not every teacher is banging their kids to sit every person. This this is two different. Arguments on this goes back to our note to mister Rogers thing but you allows got a discussion about every one. Is flawed. China mr. Rogers. Probably had something in his life surely was flawed and you were kind of say not as good personalized said. There's something I might have plus I don't think getting all his taxes on time or whatever yeah I'll be involved kids. But what I'm saying is I think it's important to focus on. Every one is is bad it's one way or another. No one has a saints and we had a sure and it seems like. When you see people who do stuff like this I'm afraid that they're bad thing might be a really dangerous bad thing and so. I'm nervous of me again I understand. The skepticism in the nervousness. But there are people who. Generally enjoy a teaching kids or helping kids in the great for the right reason I agree I agree. And they knew it yes I do and there's people that I admire. That I think are very good people. I think glass is a good guy I admire Laszlo. I hunch I don't think that astle. I don't I don't wanna say that he does that that whatever his character flaw is as is is as bad as this guy's a solid no change cars are sane and honest and there's really no good your people were we south course and I think. Player when you find out more countries is gonna solve yeah girls to go from there. I get a yeah but kinda Spiderman costs down those washing the windows. At a Children's Hospital you think. All right that's a pretty good dude he's actually taken pictures of children. You know I. You start to have your doubts about. How pure the world actually is sir. I'll go look if you wanna live and you know Ryan deal they view as you are able to live in a world reason now the world's still good so great people. I ended people and I and I envy people who don't believe in god. I am the like how nice would it be to believe other woes so a great people how nice to be to be able to believe that when you die you go to haven't needed to see everybody that. You know that that means anything to you get to be reunited and lemon live forever and a happy eternity unfortunately my brain doesn't work our way. But I am the new study can. On and it's ST someone message and I long to be a. Some Bolton. Damn it all comes on the last conversation mister Rogers eventually comes down to. How we see the world. You know glass half full glass half empty where I chooses to the good and people early strike two and maybe that's not even a united. You guys see that this happened do you you don't trust people you see the bad and everything. But maybe that is a safe. Defense mechanism probably say when you're you're bright children they're probably as that if I see someone who's really excited to work with children and I just default to okay yeah well I'm sure that the safer way to live your life someone message me after we had a mister Rogers. Conversation I'm a mix it ask you this but he brought up the point that. That he agreed with what allows an iris saint and that it. If you wanted to whichever comedians talk about this if you wanna tune now as he wanted to go volunteer to do something with kids. The pardon review. Is hesitant to do that because you're afraid that you will. The question you're really feeling there is right. And governor situation room as this or not I didn't do anything about it. Sure as a single that he does Joseph yeah I'm always kids. Period and I mean and obviously about him but like. Outside of that like I don't like kids coming over to the house to me watching him all alone as little kids for surely I'm not in that and the other wanna swim. I wanted to take your kids swimming. Well and I don't need to be announced along with kids on our mind. And as a single dad have you noticed that you get looks from people ever. I hear these fuels us but it's usually when they have daughters but you hear these stories out hadn't thought about a single dads they're with their daughter. Or daughters I don't look at that I'm president of so who's this guy that your west because it. The assumption is you're below president yes it does this got them but I also. I understand as well Libya and I think Laszlo if he saw a kid at target. Was acute kid. You probably don't go up to the care if I don't open parents say something about it too cute Kerry probably don't say something indicating even I don't know I know a few decades. Europe's entire attitude. And in the way that your demeanor around children changed please show used to be kind of nervous to stand up right like as soon as you became a dad. Some were coming with their kids are like man almost on Marian Wright I thought process while this is crazy it Sykes just a switch inflaming things do change but. To a stranger on the street. Ever stranger on the streets and hey I gotta run in my commonly in my Julia really know. I think it would be I mean even compliment in a kid if you see like and that's and that's a cool shark or whatever. And I alone did you think I'm gad she probably thinks now I might say cool shirt is it physical surely just says something. Most of economy like I'm Manny got a good arm and into throwing a dollar sometime I just keep it in that. Keep them at 1950s dad's role might really kind of means I don't care about the hunt. Best players on our kids me jump on kids to have analog where you're vigilant tickets are like on a fraud. Churchill who has low. The virus. I therefore things going on it sometime in this league and know that. Oh yeah that's record store or birds holidays and forge wanted to write and not only on credit boom. Text record in 96500. We are suddenly go into an area. Tech's record to 9650 trying to show and Annan should sign 00 through Thursday night treacherous 100 dollar gift card yet that's going music store after that. Record store day is for Tony want them and of course fort wanna. This happening she should spend all weekend. At some haven't and I'm looking at those who haven't won a five dollar gift card. So give that to somebody. Can you give me twenty dollars just ask you if you take me proof record shouting on Saturday with your friends of them. I like to trade all these 25 dollar just sit there and it's out for twenty dollars us open and but but but but but. Only to make people five dollars on the backside you get the Jews kids. If you want that text does snow come tumbling on the I would like to go shopping Theo. The door open to that I like and airmen Iverson some time there I'd say they hang out a few out there and see. The fact that might make like a good history and stories and because I've never been into that room with Olazabal for Liberia and I. I can spend a lot of time in that room you know there are talking about a final another round of all the records. I'd I can spend a lot of that's really cool plus. A lot of and I feel like kill Lazio's you know just ask me a merry Amos maybe it's time we usually go do you know why you should do you two should do. The psychic cowboy. Who lives. From Simon Simon on record store day. Lot to me sounds like a lot of fun OK but the unions countries like a growing area psychic of what everybody you know what better. We have table up put on a cowboy hat you've come up to me and I'll say the future and I don't expect. If people get confused and they don't going to be saying in. That's fine bullets are gonna get is basically herb a fancy Palmer. At a putt I stand by my predictions but I thought. So I'd like this branch out if I can get on exactly I can also be like a cowboy and an exit Judah. Did. Will you buy me some records of ideas very idea ouch don't. And I need a new dug out can you get one of those. Installed line or throughout the window basket pullover I can't remember who. You you may now when I hear us. I mean I wanna hear this already read it so I know it's is going to be. Because I'm up attack tablet psychic to psychic cowboy are you know what I saws are known of these guys a party. Made fun of me for just about every single thing on this list but it's this article about when you get old. At what age you start to get old and then Howell you know that you're getting all the signs of getting all. So what age you think. A person it starts becoming old we think that they have an exact number. I'm no idea don't use me. Just think of you know on normal like all like people say that guy's old I'd no like basically of more like Louie CK. Are we does suck but I am a member of the bit when he went in an earlier and you need and I like Arab the ankle is just drag and our eyes that's what he set out to use fortified they don't carry so that kind of old so they say 41 is when you start becoming old. And then there's a bunch of signs that you're becoming old. Which apparently the stuff is supposed to start happening at 41 up obviously a lot of victims start happening soon you know on what's got me. But that while there's a bunch of all but. I'm not gonna go through all of them how abouts. Preferring a Sunday walk. Two sitting around my house note. How about it's not looking in the mirror and noticing that your ears seem bigger than they used to be. No no blinds you look at Amendola Els I die you do down my god man really know. I did that I could you look the same from one I met you I see every day but there. I do to have hair M. Places in my ears this and I I'd. Aegs spend time trying to find those tests that sucks to have. I even think about getting bigger. I have this pirate knows things every time I looked in the mirror notices gotten worse pirate known memorization like all these big holes and down and I know Arizona man because you see me every day I don't have seen in ten years he saw me now I think you go oh. Like this bump on my that's permanent as a does it knows who's gonna irons only thing you don't see how well. There. Until social to size she went to William Knowles looks I don't notice I'm being honest I don't know hours and it looks like channeling gazette but anyway the doubters me. Tom that bothers usual our noses I'm telling you nobody else notices that. ICC you know I see pictures and think what is it about as good isn't there yet I think a lot of people though. Been told. Today your opinions are not politically correct. We've definitely all concerned that experience that and I think. We evolved at least think our refusal politically correct things that we. They had a hard time going all right okay now. Paying by cash or cheque instead of using your card somewhere you know. How about you like it if someone asked for your ID. OK I do I finally learn brilliant now I do find it annoying and it's kind of nice like someone you know I. I'm not telling you walking into a bar some dinner and a club like when you go to buy appeared to gas station or something I like you got your radio you go off. You had no come on come on man. How bowel falling asleep after one drink. Mark can do that. I think that's if you're just gonna have one drink a good idea. Yeah I think that's what does make you tired these are signs that you get old by the is this thing says he start getting old at 41 bomb. Do you spend money. On face creams and anti aging products. I'm Lance Parrish could really. What about anti aging products. Do I am I don't. Well I guess maybe yeah okay. But I don't I don't use a lot I'm gonna launch a ball like some sort of bearden you know face cleaner thing may have put on the earth. Well it wasn't like and here's how much Robin Wright and or something again that's not right facial cleaner shrimp and I have like rent and all night time that I don't have that and my day my boys cucumbers on your eyes is to lay out an island doesn't you put on your hands. Before you go out you're kind of crash that now. I even have daytime sun screen that says it's for men. But it's like retton all daytime anti aging bats start eye surgeon at a couple years ago. Let's seed. He definitely will not use Smartphones are not struggling to lose weight easily share. You know to see you drive's slow leak trial instructional. And how about. This is putting everyday items in the wrong place that sounds like they're old where you're starting to get confused out there that that Wright is on they're talking about. Com. You know what your limit is with alcohol and you stop at that they don't know. So are guilty that I know Don lemon is my idea and I never stop there. You've considered going on some sort of vacation that is no Cha has a no child policy. No now I'm okay I'm actually thought about it. Now kind of assumes some ways is the ally against a distorted kids there but yeah like I feel like arm and go out. And have fun with friends or my girls and whatever likened. Now let's so I wouldn't go to Disneyland to Vegas sort you know Perry wasn't about Hollywood boulevard or whatever but I don't necessarily say like you know I'll. I'm gonna go to displacement don't allow kids I would we let down or. When when our mind and we picked one that was you know adults only or no kids I mean just make it's an option and we and have kids so. Not knowing or remembering the names of modern bands. I'm listening habits do you what do you mean. That's usually I'd like I don't know there's tangerine you that's a lot of new music I think compared to. An average I well I was and I know a lot of music yes but there are times he will not when I'm listening to this measurement done demo like a song what is it who is it that and I have as me Josh is Sam Keen on things that I've heard. A hundred times before. I Suzanne I Youngblood song like two weeks ago I know so I think I'm gonna do like that child's against nazism. What about your friends. Start to become sick more often you notice that friends are getting ill and well you know I've the president views for so Arnett. But the fact that I cyanide I don't know like there is I am not feeling got online. I said don't use me is this guy's sick every day. By your other friends kids you droplet dealers on FaceBook incentive we went to school with third. Not yet look at terminal illness does that they're getting somebody whose wife died I'm by them you know not everybody seems to refine. What about spending more time comparing your illness and injuries with other friends I do that every day review yet but I've done that since I was a boy. There. Is anyone else anyone else have this happen and now than necessary as a kid wanna make sure that I'm not the only one. Do you complain about how bad television as I go out of V. And I mean like you complain about sums up this popular like why is key now man I'm not deviate none at all. I think sometimes Smart people made dumb shows just to escape so like if you're watching. You know Karl fashions are was some other comments. Really not real world Jersey Shore and my family engaged in knowing Herrera is news man you're watching that event doesn't mean. I think dumb people watch it yes. Do I think you have to be dumb to watch it now I think sometimes you can think a lot village known as one escape. I'm not a TV snub them at all. What a lot of times I think rush advantage while. Sometimes I think the less Smart people want to say I never watch TV and only read books I think well. In the first sauces that you might sound these first off of your posturing on second off. You probably just catch up on south were all had to reach before lighting you know I mean alliance I don't believe you so. And I feel like give viewers over thinking things in your era you know like a Smart person you're you're taking in politics and you're engaged in the world and you understand what's happening and you read it. And you listen to podcasts and your honest our street our quest to gain knowledge and here. Listening to new music and you're you're doing these things. I think sometimes you wanna go home on a Monday and be like man why is Warren led dudes from. Jersey Shore doing wrong but I just wanna escape for a little bit. What about all you know that reminds you on don't want calm out we had mutual friend someone we like a lot not only the too descriptive and this is a long time ago but remember he said that. In only TV no TVs allowed. We don't own a TV love up I think he would talk about sees something orally where did you watch says mom I out I've I'm I'm I'm I'm pad. Yeah on watch some live my Hannity and me I never Hannity we but I want to remind you reality show she variety and not let these shows a moral right. You're watching what goes on but you don't have to there's no no no we we I I watch them. Just wash mom my iPad like now okay. What about losing into your. Reload ass with technology. Technology getting a little more complex. I notice that I notice like normally I'm to do most things are able to sign up most things technologies autism now. I Mozilla so now but I did have that Sony VR thing man and at whom I called you over. Doesn't look like that might be a little more frustrating to me and I thought. I know you watch videos before you get it there I was watching because my way over because as I. Us should be easy now watch us like man. It's not nothing Aziz is right used to be I'm not overwhelmed anyway but. I have had it. Quite a few moments and recent past from saying Olivia I'm going. How does this work I don't actually know how to fix this and I'm doing things finding solutions are realizing. Oh my god that was an optional long Howard I don't know that Timmy is the bad on when you run deep. Finding out that there was a really easy way to do symphony you've been doing the hard way for Laura and easy didn't know any better that's assigned to me. Tom. Had been coworkers. That you work list who rule. Maybe they don't know what a cassette tape is or they don't know what a movie is from the nineties you researchers noticed that people a reference work with fuel and I don't know these things. Has some Asante did know Pauly Shore was muted and had never seen. Heard a son in law mementos like who's who's Pauly Shore as the but we don't want what you were you born. That was like 199127. Of those like never Pauly Shore and obviously when you hear young people talking about stuff sometimes you have no idea with elder talking about yes that's our well hello we're. Williams and we sang a few weeks ago my old cousin was there and she's. Doesn't one need one now we are plain apples apples. And she had a card with spam. And star was email the email trash are Arabs didn't even know about Ryan this meet earnings. Do you get sick more often. Being used to enjoy it yes and no your friends to your friends get sick often do you notice or your friends are getting sick more. The says getting sick off Hong level is. Close felt like I was sick. I think in that. Professionals like police officers teachers doctors there local way young but you go to the doctor's office you might well. Your doctor I'm not at that point yet I have seen police officers like Diana is sometimes literally overnight though. I'm all of the new implied not to the point where am I don't you look young. You know. The one for me is like rookie NFL players when you see them college rational players I'll drive right now it has a legend like man. But I destroyed 34 points is a freshman just turned seventeen like why it. Yeah I know you'll rarely turned aging oil and 2001. When you have those older than the entirety you Timo is that's a big jam. That sells so long ago for me I mean I remember that moment too when I was older than on a college kids planners are well yeah that's a weird feeling run Quebec goes to lug NFL. You know obviously as they get older you get older and that's that's a weird feeling yeah I mean I'm at the point now where there's only. Like a handful of people still plane in the NFL and I I worry about integrating I need them to be there and gently as Earl in the media friendly guy named Tom Brady Brady I think I'm ready to keep LeBron Dave Grohl and keep making music Yassin the Pentagon right and then there's always the pitchers in baseball on the like all right because they always manage it might lose and 48 year old guy he still comes out as a remember. Q have you ever have you noticed that you stirred deep choose clothes mean. For comfort rather than for styles not know but and that's you know me man I'm I think I'm dressed about the same Harrison you've known. What about him I had a sweatshirt and day you met me would you believe that we act right that billboard that's the bit about the gulf close. Yes I'm comfortable there game what was it was actions slacks you have that Obama has changed his life I think my best on all those kinda. Yeah I guess that's what he was talking about a fire closing their comfortable on now industrialised that's that's what I want again. What Haiti and it noisy bars if you go to bars too noisy. Yeah depends on my own situation. And is it difficult. To sit cross legged on the floor we're now on to say. Indian style applesauce. Crisscross applesauce happy slots. Applesauce who's the boss cross threats and any cost you guys do it at. As it did earlier this threat. Is that offensive bells Indians slow down. If you do it. Shut down like that crisscross apple sauce can you don't lower yourself down my and the race itself. I've got to tell you we do that when times redid it yeah I guess and it costs plus you know I'm watching. Unfortunately I think that. That's something I'm good at I think you lose and lose now I'm not a single job. Any more hair in your ears eyebrows nose yesterday said that. If you. And it up. I'm Ben are you better hope they don't make it look like he's. Yeah he did and I'm being honest. Do you avoid it lifting heavy things because you're afraid you authorize your back now. Do you misplace your car keys never call it every day back packed everyday you do there always done that every day. Did at an event in Israel last thirty years you know I'm system. You're not like to do. I don't like you I've talked about how my system is that why take off my pants at night. Everything is on the the next day when I put on you pants everything goes in the old fans and and I'm like I'm Adam I don't know went on a wooden tray on my bar. As college you know like ashtray on it no bottle whiskey and teasing credit cards and these are things in a ordeal I considered it a semi fibers alone time my wallet and Mike he's gone whom and the next morning I know whether they are boom that's sort of supposed ago. Didn't 25 or sun times somehow I don't make it and they're not on the trade and and is an hourlong surged as I had no idea where there. That means I took him out of my pocket and sent them on top of a washing machine. And I can't find it. OK again these are the signs that you are getting older how about not knowing in any. Of the songs. Currently. In the top ten so I will give you decent songs you tell if you knowing when it comes and so on the top forty Sharpton move. I don't know that I ever knew that come only were young and then you couldn't really avoid you know I don't know I'm giving you at least know one of management. Finance Bruno Mars and party B and alone on eleven I love curry being. That's the ninety's the last song out is our guys saw that video clip you played at all right now I think I would recognize her voice I don't know. I don't know I don't guesses about what god bullish always knows it a bit. Lowell Dickey featuring Chris Brown freaky Friday. Out of that song you know but I videos through my dual deck I I think I would know his voice as like that video is pretty fine what about. Carty be bad. I don't like it is an amount that's number eight no charts about perfect right edge Sharon. And you could. I'll just firstly and Landers is splashing fountains gotten. And that's Amazon Amazon and I would share and that in the direction what about. Said. Mary Morris sing gray. The middle none of that makes its mean unbelievable positive I was reading an artist name or they would. The move is Zach hadn't the artist thinks I'm one artist I'm an Amazon like around the Purdue's early and there's our guy and I due that's three people's that is one Mary Morris is another and graves I know is that because I saw his crib. Well I showed his house one time on a show and it is awesome the arms adds a producer and a lot presents dead. Yeah there is dead dead dead dead is like the EDM like he does a lot alike can pop. Stuff too though like yeah can Sampras on a lot of things the same person. I don't know who Marron mores are great enough. Are blocked boy JB featuring Drake. Again blocked boy JB that could be one person could be a lot of point in JB in Draper suns look alive. Site go by post Malone featuring type LS I don't know you know I've sung okay. I don't know the Izod. Post Malone and. Episode is paranormal investigator style that's down. That is huge now if there on the new big thing and up who's this DJ trauma bay BA Rex talked. I have no idea that's a number three song. Don't know they may Rex has called meant to be features Florida Georgia line all knowing you're so dormant and then the top two songs are both Drake God's plan a nice for one. I wouldn't know any songs you play them nominee Elena and Hamas. Do you grown to make noises when you've been down get up you. Everything's up. Do you talk a lot about your joint ailments now. My feeling you know like. My knees don't go out and hurts if you don't do that what about just feeling stiff. Now. Losing hair grow of course and forgetting people's names act. Well yeah I got the top ten. Down. I mean all of those things forgetting people's names. Never been able to losing hair loss when I was nineteen. Feeling stiff. That's actually a bit of a problem for me. Out of these fifty things I'd say. He's got a problem forty album let's have got forty of them won ten don't you know. I don't really misplaced my car keys on. Yesterday you were the same answer that helps. There is Stephanie and putting things the wrong place onto that. I assume you said earlier that I was a young man. Was it that today or yesterday really that meant a lot to me because I was thinking about a lot you said something about hey you're a young man. And I don't know if you know. How much that meant to make is that there are no ma'am and just been thinking about that makes or two ago because I don't feel like I don't feel like a young. I just said you guys sound oh is now. Yes AutoZone. I'm not saying this is all stuff that we've complained about this and this is an article is talks about getting old. Who cares this idiot thinks. I just some young with for snapper. Thinks everything's great because he knows. How to use. Technology. And we don't. Well who cares. Not use technology Texas you guys some older so are you at a point I think this is a sign are you at a point now. Where if a new app some sort of social media app or something came up now Mike a staff chatter something. And they're talking about kids using instant that you will do you think now you do like I'm gonna wait. To see if this is a real Pablo are written before I even think about dive in Paris there was a stuff Wanda. I forgot the name of that now there is supposedly huge of the company emailed us like we got all these accounts and all is I called. True no I was a missiles won't be that. That was both here and all the time we heard about a new technology initials mean like yes let's test analyses and it's all about numb. Seems. I'll just wait. Wait to see what happens with that. And seen all those people south southwest on snapshot walking down the street taken videos of themselves. And he shouted at a camera though I did think consequently kids doing. We have that what is wrong with you who's watching this how many borrowers do you have how much in the film I don't small amounts that chat. Spider-Man. You've never seen a group of kids doing something now and go on you what the hell following all the time. Of course just got to be something I never really hear you complain about it but I don't care if kids. Old man come off my lawn. Assigned trying to push. Packaged initiative on care but they're not giving kids are like 21. So there is kids Timmy now. It's all it's because it's all jealousy that I don't know what the hell they're doing dearly miles of that vero. Analysts are well it did matter because it didn't take up that it how long I was so mad I was here for a day in and gone the next time. So let's. We all time financially amount of nicotine yes it does very young man you can reinvent yourself now I can't so that's where you started so we used to mean music I was twenty. I cannot start over now you can't just you know Walsh will be a lawyer a hole yeah I'm gonna go to law school or med school rid doctor I'm screwed. We're done. My goose is cooked. It's over this is it. The good thing about me being over the years that I don't know if we win we do get fired. I don't have to live as long. In such a dire situation right as a result advise her right glad I'm not old enough to just say well. It didn't work outs but I guess a deceptive spread maritime little bit there I can't do that. And I don't have can't do any thing I have like a skill and have a degree. Too old Savannah was campaigning for that I'm pretty. Sure. My men Nicaragua's sports how are you. What golf bella are you guys you never been better let always wonderful this year I feel like you're on. Nearly 2000 consecutive day streak of that they'd be in the best pay your light so you gotta be happy man in America right. I certainly am had a largely we don't have to get into a because there may be too little inside sports front watching your show today. Your discussion in a way of Chris Carter the New York you are completely right and it doesn't matter whether he played football or not. When you are the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers or if you're Tom Brady. And you do you carry the franchise on your shoulders. And they may cue the face of that team. They trot you out after games win or lose. The least they can do is consult you or talked to you women make a major player decisions. Art so people know there's more important rockers is a little frustrated. Because this all these and they fired as quarterback coach he didn't tell them and they also belong Jordy Nelson this state receiver without talent. And I can understand the argument. That players consulting players opt out play your wounds. He's he can be more problems work that once you start doing it. All on 11. That you want all I can understand that org the quarterbacks coach one. Don't understand the argument at fall like there's only one quarterback patent matters with the Green Bay Packers. It error Rogers and should be. The only thing I eat from the quarterbacks coach could be different part of Michael will he or. Maybe a lot of excuses for this argument and I will stop. Making excuses the other side of the argument all of course. They don't need to call Aaron Rodgers and say we're thinking about trading a line backer of course not nobody is suggesting that they should. But when you're gonna make a move with someone like Rogers and you're going to move on a quarterback coach or his favor wide receiver. You know what. The guys give it a lot to you. He's played his ass off. And when that team loses or doesn't make you trot him out there. Not you was a general manager you trot him out there to take all its. From the press and you expect him to do would grace and dignity you know what. Behind the scenes. Didn't go well. You don't want that doesn't mean if you say what they're about Megan's move on Jordy Nelson. And you know we just want to let you know here amount and they say we hear you would still make you know what we still need to make decisions from the front office. And it may not be in one you want. Will let you know that we respect you enough to concede that's in ensuring that doesn't happen or need to happen is shortsighted. That last hour is will my biggest point that even if you bank. There's no way he should have veto power I thought I see no reason no upside whatsoever. In not. Giving him at now I get idle and that was the point that our Florida where it. I didn't think he really responded judicial watch which is what he's bought it even if you're saying you shouldn't need to. I I get hurt but you're saying that what is that downside. To letting the guy now. This is a very trusted employee. That you pay a lot of money any really good at what he does so maybe you're looking at something and all these different frames and you talk to Aaron Rodgers and you say. We're gonna make his move on Jordy Nelson knows where were added we need to do something like Justin is winner take all I was saying before you do that think about this. We answer your ego well you know what I cannot think about that perhaps you know what kind of Smart money sit on this for a second that's okay. Where can I did I look at my war was not there routers might work well on the outlook valuable member show right. And it's not like Cole. Who bought producer Saul. I don't get that all they think you talked about it to make that hole and it might work was during work police if you wore one of the well they think most valuable member. And you're going to make a person associate that action you directly. I just think you always feel better about it if it don't bury these. You don't find out what everyone else. Like that and so the belt was won a major discussion on the show early in the show waiter and this is. Like what are good at it at any time before in the abstract. I know myself like everyone is wall act signed on certain things. In real time. It never hurt me even the possibility cycle people like while I'm making an argument at the end of any making it you don't agree with me. It's as to why haven't communicated clearly org you'll understand what respect because obviously must be correct. So I. I I appreciate the validation however sending the other. Other major news from the end of the show is this report from Adams shepherd who's about to get in the swim in a cold when business. And I'm worried he would not yet committed to playing it up currency. I think that is actually. Not that all of that if it relative of what we're talking older rockers we choose. I think Brady might be too would agree a little bit. Of bella check wanting things were structured iron hit with Brady being just one of the 53. When he obviously is shall want more. Been one of the here. I don't know. Any I just expected if you work somewhere and it isn't valued employee. I've never had a problem width. The idea that a person who makes the company more minding helpers in the person who is more valuable than some of the other employees or most of them police. It's to do certain things at the other and don't necessarily to do light so I want to bring my TV twelfth guy in. And he gets to whatever that enhance our cars are exactly. And it right. And that. Dispute. That I app on the television show a lot particularly general that third member of the show with geez it would work or copper or dealt back. She's like but that's why did she get an act that way. Right and I just the point I don't know what you made this point her where are urgently party. I'd like in every workplace it is how votes. Yeah what Monday morning. Every Monday night you're able. Every Monday at nine India assail me to draft luck. You're the guy whose lap in the field in sales you can shell like you can be blow at all. And the repercussions for you we're going to be flat. That we get bigger guy who's barely covering it not like that obvious to me. Cents and nothing pisses me off more. The end up co workers say. Well that's not because this racing has to do a B it's ego that person is a lot more important thing you or myself like and the fact you understand this makes this like we live and in a society here and there are some unspoken rules why are used so dense that you can't copper hand. That that person gets to do certain things you don't because that person is better at this and you are the one that you'll be just as important but until they shot up. And don't park in that spot anymore but it didn't work. Work harder to look where I first got hired that six standing in the city and the impact or even go further than a year in like I'm. What I'm hosting nights on six innings Jeanne city. I think it and I know cardinal bank I think I I didn't know I was making eight dollars and I was hoping my child what pertinent or right. Can you imagine. It one day I showed up to work with my dog. And they were like what are you doing what Johnny Derrick up and what he's talking about. Obviously the angered at any one can bring their work like all of your saying Johnny Gary do everything but I don't who really don't fool like that. Society. Right at the right. Seven I built a dog shelter and it. Right and has been here for twenty years and it is an extremely important but guess what you're not at that level yet and that kind of stuff has always bothered me because someone. Is always going to complain it's from the time your kids and I think I thought when I became an adult that simple go away but it doesn't adults do it constantly. And by the way I don't think unfair. I think that's basically what should be yes I meet two I think. Want to build parks. Are working really well yes one of the things Barack and I and I don't know that are backed. That would go well I know for me personally I don't even need to speak you guys do your bit. Bet when I was doing radio that it. If I would come all the time where the ratings were really good. Feel more comfortable. 18 shall not just a few minutes before the show. Go on but I wonder whether or the egg are available. A lot more likely to be seen in the building for. I didn't hear a little bit earlier lightly nick if that's what you're asking. Well I would call it I mean the tweet I would hope that Kate. Within that period I understand that you might be a war I don't look at it as not being warden up that your small. That at any point you're gonna allow. Like there. Or lower and so I get in need and in sports like people will LeBron with Lorena. It was a big deal ain't one of the reasons that you didn't say in my. Because the minute she would accusing people seem a little while she was given a war essentially courtside seats for whoever wanted to ever. It is definitely merger could fly on the team plane you had forty workable please include the Miami did not. Now here's a policy here's one thing I would stop and argued instrument. If that person that is incredibly talented. Alienates everybody else on the team. So that they therefore no longer want to work. Come to work or go to work. Then it. Gray then I think you need choose sometimes make a change and say what you know what yes Yorktown did what you're not talented enough. Two tank. The entire system that we have here so I do think there's a fine line where people didn't love Barry Bonds of them because that is on lock remain out of in his own place. And he wouldn't talk to anybody and add a recliner there's a fine line where yeah I get more stuff to you but I'm still cool so it's okay. But instead be totally honest I don't even draw that line initial art AD still based on performance. And I that need it in the back Derek bonds it if you work Cingular we got it. They could just what police everywhere else on the team with minor leaguers. Like it. Point you're at some point like just like that failed. That that failed you can be lapping the field goals but a cute also called the multi million dollar sexual harassment lawsuit to get what. He's now no longer work it's like. And so there there it don't like it just to how much of a certain you edit all of our model like. Your help what is the outlook that you introduce it directly correlated to what's in the ocean people would. And you have to keep that in check your pay in advance quotient has to be just below. Your outlook just below. Would you also and and by the way. Joseph work. For the top performers like how many people do we all know that when we accompany. That doing lay offs for budget cuts or whatever. That someone's performance. Does not merit being capped. They had been salvaged because one lot and because they're short of the round and it would be bombers even go. And so and someone like it like slightly higher performer but in the Jack act that they get he acts instead like. Mr. Al society has agreed they should be and yet in the sports would be any different. I did think it's a chart like idol as long as well on that still singularly good enough. To get your ancient the NBA finals every single year then you will populate any big idol brought him. He has got regret any of the good of the people trying so it really like me. The ball goes from the best player in the world to be court order world. Court you know what I mean like that but it is so that they can meet up. And I just sometimes like the light. I deal with it. One of the things that he's been happening. Church was a means one of the greatest players ever. And you will not she didn't give me in the nor would he boarded those lecture so I understand like you would feel like. What if I needed and I wasn't giving it. Why wouldn't it be because she was one of those super will be forced I'd like it think that was also one of the reasons why. Could do like cricket. Accomplishment alone we're putting all thank goodness for lack is the ultimate tour anymore Osce also that he made all the other things. He didn't act to be those things but those things. In here duplicate it further until I think what you've we talk about these things I understand where he's coming from even nor its old enough. Ladies and gentlemen our friend nick right after this one. Ever born property or. As well versed in Tokyo. Always surprise only and so the congress about on the news guy and LeBron James agree is that. Upper scale the scenic. Yeah thank Churchill. I'm an 86 the club.