Wednesday, 05.23.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, May 23rd

0:00 - Headlines
Judge declares Trump can no longer block people on Twitter
NFL has new rules for protests
30-year-old NY man gets evicted from parents house
30:30 - With Snowcone back, it's time to update Kansas vs Missouri
42:17 - Slimfast has a plan for a Russian invasion. Lazlo thinks its a terrible one.
58:18 - Maureen Vagina writes in to express her discontent with the program

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So courageous man. On all sides. Touring yeah your homeland. Well leave dark. Will strike down low number on the. Some of the rich K today you know that I'll sign of a bitch how aria you know scenario I'm good. I'm very good new look good thanks you too WiMax today. Give that's good we can pass the twins and thank them. Every day I'll ask you now this woman boy is going by a so annoying and almost there yeah. Anything else going on nothing down you know I know hanging out. I've talked to bust on the personal. A personal like. Stock like I'm in the right mind and real estate agent you can judge stimulus actors house is in pools. If you want but if you buy a house in Long Beach so this. But you know buying a house for the pool well I'm I'm looking at my house and of course I am if you. Outdoor pool the pool. I think we build it no it has been my thing and my dream forever that would be like I mean. Buying a mint Alka Mino is just not a cool thing to do. While that would be in two ways by there would be not a cool thing to do because that's your dream. I want my house of the pool and I can't figure out if you gave a house in the pool. I will do everything in my power and you're dismissed from his company all right all right all right. Let me ask you question enough. Because this reels Asia I know he's a good friend years I like the guy we've known for a long time does he help me get my last house and mind and years. I really really trust him yeah I have noticed. That every time I send him one of these houses. He reminds me and I should really just open my tax and real kernel they are and I don't that's fair to him but he says essentially. Do not buy a house with a pool glad they got guys insider information as to that Allen dismissed right I don't have the power. Howard to dismiss you know what I'm saying is. I don't have that kind of power to hire and fire people. But I do. The power. To sabotage her to make my life miserably this test in Arizona now and so I don't consider this a piece off. For I'm just trying to be nice and I wanted to talk to about this because I want to know whether or not. He's really telling me that he absolutely. Doesn't wanna try and sell our house or me with this sometime down the road because it has cool over the night you've gotten easier will you two were. I don't know at the gym or having a beer whatever and you said hey. It's easily houses with pools you gotta tell me can't buy a house of the pool BC is made it very clear he's he's scared me away so whether it was your fault. Or whether he just believes that. I mean we knew we needed new real state. Agent I don't know I know you love the guidelines plus he's so anti pool I mean he's just absolutely anti pool and my argument is. Okay most people don't want bulls but somebody does last a dozen I do so then when you go to these senior back yard in your garage instead maybe this guy is an. The kind of guy who would actually take you know I think he should say this is the kind of guy who doesn't really wanna do a lot of landscaping so the entire backyard just gigabyte and your portrait into a swamp in lights. You always not not my probably would knows very well mites may and would. I don't know house today that has like a hot tub in the back there was like a built in thing like not what about that that's like that's I could go I guess I'll go to my you want is the one in the middle belongs yeah I think that was a bad idea. Matters got in only guard bill to an area around it like that yeah I mean it's like a full thing anyway. Anyway studies talked me out of its own good. And the this one house that I found the whole backyard not it was not ordered not hold back yard not a rule had just like a little bottles are grass. They're out there and what is it when you're flying into Texas or Florida and you looked down. At the houses. Every single house is a pool I know that it's hire their people to freeze or text and that no other clothes for winter but everybody has a pool on the coldest winter but you would think that there'd still be enough people here that look that they be willing to. But the thing over it and went tries and wherever. Some people have them. And anyone. I know who hasn't had to carry extra insurance and certainly yeah was Fuzzy get kids right I think any time. I've heard in my neighborhood are not allowed to have census right. But if you get a tool you have to put sensors right. I only so if you look in my neighborhood the only things reverend fuel pools because I don't know kids and his running back yard run throughs like two people my mom's. Feel like I have thought about and I don't know how you don't censor I'd like to pull my backyard you know members and I'm always like man there's reclusive try to come up to. I was in the wake up every morning and fish out dead thousands unemployed I don't know and it's so. That's actually a software said Hans how is filled with bleach just proves you'll be fine. I'm like hello Lawrence I'm only starting to lean away from the idea this you know he's done this T announced he has taken his dream from you he's treasuries. Crumple it up like old tissue he's trying to throw the trash don't show and pull out of trash like now England yes and put that pool went through because every. House and had to pull my mom's a morale is going up. Those were the most sought after palms to hang out that everyone wanted to hang our friends house I'm like important above ground pool that sticks remind Jack. I'm still a lot of those when Jackson fans there. I'd like that I don't think they'll allow me do him any room I'm in there. If you can make it look right you can make like on the second story want to hear your kitchen kind of walks out of things story. This had a pool we write down a thousand. Usually get that in I don't. I'm sure there are some company that would during report. Men somewhere and ought to do that sort of thing is got to find him I told you want only to go look combined house pentagon and and above ground pool and he said amigos. We want to go look at it and we're talking usually am somehow I got a divorce and you know just regular stoppage time I was for sale by owner and showing us around noon back and I was like Darman is done above ground was and as everybody says it's like I guess you know people like above ground rules and I'm on now you know I don't know I'm just heard you know whatever it is now well. And it just comes off the deck now it's not all and just takes it down. Kids from around the start calling it offers like that now doesn't avenue in ground pool I'm like I'll match my John. Are angry like guns must've been something that is why are summaries of news pool and he just couldn't take it anymore is breaking into. This suspect it's just downright hitter on the corner. Mom almost another example houses that I'm like Graham Goodman. I'm always is oh you didn't use the neighborhood pool laughing you can drive I hear now he's at each if you have a neighborhood pool that's soft on its nice. But it is different now have a pool your own backyard well district it's no different worlds right you're sitting handle a cameo was gonna go jump in the pool. In no way yet to be present my own son in the people yes then what the body like mine need to be around other people on failures. I'd like to join in with the U yeah Toledo loyal you want to. I think in the new post all summer long that's a new polls alongside those small loan with a body like yours I wanna go swimming. Like a royal York. You wanna talk about the news Sherman on. Top story is that at trump is no longer allowed to block users from his Twitter feed because a federal judge. Ruled that this is unconstitutional. A long time ago someone that's unconstitutional. Yes someone says something along time ago about. Something about you know transparent and open government or something in the and he shouldn't be allowed to block users in each place and they say the way that it was worded this has been like over your life thought all right actually. Does kind of makes sense the best so what does judge ruled this judge said that its freedoms speech. But that's the issue this is a big breaking news story today this is the world we live zones can anybody blocked anybody. I guess the president see that's what I thought you were talking about freedom and keep your freedom of speech and loves the president also learn the same laws you can't walk people usually I guess there's innovation have the ability to speak. The government. Right in the garage and you'll be brutal way is zoom out and that's his size and whether I would think Twitter it's I think this judge you sound like an Alan may seem kind of trivial and it's just the very beginning and likened slippery slope attack. Quickly now why you look at civilian force him. Federal judge saying that president traveling cannot block at Twitter users from viewing his theme saying that. Presidents cup blocking users from viewing what he tweets on Twitter is unconstitutional and would violate the First Amendment. I'm this after comes after a federal judge has encouraged to settlement suggesting that have music rather than block from the visit. Followers on Twitter in order to resolve a lawsuit to them the ruling now is that blocking those followers is not allowed. OK so. She talked about you know people that said that you could just want to commute these followers. She says while we must recognize and are sensitive to the president's personal first amendment rights. He cannot actual size those rights in a way that infringes. The corresponding first amendment rights of those who have criticized. Him. Just an activist judge okay I get. Drop out. And based on whatever who took it to court. I don't know some of the reservoir well being remained in the same people that when I read that's really originally a year ago let's see them brought my bedrooms in his courtroom her courtroom. To rule on it one way or the other right it was brought by then nice First Amendment institute at Columbia university and after all on its own. It argued that that really doesn't really matter to me in his mind or her mind and unknown who was some men in her mind issues like what I know I would not have. Take in this case somebody here we are right right. So they said okay they argue that at real Donald Trump clear count is a public forum under the First Amendment. NFL. There have been all these rumors that the NFL might try and penalize teams like fifteen yards or something after kick off if anyone protests in the National Anthem or took a knee during the National Anthem. Well Goodell says we officially now have a policy you have to stand. During the National Anthem. I guess if you wanna stay in the locker room you can see in the locker room to appear on the sideline you have to stand in same thing about fifteen yard penalties they did say. That they would find odd players. Teams. Things like that we want. People to be respectful to nationally as we want people to stand. That's all personnel and make sure that they treat you so moment they're respectful fashion and that's something we think we know. On another none of these very sensitive roommates insure that we you know give players choices are read. Do believe the there's that moment is an important moment and one that we are going to. The focus on. Now what. You think any players see a lot. When enough people together. We outnumber you. Beauty I mean I guess it still gets find them of them wanted to connect they're not gonna protest is to listen we're not gonna play. Right. And I can say that Clark knew they could I guess they had enough people but. This'll probably just meaning I can see people kneeling on the sideline anymore now they want to protest you'll hear that they stay in the locker room right. So won't be conspicuous. Or might not immune. Exactly. Eventually I would think just when you hear about it. I mean I don't think people love being told what to do that soprano right so. We'll see what happens. Obviously the NFL's green about ratings and a lot of that was one of the big things and people blamed on the head injuries in the lives of protests of the National Anthem and there's people out in an NSA and. Dominated I think consumers a lot of stuff going on and yes they knew it was a brave new world and to try. You're still king of sportsmen to try to hold onto is hosting a television writer and in Britain trying to hold on to something. That meant I was just sleep and you know it's like anything else is like radio it's like newspaper it's like. Music and Spotify and satellite and TV in sports and everything has a lot of options moral just becomes more more fragmented fragmentation. So you just keep. You know doing the best you can and I don't think any of these things really reflect light. I don't think that's a reflective data from the amount of people who say I'm not watching it because those barbaric crime not watching it because of the protests. I don't think there's enough of those people that would actually fluctuate that type of numbers now and the people who bitch about it because I've heard them in the park in modern era when these guys need to get a the salute of the game you have to there's still watch it on TV they can I mention about it. And I'm sure there is a certain percentage it's close to whatever that poll says Assad. I always want to work right it's not everybody who watches it on TV is counted so. It's just you know what I mean is I don't abstract number and an order for it to. In order for the people who who so I'm boycotting and not watching it on TV actually be part of the sample. That would then watch it on TER I mean like cars that tiger has done and I think if you kind of know how all that works you realize. That's probably not the case. There were. 101000 seats left open and every game you know like that's a quantifiable number and that I don't see him. Right now 5000 seats in every game you know classical and people. Protesting outside. That would be quantifiable I don't see that any night on television ratings are just are down everywhere because as the world moves faster people have more options at that time. The only thing we sell as Mike Pence flight oh games we can walk out of the game and I was obviously on grandstand and am sorry. And I don't know let's find that it wants to do that I got it spot. I mean I don't see I don't see 101000 seats open at stadiums that are usually solo and I don't see it. The New York family drama on this. Kid who lived at home who's no longer kid. I had learned enemy's arsenal thirty years old love thirty years old has mom him. His parents learn to move out he didn't want to move out well I I don't think he wanted to live there either I think he was kind of saying I don't wanna live here. But. I'll Wear my gonna go but he's just not like any landlord he should get some notice now. He contended that he was owed it six months of notice which. Seems like a lot I don't know that's even though. The strictest landlords usually ask for route thirty days notice right that you're gonna move around I don't know. If you live similar action I guess if you listen why your landlord says we're kicking about how much notice they have to give you a quick it's not. Is an understatement no we've heard about people like you can be ten days in some states like do you know as soon as you get division notice just ten days to move and I I think it goes from state to state what about the apartments it got turned into condos downtown and there was a lot of people that had to move out when you don't have first started they were. Rehabbing those apartment buildings before complaining about asking can I also matters or walk. Eviction notices and it's what about it. I think that's a go to court of some sort. Art and then. You know this could be depending on line like you're late on rent or whatever I think that would be different than. Hey we're turning these into condos and now you have. You know I know like in some of those condos in Seattle like when me. Their attorneys apartment buildings and condos in Minnesota guys. Returns and John knows we're gonna do while you're here you can stay while. Right react to him and we're giving you first option to buy one at a discount to make that your time was one of the things evident in Washington for sure so I think it's all. Who owns the place are you renting from a major company originally from snow to. Yeah I think all that it plays into how long have to get out. Well this thirty year old guy it limits as parents and they wanted to move out even offered money that like it weaves in cash still find a new place to live. And he said look I don't like living here but I need six months nozzle to judge said. Now what you you don't get six months' notice. You got to move out. I'm not a burdens and and and home they don't provider of laundry or food I don't I just wanted to know reasonable time to think it was visitors a day. Really prepared. The surveys and notices. I don't see why the judge must observe Longstreet. Who we just don't policy and it was way. There's no. There's been no instances of anything. What would you feel if your kid who's thirty and let me know me ask him to move out you wouldn't actually tantamount to beat it we didn't have a place to go. And just not seeing it now I don't think there's a world. You know you start to say well maybe if he's got like a drug problem or dream prom and then. What good are you how to come out and you keep how many minutes is you know it is trying to figure out his life I get a rim thirty's too long maybe just silly Harry. You know but I don't think you just I certainly don't go to court over. Now that's the regret I mean I'm okay and we're not gonna what we're not gonna go to corals. And it's probably not helpful and parents are like to remind you. And I'd say assaults on a lot of parents and I know the guys started his one of those parents and but you had him. He didn't have you. My dad always is that I gave you life I'm like drag. Thanks a night are wary about mortgage and rent and living and expensive dining dying you can't sir and living with all these things. Thank you the least you can do is give me a place to blame I had pops right right UN me. I and have you. Got and these three foul me. Really for the rest of my life outside PO I really do. I don't know anything to my dad nothing like I've got to take care might do that's the that I want to hear what he owes me. He had me and I know my kids and they're gonna owe their kids they don't know me like I don't get that where kids like I got to take care my mom and that mode. That's not your responsibility your responsibilities to your kids that's it. Figure that out. South Carolina Mormon is you have like sixty years announcement on state terrorism and figure out. Our son put money away. Or run away. You can do that to you can do down in the South Carolina woman is not happy event. Some sort of locate kidnapped by some very men's and yeah my father Chrysler. You should. Other carnival trick onion blossom caveats and unbeaten last time I've seen that and no one exit days or a final honors all figure that they can figure out sometimes you make a lot of my minimum way. You could file some patents and then see who are not an apple Samsung I saw it argues consuming your father until now you have been into the final day. You know why. That's that's not a bad idea. Actually you know really I'm into this week talked about it there and the I was a teenager. We talked about it right and then you cashed in and never gave me and god damn panic less than what we do these at home exact. And this is how I would make damage and all the ideas you never gave me any money Imus earlier asked. Start that tomorrow yeah I guarantee you right now is I just said that even though I just fitted out there and I didn't put any planning and it's. There's an attorney listening right now who's like I'll take decades. I you're dad examining mind the way we don't know. I guess we don't know that we don't we jump we guy invented the funnel cake hole machine that was sold at Wal-Mart everywhere. He may have cash your knees saying given the deal. Yeah we certainly given to me right. I have to now I haven't right now in my personal attorney and attacks on contacts disasters a bad idea man I know it's not a bad idea 15%. That's what I guess for the idea a lot of Lesnar. South Carolina moment isn't. Happy that a grocery store censor her honor graduate suns take did you see the story aren't enough. So when I saw I thought that she dawn and asked them to do it sounds like maybe she ordered it online but whatever the case may be when they picked the caked up they bring out an eye opener out. It was supposed to say congrats Jacob sumo cool loud class of 28 team grocery store decided that if CUN is a bad word. And so they censored it and putt congrats Jacob Zuma dot dot dot loud. Class of 2018. Because clearly whoever was decorating the case. Didn't know or they just I'm not but now word there you know I'm not allowed to under any surgeons I don't know Latin Ireland rise means but I'm not writing at the Stanley wasn't too happy. And I know we're getting a cake because he's not a big cake eater. So he we are cleaning mayor Tim waiting to see it and when we opened it it was a huge. Shock to all of us. The website its censored me and this is a website you can refer to for the Latin term for consumer who mod which means with highest honors. The key experience was kind of frustrating humiliating because I had to explain to my friends and family. Like what that's meant to. Our honeymoon country ultimately that was my friends were well I made her reference not stated that a cake we're just happy that our I graduated school and now. I was right price and grateful. That you raised a son who not only knows what that means. They actually want to end the cave person. Didn't. It's okay. Yeah he should know he's a bummer but I gently saying about. I if if his parents and why wouldn't they write that and yet do explained because they think it's a bad word like a bad word if his parents actually didn't know that's what he's got a he's implying a soundly that they didn't know what that was and he had to explain to them what it was. Yeah and then the Illinois does they made them right up like two weeks ago my aunt was asked to empty bag him beyond I had. Can't do this is the way it works jazz who was yet why did you ask you because they're doing and wanted to know how I did it took until I wanna give it an act. Oh really did her boyfriend asked about it and I didn't know. Well I learned my sister mentioned it's there to assist and she didn't know what it meant so what's team and they should do your sister. Me the follow my sister mentioned it to my elegance wanna know why would you think still yeah she said the Muslim Buddhist YouTube to. It's a mind my aunt asked my sister and she wanted those of you ask me what is how your hand like what. You're like 50s60s yes and he had no no number and a pair Emma both neither one of artists and just like. Now makes well explain to Joni notice. Why don't explain to why why don't we make one of those little boomerang mr. Graham videos real quick and we keen to show our you know you lay down. Although the actual plaza can hit the ancient empires that debt. Series and you can just say this is what it is an inch understands go to the mall and several have you on the ground and I'll do it's like to hold the camera and show them that. Are guys who is what it is oh you're related I think you should be the one that he's doing the right yeah getting none now knowing that everything. I guess until probably don't know what that is anyway this is way worse I'd be way harder to describe to me. I don't know I think my mom would be way harder you describe. The live why they wouldn't put you know how do I talk to America. Are you kidding me. I have the mom says you why when they put that is say but look it's a slang term for Jacqueline does your mom hasn't exploded. What this person I mean that's not that hard to say no I don't wanna say the long and accurate I don't know I think you're alone yeah. Twelve year olds show. Learn from this fine. She says one woman put that on there you go mom is people are morons and so I'm. Don't understand why that word usage because it's a slang term for a jacket that mom she does well I guess I'm really I didn't know that you're like yeah that's what it is. Your mom does and also there's just a light. You know what that is appreciated rolling down her base. It's. My rarely makes such a big deal about sex all the time and your mother she's at it. She's tablet so damn well she's actually seen ejaculation. Now. Yeah. Let's change. Office you have please. A local story I just saw this last night but I happen on Sunday but it was originally Sears close and personal as you two guys. But she's seen it. I don't know if she ever is actually CNET all she's seeing how about the whole Cooper your parents did they did it three times. Missionary style only their Catholic yeah you're not allowed you know joystick. Lot of wasted for just a lot of traffic back now underway stick. I don't think you have to do that sex is for having kids only had a kid that you have and that's why so many Catholic families have like twelve kid that's that's the only OK so that's what you guys that's your parents did understand why do I I can imagine gonna I had no lean times in his life I can try and believe he got out. You know. Well wouldn't that be contraception. Yes it was that's why they switched to a episcopalian once they Swiss episcopalian mom saw Jack all right all right I'm not image has changed the subject please let us. So yeah. I was at dinner with my brother and my mom for Mother's Day. And my nose and the story about the equipment and my brother was telling me the story about how he was driving down the interstate. And solve a car pulled over on the shoulder and there was a true. A grown man. Beating up another grown men inside of his car or write their resume and they're being not so he pulls over. And he says he runs over and tries pulling these guys out of a car and their yelling and like hey this guy to say is he's trying to hit money doesn't have insurance all the block. I'm really is like fine but call the cops this is a strays on the when he is Tyson paid doing favored don't do that. Don't pull over on the side of the road and try and break up a fight between you and a three grown men don't ever do that. I don't care what the situation is if you're a bar no matter what if you see something like that. Just all the cops or something so don't try and stop it notes in case something happens like that until not sure the cars is the people. Call police yes whatever you gotta do and field poll. Do not pull over well on a local woman she's in one accident she sees a car at this intersection. And she sees it this guy and is it sounds like beating up them. Woman he's riding which is in the passenger seat so she says. I knew that I had to do something so she pulls over to try and help why she comes to the car it sounds like she ran up and try to put her hands on the car. They died punches her. Charge you and her I guess during this altercation she dropped her phone. He grabs the phone and steals the phone her phone before driving away so she got beat up and she lost her phone. Because she was trying to help us when all the police have is a description it says masterfully cell phone. That's what I thought can't they just do you find my phone and have maybe turned that offer. One X a police are looking for this Ford Mustang convertible police say the man driving the car beat a woman who had tried to intervene in altercation. The Manhattan with another woman. In the car that's currently only ninety's when black mustang convertible but this girl she they're they kept her identity hidden on the local news put she explains a little bit about what happened. Hello my guy just told me that I should intervene in the screening what are you doing and I went up to the car door and I put my finger is. On my current Norris fact he wouldn't go anywhere Betty stove inside is framed in front of his car so he couldn't go anywhere. Look it's honorable that you wanted to help someone but it's. To start to that I wouldn't dad and like the seventies. Was in downtown Detroit he saw a woman getting grabbed off the street right the gun and pulled into a analogy. And he was at a red lights we jumped on the car like you know I got a gobs and shouldn't murdered or raped or robbed or whatever and so we runs and reality when he gets there. The two guys and girl robbed at gunpoint out of your stars see somebody come and trying to help her aunt and no problem at gunpoint. I told you want to listen I got beat up his girlfriend the night. I sat in August. And I mean this is years ago about I was walking out of the parking lot and the guys like college again and I was sites have something to be a factor isn't I don't know woman now that you're gonna whatever guise of something Shakespearean thing I said you'll do nothing of the sort finds Arizona's. House that the white as a way. And I just saw that really funny and com. Yeah I didn't stop like you'll think like you know people are in Iraq and about it right. So this is what you say to me and I said you'll do nothing of the sort fine sir but the thing I challenge you to a dual. And he just comes running at me and punches me and we got into a fight and I got him on the ground. And I. I'm getting ready to hit them and I everything goes black. And I looked up and I'm bleeding from a court hears this car you're still here and I look up I turn around in the girls certainly were it really champagne bottle on the back and I. Who was being beyond yet smashing a bottle happens every time and every time. If you are unhappy get off and get off and I was like you know what. Carry on finds my area on the incidence. High eighty. Saw a standoff in Johnson County you know what's going on Amazon I have Johnson county sheriff's office and standoff. Just what I decide right I thought I was excited about Harlem park. Johnson county sheriff's dollars and working a standoff in the area of a 142. Mark of good men and over on park I don't reload is. My medicine at the heart is and I thought that it is say there is a report of shots fired in the area. No injuries reported this is a developing stories to the picture this cop cars everywhere. Yeah. A lot of suvs slot suvs yeah. You need those suvs that rugged terrain. But. He's stuck up for Amanda shot fired. You know this might be a really good time to finally get caught up on this. He took some time off because O'Connell is busy given birth. And he keeps track of all the stories so I wasn't absolutely certain what had been. Counted already a much hadn't so these are all the stories that people have sent the they got national attention. As we continue. This little game race but I'm sure allows a now's Google news in Missouri trying to find something about our cable guy all he origin go to FaceBook dot com slash race at the bottom you can also submit stories that are in check it's always we. He used them okay so the story they got big national voice was just no the first one owner trying to these cars vocal or is this was early in the month. I know last and I talked about it but the food Manning Kansas caught having sex with this car. Yeah it was everywhere as a fellow wrestlers they did it on SNL they did it Don not Comedy Central whatever that shows also back backed out national news. And every headline basically said Kansas man called. Having sex with car I think on SNL even Cilic of outline of Kansas or something so that's a point right Kansas man that's embarrassing national news story. That your father sexually car embarrassment OK let's go right count that that was not counted yet correct sells guns aren't so add that to to file. Also on the agenda for Kansas is Kansas governor signs anti gay adoption discrimination bill. This was news a lot of noise is another talking about her on different podcast stuff not such a great look Kansas governor Jeff. Whole year you are cool coal year Kia signed a license to discriminate bill. In the long granting special exemptions. To adoption and Foster care agencies that refused to place children. With LG BTQ couples how can this be legal you ask. Even in Kansas well something to do with religious freedom is like me cannot make in a cake for someone right they try to use that same logic OK so. Anti gay or they gay discrimination bill adoption dole ad that illustrate we had not counted out yet correct if and then this is in the newest one I have for Kansas and someone said this to me I had not seen it. Until she'd say to me on Twitter I was shattered their fruit thank you perceive she's from Kansas she said that she was embarrassed to send this bots. While looked it up it was all over this is actually from CNN I don't know if you guys saw the story it's in Winfield Kansas calls for the bluegrass gospel as. How far away is out. I'll Saddam beautiful son here as well police in Winfield Kansas pulled it Rudy seem you'll over. The 31 year old felt that he done nothing wrong he's are recording the account are on FaceBook live. At the beginning this audio he says. Officers says I failed to put my eyes signal I don't within a hundred feet. And it wasn't a hundred feet but whatever means necessary ways for the cops come back that's when icons come back to his car. And give a really strange reason for pulling him over now. The closest to me actually sent me a link to a tweet that just happens talents and now on his Twitter okay talking about the story and how bad decisions. And mr. Samuel. What caught my attention was us. Meditation is suffering here. None of moon moon is. Since I was I don't view it a cop says what got my attention was this vegetation stuff right here. He reaches into the doors so there where the window rolls down and he is picking up like leaves from a tree or something okay he says this is what caught my attention is vegetation and climate it's marijuana yeah. And gave us free stuff. I'm whose three man. Don't colonial and hope that haunt us Melanie and his. Oh is smoke. And then sensational car window I know we are seen at noon and big men season. So are you view all the tomorrow car and say you pull me over. Look what flows originally he's a diploma are refinancing. He's on the Taliban until I don't know about how well the tiredness at all. So are you do you have reason I didn't from my dad vegetation and when that's not that's nothing New Jersey auto in the smoke got off to dinner a little bit about. You go to mr. right I got a faster right now and he's not home. So buffalo. Of course this starts to happen and that's all I want the courts right the cops are suspension probably should just painted a picture here. Both of these police officers are wearing you don't like it looks like there where in the bulletproof vests on at that look like they're ready to go to war I don't know what's going on a Winfield Kansas. Lazio and I've talked about this a million times. I know people are tired here's Tyrod back in our day but when we were kids. The cops they had a uniform on I don't remember them always. Patrolling the neighborhoods and tactical. Herman especially in the suburbs they just wore the blue uniform of the block uniform I think you know I was gives the black uniform but. It they just had the police uniform with a badge and edited and it fell revolver wherever area. But these these guys look like they are ready to storm. In hell of a drug lords house itself. I don't. I know you are real. I was about brokerage that is. Almost like today you know hands in the air right reach for the sky. And a now a re bottle so that is FaceBook FaceBook that's FaceBook. I think automatically anybody who's in that situation goes I. Half and baseball lives. Tonight he's doing it I which is Smart because if they were to confiscate his phone or some and they tried did you know we already Evans. It's already out there that's like that woman who's your boyfriend was shot in the car. You know and she was. Obviously doing that with FaceBook library that happened if you're in trouble. I don't know what. Happen with these police officers sisters says you know accuses story which I told you they approached his car they talked about the turn signal that they say that there is it that exact quote is. Images Daniel what caught my attention was this vegetation stuff right here and these she seemed in his in his hands there's nothing. Single response it must be from a tree says he doesn't smoke and then you hear the cops saying that they're gonna go to tacit or whatever. The two officers are white a spokesman told the same a spokesman for Samuel told CNN they believe the incident was wrote a racially motivated. Quote he kept saying tested they snatched him out of the car handcuffed him. And banged him around a little bit said Peter right of freedom on a grassroots organization that seeks to find fair solutions to complaints against companies police. Or other institutions. I guess or plans to protest the officers released singles after searching the vehicle which did not turn up any suspicious substances. Right claims police did the did not test the vegetation and did not give Samuel any citations. So I think. That's. But that that's a point that's that's bad luck yes how how far aways as you tell me our immunology in my Wichita. Focus rules like close to four hours away something like that during. And then does snow kind of this is something that you had pulled up this. Story about the they hazing and aunt Kay you yeah yeah. You ignored news story Lazio I didn't notice when I saw some people since it and snow cone did you and he pulled audio for the is not I okay. A Kansas chancellor. Said that this report of their TU cheerleader hazing. And also the FBI probe involving that college basketball potential payments to jail on its basketball players had no impact on the decision for us off firing athletic terms of someone's immune story. The University of Kansas cheer team has been placed some provisions for a year because at least one incident of hazing. And action that harmed people. Poorly in the incident involved female cheerleaders being asked questions and I'm being told to remove an article of clothing and answer incorrectly. Angola a naked hazing ritual an anonymous sources said the incident ultimately in an open cheerleaders being nude or partially noon and that at least some of the cheerleaders for seeing my males who were in my house for the instant incidents allegedly took place okay. And look at as a mistress someone sent as from dead span. Is that a point for Kansas and make it hazing. University Kansas cheerleaders described naked hazing rituals ONE. The fence on that the Kansas representative. Now I'd say it's about luck okay let's pointed out and shorts her Missouri. I'm Missouri's no improper mills yes Missouri as the number one log in Knoll just. They are hearing inspectors found 23 breeders' running hot females it's devastating. It's I'm sad it's irresponsible you know when somebody doesn't pass inspection they need to help. Held accountable. Now that you know one way to look at it is it's a horrible puppy mill capital the other way is it is the bush term. Bred dog capital now nevermind guess the point is horrible and it's been gone on I think pass some laws a few years ago that was supposed to help prevent. These puppy mills in Missouri remember all that it's been seven or eight years ago definitely dead and there I thought that they were supposed to have limit how many. But there were rules about how they can keep that the dogs in its that a lot of these cardinals or. In this list were also in a cited years previously for doing this. And somehow they've stayed open I don't understand it. Am gonna give it to Missouri the that's easily boy they just stick it to stay number one and the pocono for her. So Kansas. Yet the gay I'm sorry I gained adoption thing he got the sex with a car. You got the cheerleader hazing thing and you've got the guy you pulled over for vegetation on his car. That's four point oh series gets a point for the up puppy mill is the first time Candace has been in the lead. Yeah I doubt in my. I think and maybe may be at the very first day we played yeah it's a little brightens thing happens gardens really wants is right things happen and the other three points or. Has been trying to play catch up ever sense soul of final tally is up four points for Kansas and long point from Missouri and people wanna see. All the stories and the point totals it's what FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash race to the bottom. Not tapestry. Come on Missouri. Do you vote on this. That's right keep sane and finally we have Donald of the putter I kept saying just got to give. Give some breathing and beat Kansas Shenzhen fairgrounds figure how to catch them. Churchill who has low. Truth says. They're not doing anything. You gotta do stuff they're not you are not doing anything why can't I do something and he's not wrong I'm not wrong Tom hey I'm not. Yes why can't I do something. You talk all that smack all the time I'm just saying it is it's like you talk a big name of it reminds me a dead pool when that rule says. You know why you Wear the red shirt is like you know so you can't see the blood that diamond brown pants who's got the right idea nor the guy in the brown pants the only thing I really there was tractors out of the explain it now as is with Sweden. Mom yeah Sweden. They say not a pamphlet about is like a booklet about. If crisis or war comes. And they were telling their citizens you know under threat of cyber security. Not our cyber attacks fake news terrorist attacks in the war. And they talked about how you have to be on a heightened. State of alert and you should. Fight back we'd all citizens to band together. All I asked was if something happened here if you would you know what your plan would be if you would. If you put up a fight if you go down swinging or if you just look. What they were rouge case. Yeah okay but just gonna look old and don't come easily yeah about the size yes it's tough gun yes. All of the new red doctor god damned if I'm Noah does pay go guy he's come over here and take over my aunt Millie knows you are going to lay down. But the look comrade de. I'm not saying that I got a good chance against a soldier I'm just saying that I'm not cannot surrender. And throw the white flag when they come marching down a story. Man I suggest Taiwan. Window in my attic and thought oh my god oh my god counselor Juan. May I suggest that you would surrender ice shoe brands I suggest also that you should surrender. And all those things need to happen now one you well too he'll be making the right call. I think. I don't wanna say that I show a slight chance as any but I have a Nokia does have a lot of canned food at the house and rabbit can grab it. But that was welfare right hand and a tuna and we're in and the Russians and before round. I'll let cancer and I have a window that is a perfect. A tactical. Vantage point. Premiere look down as they're marching down the street and I can do is shoot adamant that they come after me again I'll go down the basement corner. And I'll just point I'd gone out and not come after me. It's I've run out and noses keep taken amount. I'm not gonna just. So when you have played I think about the black ops I can't do that John McCain can't do any better and I'm not gonna obscure guy. Why do you organize OK all hide hide your attic but when they come margin on the streets. You gotta be something someone should find your high you know radical again Franken what did you do. There's an idea of the edit I lied view in my attic that's what I'll do they come knocking your door. Guests Michelle are coming knock knock on us coming. Wall lowest auto Morales is what you gonna do. You just gonna serenity is gonna get mall and from what I do is different than what you doing I think we should make sure that we know that. I think my response. And your response are different and what is your response I may fight them. We. Haven't gone. And tracking down and why did you want anyway our point we don't want anywhere America I'm guessing that big gun stores going to be low on guns. After the the Russians have invaded them and you're gonna have to lay low you know you just out there on the street is gonna drive to a pawnshop and buy have a rightful. But now they're gonna notice something like gonna guess in those are going to be some of the same. I love the Russians are gonna land here and when they landed in Kansas City I don't know I'm reading this I'm not gonna have time to get the government harder than she done done a nice show they can shut I don't know. And I'm what am I gonna do. That sounds like war to me they're just having guns and gun and knife shows for the citizens of the over the we employ any of guns in this country I don't think that's salute the issue yet and I guess at that point. The people album are gonna just be handed out into the anti two layers like you move. And so. You think man this is going to be like the original. British invasion of the colonies were they actually marched down Washington street there. And knocked in all the doors. We think that's gonna do I don't know I feel like maybe ignite this might be involved as an. The ringing the bell quietly if they wanna take over the and it's still Russians are coming and are Russians are coming down in history you know I'm fast road is pony. Up and down state line. Telling everybody. That the Russians are coming armed to the teeth. And a 20. That used to shoot squirrels yeah a real hero. The Russians are coming the Russians are coming up in two round of everybody at the well and tellem. I don't have to round up anybody because at. And you know hey there I know it doesn't play a giant gender and there but the Russians are coming. But I 95 instead of happened. There's going to be emergency they're not doing missionary thing I'd just read a pamphlet that Sweden set out and there is asking that there. You know. Populous. And stays strong and works together strong fight the enemy and I was saying that we could do that we would lose week. He spoke on everybody. Worm. We're not. Gonna surrender. We're not gonna take it no. But the of the over oh we're not gonna take it anymore. I saw from people and here. Some sound sort of story that Sweden told its citizens that they may have to stand up and go to war at some point. And just be diligent and now slim fast is ready to fight the Russians remain lands and Waldo what's your actual plan. So determined and why there is no planned stop don't encourage him there is no plan. The Russians are not going to land us in this area I could hypothetically. And marched down the streets and so that's not how the war is gonna go down. Well this booklets that would be about ten. Tactical error on their part and I don't think they're gonna make I don't think that's after they ice all on the Internet at and a mountain and they put all those troops on the border of Mexico and Canada there's a surround us. And we allow that to happen they're gonna fly and a drop actually no progress on its troops who. Tanks troops Palmer's tournament drop troops and tanks that we're gonna drop tanks out of airplanes. They do that more men. And they're gonna drop lemon and they're gonna come driving down the streets. Tex and so I'm very close right now and uncertain state line can confirm. No Russians at the moment look thank Jim we are world war hero Russians at the moment hello hey don't just. Below that person off cause some very good English question the planet yes lock the doors stay inside when they get close start shooting OK but you in the basement are you an added they start coming to close the house and they bathroom. Trying to what are we right. Had a beautiful little window that Iraq will end up yeah but it's up to come drive ministry. So you up there with gun hanging out was on those guys Rambo last week couldn't move on I was minus I'm not. Rambo now is John Rambo and you're gonna gun for his guards are the knife. I didn't see eye is not I'm not gonna go after not gonna want me to arrears as soon you guys I'm gonna play defense strong defense yeah. And then if for some reason I got flushed out of my home I can't imagine I get in the truck an idea Rodman he of the Korean shop owners of the LA riots. You're on the roof with a gun yes yes exactly indeed defended the baseline I'm not sure if you educate you guys laughed but when it happens. After they do all the other things they gotta do shut down the Internet disable our nukes and on next thing you know there's a bunch of troops. March on the streets you guys are gonna be over a mine now so I'll know gotten the and wet and the and a big crew cab truck that we can all get and drive wherever we need to know look away here's the point with the truck. Watch the use dozen red dawn he's got a big truck I can go off road and I trust that truck profess you guys can fit in their comfortably. There's more interior space and any other truck in its class. But you'd be comfortable as we remain escaped danger and we get all of our weapons in Nampa. But there's little schoolers in the back and get them loaded with Red Bulls for you guys who have energy again and easier I'm not coming your house on rather he abortion can wrap it up a Nadal which by the way she's gonna come in handy to the OK another important sometimes he's got to pet. She's reflect I trusted dog more square now well she's our first line of defense or as I lovers and the guy's gonna sacrifice he's got a stroller he's got a digital he's got a gun. Olson is not and I have a lot of tuna can be peroni and it's the dark and it's part of the bomb on ready for right you don't. You know food you don't have a web. You're cars up front wheel drive that that I almighty god. He's convincing nearly doubled it's it's something he has never taken my truck anywhere off of 75 street I mean. He dry guys who don't love but are these Alan Murray they got married village I think dull and not from a London judge Amin. The toughest thing you've ever put my back of that truck does. An old barbecue grill today I had to pick up malts from my mother. A month ago and there was no roads that little thing I had to drive spoken just like John McCain I'm sure before the war that away and do. I don't know from my mother Diana and I Canada that's why Donna moisture two reasons I got us. I would go much for my mother and kill the Russians in America just in case judgment to serve otherwise you know now. Is just in case who knows I Ahmed as it comes down so vessel ever. I'll of course I believe the deal now that you've admitted it when it happens when your batters in Maine and I thought I better going to your girlfriend's house. This is a nurse. And I'll give you gone oh yeah bring her over we might need her when he heard and obviously we might get her kids are so some of these Russians in case you start to get soft and feel bad for the the carpenters and they're jugular and I'm sure and enough. Why should of the deck because I want to humiliate them. But first we humiliate didn't think. She doesn't do so they teach him. Yeah and hand and comments school always shoot from the deck yeah. You're gonna shoot. You can't concentrate they're not gonna be a steady aim at once they've been wounded in that area what are they gonna fire back they forget about it they're done for. I'm not saying that's great says about them is quite I had good. It's way better than anyone else you know did when I have so many questions for both you guys first Posey doesn't so. Soft okay well I'm I'm away well there's two things here and by the way one. Your legs are so why you might as well be Russian U I think when they come you can just tell him. Dud well actually you know the same thing but is Mario legs and assume you've never seen the sun. A I thought I did he get here I thought it was and Sox earlier but they're just White Sox taxes Grayson OK okay no I absolutely think they'll be like okay. He's fine that's a good plan has joined the solid all around really yeah that I feel like the other part of that is why you guys so excited to fight for this toy like by guy. No more overblown toilet mantle as the Americans are you know blow me. This is not a role lot of miles of a gun to protect trump. Got an app I'm not protecting chant and trying to protect dean America now. And it's so I actually think it is and it wasn't right soon landed. And it was somebody else they say we're here to save you from Toronto might be like a well guess I hate to get a job and you know comes out here offer help Carroll plan. To shoot him yeah exactly yeah this is Canadians come on like built all right okay I'll listen to what you have to say concerned but. But not close out. We're talking about them. No one's fear all I want us Iraqis are idol I will welcome. Another country with flowers what is so that we went. Interact I will be that person tariffs flowers. Thank you. Now I won't lay them out those soldiers street. When my comment. From Denmark but. Did you feel bad about hurting all those soldiers and can all I'm sure they're really worried about that about your death count like in which at. Give them we should give them an opportunity Russians don't like his aren't. First off. There's a guy man in that policies from Russia ordered as. Who brought him here but. We said it we weren't gonna bring any of the people from. Not are going through the fallout that that the there wanna scare the Americans that may side with us. So send them back. It's Yeltsin's grandkids. Send him back. Man. Did anybody see those skinny arms up and that little window that. Well we saw that points clear of Maine that's the ping ping ping. Somebody throw a grenade at that house now we Europe there what throwing pies at their faces we don't know on. What am I doing word in now I am or she now we've decided we're gonna give the Russians tomorrow I know will get their help. You know they don't wanna live under Putin. He's got to talk to arm explain its own political network took to live under trump I sent. Like please explain to us how great it is and runners trying to steal our resources them. And and and embarrass us you know all you gotta do to shoot a couple on the deck apparently and then talk to them on mount. Our great leader Donald Trump. Of course they'll change just give me ten minutes add coffee girl. Would these Russian soldiers and tell them look. I think gridlock trump is where it's at. A lot to offer. And we have nice springs and falls here move on in their place at the lake you know mom pretty cheap. You recommend does start in witness search for condos. And and you'd be surprised he worked at a forty hour workweek. If you get lucky and you know and maybe you'll work your way up and make yourself these eleven. You'll have to eat candid boorish anymore so every c'mon man this rabbit that is done. I think you're going to be happy that the dog is well spent when this whole thing goes down. Which looked it's probably not going to happen but. We were just saying that there is that is true you could lay down take a player cause lay down and Russian opener Scott. Visibly does not even done beautifully done and you can boast that I play dead is part of my. Plan actually let's face it if they make it into the house they're coming downstairs in the basement benefit. Yeah I really do about I would I would you know trying to do something mad I don't know. Make myself look even worse than I do take my clothes off and then you know just try and look like heavenly in their for a week. I saw regular as far as that. Well good job defending all women I do know that. If you were cheered that was not a minute that was not me. I ate stayed back. And listened sat back and listen that had nothing to do. Whitney and by the way there was a news story that woman. Was already getting criticized. For what she had done it was a newsroom because I brought attention to it tweeted about her something. I got got and emails now gone from. You know that the contact us name of the Ronald penis style I mean now yeah sure and it says it's from someone named Maureen in Regina. She's the penis or vagina vagina she says insist on long time list and a big fan however after listening to your podcast from Thursday may seventeenth. I all hat. I'll have a very difficult time ever listening to you again the discussion where you was on hard shall seem to arrive at the conclusion that white women can't complain about sexism. Because our black women facing sexism to honestly made me speechless. I can't understand your logic here this isn't a racial issue how on earth could you equate it with one. And by the same logic black women can't complain about sexism either because there might be a blind woman facing sexism. And blind women couldn't complain either because there might be a black blind midget burn victim also facing sexism. And stockings for storm measured yeah I'm offended by an apple and stuck in traffic by your logic I can't complain because there might be a black woman also stuck in traffic. With more systemic traffic barriers to overcome. I found this discussion extremely expensive and will no longer be listening. True your shopped him but that will happen when I was Donald I don't know I don't really recall but I just responded and said this wasn't my logic I only said the. Much parity of the childish Gambino video was a bad idea and she should music video that was attempting to bring attention to cultural appropriation or racial injustice. To complain about a look to complain about women not getting equal pay that's not to say equal pay isn't a legitimate right worth bringing attention to invite all Marshall made his own points about the current state afford to wave feminism and how he feels it can be racially toned up the times. I merely listen then I made a joke to lighten the mood in the conversation his opinions are is all alone there. And I'm good on me this is an outlet a parody video that girl that of the decade YouTube. YouTube her she would have parity video of the childish Gambino video and it was about women's rights are able said. And maybe not the best video to parity we wanna do. When your white MS zionist is a video while I'm not die your clauses and Josh. Just sat. You're actually. Doing. Almost exactly what he's talking so then I just talked about the news story and literally read like a part of led a people I'll hang on our people are jamming on the train of that woman who made a video I don't think so they know arraignment article said that he has his own problems with certain types of feminism the current state of certain aspects of feminism which I did not interject or whistles sat back and say you talk. Yeah did you ever you know there's entourage or you don't and then at the end I do believe I said. Bitches be tripped and the Dow's clearly joke. And that was my joke that as I said in the email to lighten the mood. And then dump that was sick but I don't removed consider mood lightens. Upset about that if she says that it's the discussion last slow heart soul and neat. We're happy where we seemed to arrive at the conclusion that white women can't complain about sexism because there I want to play white women have to honor and privilege as well. We never said that's it that's basically articles that yeah it's like guys. It doesn't nothing works we're all on our privilege. I'd sit that's basically what arsenal side yeah. And I didn't think there was all that controversial and now you know world where everyone is offended by everything we really didn't get. A lot of push back now from that there were no I want the tax I was. I'm really unfairly yeah W saying yes so I'm sorry that we offended you and you know. I was only affinity guitar solos and thumb is not self aware enough to own his own white privilege. But we choose something more discuss seemed maybe while he's here he's not here right now to defend himself. I'm sure he's out playing golf for Lewis knew Blake when did you record are some painful but next time he's here we can bring it up. Yeah thanks Karen hello. On many scenes.