Wednesday, 06.06.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, June 6th

0:00 - Headlines
A 10 pound ass named Mom
Alice Johnson gets a commuted sentence
Giuliani says Kim Jong Un begged for a summit
Clinton goes on Colbert
33:10 - Another round of Kansas vs Missouri
47:28 - Snowcone checks to see what Lazlo and Slimfast have been Googling
55:40 - All the things that are 'cool' in 2018

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So righteous man. Come home side. Your homeland. Values dark. Strident tone of the. I'm a are you a great. You. And never let him get. Yeah I. Wish. I know I get I know you like him. Just funny. Funny moment and if that happened a sitcom. I would say that stupid it's a little too. All too cheesy little two perfect. But it it just really did happen that's. And two professional guys came looser. I had my face and I think turn your batteries don't. Accidentally and it male sex toys. It's added. It's just. It's just that. Asks. It's just from the waist to the top of the 5000. You've seen here ten pounds. And can't attend town as they have Turkey and the brilliance of it's. But anyways you may have seen these things you know to section out for something but this one. Has some sort of electronic feature that. I just started to talks to you yet to snow cone it's still in the bag it's still in this plastic bag sealed into an open you have it all went to stone concert looks like Dexter delivered your sexy part that it. There but the I thought you might want to miss them if they dropped it on tonight it fell out of the boat and this is what washed out of print and I'd where. I'll keep it. So so country music. Over two batters drew I have to go somewhere as a group. So I picked it up and I start there's a power but Noel looks like a power play and I'm pushing this power button I've got this big. Rubber acts in the air with my face credit to trying to look to the plastic to figure out how to turn missing on. And here comes. Professional guys in suits walking into the studio. But let's introduce themselves look I don't throw it on the floor behind the cockpit it sounded like he dropped a kennel long yes look I think. I just threw a bonus all the studio door open Agassi one of them coming through through the windows. And I threw it on the ground hoping that they had looked through the window already in Seattle innocent and there. Pages in the on the ground as. Bounds again have been properly so that means shaking hands I keep you see me taking it yeah I kept kicking at further behind the table as they started to walk over your little guys and and it is they legion came realized the box was sitting right there by the door wins total you know full graphic pictures on the box huge box. And one of them pointed. They're very professional new class of oh yeah. Professionals. Professional things using big words and sounding professional. And I was kicking it. Personal. Commitment to I is on the torso and that's the acts they really see like an episode. Sometimes the office was something right. It's Richard earnings. It's just it looks like it hasn't been paint together since they might play in those. Real sex episode how resilient all signs on spray pinging or whatever process. You'll do what I say into but the I don't want to despray fans because them everywhere. I want you to listen cross street. I wanna hear you doing. But I want you and we have been it's been fifteen years since you've done man I'm speaking at a half and I'm not big on knows. But I want you to take this across the street and like Jack have a and a bag of and ask for a spray tan ha ha ha ha I. And they end up. Yeah once you buy this bridge and I want you to pull as a comfort and but. Yes but did the Bruins never happen and you should ask you know clarified as a surprise who roots you want one where they've where it's automated. I don't want a person to do so nice to us tonight you know and then yet consistent after I doesn't need a stool the sun and up from. In this case cited on the ground and you can make very certain that this is my private booths is your varied tended about being naked in front of someone can choose the tailored there certainly are now. You have to close on sound in this to be as dark as if it's cold it is here is gonna have to hold it in the air while those not so. Springer around you it's like I want them. But you're probably gonna get some ten onion. You millionaires do I know I did your legs you know my erratic because I think there's masses zones and in your legs and that is. That's Kenny you'd take that straight to. That's a different ball game has got a nice braids and a into it's it's it's. It's a little too unfinished. A little too. You know and it looks like Dominican before they painted. It's bouncy very bouncy and. That's a good girl life. I'm feeling. I'm in his life like issues if life only consisted of Regina and manage for some people. Until they see. But does an industry. And double and a bronze and. Your face browns are you wrote that so word I have straight straight into the house. I don't know how that would work because it's clear we sprayed on and it's announced dangers incidental to work announcement shocked he. Worth a shot. Right I'd like to tasted before you get that shuffle over them militants chased. And here's practice and smells weird it's like Robert's new dads and let's listen powder on the shaft Dumont Jim yeah. She put perfume on it I mean. Just look and muscle doesn't mean. Something from the eighties. Jill I'm talking about here don't of those first huge concessions. No pain like. I remember navy comers yeah. I think I know let's roll ladies' man I'm talking about like. The machine. I'm sure Jordan ash had a perfume or something. Oh yes this is ago and I do remember seeing this house is united colors of Benetton put man on man. You've been down there and it's clearly 1980s okay. Where do you find online and I'm guessing. I am sure you can learn. Just and good old spice comment. But there was a I was looking for light color some things. Charlie. Charlie put out on now. Are you gonna take you to get a chance. You can mentally you know. It's your job the dressing up now. Get a chance to get a perfumes and get ready get ready for its big night out. I should say it's ignited. To better doesn't have links. I like letting us. That's the latest on that. Little disturbing facts on its own networks pretty heavy right there imaginative. And yet and I mean I understand why there's how. You know fields some type signed com. Doesn't talk about the usually look up perfumes and maintaining options. Do you snapshot then ask people about my condition content manage it. Are you holed it from me Bono mountain. Watch a movie seemed always publicly. Yeah there's not a dating it as hey why do you do that why you Hyder from Lebanon. She's nice so she's quiet. Shia maybe this is why she's shy. Check out of the bag at least. I should have no warning on this chemical loyalist I hear his. There's the power of the Tammy. You know Taylor sounds. It would give him. Please let's play. It's our soon. Yes and dozens. The news. Why did you leave this. Well Elizabeth Arden sunflowers. You hit me this about senator. It's looking right engineers and easy online. I wonder what she says and guess she doesn't help you with your homework. As a field the other votes on the box. They're way to do what. We talk and it's excellent yeah. There. But yeah. What's he doing. In the box I know look for one and you read the quotes. We can't read them. Only any of them that's the reason he's merely distance and there's over ten pounds and managed. That's a that's a selling point is the way I guess yeah. Her name is dirty talk. Just called dirty job. About that things experienced a serious threat to any. Business and fast 96. It's called. In our active. Intercourse me silly. Now. As she dirty talking I'm ready master Maynard. That's actually what I'm. We didn't. Yeah and inclusion. Boy you correspondent notion. Etc. resolution. To refresh Troy green isn't wanna give it a massage the system in the box Lindsay lives out there. Dancing image here I'll. The batteries. He USB port a USB port and wait a second what's got worn. Does it recall witnessing it doesn't record new. Can just filed charges gives you perform it's her it's always rechargeable. Batteries. Oh OK okay. Did you fully in charge of the one they think Jim Nantz. Few minutes ago. They don't need to charge your found gonna build and had no track. Yeah we Strauss overhead projector there but it is gonna touch volume gains rules usually parents. You sigh I wanna enjoy your late night listening carding. Called power button down for three seconds I know noon intercourse friend. Please send I wish I had no idea with a warm welcome greeting. You don't want to find all the buttoned down again for three seconds and she signs off of attempting goodbye. To charge connect included USB cord and the Bakalar voice box. And plug the other end. Andy your power source. A charge times approximately one half hours run time is approximately two largest charter one's last a lifetime. The revive powder restores your fan to slash. To its original softness that's how Islam brings it back to life make me feel just like you did today you thought it. Yeah. This 100% and you met. There's 100%. A peer cornstarch powder. Can be applied liberally all over your fan just flash piece. Including the inside of master raiders and sleeves and that's what those parts are calls the lows and stuff in the I got. Fans to slash farm. I'll refresh toilet cleaner. And a moist body lotion. USB. Doesn't say what she she does. On the box and has a few quotes that does he area. All I can see stood. All alone. This sale I don't know it was a Japanese commitment. And every Fraser's. That's a tough. Let's say. He China's rephrase the thing opponents' stars Nash. It's a game can you refresh us. To make an X type Vegas G and a moving JD I would say. On. He's inside yourself yeah. With my tight little masturbating and that's not a Jew and then JD I would settings audience please. You need to keep a master it's. Feeling good again that's fine. I was basically you. And enjoy yourself. Where this tight little bomb bomb. Not tight sounds again tight little bit the bum bum on the aspiring. Point any word that you can think though. That would suffice still feel it's inappropriate doctors are looking manner you think. I do like the idea of calling people master mixed. And that's an iron. So there's a disaster and he's just some instances and that outer for my girlfriend yeah. His sister and her home and and you just Austrian German and like there's an MS DO. The gay daughter. So about the news. Clearly were qualified. This your first time listening. Yeah I need you news from months of the. Alice Johnson. Pardons. Breaking news. House officials are now telling us that the president trump today. Commuted the prison prison sentence of Alice Marie Johnson as she. Has been serving a life sentence in prison on charges of attempted cocaine possession conspiracy and and money laundering. This comes a week after the president met last week with Kim cart bashing west. And there. We should send this thing to the White House to sleep for someone's. That's today's car president Chavez interim president Charles medalist what's his real name there. Dirty toppling. Carson show and. That's what it's like yeah well Leonard Little tears yeah. Some people say he's. Hardening tuning here. And he says he's in a news story send him a pardon my party people all the time. Exactly yeah. And do. His lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Was talking about. Kim Jung and thirteen. Summit with North Korea. And he says something I don't know maybe it's just a liberal media room. Making a big deal out of nothing sorry this artist I'm Betsy just hasn't taken me and the Michael too close to his mountain behind. He's talking about North Korea. And see how this summit it is canceled and now we got it back on track. And we says at the end. Some people say is not so great. Kim young on got back on his hands and knees. And begged for. That's world. And then you had questions still trying to. The fact could be on the cover the box. When when. I'm on my hands and knees begging for. I don't know us and tornadoes. Well I'm not sure to join an Asian presentation them on. I'm sure. I don't know who may be outside just now the streets of it except. His record there. How often do you like reactors it does sit next yeah that. I'm not that gets back to him. He says you know what can I really like this Giuliani shirt. But behind the way he does business. We pretty amazing if they called it off again. This time North Korea calls it off because when Giuliani said. Nice Alex he was caught on Mike not on this terrible he's talking into a microphone. Piazza said during that same. This new. That most trying to train track. Mueller and his team are trying to frame. Maybe Sandra Miller. The phrase I'm where I get that that's what my lawyers should sing in a lot Lilly's. These investigators trying to frame. Within this thing even working on this Mercury's. You mean all those coins and a discount from the White House gift shop website. Now you got to summon back on them. Giuliani doesn't take things warnings on season niece. Now maybe chumps like does exactly. Senator Russell and sent. I like that damages there is really not and maybe they're considering now no one said anything yet about. That being nice a deal breaker. He keeps saying not great. Diplomacy. We talk text and so you Russia's image we use a section run as a weapon. I think I'll keep in the basement. It's having when he gets down just me in the face of someone through on your face full speed it would not denounce someone dropped an awful. And our house or look at you from. I think when I initially and throughout this congress and Philadelphia brighten the players who now. But I think when the reasons. Walking in your front door just in guys guys guys guys guys look good but the good luck. We make things. We sell these we have these. But when it's. Why would you want why would you want to lose that country. It's making these and I think it can market fight you know albeit on debt that's coming over Phil Mickelson right. While Lara there's still a mess. I get my chance to sling. Especially talks dirty I wouldn't leave home and out not. Good to go about something I'm trying to Vista North Korea to Singapore where they're meeting they hate you get the news. And I'll give you that something you just drop of the military units. His job medical you know nowadays to really Dodgers to the Russians Levi's here and just give all time in this country is that you get amount charged up the let him talk. The worst yeah. I need. Christian conservatives when soonest. I'm sure and I'm sure my preset penalties. In his office smaller rooms more it. We're not may look overnight but if she's not Hindu and now I know. That's all on Mars and still got the classic. It's. Bad decade he's not home alone the American me jealous I don't know. I'm not on yours and smooth. Stopping you can if you do that and become viewers know and I don't like that I can either. That's not yeah. Having a senior class changes your whole my outlook on life doesn't it. Everything from now on his glass half full and. I achievement. We need a name. What's your mom's name. Bonnie. Hello mom. Yeah. It's gone and Arabs and refers to her as mom may finally some good some respects I suspect she's scared yeah. This can be no can never mind it's more like nothing. Nothing. You're about to say I'm using this could be your mother your sister but I. That's not good to show respect over that line. I'm not gonna show love and a lot of respect yeah. Speaking not showing. A lot of respect. People are accusing Bill Clinton's showing a lot of respects Monica. Understand he meaning he's doing a book tour right. Someone had to have someone had to have told him. McCain. You have two options one. You wait and juicy navy did need to sing. Serves lose momentum when good people search for gives you an email Madonna or. You don't do a book tour or you send out the other person who wrote it with you do the book tour and you stay out of gas it wanted the publicity and actually get to go uncle there. You avoid others but instead real Clinton. This is doing his thing book tour. And you (%expletive) people off when he was asked about a Monica on The Today Show. He got real defensive. And if you took. One thing that you decent calmed down and you had to know they are godfather part you catch it nobody is gonna ask you these questions. So then he was on cold air last night and called fair and is now confronting him about him being confronted and it is the floor. When I saw the I thought that cause. They had a new distill it did look like I was saying I didn't apologize and I had no intention there and I was mad at me. Do you do not apologize obviously said he had apologized and I dare you and they show the film clip finally about a month. What here's what I wanna side. It wasn't my finest hour but the important thing is another very painful for me. That happened twenty years ago and I apologize. To my family to Monica always viewed her family to the American people. I'm men and women and then I had to live with the consequences intimidation. And I still believe there's need to movement. Is long overdue and necessary and should be supported. It's a big fan all getting better as usual. The new voice. We need to campaign a little on the cold yeah. I think she'll be. It's a very painful thing for me. Didn't say it was an in that interview every other guy in the world is like yeah. Great thrill for your ride really just keep it going. You're is not deny he's no one cared Wright. And his latest between man. Who chairs can starve and everyone else. Every. Democrat liberal mail Andy Millman worlds like Uganda to announce you consenting adults whatever doesn't matter Bellamy is not a good president. Graham. Which interview was so we said. He certainly enough money. I don't houses today sure called Paris all the political money if you start not you know when I lived in Kansas City I think actually it was the interview with The Today Show that they were manner how nasty apologists on it he said something about. Leaving the White House sixteen million dollars in debt. Because that whole thing like making in you know. Shouldn't they you know online about him and have fun and he had to know that these questions were probably gonna come up. It's 2018. You're kind of known. This thing probably first or second thing a lot of people think companies think of Bill Clinton. As the sex scandal. I would think someone and advisors and to say. Whatever you do try to make it about you being the victim and all of us don't do that don't make yourself the victim. Just hang on Jimmy Rollins. We've unison then yeah I never understood them but we talk about that with all kinds of celebrities rich people have. They have some sort of drive. Day we don't. Yeah. Once you deliver this and I can keep. You guys have had a moment. Not calling it. Yeah we'll let. Mr. Mueller. I take a look at why did you give that name Paula. Let's go meta man. Early show. Do we just yeah. They deserve every night music. I. That message. Why wouldn't give to kids of your life. Young people running the agency it's dealing. Well I mean you never. Morneau and your kid never looked her sex was whenever I mean we'll outline why why why why everytime we tell them so excuse me comes up on isn't worried did I always get involved always like I don't know I was not thinking and is looking at that yeah. Kids never once I wanted to wannabes and I was a kid really badly and I'm kind of glad that I didn't get my hands on one because and I walked into anatomy class. And when they pointed out. Faster and faster yeah we have to make. From danger to me and tell your thoughts on something he didn't make a sex unsafe back in the day going. Lynn when I was a kid yet what they read about a little young black I've seen people talking like making flashlights out. Wet rags or something it's not just like oh yeah I'll do channel over some don't you know what did you do. I did they do and I think the panel of imploded in the microwave I didn't do that Hussein. You can send that you do is sit back and there in America. I was an expression like back in my day we may no no I didn't know anybody and in Durham. We really know what he did I'm curious I'm not here to judge I got a little I'm just sitting. They weren't available the more the name Monica. No. No. No. No. She can be AT&T. But not much. So new on hated. So what do those all the intern know it's. You literally just I'm joking. We're kind of behind either let's go to mom so that you guys every time I remind you need to. Street doesn't respect. Please join. Oh yeah. It's. Something has an. There's like tonight. Yeah me. When achievement. Wanna spill wind. I mean besides her sleeping contest. We don't know there. And it's. Compliment for an mom. Now my mom does sort of stalled just mom. That's your mom it's your mom it snow cones are large every Arizona generational as always says just call mom yes. Mother. Or mom. So what's studio. Up and suddenly guys but the bad. Yeah. Some ideas. Polish or Russian woman Wednesday morning. After she allegedly wandered around Kauffman Stadium for nearly a day. And sent several small for church. Police arrested Bridget. Among south east side of the stadium. And Hercules patrol station we're cruise booked and issued summons for trespassing and openly burning. Resulting in property damage she was in the park nourishing meter inside the stadium. The from a Parnell. You know speaking of which. We need to catch up with the sometimes you make sure you get this stuff and if this does she got another stadium walked in and 8 AM. To walk Jen walking around landfills stadium. Kansas vs Missouri what's that is as the current point total kept. And it's been nineteen points for Kansas. Seventeen points for Missouri. So these are the stories. That have been sent to me if you got something that I'm missing a you know but the big one of course is not co bock. With his machine gun an old Chinese and his team points but I doubt we have actually ordered the point payment Thomas Sowell as a said he was good with him in the points to stoke on. You got that in write that down and if we cannot write that down and along. If you'll don't know Crisco box running for governor in Kansas. And there was a parade for what is an old sunny days are just Shawnee days whatever it's called. And he. Rolled through the parade in this Jeep Wrangler with the apparently a fake machine gun mounted to the top of it all our current. Yeah looks like on yeah. He says he's not not apologizing. Even said in his tweet. The only thing that stops a bad guy with the gun as a good guy with the gun them on the idea of Indy in the good guy and that's what a good guy with a gun looks like a guy in energy parent like the American flag with a machine gun. Mallard on of the pillar a lot of so point for Kansas there then this other story. This particular one is in Huffington Post. Arab you guys heard about this. Mom. I wanna say this kid's name is ten. But a ten year old boy says it teacher used this prospect of his death in a police shooting. To chastise him when he was goofing off the school so he's in fourth grade it says he goes the rose hill elementary and one aqsa misses again I'm really not imposed. He says that he was playing around with a friend and a lunch line when an unidentified teacher intercepted. Pushed into neutral and apart because this teaches them they were fighting. And he says quote she told me when you turn sixteen and the police shoot you'll the only person you can be mad at is yourself well. Yes. That's or donor. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing at ten year old would make up its pretty specific and but. They haven't in the teacher at that that this is an Huffington Post. I don't know how do you summarize that teacher. Threatens student. That. Police were Schulman sixteen doesn't change his behavior mean. If she actually said when you turn sixteen. And the police shoot you the only person you can be mad at is yourself she said that out loud. Did you just think that no one else was around or are there other adults they can hear that ago. That's right centric you would think that's a kind of thing you don't. Cingular did not analyze your Beirut in this climate issue really electrocution about lessons. Well. Certainly an inappropriate thing to tell attend your world. So I know he wanted to defend Kansas on this one but. That's not new when you go on this story and report on traffic shops from Missouri that's the point for Missouri but that's extra half. Driving while black in Missouri in this came out a few weeks ago. If you can see star as the first woman. Printed up but. They basically looked at palm drivers in Missouri and they found in 2017 African American drivers. Or 85% more likely to be pulled over than whites according the report at the 10% jump from the year before and the most significant disparity to surface. In eighteen years the state has tracked. The race. Of people stopped by police. Non 2015 the number was 69%. But it perspective. I'm 85% between seventeen and I did make national news I'm reading this and can he started to make national news. I got that sent to me several times. So much you guys have some anonymous and that's two points for Kansas I'd like gatherings that are submitted their FaceBook ticker on others knew once you know them. I said and your own. Just on the people put on our FaceBook. I've submitted a view that's. Okay. Oh yes. I did see this. I thought. This is a different story does this make national news charges have been filed against a Kansas man. Who police said was caught having sex with a five month old puppy the 55 year old man's girlfriend told police she got into an argument with him and came home to find and having sex with a dog. Did you hear about this I heard that story about only get the score wrong but it. And in Michigan right wasn't there a story about the out of our mission. Thought the there was a story about a Michigan State and it wasn't all during these reality again it was that a daughter I don't know ovals are so we. This story says it happened in Wichita. She took the dog to see that it's being cared for by animal rescue Sar was hurt. My sons and everything's at this point he's been through something like that because he's so sweet to people but not. The dog he's been charged with animal cruelty criminal sodomy and domestic battery on the dog. Yeah authorities are not released the main imagine battery that's always have the dog or charges I don't animal cruelty seems a little more fitting. Domestic battery it's like he's married to the dollar I'm guessing that lets you must have you this must have something to do is like is he says she got into an argument with them came home. Later to find him having sex with the docs surely the domestic Battery Park has something to do with her right now darkness. I think that's okay but that's that's on the Internet facility not domestic battery will there's a better is probably has girl. It let me see here. We never discuss the six million drinking that's one of the senate as well. Confidential mowing the bag yeah but so we talked about that outside just us but Missouri area has that rule so I don't think. You can have money in the bank if you just now doing what Zardari does right. Say hey now we're doing the same thing I can't literally work for money in the bank. And it's still new and then it's yeah. I also don't know that it's national news. Well look I'm looking at and current popular out here. I don't think that counts as money in the bank my daughter to her attention and why is the daughter. Man. I think you should be careful of this on line. While yes it has made a lot of different outlets a lot of local news stations from around the country that's in their life. This dog sex in Kansas. Never headlines soldiers say Kansas man charged with. Sexual sultans of dog. I. And well now I don't either rescind your love getting it taken a point four. We're into a point for having a kid named royal Alexander is and we don't know what's and Maryland are like OK now we're not going down that road again no no no. Now I've had this consent talked with view of numerous times may be. Maybe. You feel like you need to make an argument when there is a horse involve exactly because you said the horse was clearly excited. This and don't fruition okay. Now this was a dog that was sodomized so I think. It's safe to say it can't consent and it did make national news now you're definitely taking a point four. Jesus. Next door was gone. Let it was a big dog a residential wallow I don't know it's a puppy is tempered old there was a pit bull. It's only five months old so poppy. Towels then dog years. Today than yesterday to point oh leader Lewis very sad. And if your last story what's this lawsuit alleges a man. With this residency this forced to fight for amusement I didn't see us. Missouri man with developmental disabilities was forced to fight for another man for the amusement of people. Who ran the private care home where he lived and was left to dine at bats of jesus' mother has alleged in a lawsuit. The mother of this guy also alleges in the lawsuit filed Tuesday that the government agencies responsible for her son didn't provide required care and didn't check up on him for months. Bodies on April 2017. Encased in concrete. Yeah all right fine a point. So what does that that's two points from Missouri three points for Kansas. Missouri Missouri it's a point for the driving while black in four. This. Kyra disability you don't happen last year the news story came out this year right. And then Kansas gets a point for Coe blocked the dog thing and for that teacher Tom McCann a school that when he gets shot and will be his own fault. Or have no one else to blame but himself whatever was. Three points for Kansas to from Missouri here. I got ad in the saying it. Laws are there Google news in Missouri stories are all got something to typically guys have you run good Joshua home. In time you know Missouri. Right outside of Joplin. All right. I'm looking. I get stories about trash Hamid let's see here. News. The religious songs for young boys promises to be as safe haven for those struggling on drugs alcohol reversed one historians for just a local Saint Louis with on the web site. And Joshua home in pine hill Missouri south of Joplin. But the anonymous parents credit brother Gary Williams. And his wife Megan returning their sons who lives around. Through Christian studying prayer and love. But former students and coworkers at a boy's home Williams operated in Alabama. Accused of 48 year old born again Christian of abusive behavior. And 2016. Law enforcement raided the Williams operation. Which then was called the blessed hope boys academy. And robbers L Alabama. ABC. Did eight point one investigation. Of the Alabama plays some. One teenager accuse Williams of physical abuse who took off his dog started swinging Williams did not respond. He has since moved back. Homes for wayward boys to Missouri. Because. In Missouri. Child care programs operated by religious organizations don't have to be licensed. Which means the Joshua home isn't subject to inspections. Or regulations. OK I found I went through Google news is on the Kansas City Star and it's on saint louis' five on your side those are not national news stories the whole point is cancels to be a national embarrassment. And I started by Missouri taking points because Missouri is on the top ten lists of places not to visit there in the world asked the sheriff about that. And look good in your quote from the sheriff of the town just south of loved him off from. Unfortunately there's no regulations that. We're trying to see if there's an illegal stuff going on. Well the good he's looking into a tie you're gonna say yeah well people legally Malone he's doing God's work sounds like he's looking into it. If that's all for today I think you know we have our point tally. Three for Kansas to from Missouri if and where can people see the stories FaceBook dot com slash race to the bottom. And they can also send them to either get. Two gay conversion program and Joplin Missouri you know addition of so OK I didn't say that did not say okay Iran. It was. The state of Alabama. Was like you know what not and our state and the like you know what have we can find much trying to stay that'll let it happen. A Missouri but what it really becomes now so there are like in Alabama there are like like you can't do it all gay conversion naked with a belt here. We know or Alabama you can do it and so the guy looks around Leo's. Go to Joplin. Well when they don't care about that when there comes national news I will take the point. Until then. If I had gavel. I hit it. Why aren't court adjourned the points have been ordered for this week. In New Orleans soul who use the orchestra see over there on his camera and mothers don't you guys. Churchill who has low. The virus. Do you realize what he was doing. It room. He was what our phones. On them and are you gonna do that thing and a lot. You really have to censor those right like if it's if there's something legally. Damning and her I need you or not. I you know what I mean by legally right. Like if it doesn't doesn't always ends in 2000 loosened us. So does things no Gonzalez I know what it is an actual good venues on event. He comes in every a lot of smoke or whatever really our phones and their wishes and all the time and sometimes really around yeah. If he can find a time when we balls we remind me to be charged I don't know why you left yours okay you have to now. So I don't know which one and last year. My native recharge so he just walks in and swipe some. And then looks at the last thing yeah. I'm going earlier. When he first got here. He does the stuff you boom real soft and look at spruce from FaceBook. Should have known that was Glover wasn't. Tip that I should just remembered not touch at my phone this is the end of the world. Okay don't start with which warned it was horrific burn down here rock paper scissors and I think up front. OK good good for. Us postal why do my dad. From the get the finger he ever back for the lift a finger grease or doctor Jerry John. All right so vast always was long bats has always celebrities and then age or net worth net worth. A weight stock when you forgot about this. Oh sure. Now that makes this a real real in that area are number one for slim fast Jason Bateman wife. Arrested Development I was watching last night in the new season. Boys they might. I she's someone that I'd never heard of before they've been married for a long time and may have it I think they have two kids together I'd never seen her I think she's friends of Jennifer and it's muscle picture from Jennifer Aniston. Jason Day and age. Yeah I do that first. Okay Michael Serra age. Christa development. Nick bowl how do you say that. Troll I may have typed it wrong I'd probably do that again tonight and as I was saying this crawl of all yeah I found out that so because I was watching Arrested Development I found out that Will Arnett you know he was married to any polar. And and they were married for awhile and I think Emmitt navy and a kid or something but. They separated in 2012. They got divorced and when he sixteen I learned all this last night but she dated and crawl for Iran after Willard Agile they dated and and Amy Poehler who should now now now. Well now you now saying Teresa's academy. Saint. That's because. It's sad I'm case they would say yes I was trying to figure out for sure which school that was that definitely needs an explanation I'm not just looking up. I'll try that high schools for girls. Kate Spade I had no idea she was even from Kansas City. Intel yesterday or whenever what they was asked if she died. Whatever day it was that was the first that I heard issues from Kansas City so I looked it up essential it is cooler and I'm just curious what school was. And that's the only reason I was looking. I don't thing was turning out. He's got earning yet my girlfriend asked what hernia. Was and I said. That it's when your muscle tenors and it's you know like your intestines poke through or something. And then she says Wheeler why when they check you fur he would do that you drop your pants and censure. Junk and I said. That's a good question Africa looked the southern girlfriend is Dutch got. Now confront Jesse are the ones that's unlike in the in them in a movie we were watching something on TV and doing drugs why don't make me drop my fancy touch my job I. You know she was able to Washington they're moving he's at that he's getting the physical or whatever nursing turn your head and cough. And Scioscia asked Ernie was at look at up turns out there's different types I was. Sort of right there's different types but I guess that one runner touching is just one down there. I don't know what made me think when I was young men if you had a hernia appear they can tell by you coughing and feeling down their butt. Because. When you're young and yeah I asked my doctor and on the book is don't trust him which I do. Through this that. I'm on the last name and know what's on mind beyond shooting. First thing was you're killing baseball's all because. Well I mean I love that this alimony to and I got the let's play demoted details of the weekend I'll cut right. Like you. We do look of the actor. I was trying to figure out yet I mean you tell me smalls and made me think of it. But there and one of the activism town as well I'll gotta gotta. The cooling things. You can do all the particularly things now I don't to me in my girls who are your Mellon royal I don't know shown on allied heckling I don't like pickled things but I like. Pickles do what this is insane over the weekend I had one of those firecrackers sausages. And my girlfriend said please eat that the other room I'm trying to egos at the list suites and all I can smell is that. Spicy sausage I said spicy pickled sausage and in this whole. While it was pretty one sided conversation but about what is trickling and what makes this an lawmakers want to light sweet pectoral but I like regulars there's also I'm not sure. And what they have been pick a lane under the same bright stars that I am just you know twenty miles apart. To you know Iguodala dill pickles I glide. I feel like pickled cauliflower whatever I'm not like I do like I don't like now I just vinegar what does. I don't like pickled eggs I know I I made pickles and I was a kid. We put him in jars the whole deal and organ back in the levels real house Kansas child support and alimony if you. Next day and senate next at all line. Oh OK I got your. Okay that was a separate search or toys. Was trying to find employment along with support alimony in the second the payments senator and I'm trying to do and I knew I was going to Islam he would throw it. God I'm trying to figure out where out of ten. With a yeah. Got in the Jerry's or I. Got a new phone like a lot so scene does he went on sale amazingly no one before I'm having a problem getting annoyed a lot of my bank accounts and credit cards and things that I have set up to just regularly come on in my. Bank via because. I got a new phone. And I cleared off the old one to give it to chat show. And he's using it but before I did that. I've forgotten that. I don't have the passwords to a lot of things because I was using the thumb recognition to get in my bag down right. In my credit card accounts and I'm trying to log in and let us well you've tried three times sort of shut it down I'm like now I'm gonna be laid on Alomar like she's trying to buy into I. And I Amazon. I got to figure it out so yes and I assume the Jerry sandusky is because you watch paternal. Oh yes right say that is not in the news anymore I don't feel good for my caddie Jerry sandusky get away. That's what we're you have to ultimately affect I did watch retire now over the weekend whether Al Pacino and I was I don't want their. I know they talked about you know. The chino dying art of pitching tonight a paternal dying. And and so things have happened to the other people I was like won't work either send us yours and gels legend he die a year item does. Hadn't followed up and assorted for a long time so I just. Wikipedia I don't know it's it's still is so I'll let him he's imprisoned. We that doesn't want to go for America and thank you just a little different plan alimony send us to look confirming. The. I do you wanna know what's cool in 2018. Do you think you know what's cool already mount. There's a list thirty things that are cool considered to be cool and 2018. This is a poll of 2000 adults. I guess they just asked. What's cool what's not. As an animal like division offices and schools and you're gonna astronauts if it's cool and it sounds like they give you things there's no possible way to do come up with only 2000 people at thirty he would have these things they have to act. Ask you is this is is Null or not. So here's thirty to Venice Louisiana school to now they shouldn't right. When I don't know what else Seidman a lot better I'm gonna look and let them do what least if you had any doubts collection out. And make this segment worth listening to we you could say tonight. Is this school are not cool and and I would pick it and he would tell me whether I was writer I was wrong. Even if you just had a list right now they're all cool at the start of the site like that you'd like no these are all cool and 2018. Wednesday and we can do is on the what we can do that certainly wanna do that. I want to read something and I'll tell you that school and I wine coolers cool not cool watch. I just another listeners local things yeah I just made some good I. How hard it is and it's something I'll climb if we're gonna play it back and months ago I don't know that. But it didn't make the less it's on the list of they and I even asked about that well they don't just read you what's on the list that I was gonna do and that's. Is it collects. Jesus are noticed that makes any sense anyway pizza. How can pizza be uncool or I don't know I guess food compared cool uncle that eighties that makes sense. They caught thrift stores. I guess those are cool to they stop being cool. Where they ever cool. Helping the family is on the list open friendly app does it mean I don't know be nice to your payment calling your mom standalone. Having no knowledge about things that are nostalgic. Before your time I guess some people would be like eighties. Android phones. Frozen yogurt political android phones are cool guys. By android so I found Andrew it's cool I don't see it Alfonzo analyst. Avocados. Are cool frozen yogurt are so that. The nerds are cool without beards are done. Maybe they're back I don't know maybe gonna stop being cool. Filter water bottles but those are reusable launch a report in that Janet is cool. Cycling is cool. Instead Graham. It must have asked Mike and your grammar snatch that I don't know maybe they didn't who knows it's your name is cool. Posting dinner parties that's cool craft beer I thought everything says that craft beer now there is now losing momentum. Yeah this thing. Yoga is cool yoga slash Pilates. Com. Cutting back on drinking or not drinking at all apparently that's cool being able to cook from scratch. Coffee. Fitness trackers doesn't that seem like a few years ago doesn't phoned it in there yeah it's nice to see a lot of warm did a pretty. But that's a weird thing to say is cool this year. Whatever working from home is cool stain and instead of going now. That's that's good news on miles and isn't that the that the even eating healthy. Going to the jam. Going on vacation to places off the beaten track. And the number one analyst is reusable coffee cups. So I don't know how many of those things I don't know how many things analysts had all remarked I think they mean my travel ones you know ones eat taking your car with the but the lit. Yeah it. Seems so yeah I was ever who at what point does someone come into work. As I was walking out of recommend it. He loves you a reusable coffee company Ralph Nader. Blue eyes is Chris Singletary is amusing. The spoke about it I now. He's like now with a paper profit Drew Gooden it wasn't the the slack out of his hands. Tripled in little group that we hadn't ruined it for them. I long pizza on the pizza makes no sense if you read my muscles and is like pizza. Stand now. Ohm I don't know all the stuff that's really just like anti social. Ryan. Yeah I got to stay home if I go on vacation and on occasion Renault announces. Cycling instructor. And street grand. Colleagues. No no and now record players like I think it skip that record players on the. This is discarding Wales. I guess maybe they get to decide what's the rams staying home. Off beaten path you know the case. Says it's in Wales and yeah well I guess young people as a good looks or they'll stay in more in the. Why analogue for reusable coffee cups and whoever took on some reusable coffee cups yeah I would have thought that was on the I don't know what that's why it's cool. I want a store and they were like reusable coffee cups to for wanna be like I don't. Yeah is it a coffee content. What is mentioned reusable Kyle every user wants I'm very confused. And then now it just buying a copy in my in my first I was like OK so when I wanted to Google that's what comes out it looks like a disposable cup but it's plastic that's the first thing that comes up. Army soldiers at system thermos illegal it looks like you could use yeah and then these I see these it copy shops a lot. Just glass. Reusable coffee cups and a little runners on a coffee mug manga. Now with Corcoran tempering yourself 2018 the coolest thing out as a compliment reusable. And injuries to slash U that's all that but at the. I'm an 86.