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Wednesday, July 11th

0:00 - Headlines
Billy Knight posts video and later commits suicide
Papa John founder stepping down after racist remarks
Robber gets stuck in escape room
The Beast stops an intruder
Mom shoots carjacker
31:14 - There seems to be a serious lack of social grace in society today.
59:18 - Conspiracy theories with Nick Wright

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The righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. Serum yeah you'll mend. Valued dark. Will strike zone up on the. I told him and the boys are here. We are on shot show and I ever and a brother. And shock when you have a brother right. Some your Brothers are much olden here yeah. I swear. 90% of my apartment my parent in time is just telling them would you please quit did your brother in the balls that is not any presents. And they'll stop them like I. And you just hear screams from the other room and out you don't really need to know what happened you just need to know it's boot. Who had normal balls and then you want Iran and in some of the beyond their knees and Elena relied. And the balls are just it's constantly. The two best kids awesome to be around all the time. Cannot stop at each other in the balls. And we went on vacation. To Florida. And my sister was there right yeah and now she has two sons. And there are like. Thirty and 28 right. She's thirty yeah but he congressman Ryan the one who can't you visited your burns right now this so he's like starting. And I was saying the same thing like I can't do she was like we were at the grocery store earlier and I hurdler won the L. And I turn around a younger wanted to hit him in the balls like it never ends does not close in age they'll continue to hate each other in the balls for the residents for the rest of their lives as a. Only thing native. Because my Brothers were older I would torment them a little bit to get their attention right there trying to watch T year whatever. Then the ball punching begins I've run streaming hi do whatever I'd lock myself in the bathroom a lot in there was a lot of route knowing where my escape route one Bryant went to bat him locking the doors screaming. And then she would say grade. This is why your Brothers don't wanna play with you Peter is gonna complain in my head not playing it's beating me up to this guy's got 120 pounds of meat. And that was still our relationship though his eyes on the ball as we were gonna communicate. The authority you know I again and like high school it had to be someone like the blogger on someone and the other person retaliated with a punch the ball. Let's say I winter and now. And I don't know sister maybe sisters are similar I don't know I don't have my sister earlier Noonan at me in the malls like she would push me down and out. Spit on anybody like her first. Inclination was to him in the balls discussion that many users and realized. How important that one's. Yet circuit tonight and and I never thought about handing her the balls because clearly. Hannity I needed no I didn't know that boys just continually bungee jump in the malls trying to force them. And we'll say it's mostly stopped around my house now not totally. But your brother still wants a while on Joey and I hit like that I think last year before I came home and my brother was in town for Thanksgiving and everyone else has gone to do my fifty year old man grown guys and this is management as we in his forties now and I'm in my thirties. And I'm sitting here on the couch he's city in you know like a recliner whatever watching TV. And I picked my nose in and held the bugger up too much and hate it. Pay any turnaround. And make you know a whole writing and then once he gets away from me am getting. I'm getting beat in the Walsh. Could. It. Getting punched and kicked in the moments. And waking up the family what's gone on not them we're just socializing. Though did that doesn't go in and touch and so is my brother reminders to each other so they'd much rather have a singer and naslund. A punch in the malls what's what's what's that television don't stricter figures are each other's nationals and don't do that what does that have to look that up and you know that is I don't know but don't do that punch each other in the balls don't doomed it's. Johnson. You know so be the two. On extreme went well yes yeah so I think I'm getting the idea. And brand with OK we used to do this it says the restaurant when my friends and I all worked at the same restaurant delete. Sneak up behind each other in the service stations. But the servers stations and we. I'd knows they'll Goosen and that's exactly what we did I'm reading the definition now to advance. Yeah you've reached behind some. You can sneak up behind him reach from behind but this doesn't say anything this says the U grabbed the you guys you slap you grab them from behind so Donna squeezing them. Mimicking the shape of abuse snack okay again. On Canada and just stick to the ball punching. And be careful what patents. I sought to get punched in the balls on the playground and fifth grade when it happened was he was standing over. On this other kid right that you they've been. Horsing around guys on his back other guys standing over and so the guys factors pitches up and we punched him so hard. That the Katie couldn't cry he couldn't breathe. And nurse had to come out. Into the playground with one of those little cloth to wheelchairs and command commander we'll come off the playground he's. He was so much pain he couldn't breathe in the first grenade onto a spiraling kids got down I kicked him in the balls and then. We're supposed to fight the next recess and he said he was gonna fight me because when he went inside me this blood. All of that use a serious cause for concern but it's not our fault. No no no no no no that's how you know you've gone too far down I thought about about a month collision after fighting them. Well. That's once that happens once Tex signs as my husband has three Brothers one of them hit him in the balls and walked of the altered our wedding. There is walking up to learn and grow and that's going to just never ends I don't think. Yeah this doesn't go one and my horns rock stars solutions by the way thank you for dropping off crotch on people a nice and myself all right put an excellent ball on his. Hey you never responded in my tanks were re guys finest pop in the building block or were where were you guys find in his hand in the building I think you're stealing it from me and only one who brings us here. Credit. Yeah. I told Emanuel as the reasons consumers whose usually like mister Bibby buys it highlight master of course you never see you do between Nigel or six years. Sometimes goes on mr. potato and next thing I drink doctor pepper ride but rise as you like and deserves any sauce and work but I like to do now. Yeah always like that forever and try in business single white female man is no single white female you. I mean here. I went back at some Bezos went back back then I'm all do. I'm more about nobody it's like well you always our I didn't win but I'm I'm what is what writing. Lazio has worked at mile an hour you have I know I'm going back thanks we're sure anytime I've had a motorcycle and a woman back back we're I'm bullies of the motorcycle soon. He did it. Don't you remember he went home but that's scooter bonus and I got the motors are losing and I really like to have something like this how we're the last few guys like three years after a motorcycle I've only had a motors an excuse it was like three days all three children and you Texans exercising you're looking for places I can I help you look stuff up online you stomach guy who delivered to you. You drove it to work for him I don't know maybe a month and you sold it I don't pay a 1014. A day like today the Dow's all within a month and no ladies ladies ladies. Hey I like it and I'm flattered and latter's. Says Texas is don't encourage Bob countrymen can cause testicular cancer I'm pleased to calculate I don't getting in the balls cause illness that can bunt and I did have someone tell me. He got punched in the L what's that thing called where the where the Danes did you get like why are some day all right and that's on your task ahead and removed it and surgery within field line and then move. Arteries or whatever does or does veins to have. And there's lots are like running Mosley spin around in circles and something got rupture inside Denny had to have surgery men. Don't want to sit on the ice cream it's. Unfortunately. I'm not alone and I'm determined not sure venerated. She yeah you need to take training if you take. That's what you can and Canada have gone shown training courses. Have to cover the how does a sausage fest today. It was awesome I love the fact. I mean I guess I don't know more than one on the back costume nearly one I'm talking about dog. I was amazed I was just I was so great. And I saw people discussing this last night online. And I was reading through the almonds. Just amazes me how people in. Just always gonna be the Smart people there. I'm glad it worked out and no Secret Service came up to you until Jeanne needs and we leave this area no problems. So we're down we got a lot of then we had a lot of hot dog extra hot dog. Supplies be donating those rights and also Obama shows Tom and good for you there. If we did everything in the nation come proudly and it was good news good. Ronnie and I took scenes of the bottle as a social call me like five times yeah I had a bunch of schools and I was born in my center around and and Houston. I don't lieutenant. What was it that you text music you please contact them and it sounded so stress. And whatever it was he said he didn't know the point is the conversation was done better I think everything's fine personally you know let you got to know lake. I'm like you you start sending texts like that you call and I don't answer any follow up there. Luckily that's coming back I expected you've been arrested or something something horrible happened. We talk about the news. There's a you know there's stuff going on. China's yeah awesome and was held on June. And did you know doing night UCLA basketball eight slow ground ball punters. China Ginobili had eight. Late for UCLA in the what Billy Knight yeah late in the day. Billy Knight sales Billy Knight he's a college Vasco Berkeley UCLA from nineteenth 2002. Averaged fourteen point one points and three now I'm very well I mean NBA draft played professionally in France I mean I am. No really this is him. Hear me now that it would help but that's him or not I don't know if you like a big college and has long been the yeah I did you come I don't know and let's. It's making headlines because. It took his own life. And he. He instead of leaving a note keep you posted this relief. Tragic video on you to comment. Apologizing. And any insane in the video you know this is probably my last message in the starts talking about how he lived. Elect senate kept his brief because in those depressing them trying to nonetheless positions. But. You always hear people talk about. Any time a story like this comes up. It's gives you know someone or if you are struggling with depression or mental illness you know. Here's some phone numbers you can call I seek help whatever. He says in the video that if you're struggling seek help. If you're experiencing anything similar run it's you know it on Seacrest legs and all I can think Louisiana with. He he's aware of it but he's still keep lowering ourselves to do it. And you know where it is now. Series. This. Yeah. Apparently he was also hearing voices. Something when you see them and he said he isolated themselves. From just about everybody. Million different things can cause depression and anxiety river but. When you hear someone talking about the fact that they're hearing voices and they know that there's something wrong that's when you think I wish we had a better system in place. As opposed to just clean out after something bad happens here's a number you can call right. Yes is number you can call but it's not. And then I'm not mad at people who say that Hussein now the number of polling here and now moment. Sometimes it is. Maybe senator option but sometimes it is almost impossible it's not possible for a person to pick up the phone and do that something needed to happen. And as though before we had the legislation. For example in in the Kansas City area let's say less of the surgery experience something some sort of something that you think some sort of psychological stress or rational whatever. And and your doctor says you know what you really need to do is use psychiatrist right. The average wait time in Kansas City here in new page weighs about six yards and a huge problem. Why does it take six months to get into his psychiatrist a lot can go wrong and six months and go and ask someone. The suffering. When they see most are your new patient and other. That is a lot can go wrong in six months but a lot can also go right for a little bit so many like you know I don't need to pass stuff see you keep putting things off putting and off putting and I'm putting enough. Instead of getting help you need yeah. Right away. And not to mention the whole which is certainly knows a lot more on the tunnels and holes and we should take away the student founded on depression and then all those things from him. But the whole I think we don't talk about how we deal wouldn't and it does seem like you people are so much more open about it now people talk about written and you know. It's definitely an eye just in a short amount of time it went from lines. What was your take in the room. What's of core tool. Of course you don't and people are over prescribed medications and now that's a problem but. If you really need help. Not having health insurance or not being able to find someone who. Who's able to do you win. Earlier than six months from today and the logistics that that should be priority. And any. Comes around. Constantly anytime someone shoots up the building you know how the country says well it's a mental health issue we've been OK so then this is something we all agree on. Nolan seems to be arguing that you know what Hussein we're doing a great job with me to do right for each we're doing all the right things. So let's let's fix that all right enough. Assertive us. Papa John's founder easier this news I could just use the I thought this had already happened I thought he was argued on. It was is coming John ash no matter. He's the boundaries of the ACC and in the commercials. He apologized. Today for using the N word on a conference call. Back in May. Tranche. Apparently this was part. Like got. Corporate training thing. So they're doing these role playing exercises that are designed to try and turn things. Some sort of public relations crisis I guess like what Starbucks did after the OK guys got kicked down. So he issued a statement. Instead news reports attributing the use of inappropriate hurtful language to meet during an immediate training session regarding race or true. Regardless of the context I apologize. Simply stated racism has no place in our society. A student he'd already stepped down though is the official close until runner pop. John is stepping down as CEO of his pizza chain. John Schneider who appears in the TV commercials have blamed falling sales on the NFL's anthem protests. Papa John's a major sponsor of the league the move drew immediate backlash on social media and shatter later apologized. He will stay on as the company's chairman. So I guess the that the story years that one's admitting that it it was cited in this. Brown and it was kind of a write in and occasionally hears the words you shouldn't saying it sounds like if they're saying that bet if there was a racial slurs. Used while participating and our role playing exercise. Divine designed to prevent public relations crises. In a statement issued to the Taliban weren't known within hundreds of a former according to the account and Forbes magazine. I was called Papa John. Was on call with this company called laundry service which is a marketing agency. And he was asked how he planned to manage future public relations flare ups. They. I guess at some point they don't give the exact. Account here but at some point. The N word is used. If she should talk about it. You know I'm I'm my guess is it would be like what do we do if someone says this what do we do something right if you're having it now is what the marketing agency. He sought to downplay the significance of his criticism of the league in players alone an old stuff. And then this is the quote and I don't know this is the quote from this exact composition but both colonel Sanders called blacks. Really. That's the clubs and complaining that Sanders had never received backlash. This is it. According to George the other doesn't make sense and surrounding context of like an instructional video doesn't context of that's a lot i.s so that people should stand for the National Anthem colonel Sanders said this right. That's that's different Davis Payne learned you do if you say this. Using maybe I say hey you know what never okay there's those arguments about what a lot of new dream what if I'm just repeat any news or anyone else said. You can get around but just saying. And again just imagining. This setting. But doesn't sound like he's symbol colonel Sanders called black and see right yes as it sounds like him anybody could also be if you have a question because colonel Sanders all blacks believe them now so fire and a question Noah yeah. Don't let you complaining. That's my older sister saying. I never got to walk to high school dance how come he gets two yeah I Sammy Sosa and won't Annan is racist does this other guy. Ryan how come he doesn't get any trouble and well one I don't own a colonel Sanders exist. C rivers and was it just so Norm MacDonald was right mustache on who's not sure what that is. So I think is Reba McEntire solo shows. Move on I guess the big news is that he admitted he admitted that he say you admitted to forums they said it and it was during his house. Okay. Have you done one of these escape from things before and I told you that's not I know people love them. And don't mind my Finley went dad like as a group thing Thanksgiving of last year they had a blast. I know they're popping up all over. I don't know if we've had a escaped from bubble yet or not but I know people like him for me as a claustrophobic person who also does not like to solve puzzles especially someone is watching each console because it's not a great. If you look. A burglar and Washington because Washington. Decided to break into the strip mall and I don't know exactly what he was trying to get. When he broke into the strip malls trying to find money and cash register what he's trying to do. But he actually got stuck in. As Katie yes they had to figure is seen in this New Zealand I don't know now so I guess eventually gets frustrated he starts like breaking. You know. Set pieces or whatever trying to get balls down but he couldn't get out and he had to be rescued what my wife. Bob and Mike we gotta get out we got things going down he actually opened the door pushed over our lockers. Destroyed some nice to have flowers and then came enemy himself and hum. I feel kind of violated announce like we are as small business we put our heart and soul in all of our. Money into this place to make it work. And our sole goal is to bring happiness and fund families and businesses. And it doesn't do good to get taken advantage. So. I liked the idea that is all that he stole. That I saw on that article was stolen beer out of the fridge and guessing that belongs to the on so many soldiers there I don't know. And die he had a burrito. I liked the idea that this guys is not always wanted to do an escape room. And I know I don't wanna do people watch me I just can't afford to go do it escape room it's a minute break into one in the early night and see if I can figure out Willy dead. You broke again but he did not figure out he's tried to get out the backdoor. But so he could no opening. Gender comment on one and so yeah he was stalking called my mom won't use the phone the front desk of the escape through place. I love he faces a charge of second degree burglary. That's good news trusts and estate room writing it's hard to figure out who. He was ever at least 35 minutes. And he gave up room yeah they said they have one of the rebellious kids. Our usually spend fifteen I didn't hear this stage and shut out here and the record dating when it got out of this and aquariums 33 minutes. But I guess this guys. A record low counts in all elites. Jacksonville. Year old plays for Israel and this guy's name is Richard golden RA. He's now given himself the nickname the beast to the base so someone breaks into his house and senate on. Watching TV and years glass breaking there. Benny sees a man with a rifle approach him and demanded money. Now he says that she. This guy hits him in the head with a rifle OK okay and and the B stomach on the peace are diminished he decides. To fight back east. Did it based. They hit an inhaler arrival. And blame on this haven't you can look at this right arm distract you when these tragedies. I made my mother's okay so he says that this Kansas irrational our body must have just shown up it's like science alias mobs in the front door. His body is there and at that point he makes is moose I grabbed me lot together and thought the clip Phil. Try and those are trying to. He's so he group saying he grabs the gun trucks the clip out of the gun but he knows that there's still around in the chamber and they're either still wanted to chambers. And win golf I don't know what dead and Nolan shot. And now just the military giant occurred Realogy. Thought Phil's brain. Our house that I'm really gouge his eyes and through gouge in brain guy until he said he could feel his brain then. He gets on top Medina and continues to doubt Jim in the eyes and tell the cops out there in his job until the top guy here. You're holding in my Papelbon Yang and the team was own god that it don't go away from being lit. All right these are usually when people give themselves nicknames. But that's what journey that's legit guy does that mean eyes now. And they set up I looked at three different articles trying to figure out specifically what is injuries were all like to find is that they identified the suspect as Timothy Henson. And they said he was treated for these injuries in the hospital he's gonna be taken to jail he's been Helen 250000 dollars bail as court appearances until July 30. But some of these stories means hiking gouged at least one of his eyes out I don't know that's the thing and and they train they really train you do have an what are your thousand. Toms that's true runnin' utes someone broke in your house. That million pounds is half a mile. Com. But why word am I right here the guy's name is Jim Bolden why would you give yourself that's what I'm is a real name is already being called he's got an amazing name. It sounds like at school all. When they say no last names are so I'm golden dec right you know again as an emboldened it like why would you have to give yourself a nickname he's already was destined to be like a morning show host some wire. What this name he wouldn't have to change neighborhoods and our son Morningstar whatever you want it Blake is mantle and no one's no one's ever happy with the name again there was one big goal difference. He went for the beasts. Just try and get people to play different name your kid. You have frenzy like some guy and he looked up to maybe an older brother's friends or something yeah some friends older brother that at a cool name more. We just didn't like your name never happened no you. Yeah I I wanted to call Brad. And I would tell people. When I met a new group of people it's a brilliant if you see what's your name you do that they re introducing each other and something you like and I would say. An injury bug people call me Brett. They don't register nickname because really wanted people to comment on random account I never stuck but there is just you lived in the neighborhood behind mine and when we played the altogether seamless. The toughest guy in the neighboring. Yeah by six straight PRD had not all of his teeth don't have the big ones he can do this now and use. As fast as he was friends use at least I just not read as a little kid I thought like can't be an adult that's that's my name is Katie got out of and an adult name and I wanted to be brat. I'm so jealous and immediately saw like gentlemen. Yeah well that's that's a lot to ask. Classroom full of them graders. I then last story. This happened. In Dallas or just outside Dallas. A mother. Is out of her car and she goes to get back in her purse got two kids who were in the backseat now there's a carjacker. In the driver's seat that is due to our kids in the car. So she hops in the passenger's seat and tells guy bull car over. You know and racquet away whatever he refuses. She reaches in the glove box has a gun and shoot some and I had to shoot some. Now works now works the car crashed into a hole right after that don't really this guy's alive because he's being charged. And the woman no I think I can see in these articles is at the mother and so like I just wanna move on line now that she's not unlike the beast which are an open against the BC she's. Out there ourselves while there I think she just wants to move all their life so they had to interview her neighbors. Two. You know yeah I guess get some some part of for the news always. That if she had the deal was she it'd be. Were accused B. Or she be how will she be there right now there were really would be gone now with the keys. Silicone. Do you think. Your baby mama especially is a new mother stuff all those foremost on rocks Towson. As I've been doing great honor to protect these kids have never loved anything more in my life. Did you do that. You think if she hadn't. A pistol and I don't know anything about her whether sabres haven't done our part what is she did. Did you do that yet to a just. Mama bear instincts kick you grabbed Johnny shoot again. It's pretty else now I'm insiders. My mail me you know my feelings on guns and you know my feelings on the death penalty Eminem's on the bus. And those individual bases like you're trying to my kids there in the car. I'll tell you running right now we'll tell you. And I've got ran a system. That says that we are not allowed to have vigilante justice but in this situation like gives me you know my kids woman. I'll try to tell yeah. Log it's like a time to kill of course he unite talk about this a million times with a capital punishment I don't like the idea. Of the jury and prosecutors and judge all these basically the government deciding when he deserves and I know our government having all these resources. And give you a lot of people getting. Other public and miners are bad but not getting the same amount of resources. As a prosecution team again not having those resources and in the death penalty being handed down back in my garage loser McCain ally or just someone goes your kids are you. Sure don't. I doubted what I was any time on that jury I say history ago exactly depending on the circumstance but you've got major U freak out. Major. And there's and he should tune kids in the backseat. We're getting. Updated business. Little advice and just you know. We're joined by chargers know through it okay if someone says steele's win the and he's. A day fine. I guess his. Picture and the balls are learning that sale or go numb when I fumble is. I. I waters talk you all about the thing that we're talking much earlier than using cars that you know us. Episodes are out right yes yes yes yes and I pulled back that the discussion about. I have to pee when we told us percent. We just play some quick don't just hold of course I generally I started talking social change Krishna baby. Lou exactly I'm a grown girl. I'm already please don't I have the Theodore I don't I don't let nobody can stop you identity right this very second and a gradual thing giant Pepsi got a piece okay. Pannemon and it's fine. So he's he won't talk about the Nash where he started talking. Well the new season of comedians and cars getting coffees and I watched. All the over the weekend thanks so funny did you watch all of them most of them okay so Neal Brennan Amazon okay. For people who don't know he is or was should polls. And Mario are your right they were writing partners right he did Chappelle's show with. With him and had a big. But Netflix special I think it was an epic special with them last year that a lot of people really liked where he. Talked about anxiety depression like that so he's kind of making a name for himself away from Chappelle. He was only guests. Obviously even if you've never seen the show you have an idea what happens Jerry Seinfeld those specs of the comedian. Usually they know each other some you can tell he knows better than others right or maybe even close friends and they just film them. Don't did you know it coffee and walk around and talk. So in this particular. Clip. There are sitting at the coffee shop and this is this really bothered me solve this it didn't bother me. So much at the time. But the more I thought about it it really started to bother me and I've talked to my girlfriend about it. As it you know this is really bugging me and then somehow. I must I got Turkish is that you know what. You're right that's sucks why would he say that I don't understand why people would say that so that I can minister to complain to you about it this is this is the Clinton and this is. Again Neil. Brett and talking to Jerry. Science film and music cars from the new season. I haven't embezzlement what nuggets are I've only seen may be seven episodes I loved. It's time again when I need to find what I'm doing just this is just about everything you see when James in the black white supremacists and Lorena who by the way I know that. Yeah I mean and I guess it. I don't lights that come. I mean they're the only reward. I mean really got mad that I lose is not my thing I'll and I knew of anyone understand it is here and have fun things. They will loosen you why you want wants I don't know what I'm about. Everybody turn out fine though you guys who worried about it. Could resign. Now. He's seen wide. That's stuck with me ans and and sort of percolate and I start as I thought about it yet there's that there's a couple things one he says like I need be finally that I knew you understand. Well no you assumed that Jerry's response wasn't going to be. F fuel car or out you know he wasn't gonna be a diva about it OK I use you assume that's it with. You have no idea. What he was actually thinking when he said I was feeling I was feeling and then like Jerry responds and says I'm only seen a few. Sketches on Chappelle's Show which in my mind's. It could be true door could just be his way of author a little zing back issue and sure but why does this. Grown adults feel the need to tell his I guess friend and even if they're not friends they're friendly right this acquaintance. That. I don't like sitcoms. Which means I also don't like your sick come. And I've only tried to watch it if you tell there's two ways to take it I mean NATO armored guard. One. But. I don't know you don't have to like. Everyone's heart right right I do not like it was a matter of fact probably don't like most of most are right. Subjective so there's and zero electoral laws lot of things you don't like. I don't think you ever really have to tell the artist you don't like there are in my shore in a position. Where you need to tell you have your judging the Olympic figure skating Ry car on. The guy who signs bands to Capitol Records as a way to do it and I don't really like your music and Bryant yeah okay. There's really no reason to ever tell someone. You don't like there are. There's really no reason why. Tell him to his face and then. I know it's I did so I think got super awkward date it's later off well wherever you're so Jerry responses I'm was seen this many episodes what are now Neil. Has to stick with that and say right I don't like sick com's I also don't like your sitcom OK we get it you don't like. What do I do keep in mind. Jerry Seinfeld. And Larry David. Created a sick Tom that many people consider. You know that that they've greatest sitcom of all time you know that doesn't mean you have to like it right now no one I'm not saying you have to like it I've put. Tony people don't like it. Why do you have to tell him and it's almost like we've moved from this world where any day. Not in a way like let's just say because you know me I'm really have probably seen seven signs don't the brightest bright I just it's fun I like I don't really have examined yeah. Besides I was here. I may even say like hey man I'm an anomaly I've only seen like seven episodes. What he says that in a way like I. I've only seen seven episode because of stupid right and your what you do is stupid and I'm not into what you do not like. And I Malaysian seven under those because the whole whatever for whatever reason. Paul phenomenon missed me wears a product line that Jack align well there's an imaginary double down on it like I like sit coms. And by the way every time I turned yours on it wasn't funny it was stupid right at bats didn't like Walter what do you do when one widen. That's shot at the end because now you've already said I never watch your show which to go back to what you're saying about if Jerry Seinfeld came in here. The most appropriate time for it to come up that you haven't seen many episodes would be if he asks you are you a fan of the show right. Okay now you're in a position where you can be honest to say all be honest I've only ever seen a handful episodes I don't watch a lot of sick com's I know people love it. I just happens I really haven't seen that okay aren't a problem my guess someone says. Yeah I don't really that it only if it was a similar situation are we ever. Are wise would happen but you ever listened to my radio show. Somehow you're asking that question rugs I I never listen to the radio I'm okay are fine I acts. This is an of course it's edited so I don't know what was said directly before this but this conversation as played. On Netflix. Starts with insane I have a confession to make. No we don't why you have to say I had you know it's as far as I can tell. Jerry never asked you if you're a big fan of the show. So then you say. I've only seen a few episodes okay fine they say I don't like sitcoms OK also fein Jerry says I don't either. Did you say including yours sic not right. Okay. No you don't wait a minute the and you have to take an app. Actual shot at the show whether than just saying I'm not that familiar with because it's not my thing like if I told an artist the painter. I don't know anything about painting you know I think my painter is I'm no position I. And my luck I don't know York I think you're right erosion it's impressive at its own right. He's now at the end has to take a personal shot at the show by saying. Until it turns out of the guys like. Looking for a jacket ma am talking about Neal Brennan used I guess sound a new episodes of comedians talking cars or whatever it is rising stars in golf now right yeah he was on it and I was a clip where he based original size Illinois signs don't show yes and I don't. I guess my fingers like do you know why. So not too long ago I was that main event. And I would like replace new ads and a bowling and arcade boys and so I was I'll sign and I was smoking a cigarette this guy comes up tomatoes and plans on my guys like man. Don't. I listen your show all the time ball well look I'll thanks man I'll now thank you and then the other really you know I used to you know tell. Now I guess Spotify now my phone and you know men and don't pandora. And apple muse said you know so I've known I guess I'll listen how much you're going in my don't. And Angelos and mow and where do you work and he said I'm a bartender Marti courtroom it pays to go there ten years ago when it was cool. And here's an idea and then he stopped and realized like oh. I see exactly what you did there yeah you're an and then but you know mark as you walked away he was visceral visibly agitated at my behavior. Form arm and that was it is there anything else is there any chance that he was embarrassed values visible I'd disguise a day like I should've said that because. You would not if someone I would hope you would not. If you meet some money C what do you do for a living you say I build trucks from Ford likely come in I imagine you wouldn't say. I don't I hate people who trap eye for an like why union guys are overpaid whatever OK well even if this is your belief. You don't you sell of this person that why are you telling this person no one asked. What your opinion now if he said I'd build Ford trucks what do you think of them right now do you like so many says. Or third showed a guy where OK he asked. What does a man and then I don't know I don't know I don't know how much run trucks going to meet this is this is a result of an honest I can old man. A guy. This is a result of when you put out arch it used to be a similar put out of a or a record or movie or whatever. The closest thing you had was critics who would write about. The movie or the album in Rolling Stone or in the Kansas City Star or whatever and they were the people who were. Vocal Lee an openly. Criticizing these these before sparks that was right there and there's jobs that I was just critique is things right but then. You hit the Internet and also you have anonymous messages and comments on YouTube videos on anything you can't under strange in a new story wherever. And people felt really comfortable saying they show up in this guy's ugly nice I believe people listen to this to me this is like. Believe leaned over slightly of back. You know it's it's someone saying you let's say you're on Redick and someone. Putt of video clip of sidled up to date that was really funny and you wrote a comment that said I never really liked. Sick comes at an error without bounds any better than the others is so much only signals. You that's you would not be surprised actually that would be every mile or remodeled. But it's certainly more appropriate. Fair to that is when you're having dinner with a guy and the other thing. I would also difference if your commenting on someone's YouTube page or some thing. There's something to be said for having them some sort of decorum but they're putting out my world for it to be judged yes. No wind its main event I don't necessarily think like if you text me now say they show such while a guy. I'm putting out right now. But but if I'm just getting coffee. Unemployed. And ask you if you thought my shows are dumb just getting caught him right I'm just having a beer there's no reason for you tomorrow Millie today. Thank you show sucks. And that's my point like to me they're still. Some sort of there should be some sort of decorum of society where. That's the case I don't you know. If. Signed Felder is getting coffee I don't necessarily think take the first thing I need to do. Has run up to IC Steinfeld at a Starbucks and in Iran from a male nightmare a never sorry shows Sox very light while while while most appoint a not right but why who went wire your ass all right like that's. But that's the definition of Ashley your fassel. I told you have had those moments where I'm watching a talk show Letterman used to do a lot. And they probably all do what Letterman six I I remember seeing like. I always use Kirstie Alley is an example because there was a time where everyone wanted to make fun occurs CL deferred gain weight room. And in every time I see one of those jokes as same with the Chris Christie think every time I see one of those iconic go. Why act. It is this okay now. It's not like she was sitting there on the couch and he's making jokes which I guess would be worse. But I still as we are like why is it okay for him to make fun overweight here and everyone says well it's because she's a public figure she's put herself out there that's. OK so we just decided that if you put yourself out there that's. That's. Fair game AM I think some people. Feel more comfortable saying it to someone who's successful if you had someone that you're sitting down to have coffee with he says I'm trying to do this. Showing tuner on you too I'm not presume myself paying for everything really work my ass off. It's almost like there's a less chance for you to say minutes sucks it's no good but just I felt. That is fair jury sandals a billionaire. People consider his show to be the greatest sitcom of all time and so you feel like as a fellow comedian. Surely he doesn't care what I think so I can tell him that I don't like the show I am sick and because he says yeah there's usually embryos and appropriate behavior that's heat this was his creation. He obviously has some pride in this I'm sure he is proud of the fact that the show has. This reputation but as anything it's a continued did you know now it's the same repetition that should also had exactly. I like Zach huge huge show that Neal brown was completely instrumental. Right to create that show along with Dave Wright right. And so that's your that's your work. Now that that's your pride and that's that's something you worked really hard my doom. So what just like I think the big guys and gals who are building trucks and click or downright bad so there weren't that they don't. You know I assume most of them have a lot of pride in what they're doing so why would I. Crap on that just because I feel like they need to know. There with no but again I wanna make sure that I'm crystal clear Brothers if you think Ford truck sock I don't necessarily. Think that soap box bridges and I as an example. It's OK to say that yes point being. But if you're meeting someone you know like what are you don't like our orders for leg lamp that's what I hate the most blatant lie ever larger point don't like what's appoint a wedge wedge one. Why why do that this is what they do. That did this is this is what they do for a living. And again of course there are exceptions may be the person says I hate my job. You know I've wasted my time getting this our history degree and I have to work at this and they say yeah well. Our history degree what are ways I don't know but don't just start with back now for again for people who work. Senator what the hell we're talking about new season of comedians in cars getting coffee. I watch all of that this week in and one of the episodes is Neal Brennan which is Dave Chappelle's who already is a comedian just had to stand up special not too long gone Netflix and he. At one point in their conversation just decides it would seem. That at least when it was edited out of nowhere to just bring up hey you should know I don't. I have a confession I went against her I've always seen. May be seven episodes I love this time there when that's fine yeah okay that's fine. OK I have no idea what he's feeling right mount a sentence I need to find what I'm. I knew you'd be finalists. Again. What do you mean you knew you knew he finally did because he's a billionaire and everyone else likes it and so you're allowed to say you don't like it which you more content like it or even. If you're just about everything you've seen Rick James in the black white supremacists and worry about who by the way I know. Yeah I mean and I get it. I don't lights that come. When you were. We really got mad that includes is not my thing I'll go and I knew of anyone understand it is here and have fun is it. OK so now didn't end. This is what could have been not Richards laughed about it is that I'm all right if you don't mind the extra day here at the end. They lose the good news why didn't want unsigned code myself. Everybody turn out fine though you guys who are worried about him. Every time I turned on signs told you guys are worried about a jacket yet as a show that was on for nine seasons. They probably did 250 episodes and you must reduce in June it seems led exempt Tehran's brought out a jacket. Thanks. I know. Some advertising and yes Jerry could eat here. Maybe it's different assign felt. We're using misses an example. But I think that's happens all the time. Ended People's Daily lives take signs a lot of it like I feel like we've just gotten to a place from people discounted fixed yes and are OK don't be indexed. You know it doesn't have to be your job so you go out and you buy. Which talks about cars a single by motorcycle giant. And other vehicle senator number I only have a few spaces and Miller bicycle so he's Columbine TV but yeah I am and I got the Stevie it's awesome night while brandy like Samsung night since the Sox like why aren't saying a lot of thought maybe it's true maybe you're right but why there's no need for that. Because it's such a personal attack to is that right you could do research unit shows about Brandan Wright you've failed this whole team by any young and right right I personally I'm superior right I have a friend is notorious for this everyone gives them a hard time about it but it's never. Cause him. To pause. And not do it I remember one year he said a would you get for Christmas and I showed him they got these beats by Dre headphones and he's like you know those things are like. The biggest rip off the they if you read reviews reviews are terrible. You know they've taken apart in these videos shown how CPR and I said. Yeah okay I warned them. Because no honor him right so I I didn't I didn't come out you say you know all these are better here had thought that this is the best quality inning right dollar for dollar but I wanted to because it said Dr. Dre on the side of it and right now yet and they are overpriced or something I liked something about that. Whatever was I wondered it. I didn't need June consultant crap on it and give me a review I didn't ask who didn't ask and did you see it to me may do when you leave. And you're walked out of my house you know it with my other friend in the true you're walking after carding say complete freak opposite phones that was right OK fine. That's that's fine. People are just decks and this guy. Is not just some guy smoking a cigarette and a parking lot. At a gas station that you ran shoot my this guy is a turf a professional comedian who does the same job. In essence the Jerry sign they'll does right. And decides she just say I have a confession to make well no we don't. I it just you know. The more I thought about it the more stuck with me and I like. It's like finals and all of every day examples transferred normally get my menial jobs. I saw some of the works for garment and they always hear I disease my phone right I must use Google aren't and he ordered a Citibank all the the worst thing in the world bright buy his there's there's a lot of examples for. Every day the gap or you don't have to run you an artist or comedienne or musician or wherever people aged just do this right now. It's annoying I. Try not doing that to one another. In just think first second that maybe this person. Does take pride in what they do or maybe think for a second that this person doesn't like their job and wish they had a better job but this is the job they got it's what they do. And they don't need you to pile on to their insecurities that they already have about working poor sad company the worst is our because it's so personal. If you work for Garmin or bank or whatever. That could be a job you could be pride for about a job that's fine. Artists such a personal thing like you're putting now are the true but I do think a lot of people have pride in their oh yeah I think they surely I think they should you don't have to be an artist to have pride in what you do any if you wanna make that argument you see that everything you do there's an art to every. How silly I know and understand a lot of times. People may just have this job outlook that is have just out of pays the bills I don't know so I love this company shirt and a million to pay anymore. I do have to be really really really talked forever and even bring it up I know because I'm a grown man I get my photo album grows up and I'm sweating because of it. But someone's accident that social grace is that the right yes. Right yes that's exactly social grace and Sokol rapidly as usual after that if you work at a bank can I do what you're saying maybe you're gonna bank. Your work is it as I'm not personal and you try understand maybe network isn't as personal to you. But now I would say. Even less so. Are you putting yourself out there to be critiqued by others I understand some yardage people make it say well it put themselves out there to be critique that's true okay sewer. It's seeking. People's weight I don't get that whatever I sort of understand it. But if you work the line you work at a bank. It was just I feel I guess just reflex for sake of conversation then you're just a national missile called greater normal reflexes and purses to be in Nassau does is like my no reflexes and that. Know you could accomplish something to talk to Jerry about. The only thing you like I just ambulances and then light snow comedy you know I work for Nebraska furniture mart. And as a response sucks when where why why why what's the point. What's the point one and this isn't registered June should do ensure there's local and so. Wanted to smoke I got our library and why a night. OK go. Yeah I had someone tell so when my ex she got her. Motorcycle license right end. We were and I also the name of that place but it was a it was it was a professional. Place and there was a professional employee working there right and said. I know you had a helmet thing. What did you drier yes I just got a motorcycle and motorcycle license and this person says. Oh my friend or something. Works at a hospital and we call those the organ donor whatever her and I you know scoop and brains okay. What are we doing my Clinton should not where I don't know you you know my mother what. You know what nobody said that I'd never consider the idea. That a vehicle could be dangerous I never considered a the idea that I should try and be safe and run I never thought about that think you and you are just the person to do it because. You're trying to and that's why they've as a smoker. When you go out rice fired buys cigarettes of funds voter's signature walk up and it's it's so easy to just tells poker knows about for you right. All yeah wait hold on come back you did you say these are human being run. Started their way they're bad for me rightly where did you hear this I need some evidence he simulate exactly that's why I started doing. Let's somehow acceptable because smokers in this you know this right marginalize looked down on member of society which is. Whether a different story. But it has become accepted delay gives right this crap right and again. No it's acceptable for my mom to give me crap about it right now you the only time that someone did that. It's allows on my and it didn't bother me at all actually I was kind of on his number we were sans has Hogan and Dante Hall watching as sings in a slow down boys and and of course you know he's like the fastest and out of those kind of a funny it was kind of cool it may be making an exception because he's got. And then Henry Rollins told me that one time he was like. Aaron Davis more Vermont not vibe just noted prime not gonna make it to the Olympics right. Okay fine. So let's just China little more tomorrow and have some tooth right now youth. Some social grace I'm not mad Daniel Brennan doesn't like cycle he's wrong. And it's you know it's it's it's it's stupid opinions to greatest sitcom everybody is allowed to have it. Don't. Sit down with the creator of the show create his name is on and say you know I need to tell you something I have a confession to make you don't. You don't you don't this part of conversation doesn't know also well until I am yeah. I know the point as again you can say I hate signs on my attention now that's of course I'm you're talking about raising your buddies are Tyrus on fundamentals are still gonna show. And I I think people who drive trucks are idiots right I was signed those shows a drowsy or truck trying to slam. Yeah hey you're showing your truck stupid like bats down. That in just a void that a conversation. And now I can lives in his believe it in the comments on YouTube. Mean am. Those aren't necessary either but if you really feel the need. Says complain about something. At least. Brian would anonymously and make YouTube video Yukio the option to and the comets off right right so you open yourself up like that and that's OK I still don't like you for saying you're starting goalie and riot baton dome and okay. Yeah both side to balance up and you know can happen at all but I'm making obviously and I did it affect me. A movie you put it out there and then it will be judged in particular site his radio show it is a and I don't want people to judge or could take me I could get a different job where that doesn't happen. I I get that and I'm fine and the point is. Now if you see signs held somewhere or you see me somewhere or you seek whoever it is. Do you really have to really just shows such. I don't let don't don't say anything. How about that I don't even social grace would be nice you just lesson from Europe. I used to walk by with your buddies and me like Hank and do smoke and some past. Yeah Roseland show it sucks. Goal what you don't have views go to some fast growing. So fast right now. Those who showed up at times pretty stupid that's. Thanks man I wonder why why would support not just walking oh do you care what I think I mean you're still on the air so what does it matter. Which is exactly how I feel my of this situation. Came about because. Neil felt like I'm talking injury San Jose the richest can media driver has the most successful sitcom ever. Only get a bottle Transocean have some sort of men sick. And best for the people say it will include Jerry respondents say he's only seen four sketches Jerry didn't say. I have a confession to make. I have never seen Chappelle's Show. You start that way in say. I don't like sketch comedy horrible I didn't he said it actor Neal said on the show don't like sitcom is your shows no exception. And right and when it's all said and done after OK we move past this little awkward unnecessary. Back and forth he throws and it's so much are dying as we look in her jacket. Mark you're right yup. Good critique. Even a well look particularly taken with time if you really wanna criticized oh right I'm watching it. Church all saw. The ladies and gentlemen my friend it. Nick right some FS live world. On facets to the title. Our inbox you aren't as well onto what we have World Cup final loss that was brutal from my three alliance. Yeah I wasn't referring once. Why why no. I know you went to college and there are yeah you should all I don't know. I tend to root for the country that is playing that I think it's sad that chopper. It's exactly like England and their people better pretty good bowl a couple of Croatia's that's wars now. There have been had you. What debt. Based that you know the map of Croatia. No no no no my had slowed and I ate our environment. Not only as you already can visualize it is says there is that mean going around them they wanna swim and. Yes at the end snack but they are lucky you did it it sure they're a code it's a country. And then. It it Bosnia or Serbia Serb all. All eating it. So Croatia and Serbia had obviously there's wars what do sewer and wind picked. And with you what could come apple Croatia what they wouldn't it recalling the boundaries oasis in the north Serbian said the sell. What Croatia shield law what looks like kids. And don't all of my Hawaii that buddies he and Heidi you're oh. Well yeah I sewage and other beach. A and who couldn't. And no I know I can't hurt but like there's a suite dorm all the words flight. Serbian dude hey man how all of us led Croatian do not well. Blood. Who is buzz about a minute or think about. Bobby I apologize not Serbia's artistry why dual boot order all but I could feel like Croatia like iGoogle like bracket huge. All of moderation I think I think countries wherever one last name in the famous cool. I wasn't but as. Working for the company that's going to play the final. Knew what avoid England Mercer glanced. Equally looked like we might potentially gave. All or bill what a woman's final mock that long ago that probably would have been the ideal non US auto finance Croatia. Not perfect but I would say it you've watched this turn. They gains in general why don't leak site. And every full ration game Croatia had the chance. To be involved in the fourth highest rated games of the truck. And so people are watching Malaysia because. They've had comebacks they're two previous games with the penalties. They came they obviously want the extra time today. And plans at this nineteen year old kid Bob papers show the camera polish. I hope. I think it's better off. You guys are better off where and it doesn't matter to me I mean it doesn't matter at southern Brennaman England France's. That's an interest in final. Well I don't know in would've been a ratings flies better accept only true at all. The F the other are opting for the World Cup and yet you'd consider seekers should slow but I'll be very yesterday. It that they so what if bird always gain an astronomer which has to be soccer ball. Burn them. For the whoever did it yeah like yeah you're came away from the biggest gain in the world. And you gate and to do lose and then you still have to go pretend you care about this third place game but they will fire sucks. All of it now like in the Olympics like it get under way toward the Blanche. It is like there's metal they're handing out. Often but saw what an 11 AM I guess I'm sorry can I am a thankful. On Sunday on fox World Cup final. France Croatia. And bop A and be there beach where. Seventy million people watch. And will be able to continue paying that's exciting I'm getting paid. There yet that it obviously the most important part of this entire thing I did not get they would area and all certain armory is of course. So he also let you all. At Hewlett many of his music. I've heard it's really gun I have. Have not listened to a but I have heard like a volley athletes like his is actually garden. Yeah I'd I'd be curious if you look into it it's. Not flamingo and cold all I forget what it's called both first. Hard to compare but all he's a brilliant person got we didn't spots or holes like it's our happy we actually about race and college athlete than he actually asked why didn't on tax code which are not the most educated on. Religious thing because when you were in DC together. And then we want you were tired and I moved on we kind of data men and then you set today calls to our it was odd GAAP. And now we have a common common now come out later this week is more check. You know why why didn't you. I'd be good I think you'd India had Dick told local media. And IE. Got acts on it at all not want to talk of the Texans and that's been married also question must play and I decided just laying them on and not answer the question. And talk about how you've been acting and I never got invited on inaudible now or in the end you really lucky I would outline. It happens. Why guy I I told or just a little vodka but we shall commanders on the contrary I can't I would got a good kick you when you were here since. I think you're pretty cool dude. You know continued success and so we moved the ball over on our arts slim fast yeah I heard you. Or what I know he's Susan atheism and god loves me right. I mean that's not how I look at it doesn't happen right. Well I I I don't think that's actually what happened. I. Bet is not how I mean that you could believe that it that what are your listeners if you're. Downtime while Ireland over as the main. Of course he came out everybody things done he says lemonade it is in line the next day is need just falls off for camp was Obama more. I think that's coincidence exact time line always pretty close. Yeah I pretty much nailed it recurrent or shouldn't. I do actually Jimmy Duncan. Are so there is in this him up is because yesterday we found out that nick believes that the earth is round. Like that the planet is actually a globe and so we were curious what other conspiracy theories nick believes in so we wanted me to pull some up for today so. I look way I'd. Make sure I clear my conspiracy theory that the earth is flat. Brent Chechnya said. That's where you stand. So I went through last night and tried to find the most popular conspiracy theories right now all right so you just get everyone's take on what trying to get through these quickly. No one. A secret group controlling the world this is this the did interview area about the illuminati. And yet the new world order. You know people think that there is this secret group I guess made up of Jay-Z minimum the bush mr. Yap and there will their stolen stolen bones so that I I don't know if there are included in that but. There's different versions of it and basically there's a secret group controlling the world yes sir no Everett yes. But as a thanks yeah you know I don't know if it's as. You know I think there do I think there's a group of people. Who have a lot of money. Who make decisions. For the you know what do we know would there. We're talking about I don't think I know their names are I think there are a group of people love that absolutely. Have more power than that Mike outside of George Soros or the Coke Brothers yes those guys I thought a room people like skull and cross bones. That I'm now in dollar and me and figure out. Or maybe it's not like the decision lands on them. But certainly they've probably me and say. Let's try to influence us this way absolutely do you think illuminati is really did I you know am I take it too far that's what I'm saying like. May be getting in a name minutes and who's NN and 19 minutes on our dollar bills that's all debts. Too much for me but it does say there's a group of people and to have a name and they meet somewhere and we don't know about it. But they make huge decisions. That change the world absolutely yeah. Yeah I do not believe there. I mean I'm big man out on now I think that there are wild wildly disproportionately. Powerful people. What they are also people you blur that are currently are world leaders we recently retired and are world leaders. Or some trouble 400 wealthiest people world whose names we can walk. All right next the attacks on 9/11 or an inside job true there's you know that sort of thing. Anybody anybody is nurture their group the menu there. Do not believe I do I do have some questions about why. We I say. This is not a conspiracy theories shook legitimate questions I've always wondered why why we don't see the wings of the plane that hit the Pentagon. I've always wondered. Sure I'm gonna explain to me it just feels to me like those things would be sheer at all and on the ground. You know now what popular mechanics I think is what they did like a response of that hole loose change thing and went through each one of loose changes. You know pieces of evidence. And said OK here's an answer to that here's an answer that if you get a chance of that is pretty good all right next mayor pro Obama I mean I don't know I'd never really sat through all of loose change but they answered a bunch of them it would seem. If that's the only ones I watched Lou shake people would night. All the only one that I had already bought and that I would like he has that it is. The wings on the the wings on the Pentagon and I'm gonna say one other thing that the conspiracy theory and I have no problem. The plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. It turned out we shut that down I'd have no problem without watching. I wouldn't let it wouldn't surprise me. If they if it was within the wee bit cheesy old little error whatever go to call it. It's deep it's going to go over heavily populated area we know like we know that these are essential. Born already. Victim that's way to prevent further loss of life. If that happened I wouldn't I wouldn't blame the government and that one wouldn't shock that's horrible that's like that's not an inside job thing. I know this slide it to true there's believe that I was all set up in that you know it was orchestrated by the US government the whole thing yeah anonymously that. Are what about lizard people I can't believe that this is Brad. So lizard people who are wrecked aliens are running the world this is a really like. The ice I think Alex Jones might be part of this hour Jones thought that a lot of OK so it's I think in the room. I know why I think Alex jones' post but I don't Hillary and Barack Obama smell on the golf. If there's obviously email is different and it's a lizard holes so. Basically. The idea is that. The top Echelon of our government is controlled by V shape shifting reptilian aliens. Who've been. Floridian power over humans to make amend a mindless slaves for their own purposes anyone ended rep tell you I mean. I mean he's not into an order at all. But he saw a wall a wall I feel like I wanna read more doubt. Others funny of not playing literature can be just do like I'm sure he'll. Find plenty to keep you up on my green about equities are what about JFK assassination little less size 551% of Americans believe that there was a conspiracy behind the assassination and. I think I think bill James Cook baseball writer. Actually cracked this one and got it right OK I think the Secret Service agent accidentally shot. The Secret Service agent accidentally shot him. I think that there was like Lee Harvey is taking shots. And the Secret Service agent in the car right outside the car in an attempt to protect and panics we'll brown and shoots in the. My thing with this was at their biggest hang lower when you see you know we didn't see a. There it went in built do you know bill Gates's right. He wrote. 800 page book called popular ball. Would look essentially a hundred biggest like murder or kidnapping or like. Yeah mainstream. Crime stories from OJ Jonbenet. Famous kidnappings whatever. All in and JFK. And quickly gave. He would reconstruction also that case for what actually happened. And he's. Is April the JFK thing is overly compelling. Eight it makes to me the most sense as to why it always felt like a conspiracy. But no one ever like but what it. Actually conspiracy but the war lying about it like. The eight. I'm not doing it all just isn't evil greedy fire 800 page book they can distort the zip it chapter. It its way needed that it is that it was all done and it was Lee RB but first shot at blew Kennedy catapult was. Good because that's where people get hung up on this is how could one shooter doing is the bullet removed but I watch set Mythbusters are they re created in and they were like oh yeah turns out you can't do that and we've recreated this. Drafted like he's you know part of the one of the core part of the brassy old things these people's war open down they could smell what I'm powder. Right yeah addresses that part of it it to directing some of the reasons as far as why your. Like something that happened I can't armor I read this for so long look in the operating or what would you autopsy about the timing or about will he serve up would bear. It addresses that part of it there are a lot of things that need to me it. The physics behind that could've been one shooter so the other sketchy things that happened this kind of what will go up quite well. Okay. I don't know but hardly what a lot of mobile O o'clock close and ultra did it. We had a guy in your little interviewed a guy who wrote a book about owners on the gunners asked him he was an FBI agents. At a time and it was like man. It's as un sexy as you think it is like the truth says there was one dive we investigated it didn't seem like you're his lying to me nor did he care that much drying. So I just relayed to me is like man who was one guy we investigated I investigated and there's nothing again nothing else under. I read a book about the guy who claimed he killed Hoffa. He said it that was pretty obviously he made the case that the mob did it because of Bobby Kennedy was go after the mob in this was way to kind of get him out of. My let's move on everybody has a big mama I watched a front line and I'm with buzz on the it was compelling to me that it was basically as reported right now next aliens contacting us you know just did that. Big umbrella all the Roswell area fifty yeah on us all believe aliens is they're visited and may be contacted people no bull. And why he's absolutely no holds. Oh why. I guess they fate is far too expansive. I'm not asking if you think aliens and life could exist some Morales some asking if you think millions of actually come here. Look I'm fairly certain. That I saw a spaceship once. And I I am not people that are. That our I consider very level headed Smart people who have had a similar man. I sure think I saw albeit. Foreign and that via a military planes in the wind and a spaceship looked like you saw. It looked like a spaceship but okay what does that mean. I will it was a hundred rounds. Arizona around on my way to the airport. And I saw. All what I thought was applying the body was. Flying at eating an apple server. Speed. And Dana White. Going backwards and been shooting forward but backward and shooting pose. Where it shouldn't furcal straight up in the year. I was in your colleagues and her sister. On nick believes that there's aliens. A pilot in these these unidentified flying objects are moon landing was. I'd like you guys on the show wait wait wait are you know all I was saying that how would there yeah like yeah. You act like I'm a big city. Well this thing I don't you think there's an unidentified flying objects I just tend to think it doesn't mean there's a male I didn't vote for them to be aliens but it seemed to feel like if there was an alien that probably aren't gonna like put you know warning lights on their crafts and for all I know they can also just I'd better. What might become one or maybe if you let me read. Makes you think. There's an ethos honor what makes you think it's more plausible. That aliens have built spaceships and are flying them around the Phoenix airport. Then in the United States government. Has built weapons of war and they fly him around sometimes to test them yeah. Oh and it. You happen to catch it and I'm like are your unlike anything you've ever why is it less believable that there's a general. Or someone flying that thing you have to make it now. Moment I had a great person whose bats to me if you see some are saying those things don't exist I descendants from far more likely. That'd say black hawk war of the next evolution of not flying around in the sky and is. A lizard I think are some views on sun on the heating on the aluminum body the other. I think I I get by and saw I did well people like this. It is part for me to believe. That every person that has seen something like that it's a military vehicle. It does not by military vehicle it really could beat I mean you. Think it could be the atmosphere to be lights you know reflecting off something in my new music on here years and I usually on the machine I'm saying it's far more like there's a human flying and I think she saw machine but he rising and what are we garner I saw machine as the biggest. To me it's far more like that there is a human. Flying that machine and I was I don't and then it was a drone that was a lot closer to you than you thought. Or something right and then I got I had hey I got a lot of questions are questions about. And how certain things were built ancient societies I got question. OK next. What Stonehenge. Well pyramids everyone talks and I asked the question. That he would be it I'm just now got an annoyance I million. Don't even think of moon real. I think could I go. OK so let's go to the pyramid thing let's say wouldn't it be more plausible to believe that society had progressed much further than we ever could've imagined that we ever have learned it in in in school. And that there was some sort of mass extinction. And we kind of started over and now we look back east Germans they had these people do that but no apparent. There was a mass extinction no I'm reading a book right now about the fight mass extinctions. And more at 500 million years saying that not one of them. It's the end of the world several attributable purebred and I have made it. We gotta we gotta get duties quicker than now on the moon many mistakes we know Lazio thinks in the landing was Majorly C said that what was I still don't know afire if he believes that are not imminent. But that's on the he said Friday there. Really believe it all until I watched that let Doctor Murray on the shining. Like room to 34 world. Why did that change your mind about the moon landing being faked. Because they eat any bat they do a whole thing about Cooper was yelling out keep faked it. Yeah but there aren't really had to get to that type of minutes for all intents and seen it in next. This is also a broader thing but the idea that the American government or the FDA is withholding the cure for diseases like cancer. Because it's too much money in big pharma you know to treat these diseases now securing them. They act I do believe it's possible to our pharmaceutical companies that had jurors should deceived its. That they won't look on the market. Well why wouldn't that be very profitable for enough years that it be worth it to them and their shareholders are not sure not a good old vaccine. Well. All right our reports I don't know here in central. Yes OK like I understand the logic behind I why don't they look. The US government or yet you are doing that right I think it is at least all global. That there are busy busy or been similar that would have been eradicated. Or stop to a degree but there was a cost benefit analysis done by trump got. I figured it wouldn't this also mean that we need coordination on a global scale again every country has to decide to their pharmaceutical companies are knotted not a dirt weren't reacting and saying 11 company. As like man recruited out a way to. Secure Aaron what a ride yet a crack and of course like well boy let's not do that it does that kind of make Charlotte products obsolete. All right Tim trails can chose to me is one of the most bizarre because. It is so common in rural areas there's so many people who really believe. That when planes fly over and they see moisture in the air that the government is somehow. Poison in them. So what do you guys think about im sure I think that's. It. I mean. I do too obviously by my tone I think you can solid I don't. I'm surprised how many people still still believe that one but. That's one of many one anyone in my cultural thing was those looking like he wants to believe it may be your considering that. I'm not I'm okay. You what does that mean you've. Not totally sure there's not something going on so I don't know so all our major wind controls stuff like these people think they're there when there's a lot. Other things that people think of an immigrant coming to some of those. Planes could be there experiment on how to control whether they can write so they could be doing different actors not necessarily poisoning us. Or trying to make the mind control but they could be doing some sort of experiments but is to try to change the atmosphere and there's always. And and one unaware of what experiments are going on and and the weather modification those types of things I think those. I'll probably more. Believable. Then say. They don't psychological manipulation. But we don't I love and that I'm overlap they have planes flying in different places trying to figure out how to modify the emotionally. That the moisture EC in the air is something being used by other than just the normal. Water this produce stand internal combustion engine. As part of the exhaust that they did it's more than that that there's something in Saturday and there's a pet I nick you're out on now on yeah. Okay the you know this is why didn't even know about until last night but maybe you guys do this is the Paul is dead conspiracy iron. I never heard this from what I have a Mac Paul McCartney never wrote. Maybe I'm amazed he never formed the band wings he never clash with Yoko became vegetarian father and you shall listen time coming up I've never heard that one that's I knew you guys are gonna say where it was his apartment. So apparently there is a conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney died. And I don't know what did they did Beatles cover up his death by hiring a lookalike who sang like hand look like Hana had the same great personality about hero but these guilt eventually got to them. And they started hiding clues and their music. And. And that that Paul McCartney's show why it yeah. While depends whether you believe the amount that I want you to do at least the imposter in the lookalike is it's a life so someone owners are right so what about apple will be. Yes we've talked that this was someone about a little green between one is. With tiny body as she sighed and that it could defer or cash okay but. I know nothing about over will be ignore or her music with the Twitter thread ever I don't know it was. All right what about. What about the CIA and aids. What do you guys think. You think does CA had some don't who has aids. I don't know. That it was created by his CA you don't wipe out homosexuals. Or minorities in a crack. But I am not asking about crack and asking about aids HIV. Anyone think that was CIA neck UN are now. Corporate dropped roper. So I take you. The do you think there could be some. Validity of that met its peers in theory. I think that. The I'm not saying that what I am saying is I think this story. All I think they should well made it very compelling argument. Let this story we're told. Let it through and flexible monkey. And then factual Walden thought that that a lot of smoke tests. Most notably it speaks well what it. Once you start bleed and monkeys and firmness of sedition didn't work. Let the conscious decision. And that you don't have such a monkey on Tuesday. And we'll share Arnold burst that. All right the recipes we go through click Elvis Presley faked his own death and normally that now I'm common no Laszlo. Princess di was murdered. Anyone believe Alan. People still talk about this even though they did this official inquiry and everything to look into it that people think it was a plot by MI six or some and a them to murder anyone believe that. I have a number of operational not want a guy. Some never I never read it in the world but I mean it seemed like here rejected out of hand. One of these was about MK ultra I thought that they RD admitted MK ultra now that we know that that was an actual. Thing record at all that was a code name for this and they they were they were trying to find a way to do mind control basically yeah. And there was no Jews and Hilton and Mozilla or they are trying to figure out how to. That she is that shape shifting and being able but not she shouldn't have been able this key yet been able to see other places in the world through some sort of physics magic and there was another way and both of those I thought they'd come out and say enough looks Cold War more that discusses MK ultra it's pretty. I write Shakespeare was somebody else. And they just later in the movie about that anybody short. Sure you believe that on. Sure yeah. Like shorts believe will courier and on the island NIC. Are. Now saying it's believable. Com the testing that harper we wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Why you think Truman Capote wrote it kind of the damage your next door neighbors and a town of like eighty people got nominated. And you're awoken to well you know oh great that's why now why can't she write a book might be gracious and I want to play for us jobless are -- just says I think probably Shakespeare was cheque she gives us one of the best book doesn't let me show whatever rhythm and you just stops that's. Lots of people have I mean I am not shown really don't have that now one popular when he got to make it can be kept making them the truth until like. You know last year or whatever one's well yes she didn't she didn't even want that at least. That's basically I got the last one was its North American union thing which just never heard of it's a theoretical regional union of Canada Mexico and the United States. Similar structure of the European Union sometimes including common currency called the a Merrill. People who believe they stated the three countries are plain mean. Or this to be part of bloom global conspiracy the senate something called the new world order which very talk about today. We might even that point since NATO's about there are threatened Europe and that's just a little junior or. I would be nice if this was true through work and get it seems like a weird way to treat your allies slave with entry in Canada Mexico lately if that is the plan but. That's a plus when I got I miss anything that you guys wanted to discuss the one that. I think if you're looking for conspiracy theory to read about four days and get lost in it and think well include. Satanism. And they'll lose monotony. And rapid. Combined a bunch of things that we've already talked about this go ahead and start just dual role in Denver airport conspiracy theory. Well annoying it's an unbelievable story and it some that you really had no idea why are you kidding me that's all the best ever that's crazy. I'm renting out right now and rewrite now all right does tomorrow all right next. Yeah.