Wednesday, 07.12.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, July 12th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Paul Ryan does what he always does
    • Joe Scarbrough quits republican party
    • Something about an iceberg
  • 24:48 - Some guy tried to force a radio station to play ICP
  • 43:15 - Girls, what are some things men do to try and be manly and end up looking stupid?
  • 53:22 - Sports with Nick Wright

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So courageous man. On all sides. Children your homeland. Well leave dark. Strike zone of the. Hi Betty yeah. Are you doing great or you. Text size as uninteresting and Exxon says I love your show. It's irritating your consistent relate to air. Since it's just my son run. I don't know muscles Czech village vs marine these two times somewhere when you window. It's not a single count yeah. It's grown so there's other son. We just occasionally confident. That's I've always felt reaches. Tonight more honest I really just dead air line. You're sitting here tonight we know it's growing at 532 and a half hours later she within a certain window. Sometimes earlier sometime later she okay. Josh his other website says we sort of three. Mean consistently Shenzhen. Yeah it's a window hey words don't program. And then changed a website to somewhere around three. Yeah answers so it's. There's so little drizzle our own son. It's. And change a web site. Web site. And this is saying that we start somewhere around three in his percentage to stop two dozen web sites has restarted for Eminem and do. So I need a website to say Churchill as a somewhere around three to somewhere around seven. There. Thank you. Do. Yeah. Especially because he turnarounds and he loves you. I think he's on him maybe face and his enormous. It's same person yeah yes. Says it is designed to do is read here he says this is again this is I miss the old days. Receives no completed podcast the other lane. Ethnic and move already. And he sent us a jumping off. Gonna do everything. He said he was joking. Are you gonna name. Singles protection. My girlfriend it's conference that will be great way to yeah. He's a consistent and it's actually makes me she's texting and the previous phones. So snow cone wrote I wrote in my package trucked in and drenching instructor and thank you some answers for just women are. And yet is it something wrong with your car. Jeter right now. And it's. Come. Are you moving. Let alone. When news. And listen. Soon enough for you and your. I didn't say anything. Two words and amounts. Anyway. Duplicates of the text message here and that's how are you know scenario major alas good. I don't think things considered him. Someone joked about that someone said why is snow cone trying to some excellent best impression of snow yeah. Yeah. We you guys. I think you're awesome. I see you guys were down there smoking earlier. As a candidate that's your hunger was talking you know. Defiant ones on AJ is little time there and watch again I'm missing parts of the I just to switch back and sit down Alonso all of those things were right and I wanted to watch it when it came out and I saw I was like is that four or five parts or four. And that there anywhere from you know fifteen minutes an hour twenty I'm certainly not chip on the overwhelms. But then yes you are friend Jason from Colorado he called. And I study was gonna talk about work and thank. To watch it is likely this was right you have to watch as you can watch Asus parents like to start watching as you know being watched. The first 3 this morning. First of all it's so great Justine I. I think if you're not necessarily mean a huge Dr. Dre standing or you just think higher results in Compton whatever. They talk about everybody you know all these different class time isn't an unease that I might know more people yes yes yes a lot of these label owners and their talking did. Tons of different artists you know Springsteen and Tom hey you know than Steve thanks guys all these different artists. I'm Trent Rasner. When spot in the it's it's really really really interest I think it might be one of the best nightmares or season. Thank you judge sun it's exercise or lose someone's gonna complain about your start time let them go get their own afternoon radio show and a major market and see how it goes for. Yeah he's majoring quotes. Don't but because the agency. Spent. The Disney about that are committed Nelson Suggs and we're talking about a fire. Mainly meet even you know how exciting to seize new. Each ball discourage. Excitedly to be nervous right just the fact that I'll be back there and there's a chance at some nights and walked by and anyone who's associated with him could be near me right I feel like I could actually becoming one of those girls screaming when The Beatles got up right shirt I feeling. And then watching this documentary. You use. Epitome of cool so funny and so cool and it got even more so she documentaries felon defiant ones defiantly yeah. And say hey Colin miniseries Zynga for part miniseries is Sony's Google business yeah. To get a chance I say even if you think our. I don't need to know more about Dr. Dre or I'm not a fan it's really just it's about the music industry and you know just being stolen. Fascinating group using exerted herself records a music producer before that which is you know how we get into the business and it's just really interest and a major fan of music and all the decency. In the big gains seen doctor Tracy marry his vacation Thomas Nirvana if I think divine doesn't management right and egos serves as the trappers like this is what inspired all of the thought this is a sort of metal on metal like Strasbourg screaming their bodies are streaming thing isn't there. Anything really can see him really on the production. And you know he's entitled it's just it's really really really. Each machine and you confusion I knew it and as Bloomington. It's its own and I don't know if you do what you can use. A nonissue and sign him once again I knew that as an amount they're gonna make. No I'm gonna move to Nashville. He demanded a community room in them when instrument. Thank my own music. I'm sure in advance utilizing user in advance. Or you give up on. It. It's not a girl almost as a cautionary to monitor employees or workers. It's called national T. He's shown mental tendency to stretch. And there is no HR how many times did they tell you that it goes so laughs yeah but mostly. I'm telling you deposit and I believe muzzle and little. Really you're not on the emails. Jones someone else. Showing America boom boom there. Yes last week what a good name for abandons mineralized system and you could be serious that I didn't know human beings we're talking about. The students. Almost momentum from. Gretzky can spectacular years and it's. And I news news news news you know she Paul Ryan's plan. Much. Campaign. I don't know anything about that some teachers I will say someone else innings. And allied to someone from the news station. In the yeah. And it's. He was basically saying look. What what the hell's happening what has to happen at this point. Really at this point nothing I don't think they could happen that would make these people change your mind it's gonna change your mind changed their minds. Everyone else trump was right he does shoots one on the street. He got a few more clean up this morning that so may I guess last night this. Back in 2000 Al Gore which I forgot all about this I remembered it when I saw remember how word got that information about some of the debate prep for George. And he said I don't know where this information came funding to be illegal to Percy did was handed over the FBI ground. Now that was without Longo is like oh boy eighties these things. Now you've got the president isn't based not based insane doesn't this Russian prisons and they're going to the government said that they had information that would hurt. Our opponents can better help our campaign was damning information are of course I would take its. And his supporters it porcelain. Paul Ryan says. Shouldn't take the information is. Absolutely unacceptable that Russia or any other country but Russia medal in our elections this period right there. Second. We have a special counsel that's doing an investigation over Justice Department. We have an investigation here in the house we have an investigation in the senate. He's very important. That these professionals in these committees. And do their job so that we get to the bottom of all of this move. I think it's important that we get to the bottom of all this much as you all know I supported Bob Mueller being appointed a special counsel. And I think we need to let him and his team and our investigators here. Do their jobs and follow these leads wherever they may later vote however they may go and follow us. All of factually true Paul Ryan because that's when I think all right that's enough that's a man who should follow the facts straight to the truth and then only speak to troops. Thanks Paul. Glad you're looking out for us. Allen next. Even in your first album phones fax. Thanks Paul and doing things low thanks to our advantage and it's. All thanks Paul Paul and that's your first hour there has singled. I almost wonder. Yeah. So yesterday. If you turn when we came in a Mormon. Three I just remember glimpses Alice plus. We played the new Joseph Scarborough single. A two guys are aware of and you. Think averages when news. It's okay. It's junior girlfriend. Anderson yes they would like this it's Joseph Scarborough song this. I'm glad based on and that's yeah that's inspired so the loser again. So he was uncle we're lessening. That woman Venus. Into. He says. It's funny. Let. It's cleaning beat her I'll look at the. Always overlook that just curious when he told the guy from Indiana he attacked the city can ever be fair because he's Hispanic. Republicans have come out and say I can never vote for Donald Trump because he's a racist time and time and time again. They turn the other way and they're doing the same thing now. And it's it's actually discussing you have to ask yourself. What exactly is the Republican Party willing to do. How far are they willing to go how much of this country you know values of the willing to sell out but aren't you or Republican. I am a Republican but I'm not gonna be a Republican anymore I've I've I've got to become an even. And your own thing. Votes for the next Republican right. Back as a vampire to you guys watched it pales yeah you sing I do I you know why I should Moses and oxygen gas and thank god there's somebody out there. Who is a Republican and a well known Republican elected official also as a TV shows saying what's going on is ridiculous and against. Not only the Democratic Party but to the Republican Party as well so I applaud you just dump earlier annoy you block me. And OK but don't hello imagine permanent rules Republicans who are on MSNBC. Whether it's Michael Steele or Joseph Scarborough or even if you know someone who just comes into. Richard painter myself. Don't talent against true. All Republicans were against drunk yeah. Yankees just leaving them learn. He's not just against trump I think is one thing missing and strumming saying nobody else. Republicans are you shoulders although not standing in terms alleged that's different. Well man I know this didn't perform some elements job. And eat. That air that face. As those younger girls like he's twenty years old look at the look of the video watching YouTube and try to do what you and I Marcy. Georgia Tennessee yeah I mean he's an artist who does the song. I guess the first moon. He should probably run for president. Yeah. Yeah. It's always been on the president. Yeah. Yeah yes and so he's serious. Always a non Xoom an accident that's what I thought he's earning hiring these extraordinary things. And you cannot stand and who's just elevated stage and Iraq when he goes into running and this is running. Terrible things I mean. He's got a lot of tiger's dad he's only wanted to stand up to amount amount right I mean I'm trying to think game enemy nobody. They really don't know really nobody really lame when Iraq comes on. Everybody kind of takes a backseat rider may. Barack Sebastien. Easy to drive every stump speech tonight and it's penalties I don't know I. Blystone call after coming on as a Democrat and Shane stone goes to us and just picture next it. Is he had what's known as a Jewish song. Does that stone cold. Yeah. Austin 316 we're yeah. One of them shoot and I got a good run is whoever the Jewish yeah. A lot of little. Colbert jurors I can I would just trying to kill him yeah. How many does Coburn. Sounds like the obvious answer I think I'm not protest I was thinking no. Goldberg is on the list. Savage each one's. What is is only convenient. I did you. And rounding anybody. Nobody is not enough and the debate forum. That trump has not taken a contrary. Nobody's going to be rocking and I mean it's gonna have to being. Earners are yeah. And only Josh. This is just another season is five dollars against us tonight. Teammates together. A break. Tom Hanks that transparency is. We'll looking good and Noland. I. It brings little. They're just not ready. Do know Jack White and not so much you. Like to name Hussein Obama's sure. Whatever number of sanity in this. Yeah sure I can find. So check. It's much. Why let Natalie as you know I'm secretary do. And an average. Her husband's right to an audience. To this. Like I. Ever since he got caught fool around balls right in her purse. Juice yeah uniforms. Worst. An iceberg the size of Delaware has broken off from Antarctica the giants. It's not global warming it's not a big deal. An iceberg the size of Antarctica than this I think the size of Delaware broke off Antarctica. Yeah. In my head I'm like a lot that you can. I guess maybe not I don't know this and this this everyone's freaking out decisions of any. Iceberg is around the size of Delaware and have the water volume of Lake Michigan and while some are blaming climate change for the split experts say that large calving events such as this are normal processes of a healthy ice sheet ones that have occurred for decades centuries millennia. I'm attacks on the other centrist thing but I used to though. I'd just love the idea of Iraq being. Present and cool. I love it its vision improvement since only since. Doesn't matter once you're behind yeah. Tell him there and it gives Israel people's eyebrow. Listen live. Man president must be filled room. Nobody knows yeah. I'm super excited president when. What is your in his Republicans again on an instrument or you know really there's same a lot of people think it's Chung may have some competition Republicans might turn around someone up against him. I am I gonna rock did you imagine Iraq first chunk. At that point I don't think there's any more arguing about what is the greatest country in the world with the advantages over its subtleties done. As we've had our problems in the past. Or whatever his name is arm. Newsroom whatever weather is iconic speech about I don't think just do not. Over the rock and it's a rock. And Donald Trump running against each other for the Republican nomination. That's. I don't hear you. Lose again and owns them and instruments to. Or what about didn't his wife runs Rio Linda hope his father Jim says she's what she's. Think my secretary of small business shameless and it's I don't act. Yeah Shane O Mac. It's an. July dressing your kid this very kids' lunch and the so I'll watch amount you give him and took a break as an adult and my kids or did you elect gave her watcher and I'm like yeah like. And I don't. Love that like I used to reality respond. I just adjusting and that is fun and John McCain's face something very like you can't say hey who did this. They're being. I zionist. The dvd that first. Yeah I think he seemed to. Deep Jazeera is. They'll soon. Others story and she got a text messages about tweets about. You'll talk about it I wanna know an accidental death a little bit anxious. I was trying not to last night you know is really talking about yeah I know this institution and do you saw right deny show you is relieving last night is the news just breaking last night. About the gaggle of the radio station. The. We'll talk about it you're newbies Vollers really familiar. Larry you know. Busby spoke Friday September 8 and senator September 9 children's motion dark. Signaled they take his answer. To date passes available go to reach location dot com. Marion hill will be there. Okay. All right talk to me all right so I got some tax and some tweets last night people sharing the story and I had like I was saying earlier when we were leaving last night. I saw like a news update about it. Are you know quick flash that sense man with facts arrested but I did know the details. So have you read the story you know. So kiss 108. Is enough Boston traditionally. And this is the story this is according to it looks like the local CBS out of Boston. So that one of our stations know I think it's I think it's clear channel that lifted up by our mom. So says a man demanding to hear a song by the Insane Clown Posse is huge song is 108 was arrested after a tense standoff with police Monday afternoon. As police pulled and and why we make it such a big deal out of an ax and some knives in carry us all right flows and tells level I had jet. Yet so there's ninja shows up at that. Let's see as police pulled an ax and several large knife from the suspect's car and at this primary history lesson Marty laughing out loud. But I witnesses were still trying to digest what they'd seen quote he was just out of his mind absolutely out of his mind the entire time said witness Greg gross. It began just after 130 yesterday afternoon. With 911 calls about a man and read it goes like a crisis 200 brandishing weapons outside there radio studios. He was trying to request specific IC peace are drawing my acts well so. About his failure to several passer byes were walking by outside. Quote he got out of his car with a machete stopped a girl who worked on the second floor and said I want you to play a song for me. And just so happens yesterday morning air has is on HBO on the I'm washing African works like this is real life parents every time I can turn off night lineup right I mean how do you get what attacks when I don't think it. A heavily armed swarm of responding officers box box in the suspect's red sedan outside the building and a standoff began as a suspect drank beer. And hot something from a paper bag. At one point he climb down while vehicle. They tried to get him down on the ground and he refused and told them you're just going to have to Kilmeny. My cell phone video shows police trying to gauge that's very lawyers don't do the suspect with a taser and a bean bag you can see him in the video shooting and being that an atom. Well mental things right let's just look wins Iowa is at close range. Around the negotiate officer was trying to get the song on the radio there planet he's going to like guys you've got to do you know the song by acts can you play it. Apparently there are having a tough time with that. It is like to hear if he's going to be well boy I know I don't know how it probably needs to be edited. I'm not a huge fan my Jewish album it's on my Spotify music soccer my phone right now like that look on the computer. So they are talking to him trying to negotiate this goes on for a long time and the fact that the police officers talkies and a radius usually kick you play. ICP my acts. Doesn't happen but it was a peaceful resolution for everybody involved and nobody got seriously injured and we are grateful for that that's according to Medford police lieutenant Joseph case. Police have declined to release suspects in this is from yesterday's story I think they may have released him by now I don't know. First of all it's an amazing story break in and of itself it's it's amazing story. I got some tax and people say was as you. He was eighth I think he said he was 38 years old 39 years old so I can see you know and I've been wanted to go to the gathering if it. I tried to get plaza to go to gather loser because it's so close. But he still said no. So I'm going to Europe I will play this report is trying to play my match yeah I was shooting and I'm thinking we should know what caused all of us. Mantra should. Well present from who who I think it was shipped off all figured that out this is one of the witnesses in the police officer talking about the what's gonna hatchet man. This two hour standoff unfolded the 38 year old suspect Zack and his red Chrysler and alternately waving at packs and several large knives as the swat team surrounded him. As police negotiators try to talk him into surrendering is just send suspects to be heard saying you're just gonna have to kill me. Does parallel the machete. Some of her on the phone so it's everybody hires only name spelled out. It's a much it's OK now little is little voice. I'll I'll I'll I'll listen and the out CI saw what this personal and just listen to your manager Raj. Actually you machete attitude he's done from upstairs chickens whose parents. Don't have closed the outlet he. I don't think in my abnormal was the Boston accent. Yeah 65 year old landed around wielding silverware and stepping up its weapons. Is possession inside there. Edged weapons inside his vehicle. So my acts are you familiar with the song my axe. No I'm not actually. I had to read through lyrics because I wanted to make sure that you know that insane or anything but I find. Offensive and appropriate. I love my say go I love pills. Shaggy. I love my buddies my hatchet man. But I love my ax. My axe is my body I bring in my walk. Mean in my acts will leave your head outlined in chopped. My axe is my body he always makes me laugh. Meehan my tax cut big its spinal cords and a half an area. My access my body and when I winds and back. Me and my axe will give your forehead. A buck crack. My taxes my body. I never leave without him. Meet in my axe will leave your neck a bloody fountain a bloody fountain everybody everybody everybody run. Murdering murdering murdering fun. Everybody dies swing swing swing chop chop chop everybody dies swing swing swing chop chop chop. Everybody everybody everybody round. I was although there should there. That's the beginning you know what you wanna hear on the way here I don't do it now set to music so this is the song at the guy is trying to get on the rated. I know I like to think that no one played it today even with the news story and I thought maybe we can be. That the people who listen I don't I'm. Cabinet. We might. So hopefully. I noticed casually have a bad day putting out I don't know why but after all that and they said that I know it ended peacefully resolve peacefully. The site you know. Boston I can't get big. People mustn't play. This is my hair my presence on. I could you tell he was and the suburbs the beginning of but. The second course a Max is my buddy we write planet's wrongs Meehan might actually that big it's dead on rich she's lawns. My axe is my body he never make me cry. Meehan my axe will leave it did it for your high. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Tylenol Tylenol Tylenol Tylenol Tylenol Tylenol Tylenol Tylenol. An amazing. I just was Kendrick Lamar our program and I lost it. I. I'm Tony makes me mad. No wonder why these guys don't walk around. I know. We can't do it this year I'm losing those don't we can't this year line and a couple weeks we'll tell us. But we will let you know the clock and we're gonna be on vacation. All you can you know. Why is any good goes as always we'll go don't do that but I don't know biggest con are looking into all this don't realize it was. More on the occasional. What does it break it's strange. Looks like the end of where is as close to rise in Oklahoma suddenly scenarios you know which I think how far drives like five hours making. Gee whatever else found. Point six use one night I was so it. Yeah he's saying guilty is he knows I can't I don't know I ask you women don't know where I mean when really. It's. So we're gonna go down ever Judaism and come back. Our promotions. As fast in every year we can just don't has a game as an RV three old song get us again I mean to go. I'm Jay told ice unlike you know hey blue I everything what I mean why are some time mothers she. May have actually gonna leave much credit your horn had a few years are we gonna go or not all right I mean we're going points. Figure out I'll talk on the we're going gonna go between 627. Is that good. Now we can see the when last night you have to win and play every night it's I don't know how networks and is it it is it two nights. There's so many people there are those are people who saw live here. He's always there. If I could read this thing. This is the big stage. We get a bigger. Version of this. I mean. Some of these people aren't even on the main stage were tied mushroom head was one of them that I knew. Static. G. Make a nasty Lou we cheese. In C viral rose. Chaos. An abyss. AZ the fallen. And there's an art contests are done this. Oh now you're a big who do seminar king Irish. Zit trial skull kids. Van Brando. Miss sterner. He mr. question mark eat fit power. And then there's a skin suspension shown what T shirt contest while died at the same time another but their post on a same day. Com and we've got to wrap now I was a combo. Com. Sort of an awesome. Bade hello Aaron youngster G Roche joke up. State of crisis. I mean don't need to go on jelly roll lights sound islands. That's jelly roll now. Are they better IC jelly roll on NC green Jolie revealed. It. Why do you know why is GM all the big brands in years listing on leading this is the diamond stage. I'm telling you the diamond stage is Psycho stick mad child bigot who do much Amanda she mentioned anybody kill. Then joked the rapture rang locked. Cage come faux vampire. Kissing Candice. This is another step on the main stages exotic rest Celine and some of Mexican wrestling. Alice. Upon bumping bags made a DJ play we don't want a flock of blame Britain as well and Vanilla Ice. Zug island like jelly roll PO DI CP is. The final on nights. Check he's been so. It's Fortis on. A lot of things that aren't so you can afford finish. Coming to us. Journal parties. Come on you can goes on channel goes shaggy people won't even we'll just we'll do the make up the same everything. I'm sure someone who's listening into our make up ha yeah well I think we can get it right. We gotta get some jerseys. Aren't so match an injured I don't I'm. I thank you. Let's see if I can. Do it's. I don't want him. Give anyone any logos like a category alive. If you are outside to smoke and there's a guy out there on the Chrysler saying hey he's got a hatchet same play ICP. I'm really really can't just Flynn. Start off. This guy is one I think the first person they miss on she was an intern something she's coming downstairs you know has no idea this guys out there and he stops here. As a play ax Melissa my acts. And that the thought the con man went up there. Mike Beers sees big things and juicy Cooper's party. Do you know this is a lingerie counter rush. Tino fraud. But I didn't know this was and I was talking to. Are. Promotions Danny is of course I know that is so and so look at this video game. Might have been on top. Probably right but I guess you could buy something else. Song is called dunked on. Can you figure out what day he's playing I would malaria and that brought you prize somebody. It's I don't know what his other name is O Chris Krispy Kreme. Chris for treatment with of that yeah but I'm excited I so we're gonna go yet Monica we'll get that action would you go down I gotta buy that to Merrill. So in practical to. C'mon man. All frills Iran that Camaro yours from the treetops. Well it. Why are you look at our dad. You'll be fine it would be fun. We'll ride down their neck Camaro. But 2001 and you'd have the most is further right amity talks will be off from a different planet greatly jokes. Man girls all along face in. Church will be crazy over that car room. Why it. I don't sit at you shaking your role. What's wrong. You set your mind in 2001 Camaro I thought this event is a great road trip car. So we are helping them. Help one you're helping them. Oh it's why he's ordered it doesn't yeah doesn't want America would be the nice par there and it would be awesome to know campgrounds. Not gonna take into Connecticut and an Hamptons. It's the perfect place war is absolutely. Man you know he's right you know I'm right let's do this we're gonna do well as Stewart style. Nothing. We're taking. An RV or do you really trying to say 2001 Camaro with T tops off. It is right isn't cool weather down there and it's awesome I guess. Even though I know you guys are making fun of me. Do you think some journalists would be and because of courses and I'm so I am so historic. Are the telkom can't ride with us equipment. Surname. Can change. I love you know that you're my favorite you know that in jail and are you in a hurry. Because you could help with us. Because you're the only girl enough. The survey question was. I'm guessing this was posed by a guy. And he was asking girls to respond. On what do you think. Are what you guys think. Is being mainly quote unquote. But in reality is the furthest thing from solar things you guys think is you know attracted to being masked on Libyan manly but girls actually don't like. I'll give you some of the toppings are so these are girls answered it right guys think they're being manly women do this right as I do man. I do a lot of manly stuff like. Like the stuff you know now that might I buy everything announced Triton so everything announced I picked. So like to hand cream in my house the only good news is deferred dry skin right I get the bloody knuckles. Brand in you know until the two guys fighting and it's like for men who punch each other and amongst a crime I did Diane and as I have right but I have always wanted to send as I am volleys female products. But they're just wins and masculine names you know on an inside. You know my soap for real my shampoo and all us I was like Woody's firm menu now and handles the aromatic candles are all of tobacco and whiskey but they're still candles you know right. Have a ton of feminine products from men's name on them. So. Like oh my shaving brushes. And manager for a yeah and that's just a little Doug metal case right would go straight errors on one side on thing and other. A little dish. Save show our man that's Spencer Levin. So some girls said. Not cooking and cleaning and doing basic things because you think it's not mainly to do it. You know whatever though right responsibilities are negative or less a woman incidentally cook cookies and clean you know he's basic things and you won't do them. Mean did you think doing so would be emasculated and so they say that's not a turn on it's not sexy just do. Do the basic stuff because it's not a gender specific thing. I do like this one guy in this woman and says you're tomorrow nozzle then police seen other men not. I think mention cook if they can. You shouldn't say like other news we're big guys who are chefs or whatever I think about it. You'll did you want me to cook out don't cook offered to do the dishes everyone tunnel. How much I offer my privilege. Upshot is that seems there's that and the great job policing. Other men's manliness. Are those same things like why that's a girly drink why would you do that or you know how do you not know about that every guy shows I'm gonna start his honey mustard just ask those as the girls say that isn't what is wrong review the at least these girls so that that's a turn up driving dangerously fast and she talks about just trying to show off by drive on the show boating whatever. And your car your motorcycle and it does not turn around and look at that yeah I feel exodus of my panel my journey aren't that bragging about money again easier they are asking girls. What are some things that guys think they're doing to be manly. But are actually the furthest thing from being mimicked. Bragging about money there was a lot of women who suddenly that don't brag about how much money you make don't talk about how much money may Titus throne room around. That's fix things just kind. All the time on the kind of paper plates right exact I don't know that you can solve a problem by throwing money at it but I will try right. That's why things I was drives a shock to you first cash first. I don't know if we can fix this problem if I throw money at apple let's try that first right and then. We'll get Soros of the number five thing was saying guys who treat. Their girlfriends or wives like crap just to show who's boss you know I'm in charge here I'm gonna be mean you all. Reprimand you on public gore you know. Be bossy do you around the house because you'll have a man who's in charge Israel says no don't like that he's the only Georgia and. Charged and on either way whether it's the guy behind that or the girl like economic news be nice to Asia right. It's easy a number four starting fights and publicly and other guys get into fights I had I just. Not mirror and our dependence on time British masters said but it worked when he's not working you all right. So sometimes I think that's college but he finally can. My thing. Emergency room that it's not fun. I'm honest you can be honest if it kind of turns you on to see him or his tough guy you let off guys center held down. You looked at my draw for funny or whatever they sort of play you like yeah. That's my guy. Rain. Population no links it. I could Zemaitis aren't looked that you sideways and he said. Well almost like and he would over and you see them exchange mores they get enough bite and he wins clearly now he comes back is that sorry about that. I you are feeling now it admits feeling them that's. Because I think Jerry likes demands our attention whatever Allah means merchant that's going on up. So this is an interesting one this girl said guys who brag about. She uses it as an example if they brag about I don't read not really doing anything that's considered nerdy that's all that intellectual stuff and I can rat. How to do that. Not for me. This was a really common thing. Getting angry easily just being angry in general not been able to control your motions you an angry guy you have anger issues because some guys think that. You know the stuff. And Israel said no don't like at all. When he's looked like I don't think you get angry easily made no but I do get angry easily is because a woman. I got a limited yeah your easily in my relationships and so yeah. They are of course please don't like it real like it don't start dollar god damn time to check helpless and I know. It is unknown and you like to poke. It can Wear and loved to poke. This girl says that her boyfriend it was always loving and very kind behind closed doors but as soon as they got public around friends. He started teasing you a joke around and be hurtful because. You know and she said because and secure us. And so you'd be really sweet to her when no one else is around but when other people were around. He didn't wanna do that because I was on my show my son loves and I hope I'm not like Doug asked when I tease everyone all the time that is a like an Obama button the way out of line if some and other tomato I got to go to event. But I often think that maybe other people aren't as good was that is Ireland should watch satellite that's. During the night a trait that I go over my head a lot. And Obama people they laugh about it and they're go to the dialogue OK they got a big hit me it's all good and I know sometimes I'll be good people. And a look at you like what he joined and like all born on the same we're not the same type of people. And if Clinton. I just saw this and this was in here for hours ago and for phobos but this girl said that she's talking rock guys who. Talk about food like. You know that's not a big enough Hamburg you called amber let me show you are real. Whose son that I let all these things are things that I don't know what. With the exception who doesn't may be like what kind of people they may also Lorenzo's SI am murder. They show you diameter what how does that come on assault ironic I think you seem like in front of other guys I don't know I took it as even like Janet cook out and is that those are Amber's also hear real memory like this. I didn't seem may be. Like this girl who's talking about our boy francs one way behind closed doors. So maybe behind closed doors as they can make the stake when one's a yeah meanwhile so well and then they got bodies like like a rare wanna bloodiest how you feel like get to show off. I kind of goes back to what they were talking about earlier you know police on behind closed doors Tuesday Leah well you are persons. The number one thing that they said was never admitting mistakes by the way I don't think anyone what do you say medium well to well. And that's why don't they say they want here is like they say they wanna see crime and you don't. Susan see you cry you just imported as died. I wanna really see that and I really don't wanna see you order a medium well steady don't do we all those things. Never admitting mistakes I don't think guys do that she's seen mainly I just think it's who we are it's some sort of defense mechanisms and I don't we don't do that. Just in front of women. He guys do that in front of other guys constantly you know people in general have a hard time admitting mistakes but I do feel like guys are big our. Not admitting mistakes and hours seminars because I'm worse than not I'm Laura says I'm sorry. I come to the table every day with a ansari and size are your right you're right you're right but in my office I think. All these people are so stupid and estimates is so much easier to say I'm sorry first and then they can get out of my life because they're idiots. And had no idea how brilliant I am. So I admit the mistake. To you but in my own bed I think you're also dumb. That's the worst Larry you staring at me and soak only threw one staring at you can because I know it me emotional interneuron and I think yeah. Is pointed me. Now though I'll look at them and sorrows or hear from Bausch and you write something and I'm so it. Read something about Harley's I didn't see you pointed to not. You know we're a stake. In lap I was gonna have a delivered wind. Shallow honey mustard no. I don't eat salad. Yeah. You well not fellow power you guys that time I was out on the contrary. And I'm back now in my new home in New York city's first eight year war college. Well so last night. I got a tip that you might be that we might see you at the all star game from someone. And then and while off. There you are we're here to partner Chris Carter. The tip from me but thank you per not in legacy that you dragon you know I mean now right now. And I I didn't like about it for a like view it vote on sat close burned badly it was a cool banged total yards. Accidents and make sure you watch the all star game examine beyond it so I turn it on and I went on actually and say such as Richard why did you watch it and I assumed it was going to be hammered authorities. Immerse program or something and it was on fox. So. I turn on and where my mom's house and I thought I'd missed it because I got in Cali. And then nick says I texted that banks that I'm missing it why haven't said. No I apologize as they say it was gonna happen early in the shall there hasn't yet so we kept watching kept watching and how much like a first serve four innings and Matt note couple girls of the Mexican armed men someone texted me. And sent mum. And it was just on to say how I miss same thing I literally got through seven innings as are we got to go home we get in the car to drive home nick and Jalen tax me. And he says hey I just on the cried on TV at the all's arguments. Michael Bradley will be didn't. NFL hall of fame receiver Cris Carter. Celebrated media personality nick right teaming up to bring you close the is interesting stories in sports. First things first is Chris Carter and right live from New York premiering Tuesday September 5. 6 AM to 9 AM eastern weekdays on us this morning hi it's Chris Carter's a lot of home run to this day hasn't. Celebrated media personality is that what it was. So they're original error on heat things up with water and it is what one that is sorted out. We achieved it is very easy enough for second sound bite to describe Chris Carter pro football hall thing. Desperate caller. Or our audience of about ten million people. Nine point nine by Abel which I know like you know why do you how to describe me. Built sport guy on the Churchill last well. Over her at this city. That guy on TV intermittently billing and other people last year you know but like Ike Obama. Who got a lot of with a up look at two months ago in New York very trying to decide to go with celebrated media personality. I thought it was great I thought I was good and I didn't wanna say anything the last I heard that I did think. Well okay because they start off with Chris and exactly just a bit but how would they energy use nick to people who don't know. That's a very nice way to do celebrate is as if I don't know Liu I think this must be good prizes celebrated media personality I convertible. Right if I didn't know you I think you're must've been a writer for the New York Times or something I don't know you exactly. I know it was it was her night in jail now our on our back flip eighties. You read my lips or you can rightfully the audio. You saying encrypted beer. Aimed at every decision we've ever made our entire lives and what at this moment right now. So even when you're just on TV. He and you're not be attending here has still still in. Me out a little late it's. It's like it's become something within the building it up that's why aren't and it known for saying it like a motivational tool. Gotta be kidding me see you walk around saying things that I said to you when people think you're a genius. Do you give me credit. Actually yeah Alton the wit guy. Don't like third in line got that one yeah that would he didn't you view you know you got on the call if you guys would end one day. Talk you'd be in the music got quite old and I was like you know that line of mind that your like so much you put up. Leslie cystic comfort knowing you know you know when he knows I'm no embargo I tell nick that all the time he sets of these that if I was and everything and drywall right now they're like how it's delivered him like no man. I look at that as nick I taught me everything I know. Rusty learned on his own. And he has surpassed me and I am happy at his success in it every once in awhile something I said to you. Comes on your mouth. And people like it then I'm gonna. And I appreciate that you all do it for now however an instance where he might need you might lack of mental agility Turkey there. Because it. But your point if so what and when that ball in back of acting thing drywall. That is an expert than you because you actually eating drywall people looking human like you're probably hanging the drywall. I'd should like we you know when that all instrument narcotic opium. That would actually make that I would hurt though were a word and I may be in that go back. I won't. We want install or when some drywall. In at the eighties someone similar the last quote like you to go to that. Well no that wasn't the only use that line one ever. It was autumn like eight billion but the hurt. One called me on it that useful app from lap one. Oh yeah. It I didn't I didn't I didn't I didn't Dominick writes for lovers just celebrated media personality first things first with nick rancorous cart premieres September of that Annette that's one and I'm not tyrant nine or on the radio minister ran this by before him last night which they went text massages on on TV. I'd I'd like my real estate dot appears he's on a text is right I actually really sit back and read you. The action to conceal people flock is this is somebody who I mean you have Matt wants my house maybe but. As I've I think he did but Willie Nelson does just a taxed at 939 nick right just featured during the all star game damn man. You went a long way. I was and that was an exclamation point people brought you man. And how many people watch in this and others millions of people you just said ten million people as you know it's weird. The weirdest thing about it is that it does not seem that surreal. Because I mean mainly first match I didn't know whether and what I didn't have as well enough Fat Albert and as soon as you might want to check your Fat Albert pants at the dark is supposedly that's when I first I was mentoring you know. The fat Albert's the leader pants on put those away. If that conversation. Yeah. I do actually. A but ninth I'm just gonna sacked once he went to Houston and I think really the moment was when you and I did that broadcast and Ireland roller radio stations were there and that was the first time it's each while. I knew then again this guy's gonna be on national TV how long it's gonna take. But I'd I have no doubt in my mind that this guy's gonna do exactly what he says gonna do is going to be on TV he's going to be doing sports on national television. So it's kind of weird it's almost weird to think that this is the first time you know on audience on network television. Silly that ten million people so. Know that that was the part that I would excited about because like. Here but it started. But that PDI do you worry yet again which is obviously much more tablets and at this point aren't that the network but what I work for. Don't show even the biggest talk shortly if you get like 6700000. Hours. The showboat or network get a couple 100000 viewers on the show. So like the scope all I'm like it's up it's gonna happen it's all wind during NFL football games they're running or commercial. Like that in the commons at that was from yesterday. I will feature that they'll let myself or number acting. That part super cool like that works but that. That park exciting for me super cool and I and I appreciate that. He'll start game. I mean I I think it would it would cut baseball game. If you're really big baseball fans. I think all of our means people walk score. Like they wanna be eleven to eight knotts who want an expert. You know what I mean. That's only because baseball doesn't know allow itself to be that I agree or feel like you know MBA All Star Games 152 to 148. NHL hockey games you know a loud and attend because everybody out there are so good. The baseball again the defense controls the ball also. That's the adapting it like it at all now that they've removed the winner getting old World Series. You all wonder it's actually the card. The pictures. Don't really walk extra Wear and error on their arms. Little wonder the picture should be elected but not play. And it. And I actually over baseball pitcher I could be more like. Batting practice pitchers so quick you know I mean the ball around the art we could still potentially get really good defensive play you know I mean. Then I agreement I don't know I didn't do that and there is something about I mean you're in the stands Arabian sea of oysters are walked off the mound and first it was like yeah Donald. And you'll you know it didn't strike out the Yankees guy like manner now that's fun to watch it's still night. And he from the Pro Bowl feels so much more like a real game. And I'm fine with him getting rid of the the consequences. What are the top of last night about there's talk about the turning into a draft situation. Like that the fans get to pay the players. And at the players look like they're really plane that's what makes start influence. You know what so I didn't hear that followed her partner with the acting Ike and you could. Still allow Palestinians to choose this Carter. Date you walk like I think it would be cool if you pointed at a lighter. From each week or two players whomever that may be the two biggest foe here. Became team captains. And all the pool play opinions pick debate and it beat up the that would be neat. You know what to do at the royals did you know and echoing their vote on the now he has I would play goal and I do like the idea of like one plant to get to play as a the most votes they become a captain's. Everybody on the top fifty players got the most votes now those two captains can draft right. Quite what they do don't you speaking of oil. On an ignorant in early in the game. And the only bit of action. These courts sell me. Who call it who gets beat up all the it looked like she broke it. Yup yup alcohol is right here and I know that manager came out from getting elected to work like a light Yelp. LT and looking like an that would let me ask you this report and then we got. Do you Betty. Basically told me creek and I need to worsen. I. Baseball are forward like I can Wear and stock mr. like no particulars. Alberta native Kirk well what you've got to look professional fine. Update well. What did you think of what did you pick it up where Serbs there. I thought you know that's what they're gonna dress like when they're on TV. That it okay you warned that a lot I mean it was. That's ever gonna dress like an on TV and so they're making them Wear a suit it looked like they are making it look like they're making these two guys Wear suits. It yeah I I do think it's a generational thing on nick don't you. Because I with a person comes to mind is like vice news. And you know even vice the weekly vice that they do for an hour or ever. It's basically sixty minutes except that it's a bunch of posters in their normal you know jeans and T shirts and finals whenever. And that doesn't mean I don't think people of a certain age don't take him seriously. Because they're dressed that way I don't think you know why. Errol I want a little people. I had a really Smart television person who has ever been debating. And it's gotten what should we would error because there's and the reason we were to cut its potential so early in the morning. Like if you watched morning GO with a little more casual. Not in like to eat they've got our books on the table are so in that same time slot. And so what should you know what you actually more actual and the army really Smart point and it was. These. If you're on TV and you're too. People are taking what you're saying if you're on TV and you're wearing any concern. People at least part of that are opinion or thought process is about what you Wear and your. What is that a generational thing because I don't think about it tired someone bring it up about vice I have always can I think a lot of them it's I think it's also ugly nick you're young guy so I think. You know and maybe maybe the generational thing as me. I think if you're wearing a Scooby Doo Panchen royals Jersey. I think to myself why analysts sky about sports the same low and buy stocks from him. Yeah no I think that I I think that's fair IP that. I EU has for a lot of reasons my age a factor in its sport at a high level and the fact that I am not saying it. I you have a Q looks like wee wee bit of focus group for the show and it's funny the way it had ever gonna be in preparation like the first page is about Kurt. I like we had sixteen people in the room. Fifteen instantly knew world the won who didn't elaborate like you guys it would incur they get me. And it's like okay sell a lot. Didn't know who you work. It have strong opinions about you. And they say they love you. Strong opinions like that we can work with that. Like so I able being coral as far as people up and you're beating Houston and people that I heart into that. I. Don't know. And let it be thought that we got to build on but we got oh we've few years to do so. I'm an immigrant hate to include its get me into the Michigan State oh if you wanna go to and it allows click and yeah I have to went onstage are live I don't him to lie. Know what we're going to be doing the show live on in our court. So do you wanna know you're ago yours that you're. That showed that back gains on like we activate and now that I want off. So we're going to be doing art art Moore and show that the party for the game follow up there so apple got. Don't forget or don't like McGregor Mayweather. I'm working on that that one has been a top ticket but I'm working mother of an inch notebook out you know it's funny I when I was out of the country. I would I would if I argued hole yet not kick it or you got so. I was just really going through all these Judy creek lake and that the airport but I didn't buy the right one block the until I got to I guess. If it's.