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Wednesday, July 25th

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Audio from the Trump tape
Police help a homeless man get ready for job interview
The Gooch and everything about The Gooch
28:57 - A new show on Netflix has been accused of fat-shaming which leads us into a conversation about censorship
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From the righteous man is set on all sides by the end. The selfish. And to renew your evil men he listens. Shepherds the weak. The value of dark. Clinton lost she. And I will strike down upon the U with the great vengeance. And jewelry design nervous those who attempt to. Now Iowa I mean great howry is another matter a good glad to hear and never ever ever remember what he's been doing nothing man. Not the only I had. Some zone this computer we'll try and I can't CS well. Something on the screen. You need to CN. Dude how but I don't just pushing buttons. Doesn't matter. Men do you ever watch. Whatever tonight enjoy only kills show on Netflix on fiscal Jill McGill sure yeah anonymous suit this is super wherever for a series shoes. Clips. I can't seen these clips a huge show. For this in team BUK or MTV Britain on her own team and whatever it is. It's it's showing TV over there it's a reality show. Called just had two of us okay. Premises they have. To a certain watching the show had to find it because they were seeing these clips Gaza where is coming from I looked it up tonight and they just started doing only two dozen sixteen there's a couple of seasons now. The premises at least three different couples per shuttle. Trying to tie convene in a relationship they can be good friends they convene. I think one was cousins isn't going. Before they sustain you and I don't win okay we're gonna do the show and premise Steve before we go win you would send them. Some ideas for what you want them tattoo on OK okay. And I would you seem to you a new movie get their detect tourists say ego. This is what I've come up with a police say was going to be ladies volunteering is on our our tour. He said he said he dealer. I cannot solely so you view. They they sit down I don't know why it easy to agree to but they sit down in the person says. Either yea yea that's what I wanna get on the personnel they don't show you what you see the host reactions OK there's a guy and a girl who hosts it. And their reaction is usually something along the lines of so I can't believe they're gonna put this time. And once I see is ridiculous there was even an episode where and a female host was crying. Because she really she should have stopped this from happening she's like I I I I'm friends with the Astros getting attention she's a reality show stars something. I feel like you should stop this. Then they did his big thing Indian and shown they have these reveals an aerial attack just to give you an example of I think the very first two. People on the show where these two girls were cousins and best friends. So they're the ones like 22 in one's nineteen to the 22 year old gets up there and she's got a giant tattoo on her son okay. They take advantage Sasha looks down and it's tattoos a gorilla holding a banana it's huge it's good to actually it's a huge attitude OK she just starts. All I mean she is. She's so upset and I asked them that 'cause in the friend why did you choose the gorilla and she's kind of smiley nervousness. There I'm. How to help them. A lack some hang on time and sort of clue gorilla because there's so much head on on to something. Meanwhile this girl is still obsessed crying. She's angry. She's crying. What she's already put attention on this and we'll know we've seen it yet now what she knows what it is right and now that I'm aware isn't thinking. How dare you think you have the right to be upset because this other girl comes over the nineteen year old. She's got a tattoo one RS they pull this thing not first cousin. Putting giant tattoo on grass is a dream Dina just says slot. And she. You guys are the only played but this isn't a show in America I have to think is too litigious or maybe the last set now. Or maybe is in production now and it's coming and as I know how you please talk about things like American Idol the voice you send your favorite part though supposing you truly believe. And everyone's favorite parlor shows. It was a moment of rejection the moment where Americans didn't vote for lunch begin decrying. That's all the show ends its people. I think he's really Jones-Drew an absolute no he doesn't it nice dozens once in awhile something and this is really bad so I the united soon. A couple came in a boyfriend and girlfriend and therefrom. The British Jersey Shore what is the majority sure right so they're they're celebrities over the but there are real life couple. The girl decides she's gonna put something nice and her boyfriend she doesn't think her boyfriend would do anything mean hearses right. So she looks like he's dead grandparents' initials on a speed or something so that they can live honest souls or some OK okay replica but she's trying to be sweet. Well they go he sees his first he knows it obviously paid attention as he doesn't look very seasons he's their initials and he freaks out if he's thinking oh my god. And the host of the show now silly do you feel bad now here's. Yeah and the girls like why would she do mean is all she knows she's got something on her neck right on the back of her neck. And he's like I do feel that I thought you're gonna trying to stitch me up as they keep saying to pull pranks on mean. I'm really sorry so she goes over and pulls this thing not an easy shines. All black ink so much ink there's no way you're moving the center servicing it's a giant had to have his face. On her neck and he just smiling she started blowing on the will be able to get married I I can't I'll you know I'll never be able to date anyone else all these things. It's some home so so good and I just I really think you'd enjoy. I told someone about it he doesn't seem to care. I don't know again that's all I've done this week for the last you know since Monday night. We're sending it Sunday Monday Tuesday have just been watching I'm Joseph lynch know I had to find it on the Internet and I know they're out there. I don't know why we don't have an American version. Lowly journalist who's trying to sell us on your right down here about me. Right now to CN passes and so it has to have some meaning of course. Notre wholesomeness of GE somewhat stunning. So I seem really from only two things I'll say I think I know what you were put on me and I hope I'm gonna do to him to do a guest of what I think it. Give me. Because if you smile or you know Bob. The reaction given away in Minnesota nice children. We're ready to my mind. It's I think less and when did you yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I knew something had. OK I got over. You see him when I'm singing you think you think. Yeah I think I want when I guess you're gonna put my mind I decided did you exciting I think I have an idea what you might. Or did for me. So I'm going to put president noise I'm going to. His name. OK okay. Are a great. On a road downsized easier not changing these that's what I would put on him. The guy and that's I think he would get for me to good causes I put him. At the and yes I think you mean. That's that. It hit what I think you're gonna in the slot where are you ready for the review as pump out this is what I put on you. A tattoo of Stephen Hawking the and in the wheelchair. That's horrible but I know you scared of male senate Bill Clinton well. Oh that's kind of the premise of this show you have to Z zone and this is what I think you would put our shy away. I was always I was put on you. Tube sock stripes on arms or hands on looks like you learn to suck something that's it's always accidents and he everything and I honestly I I almost died. Very high price up they're like three big stripes I thought you would put this on me 311. I don't focus. All of that's good looks that culture. Yeah that we don't normally two homophobia whatever I thought you know my ex wife's initials are always a lot of dude I don't do that there's been a couple of guys have gotten this year due to concerns. Well every day I don't know that a player Turco. As the one guy and the show how much Ellison isn't an anonymous on it via gross. This guy took office patching the senate says it's an attack two of the girls face speed on who it is he's looking at a news. Like it was. A month ago he didn't new servers for news is that news yet and so those like explained was who has and he says. It's his little sister's best friend and he's been snapped change her line. And the guys like to set up any easy knowing how older seniors to go ahead tell how old she is in the guys like. She's seventy you know like how old music and 25 one what was that again and then he's ours and we don't talk your full of it come on you're your talking crap and the guy has no I don't know they they snapshot aligned I think essentially pictures. Yeah. Through our artists like I'm telling you it's the best thing ever put on television it is a shame that we don't have an over here. I senators. And John McKenzie artificial eclipse and that's how I found out about them. But if I sign on allows on centers in Israel hate you signed fourth got I didn't expect that the yeah. Yeah milligram merits I'm like what did you get that wouldn't be. So bad that it would ruin the relationship. But still be within the spirit of the unfunny I really do television for me an idea as as I do for you. I think I'm just I'm sure you're familiar. The John. That's the worst idea newcomers and there will be. Oh yes that would be really good he can't look away from everybody looks and sees this whole. As is gonna hurt my feelings and look at this that's already it's already it's had to look back. It's. An American and I love zero argument you know my son John John. This is why we did soon come. I do and included as I really well London Iowa and and as good as the best always the air my feelings and now I mean endless. Oh yeah mine I don't know just showing. So Otis afternoon. Now would you desist and put off fund okay content that another day barriers all right here's an inside. Went a little fun OK it is like our heart when dad and that's been to. Oh man. There was a guy and the show's Evan and his friends he's having a mid life crisis and when he reveals what would you snow Brian and it's Williams put on him sent. Order for us the funnel cake thing is pretty good. Com. I can think about this. I think I know and again. Maybe a month. Best yeah there. People have done so played out those guys here's snakes and guys thank you think mom. I think this is not a generous caring and for him. Just make it look like actual thing that any movement to to very taxes. The favorite cars exhibit inspired GS that. I will be front. To encourage this idea if you don't hold on air. I would like him. I'm an 83 stripes. Here are like big tube socks. Honey child just rerouted big strategy I had gloves when I left the house to Sox were just so chronic. Little reunion scarlet fever. Nine probably eight or nine. Maybe maybe to Ireland and locations. In there is an uptick recently. Zantac Baxter's. Because they mentioned and they want mister Rogers the talk and news. Think if it's a bad form a strict terms related. Fashion. Well to Jesus and the trump recording us saint nom. Pretty underwhelming. So I don't know how much weather's. CNN got a piece of the common take them guessing Michael Cohen sent to him. Or his lawyers sent it to CNN minus they're trying to get this out I saw Michael Collins lawyers on. This allegedly trump and Colin discussed scene. The hush money payment to what's your name and McDoogle. I mean you hear him say something about that thing you continue your trump say something about you're not in cash right were not paying carriers don't talk about setting up business like ourselves yes you can. And on our friend David when somebody and for me is David Pecker. The national fire bottles I'll OK but the people were saying banners David Dennis Adams you. A job you guys are friend David and I are you OK so this is there's a piece of I guess this is the important part. Hoping talent plus a little about how to send the whole thing now mom was. We're funding. Yes. News all the stuff you all the stuff because here you have no way that companies have always been an easy play correct so I'm I'm all over that. I hope down about it when it comes time for the financing. BUS. What science and I got to pay your campaign cash in on an aluminum. There's a little bit more yeah I think yes and furcal. Yeah so agreement it's. Is extremely communism like Dana. But. Cohen's lawyers and Trump's lawyers lawyer. Has been on TV. Defending Colin talking about why the Saudi was released basically saying that they're trying to fight back against Giuliani's attacks. The latest Trump's news lawyer. Michael Cohen has an answer to why he taped conversations. And I think you'll have to give that answer himself I can't reveal that but I will say that Michael Cohen has turned a corner. In his life and he's now dedicated to telling the truth to every one and we'll see what happened. Let me introduce John you know now rightly or another didn't throw a lot of you know on every time I have been arrested. And their life you can start telling the truth it always starts to seem like him better and better idea yeah. Tonight while I'm until losers in a long time. And that doesn't Edwards. Yeah I don't think him I don't think our dealers and sort of put and parents. Download all your fans it's just a load on that but it went. Well I don't run to center Trent stamp on some film. What about like a voice mail from management to senator you know when you listen to those visual voice fills your you know there's sixteen missed calls from them trying to get touches. Get around don't want us into the iron or you're listening I'll. Florida police officer helped a homeless man. Get ready for a job interview. It's Tallahassee this police officers now is being praised for this act of kindness. This video my viral. This woman shows that she sees the cops talking to this. Almost an almost guys trying to explain. That he's gonna get a job where they promised him the job at McDonald's if he can just clean up. Where is my beard all need to go from the union jobs. Day day. I mean Bonnie Jay Wright can. Rarer. So he asked. Bush and one thing that is nice but this I think cops shared this video that I can tell us just it was a woman whose recordings from her car. So assistant random encounter. Then. What as someone some sort of picture review under the covers your parents and bad. So this almost got asked to this top. Knew how to fix a racers having trouble even think I helped them get clean donors and dilemma before and after. I did before is pretty dreamy you can watch some video I don't know to have an after that I mean like Texas. Soon within the county on the shave that's a pretty awesome. Two boys are ten and seven so close to your kids ages thirty dollars. 107 the parents woke up. This is in two Richland county Virginia. Juice yeah gooch gooch. Man. That's how you sit down GO OCH. Denali indeed dutrow and that's good. And countdown on all of them coach you don't. I know. His parents stories from neutral engaged in panic yeah amen we took down. On these these parents are these two boys woke up in their car was missing and the boys are missing. Turns out the two boys and stolen their parents Lexus. It took affirmed a drive but here's the thing that ten year old who's driving your. So he's older but still only ten. In droves for 37 miles. Down the interstate before they box a man and stop these kids he and there are people calling the police. Same hand there's this car it's been swearing the last few miles but the fact that they may get 37. Miles long way. How tall as a ten year old he can just seal his Seton. I think it's just didn't zero through if you knew how to push it up a little bit but you and I do too far. Can religion and I have been forward you know you gotta let it into gear and all that stuff yeah. Think the emergency type guys see that happen and yeah. Injuring none there. They're ten and alana says are indeed. Need to figure out Obama yeah. World fourteen seems a huge difference so fourteen these are it's always has yeah. In the fact that they made it 37 miles of scenes stories about kids and cars for our interview yeah. This this is the tow truck driver who. It was called the come. Pick up the scar after Iraq's total. Nino warmer event coordinators they got an accident you'll Spezza Mike Nelson mean to you Dick de C grown up view inspect a kidney ailment Ramadan they were sat now parents like it wouldn't hurt enough. So that was a good ball. Everybody is dutrow saw. But if the England coach in town he's selling there. Similar to Louisiana didn't know Osama additionally. The real story is and has placed all crucial and why is it went from hazards Virginia. Plus I'm feeling there's a crucial times where there. And they're decides or is Georgia. The which it does give points for said the starting happy time this has to be in the news in the news. There's a renewed at the Missouri would definitely get a point for having for sales missourians filling us. Yeah. He keeps saying Virginia. Let me just customized version. Because the first one says Bruce my county Virginia that's a win your division second one says doppler weather radar map of hugely county Missouri. Five that's and I don't think you really exists but that is enough or points. The fact thinking through images Google crucial one mile an idea from Missouri. Kind of mass you can Google goodness wow yeah. Many investors and. She continues. The routine Kansas into. I. Our mission to change how you play each. Putting thing now and Friday night downtown main street it's. Well the fact that the news story starts off with a huge Orange County. That tells me this is like an unincorporated areas so it's not even in this city so they may not have exactly really weren't downtown I don't know don't you feel like when they say. I think Tony verses because it was a song in choosing between places. A big support on. YouTube was. And then to do. I mean I'm in my mouth yeah would you dog man. My ritual in did you was found in 1728 is the first county formed. From Hendrick cars Shire file my chesterfield county Duchamp originally included all the land itself on the low block. None during the early part of 71 more harm Wallace yeah marshes sizable army through boundaries and do she went. They occupied and thoroughly destroyed LLA smallest state of Thomas Jefferson there are you're slaughtering livestock for food burning Barnes instances is finally burning down my house and they took 27 slaves as prisoners of warned twenties or dying of disease and can't. One points along the James River came to be known as long Wallace tell. And his sense that the British general who pause here and is awaiting your town remark that this spot and it's magnificent Vista. Of. The James River valley. Would be the perfect place to touching your child. To loosen. General Ozzie entertainment player. The. Yeah. Very interest in town or. Recent changes in the morning line favorite realizes yeah. Shows the wow I just had my story about taking all act Alexander Payne merry. Maybe go today for my favorite Murray. And bribery and that is yet neither now. Let's just. Genial Alexander Payne merry. He died in nineteen Tony's eyes. Did you signatures of history. As it did we unfair and all along I killed Jon do. Johnston learn Lander or is from. The Jewish. From the get go way down Thomas Jefferson's from under coach. Intermarriage. Imagine that. Yeah and you gotta be something special to us this. Sure and then marry Kate Upton and become a Cy Young or when I go to a baseball fan like you gotta be kidding me he's a saga town now they're knocking down a civil wars that Jesus just replace them with him yeah. Holy crap. And Thomas Jefferson. I heard them. Email. Yeah move. Everybody else I'd been around eighteen others except for Ben Madcast. Easy author of against a country. And I'm all about to tune downing. Talked about finishing in town here and. Talk 120 year old book which energy. I came out in 2015. Bloom the coach says Metcalf realizes the limit. A lot of stuff going on you Gucci and shenandoah. You can go here's your weekend trip bills. It's. I'm Tom Powell's tavern. As an Barlow opened up in addition 1815. Still open children. Room. Tinsley tavern. Yeah. Tuition. We should go to Gucci and there was a good show. Tehran and London it's. Let's see we interviewed these kids stolen car. Do I. Gucci and sounds fun. My second favorite place in Virginia and take fills my face. Tank bell township and because we. Our. Former teacher at such nation back on March. 6 office. And back behind bars and I wish him. To hooters yeah. I'm not kidding. Court documents indicated in June 30 she was with a friend yeah hooters restaurant in Clearwater Beach. I'll be just the friends twelve year old. Was there should I not allowed to be around kids and that's what atlas. She interacted with the child and even took pictures child yes no reservations as any contact with the miners stranded in less important greens commission prior to the need. She's released from prison. Being used in gas. Braking distance yeah and then it's. Yes. I was sitting. Toney fifth as a beach all the 27. Minutes yesterday two days has managed to address a minimum wage soon. So you want him just touched so I don't know. It will nation may militants I looked over truly rare among Americans of that and we announcement chairlift and he spoke TC dot com right and yeah. Those are dominant one in this Sadler trigger and. Hello. I'm sure he's seen the show on Netflix that people are upset about the fat shaming thank you know this on Twitter who. You saw us now gone right this is right up your Alley here it's called insatiable from OK there's a petition to cancel it. Did you see that arts outcome but this petition now. It's so it's not out yeah right they haven't released it. I don't think and they're trying to get it that this petition once it gone before it happens but. In the premise from you know it does seem a little fade it's it reminds me of discount like shallow Hal the idea is that this girl is. Bigger and 'cause you also talks about. Eating a lot and its aid this is this is the trailer. Since he's going like up fat suit. I mean we're out losing their virginity. I was at home stuffing another whole thing. Let's face in the. So she's at home eating. I I Cramer whatever sheeting better job in the when she walks into the gymnasium the girls this is only. I turn every team I wondered how much more yeah. Now one. Right here. She's Marcia she's thin beautiful yet I don't exactly know what this is. Because there was that Amy Schumer movie that people were mad about wasn't the premise of that it. Wasn't because of that that she had her head and thought she was beautiful I think that's what happened and Amy Schumer movie. I know there was some issue of patching mean people are upset about that I told is that what happens in this. In the trailer she gets punched in the face by someone looks like she's about to and the next thing you see she's standing on the school steps there with I guess the principal. And she's. You know if that's who it's gone. My job Myers Chad loves me more than just my summer vacation. Every great high school movie ever met. Why did he punches and that's why are jaws wired shut I thought originally that she got show all wired shut. And and you know last ditch effort to lose weight. But the guys puncher that's I get it now so that's why are jobless where's Shaq associates Punjab or jaws wired shut. And she lost the weight over the summer so people are very upset about this. And that petition now has over a 100000 signatures. This woman who put together alone. It's late night talk show or rather speak out against yeah I saw sheep she put. The writer and the growth stars and it put out some stuff there those are the petition said only get to her first. She says for so long the narrative is told women and young. Impressionable girls that in order to be popular have friends to be desirable for the male gaze. And to some extent be away a few days GAZ how he got it now. That we must agree Warren. This series needs to be canceled the damage control of releasing this series will be far worse insidious and sinister for teenage girls. There will be damaging for Netflix. And their loss of profit. Self. Kyra. Like so from the same the star and the creators have. Defended the the series this is the girl who stars and she says twelve years and in my own struggle with body image struggles. They took me in and out of terrible places I never wanna go again things I choose every day to leave behind. I was drawn to the shows willingness to go to real places about how difficult scary can be to move through the world and a body. Whether you're being praised or criticized for a size and what it feels like. To pray to be ignored because it's easier than being seen. Whether you think that this is. Damaging or not. Or or or. Whether or not people should be this upset or Netflix should not humble you know. Allow it to come outer Ireland and up whenever. You have to think watching the trailer. We didn't use wouldn't you've seen this coming. A cop I watched shallow Hal I don't know a year so go on a's don't have that I don't think you can releases movies today where she's the fans who know. You know she's beautiful on the inside so I see a beautiful woman what is a beautiful woman Colin Powell drill. Right what is not attractive woman all this Gwyneth Paltrow and a fat suit right I don't. I think if they did that now. There'd be a lot of push back shells and so when I was thirteen I was suicidal my best friends don't mail has bullied and I want revenge. I thought it looked pretty ME outside feel like I was enough instead item on an eating disorder. And the kind of rage that makes you wanna do dark things I'm still not comfortable in my skin. But I'm trying to share my insides to share my pain and vulnerability through humor that she's just my way. The show is a cautionary tale about how damaging and it can be to believe the house sides are more important. To judge without going deeper please give the show a chance this is my truth analysts Milan I was at two she tweeted about it. She's him or not shaming patty word dressing through comedy the damage that occurs from fat shaming. I hope that clears it up also on the she gives a link to article says does a good job explain more the show also says Mary should watch the whole thing. Right which is fair crazy. Primary reformer praise band start banning art. I know some crazy. Q wacky liberals out there which I'd often. Thought I was one for a long time but before we start banning arts and burning books the forests are doing that. Mary should read them. Then we should watch them. Maybe we should never banned are anyway. Maybe just not watch it. But maybe before. We race this art from our history we should. Watch more than 92 trailer. A total campaigns don't you get and it did damage it will do is far greater than in any excess. The in this ins to grammar Twitter post I guess a was originally faced with a screen shots that she says are truly actress. I think against the character's name is paddy maybe aren't as she says patty had the same brain at the same sense of humor and style soul and heart the same shocks. But felt like she didn't matter to anyone until she was then. She didn't have the same opportunities and she was treated worse which is what triggers your rage and paddy doesn't starve herself skinny. She snaps undergoes a physical transformation but it doesn't make her happy where on the business of fat shaming. Were out to turner sharp by a broken harmful systems that equate thinness with work so maybe they did see it coming. The mirror currently there's and we pushed back but it but that trailer which I'm guessing as what people are upset about. The trailer does seem like it's show about it. Curl on non fat suit who's getting made fun of and called bacon or whatever and then she gets jaw wired shut loses weight. And the other Scheffler is that outside the fact Jamie noted. That is sizes revenge. And that we should be. You know. Displaying revenge in such a great way. As encouraging people to do that. Revenge is sitting up for yourself for is that the same thing remand to the show is about she comes back and gets revenge. On that always makes fun of the bowl Louisiana and those saves criticizes. Revenge. Running right solution exists I'm telling you oh you can't pick on bullies at home. Friday the thirteenth. Movie. I hear that. Prodigious trying to have sex at camps and there's got to tell mud you know what that's fantasize as killing kids that can't let what are you talking about it. As it's not a Charlotte what are you talking about the black hole. Spiderman things otherwise about screen it tells spy tells kids out of there a little door keying. And you know little nervous around the ladies. All you gotta do is get Britain by a spider during a science experiments and and now. Hang out with a Iron Man. Delhi it is so cool way to get rid of taught him a while American computer guy like it's not show. It's a show. And it and it looks completely over the top and she and it doesn't matter it's a show it's a show. Over a 100000 Cigna just like it was a little cool this is what people are doing. And I had cents a shone brightly because your votes. There records when they were stopping The Beatles records there are burning books like what are you doing. Liberals who cares what if franchises or romanticize czar. It's our show to show there's a lot of shows that romanticized stuff that I do not watch you don't have to like you know. Every movie. Almost without exception that is an action movie. Starting a guy. I what you say every but over 50% of them. Seem to involve children who think their dad is a square until he saves the world and suddenly he's cool. Right I remember the Easter really upset LaMont sound like the stuff allies and every movie that dad is cool because you save the entire commercial that the I don't know like that we are second in every movie. The dad first off is not around. Right or he's not around and then in order to be a good father. He can't just go to work and watch his kids. And try to make dinner he can't do that he has suitors something awesome right right like sun and ours is a horrible that any you know. Patches today or does a lot of drain can not around very often misses play dates. Lot how many movies receive the data get a phone call sounds hard chance I gotta go I got it exactly right guard right exactly my soul men you don't have to like that my momma always said Arnold that bush didn't start petitions is say you can't make that right don't make it. I don't want Jon Claude van dam to make another movie until they figure out artists and every commercial guy in the dad's always the bumbling idiot always drop in south IE doesn't say hello Tyler he's. Duncan is kids' feet might paint it is not a by Sachs what ever. It's stupid to put a they are talking about I don't let's remember that there was a commercial work I was OK I'm not only campaign something I don't remember why I think you couldn't buys his. I'll tell me ask you is this. Is there a movie. Or showed you think has had an effect on you. That maybe you'd like what they're saying the show have an effect on young girls as there shows had an effect on you guys. Two a step X-Files under rival has and we might not even realize and Ryan shut but if so it's does it. Mean that you shouldn't talk about this if you watched as showing you think I don't think this is great for my kids after you watch the show. Then maybe you say I don't want you guys watched the show. But it doesn't mean we should not allow the show. To be made lets me and they showed thirteen reasons why was not a big thing no one is they didn't do enough to address the fact that teen suicides and suicide is a real issue and that they should have det Yani and the second season I feel like put up even more warnings and if you need help call us Siler two episodes of -- warnings constantly about call this number which I don't like the call this summer thing bug. But they were I think that main dig at that was that they were romanticizing. This high school girl's suicide Oca got. I'm glad we didn't know before there are plenty of I don't think anyone in here thanks Leslie your dad not something you'd I don't think anyone thinks that. There are movies. Or shows. That you think send a bad message was there you know. Maybe you wouldn't want your kids who watch that's fine right. I probably shouldn't of listened to those first Eminem records. When I was in middle school yeah I shouldn't of fine but don't but I wasn't going out and on the had a serious effect on me like an account but it doesn't mean you should burn those C media was are there burning in the CDs no it's art. So please. Let's just wait so can we wait until the shows out. Then we can. I don't know. It's dorm these people's houses. But the show is not now. Ordered have to do for you to Wallace on their house nothing. I mean. We have played and devil's advocates who see what what I would have to be shown. The you to be hours until I think there are things for you understand I think we're talking about the guys are always the idiots that that you know. It's kind of an claim that they is the guys always a worthless moron rent but that's fine because. Obviously. The way women are portrayed is not all over the grass so yeah this is one. I feel like much worse so I think that's that's probably wash those commercials or those movies with the guys being in the bumbling idiot. It may (%expletive) us off we are doing and what can we do about it but also but that button and we'll let look at the comparison that women get all the time sure. But we just said part of the reason meal and a is because. Genuinely. Were portrayed you know Lamar. Capable positive gay is like. Is sol we almost just feel like you. We're getting some of our dues but. I'm content gesture of well I'm just saying when you see the bombing any you don't like it a part of the reason you don't make a huge stink is it's not like it. Men don't ever get a fair shake in movies or TV that's Aurilia right. So he's an archive blog you know what made him call me different calming different. I look at those shows where is. Kevin Hart or know what's his name everybody loves whenever. Raymond Yemen it's another show right it's a shame deride us Kevin gender dynamite all those Kevin James Tyson always and everywhere dude plays and men. He's so lucky to have hot wife and you know she just take him because he's stupid. I just watched those who think to myself I command in LA and everybody wash doesn't know that seriously that is your final demise of lying on styling. There's a show bright bright it's a show. And maybe there are some characters and shows and identify more ways than some mad. I don't but I don't ever think when I want to show well. Doses this is it for me right this is clearly this guy is via these joins a way I wanna do what I was gonna go ahead and move on from here and act like rob from I've known. Everything from here on out right I'm like I like that night. I like a lot of his quotes I live without I think that's a well written book and movie sure what I'm not him. Now to play devil's advocate though is it different because. The intended audience of this show and thirteen reasons why are a lot younger. And haven't fully developed we are that's whose only morally trying to protect your kids right right some bums they were getting you know we're talking about how it affects us but is it coming or is it. But if you think it's bad for your kids and shouldn't you tell your kids not to watch it. To see not I don't I watch now like it or haven't had time to watch a but I don't like what I've heard about this notre contents to watch it first and then. I curt Fraser river valley want to hear what they do but just don't say you can't make something right because I'll like it I am I totally agree that that's what I'm saying. On somebody to send. How about glorifying Nazi death camps and but that's my thing. But there's no more I don't it make it easier I don't think they should get red or white supremacist rock. Yeah now I listen to went but I don't think we should just going grab all of people who RN. Pro Nazi skinhead bands of Leo I'd give us your music. You're done. No more music for you don't edit my thing I'm not listening to it I got my kids listening to right I'd. Make him watch Schindler's List or some thing these but he's young sand have a discussion went about what are you doing. But I wouldn't I am not suggesting that we banned. That type Amir's view of the First Amendment and you have to love and that goes for west Borough Baptist Church. That is Tamara Manson and that goes for right whoever is back on the left Josh. But some on the left. Including like some of the. NT for people also have basically selling there are times worth. Free speech shouldn't be allowed known how to debate and I'm just not know I'm not going to have NB II college graduates yeah I'm. I just and they and I get what you're saying it's dangerous to allow this type of rhetoric should be and it's deemed okay oh I think. May be as dangerous and not allowing exactly ball dangerous to not allow though both can be true I think not allowing free speech is more dangerous that's where we disagree. And that's a fundamental. As the First Amendment we my hands start to toy with a walk the line of we know what it. We have those defining you know things that he can't yell fire in a crowd of the year we have will prevail monitors on site to violence but. Once you start doing it with Netflix shows in music and who can speak at a college campus but. Which is why he understood this story about FaceBook enough votes actually shows song insatiable you from an announcement on Netflix August people want to. I don't get rid of it. I don't know high here. Why they're trying to keep Netflix from releasing it just threaten a boycott Netflix or fuel and subscribe I don't know I haven't read the petition it's on change our org. I can't believe changed our crystal thing. And that is in change oh look it's actually bigger than pro weir has really yeah. That's where all the more protests were. I thought that was on move on arson that made it was so. Well there's your latest. Outrage. Liberal outrage. Are both are liberal I have no idea what they identified but I assume. Just gonna take a shot probably is in the dark here and assume that some of the people who started this. Social drama I'm Adrienne I'm not of course there. Cassidy of course they are stopping. I'm willing to go and as saying I know you guys aren't you don't wanna get condemned and of course. Just like I'll say it before if you want to ban a TV show. From Netflix. Based upon. Some sort of social justice so I'm guessing you're in a liberal. And ancient and by the way not all liberals. Want to. Ban things from Netflix. Just like. Not all Republicans are racist what does your racist broader Republican. Can we call them social justice warriors twelve different similarly seems like it's. Yes but they are both they are the area but it's a friendship will win this what the Tea Party was a conservative share up. It's really annoying it's really annoying. I'm on June how many people sign on for 2000 yeah I was well into a 145000. Armor well to do white women. Things. Could be a part of all the more I sent 5000 because the other five. Some dumb ass Kevin James just did it to those ones take positives or elsewhere in Big Ten has to do it for Soriano hit it down as I just want us in his signing action. Are you 5 X 10 thousand times. Same with movie just to bring us back around. Thinking about those movies that we now say seems old data like shall Holler something. I don't think that shall how shouldn't be allowed to be made now of course I'm just saying I don't know that it would be written how I think it would be who received worse than it was. Didn't do forty years ago everybody can like seven Eminem's first records of those came out today. Can you know as this is not possible that it's not possible three crazy to think that because it just seemed like progress was telling us. The people who are conservative. Wanna restrict our speech because they're trying to protect children they wanna and so he's Christian values and that was his whole it was Eric Gordon never imagined that in twenty years. It would be social justice warriors. Do it do it are completely different reason. Well sometimes you know the pendulum swings and you meet them it'll be up and swings so far. Don't remember fighting Tipper Gore about the kind of stuff of course I remembered jello being on TV you know process and yup when what are you talking on our Donahue is confident and he colonel advisory stickers and and then the libraries same racquet and carry well are gonna have these CDs that happening I was in Kansas were not to have these sort of aware that college is worth that. The place to go to have free thought and would try out new ideas and now it's just. What does this imploded yup. Sox. Get off mom yup. I think that's what we sum it till it's done for us. Let's do something else I think most normal minded people ownership ocean they dinner. I think data they do that's the same reason we get so pissed when Fox News constantly refers to all of us as snowflakes and they run and they try to make it sound as if we all. Where are these as JW's who are saying you can't say this you can't say that Newton who are trying to fight bags and no that's not all of us right. I'm sure prudential saying when are we we do that to them repaint them on a corner share. They deserve I think that's what they get mad about constantly being called racist who they might not be racist they come right along. Misogynist figure might not be. I. They just don't know might not realize that a bit and I have been somewhat Aaron and and it's it's it's happening I mean. I feel like it's it's. It's probably in the somewhere soak listen would you like your odds if if if I said we can we have a mind reading machine. I was gonna grab our random Republican. We guys is seen as driving around listened to country and countryside or reshoot that. What's your country cited a whole year. People of country second and shouldn't. Wonder I don't know if not anyone. I want people to think that I'm you know impunity entire. Fan base or run genre of art. I don't think anybody would say that country psychic shouldn't exist OK. Churchill who has low. Six fire the book. We will countryside pic nom ready the people love it man. You guys ready ready. All you. Sing the first few. So my friend. And the artist of the country song and he'll be able to sing in the same way and they do. Would the same damn lyrics. Just by hearing the title. Yeah I know Doris blind to starts coming to me. I'm not sure your psychic I think maybe are more comments like on just one slam I don't like done. You tell my name I don't know how that this stuff starts come enemy and then 99.9 percent of the time mom dad on him damn close. I guess it is some sort of psychic ability. It only happens now when is country music. But something we only talk to dead people you're gonna go what country music when is somebody says are you heard the song you know I'd heard it. In my head right now right. Knew I think it's just. Country music now no one else that happens. One time and I've had a Medicare from a soccer team in my new soccer team and he would introduce himself I knew he was gonna say Jacob Burton. And he said Jacob who so Lama. Moments Osaka tantrum. Custom view with names and I'm sure but there's definitely something there you want me to give you an title and artist or song what you got foray. The first one I'm told there's a song called not our noses are really popular not so. Not I don't know much about country music. But this one is called by me a boat. By Christian Janssen I'm not Chris Hansen. Crist Janssen I've never heard of them hungry Libya Chris that's not a country Korea in my vision do I don't you know over the years. Deceive rout over the air for faculty know who it is suck on your DJ. The stop would think I don't know I don't need now to Dana dry drew I mean you are around a lot of country music sometimes against. Your own. But I am not says some not though don't you have hot country nights susceptible here I don't work over there and doing a lot of information here so maybe you heard of them. What I have heard of real name is Christopher Pierre chance. OK okay it England has handled. And he is from Perry film Azeri and a nimble tees from both moved back home may have. I mean does song called Miami a boat I thought you're gonna say usually cares so Missouri so I'm guessing maybe. And this is about Lincoln deals are she might be able to do our business. When you said he changed his name. I'm really tight you're gonna say was so I guess I'm the psychic named thinking that I was gonna say like cash Chris Jason vets or something right now. But it's true heir peers know his middle name is Pierre Pierre so let's see Christopher Pierre Jensen I mean a vote. Just dot I'm. Tees wage lasers soon wave away loans actually ask Salina does down. Yet you found it and you drowned and it just now not knowing that I weigh one or not okay that's way way ward didn't mean that you Bunning. You're not funny I was just trying to be funny farm you crossed the line I walk aways from this. I'll walk away. From this year and I can say it. Perry bell Perry though there throughout Tyrone I've heard of that is that over on the Saint Louis side. Where is Perry Vilma oh gosh. You fancy pants over there parry bill. All right so Bynum both soco you got some. Instrumental for your home on Lisa thing if you pulled them whom he. Oh wait he's still hear us. It and I'm there I'm here is something something something just went away Aaron. I'm trying so I'm trying to reach a pair. Things broken. They are usually give me a little more information about him anywhere on trying to get this figured out a little while that's all you got. Bosnia Perry knows this Oka San 1000 bound by a crush to for Pierre Jan send. He wrote songs for Tim McGraw your favorite artists. See me. He moved to Nashville Tennessee after finishing high school. It was a national. So when I got ready when you are. June and is releasing a whistle a woman comes along. Sir that's film gambrel is that he is explosive onstage and completely unpredictable is the last Syria's song called tell woman comes along. And what does he do it and tell Obama guts of what we should come out on I don't know that I mean but that's sounds like he's gay for the staff and good things from Pierre. Here side embarrassed lives sat to a wild horse it's not meant to be tamed. He brings a blue collar redneck edged every show that seems to be lacking in country music these days. Kristin Jensen. Is the future. Of country music. Pioneer boats things these wild night. The wild man from his other hit singles including the power of positive drinking. He proforma third day of the 2016 Republican National Convention. Because song called fiction drink it's par for the course. Not by me a boat. The song that I gave you only hear the instrumental if you don't mind and get a little. This real quick some ended up. Well. Yeah I give me a shot here ready I know how the song goes never heard of before. It's going to be getting us started this stuff. Ready cameras don't buy me a boat. Kind of drew. Got a trailer and got a Condo lives and I. Let us now live and then there can't do. Those sticker shock. Take my manager mango. So they won't so we're a good time. But I'm paying close next in the years. Cooler come down my last time. Follow us on hill. But medium low. I was doing a lot or. Doug when your son on the bed. Yeah there but I did I mean about it on I'm a red she got ripped through my head he must say it because man that last buy me a boat I must have done via boat. Pitch by impulse and I think now it's some of the bitten I think you might be onto something. Interest in money I'm a new version failure go to the basic idea though is that. He does now on their money and need some of them I am about he wants to go to delay can he doesn't have enough money for her a boats. Because they're. They're expensive sure that would you guys were thinking without having heard the song. I think is and as somebody else I'm about. But. I thought lied to his next payday he's gonna buy you know I'm no pop I'm gonna buying medium that's televised. Ten minutes. I mean we're in. Move on and I am sure. We're no lock it down down day and you work. Me. Manning came the I'm more in love. And then and. So that continues tots. Money won't might to have to go to buy relay runner up these little five million. You can match may have. Is that talk dead in the baton. I like that Sony actually woke up at just. I thought oh don't. All man. I mean a vote. How are you're. Version matter I think it is right now which mountain would die you're just back to anyone no kidding I said this is I'm an instrument do what I do above. Was that a day yeah. A bay I'm begging please I guess. Does get on my knees are usually buy me a blow that means there's none of the British. Asset management and 'cause it in a ball conjured for a content no no surely rely upon to vote. Yeah I couldn't think of another kind of though I was they cannot or Baja. I'm a sincere but that's on a boat that's a jet skier wave I can think of a boat. Cigarette mr. I saw the price of the center for wellness center. I don't know that's what we're well catamaran getting another one I'm feeling warmed up catamaran I'm feeling loose coalition because this is a guy name John party. A never ending that made about a thing is spells with a DB. John party but did. It at the Johnson Ryan partied all these friends as. Better take take you know our country seem. Young. I don't know much about him he was born and Dixon California course. Womb. Anyway done name of the song is called dirt on my boots. They're. But a lot of in my aspect. That's on under the site. Everything of your bottom ration and dirt on my boots. Or can I hear the instrumental version please. Durham on Bruce just as an on site actions users and says no some called head over boots but doesn't turn on my boots. This is dirt amateur hour pirated music. Slant. All right so it. There are my boots. And I think it's pretty obvious he's. He's a proud man number one single is a proud working man. Interest and I don't know. Yet. On to number one US country or play. Never heard this guy. May have a jump party do it from a boot stir among bootsy ready and I think it goes also Mike Dennis. As. Us and. No welfare manned. I'm guy. Brother Jerry says he can rob a bank to say theory I think now. Had this car loan to and so somebody's got to do the work. You can't see very respectable man and mr. boots are covered in dirt. Alan when. Let's game. They're busy work you know. The moon boots has some effect. Are you you said blood okay Dave came down. The pistons fans in the crowd against Paraguay as you thought that hasn't hasn't the norms time. Experts aren't. Well I didn't know what I love freedom and I'd rather do that it and I don't think I love it and Kamal was. And I. Slant. Don't only well they're playing. Forever paying the other Ares said we get. The banking asset what do you some stupid thing. Tickets are about somebody's got to do. I am okay respectable guy. A sudden got dirt got. Lot of mud boots. And it's for this day. Who's Cheryl and that's why I now jointly tolerant. Of supper time but I wouldn't I'd that is trying to be respectable now. How margin of error respectable now let's say doubt. Respectable guy. Foresees a respectable gal I don't know all right and we hear the real version you guys think it's about it I think probably at least says they're a minority in his pants then. I'll give you and realize now I'm playing now don't you you said blood. This derailment. Okay. Don't come Monday. Don't he said two more roads and he's a farm. The ads that yellow. A Hazmat heavily. When he's. I might have a little light come on what he's heard the news for you're going to be open. Mud on my wheels. They're gonna shine with Europe and I think. Hey hey hey hit the club Conner runs. That's ditching my friend I said so it's about you know working behind either way you're pretty hard said something about dance. I know right now he's saying he's going dance and I think guys that I don't have time for the dancing. But that is that just happens but I isn't what I'm saying is are all below the late picking up because and on the field work a lot he's working the farm yeah and then he also says oh I'm gonna serve dance on the you know am I it's no time that is. The opening. And I bet it. I've really thought that he was. I cracked his fans alone all that just. Flowed well but I thought. They knew it was going to be. I thought he might say something about not wanting handouts I still I feel like. The rest of it I got I feel like ways says might have a little mud on my wheels is talking about crap in his ex. That could be my how little mud I'm you know it's urban dictionary and mud on now loans as a euphemism laden. You know what if that's not in the urban dictionary RM and add it. OK it is says mud on the tires. Am kind. I cannot say what that it's. You read that from there. Mona. Okay. So yeah it is an entire well explain the blood to. It would explain a lot a lot. And I think that's a great job that I think now knowing what mud on the tires means via. I think you nailed all thing edited and explain is a blow blow blood in the PM. Both fine. I thought he might say well he did I thought when he said. Dirt in my boots that there'll be other things are my boots on my pants right in his case it was not on his wheels he did have other stuff though. Now he is going to mention other thing I said the thing about dancing. Today I also does not take an under dog and then I don't have time to dance right but AM does daddy's farm when he says he's our tractor. I could've been a cowboy guys he could have been. What ever they do you know what Rangel channel wrangling cattle drive them across. Prairie was saying I'll be late to pick you up because I've been working in the field and army go to my booed to them rushing to get here writing you're. Yes I am near yeah close I mean no one expects a psychic. To just word for word it's not exactly receipts psychic. On MS Mario again and write and email me and you'd probably mean. Coming in your head was mama flats exactly right so now obviously there Marmara classy guy crap to sprint and then that I didn't amount exactly like that but you know I'm in now and it. That was that was one your best known and well done I think we've put any. Skeptics. Criticisms to rest of them are absolutely. So I just wonder. I did not know. I did not know this term mud on the tires you know. If you look it up to now with this I can't tell him out OK I don't go out there you know want to. But until. No and it was a little just went on the flags now but on the tires. Of. Brad Paisley so it is and no it's not coincidence that you two putts over here. Boy oh boy. Well I'd like to hear that now kind of curious. Where here all my boredom but I don't know if that's what I like that can't possibly be what he's referencing. Here polio but on some problems this thing industry and upon. You got to ready for a bit and be careful because this song. As Carl and mud on the tires. Got some big news. Thank finally came through. And I'm home keys to brand new here today. Here is now. How matter little test. Down love laying. Don't match. Our new plan. God that's LC for little panic if you don't think I.