Wednesday, 08.01.18 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, August 1st

0:00 - Headlines
Trump calls on Sessions to end Russia investigation
Dog being tortured gets rescued
Worm found in food
Toto covers Weezer
29:53 - The guys address the news of the day and discuss their future with the station
45:38 - Fortnite tutors, gender-neutral god, the kiki challenge, sea creatures

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The righteous man. On all sides. The selfish. And the siren you'll men. Well leave dark. Will strike down one of the. Ash. The you're right. No I look okay. Does your shirt. I've never seen that before it's. I Arlington. Out of town sound last night in turn 100 yard this I woke up like fifteen minutes ago. Maybe and a half hour ago this was an abandoned. Where. I'm an assistant Tom some whiskey. And I thank you know. I don't know. I don't know I don't know. I didn't. I didn't show any. I was and Tom sounded. I do yeah. She. Why are you wearing a golf shirt. Spears church and in. Goals from big town kind of centers where I call shows you I was learning and teacher unions solution. Why. My job to smell like goes. Check. I'm right there aren't let me just ask for vero yeah. When he walked in yeah. Yeah. I need him. I'm always. My plan book L starts and one old fashioned mowers. And then. It ends with. And Andrew and me and should realize you last night. What place. When I'm by this town's politicians. She. I have a feeling similar gain in June. It's cruel it's good. I don't normally see in red. Yeah. During at least you got some sleep. I've done as an address on it's unknown where you have cars toughness and I'm Donna incidents like randomness they were my keys and I'm sure my performance of Vichy French encouraged. Did you figure out how to get to 701. KC MO Maine and yeah. I just call Bloomberg driver yeah. And close this television and news. Day today. I didn't question you know I'm not positive let's try this start here because I hear soon. Like memento. And you you know thinking oh my god thank you. Pyongyang really attempt. Actually Jamie phony yellows. When you want to read you know hundreds of shows here. Person to thank you. So you don't want to make sure it's a shame. Think yeah. As we continue the college did you learn how. I don't know I don't know what's happening I mean you were okay on golf shirt and a lot of action. Like dress shorts that don't yeah. Louis this summer and throughout Friday and AT&T store or something. Something about dress Lara well and you know I can. I discern. Can I interest you when they all digital age TNT cable plan. Acknowledge. I know there's there's a lot of armaments division. You just really trying to find my mom. I don't know whatever I was whatever I've been doing hasn't been working for me so he is much as I make some of those people Lucy just W I'm not doing M may be. More jobs you won't have a job a stalker at best and and address religion are you and you know it's I wish me to do about. On the way ice mountain. I. Look bill I'm drinking. I think I'm dressed for dinner and banners and. Are you anxious I'm out I'm anxious and then and and I'm not hung over. I guess he's got to keep drinking. There. We're anxious. Thank you don't drink you know look a look like it's engine now. Because my friend penguins and don't lose so usually come into. China's economy referred drink Roca and Scioscia removed challenge so I'm matter for a drink and opening unturned in the three or four. Totally partly. Own shoes back in town yeah. She's are removed shares back in town rioting and chewy like last week he wanted to know double LO OK that was my daughter go to. You know I was assuming she was working last night she's okay she's a brand manager mark a big league towns is here isn't just using the bird drink I'm ever drink okay. Who's to say Yemen gone along now there's I don't know exactly but I'm just coming of her visit apple and we. Okay. C should talk to come. And then I do I doubt about it now. But I do like them on there. He's still doing this in Italy. Course they're younger better looking book. Impossible looks like 2000. I think is doing all right on that. 2006. Yeah. Yeah. News 2006 and trying to encourage. It. Just a untie me anxious about something normally. Feel that I have leukemia or whatever those normal things are used to keep anxious. Mario interest. Really. Magnolia hi why you don't golf I guess I'm just I don't hear me last night I left here. I remember having for our own fashions. And then ordering a Manhattan because I thought I ordered an old fashioned. Ya know actually I got the shirt on. Procedure or a permanent. I don't know what time I was. I touch my mom. Mother or your mom my mom. My Jacques your mom. Andres tonight see her last night and not okay here plus. I was in no shape. To be respectful. Soon. To talk about the news. OK minus minus. She can win. Why isn't so weird I'm not be why so we're here I don't know I think he gotten years sooner I don't feel like five minutes ago nice. It would have been nice. Do you guys about it all our car was sorry but today is no way that they're fine. Son of a bench one of them until. And usually just we we we have like a preacher cigarette isn't available chat that maybe would have been nice. I couldn't resist when millionaire and why I'm anxious. I'm not just Tommy will kick me out your smog that's the last thing I wanted to right now light a cigarette. Smoke. Garcon often. And. I just haven't smoked and little freer. But once your smoker your it was a smoker. OK. So you're gonna have one I just look like do I forget it I'd. Steussie toast. So c'mon losing my mind who now. Well yeah. Trump doesn't election sessions. Okay yeah good news there aren't. He wants and in which time. No which. There collusion with China and Russia which time the 171215. Angry Democrats how many uses 1717 angry Democrats. Fall in line. All working for the FBI oil trying to bring down meandered change. Also below. No collusion. But now. Inclusion isn't a crime. And anyway the only collusion was with Hillary Clinton. Tell us something that some something to do with them are in words the president's opinion and it's ridiculous that all of the corruption and dishonesty that's gone on. With the launching of the witch hunt the president wants this has. I watched this process play out but he also wants to see it come to an end as he stated many times. And we look forward to that happening with the president is not obstructing he's fighting back. The president stating his opinion he stating clearly. He certainly expressing the frustration that he has. With the level of corruption that we've seen from people like Jim Komi. Peter struck injured McCabe. There's a reason that the president's angry and frankly most of America is angry as well. And there's no reason he shouldn't be able to voice an opinion. Makes sense to me and. And I don't know what you say and this is terrible situation and attorney general Jeff Sessions should stop this rig which time right now before continues stay in our country any further Bob -- is totally conflict in the seventeen angry Democrats that are doing his dirty worker disgraced USA. US and this has to stop writing your tools and rich continent. Let's talk bullish on Jesus Christ man. There's a witch hunt looking for witches. And something's is a waste of taxpayer money. I didn't do agree. Need to be careful with our money. Just atrocious but staining the country trumps a lot of money. And reputation. Yeah he sessions already recused himself from. He was mad this sessions are accused of self it is Susie did it. And so now I guess he's continue to say I no longer accuse myself I'm back again I'm back inning you're fired I don't know maybe you can. You say AT&T that easy attorney general he can do it every once he makes along. This is what I'm more concerned. New Jersey. Mom mouth. On mouth county or stay at Monmouth Mon not sure. Ladies walking with a dog along the beach and she hears a sound. Crying whimpering like a dog crying. She gets up. Closer over these rocks she looks down and she sees it changed my treatment and small channel cage and dog kennel. There's a one year old dog in Aaron. And he's been set purposely in the tide. So she's high rises the dog will drown this in this case. I'm inside a dog crate right on the river on the water line as the water. It's time was rising which would ultimately color and sadly it killed river got better as he hasn't had good there was some birds here out on the water. And how we got closer I hate adding I had no whimpering and when I look at them. Sun. Or believe this dog so com. That's gotten them again expressed. Its coast weather. I front page throws but holidays crash that don't look just like my dog looks like Jolie there and holds just like to look at that. Some unless it's. Round or yeah. What do you do with a person like that you catch that person. Sociopath evenly through a cycle that. Ourselves and Jeff Sessions. I want Jeff Sessions to find the person who put this argument great. And the Internet to get in Smyrna. Yeah desert redoubt. The man. Comes. Small points. All the stories also from New Jersey. Three lunar New Jersey. It's national news. Sometimes it all comes out of Florida sometimes they're New Jersey. Lot of people and different. They only took a video of their food. Restaurant. And you know looks like a pile of rice and and I don't know what the hell is supposed to be it looks like eggs and rice knowledge and to me it doesn't serve brunch I would guest. Want. So now they're originally put eggs and rice and Colin and I can exert M looks weird I don't know I don't need that kind of stuff but I'm sure there's some history restaurants and it says this is the so good test standard or something. It's. It's closely that's right it's not those are exactly to do this and you you don't think this is it okay here. Well anyway that's not the important part six Gallup. Anyway be important part is something is moving DC that. Now she's not moving there. Now he doubts and I. They don't. I like it there complain about the restaurants and not only do we sit there and almost our entire dinner without drugs. But now our donors don't like it's a parasitic want to an incident room. How many how many do you think you've eaten. One solution on accident non call you a bit into an apple and out of a worm hole there now. You never does seem like. An aunt in your food or something. You gotta think at some point you were eaten fast it's and I hope so I don't see it you know they want. And all that rice just put a big pilot racing amounts. I think it easily. Make it's when your stomach. I could easily ruin your stomachs. The restaurant issued a response. On Jewish irresponsible and I'm just so yeah. I'm pretending I didn't hear of fine. Stella marina which means Starr has seen it time and an award winning rustic generals last insufficient and annoying yet class at a Thai restaurant. Leonard he's so yeah as is moving it doesn't look this isn't you and still marina which we start to see an Italian is an award winning rustic yet classic Italian restaurant located on the boardwalk in Asbury Park Rangers. He tasted so marina comes from quality ingredients sourced from our gourmet purveyors and highly trained kitchen staff. We proudly offer fresh never frozen seafood on our menu is delivered daily. Tell me is dedicated to ensuring that our guests enjoy the thing was our experience is one was supposed to return the passing years we proudly served thousands of customers without incident it was a salad doesn't suit until this last weekend and I'll update on him and for that we apologize and come out of an abundance of caution. COD has since been removed. From arming Jaco CD psychology going to split time. Like Jeanne. It's. Safety now it's all it takes I'm saying I'm drama all my public content but I knew. Safety and happiness of our guests are highest priority. For actively working for guarantee your kitchen maintains. Rigorous standards and a four. Sometimes you warming your food. I don't know what will you do about not. Look he's found. Sting I read an academy and sick. So I cannot log into the god damn tax line. And it's those where do you lock my whole unit of influence. Number one Weezer covered. Totem yeah. Now totals coming reason people like that name Toto said we're gonna have a reason yeah. I think they're gonna put out like the actual. Recording studio version right decision on tornado did you listen to the live version. The total covering reserve note. It's not that. It's not bad. It begs the question since we play. A todos son although it's performed by Weezer or would we play. Total actually performing a Weezer song because I think I like it to. And that's return. Someone told you this is a bootleg recording of a Weezer show. Got excited when they said they were gonna do this but I. I'm. In Austin district judge yeah. I know you can outgrew your total phase but this. That's pretty good and better than you think it would be exact yet as. To where choice for Weezer song right. I was cool what else are we doing buddy Holly's they do say and so. Island in the sun. It's a hunt. Beverly Hills Beverly Hills. Go for deep cut as yes and how site was good as it sits in some edgy Woodson you would expect that from Toronto. If that's true. I would expect as he took him. Here's the story Brody and much too soon to relate to in the near future. Diane Pittsburgh named Rick Smith. And work in six days a week three minimum wage jobs and retrieve his daughter knew they wanted 200 dollar dress for her eighth grade dance yeah. He can afford it now he took on extra shifts churned. Including extra shifts on his day off I'm usually can buy it for them. In the video and went viral she starts crying I started crying those are kind of outside new but it's again. I think I thought it was touching. You're you're not moved. Good luck on. I want to stress. And extreme. Other than the price knows where. Not really sure what it assuming I can do you can be done and he's beat up almost organized I was no matter what you know where nearly doubles that day. That is just an embarrassment. She came up brought it out that's voter. And our grandmother butter for each restaurant grandma Alice into an art this is going to be no lead your eyes. You don't belong in the soles and Susan zooms very thinks she's a lot of things yeah. Women to. She says we shouldn't daughter. Yes. We also. I'm from boys. Donated 200 dollars drives and one Xbox so the problem with boys whose designs and he's he's an Indian man missing. Got the wrong guy on. I take you fishing sums into some anxiety. Dan let's build a car third Boy Scouts all right we're gonna have to notice in his palace. Called Graham's bill yeah. You know those fine when it's yeah. I forgot. I'm gonna forget never got to play it chumps in the united ruling Hershey's let us reason why my car a new biographers. Trump wants everyone to have an idea vote right. Voter IDs and he's supporting these voter ID laws that's singing and he shot seven ideas and he's given speeches usually don't look you have to have an idea buy groceries. And people like maybe this guy's never bars congress. I've you go out and you wanna buy groceries and a pink shirt bought a card you need. You go out and you wanna buy any thing you need ID and you need to bet here. In this country. The only time you don't need. Seated in many cases is one you want to vote for a president when you want to vote for a senator when you want to vote for governor congress. It's. Braves you can see they're doing them because he doesn't know he's talking about. Maybe if you write a check made me watch as momma I'm very easygoing and check current credit car we don't. Diana I use my card that version store my credit card. Almost every time it is not someone you know for the children and no one asks you know ninety I think technically is close to check the bag I don't know I don't know what church. But he's still there and now you. And as opposed to him on the gym and don't even touching you put yourself does understand is done some things have been somebody prominent news release sign in. And you'll just dollars and an unarmed car and company called you know things like fifty dollars or something otherwise agreement signed anymore. That's all I'm gonna tell you this little thing called cash already tell you. My alienation. I'm looking at severe. Remember you send me any. A link. June pay. A video game. And I wanted to buy. Dona. We're still going. I'm tired at the link that I sent for that posting go ahead. The video and what is video game. You send me a link to a video game I'd be crazy here there was a deal yes I do remember there was a full length street fighter game writes op and a full size street argue surveilling the what I know I'm going I talked to learn on Friday I don't know if you remember avoidance. We figured out what size that is just full size it's AS slightly smaller but still betting young. So. I told Jim. I was alive and predictions. So. I put all my information and and I told you define me. Right yes jaws like god let's us doesn't exist bait and switch or something I know. You know I mean dad but I know that I have that amount of money on my credit card right like I know I'm yeah. May decline. So any other day. I don't know. Doesn't matter over the weekend I want to use my credit card again to get cigarettes right program and a declining. Charles likes on the bench. I'm over my limit I don't know what happened right aka. So I called chase I know you're gonna love this. I thought you have and I called chase and say hey my credit card is being declined and they say don't give me the number of all of a block I say I know I am. Millennium women around him. And I know I make the payments monthly wise it declined and they were like com. Buy something at Wal-Mart. And I said yes and they said oh they just showed up as a red flag just as you've never bought anything at Wal-Mart and un. I know I was trying to gaga video game online like no it's fine it's better written down that. I think you're trying to isolate from Wal-Mart red flag chase and so we just thought maybe somebody else hedge dresses for our. Really they called these same reason my clothes or Dillard's. We only ever do you buy clothes or Wal-Mart so we just turned I don't know the reasons why there are trying to buy name brand clothing. That's pretty funny so did you go back and try and I now know. But I thought you and I was a man I've never shot to Wal-Mart. And look now at the current us. Not very often seen. Oh I've got a Wal-Mart credit card. Got Fiat. It's the alerts about news items. Okay and suddenly. England's four. The video game. Good luck. It works out. Mean I really yeah. Anything. Big buying season I hope everything works out joined now by. Judicial I don't. Not. And you know how to William. I. But right now. There's no. Want to officials there. I don't imagine first. You need to go to the bathroom for citadel we were huddling. Right now. And I know that men are you okay. Wink once for yes twice for no. Three times on certain attrition and present twice so I'll start over me just are you okay. And wink once for yes ways from. Okay you ready. To. Now what's the point is why would you say that a playwright Charles. And that's an endurance thing. Fine. I attacks on tax on tax on relaxed yes I know what happened and it. Yes. I'm aware of it. And whether you believe this or not. Doesn't matter but I'll tell you I'd do not negotiate contracts. I'm not an attorney Entercom is a giant corporation. With the attorneys. That negotiate. Contracts. I don't do that. I mean personally. Want nothing more. Then success. Fourth century. She news. The mother of my children. A wonderful mom. And so. Our family looks different than some. It's still our family. And this church. Our family. I think she's incredibly talented. And I think. And all honestly. I expect her to turn up somewhere in kick all of our asses from our house. It's just weird because. I started here. In 2002. I was wanting. And I remember. You know. Mean her meeting you mean Dini boy Weezer on same time. And everyone told me. People who work cheer people who worked in the business people who worked record companies everyone told me old radio you know. You're gonna work a lot of places with a lot of different people on fire wrench right. Don't die you know I think don't buy rent I mean I work with people currently who. Or was a guy who just bought his first task engines twenty some years but he was. So now we don't do that you. And then it's like we started to defy the odds and and they stayed. These you know at one point said they were gonna hear the station and I don't know I had this golden opportunity now this is happening and station got saved and then. It just felt like as as time went on we we said before we wake up every day and think could this be part of our lives and but I think I didn't start to get to a point where I've done no word different. We've defied the odds and we're going to be one of this not the only group people. They're just gonna get to spend most of our careers together. And the fact is. When you choose this profession. You know and what comes along and and it is a ton of fun. There are a ton of cool perch. But it is also dictated to. And he did a great card in you and you constantly reminded that all you we're way past. Your life expectancy. At this place. No. Of course. But it's it doesn't change the fact that it stings it almost feels kind of like I was in this great big to do greatest summer camp experience sure that you could ever hope for. And lucky have to call it a job to call work. And now feels like it's. It's just not it's not the same as who doesn't like something. I did mornings with a censure for awhile we worked together in Seattle she helped me. Sheikh. I think was you know for a long time she was the one who is giving me that that courage and confidence telling me. You're really good at desks this is what you should be doing she told me how to deal with. You know. Certain situations because what I I didn't know things and I'd never dealt with before. I mean I can't count how many times she'd she'd she would say don't lot this happened don't like distillate. And looked out for me. You know and I and he had Bible I'd I wouldn't you guys for a show like you you know. It's it's so it just feels like. I think I'm not a religious person but because. This is that a place where we want toll from the beginning. Each day could be your last temper IT trained to it if there is anyone listening hey I'm not taking this for granted please. Let me. We're gonna keep doing this. But what I didn't think about it is. When a piece of that family's Sassoon you know run with few sharp. So this is new for me you worked it radio stations to form worked with you know I have no never never quit a job. I've been let go from home. And that's just. Part of this business and obviously this year is that true. Stressful but before it even started we knew all so here you're counting down you know what's coming okay how many years left right. And need and that's not guaranteed but even then. You certainly start to worry more when you see that they are now on our start coming up and comer become an up and and someone's eyes and I don't say here's a girl your age those. And I don't know what I'm doing. My. And I am I mean I'm not one of the you know me I'm not the kind of person to say. You know what. Let me have my lawyer Tikka. We'll run site I'd like I don't know why just peak I think there's because there's that voice in my head constantly saying. Don't screw this up right. You still there the key card still works you know this is what you ask for. That I just kind of that that's that's been my minimum. A mineral that's been all I've asked for is that front every day when he come and it says beyond this point employees only have walked by that sign and I go man. Student in my lucky. That I can sort by Sam what happens how much gonna feel that day that I come in here. And I'm not physical Passat point. It's gonna happen it's gonna happen. Speaking to a. Have you. Have you signed a contract on them and I asked. Earlier. I feel like maybe I wasn't clear enough but I. Snow when you knew what I was getting at earlier off the air. Well we've. We're discussing. This song. Should did you sign a contract. Did you sign a contract. Maria now. I would Simon and anything's changed forever. Of those take prescription. Well. These series with me OK. I wanna know. What's happening because the last amassed huge you know I don't like talking about it last Massey was. Friday I guess and I feel like we both were on the same page. We US after today intercom lawyer I wanna know can you talk to another come more than I want to. And we talked a minute commentary. Yes. Have you. Yes. Hey what do they say hey did you make me go first. They're the look on his face and I said yes I felt like. I was just actual content I'm reticent well shot as I am. So. So. Remember last time. Four years ago and who. Win it was time to you contracts yes and I said maybe I won't ask for new contract. But just. Ask for an addendum. Yeah that Kennedy carries on the same one you I've said many times maybe I should have set it on the air. That. I've always said if I got to a point where they were willing to pay me to do this. If they offered that to me I would science in this is girl to a for the rest of my life run as long as you. Continue to employ me. I'll do that. Right and if I can continue to do this and you'll continue to pay me the mom never negotiate again yeah I used to say not all the time I remember. I'm not totally. Being facetious. Myself that I guess because the last time. I said OK well what if they just add more years to it yeah. And did you do that again national and they told me last time out you know basically okay well. It's almost like that certain of almost like I was did you know try to make this easy for whom are efficient at doing this because normally you go any necessary when you know here's terms wherever rumbled. We do this for you get this exchange whatever. And I have no idea what I'm doing of course. I don't think anybody does have talked to everybody in this filling who's had to do it at some point means no one on what the hell's going on everyone's asking embryos for vice nobody knows I'm I don't know wagers from the. We're gonna agents and they got their own lawyers right I've never done and I did that my brother told me I should did you know he says I'm media not to I did not do that though. I not do that is. I don't know I'd. Did you sign a contract. All right. Did you sign a contract is I went first last time I went first last time. I don't know where you're apt. I don't know. If you talked to him I wanna know where your rap. I talked sooner common Turkish. Okay. All right. I'm a count of three. Do either say yes you sign a contract or no you didn't sign a contract. And that doesn't mean Lin is still here today so I'm still here so to answer though doesn't mean. Are never coming back part. There's no way to play this out was some honest I didn't have to hurt us why would you sign contracts oh okay. Course that I. You know you arrested. On the counter and you before and maybe just give me a little signal gimme a signal like. I know what that women and then made account afraid. I I think so goes as a count of 38 closure up put your hands or your party gone as ready now you say in general just say listen. No long explanations. No I'm going to you know I've talked about it either yes you have. Or no you haven't yes mine I've signed a contract no I haven't none of this well there is an addendum for years none of that not let any sense and so you either say yes or no. Okay ready from Washington. To. Theory yes. Okay I did on my job I thought for sure you're gonna say there wasn't done yet. Why did you make such a big deal about her iron you're going to be done yet. Mind Jack because said something earlier when I was asking some sort of things aren't fundamentally sound whatever inside the opposite of assigned when I asked you earlier in the dead dubbed black body language told me I was worried about a year. Lou I guess and I was tiptoeing all this is almost up in the bathroom where. They put in front of me it's the same one there's nothing else new to learn it that's the same thing as says this last contract is the same as new that's right there's and that's like a one page thing and just signed my problem like this when they got you got two paragraphs and it wasn't you know. I thought I honestly thought when he handed me the envelope because it wasn't in one of those big things. I really thought like maybe this is. And as long as it was a coupons. For but here's your composure and cern. But it was like a thing like this that just experiments on the same thing and and then they said okay. Which I'm guessing they did this and think fear they said it because this is a little different than however none of us are okay now we have to wait for them to sign. And so then I was just like okay right. Are they don't let. But they gave it to me I have it. Did you have got. You have that the thing that that they sign that I'm done are you done yes. Now though. I believe. In May be acted by. I get to you not knowing you're one of. There's a lot of the on going on I don't know what's going on here but. I mean I don't give a cent a program regimens I've picked music and and I know now arteries can complain about that fight there's a lot of things that I do when trying to put on counters and those Wednesdays I don't. I can't sign a contract. With somebody else I only saw my name to the bottom and that's it. You know I was like. Literally physically ill earlier. Mean snow cone can attest he almost threw up here we. As it moves like noxious. And last night he's been freaking you are responding. He was at times to. Why I wanted to know they took him into but I didn't wanna Texas say they called. Right I don't Friday you were kind of like have you so what's right to play but that point. There wasn't there was nothing done and done now. So I I kept expecting if I said something that he would at least say they called they'll probably call you something. But I didn't wanna say like hey we got a call that's got to be good sign right. I'm telling a giant Saudi expecting a call from the oval before I do contract. Your kid who has low. I Nevada moment let's intuitive dinosaur. Got got a couple things I want to talk to well tell me please so first I almost thanks to you about this but I. You know. One of those things other stuff going on picture on the Wall Street Journal so you may receive us now though Wall Street Journal and oracle bowers and fish wrap. True I mean it's probably think things fake news nice chemistry course but. I saw fort night. And I'm and I know you play for and I do there's a lot all of Johnny laws those all and just love it and you guys got the headsets and a mall and you talked to each other you know. So here it. And I solace are closet you know this might be something Olazabal could be into and people it's how much how crazy it is I don't think it's so crazy maybe is you tell me. So. People are now hiring tutors. Coaches. Running for their kids. Too ridiculous. And portal I of course is is the big one but this. Wall Street Journal strait talks about how he kicks. And her ten year old son she was worried because he was plain 49 all the time as you said it wasn't the violence and stuff from Hoosier state. He wasn't winning we needed to possess it and I thought well. That was my fellow might quit playing it when everyone a lot of my friends used to play the same like call of duty games this or this or planned this for a night game how long it's been a year whatever. Smile why why are we switching to this when I try to I was so frustrated with that I just said. I'm done this thing a B a fad it'll last two weeks and I'm all come crawled back to college duty or something in that didn't happen at all. So. I still don't play because now I feel like right I was definitely wrong about being a fad. But I've also sat on the sidelines for far too long so I went back and they're now. I can't start asking people like so houses worked as a person to start doing it starts in season seven or something instantly so it was like there. I know I tried once and it was warlike can only imagine how much worse would be now that everybody is. I'd get anxious when someone. Wet eased after go to the storm by the unit midnight and I got into some people got humbled forming just had ten extra minutes now they've got ten extra months. Anyway this kid was losing all the time. Which I don't have kids but I could imagine that he Sarah undermine my kid place. I don't I don't think it's necessarily an overly violent gamers and I'm not worried about any of that. More about the fact he's losing all the time right so she hired a coach. For about fifty bucks she purchased four hours of online lessons for a player that she found through this labor web site. It's like out ya like a freelance listens as her thing. As they snake on this information on the Ford has become a social proving ground more than a 125 million people play worldwide are gone according to its maker. I'm mostly in free mode which everyone I know I think pretty much plays and Freeman and yeah and it's. You've talked about the fact that like you were on a team onetime. With a bunch of strangers and they did really well they want him when you win you get certain artifacts. Yeah and I I know that winners umbrella man and that you were bragging to your kids and I knew it was governor umbrella you can play undermined baggage. You know we lions got the umbrella. And they were I assume little other guys who played really carried me right what your kids your kids are probably oh. Lopez that your bragging about that they got yours because apparently this become like a huge bragging rights thing it's cool and on the playground or whatever. People talk about fort night how good are you at fort night. You know. My dad is willing to pay for less on fort night monsoon has never in my it's such a weird things the right com. You know I don't know what it was America's biggest source toys everybody wanted or maybe you wanted to disk men and right now of some people got him early because that might. This is something that. A lot of people are. Plane base claim 125 million awful lot of kids are plain and if your kid a north on this but if you're watching your kid. In his or her ass kicked every night. Do you eventually you know I can't I can't Telus because she's losing. But I could hire a tutor. I don't see anything wrong with that so they paid like an hour I don't salary is or my voice and never won a solo game really. No I mean you know coupled top fives here and there. Bouncing I know I am and I don't think either one of them and wanna strain out. This back in the ninety's they came out with like I guess late eighties whatever was they came out with they died you know strategy guides you go to Wal-Mart the bookstore it was wrapped in plastic. So that you couldn't go in just look at something that you needed an end run not pay for to you by that he'd come home and it it felt almost like you're cheating because you've had a strategy get. Now you can go on YouTube and there's people who. I do all right I gotta play might rafter whatever it is. Same thing for a lot of these games why not have the next iteration B. I'll come ship you have a Little League coach not want you we wanted to play soccer again you wanted to be active and exercise I'm not saying that that doesn't still have its merits but. If they're doing that stuff and you're fine with them playing video games. Whatsoever coach. And now we don't scholarships Warren. Right and they're at least four scholarships was an Ashland Collie Australian way of four nights out they wanna be like that no one yeah out they wanted to make the number one. Yeah and and whether or not it'll ever be as big as they say. Who knows but I have every reason to believe it could be. When when we live in Seattle that was you know over ten years ago we went to the international. And they're a series and so these people can win a lot of money in the bigger kids and are any countries like Korea's a pitch huge run I mean this is no less of twitches all you need to know right. So you know. Maybe you think. My kids. Playing soccer or football or basketball or any Iran's USA also citizens you know real lot of money who knows what shall be Barack. But either one could potentially get him into college I did something you sex crazy that there would be tutors for joining me now. It's just know there's probably the next evolution of things she doesn't seem so. Out of reach so I'm an MP a neutral saying we're just watch videos. Right I guess and I did now but OK well June just watching very did you just tell your kid before it goes for it goes who plays baseball look. Watch just pauses until this guy hitting a ball you don't really do that so they still teaches them on on the bus that I would pay out. Two things are propped. I'm allowed pay for I feel like they're pretty go on and two if I did pay for for the under your losses or be so much merriment as we got along well. That the videos and stuff help immensely but there's nothing better at least for me than someone who's a lot better than me. Watching me play and saying I'm here you know you should do legislation that he should do this because an AC specifically what you're doing wrong about a life consuming. But you don't how to build gotta go my round until I am running to a building it's already built and life is so dumb and I'm item whatever and an I dot. Much like I'm building anything might ADD ISO Gary building anytime they say thank you if you if you know finish these tasks they you can only tells us to without it. Look to matters like no you can't you're gonna have to finish those things. And so I think it makes sense is just a step beyond. The video tutorials which are stepping on the books which were stepped beyond friends Sharon Texas school ever run in like you said. It is scholarship for us now solved. If you want if you get to the point we think maybe I mean last time I was watching the voice of the games but they're really good it could just be that. I'm now. The middle aged man today I'm shocked at how quickly they you know grasp these new games some of these games that are new to them. Both seem like they're really good so may be an even plane since there are kids earned runs on May be this could be something that you know. One day but no slow. But I'll say one thing to competitive out there if you wanted to compete. Milestone. If so do they lose it stuff that's Ellison and I'm not unpopular and I know everybody should get a trophy and I'm OK with everyone getting a trophy. I'm final of that I'm not back nine but if you go out I think. There is something to. Being a participant. I do think there is something to. Going out and playing football in your neighborhood and in your city there are not everyone gets a trophy because not everyone plays. Right there are thousands and thousands and thousands of kids who are not getting out there and trying to play baseball are trying to place footballer soccer. So I'm okay. With them being rewarded in some way obviously I don't think let out there and are being a first second and third place Charles CNN right here and then you know everybody else who assists you know. But I'm fine to me that makes sense like you are rewarded for getting out there and give it a shot this animation you can find a way. We all kind of get that life. Might be your. Participation. Trophy is a paycheck yeah right. Right site as you actually can went out there today and David shot but might not be the first night I may not the first place paycheck and it's just but. You get your participation trophy for going out and given a shot working right. The whole thing anyway I mean he didn't they give us participation trophies for a lot of things even back in the I think my brother's got participation trophies for stuffed in the seventies and eighties I just found trophies in the attic that's our participation we act imposes. But I also violent losing and trying again bruising and trying again because I think that. That is what life is and how do we really are now I'm not but yeah I think more are great skill. To acquire. Is one that is oh my god I lost. Let me try that again. So you're saying this for that example you wanted to hire a tutor because you're okay with your boys losing that's not so important to me that they get great editor win even apple is every night over and over that then can we do lose every night the Alka might I don't win the game. I hope you have the service offered to you wanna do need to how and really I'm just saying if you got to the point where you thought your kid was an allergy and all of riot we got to the point where they were winning like. I came here for ten out of fifteen games and around I'm like okay. You might someone's got a special skill maybe we should pursue that just like and I saw them draw something Greg I right now we're just okay added later. Don't participation trophy at the end sometimes they're play you know they do things fifty ancestry. Sometimes we get to me on the team that wins on. The next sail on to tell you I don't know if you've read us but you know why I grew up in the episcopal church. We've talked about this over the years and I hope you've seen what the physical church is up to now been in the news the last couple months but it looks like it's all done now. Remember the episcopal church. Where and when I started hearing you told me. No we weren't at our church I'd drop in that church so I didn't even realize I was ignorant to the idea that that was like acting like he's conservative churches are gonna wanna call it. We had female priests and we had goodies and we have gay bishops and all these things you know they paid fancy themselves on being pretty progressive. So the thing that we had going up is this prayer book it's like them. Like the second most important thing in the church of the Bible and then we have the prayer book and it it was first published in 1549. I guess. And it's what's on our most important things the DNA eraser yeah. It's not have some Catholic Church again but our priests are allowed to marry them so that hasn't been an issue. This is a local press yes so when you go any you have mass a lot of it you're reading from this the book upper I want out of their most important is it sits right next India Bible. Problem may be the Christian flag all know you know what this or the American flag was more important in the Christian who fly outs to go first though he didn't have enough acolytes. Where most important thing in new prescription in church is. Or maybe just songbook as in the song book house the hymn book one and the prevalence of the prayer book. Is like this up you know the symbol of that it they say it's a symbol of unity for the Anglican can communion. Which and look and it just like the Church of England so if you know break away from oh Kenyan Rita. So everyone uses this book. And apparently an overall the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion. Founded in 1860 seven's third biggest in our community I guess so yeah. So they don't this and don't have like a clear timeline for changes of religious leaders and stuff like that. This. Is it very clear change that's gonna happen this book because in the book we talk about god you say she you say king you say father. I think that's all of them he Kindle spotter was as always capitalize god yeah. So they have now decided that they're going to replace. The masculine terms of gender neutral yes. So. Just like to say once again. My old church there. Waves sort okay that's ridiculous pristine progressive they're saying that. They they had all these discussions and he's older articles measuring about god a lot of people who work for that your saying god. You know should be above gender and I'm arouse a kid is asking some schools got a man has got a woman and I remember them saying it will gods have above gender as a light we say he. Why we've called father well you know because he's the father of the university of like okay then why can't be the mother of the universe was never really answer so now they're saying we're gonna. Graham mother nature right is that general or trauma. Ion Nagasaki does mother mother. Nature so very nature's I guess maternal thing. Arrow is trying to think of things that aren't dumb like that that might change. Father time who father time demo would have been just been. Person time present time. So they decided noticed in the say god lord. Just know prone rounds at all yet. So it will be. If this all goes through to sound like now it's kind of done deal father John district it and will be out all those. Gender neutral prone ounce. And wish luck. You can be one of these people who says there's only true genders and you liberals are now arguing against science and you there's those are saying is gender fluid about luck. But if any thing any want anything should be beyond gender would be god. If you believe in god wouldn't god be god really need reproductive organs. Does god really need to be biologically. Male or female. It's. God can be above all that well why wouldn't he Legos or violent. Or shape or it. Above a whole gender well because we're not we're not god. Made it. Then audits like its likeness that's right the Gaza after reproduce and stuff. I don't know why don't reporters never wanted to just put people on our don't start asking too many questions as a good way to keep it kicked out of Sunday school. But I just I mean we're doing Olsen allowed lottery at all times. And wide wide port reproduction on us see your point of if anything's going to be. About that it would be god right right and there's so many questions you ask how can there be a father son and holy sphere was a holy trinity Howard it's three different things which is which older all want it and use that it. Guys this thing and it is is a piece of these things. There's all of offer imam and it is Jesus. Yes hugs and our neutral now. That's the question now I guess Jesus is not gender and balance because Jesus was god is a part of the holy spirit. And Jesus that is at least a little bit and did he was a little bit of god he was yes there's a little bit dude my analytic got yells as god is just god. He was in the holy spirit and Jesus. All great things together the op then he's a little girls and a little loop we'll do a little goes a little bit blotter and gotten. Lot of god what a little yeah wielded but he can't be. Gender neutral not Jesus I don't think so Jesus and Jesus is part of god then god has to be part man but he's big and noisy market. He's bigger than G pledges look at our little parliament so maybe he maybe doesn't say well embarrassing. Hey we can change the rules the Catholics got rid of purgatory few years ago and they were like I'm round up the phone. I think there I'm holier than any other but it doesn't make any sense. If Jesus. Is part of god named John is at least partially mail well and we have Nichols. What does that have to do they were partially female we share a lot of the same stuff. OK so maybe god has yes part of our man and but just like Dick nobody's above being at one specific gender I mean it's about being one specific gender. According to them according to this now it's gonna be gender neutral. Just go with them and. Well I don't believe that it exists anyway I don't know if it isn't Biden for I don't mind. It is okay when you tell me about this I should feel like I've driven us questions you're asking questions tonight and giving it fairly decent answers. So. Don. Moon is neither man nor woman right of above gender what does that mean. God is not a specific gender. That's not human. As an animal god is above gender. That's a big deal religions don't change stuff very often right. Mean it happens it does have a camera church with a with. Purgatory right right and what happens is the big deal yeah this is a pretty big deal thousands of years old. Hundreds in this case now what this book this book right. That that I thought it was a. Somebody making interest sedan while I'm very very gracious set up an organ problem with Ortiz are moving beyond us. These. Masculine pronoun sir. That's ever gonna our religion. In our in our book of prayer but Jesus will still be. And he is Jesus was that he knew Jesus is saying god. Jesus was. Yup part of got a dinar and never missed the whole idea is my guy Jesus or god decided to take the form of Manhattan. Right of human OK and so does he manifests itself match yet manifested itself as Jesus this man. A song right it was a Sunday it was also Oca got so personally. Turn you think gosh. Someone on the Tex I'm probably correct and I think I got the basic idea so I went to some school full time church in the whole deal. I don't think it's that big a vote. Hurdle. To say that. Got it is about genders are easing the universe. Does not have a gender or than the planet. Form or or nature as a whole hole yet finalized the universe is bright fight. If you're going to change that. Moved because of new information I'm guessing. Yeah I guess they're just change the water on the rise a lineup like him in coming years or more to change weld. That's like let's not close or sometimes a change up but even when I was a kid I remember them telling me that god was above gender I don't know if every church said that or not. But they told us we are kids that god was above gender and as a what do we say here in the biggest has said that's what you call people. That's like this formal way of addressing someone is you know it's not masculine pronoun or whatever most of whom say he and Aaron we say you know. Like mankind and stuff like that right there. I. Anyway that's what they're doing. The same humankind don't. Share. But there's and it's it's like nature you know we say mother nature and other uses its nature or god is like. More. Concept than than being grades you don't put up. Prone allies and John is a fear is measured. Now there's an Irish journalists are my language yet and I signed out as a concept and I'm okay I'm saying I think you take guys I know what god is not a man or a woman. Guys got as above gender rights it's like it's god is bigger than than mankind they didn't cash. So god created all the animals and all the people and all the trees and plants. That is none of those things sounds like a tree. That is none of those things does like I've got one of a kind of gender neutral on thank. Mound. Their young. Annan yet not exactly show that'll works some of them. All right but but but enough with the gods are all truth some trees are doing their throat and that because this is what I really wanted to get you. What was it challenges today how large challenge right which the big challenges the key key challenge for Kiki. Given her about this now you've had OC KO IO KIQ yeah yeah okay now. You've definitely seen videos of this you know what people were doing it's on credit every day were the people get outside their cars are dancing all the cars moving OK and they jump back in the car gala at the ghost writer Mike Tyson showed more recently yes because it started wit so Drake song in my feelings of everything in their dancing to the. I was sure he found confirmation and in. Trees are both move mail trees and female trees and individual trees from being. If I. Lose. Both male and female flowers to her son in the same tree. Not I'll cherish and some Trace. We got us marriage so victory. So the challenge acquires a YouTube dance along the moving car and then jump back in the car course the cars moving a there's a ton of them well Australian leg yes but now they know they do this stance because this guy on answer Grammer as a top followers did it first yeah okay today's chart a -- he was dancing in my feelings that started this Kiki challenge now people are doing it and if you look up. You can watch videos view getting hurt I still remember the song crashed her car and I guess there is still striding to easy to guy get hit by the car. He got out of his cars are dancing and a car just runs don't know I'll just. Just as I'd like Honda Civic just telling us this smacks into Deanna Carr had to pull the full opportunity Harry yeah. Coca eighteen year old. Woman. What was in the news today because she. Was doing the key he challenged when she got out of car she slept. Hitter had much of the car rolled over what was she was completely unconscious you also remembers getting out of the cars and try to do it. If you're in a hospital in her dad. Is talent people on the news like your parents and children need to hear about this you need to know this is safe and again it goes back to. The hot water challenge thing. Yes here we talk about what a challenger people are boiling water that's warrior I'm friends trying to drink boiling water. If you are that kid who was hurt by not large numbers fifteen we all agree that he's old enough that he should no hot water column is turns out water burns but. If you're old enough to have a car. If you're eighteen so these people are clearly in their twenties. Why aren't easy enough videos of people trying to get out of her car getting smacked by the Carter we run over by another call on. Jeanne does those stores accomplish. And joy Taylor crawfish. No. Nor clone Fisher's Nemo Nemo as a vehicle for yeah. Cash. And airmen for tonight's Carl Fisher all born male. Rarely yeah. The most dominant males yeah Ohio mom who. The most dominant males turn and a female's. No given there Roland breeding female clown fish playing incredibly important part in the species survival. The female clown fish. Is the largest fish in the school she surrounds herself when they gang of males for the purpose of breeding. If she dies. The dominant male the second in command. Changes section two of the amount. We'll get there and watch. Watch. It's pretty awesome Axel that's different is now so watch Nemo again isn't it I know that one point numerals that's going to be coming mom. Don't mail seahorse has given birth on there unless it is right now. Man. Yeah I'm with you brother Kiki if you can drive the car confidential you know the rescue running and jumping out of the laws you're not gonna start up by grabbing that that that. B pillar of the door handle or something that if you get run over by it it's gonna hurt you tell you the video goes on. So some guy is in trouble now because he started a new challenge. With the challenge writes he he's a huge tumor I guess he has quite a few followers. My thanks to 120 thousands and a lot seems like a lot of them. And this is trending on Twitter I don't because of the pictures of the us. He decided to. Sue would happen if you take a bath and bleach well. Why is that he looks like an adult and you ran a blogger is facing huge backlash after he shared a video showing him bathing him what he claims the tub full bleed Charlotte has them. You tumor. Karmi. Has been labeled irresponsible by many of his followers after posting a video social media. The two minute 22 clip shows him behind the bleach before heading back to the house and putting in a tub. He adds water. Fills this thing full bleach. And name crop climbs into the tumbling bit by bit. And many dunks his face into the bleachers are. Now some people are saying that video was fake but either way they're still saying you shouldn't show up in the pictures his skin is like big. Burned out but yeah Bosnia is also the army is skin is burned up when he his chest is read in the skin is washing up that's natural selection. We were kids like some people didn't want serve. Some parents are under his watch in TV. So adapt and we are now just watch YouTube registered they do but doesn't think kids love Hosea yeah absolutely. And I feel like as a parent you're June actually you probably think yeah all right go watch your gaming videos or funny videos on YouTube but you're not allowed Watson makes up there. Navy should be more worried about what. The Russian attitude in a trying to I don't know I just knowing I also hope that I taught them well enough to know not just interface and bleach the right I hope and high volume all pluses but you know what man. I mean. If you take YouTube as TV write music are whatever. I certainly have some of my opinions or ideas or who life's choices based on. Music or television and I liked. I made sense to me and those amounts to my face some bleach whereas certainly could change my perception world. He and YouTube is no different and all those slick forms of entertainment that we're gonna answer. Is it on YouTube to kind of catch this stuff before becomes viral. I have no idea how he and yet they do they have sensors and stuff but for John got as a clown fish. When you on his way doesn't trick on search Nemo not name I was it was dad's name. Albert Brooks Moammar Marvin. And recruit some. Marlon Marlon. Marlon. When no Matthew weird. Mean dies Gupta in just accomplished. Could be. I got was about gender maybe got as close BC's Carl Fisher about gender right. By the way is done isn't a clown fish not all that impressive Don. Why not cost efficient doing it pretty spectacular looking thing. Accomplish may be published has gotten. This and we don't know that's on sank but there's not any cycle look are all okay airline don't look at me. I'm above gender. And you're like if anything should be above gender. It would be god almighty. And I'm like yes side and the clown fish in pitch at a at a little less impressive now harm. Something you could giving me issued a paper with a thousand different ways this conversation could have ended up and was that clown fish bitch clown fish bitch that one event that died last than. And if you gave me ten years to figure out how we got from their you clown fish bitch. From god for eternity eternity and by the way the summit it made sense to me god itself. Good not a predictive come fish now that this time position wouldn't accomplish these federal fort my tutors right now what follows are my interest at. We got the god as a tree. Kinky challenge. Crowned this bleaching bleaching by the way to guy was driving and hustlers is from general hospital after the bleach bath and he tweeted. And said while I'm just a triggering people and twenty eighteens way too easy and it be. We'll share David sweet and. And suddenly I'm that old man who as you know when I was a kid. Tom Green had to get a show on MTV. It injured go on YouTube. And he did funny things are going to convenience stores with the talent playing with outsiders and Alice common owls go to the wage. There's salary and he just I don't millennial is that O'Neal's room to quote I don't always believe seasonal ideally look things and just one great thanks man. We need that so don't do the hot water challenged on two key key challenge and don't take it definitely should. Don't do that. And I sort of child was incredibly successful because there was no different kind of challenge that was like yeah. But the but the Mozilla aero thing yeah definitely going to be uncomfortable ride but did cinnamon Johnson's event as a team you do wish that no one can do little dangerous. But we've we've taken too far. So just stop. And I know you say if you think your kids are Smart enough to know that. Taking a bath and bleach will be bad I'm not argue with that but when you see this many people doing the key key challenge in Paris and on TV saying I miss those girl's dad this is like our respective. But they do they need to hear from you all you had its army is the idea is that you jump out of a moving car while it's moving and dancing on set I tried jump back in the movie Carter no baton. Could really in horribly right. Not to mention seen all the videos every day online if you will he run over by other cars their own car while bringing trees and she the guy didn't need his body was in the car and he hit the brakes and guided trip that storm yeah window. House before. As I was sort of work. Seemed okay and I guess the guy got hit by the Honda Civic he says he's okay now. Says he planned on that car driving towards mused in trying to jump on a but he slipped. I think we need to have a reliable drug talk at this point but when we challenges we did. I think he has all of our other challenges you can do there are things you can do for fun right if you're looking for something that's. Outside of video games your phone tablet wherever right there are things like puzzles always said with a drugs are things that are tested right tried. Time and time again you can ride your bike. You can go play basketball. In don't know what's you can even go to the mall if you can find one Cotillard Kate but the there's lots of things kids found lots of things to do for a long time. And if you're looking for something to do outside of technology. Try those things right. You have to create. New things on your face and bullied should. Hold on. I was on to something I enjoy it more crown vicious. I think those memorials. They can change section. At well. There's move very often. The gender fluid appeals threw. Him. But gender fluid. So does exist in nature. My. There they're just should rail fan. Now deals we can do that. You can't turn and or woman that I know he's so. Have held it sends to you could shaker and often and pretend to be a woman. Was actually come womanizer and a French. Right. But what does it mean to actually become one because if you just becoming aluminum ones mind you. You could do dot. And I can definitely do it I could definitely do. We figure out I'm this close. 2000 Gobi and chairman try and it would hit it wouldn't take a lot of time. Give me a week. I feel like I can convince. A sex change. And maybe I'd be tall that's all right that the. A black eye and go we can change or sexist. Sex change is possible on these goalies Suzanne external genitalia for males and females do not differ much. Such changes can take from days to weeks most sex changes and go reserve from female to male. Rather than male or female female a male changes are observed that not only him Adobe's. Oh my god. Beat female to male change usually occurs. Because our resident males are group is dead if no males in the group rebirth actual be impossible therefore the dominant female turns into a male. Oh. God's Adobe. That's ago. Or usually sign any cooler and all we know more impressive than a goalie. God trading go week. Hunt Ritalin. I've created everything. The whole universe that god created. So many new and Adobe could change tremendously now it. Did they know create a sense you said that he did they now. Today there's more normal day as the gender neutral program from Iowa can be confusing buffer there are some people who do prefer that. On saying is as I'm digging through here about. Strings are above gender your little. Spiel about god being almighty and the only thing above gender is clearly not trim its seems to me that most sea creatures. Can make to victims and conduct a pal.