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Wednesday, August 8th

0:00 - Headlines
Election results from yesterday's primary
BLM protestors target officer at wedding
Missing girl in Iowa
11-year-old tased
Drug testing pregnant women
36:33 - Slimfast found a list of the reasons why some men are single
57:17 - A horrible story about a cleaning crew finding a fetus in an airplane bathroom

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The righteous man. On all sides. Cheering your homeland. Belliard dark. Will strike to own up. The Ohio good how are you I've never been better excellence. Good to hear. Saris O'Connell then. Tough tonight. She felt Jones. Umbrella on some of the program rent and well there. He was. The democratic primary last night and lost. Positive family taking it. Did you know when you went to bed or was it. He was texting me and I was like you know managed to close like he's like now. No legs I'm alone it is like I'm known abandonment. And it's okay he's going to be. Well as I was still an honest I was like I don't know what. I don't I know what's gonna happen easily the writing is on the Juan I was like well if you're on another non tournament. Wins and loses the. Other good news drop me that went down and crush. Almost 60% voted against in Missouri. I thought I was mile block closer read later. We'll yeah I we talk obviously but I live in this bubble and you don't see the news might come through and though you know who's here but I didn't know what it would be like us this ice levels news. So much news and it's on the money. But you never know. I can't drive anywhere from the service and well yeah in the match. Claire McCaskill on. Chris Rock Jimmy governor well that's that's the big national story right now because. Right now is a hundred and some votes Lester saw Lindsay was out there here's the problem is cold box. I isn't charged elections in charge of recounts and he's really lied and you won't accuse themselves. From a recount. In the governor's race in Kansas law that requires zero. So if they have to his recount which I'm guessing and it's only a hundred and some votes and there's a lot of votes to be our. Talented. To recount right. I guess will be the one in there. Did you see on TV last night. I wanted to say. You think he's at first I want to thank all of you for being here so late and dad enjoying the party in into supporting our campaign. Thank the lord god bird carrying us through this campaign. The man. Thank you for other guidelines when truly done. And Obama controlled Obama. Something something white male I don't Rahman doesn't mind. Guatemalan. I mean. Civil suit that I know what is looks like disaster team went zero G amount. Besides lying and number in and pull over around people and asking for papers besides. Voting things voting hates minorities. Well I'm all warm. And thousands are devoting a trying era balloon over me and just makes sense you know why that's common sense governing people. I think he and then it's a legally snowbound. Or maybe you like tonight. Anyway. That's definitely one of those things and I knew he likes Jesus fake guns amounts and at times earlier this in mind in the marine. Being. I'll attempt to. Yeah I got nothing against the zone to have like an American flag was at rafting yeah yeah I remember the pictures to us and lives my guy right. I. I hate Denny's browsers these girls they're like OK yeah. She restaurant I'm like come. Man months ago. Know whose first name. His first name is ultra sound area he does and Chris and I come on man. I'll never forget I think it was 2004. Chris from McCain spent some girls Alan brown and the buzz out there and get out there. And I say yes concert and nobody showed up on the big truck and back. Analyst Roland and stuff. And Dennis Moore came out and played this plan is doing the job he got on stage was handy senate's numbers I'd like to go overweight here and someone in the strongest. Are you so is nice suicide. Here's how I mean I literally on June nudity mosquitoes and eyes and I hand you don't want likely talk about. I will give them respect for that effort tonight you no longer and nobody else wanted to do that. What that guy in he would come in here and sit down industry like Allen talked to about every issue right now and why you're wrong. There is something we have a lot of liberals. And reflect I've talked about refused to go. Doing away game. And take on somebody back guy. Went to a nicer sign the buzz concert. And stood on the stage and told them why they are all wrong. Guys gotten balls you guys about before installing lessons or bullpen yeah respectable thing to show up in the even try this let's get the chance that's an hour ago well. I'll tell more comfort and well. And I know at that particular Shanahan replied I think about it overall. The guys out there is making his name people know he's definitely respect and it was. Sacramento California nurses and police officers com. Who earned all the shooting back in March to be shot and killed it's just bonds are. Apparently. These officers names I don't think been released. There's still even knows how long ago there's still. You know keeping those names. Credential wherever I guess from the press buttons. On the one of the police officers I guess who was involved in the shooting. Sweating right. Day and no wedding party and it looks like from this video and maybe he and bedrooms and rented you know at a private room at a restaurant or something. And their listen to music to Indian food. Well why lives matter protesters. Got online and I don't think on FaceBook or what they figured out these wedding plans. Somehow. Online and figure out where he was gonna beat you and they win two hiss. And it's a fast spreading as the day of his wedding Sony's. It's. Doing whatever they do. And they want to begin with the cameras and start protesting. Your name or you know. You learn. I mean cleaning. Hello my name means we're not violent we're not gonna hurt anybody but we are gonna make them uncomfortable and they should be uncomfortable because somebody is dead. Well I think it's again it's the perfect scenario because. He's gonna remember this day for the rest of his life. So deal and is on the release of video. I guess originally. Then. Joining this team they blur the faces there's police officers and national. One thing there. This video you and me never to Larry in the NBC a little better as it stands on the cubs are just okay closes the door. What do you think it's too far. You went overseas is dressed and. Nationals storing. The story and he became ace drew national attention sparked protests across the country is still under investigation. There's no word from the DA's office on whether an officer in our officers will be indicted. The day after the march 18 shooting police she need to press releases and the officers shot Clark. So all the suspects facing an advanced forward with his arms extended holding an object in his hands yeah. Police video of the shooting doesn't clearly capture all that happened after her reign in the backyard initially moved towards the officers. Who are peeking out from behind the core of the house and it's not clear he's basing them really knows they're there when they opened fire after shouting Don Don Don. One of the things I've noticed king I've seen people comments on this Wendy's police body camera videos get released yeah. See these really tense and of course if you're watching this video you probably are you know how it is fun. You see he's really tense. And knocks some of them last longer than others. And no mountains in the senate there's abuser where guys running lanes solutions in the back but there's a lot of these resistance to count the shouting. Maybe that person is hired drunk or something right. And they're they're not listening to what the police are telling them and then as soon. Either one officer says some people want officer shoots. It's like dale yeah I think yeah you know it's like dancing commentators say like Issac and I mean series I don't know is that. Part of your training that if one officer starts to fire that you just a but it also opens fire lines and yeah it's like shots a lot of guidance on. What I mean and I had Ryan. So like I'm not just random you add your gun now. Someone's coming to almost a toll one and one of your colleagues gels you know shots fired the gun down. At that point he clearly feels like he's in danger boom all of us why I feel like you're like okay. We trust what the other person then I guess you know or you just so intense right now Ullman as soon as juniors. There's gunshots from shots you're loans. I don't know that I love them going to his wedding day only because every time. These things happen I'm trying to put the shoe on the other story. Brian why wasn't there I don't know what happened so. I'm saying put a show on at a club what it would have. What does there was someone who was charged a murder. But they are out on bail mentally and that that's cameras having some sort of landing. And off duty police officers showed up tremendously and I honestly don't kill somebody the other day. Right like you we would be like won't slow your roll that's not cool Ryan so I just try to militia on the other thought what if all during police officers showed me like. And getting married. What was it like when you killed that person. I don't know that I would love to reverse some. And yeah. Wilson went on supposed to be 2018 should be colorblind. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was surprised in this video looks like. Almost all the police officers are black from white in a video and it's been blurred out and then Doug BLM. People that I can see. You know from the powers that be your white. Now the spokesperson. Was African American woman but. Molly no reason to mention that other than you can't see the video I saw just not know. What do we know we love Vince I know there's quite the LM mine and it's not seen the T shirts I've seen people another large side by side and I get back. You think even as. I guess in your mind you always think that it's. We're a little white police officer shoots an unarmed black teen and Ryan you know there's an uproar. And I don't know I guess nobody knows at least regional public. The move which officers and video were the ones who were involved because they said they're not. They're so not releasing names do yesterday we were talking about this girl who went missing in Iowa Molly tennis. I said why did she get what makes a missing person us. Chase national news. And I mentioned you know that we had a couple girls in the last five years were those big national story so I don't know. Today would she know what I see this story and it's talking about. How Molly tidbits story makes me. Has made huge national news she's missing for people who don't know it's one years old. From Iowa to Brooklyn Iowa. It's been missing horror. 22 days now I guess. She. Is in college boyfriend is not a suspect. He was an hour away. I think she may even jogging and the time she went missing. Talked about I guess David there was a black SUV that some people said in an area that's not only now today I saw the story. Answer that question real life. Certain stories make national news and others don't because there are thousands of missing persons cases are open this year and you and I talked about yesterday a lot of those in witness. A relative being involved the truth out there runaways. Apparently what makes this. National news any usually makes it national news is when someone goes missing. And so we think about that yesterday talking about missing persons are to be well we know you know we song she left with this person or you left for this person we don't know where they are now. Not the does can't make absolutely sure but when someone goes missing and agents seemingly disappeared you have no. You have no. Reason to believe I think this person probably did and we can't find this person either. You don't have that you have big national news this is her boyfriend talking about her and then this guy who's like the head of the missing children. I'm never heard MIC a bad word about her and never heard her say a bad word about anybody and people just loved her yeah. Those are not here. We always have been very small percentage I appreciate what knowledge. Where they just simply disappear and referred no investigative reason or for any purpose so we can determine in the is what makes cases like Molly's the most difficult thing where anyone can. Face. So that makes sense I don't don't have. Someone who says mean she you know she's been talking about. Just leave in the country or she's been talking to this personal social media and we know that they've been fighting nothing getting along now that person's missing due to just disappear. This kind of is that kind of what happened with a baby Lisa we didn't have it was like when they went to bed. Our gas. Mom went to bed and it's been so long now since debuting soon missing mom went to bed right dad comes home and she's donors did not realize till the morning whatever the facts were in that case it was similar. In the sense that they're just saying she's gone she was in the bedroom and then she's gone now and for Beatty police using babysit she didn't. Julie Marrero. In Cincinnati. At a grocery store. On and off duty officer. Sees. A mother and her eleven year old daughter. Shoplifting or he suspects. The eleven year old daughter of shoplifting. The girl has a backpack on. He tells her to stop. The little girl gets scared she doesn't stop. So what does the off duty officer Judy eleven year old girl with a back fire. He chases are. Of course to push. Moms are happy that are eleven year old daughter got a taste. I do want justice. I'll go for. It's about a one not a slap on the one that nobody else is key it. But they could have been worse it could've been done is still won't should Nokia be changed. At all if you want to adopt a quick course. And I haven't let it should be figured out the plea for better. And that's. That's you should be able to physically restrain eleven year old child yeah. Yeah be capable. So this incident prompted an investigation officers now on restricted duty. The other police chief in Cincinnati senator. We are extremely concerned and forces used by one of our officers and child this yeah. I never could find out if she'd actually stolen anything either Vermont's Digisette backpack full of goodies. And she got scared. When this cop starts yelling natter Bryant. And we'll see and showers and it sounds like you're starting to walk out of the store. Mom's not happy that was just a small piece but it she's been saying she says she wants justice she's. They they showed on the local news is sanding the girl's back were loose. They probes into her back Rasheed got a taste. He's an eleven year old. Maybe your trains are you trained. Taser an eleven year old no sound like the police chief. I could see people also been upset if he's physically restrain a little growth no proof that she'd stolen anything right and then. He's black I don't know if Thomas White whatever but then I can see that being problematic to achieve this. Since you say days Keizai solar has done and didn't stop so. I carried here you know Olympic drug and Jerry you're really confident and back and I spoke to him like that feeling OK not great but not nearly as banners. Teasing an eleven year old is asked to be a way to do. Worship and ocean's eleven. Okay wants. This story in the Washington Post stroke Eric Hurley did not specify whether I should just selecting this story in Washington hostesses and good juvenile court in the near future. She must change coalition are proud. Charged with a misdemeanor. So maybe when her mom Hussein's Shiite duties in her bag. Whether mom and she was saying no gun. She is doing through. That's your eleven year old kid got a taste. So tell us how do you restrain yourself in that situation. Get yourself killed yeah I give myself don't. Maybe we ER remembering things from we talk about a maybe we just watched too many movies. Feel like watching cops. In the eighty's and ninety's when they were chasing someone when they get there these physical altercations involve them over powering some money even if it took. Three or four cops do it. Anyway if they had to put up duke in the back of his neck to get him to stay down that's what they did. Without shooting in UK Xena and it's amazing thing on her own you know I while I'm not I think that's that over Israel turn him as opposed to a gun I just think. You know and probably a Billy club by. Mom. I've been teasing an eleven year old news. Not necessary and no matter the situation there. Wasn't that long ago that I remember stories about. School resource officers putting an element school kids in handcuffs and everyone freaking out thought that you would handcuff. Nine or ten year old. A mother in Maryland and is giving birth. She's in the delivery room she's on her. Marijuana and drugs and immediately TV it just happened curlers and a doctor walks in. And says you've tested positive for opiates. And she says there's no way that I could've tested. Positive for. I was in labor. I was sitting in the bank that I was having contractions I was on the Towson drip. And the doctor came in and says you've tested positive pro tips and I said what can you tell me again and Aaron. I ate poppy seed bagel this morning for breakfast and she said no. He's been reported to the state. OK so thousands and induces. So she yeah. So she actually. According to the news. Did steal this opium tasks. What poppy seed bagel or not. I always thought that was some sort of urban myths. No I was assigned to that was sort of bottom I thought. Surely that can't truly can't that may not be seen so they go over what to eat. I'm now poppy seeds is you have to and it's not a very big amount. One of the things this woman is trying to do NS. Increased. The level love whatever opiates I guess they finding your system before they say okay. You tested positive because in her case they immediately called the state and apparently. She had to wait a few days was. They're pushing ever do the right I think. They have satellite. When I should just trying to run. Lunch. I guess when your. I'm never that was prettier then. We just tell us who your real well and they test your wives or they just a woman's blood poured drugs. I'm trying to and some right to me I thought they only did that in the delivery room if there was reason to believe this. Maybe something was wrong with the kids. Am bullying no yeah I guess I I'm I'm Aaron and maybe I'm wrong and I'm sure didn't point out to me I never heard that night. A nurse comes in and draws blood and then tested for cocaine and marijuana and opiates I've never heard that I think two loss. My girlfriend who. They cunard is almost always go. Crack babies. I think they honestly dude tennis like both for you going to lay my hands and they're sure she was like yeah unless. I could be wrong tonight I think I remember her like you know getting blood drawn and part of this. They were glad to know them one of the things that news as it grows well in these stories say it is then if you can have a false positives from eating pop BC TNT you within 48 hours of cancer and she said that she eaten hot UC Davis sound morning. So I'm guessing they tested her wall she was. In the delivery room. Right. Is that just something that they have to do to make sure that your fit to take the kid home on us. Steve I state TV show. Because she's in the they're so she sees. No that he's not really. And stuff and I'm pretty sure they do. This woman's daughter stayed in the hospital for five days. While a caseworker was science terror to the mom. So then mom explains the situation. They go to the whole thing realizing poppy seeds can cause these false positives and occasionally and close the case she got her. The federal institute for risk assessment writes an Intel food manufacturers produce morphine levels and poppy seeds. It advises against excessive consumption particularly during pregnancy. I'd ask you before this if you can actually test positive for a Venus. Yeah. I was immediate cost we have so many top PC zone. But I doubt it's happened. Apparently does. I don't know memory in this article here answers drug testing and all women who come to have a baby is becoming more standard. No labor and delivery weren't. This isn't just an article on. The house loan administration. So. I never heard. She's told me that a lot of cases like this one you know the month tested positive. You know there's a lot of cases like that. I think they do test really. Well you know this is story even mentioning. From march 21 2000 aging strengthening constitutional protections. Against unreasonable searches of Supreme Court ruling generals saying. She name. Hospitals cannot test pregnant rooms for drugs and other concerns and turn their results over the ruins. Just in Charleston and a 63 ruling the court should drug testing by a public hospital. On my one in Charleston, South Carolina violated the Fourth Amendment of the constitution which bars unreasonable search and seize their license even though Basra is trying to the women's from harming their citizens by using crack cocaine. Under the constitution of women don't agree to a test and Warren is necessary. The court ruled the justices. Asked a lower court to determine whether the patients actually consented to the tests. So they know justice John Paul Stevens and probably ultimate and all of the program that may well have men to get the women in question into substance abuse treatment. An awful drugs the immediate objective of the searches was to generate evidence for law enforcement purposes in order to reach that goal. There are special obligation to make sure that the patients are fully informed about the constitutional runners. He was joined by Sandra Hideo Connor. David Souter Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And Stephen. And there was six straight and justice Anthony M. Kennedy. Tom sprinklers on and also I still doing it. Unless they're just saying hey we're doing and don't let ladies when was. It was a story. Some. Yeah sure because this woman gave birth in late march early April something this is Marshall is first and his mom yeah I mean this year OK so maybe it's right around the same time orchestrating things don't sound right because says justice Sandra day around. This woman was trying to. Low words feed her or increase the amount of opium and someone had seven assists and I didn't see anything nursery about trying to her fans hospitals for. Giving you a drug test maybe she volunteered. I don't know you're right I don't like the idea yeah. Plus says you have to ask someone if they say were in a test your blood moral and on occasions urine. Yeah she says okay. If you say I am gonna test your blood from medications. And maybe you're not testing for marijuana but. Or maybe maybe just throw that under medical marijuana you just for everything. And you sign off on the sheet of paper. I probably see pictures of babies. Who are going through withdrawal systems and I assume that they test those mothers. Tell you know what okay what is it that this kid is withdrawing some of the mom won't tell us. Yet the idea of just going in their long they've got you hooked up to. Perhaps I'm guessing you signed paperwork. When they take UN. A vaguely remember now when. Mallory got her. The kicker here and I think she even told me like they're also tested for drugs. I feel like she even mentioned that there. Well they test for drugs and tell your parents unconstitutional. I'm trying to cause gradual violet and her say they test for this stuff they'll just drugs. Don't tell me but she knew because of her child yeah. I guess is the word and I. Probably now how there weren't just from an addition. Manchester blood for whatever yeah yeah I don't really same frequency. Yeah I numerous. You're saying this could be on the day. Yeah when she was here she says she was at least 48 this and they came and said hey. He says depositors and that's possible although I ditty poppy seed this morning tested again isn't too late according to hurt too late. Weird cult stay. Pain. 55 year old woman. From California was born with a heart defects it now this. This insane thing. Earnings Lynda Kerr. 55 California born with a heart to think two years ago she was put on the transplant waiting list today she says that she couldn't do much at all because. But her condition she was weak. But she wasn't sick enough to get put at the top of the trees. Plant lists OK so she's honestly must couple years hard to get stuff done bottom not sick enough to get into the top of the same time. There's this woman name's Chaney Griffin okay. Apparently her lungs were sailing from cystic fibrosis. Her condition caused her heart to shift. This complication in many different doctors need to give her a double heart lung transplant she's hey. So teeny Griffin. These are donor heart one recipient in. Is still alive. Basically there's someone who donated their higher. And this still alive. How crazy is that. I really couldn't do very much at all. My heart so then why can't I just donated it to my donors. Organs I didn't eat and into my mind out finds her I think it was kind of a miracle with only these unique circumstances. Of these three people's lives at all sort of converged olive Stanford hospital all the same flood tides it's exciting his. I'm so why didn't I yeah. We know that my heart so there's still I can't say top and I thought about Tammy you're like wow I got her heart enabled me. Can do that group sort of I guess is Elizabeth my cynicism and reminding. And send my start here and now. People phenom in waiting lists. Story. Moon last month about the stranger the chrome just. Decided to donating you need to do these strangers Paramount. And she goes India tested like to thank you matches she donated her kidney. The uncertainty throughout our everything inside Iran is and still probably hurting feeling. And he started to lose all our old lady who tested positive for Max. And they called child protective services and when literacy Arabian it was an inhaler. Jazz asthma field and mass. So today they Tucker can relate to him. I saw something within the last couple months for the at least some state uses roadside drug test. You know tell whether or not even using certain drugs and they know that it's not very accurate in its own these people who. Are later found to be totally innocent in use these drugs. Still spend money and time zionist because they have these. Crappy roadside drug test. Not only can't you. Be drug test. It's a hospital. And especially don't like the idea win. You're saying you tested positive because your. Asthma inhaler that you don't know that we're using just 'cause we know this happens sometimes when you're gonna yeah. He's got any care. Have to take everything joins logical and conclusion. And miss. The story happened in the warm army and I presumably knows more months if this stuff happened and people are like oh man. If I'm test. Is that you're gonna stop going to hospitals to give birth. Right it's like like it allows you to give birth does are gonna test my blood. And then in an album that's ridiculous. Hospitals should we learn how do. It's like people not being able to call 911 because their friend or someone in our home overdosed on heroin. And now they can't get them help so they run it or anything on the big deal and it doesn't dad's illegal right. The cops come in and around. And yeah. No I don't either. But then again I don't have all the answers that's why I looked at combined. Lucky for you he's up. And he may be just says I don't know how proud are so whatever you sense I have questions co market has answers that's what I like about it. I feel confident in his re accountability. Thank god he's not gonna recuse himself. Qualifiers are busily dust on science council votes they got a call one you guys go when their. Sign right no one that's his job that is. He should do is John. What is going box them out. Just mother's hospital children's don't know. What did you texting as Nixon McLean golf. Johnson went on steroids and. Hello. Anybody here single. Biden might well remain married at. What does that mean I think now it just means if I lose Louisiana you're. Or that you were that you are married right. Early I think I sound like device depends interviewer asks me every single I'm doing well I have a girlfriend. When half hour to go to the hospital in nice areas single man to bunt single. So we don't what's the question. Yes I think this is more valid and Scott's ex. Special someone I think it I guess of how you never use that terminology. Well GM alone Nash girlfriend should boyfriend whatever. That you're not single according to the days amounting. I don't know if this actually evening counts as a survey but I. It's kind of a survey because it started off as this big survey asking single men. Why they think they're single but geez. Professors decided do big study and figure out why men are single what's the biggest reasons for men. Who are perpetually single or just can't seem to find a date now they did exclude. Any of the people who. Our single by choice. They don't want to be in a relationship so you have to be. You're not willingly single this that you wish you wish you're with someone right so it makes sense they take all of these responses. They went over all of them and they studied them and figured out. What the most common reasons were the people listed for having a tough time finding a partner. I guess the study is from Cyprus like the university of Nicosia and Cyprus OK but they're sitting American ending European men so. The these are the reasons are if you wanna go over all of these they gave forty tool. Of the top reasons that matters in our Oreo restart or can just start at forty to move quickly but. So that for journalists is addictions so OK you've got some drug problems and that makes it tough to find significant other. I think I do massage oil from drug problems you think so so maybe that's why so low on the list everybody has an Oman Dubai and difficult to keep our relationships of these people are able to get into relationships that they can't stay generally. She ships that are single about so that would be. Everyone who's single. Well that's seems like and gross. Over generalization if you get an relationships she's probably been in a couple and then. They didn't last your entire life and you are no go to Cuban I guess maybe some of these people had aren't lots of relationships and just can't stay in a relationship but maybe some of these guys have been single for a long time and don't wanna be single. They like I said they had to exclude the people who were willingly. Single compressor only look at people who wants someone else health. Like a disability issue not now. It's not such to do with again and signed like he's kind of said earlier. Handled monsoons somebody for there's got to be like some sort of disability dating a good thing for men the third resolution starting right right. We ten people in wheelchairs and is well I don't know much and you have to third on church's enemies on the enterprise side every. I'm just gonna look this up right now is true there's. And the good thing for Manson has a study about men. Women are much more than it has always coli estimate bags have to be able to meet somewhere underneath the stars he got a disability dating right now rank them. Life is reloading in both in and not let people know you get arms and it seems are easier to explain your cost me about to someone who has one thing right does and is easier explain your dramatic reduction someone my dad madness and a girl and yeah. We were both smoke amass a home win a button comment would be the same as you know I met this other person and we both. Now are on dialysis like whenever OK he's better than dialysis room. Is disabled thing is they're all fires like do you have does that have to do well rises San outlets easily get a view and my own disability dating like this for loving. I'm like yeah refer to those with physical impairment sensory impairment cognitive impairment. And electoral impairment mental illness and other various chronic diseases that looks like we were all all fine. And one of those categories you want to log in and I was gonna say is if your guy because all that this study was all about single man. You're lucky because. Women are more likely to feel to be compassionate overload Pacquiao like you know I really love this guy love him for who he is I'm gonna help mountain. So you know there's always. That or there's disability dating apparently next on the list for number were on 39 fear of commitment OK it will acts Alex in a relationship 38. I guess the overall theme is just that these people said it's too much effort. Like maybe they think they could do it but it's too much work. To try and get our leadership and stay in a relationship they would like to be in one but they don't think it's worth the effort and our allies not. Right exactly so bold not worth the effort. The next one is these people have given up. So I guess include them because they would like to be relation they've given up trying because it failed so many times in Washington. The unemployment rate numbers 36 on the list yet people I was like no one has none of three point eight haven't Republicans and Democrats but. And and the other our side that is well I don't but millions they were just quit looking. They're done. Number 36 has homosexual. So I guess gay guys. At least some of them are saying it's harder for them to Ireland this because there in the closet or be all right guys are saying town where. There's not a lot of there's not a lot of them openly gay man I don't know. Number 35 attracted to the wrong women. That that. For whatever. It may mean and extracted to the wrong way and that can. I think a lot of guys cases would probably mean I'm attracted to women that are way out of my league that happens a lot so maybe that's what they're talking about. These guys number 34 feel bad for these guys they don't think that they would be good partners like they're not worthy of being in a relationship area. Interest in fear of rejection number 33. I'm not interest team I'm not interest in enough. A simmer thirty to. Just kind of the same of the runway worthy fear of relationships. Sexual issue number thirty and achieve correction something. You know or maybe they need something really specific and there they don't wanna bring it up tomorrow I'm going to confinement you can find that there's a danger Ghana in Iraq tile dysfunction. Again this is a lot feel like you're good sign and our time girls who wanted and I can't interaction measure of a lot of much but your most. But that's about it about a delightfully decently. Aaron reinvigorated you just heard trees here on rural borrow time. Again this is a a list that this school this university in Cyprus put out of the top reasons that men in the United States and Europe are single. Not picking up clues of interest. On which is a good one because. My ex wife when we met. She said that she had been very clear. That she wanted to date me for like four or five months. I had no idea. I even talked our friends and said yeah and now she's deferential should be a nice. She's kind of person who give us maybe she might hang out the guys whatever but she's uninterested in me right. And I had a difference in what she might be nice to know she's not so. I also think you and I are similar and this goes beyond just someone showing interest but when it comes to initiation. Rip current needs used to how many years on laden issued via unit itself. Not picking up clues of interest 28 don't trust women. Democrats that was the reason lack of money. Don't know how to start a relationship. Have not gotten over previous relationship. Lack of social skills. Stuck with one girl. I don't know what that means stuck with one girl like you're your. Ears when I assume right right rooting me you're stuck with one girl like your mother. One very nice saying I'm an relationship. Go home and let me be around one girl you're right I don't wanna be stuck with one girl right lack of achievements in life. So are. Phillies if I don't throw a lot of achievements fly TO women who also lack achievements come on. Maybe got maybe there's more guys but still there's plenty of women. Who lacked achievements or mental health number 21 as the top 120 typical to find women to match. Whatever content I mean part character. I have a poor character of these guys is an airport character like I'm I've got my character actor traditional guy character issues I get that number eighteen depression. Right. Number seventeen and I enjoy being single. Okay well that sounds like you know actively pursuing it but primarily these guys also a public relations but it's tough because out like he's single socially awkward. Lack of time to date. Number fourteen anxiety. Number thirteen is that I segment too picky. On shyness. Different priorities now here's the top ten reasons. That. Men are still single number ten overweight. I'm number nine no available women. On although both of those things are ridiculous there's available women and there's people date you yes I guess you're way yes you find somebody you know. Like chips for whatever reason or no in the same ballpark. Just looking and it's overweight dating turn off your it is six months. Overweight dating big beautiful people meet third is harassing opponents are looking. It's not hear that that's an excuse number eight bad experiences. From previous relationships of scared of the new ones number. I'm going enough number five or flirting skill mountain. Do you still need Danny and I guess now you see yourself flirting with tender or whatever it was should never envisioned but in the afternoon in Israel Diebler and witty or whatever what was it that he uses indeed one of you watch mash. Master of none these seasons are show that was called master of none. He's on tender and uses the same line every semi matches with someone uses the same line Taro was I think it was something along the lines of I'm going to hold clues you need a particular thing up but that was his go to life partner used tender Brett thought ala. That is interest if you had because. Pick up lines I know some people actually use pick up lines I'd assaulting a deck what. What is a pickup lines actually worked on women I've never tried to use a pick up line but those are just funny I can't imagine any of those ever working. But if you're on tender bumble her FaceBook or whatever right you have a line that you recycle sure right yeah. That's that's like his was pretty good rip going all these trying to be funny Barraza and initiates conversation. So I'll pour flurries still number 4 I am not interest at a relationships so again to meet those people that don't now. Don't put in enough effort. Niger and number two self esteem. Low confidence. Yeah that that's a tough on the number one reason. That men are still single. We think it is. Actually kind of a combination of things but I'm not what. Parlux including baldness and short stature. That's Sox Jersey that sixty minutes I think it was induced 120. Probably this is more rich points when he thing and think. Where they took their their short guy who had you know a better job and everything it was all he was an actor run and and they told he's only young embrace this person and in the short guy had had the toughest he'd just been really really had a tough go of it sure emboldening panel look like George to stanza but still don't. It's a still you've been in those guidelines. He didn't. Run yet election that didn't didn't they break up is used sheet are somethings now so he's also an actor. I know when I do you know. I can see like people who were. Short balls say it makes it tough then makes it tougher. And you just got to find a short ball won't. One ever proposed a probably done has plenty of people out there you probably don't have to find a short bald woman did find a short while we're sending him you could identity I got to those who Don Golding who taught my science fiction class was looking for a man with a third of the people I guarantee you generalize. I didn't misguided views she wasn't walking into a bar. Modeling into a bar without setting and they're going to. He just say tall enough for me that I mean maybe but I don't believe it I don't believe she was looking lined out I don't think she was going into the singles by army in line. Does not have a good enough job is not tall enough for me I don't tall dark and handsome boys no way that is not what she was saying I agree but also for. Think that you don't have to limit yourself to this. May be sure does the world where a fair place maybe short bald men should limit themselves short called. Again fortunately I'm just in. Doesn't know how after I got an Amazon you have to do what I'm saying that's not an excuse. You can find a short ball well men. One of them talk my seventh grade science fiction class action is done I've heard company. But I guarantee you. Again JU. Maybe these guys also say they have those self esteem and those are some those of their answers I don't know. But yes if all else fails. You can go finalize those. A junior high what was she an English teacher science fiction. Science thinks that it's paid in a class act in a science fiction class and public school elementary science fiction knowledge. We did not have that anyways she talked to examine why he's a stupid and science fiction stupid. They're telling them and it type. Resume but he had denied mountain. Was science fiction poetry error follows I don't know a whole match I was like the sol saarc summit hustle that. The sales volumes and doing trial wants us so my Bermuda. Are we in this initials of the pocket on the front and it's below where it was so on the other side thrown out. Failed backlash and I decide does science fiction. My husband Thomas Sander and I don't know Ray Bradbury and books from carriers. Some talk about some partnerships and people will be able to track a momentum and whenever some stupid. Well. I'm why it was so slow dry holes so my teacher and that science fiction. Concise prediction is that you survived. And now with the Internet these people meet you know I'll bet she's not singling him which is probably had a lot shoe charity around anymore I mean I feel so comfortable talking about where you're using her name. Interim and omelet guy a theory using fake name. Actually I'm not someone over the weekend who knew the my kindergarten teacher whose amended memory kindergarten teacher and a thought roving teacher. You know god don't say her name but yeah Sar I know I'm not someone who had her. Had the same same teacher in kindergarten. She was shocked. She was shocked when I told her about the foot running she had no idea she said why would you do that. As a why would I do that I was five years old six years old and why would I do that. She was kind of make it economy it felt like saying that teacher is old enough that's gross and now. I was a kid the issue of same teacher. This year in June nerd now just have this should never no rubber feet I swear there's nothing on the Internet and are shown. Weird scifi teacher yet. And good and I swear they're going in my classroom droopy that was not just me we and we all went through and took turns those not just a mean thing maybe she didn't do it. By the time she go to this I don't know but we all rub your feet. What that has to do with this list are being single. The point is is someone out there for everybody if you have to use. Devoe was a disabled dating a big beautiful people meet or whatever the case Phoebe are out there and and and polonium us. Suck it flirting and hate initiating conversation or initiating any of it. Pass the internet's for. Doc only wanna look for style points for products does is it. Paul you draw the line we're doing that and now learning hot shot right now. Bring our first edition of you just had to know something Arthur C. Clarke focus of an inch she's yours that's it. So if you want to get to that. Place would your feeling insecure because you're short fat bald as a says they'll find sore thumb ball want. I'd say just use Internet and it view of one of five to shore from mobile me you can or you mean you can probably also find someone else maybe in but remain. If you really feel like us guys struggling is you are saying they're struggling because they're short. Balding. And out of shape so I mean there's women or short ball and not a show interest and find yourself. Dating site. I got another match not trump they remember when we signed up for that on the air that trump dating site I don't look where I do we talked to similar it was in the news it was trump. Trump date whenever there's a mag of sight I don't think we're there and oh yeah we did they don't start this design company I'm gonna I don't know I think you had a sign up on the area remember yes we did anyway gotta match on the that's my job I don't. I didn't call today no she's from Jersey she looks interest in we have a lot of similar interests. By making America great and again. From. That seems to be enough Ira I think we did we it's it was like a year ago we did this apparently I still have an account of that I looked pretty good memory I don't ever get a rematch no cone. You remember matches. You had me sign up for literally only on. Yes he should sign up for had a computer right your show if we do as I know guys that make me I have a computer here to allied and under the new animated isn't news for some reason because I don't remember of the guy who rain it was. There was you it's really there was something he was doing and this was in the news that was the reason I signed up for it. I shouldn't say any thing but anyway match so it's good to know that this young man I saw some I got back home forming. Should all else fail. And if anyone else is out there. Who's worried about being single and you don't wanna go down the dock balding. The road. Dam and I think and high school I never roller Dario all day and no one called that. Man that's a good one. Doc mall and she is usually appears to issue Walken a classroom and you at all wrong not arrow on the pure Disco. Ball. And then you doing man maiming and Shrek did that and others attention okay now archery and San guys force if you want. Well. It was a I'm just I just felt like I think about that woman's life. Drop shot and left to that. School every day and drove in her Volkswagen Rabbit back to her Condo in Livonia Michigan to serve alone. Knowing when she woke up in the morning should look at kids like few words she wasn't going to a hotel are looking for a star he's the city manager of the line and the school hotel bar. Daylight out these guys are good enough for me fat lady resign a crappy state house Barra can't take anybody walk in and is he may still be open but he's not on FaceBook and out of visual. Churchill who has alone. We're about a fierce and American Airlines thing we're talking about last night how do you. Track that person do you now go through every single person who was on that airplane and a five month old a five month fetus. So and they're cleaning crew found it after I wanna do plane's right. LA Guardia it was getting ready to go back in the hangar from the story that I read like they did the plane was done for the day. So they were cleaning it up they finest fetus in the bathroom. A plane and flown from Charlotte, North Carolina and right room -- at LaGuardia Airport at 11 PM local time according to American Airlines. After everyone left the plane it was towed near a hangar where it was parked overnight. The next morning. American Airlines employees are getting the plane ready for service. When one of the cleaning crew members went into the lavatory on board the aircraft and noticed there is a lot of toilet paper. And a toilet bowl section of the lavatory. And upon further inspection came across the fetus. The crew member told her manager and the airline then notified law enforcement. So does the next morning. And forcing him into my mind does that show I didn't know I was pregnant. Yeah where are. There's there's also the women who tried to hide their pregnancies what did you receive those they would like us are worried bag your right sure I didn't then. So is that what happened. I'm Noah or did in can you are you allowed to go back and look now. At the blog see everyone that was on that flight and go and interview them after. And then. Are you love you more than that like are you you're not allowed to do medical exams on them to see if they were recently. Pregnant are you know probably not I don't like the idea of Aquitaine hate to learn some people on the plane were as checking everybody out. Good player rule it down though right or you're now you're down the men women and and then year old doubting you to a certain age group yeah you can probably. Kids down to a small number. They don't talk to all. And then what's the punishment if you had a miss. Carriage on an airplane. And he didn't tell anyone. What's the punishment for that if that's what happened. Was that you know. I thought we were talking up that last night to. Was today. A miscarriage was it to she'd only reaching no she was about to go into labor. Did she know she was pregnant. If she had a miscarriage. And didn't tell anyone. Is that illegal it's got to be illegal at least. To do it on their I don't know how wide a somehow been asked to be illegal that you didn't tell anyone. But there's a fetus in the bout yet there's got to be something that that's cover owner wanted to be there are laws about improper disposal of body right right but is that a body inside. I don't know what they've yet consider she had a miscarriage. It's different than someone who has a baby. Umpire Levi and miscarriage now Natalie 11 miscarriage. I am German I know obviously mentioned you know but. It is different than someone put my baby in the dumpster a problem right that's cut drive you to okay you took this kid a viable child in writing decided to kill it or did kill whatever. If this person had a miscarriage on an airplane what what's the punishment for a. How do you let someone know if you will happen. I think you gotta tell somebody I mean are you tell us stewardess but aren't you at all shocking stat that terrible I had a medical emergency I just had a miscarriage. Right I'd. Could you pull yourself together to say that someone. Or he is trying get off the Amin I don't know I'm not a woman so I have no idea and probably best for us not them now. Speeches that are all right understood our tone marijuana Biden I'd you know as a human. I think the answer isn't to just leave the toilet because Britain toilet paper writes it does seems not to act right. I don't know what is it echoes back. And why are very wrongly comptroller treasurer and a tragic act. Designed for food I mean you just can't have a miscarriage and a toilet really well okay. Cover would toilet paper I don't know there's a punishment for Lebanon and I guess I think you need to lose someone needs to come talk to. Pursuant historians I think that's fair to be very careful. I say it is but you don't know this I think there is that difference between. I think if you said it stroke on it came in sat there for her flying to Vegas and you've left to go. And he came back in and he said. Sometimes. His clothes between them and know what to do a boost home improvement I would say not only by. Don't tell anybody are you someone will find it it sucks for whoever finds that. But you're taught Tommy at all flushed arrested on time but I'm that's a lot different than having him miss carry us in the passes there's no comparison. To what I feel like you you had kind of asked. If you're scared to say and I PCBs kids safe and does it until it is safe so they keep plugging into it and might not be as well as ours as well it's she's got a problem in the bathroom whatever that is she had a problem. Let's assume that she had a miscarriage in that she is petrified and didn't mention one that didn't want to have mr. and in shock. And doesn't know how to tell anybody which is where you're coming from I must say there are times where unfortunately you have to tell somewhat yes I understand. The idea of being petrified you have to tell someone I've had a medical emergency an airplane bathroom. But I am at Laszlo. Tell someone you can't leave that. I don't know the rules what I am president miscarriage at home I don't know if you call it got a call 91 or not only my friend's mom had homer kids I was over there. When it happened now is that what's wrong your mom. And he went sighs it on the am moms and miscues opening and and she was sitting there looked like he paddles of remember thinking like oh my gosh. You know guys probably shouldn't be over here I should probably go home but I don't remember anyone being called low and dead came home early from work you know. I don't know what you do I don't know. But in this instance I think he got to say something. Not to mention. The person who found that I'd say that's horrifying wrong or Matta so let's understand what we're saying. You gotta tell someone what how what do they say what they matter about. But then it would I don't know it was generally hear curious. I'm looking aboriginal five month old cius you. Want. I shouldn't lieutenant Porter is trying to sue like I don't know what that one outburst and down ride like weigh in on what to the person find what is it you know. I'm wrong looks a little tiny maybe be fetus. So. If that's here. There's an actual picture. You have to tell someone. I don't know maybe don't want to wish I understood do when I'm just not that you know is I'm not Tex has been a vote. Is it Texas and it seems like it that word. We don't know what she's going through our. The other is reason to give details when which I think we do understand. Okay that's what I was feeling bringing out you could bring me. I always say I can understand if you're in total shock how do you tell someone that I totally understand these wanna get like the situation that makes perfect sense. But I but I think the right thing to do is let someone know but. Who sent me right you're right you know look and try to you know that the tax line may be right. I have no idea may be. It's so dramatizing that you're not expected to tell anyone run I I don't know. You can definitely I contend I hit a fair. And also should the person being in trouble. Legally. If they go through it and trying to figure out who this was. My initial reaction is. No. Right. No definitely had a miscue or youth now oh what's. What you do there punish someone for having mr. right. I understand they left they. Maybe should have told someone that. In policy board I don't know what you do. And you're on an airplane and rights. And who knows who she maybe she was traveling alone maybe should now unease. Friends or family with. You know I don't know. The other reason I say that is if you had someone with you tell and then they can deal like aren't well I'll go tell someone because. You're in no position you're not feeling. Up to I don't know. We're getting some tax as a as a woman I would immediately tell someone seek medical attention I'd be straight and how wound. Some groceries in the severe punishment for miscarriage. Now. Wish there was no punishment from that's I think what they're mad about is that you were saying there has caused governments cares much of their presence ever sense that or that there should be now. None are I don't know I was asking and only punishment for not telling someone that you had a miscarriage and death. This happened in this particular case should there be a punishment for her no one answer was advocating for polish government in order now. I'd I'm not really advocating for punishment. For this woman it. Is anyone else call. The Los Angeles on into my girlfriend barrels a she can get in trouble there's a different man she is a different is that is what we're calling it was endeavors are very miscarriage or still birth the issue give birth. Did write our door baby yeah. At what point do you call at what point are they different and one point probably when you. Yeah I don't know I don't know. I'm sure there is some sort of. Well dates where they say now your fern apple yeah physically and considers that is had won and others like. Hospitals differ by around 2223. Weeks is when they. Tried. I think some guys they legally have to try if you're 23 weeks. Or points or whatever it is that somewhere around manage try what to induce labor note try this say debate I'll. A note to say one Minnesota four weeks viable yet west when there's only forwards show us around five months and coincident. So they still birth happens after the baby is been living in science monitor wanted to 24 we okay well that that changes everything right if you have to so you're saying that like in a hospital they say okay. If a pregnancies this far along we have to try and say I'm on Yemen opens in that you have no right after the trial that 23 we had a certain date so if this baby was pass that certain day where they have to try and then. The mother would be. It's susceptible true. We goal. I'm. A mom has tried. But blurry suppose it's okay Melissa this thing our seats were right but OK if you have a child who said I can't abide by the law you are required most of the time to seek medical treatment and show even if you're religious and say well I don't want. Most courts have said no you have to. That couple who was just sentenced because certain geely is religious resolve and Asia so you are supposed to act. Keep your child. Healthy healthy and safe there's probably some reasonable expectation of what you're supposed to do in this instance. I think we can all agree. She's five months along czar airplane. Outlook probably using grates up pretty well by but could they say and I'm just asking could they say well you should you're supposed to tell someone. You should bring on new details are emerging about events trying to dead fetus that was found Tuesday morning in an airplane toilet and New York city's LaGuardia Airport. What side. The police are missing an occasion looking at sisters from Brooklyn who are traveling from Jamaica through Charlotte. North Carolina after the American Airlines plans plane landed Monday night New York one sister allegedly allegedly Randall lavatory. In the middle of the aircraft really oceans are waited outside the door. The plane was part by American Airlines flight crew. Of a young woman allegedly told investigators she. She also allegedly told believes that while in the lavatory should pull the baby out and never heard a crier breeze she claims she didn't realize she was pregnant. An autopsy is expected to determine if a child was born alive and American Airlines spokesman has told the situation tragic and sensitive. An actively cooperating with law enforcement and the investor okay that makes sense Laredo so if they find that that baby be born alive then there'd be some reasonable. Expectation I love her to seek medical treatment for this child to write or someone even if the outlook is not I guess I can tell whether real moral right whether it to where they're sort of brought to something right. Yes. It sounds right. As I mean come on state law obviously. That I've I could see that being a federal law. We're not talking about like abortion laws here we're talking about yeah. So I can't hack right because we don't we do is we don't know anything about that social no we don't go until we're just run and play well yeah. Yeah they're saying that amount of their investigators unemployment sparked. Right so. The Irish president really aren't sure it probably. It sounds like she may have she may have been. In a position to seek out after the American Airlines plane landed Monday night New York. One sister allegedly ran through lavatory in the middle of the aircraft from the other sister waited outside the door and so on plane had landed a it's uncomfortable tuck this course. We're just. I plaza says sinner bar having a conversation. This is in the news. What are you do you never heard of a situation like this before never discussed and we don't know what the end is going through life. I'm pretty sure twenty weeks is there is no way it's viable there's no way I was born alive. But. So they autopsy to determine idea yeah right I'll look into it then sounds like they'd know who was now so they do their relatives in. They set I'm in I'm kind of easing. Because once the plane was landed they say and a bass a flight crew. Guys commemorating in the bathroom and personals like down and roll 32 AMB once we landed a girl ran in the bathroom and the other girls stood outside and it and they are like OK well let's so apparently they got the names from a flight record right. And then make called the hospital. On a hunch they called kings county hospital and the team happened to be located there the mother had picked him up to the airport and took him straight in the hospital. All. So they're out there and hospital OK so maybe she told her mom. What happened there right a guy. Well that. It's Ogden that the mom wouldn't tell the airline and that this whole story came about is story. Now yesterday right now let's. Kind of weird that if she went to the hospital a well. That sounds like an aggregate of evil we ask sounds like they know what was and something's going to the hospital so there you go. Didn't mean to offend anyone question chests. As just ask. We're that they it's a weird. Thing because like we were safe at a miscarriage at home. I don't think you have to tell anyone but. I was thinking about the had a miscarriage early on in your pregnancy. It was a matter of fact at a certain point they have like a cut off where they say right now we try. I don't belong cardinals. So looks like the police do though and may contact these people and I'm gonna trying to. Is it weird thing to stumble into yes if your daughter daughter of a bathroom. On an airline that has a frightening thing where it's a horrible thing from a woman obviously and also for the person like what. Right what happened here writes yes. It's a weird thing to discuss amongst the three spot there's never a story like this I'm never mentally I don't know it and a point limited which deal. Except I've heard of them women who said that they didn't know that they were pregnant and that's a and they sound believable to me and they say their eyes and adjusting to dig in a way they don't feel good whatever and then one day. They don't give birth. So okay. I guess it happens in my mind for some reason I kind of imagined that maybe this could be a situation like that. But after she says he's saying that that and that is what happened right so you know she's pregnant. Permission to. Move on yes I sure do.