Wednesday, 08.09.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, August 9th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • The guys recap their vacations
    • Slimfast introduces everyone to the best band of all time
    • Trump threatens North Korea with "fire and fury"
    • Manafort's house was raided...last month
    • Sinead O'Connor is losing her mind
  • 26:36 - Lazlo and Slimfast look at what they want to buy from the Kemper auction
  • 43:37 - Some guy got arrested, brought up kitty porn for no reason, then started singing Pearl Jam

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The righteous man. On all sides. Selfish. Tearing the evil men. Belliard starts. Strike down low number. How are you upgrade you to go to CLU to. Phil got John W on vacation looked like it was nice soon and soon I don't know some foreign distant land yeah. Should just feel I know I did your social world traveler and I stood and looks like I just like slowing down because you don't play your success all the time. So I don't pointed out this guy this all mr. regular. Let me make sure the common folks. Vacations and I don't know southern Italy northern Italy I don't know where you work. Not doing geography I'm I'm sure there was really an announcement if you've never heard of that exact. Let's just there I think that you know I jumped on as he knows bush knows place that you kind of furious I know Lilly or you don't. You've noticed in Washington. And she's actions that you know displacing Dell. Everytime I walk into somewhere I feel like taking advantage early and putting that cash from I don't know. I can't believe you delete and then we just as good. You junkets okay lousy in Los the other day I wanted to and do you know this place you don't look so stupid they Yemen. See you man I'm McDonald's doesn't make any sense. Well that's good defense. Student she's. June. I was your true. It was some sort of someone Danny was sick. And here's an American I got there you know my whole family was damaged or call your family. News on our seeding June and Osama left Jewish. And being themselves. Those. Two seconds on them and I don't leave early responders and goes or some as early rounds and then. I can't afford it don't know I'm next time I don't like your daughter Susan dialect and and save that. I don't Don and the main Orion Charles you're gonna have to reimburse you for the plane's flight demands along. You barely noticed. One or the other. What limit can keep doing this. He said he understood. I mean you could dream version. Alimony. I spent all week when the boys ran out brutal there's a frat house that I live in when I'm a woman and man. My little one John Joyce and dead. I was like yeah and it's like I know why you got divorced. Innocent why he knows there's your gang. Just. It's. No matter. I was like really easily yeah. And then he did all I don't hold back tomorrow evening and do you know like song and they always like this little thing he does look easy and Scottie gave blond streaks they've all is that universal today. I'm like come on man. Until and it's not nice I can trigger a lot of school. Now. Manny was brutal. Just brutal. You're dead and that's why does your dad. Gave Biloxi just. Yeah. I'm into Biloxi high boys. Went all right John Jones yeah. My oldest one. We're talking about some time and I said you know run. Rural was you know I always like that your mother did this you know I had some time. And I don't know what it was you know Jeff. Because you always says try say nice stuff about her I said yeah Yoshi. You've got dumped hard. I'm notice. Jesus. I. I I got. Some guys don't did you use common gets a lot season. Damning that teachers. Some guy bumped into media program assures descent disappeared as fans. Hell sodomy you have you heard an hour hell's automated cell sodomy and things. Hell sodomy candles honoring Al symington. And hear them. Heard among the bass player. So I just look around like half the songs I thought is that real bands. Bass player. I know those real banter was just an offensive shirt what it was an assortment. They're albums. I don't know horse came to an improvement ourselves and always trauma I don't know for sure this is better than being installed health sodomy the first album. Sodomy is nine. I wrote does the name. Give us this year claim now I know we had his headphones on listening were. I want to lose. You think it's appropriate health sodomy I let's listen to him. I mean we kind of ceiling was. One this guy was such a day he uses it up from. Foul mood the whole time. Total discussed everything on Monday. My friends is a grown man easily in his fifties. I wanna know kills us crap. Old news story in junior high and never stops. Amin this nine did you look this good mood tonight to help. This isn't new I mean they started in Tony Levin never subcontractor team look good guys and listen now when you're in junior high never stopped listening to and maybe he's in the man don't you re mad all custom won't solve. Steering huge. You. So you really need to weather instruments protector okay. Or else economy it. Never their posts. People also search for these fans. Abysmal torment. Cerebral. Incubation the hands of course yeah. I'm not mention this I don't know I mean really I don't either you just. Incubating part of my brain. Did I say a dismal torment we need a dumb. Just soured me on Lauren. Guess I'll learn early on morning. Well. It's a statement. And numb. Carnal disfigurement. It was I mean. Cardinal Justin units that was a list of words they just throw. Who couldn't run HTC makes its ruling the in a decent incision decision. I am a that was indecent have you. The UAL sung so much zero. Well soon. Cerebral in incubation isn't it. And yeah. And our New England. She call you. Children town. Million pounds from the drummer for. This is somebody Metallica. Maybe hold the. I'd say a man turn off. Sir David it is tough to tell Sunday night. It's never just sodomy would you it's always tells them yeah. That's good music to flailing your dropping bombs you know trump says we're gonna. Aggressive jocular. Known and unknown. Like Alan I could easily be down. That's Alan Johnson that's another big name. I don't eat trumped soon as she's very litigious I don't. I don't know Zelaya and he did say that he would release and release firearm injury. To Darby fire in theory the likes of which is world. Never say I want a career best not me anymore as the rest in the United States on them they will be met. With the fire and fury. World has never seen. He has been very threat. Beyond a normal state. And as I said they won't be met with a five year fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world I had never done C. How sodomy philosophy after the house. For the president Daschle did they do not surrender quickly wheeled about their unborn with the that was their unborn. And they would feel the wrath of the house side. But for the likes of which the world has never seen it will be like a cerebral. And plus because this yeah cerebral. I don't remember as a fan was go. So some people sameness. That's different for the president to talk I got canceled different. I don't think so Obama and bush didn't didn't. I fill in total dollar amount shocked and I know they played all the clips of bush talking about north Koreans like the way to not going to rim wasn't easy I feel like a son staying on a pile of rubble somewhere sent ominous shocking on grass yeah I'm sure I'm ironically I think fire in theory they think nukes because North Korea's threatening. People look Newt says it appears in the cities and growing was. I don't know entered into glass art and will cius sand blows well sometimes they hurt. And crews don't know he's talking about our position and the North Korea. No I'm so confused why agendas of why don't talk about north drills and we start dropping bombs on Middle East again. Why would you Orlando the last part of our shock and Ozzie military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power in spectacular displays of force to paralyzing these for edition shocking on a farm here tonight. Right society saying that today's the anniversary of I guess I can yeah. They do anniversary show that when a celebration. I don't think it's celebration I think it's. Memorial as your president. But I know. I think that was the mayor in the mayor of singer she moved the mayor of Nagasaki says. Let's not talk. Sometimes when Watson talk about fire and fury the likes of which the rules nursing because Ramsey and yeah let's not start talking about news. Truman. It. He's known locally as tells sun. How sun and present. Truly wish yeah lessons from my library and that's a colloquial discolored Donna. All house on me. Paul man affords house was raided it early in the morning. But it was like 2 weeks ago this morning they definitely every headline trying to make a psychic just happens morning blood. From a couple weeks. The FBI raided the home of former trump campaign chairman. Paul Mann a fourth it was in the early morning hours late. Last month this was one day after you remember Amanda fourth struck that deal with congressional leaders to meet with them voluntarily behind closed doors. Yeah. I have no idea what that means to me before. Mentioned knock on your dorm room. 5 o'clock in the morning the FBI says we're gonna take everything else but here's what I you know I. Him guilty of nothing. Are you just bombing in a four you may. So I know that those Sean. System and are guilty of nothing I'd like there's nothing you can find in my house and elegant troubles I've. I'm guilty of nothing. Just think it's the FBI daily said we're gonna gotta warn and is really well you're gonna have to clean up the dead body so much to myself even though I didn't do and evening the talk did take the pressure. The right. I can't like well we've got into disarray have enough to be something you have enough. Evidence of some sort to tell a milestone award so you know I don't know what I did it and I'm not I don't think I did anything but now I'm guess someone's like someone sent me on the Cannes film I liked her better. At the very least you're gonna see that pilot capt you can Ivan cleaned up for three weeks that's embarrassing not to mention I guess you're gonna go through a look at my browsing history which is also embarrassing and. I mean. I really likes corn in news. Paula nudes dues. Born and news. She has pictures sooner guy ruins foreign news. All the school year minded hero. That's not real guests on the some tougher right now clearly someone put it there on accident or they did it on purpose and it's a picture's supposed to be picture from a Wal-Mart and it's on top of a gun rack there is. A sign beautiful little cardboard cutouts and it says on the school year like a hero and his mom Casey rifles. It's also possible that someone went over the school supplies section walk through there is a prank into the picture yeah. Win. She named. Connor number. Number. Nothing compares to. She's. Lay your hands on me man Dinka. Student. Not done. Well I don't know it's all about respect she posted a video. Of herself. No lives you know. Hopefully earns his. New Jersey should live and travel lodge motel on the are percent of New Jersey. New clothes and continues to remove myself in his own salute to movie but it's simply don't you think. She's and it. Travel lodge waiting to passing a kidney stones so she sent. I watched the whole thing she gone missing like a couple of weeks ago in Chicago. And they were looks and I finally said no no we found we patterns through some ups. She says something about it. 'cause he disputed we don't want her son's. Who lives in Oklahoma is a dictionary O'Connor's delusional hey Arnold fusion is there or lives there. I'm sure there's freestyle and now that was awhile ago though right she's got all these so. Got a three different. And I looked at her she should the government wanted to listen I. Makes. Tell sodomy. Can remember his name so no matter Billy Crystal. I disagree crushing. A crazy guy with the brother is not crazy. It is an honor I would say hello Randy green. Let's not make fun of her she has us and this comes. She also has tennis new series used as seen here right and senator let's listen severe mental illness Jesus Soto why people point the finger router. And out of helping her clear on how much snow cone. Go to and ask a New Jersey where that is. To a travel lodge or don't be so many of them right. And going own version then O'Connor. There are some us. Oh well. And we'll just. Clinton announced in case as to where player on nothing compares deal on your guitar. After you did your girls or else it's their it's. I don't know that plan and I want you think it's. Just in the travel lodge arch the. Until she comes out. You keep playing it. Call and ever and this just kept doing it. Does it goes solo let his radio show legendary and also depends on the Miller and endure things about again after. Thirty seconds from quick he's not gonna try to do travel lodge dumbest man really be so easy would you give a mom's plane. Jersey right now leg and we had any sort of creative. Gumption. Or initiative. Is to be done either be doing it tonight and we get around it. Get the crowd I'm I'm telling you we're not nor do I just on the I don't. Don't care. I don't feelings be known until this doesn't mean. So bash checked out and Arnold knew it. I said go to the gas and New Jersey he's trying to trying to travel on an Overland Park just called close and I think. I think is another radio news station religious but I'll get the picture of crop religious right and say here in Jersey with a how to. With Neil deGrasse Tyson you see the moon was in the wrong place given a break don't get a note to travel line users out there and saying we'll get some you know don't don't don't Manila file an independent or sometime and I'll Jersey outside. You know that's Christian alone we can make fun of independence no I don't notice it doesn't like oh yeah. He said he. I'm an event and Jack June. More. She made a few out there. Songs for youth. Com. Masochistic molestation. That's a tongue twister. Masochistic. Molestation. I'll know I'll order the world's biggest health sodomy can't be here ten seconds this thing go. Oh yeah that's massacres. I nothing compares human interaction and then masochistic molestation. Phillips sorry. I just. DJ and deserve Plano on other barriers. The. Okay. The business you know. It's. A program I'm doing this what amounts. I dive ball. Senay O'Connor held out hold up time zones and Glenn ruined World War II thank independence. Thanks Jennifer lynch did. All that I'll do it another shot yeah we got to get veggie eight there. Are you glad. Thanks in the bank's independence. Hello and Cracker Barrel. Get a chill. Singles there knowing that even people who won a world war but it is our all star. And he's yeah. Warriors and reliable. Well Karzai says that's your song. She doesn't you know for nothing compares to match district. Yeah revenues of two which a lot of. There. Prince was working on you know as soon it's been seventeen hours since. Master trust and molested you. God damn and others uncles this is still house out of me keep my name of the elements sodomy is not every song called us. Sun and luncheon which seems redundant just. And purity. Shot at me and bloodshed. And then randomly YouTube says there here's Melissa Etheridge condom I didn't. And I'm sure it's clean up. 700 houses on Amazon has it been it's back to health Sunday but Melissa Etheridge just got my window is Bob loves it doesn't because they shouldn't you know. It I had no idea is recommended as an independent thing was a reference to her terminal I'm Obama. Whoa yeah I'm through news. And I. Finally. Hell sign me. I'm sure she may have gone. The words of us again around them and them. Sodomy and it was. You want sought many. It's and so did I alienate her personally. But does she go to my window I'll be home soon. Went and after right. Wallet from your gonna get home. It doesn't make any sense. Infuriating. It's about us. Why don't you know window before I this isn't. Seeing. All of his political leader you like Melissa Etheridge bank level. Okay. I'm sorry but I'm in about your truck really got to know the truck did one. Because I was looking on this side I don't know exactly what it is someone send it to me I'm sure I'd been out of town for weeks or maybe everybody or knows by an alibi be. One of those giant things called in from Kemper. Oh the Jumbotron Kemper auction. So I'm on the Jumbotron. Someone's gonna buy it last time I looked at people were bidding on it what's the current bid I don't. That you want to launch and let me look this up guys a Saudi as adept at that it's there's like two weeks until. Auction happens did you read the rules there and his 600 dollars. That's a current bid. A Jumbo drowned in lower down they're ground level for remove all unload out today. Yes there gonna lower down the middle of the arena ending you have to get out of their reaction to put it in truck. I how are you gonna move that thing I don't think it that thing's gonna phenomena Dolly. Templates in my basement. Man having a Jumbotron in your base will be awesome. The whole thing is all a camel to courses are way. That thing is enormous. I. Agreed that it would be. Awesome to have this decorated. But. I don't think that's gonna fit in your house yet to take the whole. Thing apart and put effects together and religion to do that you're gonna I don't know you're doing I know most of them now and I don't think once you put back together it's gonna fit in house. It's too big for a house to put on top of my house. Possibly. You had some sort rigged one dangle above. Your own thing. I think maybe you should. Look at some of the other items. I did see if you go towards the end of that Les Miles on it and today it's all the same. If you go towards the end there's a bunch of some of those tales from the cold coffee tables the as the the bar tables and there's also. A bunch a light up signs they have different things on some tests to have like American royal stuff farm somehow sports stuff somehow bands. Those are gone for like 5060 bucks the light up signs with the in the duplicate X ray are things. Just get me. Under the Jumbo child's benefit. Anywhere you go. These is or as a twenty foot long 55 inch tall truthful. Thick electronic billboard ads several these because they say around the breeze let's have a clock on it tells you you know. A period of time and I guessed. I don't know these additional if you just put signs in problem that would be cool. I really want to drama trying to lose them in front of intra from Bernard over. Mike for example which I'm which meant it pains me to say you're gonna need one coming tomorrow afternoon a disaster for affair. Can make it happen even if we had a trailer you need a bigger truck. I. I would love to see you on the Jumbotron I would pitch in to see you on the Jumbotron. But I don't know how someone I don't know I gonna get home what about the I thought it would be kind of cool just to have and others a bunch of them but I thought to be cool device one of the seats are couple seats from the arena. From Kemper. Mother contents of the production room and yet they have like contents of the audio video room contents of the production was a bunch of old speakers and speaker wire moms you know the the director's room has emotional little TVs there. You're supposed to take all of it yet getter all out of there that's part of the deal if you buy that yet to take everything out of there that's what I've read this thing and it said. At least on the you saw the contents of like the private suites right so those were up for bid. So we'll have like pop cans and I'm I don't take action based safe thing somewhere it says you are each one has its own little. Disclaimer. There's a bunch of seats and with what you want those Spencer I think united of those things out of there and had to get something like what you got some. Got some power tools you could use the only seats had a concrete. And probably. And you don't want this man. You can't be called out again here in Puerto the other night stand up. What you don't woody into the Jumbotron OK obviously my restaurants on the Jumbotron is gonna be tough listening to accommodate. But a couple of reminders from a couple receipts from Kemper arena. Money didn't you go to your kid I've somehow you always there at all those seats. It's historic and abdominal Iran can't watch sports and I'm. Oh no no these are street commons bar or did you see through this or somewhere else. I'm not arguing he's Garcia and that's a healthy way of looking that you're the opposite of order. But I see this stuff and I think on and that's a PC Kansas City history because that's something out of there. A game here you go contents of sweet beef. Uncertainties. All items are sold as is where is on location and will be the buyer's responsibility to remove without causing damage to the property I think they say that about all these things and if you are the winning bear you must bring all tools and assistance that you may need. This is my beautiful system. Assistance will not be provided on site please use preview times to ask questions on gasoline editors go to during the preview time must master a ton of questions except for the Jumbo Tron restaurants currently it is ours to wrap purchase. What about the pretzels machine the pretzel kiosk in the popcorn makers industrial. And that Coca-Cola refrigerators and above the right thing that would end up sitting at bay what about the beer taps you don't need. No one could tell me what I knew that I don't know it's just. A sharp. A pound and a couple of those seasons from the auditorium would be cool. We're from the read the the classic ones not to worry you can and Roush I don't have room in my house I've seen people polite you know their. All sport Caesar the portion compiling just see from Yankee Stadium I put him exactly I was guessing that a lot of this stuff. It okay kicking our as the Yankees and Kansas City kings sanction the Kansas City kings court. Apparently has been kept in the basement this whole time they don't like thirty years they left like thirty years ago. But the floor is still down there the big twelve floors on the two that left much more recently kissing McCain's floors there. But if you can bring your own back yard nine you have to buy all of my opinion do your own back garden but someone is they don't I'm guessing that someone like rally house or something is gonna buy that why do you buy into your backyard and how only gonna get now. Seventeen palates of basketball for a growing and I don't know that Tom. A deer tractor trailer. A lot of people to help. A forklift to get outside the truck. What am I gonna do with it. I was like don't call back yard and I'd like to appease my backyard is not the size of that you don't have to do all things justices there. And injures were scarred the rest some now Electric's destroy out whatever. But as long as you have a big senator that's a Kansas City games in your backyard some of the bitch aren't I spoke often. Just don't don't you go more to some. You can by the that the florin from the big twelve look some just reset real hard with you combine a harmless. I'm gonna slam I'm not had restoration person sought. I knew he used apple would have welcomed what about these old science that's not a tournament or bring you American. We have to go to the open housing and ask questions. We'll just ask a ton of questions. About you getting the Jumbotron all I want the Jumbotron or say how does let's look at the Jumbotron out of here. How does lots of fit the Jumbotron and was based. We are everywhere. Mentioned. Was tripped up on me. Through that goes back. Know what I think I still have my ticket stub from an assault tribe called quest in these two boys there. In 97 or something I can go in there and find a seat but I sat and can you buy one and I'm addressing some of the you can't I don't know which ones are some of them that set the pattern was at the vibe untrue but it did you look the first two pages it just shows. Individual seats in the bids like ten dollars. What I can get those seats. Only to have them still comes right. After new duo seems to don't want you in the second rocket and are you. Making a joke about. The Beastie Boys are joke about me. I'm not making a joke. I'm saying you can get your Beastie Boys seeing in your kid Roxy right now actually show there. You could put them you know items from your record players sometime. When you have a girl over you could say you wanna sit in the same seat I saddened when I launch can rock and my friend Jeff ascendancy here there. I got a car accidentally now. A sober. That run. Was out of exciting right. As you can buy the fully stainless steel hand washing station comes with a paper towel dispenser that. I would be equal footing about putting OK and I wouldn't color me natural small master bathroom make it look like you know like in the basement where you watch sports and also you go to the bathroom and basement and it's like. It's got everything and it's got this batteries go still sink and then you tell my hours and that would be cool UCL that's from Kemper a month and on the negative Nancy but you'd rather you're about to look like. A bathroom of the stadium the actual back from home entertainment value only bathroom. I'm not saying that's the one you're downstairs at where you watch anything without being screened now. Because you say dumb things is he says so and I wasn't dumb not only part of the conversation you've been to remain Caver people have bars and they have Beers signs that things I had. That's not normal. Artwork or or decorations are likely house hundreds and make it if Laszlo. It is big gave you got. You're down there watching football you say hey look guys the trapper is has run and I know it's like you go to air and walking about him helping man I wish I had this I hope not but now it's Olazabal house if you had announced. Well. Do not ever buying it then that's a conversation this should not buy anything real like now. This is interesting and different like I can afford conversation. I'm going to be cool. If you had a man gave you went in and it was just. Well bathrooms from Kemper we're very awesome what do you have a trough from from arrowhead you don't even need you all when they got rid of the try to figure out and I noted that if I want is some rich guys are twelve you don't always have backed him and he's got a trough and like you got one of the stadium trust is like no it's the stadium trucks from Merrill awesome guy who's a million guys beat and you're entry into the home whatever. As discussed. Don't just gusting public bathroom just went your used. I'm guess is likely you're doing yeah there'll ever bring it in my house well I'm guessing that rich guy's gonna hire some walking just like plaza is gonna hire Kenny did put this back them together once we fell apart we enjoy and how much we'll show an official amounts are gonna find a good because this is a commercial this is the one you want. There's little bit on this one right now. The home. Yes it was sitting went one of them had just had one unit had a paper towel dispensers that in the days crooner. But it's you know. There's a mom joked there's normal street got so that's we need you got the paper towels soap dispensers or doesn't commonly journal. Now of course that led at all. I don't know office on the URLs. You know I didn't I ain't him it's there probably isn't known what you can get the beer taps though. A lot of people are bidding on the beer taps. It's all of ever wondered is something from Kemper. It's a lot of and I'll buy you whatever you want when you want swaps one a couple of seats will be put CNN and ABC and on ousting a for a couple of seats and be cool. You know put it somewhere it's a conversation piece them. We gonna I'll buy it for you. Do you want anything it can't be the Jumbo chat a candidate Jumbotron but I can't help you picked up a net I can't I can't deliver. I want a bathroom. I'm looking a patent and here's a popcorn I'm really are wrong. Here ego. This will be pretty awesome to have your main cave now first glance you think. Irony that I own restaurant but. If you had a chip and bun warmer our horse people came over you yes image or and it had not chosen one during hot dogs you know learn hot funds in the other and you let language get back. Rolled. Restaurant she's innocent Kemp. How exactly do I'm. Yet this one is currently me. I'm stupid how much you want forty bucks forty bucks for upon more disappointed in your basement room. Put chip sooner. And it keeps him warm. You watch football all day Sunday just flat open grass warm guns in their liking God's awesome yeah. I like that idea a lot yes and I have done in the hot. Hot dog roller ball went on that whole thing going all day long well if you start going to their concessions stuff should get hot dogs rolling a bun warmer Marat and how many get all steps in and he's going to come around in my way if they aren't you cold sure that I'm gonna do well million dudes piston there in the eighties many did you just. I'm not our role I'm sure I'm gonna get it is gold plated sneeze guard which a million dude sneezed on in the eighties but you gotta have to sneeze guard. Nagano has a bar that all the stuff to separate but it's all prepared. It's my god is. Talking to me and actually I'm divided that is. It's okay signing a hot dog role Irvine is hot dogs all of a disease garden upon more homers and just put out on top of the night that that my truck no problem okay just broke. Just mind. I'll watch. That's. This might be. Oh they can mean to ready enormous team all that's perfect. I can't it can't be Toobin looks like it hooks up trek regular gasoline you should chosen these pictures to your fix it guy makes I'm sure he can do it. If you go down in your basement you take that back here can you kids get bigger and interview that play room anymore Marlins are hot dog roller down there. Is anyone other than can with this these government. You wouldn't want a living timber and they said right now hey. Same grades you can go live in Kemper we're not going to have done as long as he grabs a mentor and others yes I'd lived there. Man I just wonder. Own horn to blow the lid over it somehow home. When I'm getting. A fire pit built in my backyard. I bet you they could leave space for allow hot dog roller side office. Sheila hot dog roller going and a fire pit and and TV over there. Yeah. And this is a sign. NC. ORE. Well and this is like a sign. Because I looked through all this stuff in the united Suharto rulers who you ask thought man did you have some concessions up and Minnesota's US them IC it. With the bun warmer hours chip and bun warmer it's ten dollars current and register and are pleased behind several of current that it was talking. I think that you need to be 5665 my comfortable punished. And you do want to sneeze guard right. Not aiming at halftime and I think for ten bucks for mine as well throw in the countertop merchandise display with napkin dispensers. You can play designs aren't you got an app and has been unity that's notion that. And I need the seats that I watched and you can come over. I'll hand I don't want to be gross. Well clocking into a stadium bathroom and you are genuine gestation advised every day year gotten. You walk into a gas station and buy dinner every night thousands of people each night matches doesn't bother you which I actually just brought back to my house and didn't set it up and laid the Urals on the Florida nice and inflation live. I. And I'm going to be in my house sit in the seat that I watched the beastie boy for him. I'm just tore all the girls from Cameron through in my living room I'd feel safer in my house and when you're that. You've been arrested before. Yeah my hands. This is probably before body cameras and cell phone. Video via ubiquitous and everyone's arresting films and you've been a Russian before I have been arrested before and I think it was also before the cell phone video. Reassuring. He called us losers. Are good people get arrested him and especially some bad people don't know. You know doesn't get a Russian. People don't take chances. It. People play it safe all the time so that's a lot of that I'm you know I'm on my you know your abundantly average ticket. They're incredibly mediocre okay. Congratulations. There's been and carpet mediocre make you feel better. Actually just like having you around as we leave no matter what but at that. Don't worry. I'm in the same boat as you decide the same boat. It's a different boat but it serves similar purpose. Down but it's like to tell an. And then there's you know like a cigarette boat and then here on the panel vote. Mine puzzles like WU you have the same things trash and etc. vote in my police say cigarette boat. Not paddle around COL word hormones but but but but on the plus a raft and float trip dominance rhetoric at the there and I think of all the mistakes I made a never ended or were you aware. We just some little effort you don't think it's not even effort. Anyway there's been some good. Celebrity arrest videos. Who remember the Reese Witherspoon I love tarmac when we love more she said like you know it was one of those actually you know who I am kind of there is still the ratio was incredibly shoes she's injured and and her husband who was an attorney or whatever was like he's sorry go back inside okay reason it doesn't get a deal final payment bail us out it's okay issues like quiet sure Israelis. What's a girl from ridiculous it's Chanel west coasts she had one Ortega sitting out of a nightclub and sit same thing you know it's late at night. It's probably 3 o'clock in the morning LEP you're talking to her she's in the same thing do. Now how many seasons I want to be with something on the I always feel bad. For people like that because he. He dropped it in Foster drawn cannot say I don't know you. I don't think that that makes her a bad person is gonna think that it made reasonably of Epperson I actually felt bad for that video got out. And that rob deer embarrassments initially had to call her into his ups. Office made it skateboards and say hey Reese. Not Reese why it right here and always will face and now we really were and so now presented and again. Reese Witherspoon route I don't vision said I need some advice how to handle us. But now that everyone has cell phones there's obviously arrest videos of people who are not important like us. Luckily the last my got arrested guys like this I don't think cell phone villas. Where things rides I've mine I was pretty embarrassing I know that the cop who was arresting me I just kept begging him. To please stop doing what he is true. We've done nothing wrong and thanks but I just kept saying look we don't have to go through this. I'm admitting guilt right now I am admitting guilt TO. So we don't need do this and he was shot. Shut up and get back over barrels like OK and the nights are too many terrific look again. But when I really don't have to go through all of this. And then another cop pulled up to a new music and news guy I'll take. And eat in and taken to jail while it doesn't appear as I'd like to slam I serve is on his back. That there was heat he's say be my mother and are designed manually shut deleted him. Mean it was actually yeah that's a long time and I resented that and a nice and you know look I'm helping you. You may not realizes now when I'm being your friend arousal and I just started screaming friends don't let friends in jail. Who got super Paris closed the window on the follows I don't see you my friend as you're driving me to jail. I have a lot of friends none of whom would do that what you're doing. None of them but I'm violate. Totally guilty. But none of my friends really you're bring international. Prominence agent prison that's not that's not what friends do you mean don't don't change the way I've. For years now look back on that topic came because he put on this whole show is it. I know this guy you know he's talking the cop would vendors like I nosed guy he's miner act like 2000 NYC so pissed I get in the back was articles. I just say you officers also as a manager Jeremy really early segment. Save me all the way to jail. Boy are real charm percent of but will do admitted it was a good guy. I needed to be arrested I look average Alabama resident and unveiled I've been guilty I'm not a morass of not being innocent that's ever happened. But sound like don't call me your friends he was nice to me. My C rules as it took to the judge wasn't yelling at me he was he was he was nice nice to my dad I don't know this big dressing me earlier. And he actually said something about. I just dress you like almost exactly a year ago right on the street mistress as it yes. But also how high schools use the Coptic he got pulled over with alcohol it take a dump it out and he regulates. He didn't give you a minor possession and had left. Sony got you hooked on the jurors and then later on the other recipe for B are you bring up a lot of good points. Thanks body all right hey you know I don't worry about the boos did. I'll go ahead and hit you when you're 25 wreck your life such a because of the until 115. Nothing really happens and maybe eight I don't drive around drunk when I'm Tony 50. I don't know I didn't say that I did wrong. It's obvious to me were either wrong. The fills an alcoholic. I. I was. I could have been transporting some pain across the Mississippi that I wasn't supposed to cross county lines you've done that before too I know but. Why the Mississippi I could win now redesigned. Separated and a what was he didn't smoke in the mean it was trying to get here across the Mississippi it's I don't know those. To focus here. Now people get arrested there's body cancer cell phone video and this guy I don't know missiles for a church you go there's a bunch of mistress maybe someone has looked into and what happened in Illinois. He looks like he's probably in his late. Forties or did you of course he's also bleeding. And sliding so he's this is maybe not timid as best. I guess he's probably. I don't know how do you think this guy as I could save you. Mid to late forties there so I got fifty may think he's got one of those Rayon. Button up shirt sales got the Harley logos on stuff sent to know more right now. So I don't know why he's bloodied I haven't looked into it. And he's initially unhappy about being filmed because. He's guardian cops the cops are trying to escort into the car and he's not happy that he's being filmed. But. Obviously there's things you can do that are more embarrassing he might now say I'm not embarrassed for his video at all. What they do. Here you go. Our I don't know what he says there and I tried looking up he says this isn't acting kiddies something hitting home. Step but he's talking about some sort of television show or something was that camp called kitty not become not an added cost it sounds like he's talking about. Some sort of television show. At. Kiddie cone I don't socket killer commute home. Look to see if anyone knows I alassane. But it but he says basically what he's leading two years is he says go to performance on TV performance. Flurry. He's singing memories Pearl Jam. And you know he's he's got a pretty good set up by some and it turns out he's a huge. Pearl Jam fan but we. Very. Okay you. Yes he Pearl -- not yet received an ever and he gets confused about at this remember as a pro team as one guy was maybe some people argue the he's not religion. So now he is that the officers of the morass of their push you know walked him towards a car to get their hands and as a tour. After I don't look at my shirt look he's trying to show a tattoo I really wish they would have. Shown what it's. Sounds like he's got to prove intent to cross my old problems. So they try let you know obviously these are not allowed ten or don't ever maturity got to see it like now we can't Terry Nichols operations that I did serious come man is my. Okay. Any better man on I have the quote you're any any better man live or die right broke. I don't know what. How many times he cinema concert six. I didn't yeah except he's I didn't know that I got at those and those I gonna ID I guess I got it. But he's saying I got asked which I didn't know isn't as an alternate name for that song I didn't as I'd look it up are you do you everybody knows this and well you don't. And the cops are saying that's not a song that's on the size that it's a song man this song will look at us of the cops actually tellem all right I'll tell you what he's got strossen like we're gonna look at up in the car if we get final play. So they push the car like all right well and look forward if we can find it on the play for so I like to think that once he got in the car. They played in the song he's. Very. And I don't know. I hope I'm also lyrics are those the right lyrics general he's singing Nam. I know that song. Olivia homeless and I. Know there's does anyone of their little made in. Israel now. Alone. That is. Even flow. Not even gotten what he was singing want to currently are Sherlund yeah he got right I think so freezing and rest his head on the pillow made a congaree. Again Beaulieu loves it here in the car is. I got he got and I got escalade what's yours I got it so. Just in case I don't know he's an Illinois Casey streams of us who said about but I just I'm glad that people are. Filming everything on cellphones whom we are pressed is say he's saying can be pour. Losing to inform the same can be formed I don't know I think I don't like that a big deal this is an. All I thought he was saying why would you be filming the best stuff thanks kitty for. I feel good about their drums and you also know that you don't idealize or. I don't get it because I don't know residual for I huge saying he's saying I didn't do anything that bad guys are okay that makes a laugh anymore so that's the same uniform is I don't know why it just does a rule of thumb. Just don't talk just a little bit advise I don't care what you're getting arrested for I thought I just don't bring up kiddie porn domain and I'm real CA e.'s Q okay at I don't know. Iron there any child pornography. We're like okay. We were just gonna arrested for deal I would like to look around a little bit sir that's him like a weird thing to bring. Who are here I was at the John Kerry yes Tom I'm sure it. My case. At the I'm a little curious hey did you talk about kiddie porn Tom hey you. Have the I'm disabled gay people and that's why then it's a prominent to go and you don't nitrogen. And present his head I don't know mate got greedy but the kiddie porn and then it's only know.