Wednesday, 08.16.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, August 16th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump's press conference
    • Kimmel pleads with Trump voters
    • Baltimore Mayor quietly removes statues
  • 20:28 - ESPN aired a pretty tone deaf segment
  • 23:59 - A woman apparently got lost in the woods and Lazlo threatens to spoil Game of Thrones
  • 38:22 - Sports with Snowcone

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The righteous man is set on all sides. Selfish. And tearing the momentum. Belliard starts. Will strike down a number. I today. Look nice today. No I don't did you realize new crisp buzz sure you can tell that I took his straight out of the package in North Korea's Iran and we'll and donors I mean. Please call me when we're going to move my right right there. However is that guy who wanders around edges and so when news person and just wanders around this building aimlessly. Millions of people talking all day launch a gap eventually you'll find someone accord them. It's and we never really attended a new clues we go to war in North Korea. Well and good eating in Allentown it was raining. Remember he came in all we were on the air like her on the open the door to my you don't work at the station. He opened and are accusing guises does storm commonly watch. In an amendment. Rules what are your same outfit every day this thing it just to you again like I don't. There were people where it's a hundred degrees outside yeah take off the walls wondering keep pressure on the steps to. That's that's a big change you just cause he's on these guys requires me of those. When you don't people who are uncomfortable in the summer they can't do it and I like dumb. No one winner earned one of those death metal mesh them down and they do a video on the beach yet doesn't look. Hideout on the beach and elegant leather pants on Allegra and no logos look visually Donald. Know what's happening I joined us now I assume you are gonna like I don't know gallery resume barbecue. Because I don't even against you not say how are exactly what he what this is not also his side of the building. She works there are a lot of work to keep using key to both be locked to door to come to our side in the building behind us and our son amount walk circles. Until he finds out there and injure or rogue sales person matches. To be up here if any callers and held talks and you see these people literally with their I'm serious literal backs against the wall. And he's up there you know someone you know Milwaukee and only had over like a senior would talk to a freshman they sit in on. Is that you well you know all the stuff going around North Korea is gonna make sure we're ready. Our military is Liza mother so is our news station he sentences them to be. Subject line of the email sent to was like 20 that's right I can we forgot flock you may have forgotten this he's the guy that walked in on me. When I mean that's meant to enact I'd lock the door but I had a lot always would have popped open. And I was on my phone so I didn't even notice that the door was open I looked up and he's just staring at me I'm sitting on the toilet. Seeing militant left handset and he's just looking at me I know sorry I wondered how uneasy misty in the neck. So I city made a joke email sarcastic tongue in cheek email later. It's hey that was me I don't think we were formally met with Chinese funny about it right and he's city response like midnight. They just said. No worries. That's also a and everytime I see him now he doesn't say words mean I don't say a word to him he should ask him I don't know I don't wanna talk Tim I don't want. I actually like the fact that he doesn't feel comfortable ride united either one of us as he stops other people. Well I know them again but he's. He's avoidable and he's worth a void but yes there and it makes me happy to be deterred from the right after shootaround Tuesday. And I used to us. Just the start and he goes so. No we might be no Norman North Korea's Charlie Nolan do you need and I'm like us. Right usually go to. The sooner. Jim and others I think there's people you are unnecessarily cold towards he's now a model for. I think avoid bad guys. The world please. Makes no go go out and talk to him. Alter also go to look at it and so does not listen to lose his headphones on a Texan. Is it that guy's gonna be there for at least four and honestly I'm sure. Everyone's still talking about the press conference from yesterday which is happening while we were doing headlines yesterday and I'm assuming everybody results and comes about when I listened to and a columnist. I thought you know this is a kind of president we need guys calm cool collage did not only the hero we deserve and zeroing in level headed. I like to see thinks things through you know it you know he obviously was prepared for the questions. And then he had answers that were prepared and on point and I didn't see him get frazzled I thought you know I've. Donald Trump is not only Helm amendment hell president yeah we're lucky and lucky. To have him in charge that's he got from the southeast. Had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group and the other side that was also very violent. And nobody wants to say that. Mr. President are you putting what you're calling the alt left and white supremacist on the same moral plane I'm not putting anybody on a moral plane when I'm saying is this you have a good. You're 11 sided you had a group and the other and they. Prices paused when I hear him say that I think he doesn't know I it made me realize our dominant right now say moral plane I think he actually means I'm not putting into an on a moral plane and he's thinking. An airplane. Solicitous of the game is an eloquent and on a more on the same moral plane I'm not putting anybody you know moral plane when I was. This you had a good. One wonders just I don't moral plain before or right I've got my own damn plane I don't know anybody on it. Could sit on a tarmac for trying to clean it up there I better charge and done the last thing and he's a moral plane over the Helm that's just a sales in the world disrupted and power play just an aircraft failing American companies and. You legroom and the other and they came at each other ways clubs and who is vicious and it was horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch. But there is another side there was a group on this side you can call on the left do you just called on the left that came. Violently attacking the other group so you can say what you want but that's the way it is. Base usual and that's the way it is there might drop. So trump I that press comers as she was supposed to be press conference. About an executive order he signed to increase infrastructure spending he wasn't supposed to take questions though you can see his staff behind him going because I was an Asian woman Jewish guidelines are yours. Taking his place. And of course guarantees fanning. You can get it if she's always with thin frame and you can see here and I'm watching her reaction. When it was all over I had seen this car yesterday in C and Todd watching either Kimmel I think it was Kimmel last night. Did you see after the press conference and he walks away from the podium. He's walking off and see answers to cut away you know like all right well you just heard from president different. Blazers are talking like hold on maybe he's got more to say they collect music. Donation the you own a vineyard in Charlotte there's term what does this Roseland show is it. Please don't drag is the biggest thing in the world is very nice and a lot of us shows for you be surprised if this guy right won't stop here and Kimmel course said the guy can't I think it was and they just can't pass up the opportunity for free plug. Wish Monday you know Jimmy Fallon finally came out for the first time and said something about trump. Read the Tonight Show is not a political show but I have to address what happen in Charlottesville. And basically said that trumps response was unacceptable right and they got choked up this instance like you know and I get a man like. He's got to protect him disaster got him elected and there's more of them. Out there than we'd like to admit my its own weird world we're doing boy I really today announced a KKK a nazism by. She Johnny. That's my anger MySpace to block it and that's what I thought when flake who wind really walking on. Right toward it goals I think John Oliver was once seen on Sunday about. You all grass seems to do is denounce Nazis Nazis and I mean deep targets texting me just said after the press comes to season I don't understand. How hard is it to just announce. Nazis pacing is she an easy thing that we could all get finally. That was even the same level as got a files. I know we argue about everything but you know usually I just did skillet dinner at six of them bill as low left and right don't come together united and act right thing I don't know whether I was like moon Nazis. We're not so we're big fans. Well that you know the bushes put out a statement today. George Bush senior George Bush. Junior they put out statements saying junior painted it bait they must trump make it we need to reject racial bigotry. Their brother lets his Brothers and renal jab there he put it FaceBook posts up and actually called trump out. My name so a lot of people just an insult that not a ton of elected Republican officials there have been a handful muscle guy from Colorado and obviously you got that you know the McCain's of the world my eyes beneath you think at this point. And you don't talk about the late night stuff obviously called bears made. A living off of trying after trump now this is this has been bred by Kimmel hasn't exactly shy away from the trump stuff. Last night I don't know if you saw this. I was gonna say today B I guess you could actually see a last night usually feisty side from my next the next day. But he's scheme it kind of made a plea to people who voted for trump Kimmel live under any in essentially said look you know I I wanna talk to you. First of all I am I understand I can I understand why you were attracted to this candidate you were tired of do nothing politicians you were tired of all these broken promises. Here comes this guy who is totally different types you know just. He says and things that are occasionally funny any stock my drain the swamp he's gonna run the country like a business you're gonna buckle down maybe things get done and he said I'm gonna. A roll my dice not to mention your betting on horse that was like 35 to one odds and you didn't really think it would pay off there's a good chance that it wouldn't. And it did you like all right let's see what happens. And I'm using his own words here he is a total disaster he screws up royally every. Days sometimes two or three times today we can't keep up with a things come out of nowhere every day there's something knocks. But even try to ignore it because you don't want to admit. To these smug annoying liberals. Bet they were right. That's the last thing you want to do with truth is deep down inside you know. You made a mistake you know you picked the wrong guy. And it isn't getting better it's getting worse seeing into one of two things. You can dig in like like Chris Christie at a hometown about bank. You can treat this enjoys like you would if you'd put Star Wars wallpaper up in the kitchen. All right I got caught up I was excited and I made in the. So he goes on to say look we need you guys you know and it guys and gals who voted for trump. It's OK to say you know what. I don't like what's happening now this is not what I have. Was voting for when I voted for this guy he said look trump doesn't like being president he's miserable. But he's never gonna resign because of his ego drive and a lot of these do you think he doesn't like yeah. I guess I mean all the stuff that. He hates dean demonstrably wrong about things I think you really bothered and and he said the Electoral College was a joke and then he won by Electoral College so we said wanted to go find voter fraud. And I can go on our on the set that he's done recently called love but the golf thing you know we call our Obama all the time for taking vacations and spending money and play too much golf yet he can't resist. Taking all these vacations and going out and spending more money and I'm attention on golf and I think he wants out of that White House. I think that do I do I don't feel like like I think he likes the attention and combative news and all those things I think he. I think parlor is it but it would be super easy to just not every single play golf right. But he doesn't he doesn't because I think he likes to rile people up easy and we elected the ultimate troll. Well there's no way he can't be cognizant of these things Kimmel says that. The only way to deal with that because he's not gonna resign because it may maybe does on it. Just make him king. Make him king in the United States like you have you know the queen of England and he said building a mansion in Florida. And then there are the key areas and keep our bodies decaying and you Sully tension ever I was crazy when he comes out because vanity I think ten trump is there's a bad luck. Walt president trump also probably pretty bad luck I don't celebrate. When I wish I huge driving Nat king Charles possibly worse look yes yeah. Just like they did because it would feel like I'll let them think you news that president was behind Obama for him rice made him king of America. But when Daly knows it his power was stripped I'd I don't know I mean we were talking nonsense it was a joke but this does feel like. It's it's not. It's not so much partisan anymore. Does he like it time now where people who try not to be part of I mean we talked about Jimmy Fallon. People who aren't political are coming down saying. All right what the hell's going on. You if you watched that press conference yesterday even if you only watch clips of it watch all of it. As it's it's not EM I woke up this morning to text from my friends in Germany who watched it it was all over the news over there is that what the hell was that it's the right you know I don't understand. He's equating and he is talking about all laughed right end and which you know is clearly a shot in the fight right inside my honey you know permits which they did and all the steps of course next days. The fake news as saying well you looked. Not only did. You say all the wrong things. But he was factually wrong write about somebody loses out away from being factually wrong he just kept saying you know look I wanted to back I respect his ability to just say whatever he says wind conviction in my own mind he does it console doesn't have the largest vineyard in the world to know are going. So I could check the I would just assume that he doesn't. But you know just like a kind of assume that maybe he's not really a billionaire but maybe he has I don't know. BS PD does not. Pouring himself to things like hypocrisy gentlemen touchdowns and you can move on the road. Thanks Sharon I don't know man I don't think he likes it. I think he likes and every every once kissing his ass. Yeah surrounding him I I solved. Freezes and Adam individual I mean I'm sort of TV show is about to sort of sports are about. And I think he's getting I agree with the Stearns and he wants to be like when he came home last night. Ers are now stimulus and I noticed on Suzanne you really think he does and I think he's fine that's right he can't denounce the Nazis and white supremacy deserve to people like him. I got a but he doesn't care let me you don't like him and I'm black people like him doesn't do a good ransacked I think when he news on this and how are able to show when Tiki torches and see their loved. I think when he when he shows up to trump tower there's you know thousands of people seen on the streets in New York State's huge New York hates you. Feel like thank instrument I don't know the guy he's going based off what he was like before he ran for president. You know what I do love sun's intensity occasion does not affect me at all right. This is how long guys see you ruined the ending for Harry Potter fifteen years ago. Fortunately I know it's like trying to look from over all of these yeah he started a website wouldn't calling nobody talked. You couldn't even do that now what we eat what you did in that moment ruining the Indus has a Harry Potter book which. Susie Hillary's own door saint kills Dumbledore when she read in the book it's not like she got an advance copy of it she bought it at Wal-Mart and read I lie in the July issue. You know overnight heard during the day took the day off work and then she told us the ending. The book can now for 24 hours or right you couldn't do that now don't care would have already been all over the Sinai. On Sunday and then people protest and he he came out with you know he asked people to join them. He started a website. Which. Not that long ago we found a website which now. Still have resigned or something out there were your right it was like a single page and they still are few years ago I was very soon may I found them. And I called my colleges FaceBook page or maybe his Twitter something inch. Real mantown hipster. I was like am Andrew and I ruined her daughters and I don't talk to them. I forgot that's a fellow man. And we all got stuff on classless I gather I mean seeing your picture you got to have your girlfriend. And we're holding wasn't an advertising you know there's a kid in 9818 I enjoyed a nice of them went 1718 yeah. I like what the mayor of Baltimore did you see what mayor pew did in Baltimore you know. She's got some confederate monuments there in her fair city and she went to City Council and said hey. Let's get rid of these things but how about we just do it in the middle of the night when nobody's going to be around we'll hire some contractors. They literally came and there's video of this they came in between 113530. Last night and took down all there monuments around Baltimore Sun known would know it is a wake up and they're gone the liberty Jones and inflation now. And I thought that is enough grandstanding enough speech is being made here is gone. You know I spoke with the council. On Monday morning I spoke with the president City Council. I said a whiff the climate of this nation but I think it's very important that we move quickly. Can quietly. Get it done she said find out so they when it warmed down to turn down one of them look like a big driver released session but I don't know they'll look the same to me into. It's all those white racists in their graves creek votes. It did good giant won the other thing too man and don't look when you talk on the statues and diagnose over the amount I don't tradition being in places are entering the building is like a I want my essential life I don't. It's just a restaurant I was on the horse did Robert. So just old fashion disaster. And install on Jackson was in charge of Atlanta when he and his cameraman. All that kind of nasty I thought you meant the Q you know start ask for someone at a bar like Ulysses as grant and you just can't beat the crap out of the odds and Stonewall Jackson who was in charge of the land only dimly. We whoever had no idea came and burn to a round last time teacher talks must Stonewall Jackson's seventh grade. I think Dutch and I think I'm historically accurate and knowledge and that's. That's headlines. I think I remember that because. Braves played the Yankees in the World Series a link up front out. I think there's a sign in the crowd looks on the last hour game and we burned out you're sitting killed storm it's just something translate well today. You see the this screen grab from Fox News Tucker Carlson no I think it was last night. Said you know it's picture of him and he's got his little. Whatever that letter boxes next armistice talks stocks you know it was a right releasing a rally seems like she's been so no spends owners and then what ever. This is Tucker's thoughts and topple says slavery is evil okay good deep thought their doctor. Next time until 150 years ago slavery was rule. And the next thought played O Mohammed as tax all owned slaves. Those are the three dots he was haven't actually received evil. Most legal and Jonathan years ago. Recommended doing Muslims had a lot of people and it's really slowly going back to that first one again. That's any do Tucker focus on the first. And let's not focus on these other things right now right now when you did just make sure that you are in agreement that slavery is evil is not so sure. Class a shares and doesn't really he believes that I need to know for sure I'd like to know I don't think that I think he's done Clinton on national. Yes physical more sponsored event tonight at its all. A lot of all right did you see they ESPN fantasy football auction segment known. I don't know who has yesterday do for is I just saw on dead spend there's a video I get it let's say you must have happened just day before yesterday. But. ESPN was doing their skit. I don't think domes before or not they are doing the skit. About a fantasy football auction like I was close refining it's supposed to be funny they brought in an auctioneer rate. Enhanced. Their auctioning off. NFL players the problem is they're. Crowd is almost entirely white including the guy doing them auctioning auctioneer. And the players. Are. Mostly black so I mean here it you don't wanna see it. Except for our Jimmy and Antonio Brown 220 dollars and on it a little one of them until this morning did the latest bit of unemployment and about a about a lot of politics tonight video any good at 1130 dollar bid wind chill of thirty vehicle that's what I thirtieth I'm not gonna this is not a 7038. And everything on my fortieth on the mid month 41 another big 234549. Dollars. John Arnold on its. Well what an hour and a lot of crazy. You know lines. There are not racist. That is a dumb. Look. Like once you're doing it feel like I own crap. That's correct I don't because Antonio around latest 52 million dollars a year and it's about as was real funny joke about. Dork you white dudes who played fantasy football right I data. Once you see like our world auctioning off black men don't they rehearse it Ryan and I like him let's do the auctioneers are you around got to be like hey man. That I I don't wanna be like the social justice warrior of ESPN but I'm telling it like just looks bad. If you're going to do this. Start whereas. Tom Brady. Alex Smith Ryan ya been man made it won't matter. But that looks really really bad like we've all seen many series where is that looked really bad it's not a good idea. Dead spend says I don't know if this tone deaf fancy football auctions segment the SP into aired. With its going resemblance to a slave auction means that nobody involved in its direction salt or understood the movie get out. Or if they've never ready history book or if they're all just really dumb. Nor do I know which of those options would be worse right I feel like it's that it was a dumb move. They wasn't thought through but I thought actually it was an intentionally racist. I don't believe the damage you know Matt. Room. A blind guides our history that. Yeah so like I'll come run. You know because if someone within why don't you write someone did watch some mercy and thought yup looks good to me pretty funny that's the problem right. I'm glimpse triple. Right because nobody was like hey man did you guys did you have IVRoots did you have I don't know the strategic and day is line. I don't success we got sick but I suicide bombing. The guys told I'm a little bit older than you guys there's as many series are a long time ago and I'm not expecting a really good book and book you know I'd. Like Kendrick Lamar made reference to affect us just something we should stop. We revisit the I think if the creator of it so. No I don't think she's too where you see the pictures over. I did yeah. I mean that doesn't look like someone who was faking it now right at if you look. Almost every story as the pictures of her before a picture of her face. Did you see the pictures of her legs. It's one of one of those sites Els and had pictures of. Her. I hear did you see this all I can look I. And I'm a leg madness and right me too that's maybe that's why it sort of she looks like. It looks like VI looks like I father's alleged or sort perhaps fathers like design. Ma am so is not a good luck this girl Sheldon thinks she's 2525. Lisa Ferris. She you know. Was found alive after going missing in the Alabama wilderness for a month of that might say that as my mom spot. There's almost a month let's close out the caller month. The story is that she was. I guess with a couple of guys who must have been friends of hers. Shia she knew them some now they decided they were going to go rob a hunting lodge. Right and she didn't want to go rob a hunting lodge she so she. Jump out of a cargo McCarty they ditched her issue in the woods the engine never found a way out and she's been missing just from Louisville she's been missing for a month that says you're missing Alabama right to choose from Lauren hill somehow did they find her in Georgia. I don't know I'm really can. Manila this now more home almost sixteen years. I'm I've never seen and my wife's. All right that's deputy Chad Faulkner he's a bullet county share. Zaher here's where she came out was. There is his brother will work counts the moment she got a text message from his mother after waiting weeks to hear anything about his sister. Let me. Only those you love alive Lombardi Saint Mary's men in the past few weeks in the woods. Having survived on wild berries and mushrooms she moderation. They say she got her water from Greeks and much you wanna. Royal Leo yeah you know it's. Kinda reminds me. How would hurt more on the full run Larry my only in all I cannot drink yeah. The sheriff's department is still trying to determine what caused everything ends up in the woods for some more. A whole lot more to stores normally used only stand tall women walk all warming and the signs are. We are right there the sheriff says there's a lot more of the story right to be sad and a heart warming at the same time when he said that I immediately. It's started thinking conspiracy of some sort what's the sad part is it would she is this a joke are not a line was this is scam. What's the sap or maybe he just made it's sad because she lived in the woods for a month and had to eat berries and give eaten alive by law. Well police say they question. Men who were allegedly wind power around the time her visit here and mall they continue to investigate heiress is recovering from her or deal with her family. It was a relief to have her back coal. Well if nothing else she lost fifty pounds so coroner trying to drop some LB's maybe this is there you know I loved ones and I was gonna say. I don't think you get lost in the woods for a mom passed. Feel like we don't have enough woods laughs and she was from other road I mean I guess should take a thirty days to find I was let's say all of that. Until I read issues from Louisville. And then I feel like I almost lost you and our friend in Louisville for thirty days when you guys would let's strip club and they locked the door behind you and I text or use and what he's doing his own doing. Single man stuff. There's a good chance I could have never seen you again. Well but that would have been that's that's a little different if they're set after thirty days it was you and our body. Still missing in the woods. And survive they've found you and Alabama you've found he and I in the woods a month after that strip club ordeal I would've been shot I think we were of all known that he and I were up to something other than hanging out with for the last month bad debts fluid and a cover story for so I think and you just assume. Affects so something went wrong somebody's dad. There are in the woods hyping. I don't know what happened here because every story is. It looks like detecting more one. Local news outlet. Covered the story and everyone else just reprint today because I couldn't find anything they had more information every article says the same thing about how she was with two guys that wanted to. Brought a hunting lodge. She didn't want robbed hunting lodge somehow she either you know she got separated from then she either got a car she got dropped off and she ended up in the woods. If she was there for almost a month until this driver from Florida. Was on this back road and saw her sitting by the center or she said she thought it was a day animal first and then she got closer she realized it was of a person. She went over and you know realize she is alive and called for how. Pulled me and I saw the pictures and it doesn't look. Just one more time take a look at they look at those scams and room. She's leather. This had to shoot each day by bugs. And you survived on berries mushrooms and Ottawa are assured that who is I don't know if you saw a picture or no. Because those gangs of that's kind of what you make my your mother it's good thing name Wear tights I guess to slow low hill up just fine I'm glad she's alive. She's on and Helena star rating language they just nationalist fifty pounds. I could use crawling around in the woods well yeah I guess you don't have to do it just drink water and he Mary's. Yeah mushrooms berries and muddy water there's and I do eat mushrooms are neighbors different I make me hungry. Oh and they do have that you guys early don't you guys are Davis. And. All god damn still don't book them. Game of Rosalie. I know he freaked out injury or no please don't please don't. Don't why. Because you'd get in trouble like Harry Potter thing again don't do it it's information. HBO aired it in Europe. Okay accidentally put I don't wanna hear about I'd like to watch it on Sunday HBO and we're best friends some fast and they put it on. And it said he did some funny man as episode by. Us with bananas I thought man just happen by anyway. They said that it did it leaked on HBO nordic and HBO some analysis found articles please dollars and I'm not even talking right now. And now you're thinking your cell phone when you rather rumor there's O'Connell was back behind your listeners. You know I was going to do drones are considered episode is crazy. As it won't go home and don't wanna watch it no knowledge of what some of my best for the past. I'm crappy quality you guys have downloaded to down there and just. But why can't I just tell you if you should know what happens I know don't you man people gonna do at home father are there won't bother me like it bothers him I don't. I can make up stuff I can still watch and don't care and HM. Please don't. But so far has gotten so into it just really need this season now he's. See he's our senator formation of the capitalism. I'm not logged in tune attacks on a divorce and a change in the station that I want to be ruined. Okay it was a that's dumb they mistakenly made an episode available for streaming in Spain Sweden Norway Denmark and Finland. I tell you guys take guesses as to what Amazon's alias and you looked it up so you don't really I read all went calendar. Are you into Sugarman. Some pesto wanna think about Sunday. What about it I think about our time my other favorite time of the week. I don't even avenue guests may use it all those stats from last week member. And indeed those snacks watch and other things. Off. What other people not only as old boy you're not around. OK but it's always action and other people man no he's not. Own joke about. There's a dragon involved but. I got you wanna dragons gets killed. Just thought is how sorry. I don't ask don't stop I didn't say that. Talk about a Mohawk and I'd like to watch his own the day. And he Tex lines pissed I didn't say that bat bush I'll Haley is providing the atmosphere for him to say all. They've shut the movies at the mood about whatever drones don't do it. When he signed that contract or whatever it was game approach to know what to Harry Potter thing I did. So let's decide hmmm I have doubts or she is pregnant so her legs dot. Some best stuff manage. Are somewhat similar to the kind of not really dead. I made up right I'm on that and if I didn't really dealers make stuff I David I said there's a Dragonball reports the right to go to these. They got him and of that window and I don't care. Buck doesn't involve the courts there as its general thrown out of it when I bandwagon dozens ride and involved. In some incest user and I was right that is and I heard dragon and I knew that I didn't say anything so yeah. I didn't read any Irene and I don't know let's put it this way. I really enjoyed the show the fact that it leaked I'm not gonna run home and download that I can all wait until Sunday to upset I'd rather finish up Ozarks tonight horse you know. Stick with my regular scheduled to write programming. I can wait until Sunday. But it's some sort of some you won't believe. This happened this happened that would really drawn. Watch it anywhere and yeah I would remind me chip it would drones in accounts but I didn't read it I think you cry. I'm let me get a funny scenes ever happen there's a Dragonball to him that upset of strength and tell you something manners or dragon and mauled. A major hand in some incest. Too much. It. That is game after orange if you're the person actually posted. To. Each whatever the equivalent HBO go is in fraudulent or I'm guessing you're done you're done for. Announced a publisher and how does that happen. Yeah. So what can happen when you lock yourself much for plumbing moon. You allowed to talk to monitor you signed an agreement confidentiality there was certainly no agreement of confidentiality. I'm not gonna say anyone's name but I would go to find him and he's sitting. Our mutual friend sitting in there and middle of the strip clover and there's a royals and Arizona where there and I said hey. Thanks for waiting. Let's go because everybody I've been back to get my pieces including him and we come out and he's done any sane and I said all right let's go when he said I can't. I'm waiting on some. Passive waiting on who I'm thinking he means what you guys someone else have been down there with us. Now the Cory Wade and he said only a one of the girls she got a clock out I asked him why it's. You you you're doing this thing. Like arena everyone at some point zone differences I think this Jackson amendment runway four processor to McDonald's. He was doing Natalie Lorena waiting across the street we are waiting there. I said marriage I don't own pretty drew nor I don't think we're supposed to be here. Mean he's like general they know that I'm in here I think there's nobody else in here the woman who owns a place I don't see your I think she might have left is like. They know we're here. Obviously I said man we at least have to wait outside. Affect we're gonna get their us civilians. So finally we go outside we stand out front and she comes to what the owner comes out she was in the back and she comes out that why you guys still here and he was like on whispers that no you're not. Told you this so this would go c'mon do we go off front she's behind isn't she locks the door but not like locks are goes back and she comes up and locks the door tomorrow as a way. So we're sitting up front with our sort of cigarettes and I was like man I really don't think this girl's gonna come out. I don't think she's gonna come meet you accusations that she had to go back doing whatever and Alison just feel weird about standing here right now waiting. Well next thing we know we stood there for quite awhile my belly too long. And you see this car pull around from the back and it pulls up in drives through the front part you are there were restraining. And it's filled with all of the girls who just been working their on this car dealers three in the back into in the front. And one of them gets out she got like a laundry basket don't count as she takes a laundry basket and puts another car and closes the door. Gets back into the car and they drive office it was one of those girls earlier you were waiting on it is yeah. I was like OK so we're gonna go now officially unveiled a match Roush who now we call maneuver. And then we drove around for very long time and you were he wanted to go to multiple ATMs. I did not understand what's happening to a guy. The Euro it's always interesting never know what's gonna happen next. Michelle don't know Oslo stop. I enjoy the show I didn't say anything Gabby I know you're doing a look forward to once a week it's all I have in my life this look how that. I didn't say anything yet but you're going to hunt at a southern I don't I don't want to be. Overly dramatic sometimes though I'm not gonna tell you. I just will say no the president I'll tell you. And incest ball one of the things that happens is probably craze thing that's happening at least. Two seasons and I'm looking forward like we don't tell me what is Brad wedding crate I'm walker again. I can't believe man this is always hazardous to your rent a good. Let's just say it. Paris or are they were thrown should definitely senator and now he's really know miss six years ago man on man on man. The line. He's. How are you good. What's going on sports was so don't. That that's what reason. I try to talk to me you wouldn't take off your headphones you noon because you don't like me wanna here any thing. And try to tell you rated news sports you're and yes I will pause. While technically I can saying nice don't own nation outcome. So what's going on sports you know moral issue will now. Look at the predicament you got yourself when I was in a matter anyway find jobs or has never help me in the sports at all. It lets you dislike what's going on his porch boom boom that's not always do that price and value you just tell us about storage. Eight ounce gloves approved in the Mayweather. I saw more than supposed to revive. And then there's sand when I say they someone who's on me graders to exit on I Xena not come out now we get these eight ounce gloves it's over you know and knock out Mayweather early. I guess it's only got a lot of we gonna watch. They are you guys interest in watching live via Oca that. I know like the Mayweather packing your account you go to other pop it in order. Well I was gonna try to trio who Zorn I'll Warner. So those new order to. Most of I don't miles or uninvited hundred dollars legally sold as an order then we go there. I'm not in order because it's underdog in our puppies and chip and who. Meat and whoever else trailer and Steve. I'm your buddy Jesse Sherlund failure Oregon allows those house perhaps and I'm just before the war on Michael Russell's they're not invited. And so I appreciate I don't wanna little goods and watch it it was a hard shall different hearts of those houses. He's got his yeah he's got it here and multi port and on all of the TV strange the small seeking to own an era we want and Noam I'll order food to have them goes like that. I'll order food embarrassing. On some pot. Oh yes I know you will resume on inviting you think he wasn't a hockey team all right so they approved eight ounce gloves and you'll watch the fight until it's on the Internet the next day what else is sort of apartment on Twitter. It's royal learn. And the royals are. The game ended from Kansas city bowl while ago the third game would next say yesterday you mean two days ago when it's game out of wildcard. But what about now. That's assaults that they've they've played since then. Yeah. Unknown. Alone on the there behind the twins there are. Wild card game that they're one game. Went on a wild card game. There's a transfer w.s the GB. Okay did you are one game back from. And while LeBron is going to be leaving Cleveland apparently. The royals won today by the way. LeBron really in Cleveland and are all that's. Greg game behind me Angel shape for tiger in Minnesota and broken huge story here as I'm talking about it. Well runs moving to Minnesota when it is mixed what you votes that prompted an astronaut. When you say about LeBron there's a story will bronze relationship with cavaliers owner reportedly beyond repair and the story coming out today that he's going to be leaving Cleveland. But he has that there's an actual strategies like these leaving or Basel as well as the rumors yet there's rumors. He's going to share sources are saying that these girls are your sources though sources us all alive. Sort of a better view soon just much damage yes my sources. Speak or talk. That's the big story. Iger and see you guys are so certain. I'm not I'm saying that's a good how much we we we milked that eight ounce glove thing c'mon I and I know me now I'm back on Sunday. But how Larry game behind the angels should. Twins. No angels but tied with a twinge. Of course that. No which now he's shown all right that's sports are tied with the twins. A gamer behind the angels two and a half games behind new yankees exactly. Okay. LeBron or bras reportedly going to be leaving Cleveland. Might not like Cleveland anymore. The royals all the owners world want our team from Kansas City couple games back whatever eight ounce gloves in the McGregor yeah I loved that's your sports. That's it that's it's a benchmark segment thank you. I played into an X. Something has been watching your question please watch what the fight. No. Many middle part in my house and doing well. Telemann I assume for the July Ellen time remember herbs that. He's got food drive oil he's too small. And try to meet. My sixty inch curved TV in the basements too small for him. I'm sure looks fine on Twitter. You can catch up lawyer at the a foundation. Yes I'd rather insular little better tedious sounds better sounds. There's a million miles away. This is happier place I'm not paying a hundred dollar and evidently I don't know just that you don't have any money call money by the okay. Just got to sell some stuff all figured out. We need to borrow my credit card again. Though he spent your money out cucumbers and I was trichet is owed money by the and we want to play. On a decent sized TVs because it's announces them. Back that's it no chiefs news no royals are backing game they won today when is it. The fight but the Tony six there's in the does that sound right was the fight sports guy or sixth. Now when is it really. At a later date. The 26 a lot of things for us. What I was sent. GM. I don't know. You know take five hours or Saturday or shall Gaza Saturday. Should you wanna come over tall order now. Yeah I meant. I'm not as Shannon's beating her leadership isn't you talked about. Have raided his house I don't know ago but I doubt that he Korea. Additional body control of the solution. I go to. So Kona I think I'm gonna watch him throws and I. Idea of earth actually your own. It's good quality I don't want horrible quality. So that means probably know. No game with rounds on Sunday what is the most you'll watch it again we'll do something else what else. We're gonna why I we're gonna wash your toes tonight. Probably since everyone's thirty spoil and a British as we Jeanne including unit now let's file Parnell. Good for. I'm out of town. This weekend bunker. So it's pride fest that we just watch it deaths on shepherd Hitler three so they created a socialist. I don't know. Okay no and orders. Did you hear what happens in this episode of the if you wanna know now ought to tell. I wanna say on the air as an owner ruin it for people but can I take off here chuck. Boca. Actually to get a new need to watch it. Sincerity now rather all of yeah. He. Of once that's crazy some. It is ominous note photos are filling in his modular vision can be certain actual minutes. By the Austin that are. Or two weeks and not stress on vacation when someone was in my house doing something in my house. Why won't learn center catch. Well. Stoke open door and I neighbors there and Aaron and neighbors can get in there. And have a car he shouldn't they kept saying that they were trying to get in there. And then hearts those Italy Mickey's hearts and I'm leaving in the keys and he didn't miners have we still can't get in. Now Susan know exactly what happened while I was gone other than the cats were alive. And why federal lunch there were. The first David and nobody of rats trillion. Someone I don't really been MI bad articles. Someone had been in my bed. I was not an event and event for us a little bit left and Jesus Christ she really does add a mastery freaking old Boston reporters underwear. Want to go to some 1000 lay in the bed you later my better washed forensic files ICV. In the living room to work Rosh. And fly away and you only job by the thin you're amazing that an ice. How soon as someone just how soon would this be easy is that China UX ten neighbors we over the set to house sets and I'll show you the text you or I would ask you how. It just think they're you said you could do you can sleep there exactly and a hundred houses and it is it is how often is Santa going over there. Regulators prejudge everything inside and they just gonna close it was like an hour launch of and I went out of bounds so much remains to serve it. That's a good. What a weird for us all I was in someone's gonna event they someone's been in my bed watching forensic files and that's why no room. Anyway you like you have. In a funny hats. And we can't beat him. And find skin and my roommates and look just beyond just me. This will be the 11. Shot and I Walt PS sat swear the did you raise some. Lose you over there to your friends bring some losing over and I was there for a Alley there IG go after work one night. Swear area. Our hearts floors or otherwise maybe. He would tell me about it. Art facility using the TV in the living army did say that I'm. Some restriction on what he's been. The rise whenever whenever I'm here zones that are going to. That stink and good.