Wednesday, 09.06.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, September 6th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Hurricane Irma headed towards Florida
    • The ol' wallet scam
    • road rage on the plaza
  • 37:57 - Couple faces 6 years in prison for filming porn in public places
  • 50:37 - Sports with Nick Wright

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There's still smells like Putin yeah yeah that's impossible no journeys came to me today instead. That she saw. I think Danny boy talk through this morning and said. He was really sorry. About the smell and he's never seen anything like it that's what happened yesterday were more Lasik. It was ventures dog and I was. Group okay he's he's never seen anything like this is via journey okay that they are very very very sorry and it they tried very hard to clean up and part of the smell he thinks. Is the mix of all the different Kimmel chemicals used to trying cleaner and our. So he's and he's apparently said the same thing like I can't believe is still stinks and I can't I mean I thought for sure I have been on the agenda Putin trashing. That's because now I mean I'm not I was so French. It's French. What ifs. Yeah I didn't tell us happens where a place where you can bring dogs to work so that happens you know it's cold whatever but my god. Yet it's dog has improved problem that made me think that what what happens is has to have them happen on airplanes now causes dogs on airplanes constantly now. So what do you do if you don't does Aaron airplane and you imagine if you were an airplane I haven't there's no demo dog goes out and I want thereby jumped out the window a I rather die. So apparently that's what it was it was pillow. In shoes he wouldn't feels that she was -- ago. One hopes she's feeling better calm the dog status that the dog was sick but. I don't know how to do this because that I've you'll often now are rhythm is off due by July 8 Mac. Now just get started when the world body to steal headlines. Ask me do this dad thinks so or else I'll still we are now that we need I don't know what user John that you think we need them to the music there is Allison who that we didn't. I text from my side you intention red eyed children trying to be nice storm I don't assumes or you receipts don't. Why no plays out no matter who do everything now trying to get as I've tried which stood side recession and there was later tonight. Conditions and rooms and tackle them. Nothing nothing that's why is I'm. Thing I don't know how to combat system works but you let down a customer last night OK and then at CN. I'm sorry for us all elated bottom line is yeah kind of name kind of rude. You deliver food to people I ask her talk about it I will be making fun and I'm not I'm really wanna talk about. I thought here if you're outraged I'm gladly throw you a few shekels and if you brought may have been early hour. To a zero or up three times house you need your years here user rating don't. I forgot to ask you about I think apparently you can't deliver. If you use user rating goes below a certain point and so it's just hit that line now he's like underlining. And he hasn't noticed on Hollywood's young that's likely you know people are giving you bad ratings and apparently was basically a web site like. In the first week they know that one like battery can just thank you. So they don't what did you do to get a better I have no idea and then we talk about point 00 down the equipment and zero. Scalable undefined policy. Nonexistent at the I tried to talk about the good and none gang. Beyond where. There's a girl was like that. I worked here she is really nice today. You know and as anybody inviting you and for women such yeah. Things of that storm around. When I was in high school lunch or do John Ayers and a big light you know a game and resort to the kind of. Holiday and as a room service guy. There's I was like man I'm an addiction you played so much. My dad would drop me off like at 6 o'clock at night and worked on two and a mortgage. Nothing and never won there. And one noon I had such news. Into auto business. I mean that's such somebody wanted to censure. And she started towel. Just fine. I mean you know hotel you know I get it I mentioned the door my underwear for a pizza guy before this fine but in June Jones foundation would you like to commend. Now Sutton. Just saying. Kind of view definitely as human kindness and I know sadness killing two young. That happened now I'd say yes right. Plumbing and aluminum yet. Told doesn't call me. Ask I don't but the there is I was there. If he ever talk about it you know I've been sent him away and being very. Oh my god teen dies after five bags of next week's Ecstasy exploded in her stomach. Cheney's law student from where a closet and out laughing. I'm out of touch science says laughing is because of the snow come every time snow cone goes. To a place he takes a pitch he says you really don't know this place a very good talk. Yeah well inside job. You know that Joker yeah. Five bags of us dads as a teenage lawsuit and from Britain died long holiday. After five bags next to explode in her stomach. Rebecca Brock eighteen was discovered the blue blood and exert had no hotel room after traveling to the party silence her friend's birthday this spring and you're a part of the island. Issues and some island d.s or something yeah I tricked up thriller movies in Nottingham corners and action but it. Don't go relax. She's academically you know brand wrote that is she insane. Is that one is insane I told a local band manager ready psychologically Tillman next. But nobody wanted to. Wear them. Don't swallow bags of drugs kids don't do that exhibited here. Don't do that five bags next to see this well known and unknown. Associated me like a mule. Assumption figure out already Shuster you know it's crunch time there. You Margarito I'd say like the bags on the banks or small. Or five bags worth as my question is should be saying things and you'll. Hold so earnings director of rock for mom's name was is Margarita Barack. And pain and hurt her death or an annual. Spanish authorities say five bags were found which were wrapped with elastic bands OK I say it was probably have been. Four hours before something happened. Rock revealed our daughter had openly talked about experiment with cocaine in the past but did not think she would have taken so much axiom one time. She tried cocaine with people she knew. And people around her she knew. No denying. So. The parents. And parents in general are shown IE right. Denying that night. And then you know once she tried cocaine but surely do the people she knew when people around that she knew of course. Of course. That's how my dad and explain my crack problem and early ninety's did she really imagine resolved crack cocaine it was only with friends. All the friends. He called the guys slip up. Sure it's referred to ms. grant them. Yeah but it race evident. So does it go upstairs and anybody any problems you know Seagram. Grandson review I just decided when he died and I don't know. It was hard to education grant that sometimes you couldn't hear I decided I'd try my head. Enough that Sandra and their answer. This is on the morning of September 28 she was tragically found deceased. In the hotel room Spanish authorities gave the cause of death as an adverse reactions to drugs and a ruptured body. No luggage. I didn't. Times are tough. And a college degree ain't worth what it used to be. And like college degree is orange. Used to be MA AMD student loans and nobody is paying you because you put in all the time and effort to get a college degree NN. They want you work experience too I mean just kind of stock and so weird place right leg and one point and in really need to work experience you could just get a college degree angle I'll make money announce like you need balls and there's no way to really get balls. So you just kind of stroke like college doesn't really help doing work experience literally how did you. Comes stock. I'm Janet and so you gotta make some tough decisions. Hold off Colombian drug mule like just to hold back for a minute because you don't just want to swallow. Bags and bags of heroin and try to get across the border would back. Hawk I'm not saying don't ever go ahead and take that job there. But I'll make battle last one is your last resorts. Become a dad in the same vein is selling your genitals for money right. Just Callaway. And finally this evening out being a drug realism I must work. You know sex workers honest work you know there's a lot of things. What makes those last resort type of things. You know October a lot of times like worst. I watched a lot of locked up and throw your thoughts and nice. Still I would say at least 85% of those people. In the first quarter that. Our winner and explain what happens say so beach no money and I thought. So little money. You probably do it and so I did it in the first time the only thing. That's the thing that's the moment where they make it sound so nonchalant like I just thought I'd put these drugs in my underwear and go across the world. Sure already a Third World country on vacation I'm already nervous being the Third World country on vacation I'm sure the beaches are beautiful but you don't have any rights you know what's going on don't know. Is there violence at the border have you done your research and checked with the State Department seeds it's safe to travel there. The last thing you wanted to do was to chair when I address. Ask and you wanna do is next the last. Well. At the border but as a rule stingy when dresses like you know you don't need to really get on airplanes. Already get out whatever. Walked into that airport. Our my commanders never struck airline presents I'm not saying enough of the nerves and I I have a heart attack rides. Just assume you're not gonna get away with an. I'm Julie you don't take chances and never make anything and themselves it's true too. Drug dog combine and the drugs and go to Africa. I know I get that same feeling there in a drug dog it had and Casey unless some I was there are MC nine inch I was in. Because I hadn't seen before just enough to have this kind of freak out like maybe there was Simon Cowell of course it's that feeling you always think. Lately I mean I'm always on the defense's team leaders Ayman kind of guys in trouble I knew I didn't have any drugs army so I didn't really free download. Manager Bob woman Susan doesn't move is a drug dollars on a bomb dog and shutting an honest claim I get that much bad stuff kind of starts to make me nervous like. I don't like the idea of cops. And it's not that I don't like cops don't get me wrong like hold like and the cops. In military types fatigues. Wind and I'm trained animals and like and another console like you CM of like you know. Big guns I don't know what those are some on a gun ninth but it and all that makes me a little nervous not because I feel like you're gonna do anything to me. But I feel like me boy Justin why why were planning for war right here man I am just. Trying to get to Chicago. That's it. Actually go to a cubs game. But some. So once I got aluminum barrel on my passion. Lots of personal use only going to Chicago. That's totally different story I'm talking about being in Thailand and trying to get across you know. Don't airplane and get to Cambodia or something might get an abundance can't do that it's. Those girls her dance team. Eventually it's that room. And half shots and yeah I don't remember him I mean there's permanent midnight we know that one and and Ben Stiller right and then there's. Paradise lost that's it Perez is Vince Vaughn. Goes to Thailand and saying you know I don't know spoilers from the moon tonight unity threesome. Renters. It's fantastic partner. I man that was contemporary in the wash and you don't. Whatever now my thought is three this season behind losses there had engine paradise Australia like I'd like to see that movie I didn't know Mannesmann was in a movie youth. Where there's prison on Broadway and and hash I'll go I'll go watch it. And there's no reason why you should of watched it before. Obama charm game with rounds in the real key Bob Bergen I'll stay away from on TV radio whatever accounting. Current eventually I mean he can do. Two people have to water cooler talk about game as rounds I just I'm not that's not my job. Return to return parents and let's send you work as well the next week's episode that was a Manila right. Music. And yet you. I did but notably mission. Center and I can get. And I knew that Richard would every thought I was getting. I'm pleased nor had lunch. Oh generally don't spend Jones told swallow drugs and sort of survived. I don't know that to sell that story yeah it's. Now that's account. Don't start counting until now. Hurt dean. Irma. Obama you know she's wreaking Havoc down there. Yeah why she now my parents Hainan island called and while congress adjourns on a target on the Gulf Coast hired outside rim. Tampa side. So should the other side. My associates. And unless I don't gallstones should be the other side crisis that's coming up. Through the Caribbean and hitting a lot of blood from the burdens that Puerto Rico in early I'll do that time really start to go disorderly Sergio this round loser like three hurricanes. Well there's only live like on some sort of hear growth. It has been happen to be living in the cities and hit. Remember how bad and you guys. Remember how batting in your thoughts at that that's the bad. The governor's same net Irma is bigger and stronger. Governance florist warning everyone this one is bigger and stronger. I just saw things really are stronger and commander and something Tomlin ninety got a girl's name 90% of bird. It's not going to be Shaughnessy the turnaround stronger. Two point angrier. I just saw listen up boys dancing girls instead they've actually done studies on and they thought that it storms that turns out there's no difference now. 90% of bird is destroyed it's on. And decide headline and look up burden it's silent. Burden that they say it and you're done bearden. Burden anyway her mother's. On the news. As her team are mad barrels westward through the Caribbean islands. Florida residents are boarding up and filling up long lines at the pump with some places already running out of gas and is not there again patient. And I'm going to sparrow. I mean to Torrey tourist evacuation is under way in the Florida Keys. That many precedents are also leaving as Irma when of the most powerful Atlantic storms in the century it's expected to make landfall in South Florida on Friday. A lot of hurricanes. So Richard Branson says he's you know. Owns a lot of silence on. Instead they're hunkered down his wine cellar when the staff. From the worst. When I hate trees so much worse that I just saying like that's stupid if Richard Branson texted me right now and said he had. You wanna come a mile an online seller I mean like. Yeah yeah I know I thought I has always and I believe it is so they're trying to Dario I'd Thursday Friday Saturday as those really does hurricane thing coming through UN in my. And that's the best. Best sure. The worst thing that happens you dying. Okay. Concerns may run even then I mean that people really behind. It's a much better story any diamonds five bags narrowing of those asked. When any guy is trying to Branson's wine cellar with whatever other multi millionaire billionaire celebrities are going to be there. Drinking 101000 dollar bottles lining now and his friends and that. That hurricane is worse than they thought that's a story of Mombasa teller friends. Oh my god I'm so sorry your son passed okay here's Richard Branson. Well that's okay to let however I do or die won't be that gun. Really don't until he was was impressed managed to shoot the wrestler and. So thanks for stood allows truly. Economy grew birdies order to talk just bluster and right. Now he has its. Time moments. News. Yeah see I haven't talked to your parents. And time. Isn't this things in OC Henley right and I. Jamison. Protectionist. Or designer that people are down there ever beat each other out like numerous pieces of plywood. Supplies are you don't talk about. How many gas stations human terms out of gas already. I just touching learn. Would you say hey houses whether. Someone's Richard Branson. Hope you're well. And nine dual image of consumers for us. She likes to think I'm doing well. Wisconsin woman sauls for the old wallet scam. Lulu and who always knew them that's right bonus almost Amazon's someone crack the hearse. I should know kids still out there having fun. I've never heard this game of so that's also just took a back opponents are no longer range that is not true that is your news story and I wasn't there I was with the U win this thing. Rally the troops in a purse and left a personal parking lot and many people come on you watch institute handed in dealing. You touch my room. And man with school he would take on I don't know Walgreens bag and walked dialogue racist throwback to Poland yeah. It's. Flare. This in mind who years. Everyone goes either through years. Brookfield Wisconsin. She thought she discovered a wallet with a 150000. Dollars and it and she decided finders keepers and what she thought was good fortune turned out to be huge mistake. I was completely completely fooled the woman who asked for her identity not to be revealed. Senator I wanna say she's a little regret I regret being part of. I was completely. Completely fooled I just regret. Being a part of that it was brown they almost looked. Besides the break there was a 150000. Dollars in cash in the wallet. I want to my bank in the spirit of the money that's when he hit me. That something was wrong the whole thing is horrendous. Case in one. I was walking through a parking lot of time on bloom under rode him Brookfield. When a woman another woman called out juror she said hey you dropped anything. And she says she found a wallet filled with cash and the witness history so there was this big as a brand. So they call over a third woman to take a look. And there's three women now surrounding his wallet NBC news filled with cash and they decided let's split this three way race. So the woman who initially found it in Sydney she drops and he says well. Finders keepers. She has benefited she says she works for first Webber real team and she said her office had a money counting machine. And their boss to let them drop paperwork to keep the money legally. Arnold what you know some other gonna launder this money on this conference are gonna county and then they're gonna find a way to tell her boss's own lawyers so she's she's a season that you are sure. Realtors jurors her first Webber real team and it's the office has a counting machines so maybe the boss in a I'm still waiting on the books and I don't know OK I feel good solid house I don't know so the three women getting the car and drive to this mosques. In this illnesses she works. She goes inside any other women wait in our. She comes back just got this unbelievable news says is a 150000. Dollars in cash on the lawn but in order to get the money. She says there's three women had to provide some cash to prove that they were financially responsible. That is where this story can clearly this there yeah June. She tells these women we've got a 150000. Dollars for a split up. You have to provide some cash to prove that you're financially responsible. So this woman who's the victim here says she walked in the bank and withdrew money. So back in the first ever real T date parked behind the building again. And the women said one at a time and other two women walked around the building came back with stacks of what looks like this real. Here comes the money. Then there was this woman cern. Start restoring your only other sure. That's when you mean this was something there was something wrong setting inside first however no one knew what they were talking about meanwhile. Car and the two other women disappeared along with the two rain the whole thing is her rendition set. I've read this story is this from Fox News today and not found on some other website and some local thing in Wisconsin. I don't understand. The premise of the scam at all I understand up to the point where the woman comes back out and says. Good news we've got a 150000. Dollars. Now you got to do is show me some cash to proving your financially responsible. What does that mean bass response like you can go blow this Glor cover exactly does it you aren't financially responsible you don't have access to a couple longer than maybe. As such its. ITunes to spend time I honestly don't think even low man. I had a good like I like good fellas good officials have a romantic. I don't go get a Cadillac didn't love juices like show me some money. When I know you have somebody not gonna blow lawlessness. Which by the way I am really when he's off form and you can see somebody's following for you understand what spam. I've never heard of the scam yeah. And so one of the other women. The other woman's Denon and they were both in on there it is there's 22 lane on I got to do grants from the lawmen the other woman had to pretend like OK I get it. I'm response I'm not gonna spend it here's the money they're gonna get back to me at all. And then the other woman doesn't want us out Jim Manzi says to remember that it's a scam remember that scan and match stick men. Where they take it day old. Lottery ticket right and and had the newspaper that printed the receive what the winning numbers or whatever an eight. They weren't together and they show the woman who only got lucky one where we want. The judge again saying that trip was on golden girls yeah no way management saying. So that's an easy and if you ask me holding girls for every little watched numerous earlier I see a lot of people on social media talk about it and so. This the stories. From today. There was a hundred degree and cash right here at news that. She says. At all it was a pain she doesn't actually state and then she comes back out and says I'm stubborn and I guy. And to watch 17100. Dollar bills and paper on the inside fruit and open Bowman is on and on Roseanne who Nicholas. County. An inch comes back ounces hey great news. 150 you're. We can split this receiver and improve their range of responses mean. Think it's all for it. I mean I cannot be honest guy and get out of departed go to the office when she says let's get in the car and I'll drive to the realty office where I work to count this I think this town. Running it down the price volume. If you want but it's my fingers and people always remember. Just remember this. And I use it as a rule not from the movie casino but just to see right they casino. Any time. Casino once you've pulled more money on the table. It's a bad back. They don't ever want you to put more money on the table Lincecum. So any time anyone ask you to pull money out. It's a bad debt if it's a job like a pyramid scheme ride and they say you need to file those products first that's a bad back. Right doesn't mean you can make a million dollars on and I must say you can't but it's a bad back any time somebody asks you for money upfront. It's a bad back. Without a product you soon saying. If you want this money gives me some money. If you want is money in this amount and manner. In my house or whatever I mean I just don't. Don't get crazier car still getting new products for your cash and buying something that's OK but if somebody says hey. If you give me two grand I'll gladly give you seven grand yeah bigamy to grand and then you take these things and win these things till then makes Tony seven Grande again I don't know why don't you just get rid of products and out of 27 grand and I'm gonna make so easily you just take. Seven off the talking about the now also let's just assume that if someone finds a large amount of money. They're not going to say hey nice on this money once letting. It doesn't make any sense. Now maybe someone says did you drop this maybe. But as soon as you say no they say okay well I better go turn the Santa thanks so goes you can continue to sell they don't say let's split. Don't insist they're sound all this money let splitting. Do you have a checking account that I can put the syndicate doesn't have an account. This group is very soon. Can answer they all but you like to think universe falters tonight that. Would you fall for the cash Wallace in the parking lot. The better than Nigerian friends and more use also looked Putin in person turning. You would. If you saw her son apart my you wouldn't take it see let's and it should Augusta and how do you see what's an. There's a wallet in there and yeah and then when you see now Wallace sitting on top you don't reach and a little while now. I don't know Valencia bush do now I'm kind of a volatile and more elaborate and then there's money also wrapped around the blues and so long and the back to China rinse it off than a million bucks. Yeah. I never thought about this it's Kansas City no natural father says he was the victim of a road dreams shoot road rage shooting. He's a father of four he was leaving the Apple Store on the plaza and someone pulled out from now he says you on to whatever. I don't know what happens I assume that of its road rage and was probably. Angry maybe till gaining on these are I don't know. But. He says he honks his horn and the next thing you notice it's getting shot this happened yesterday trying to scare somebody who's trying to tell. Corey says the man came flying up within inches of his trust in almost hate him so we slammed on the brakes in hot. They and he says he was driving on Emanuel Cleaver boulevard Kennedy is 71 highway he heard day. I heard pop pop pop man came very mind passenger side window kind of taught me a lesson I won't I'm not ever gonna. Could somebody again ten minutes stupid does that sound. For so many crazy people now it. Yeah I mean there's no I don't really care there's can take somebody like for some stiff and. I think that's a good idea don't honk at people I hate on just on you know when you don't you don't mind someone in the light turns green and I'm probably like a full cycle race time off like OK we just sat through an entire agreement they might be debtors sleeper on the phone. And haunt the second time this that unless I get in a rush to Hong your caller Ryan people familiar you're a degree yeah. It destroying bunches even sure you'll notice any difference in the debate than maybe what some horizontal. So why don't more aggressive than others to stay in that made America great gone you're gonna gonna do the got to get to Bob Evans and deliver the sausage students it can't try and the American formula I'm not against dweller I'm saying nothing is an important that you need to means so long to personal income and a second Jesus Christ. See that professors tend to come up with because it does sound of car horns is your team you know what angers people. And a lot of people looks to us several why don't we have different horns we can have like a courtesy yeah I Dornan or we could have been in the problem with that is if you have a courtesy car and he said the emergency Goran in the emergency harnessing him. Automatically means few rights so it doesn't really work so this professor was trying to help with the sound. That good to. Elise aggravating. And say let ducks quack. He said that every every car horn car companies won't know for but it is recommendation was every car company should just make their module and I'm trying to act act. Because then it sounds kind of funny you know dang good dogs have a summit on borrowers like I guess someone was cracking down. Like. Let's do that he's going to plant. I mean. This guy this kid's sitting at night they showed pictures and there's a bullet holes there was an ounce. Some of them sound. Should I good man now and his kind nation. We're gonna shoot and I'm just a blow. Personally don't really have to discuss what an ass on my guy is actually really I just say don't shoot people nights I'm saying China on Dalian. And I got a summons crossing in your line and there's going to be an accident yeah song you have to you have to lay on and maybe get mad but if you're really just. At the left turn lane signal and it's been 12 you really got to give him on Virginia. Get the benefit of the doubt and see what happens. Really and I'm going to mirage where you don't president PRI. This fine machine you're angry after it's happened at the end slamming your breaks. Or whatever happens but it's over. It's like to people who like if somebody has. Like one headlight out. And so they turn them right some porcelain is driving when they're bright so determined right smack down I'm like how does that help the situation. You just turn them on a leave of mind just slit someone's you have to do but it must not drive what do you care. A solid and so blinding like sky. It's just human being intense. I. Our latest headlines. But we dig giveaway I enjoyed a mask is right other really you know strong business strong material today the hurricane is an. The extra did you watch our rank and some. I'm in the senate. Content. Soon and I he's talking about a song and you know little careless language yeah. Willingness if I could jump. Now most of my Internet it's coming to us further hurt an. My punish everybody got them. So those are safe you know they can't beat that bad guy. Looking vodka. Come on up on me. She's so good you want the right to judge said that it would actually said daddy can I go with ya like that I can go the odds against you can't. Well you haven't north Dakota's that I like North Dakota I honey. That's it. Some people wanna. You know nutter creeped out by the thought of mountain saint daddy. I guess anyone calling trump daddy's. Didn't bother me. She knows how to react. Daddy can I go with the North Dakota and I love what is this that is usually do. Male figure no Einstein loses. Did you ever ask someone to call you daddy. No. LaMont. It's really. Yeah. That's the whole point. Do anything for you. It's now. I just. Wondered if it was something that you've got grass stores that's ever just happens sometimes you not desk and sometimes. Sometimes it just happens. Just like dad daddy. Yet daddy and I think that's never happened. Were you going daddy talk I know you learn my knowing where you going daddy come back and neck and bonuses fashion event. Lot. You like immature form right through doesn't. Like jet. Star and but don't you wonder a lot of times you watching amateur porn uses an amateur full IIS and downs and I don't much damage report OK. I think it's so gunman who I think has diarrhea and I like my. Porn that are professional I know some people are really into the amateur porn thing no less on anti what I see the image of porn. I always think I'm okay like. Pharaoh what what was the teen mom Abrams was that her was she the one. You know that they they did it I I I get that was. A really bad job of trying to make it look like amateur part I don't know even thought they were going to let or Catholic still when I sees something on porn hub and it says you know. To me Hutus and I don't okay yeah die as a messenger a contract curl they're certainly not married that's definitely steps that Stewart. Fright that's what you think but then I saw this police report on the smoking gun. You're gonna smoking gun and mark never yeah well it's still exists in current and I saw a couple managed me insisting things are today but this story I was gonna read you because I just had to reader earlier that at please don't need realtor who many feel that that feeling may not regarded like that feeling when your case you're in the carting you go over one of those bumps on the grass they normally are unlikely we'll find out. A married couple sorry a married pair of amateur pornographer. Is facing multiple criminal charges for filming themselves engaged in a variety of sex acts in public according to Arkansas police from. Leisle sessions. Thirty and Derek Callaway 37. Were each named last week in a criminal. Information charging them with nine felonies. Nine felonies including public display of hardcourt sexual conduct and promoting an obscene performance. Again. This is according to the smoking gun backup. Seen in the above FaceBook photos which I shall now allows up and get his life reaction that's fair that's. Looks like a mix between Fred Durst and someone that would be in that cherry pop and voodoo daddy dog margin marching and a brother yeah. So predators and Don Imus got the the scarf tied around have like a Bandana with whom ninety's goatee I don't know. Anyway she's thirty he's 37. And it's where we're receive any about FaceBook photo sessions and Callaway parents of two young children. Face a maximum of six years imprison. Me six years for these felons. The couple lives and Truman a city outside of Jonesboro. Where they recorded their X rated activities according to police. Sessions. And Callaway sell homemade porn tapes. Which they market via Twitter. Callaway reported that they do those adult stem adult films earns them a thousand dollars a month. Now some two missing out thousand dollars of us have a much I feel like. There's so much free porn on the Internet if you like a thousand extra dollars a month doing what you love and small mortgage and you're only rights that I'll pay your mortgage and your only promoting it on Twitter at least according to us. After Jones Borough cops were tipped that sessions was recording it quell public hardcore sexual conduct. They reviewed one of her videos. So then these cops is a pretty good job to protect tablet well I got a I got a job free and be at the office late tonight. And Asia look over these videos and see if you can figure out and these were on the public places. They review Barbara videos and determined to debt the acts were being performed in public. Investigators allege that sessions masturbating while seated at a table and shatters restaurant. It tell us. I don't think that's somewhat another moderate I don't think that no I think that's a girl or can we let's Jonas drawing. Let's recessions and investigators allege that sessions master be able seated at a table and chatters restaurant. Which means that if these police officers were able to it. They got that they were chairs the camera must you know they were shot this these Nubian risky move this is real that's for public. You're underestimating Furyk is you don't think mountain into CNN day and went to themselves and shutters. Where was I investigators allege the sessions master data will see my Cher's dress shut it had. Used as sex toy ourself in the parking lot of a Home Depot. She also allegedly exposed yourself in the home Depot's appliance. Section. Aiming to agent a sex act inside a dressing room at Kohl's department store wit me. I wanna know is a Kohl's dressing room considered. Public. I feel like that's Friday no you're dressing room right if you do something in a bad at the doors closed. I don't know what can actually get him but he shouldn't be charged with a felony for public displays of whatever. You're in her dressing room minutes missed you know when I noticed. Like no one noticed that some people watching and they like there's nobody in shutters like hey man by the way this story reads this please report reads or sounds like they got away with all this the videos have been sold. Nor ever been published. Callaway is charged with record mean his wife's performances. And participating in one sex act any Jonesboro. Nature reserve. SX the nature preserve. Why I don't know what they are still on the don't get caught right now and men. That's what I think it's over no one saw only complaint right. If the tree falls in the woods I know that's I was I just don't undersized guys actually have a really annoyed that there's no one saw so what happens if I hate. You know I'm sitting at a restaurant. And I get a routes. But I don't do anything about it is at a legal analyses that no one knows but me right but still viewer to look under my sort of loans. And I think that's different. I'm just saying no one saw it I know old I don't. What if I film myself that we do their rounds right now we have just such a weird thing was section. It I don't understand because a better example would be what a fire is that shutters or I distract myself. What I do is I really don't more people arrest then I think I bet if they could. In I don't under you know purpose yet and I wanted to do I do not all the crap you have a record like you selling videos of watch me practice and restaurants. I think that you say are those guys do in the summer of scrapping bandit yeah. Follow me on Twitter at cracker pants from. The trial as a group and great pleased by the Twitter right now at crappy fast if available. And let's just do it. I'm sure it's not a veil that had to be one of the first ones ago. Let's see news. Although I don't wanna get to I'd someone name around nine applicants so alone. Burnett does the husband right he's charged with recording his wife's performance and participating in one's sex act at the nature preserve. Also while inside shatters. He's in trouble for operating a pair of wireless vibrating panties. Worn by his spouse. I know wireless vibrating panties were thing but organ again for smoke on polish soldiers and our notion is measures master many underneath her pants. No he was used I know what they've done underwear is pro and he's a pencils when nobody saw. Well yes he's Agile for operating the pair I don't want nobody saw I can't imagine that ensuing debate to have on measures aren't aware right that. So I haven't seen this you're saying that's something like if I got aroused that a lot of us used to send us right. I don't know if it the only union and us but it title and doing but if she's just going well. Baby after you can freely but I think just there's like just unaware doing it seems like that's fine. Can we please get a pair of those for stoke on you can use them like we had a beach ball just. Hit the button and he's like a bonus. Come on yes you just have the remote control on nearly every day and Adam Barrett had this. All right so he's in trouble for that now they're free on bail. I've got there mug shots here. They've pleaded not guilty after the couple's arrest day commented on FaceBook that quote. I've never seen so many friend requests in my life wow. That prompted one of their friends on FaceBook to respond. Homing nearest star biscuit and troubles good for business now you saw the picture that I should stop this is one of her little for a pictures and I know what you're thinking. There she is dressed as a cheerleader go to that plots. I did a little research and I found out what she calls herself. And I founder. You know. Her hardcore news a researcher mean trick your browser history. I I was unfamiliar with her but I founder. And now. So comes back hey aren't you wind is amateur porn your thing you like the annoyance well. Now you know that these two really are amateurs is matter fact there's so immature that they are facing six years you know earn so. Basel this is the couple. That's them from marrying and now see that emit thousand dollars a month tunis. Wanted to see that policy what they're having sex. My wife but he but he asked for it's it's just. Her. Being sexed. Or what what what other kind of she does a prominent amateur porn right there the dye always sings these are being shot. Because he thinks is far those star and you don't come on man like that it's not much of a mom is a lot of ways too much and look at the beginning. Too much look at the beginning I said look the decade. You like that's a garbage you usually sure. You're I don't look at it that they employ that's all got a leg that's what I need to see kinda see that much guy leg. I do have a problem with the fact that they have two kids now this is all gone public and earnings are out there and if they're chatters were the kids. Are they also would chatters are they also the nature preserve. But man imagine right hander Aaron the appliance section at The Home Depot you just walk by. And they're doing now he did you do literary journal I don't know if she actually Jew. If you're gone deep well and you were walking looking at refrigerators and losses. Some some image pool here dent. Want all of you're gonna film me and none of them we have to its owner or else it's an ongoing legal tax them. I'm good. Well that's them. Can you believe that their faces six years for that. What do they do. What Arab all those charges what's the worst thing. What bothers you the most about them. Of any of those things is seconds and then on his head and that shot of his entire torso and has away and not the stuff that's on rim around the on form of the stuff that they're in trouble for. So the worst thing I would say judging by this police report is the sex of the nature of while I normally don't do when he knew exactly what I'm saying so that's a war six the other ones are warning and having sex right you master meter something. You stand six years in prison for that. Weeks. We have sex issues in this country should start our own. You know menu that Maria section public areas we do stuff tomorrow each other you know together. I really joining other first dual master ring this stuff like that sort sorry but I just doesn't stuff. People would pay. You're not gonna try to obtain a thousand dollars they're making a thousand dollars a month and a man not gonna pay us why. Some people are into dudes. Hondurans like us. The point is there in two specifically the fact that you're an amateur and Nader apparently in the appliance section. Man I can her apartment store. Our armor amuse me is an example must and his stands to reason through YouTube. I don't know anyone who's going to pay a single dollar to watch either one was masturbating in the arboretum. But I can imagine a challenge accepted. Nick writes from FS one how are you my friend. I'm good star admits you guys yesterday. Have a good urgent care story. Over. Yeah. I think you're at first bit of the last day late. Our sole. TDs two Summers ago so my daughter he's an eight you're. All will do your apple will do some like that. And my wife called normally home from my son's formerly that ordered art call me. Yeah NFL I think she broke her way I'm taking her hospital. Mark my goal. Where's the other shoe collection in the court I'm like she's not scoring then you acknowledge. That her like opera like I'm going to be arguments she'll. So likable. Yeah there are crimes. In my life like she quote I really think properly what they if you go to the emergency room to be or seven hours there is a sprained ankle. Go to work. Border security to an actuary you'll you'll backers say part sure urgent care. They do tax rate your go look fine qualities that were like they don't you feel better. The next day we all go back on apple. Aren't trying to I'm walking on ordering you know arms she keeps well Monday march are like I know that you what you got beat up got beat up you gotta walk out walk. Are crying for your walk at all. The Monday after it happened Friday that one actually get a call from working here yeah I'd. Someone it's rated X ray. That your child has a broken play. Like so I keep in mind it. Child not even two walk ball. Won't give me the way. Angry. Why why is seriously contemplating divorce. At any curry spent like in you about that that the area. That's where you're like well now shall never broke like. Right of course I'm that resolve was damaged because I just decided to go to urgent care. And though. I would call watching people like Ike hit. Utility and the and I eat. Think like well all like not my kids need a physical before school starts tomorrow they're that use that are otherwise it can be your fitness center Croat. No I agree review and a ride the physical I guess maybe you know you get through that is. In charge of the mines and 8% which is also Brad Wright because then you're take goes out on the field and hasn't. To have a permit a heart attack and allied grabbed them I did the physical urgent that the but it it. And could any doctor and Obama and it does not holes aren't like you should not play football like on the line. Went to urgent there. Are about guys. He blocks them he. But yet let my let the people Mary not unlike your situation they were just solely up. She is wildly in constant arm but yet eyed fanatic starter bellows usually yesterday. I watched it yesterday I thought it was really good. Oh thank you alone in his backyard waiting for backhanded compliment their. No Obama you watched it I got the first factor operating it would appear to work one so thank you. Are below hold on I solves Forbes. Said. It sees continued growth which I don't know how they kids already be underdog that ending. Network built Forbes article that the network like not know art show they. They don't know yet but I think it that was in the. Do you know how many people watched it yesterday. I I had I got the preliminary league return and it ain't great plot. The thing is is that. I was gonna say without you don't expect to be huge come out of it gay right at this. I mean no now I mean if you like. Yet he and it would appear weak to the sports business journal that it 46 of the the 56 markets we got a zero point zero witching great however. Etna at it that immediately found work that is at zero point two. He's a cool Rory Rory. What we're doing so on and so what let it beat it and my mark and all the Turk what order they might not have been the equivalent. Kind of warned not to. Sports Kansas State. I'm not sure I can find that out amateur and hopefully. You guys now some of these great things work like in Q idiot or product right just against all people on the court like I mean I'd stay on network at Portland like. You walk all we want Gregory it's been one day each been to show. Tomorrow. We have NFL commissioner Rodrigo in studio. So that will we if we do good interview area will create news. Who read the awareness level of the show and won these awful being start and we start like Sunday afternoon. Packers play the people in the big window box factor at eighteen million people watching it up like that. Commercial running during that day. So look opportunity worries awareness and most importantly. I think the children go out like. Christian and I get along well marks where it it was a gap has been all but like Vick has been really on the apple like. This show like electrical and well being and there was the real question in the let it can't argue look you're our wall light television show at 6:30 in the morning light. Know that I got it just he engaged and energetic and into it and not score well. In and week for you they like and so that work you'll go. And arming a couple of notes of the desert interest in what. Well on that note here or not enough I really animated out I thought you guys are great. Because nobody wants as long as I did because that is colossal time I thought you know you do Chris is hall of fame hands right. Yeah that first off I don't of that but I got it. You'd put it doesn't have to be the same catch it you know every time well you know what sort of catches. If you watched the whole show I mean I'm gonna. Nobody else to watch some polls show but. There had to be more than two good catches over football weekend. Arm throw form there to one time to the next. That and that there and accused it watchable show like you realize. We are talking about the same for stories basically we're kind of doing different spin on the same war. OK right that's what every morning news. I know right. I've got so I thought it was still that I I had no problem with a being out I thought it was understood but I did think you know I. I get why we're in the business of recycling these bits and using them again but I thought you can recycle them when more than two catches. Also that there but let me tell it wanted it is super in right now which are sure how this works for college by no for the inner self. Warren. Make it may be wrong war. Point out they eat yet he and eight so what won the money artful all right. It needles you billion dollars a year or potentially 24 or 800. Million a game right. People like it way over paid those games are what you're serving idiot in doubt with that if unlimited in Ohio and. That built their show it's so they're the only network upn and miracle network that at bat. Soviet that we have as a network but bet I'm now a million. That we didn't like. For the week in apple on it and the people that watch it that network would stop or. So. You will you show seen you play the back count the insert if you show the same like all eat it up now. Should you be there are issues with. Well that superfast and accept the good news in the NFL coaches used attends a guy I Kansas and summits and I know I'm saying I'm not sure how I'll. Your stars fascinating and has nothing to do what we're talking. Why would I mean it worked what they urged the bill we'll as I mean the guy with a stopwatch accounted for all of your ratings on the first day. How many on it would stop watches are watching and doubt at least be useful. Yeah I mean I know I know our counter once they're not really whatsoever while the idea of at Portland on obviously super cool achieved. Late tomorrow night. I what's the real reason that the chiefs what's the real reason that she's got so many national games. I saw that clip with Roger Goodell on TV talking about you know as whereas chief sat and saying well. You know these networks have told me time and time again we we want chiefs games because you get to see that sea of red and all the fans there. I don't buy that it's a small market I've heard people complain about the the small market games being on national television is out of the chiefs end up with this schedule. Entirely certain except for that work twelve and four last year. And then announced. Well I think it's like they have. Like they have won that they're tied for the most national and there that would I think that's analysts. Yeah but. So that peanut why. That. It. Or what it felt seeing that school is going to worry. Decal or guardian that like me you're where he got better. The entire in the nature are always corporate but that. And they just go and I do wonder on the the other issue is the other teams that are good what calls into. And those involved in its own national policy like the waiter that he ought. Like outlet and so I'm not entirely certain I don't know that I. You know the points are it's a partner at all. I don't. What you think it changed the picture. For. Nine and I think that's a lot. Of pick number. That's really the right to agencies and number. I mean that Brady is something in Spain like seventy Korean war on. Against the aids the whole winter blast in your like earlier in the property been like that mean they'd beat one by double digits. Or. And I hand I felt like the chiefs could given the tactic game last year. But in the oil of course that your chance because they walk well Hayward scored through talks and their opponents were not. So that occurs. I love your Brock asked Weiler today. We're want us that you're the number bodies horrible you can't believe you got a job I thought it was right do more of that. Do more of really really really sticking it to other human beings. Yeah. Mean our. Yeah and I like the way that nobody on the show jumped up and say at least is a professional quarterback that's something. Everybody on showed just jumped and had a night's Sox won us jackass. Is horrible I loved it that all the way through not one person that. Hey good for Miami got a job everyone just said. I hate this person it is kind of funny that the whole city of Houston is asking him to give the money back that they cities don't have a love to rebuild Houston I love that I just had never seen that you know usually. On a sports show there's going to be one guy tries real little bit nice. I like on errors that everybody just rail that. Art more of that tomorrow to and in fact there are about 1 tomorrow morning is but he got back on its next six yet.