Wednesday, 10.23.19 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, October 23rd

0:00 - Open: Slimfast tries to convince Lazlo to buy a massage chair and a haunted house that will pay you $20k if you can get through it
21:32 - Headlines
Bill Taylor says Trump ordered hold on Ukraine aid
Zuckerberg testifies
Man taking pictures in bathroom stall
Breast cancer thermography
Woman senteced to 50 years for murder in DUI
Satanic Temple takes on Naval Academy
Woman shot by Uber driver
Sex offendors on Halloween
Tennessee County Commisioner goes on homophobic rant
Woman charged in murder of daughter
Guy kills cat in Arby's bathroom
Woman has hiccups for 12 years
K-Mart pulls child bride costume
1:04:40 - Are your sexting habits normal?
1:10:34 - Have a great night!