Wednesday, 12.06.17 - The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, December 6th

  • 0:00 - Headlines
    • Trump officially recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
    • Al Franken may be resigning
    • Bannon disses Romney
    • Marcus Peters suspended for one game
  • 22:34 - SWIM goes on a Tinder date with a homeless woman
  • 39:00 - Apparently people have different techniques in the bathroom
  • 56:00 - Sports with Nick Wright
  • 1:10:59 - On This Day

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The righteous man. From all sides. The touring yeah your homeland. Well leaders dark. Will strike down number. I today. Ohio I'm really really good how are you that I have never been better. That's excellent. You look nice you look. Maybe as he's ever seen this question before I know it's just read but it looks Christmas C oh really yeah I don't think about it okay like about the story. Black one white wanna run on I like in. No doubt the this is cruel crew neck to the legislature where and that's crew crew next lectures or shall I didn't realize that that was that those are hard to find. Wait a month reform yeah yeah yeah I got to Donald insurgents with wonderment pay for all of them individually. They're not expensive genome and can jump on the bandwagon soon I found some on a wal mart's website some good. But I liked I liked it. I don't always wants hood and pockets right. I'm just like irregulars hockey is a non stretch everything when you have any meaning in and they just showing your gut looks bigger and it's just it's not a good. You know I've learned. I just like the regular swatch sure. Used to be small I think you should be going to departments were they had devious and night kiosk now they'll have hoods and don't really see something skating. Another thing. Do you think they're it's okay aware. Tom. Skater also like Nike has there's what is in the nineteen called SB no other stadium that's skater thing right at this. I my season my friend really likes or SP stuff my thing is I think if I Wear something that's football related basket related everyone knows I don't play football or basketball. But if eyewear is something. Skating like serious like IDC shoes or a bird house I don't know what are what are they bureaus that means a lot of yelling at like skater shoes yet and I think people think. I composer like you gee I'm an ecologist poses a Jew not release gay rights that's I saw the hang over the skater than I. You knew where fans. Com gadget on the pair of answering to those trends yeah I don't care fans I think you can only worst out of there around when you would have been able to Wear them. That's my thing like when I was down anything modern. Like noon skating clothes do you see lighter easier something I would rather not but I'll Wear vans or. The stuff that I would have worn when I was really what about the Nike thing that the other skaters women 98 and when a guy. That's the last night you Sam Mike and skateboarding so the so comfortable lets you know please stay home and where is reporting shoot I don't know. It's a total white guy thing it's like just a worse skater clothes out just run. I think your front. But I don't wanna be oppose or some crashes jab and right now. Chops. We're gonna choose John. Coale bonds only game. Yes Hong if you want those those are Christmas well your time they're supposed to be like. Kind of dress shoes right not dress shoes but something in between totally casual very wise no legroom and you just warm every single day yeah. They're good shoe really destroyed not gonna who destroy their destroyed. Those handbag. So when he's got a new purchase. It means someone. I'm an intentional entered my mind not only Israel and take the finance and I can that's a great. Yeah. Texas Jews to their shoes in my car in the backseat as the blues and easier me. Dominoes fell apart Judy and they were all heard the other pair of candles here once it didn't fit. Maybe start wearing those just a daughter and I hope I doubt about it. All right sorry I'll let him wander yeah. When there should be no it's not the bureau one pair of shoes got the same pressures from last year and every day those thirty. Shelves are indeed do cares anything they can they do that supposedly talked about last night you but I agree with them. They're protect your feet right a contract yeah they do a straight they go. Talking on their shoes she won her shoes. So because you know he's gonna want her shoes and this blanket anywhere is stored there an innocent woman accused whom don't know. It's true fingers oh yeah a little scrutiny of his own. Courses in tone and Kleenex and when I received today you gotta Garcia the other members of the textile mr. Dimon. No personal attacks and another guy that's right I want to adulthood people are dice yeah. She's safe Ankiel I did. Shout out to Michael Bloomberg News is when your kid it was a boy. You know a lot of times men who like to raise their kids in their own image right. Yeah that we donation in social and so bright you'll have to buy one pair of shoes want to advance of one shirt yeah that for years at a time yeah. And police turned sixteen okay I'm your church. I'm not page church opening is there a Bob Bob Dole put down your pants. They went to find out if it's a boy or girl and you see might find out we might find out soon someone on her family does likes sonogram stuff so I hope we can. Us and again and I know well not otherwise I'll want to look if you need me to. I can't guarantee of blood. I'm willing to take a look I can't imagine your potent enough to make a boy. I can't imagine my to have enough you know it's a little bit early and I agree. We've got an hour the latest plus find out it's say that it's. The latest we'll find out as the day after Christmas all right. Why bought one of those. Light up flexible cameras that you plug in your phone you know is angels put like down drains it arrives you can put your car to China lost bolt or something I can take a look. This seat I don't know for a how welding work bet a lot of work I think it would work right at the turn. So assuming no. She knows Ryland illness during the baby you know. Yeah. Don't tell us. And I'm prepared and Taylor outta the back door there are missing. Thought you know what I had this thing all configured for Andrew and I need to switch over I mean justice and development the most of the news's. Political today at a big headline is. Trump recognizes Jerusalem. As Israel's capital an historic move in a speech earlier said the only reason and presidents have formed induces because. They lacked courage. Presidents issued these waivers under the belief that delaying the recognition of Jerusalem. Would advance. The cause of peace. Some say they lacked courage. But they made their best judgment. Based on facts as they understood them at the time. Nevertheless. The record isn't. After more than two decades of waivers. We are no closer to a lasting peace agreement between Israel. And the Palestinians. It would be folly to assume. That repeating the exact same formula. Would now produce a different tone or better result. Therefore I have determined. That it is time. To officially recognize. Jerusalem. As the capital. Of Israel. He did it he's got the courage Leslie recognizes Jerusalem is Israel's capital re doing and are you excited. Pumped that's what you wanted to. A subdural sailors and cause a lot of problems yeah yeah that's apparently likes. These other. I annihilation and Donald Trump apologists and let in his defense I don't know that not saying it hasn't caused some problems and that's what he said. Doesn't seem so new guys that'll cause problems. Seems like we've had not been the problem right now so I'm not saying oh yeah dollars has been a lot of problems are resident. I think so I don't generally do how many Jewish people live and Israel. Current and long and a lot alone by commenting I'm looking. The place is pretty strong tell and let's see Jewish population by country. In his homeland. Com a lot of dues when there afterwards there. What to say just wanted to do as well a lot of Jews with the actor for. I just watched a documentary that touched by us with a lot of Jews escaped concentration camps all want to Israel. Yeah yeah we know this is what it's all feel that's the whole point that's a problem. What do you what are you asking now let's see how did you actually live journal Manning court Jewish population of six point 4000006 point four million all in the United States is five points I really is saying why haven't you. Minds that we're out that's around is and it was on our graduate 5050. I was a million on. I'm really New York City could take two more two million more Jews easy we can this be writing. This says that very few million more Jewish people in New York City easing. This. Wikipedia article which is just Jewish popular or population by country church popularity. All know the award show but this is. Jewish population by country and it says the world court Jewish population is 141200000. That's it. Fourteen million that's crazy isn't. Never thought that Italy Israel is. At the top with six point four million in the United States five point three in France 465000. That's a big to drop off its. Canada three and 85000 UK 269000 Russia 126000. So Al Franken new accusations against Al Franken and Jewish. Levy is usually BS the dancing and dangerous zone and JC apparently another woman said that he tried his. Forces lips aren't just this year and one. During her radio show is there anyway Lotta Democrats now come out and said it's time for him to resign enough is enough and I don't be solemn Gillibrand giving her and then. Press conference in south Thurman castle says it's time for him to resign this is Gillibrand talked into press conference. Senator Gillibrand. What was the tipping point for you find your colleague senator Franken. Well obviously. Their new allegations today. And an open and I mean this is the conversation we've been having for a very long time that the conversation that this country needs to have. And I think when we start having to talk about the differences between sexual assault and sexual harassed and I want to grow. Conversation he had drawn a line in the sand and say you know. Festival and we. And let the leadership actually helped my higher standards and a lower standard and some fundamental value when and that's where you may have to go. He's supposed to give a press conference tomorrow is that right I think they said Thursday. So a lot of people are. I've kind of expecting him to announcing my. And resign. Crazy right. We try to Kish. Who was the new want to see some Politico. Com the race. Some are radio on his radio show right bearish. Where air America album accuses Franken trying to forcibly concern 2006. Former democratic congressional aide. Sent Al Franken tried forcibly kisser after taking his radio show in 20063 years before it became senator. BA name Politico is withholding to protect trade and Nissan Franken. For Souter after her boss had left the studio she said she was gathered her belongings to follow her boss out of the room when she turned around Franken was in her face. One. The huge. Domino's and choke on knows what to do that to me. You just in time on this and Davis Love. When was this you and and human influences. I wasn't trying to kiss you. Re trying to do and get out and knows I tried to push you back you said I was just trying to get writing utensil downturn and to get a fair and you were in the doorway is turning it appeared fine earlier and as genuine threat to us what you shot your little mild. And I'll bet your pretty little mountain. ST ban and I did it is ready just in but it wasn't getting open and. Did you love it really didn't really try to just. As good. What I would have changed back to them. I wasn't getting the time. Of the. Did you see what Mitt Romney said about Roy Moore and unlike some crazy Jeff flakes and a checked there. Jacqui freedom again there and stop them general Doug Jones. The guy running his remark Albania semi trailer checked in sends country before party minimal Steve van and went after all of you and after. Flight percent and honor our Chinese and the hundred dollars sounds and real Jackie's this setback but does that does a rally for Roy Moore but he went after Mitt Romney. And he went after Romney for. Both he said the U head behind your religion to avoid Vietnam knows one of those things. And they also said it you know you've got these sons and none of them served in Afghanistan or Iraq. Not where were the Romney's during those doors. He went after Mitch McConnell. Saying that these Republicans make just as much money they don't care if they lose the majority is they may just as much money on the way down as they do on the way up. Based on a flake for only 600 dollars went after Romney. Can I. It is our relations foreign ten. His fortune five and ten women. Are supporting more the really and it really is boring tennis I intend. And engine you know Lou. The reasons were Muslims should only do it. I've seen those on TV talking about it. They also say legs forty years almost exactly that why did they say things he rants all part of this liberal conspiracy. There was that they didn't believe them. An abortion. We options in the village to tensions he has support of four in ten women who are likely to vote. Well did you see that woman that works for him until after anchor on CNN get back there and I'm like yeah. That is why I won't know how she serves talking about the other original form generalization believe abortion and that it was a referendum on trunk not on. And I love trumps old. And then when they are doing. And our enemy and some of these women. One woman who they are talking June issue too is part of bikers for trump and Alabama sums things. And while they're doing it she stopped because whoever I users and a lot of trees don't don't let go. Grew at a faster evangelical people are ministers are right he should stop because he said he wanted everybody to say amen that in this great country. Thanks to both god. Amanda are still innocent. Until proven guilty amen and a shield layman. Well. It's just man their innocent until proven guilty or that's easy and I mean you might have been directly saying man mankind's. Or at least this man. No more whenever. Flat spokesperson. Was non non. CNN west. Is there and poppy poppy Harlow. And she she's pregnant. And the spokesperson asserted saying you know one can gradually joined viewing your unborn son Eric Harris blues so it was nice to have you want. Thank you for joining us. And let me get right to it today for you it's great to be with your good friend on the way congratulations on your your unborn child. That's that that's the reason why I came down as a volunteer to speak for January mark if you'll stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb. Where his opponent Lola support killing them up until the moment. Earth whereas my guy just supports having sex with them until the moment that they're old enough to drive the the open market speeders. Did you see this business about I don't understand what happened they suspended and Peters. We all remember these huge edit the so yeah yes not the NFL and always Andy Reid. Any Rita MacKenzie she says suspended Marcus Peters for one game this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders. The moves a surprise because this is surprising anytime one of your best players get suspended that's queen Sarah tried dot com. I was talking to some of the why why why why they did why would they do that and if they're gonna do that to Peterson why wouldn't you have suspending Kelsey. Almost time that he costs you know the team runs hundreds of yards or wherever and a single game. The way I lunch Peterson came to enhance maybe show a little earlier this man like him was god damn game live to win the most wins by the people and I know why it's. When you're passionate about what you do. Sometimes you make mistakes he made a mistake and that's a mistake out of passion acts like losing and it's tired of god damn losing. Exactly reminds me deal Carter right I don't I found out perfectly happen dozens. Paul when I see it and other people I respect mean to you shouldn't sing our watch someone who does wanna win yeah that's our washes I don't have that you know my motivation you. That's how I feel as they now that's also good afternoon guys. You noted there's a fight on the field. That Peters UQ are you guys are these the first fun over there wants to win he wants to win he likes his team he has tried any through. A flag in the season he wasn't even rejected each body was injected a lefty came back with no socks when he realized he wasn't Jack and I don't understand. Or anything else for that to that was just a mistake or anyway he values and dejected. Well it was a Jackie was ejected so we had an. Jose Gomez. I thought it was just it looked like he was rejected what the rest did the pain like he's injected or whatever isn't that they you know it's like a baseball he'd like a baseball thing like why are we had to throw something because what happens is you throw the flag and annually or throw another one you throw your hat. It right now almost three through his had a lot of yeah. That is the other black he couldn't get a flag goes in the stands his peers have drawn the stance I just saw his homily this I thought he was injecting them. But they suspended him against the raiders. That's ridiculous I don't like that. I don't understand us. Why you suspension. And ultimately like you make the point to the bank didn't hurt the team. That penalty it did it didn't even an earlier in the team. You look back to what Kelsey did last year and the media this year and everyone was so angry about they're suspended him run I look Kelsey to buy. I'm probably nobody wants to win I totally have the same feelings. But I do about Peter's. I doesn't get it. What's your feeling about leadership. He wants to win not yeah. I like him. I like it when he throws the flag just like a when he kicks the ball and sizzling when he gets up and people's faces nonchalant he wants to internationalize that yeah today passion my gym doing do Modesto when your show he actually did the raise money take the reins and thrown out into the street. I don't Russa very. It's. Something. I'm passionate. Mind you go downstairs and you know jealous over yeah push it to to the dust over military I get angry guide to relent tables. Should I kissing earlier that was. Well that's a different type of passion when he tried to kiss you or do you angered. I wonder what happened with that it does it depend. Do you think just really hard coming down zoom out there and came to swear in Roland Emmerich justly so you look down low walls backup sailor. I can smell was huge breath. It's Rome I was trying to get a pen. That moment I was trying to get open. The moment you sit back. Get on the globe and you said that I was trying to get a pen. Own man and really that's a new hash tag. The moment you said back off but I was doing so little slow besides I was at some time he said back off to get a ten. Okay. Ana Lucia and I don't really either I'm trying to understand why. Wise as him going out. Because. It happened as a woman I know. Mills met someone I gonna say met someone. On. Swim. Tender. Via. Swimmer Matt someone non tender someone who isn't me. Met someone on tender. Went out with that are okay to grow our new minority whip it took her out. And she starts explaining. That she gotten as big fight over the summer with their family should be living out their Stanley got mystic fight with the fan knowing the plot. Got kicked out can turn and now. Crashes on friends' couches when she can affect. We're suits our car. Essential books where and where did swim. And where did you where it should win them. Picked this person up. The person had the girl has a car already picked her up at her car or did they meet saying Matt had a matter of Arab or Russia or something because they had dinner. And she's what else I have knowing what to swim half I don't know I didn't mask but. A swim like Applebee's pieces and he said. She's homeless and I said well not really any suggests she is she's homeless because. She doesn't have a home side we'll house surfing he's right she's surfing music you know she said that she has slept in her car multiple times. That makes her homeless okay that's okay all right so she's homeless you consider your card and home. And he said. I don't know. How I feel about taking advantage. Of all people are homeless for says he not take advantage she's on a dating site. You didn't pick her up at a soup kitchen and offer a hot meal there on her right now I mean different if she was waiting in line somewhere. And he said yeah. Come over and I'll give you some clothes in the Enron and on our right that would be. Do weird. You met on a dating site. Should they have sexual homeless and he says he didn't he says he did. I say he says it's inappropriate. He says this year he didn't feel right about taking advantage of the situation I said what how are you taking I saw someone who then lose them temporarily. Housing challenge and they. There are now allowed pleasure. Right that's what I said something along I said she's an adult she's not allowed to make decisions about if she's on tendered his when he meets one and he said. Yes but if I invite her over to my house. The odds are she's gonna say yes because she would like to have a place to set. And so on I advantage of the situation and I have a home. And Dick she needs a home which is not as different as you might think from picking up someone is panhandling is saying come on over. I'll give you arid hot meal one. Some clean clothes and India China and obviously that would be appropriate size so what demand what do not what did you do what did swim doom guests are not talking anymore which I said was crazy Charlie after a series of simulator. Yeah and my thing is Drudge banners and doesn't leave the homeless person homeless so right that's part don't understand that doesn't make any sense part of it is a simple you just Centre back out there now now she's. In her car whatever right that's that's and number one number two. If you wanna be if you feel successful. North feel like you're good provider. What can make you feel more success slowing and better provider than someone who's gonna be grateful. And impressed. By. This person like I complain about how crappy your house says the spurs is not gonna complain about how crappy your car is this person is not gonna say the need to get a better job that you don't have any driver ambition. This Thursday well eventually I don't know how she chili's or I don't think they won't get there and mines. When you should you've got also got better got some elements are not as much do you guys running sometimes not as much as you going to me it seems perfectly reasonable I don't. So much as he could have invited her over an ad section there. Yes. It could have. I don't and I'm not even positive actually that he didn't but. I think the whole point of meeting someone. Was that he he want you would like to date someone you would like to that have. The work you adapt Louise you don't have that section are after that. No but I know but it's great to do you do what you don't have to and so and so you say okay world's first date you don't have a home I have a home I would like to comes from the night. And I have some shelter you sleep on the couch dealers say comic how she should share your bed. To music on the couch and she sleeps in your bag you Larry. Usury shower. Due to offer her alcohol. Hooker and she allowed to wondering why or why can't she drink this I don't know why did you have just duration. Laszlo in this climate you don't wanna take advantage of your situation your situation could be. That you are not housing challenged as I put it. You have this big home. You're using your wealth. All my power IC has a power move to have sex yeah you're saying hey. The only Amazon and people of equal housing. So I said. As I want a bill was girls who were you went out on a day and the sun is out there what do you anonymous blogger Larry it was out I. Well is that you crash in my place. And and having fun on the day. And our hitter wasn't legacy crash at my place at a united secular. Should probably may have said OK that sounds nice. You have heat but that wouldn't necessarily be the only reason she has actually favors just one of the myriad reasons why she was attracted to. You soon sign. What would you be using your power on the onsite or electricity what do you make a tornado came I knocked you know not some power lines out or something right. What if you made a hundred grand she made fifty grand. That's what I told him I said what if you made a hundred grand as she made fifty grant now are you using that you are are you have. A position of power because you make twice as much like decision makes good money if she makes fifty grand but he says no it's different. She's technically homeless she doesn't have a home like this are talking about degrees Jimenez and have you made. 400000. And a person may fifth 2000 you can do things it sure is never able to do before. Mean almost moment I would love that. I think I know presage a change I think should be very very very. Impressed. You know it would be like come. Everything would be like like I was on time episode of cribs like I was a celebrity showing off everything this is my house this one this. Staying here turns on the hot water decision. Like I never heard and how this is cable guy we have who. And Netflix and AM America sure I used crackle this is the Amazon video switch and this issue my refuel four K this is 1080. I know it's a lot Toronto sun calling your house sister. I said it was okay at. I think it would be I think. I get what puzzles saying that eventually she's. She's not gonna be impressed but at least initially. And actually it's a good starting point. Well. I think so your friend just said no. It is that she's homeless message what do you care evident right after the date what happen. Saying that was a toll all the stuff about how he didn't you you can't invite her over you can't. You know you're taking advantage of the situation and I civil what did you dates where if you you know don't have sex. Too soon if you wait awhile. He says she's homeless. I said OK so long not gonna move military immediately I can't be dating someone who doesn't have a home. And I don't know why owning your lunar. Why wouldn't T. Why would he he said he doesn't. His thing was if he starts dating are down images have a home as I what I go to work and she's homeless then I everytime she's not in my house you see their card that's my girlfriend does. Because we don't live together she amazed at how Bernard. Now that could I guess you could do like meanwhile is an. Have to rely on May be now. I'm dating you know I know you sleeping your friends' houses or whatever and only wanna go all you taxed early don't you wanna go on on Monday and she says yeah so many. You know. Things start to go in her favor things are looking up. Yeah. That is on his alma and I guess this witness for the right thing dozens on. If that's the course the right thing to do so now she now you're just I'm not look I'm not her father or her brother oral go to police or shelter or social worker. We got a matter of gender I had a fun time alert level B she came over she left the next morning. Whenever about a school and then on Wednesday I text or say. You know. You wanna go here initiative says yes or known issues as just great as she says no no. I mean we're not I mean it's a date from a dating website. I agree with that. I also think that if she wants it date if she wants. To continue to see you chose to come over. She's allowed to make that decision. I don't think that your. Abusing your low scores shot your position. Well. And one count lot of movement. Loyal loyal earlier there. Going to take its time. You can. Let's find. I customers in ways they can see you're all. Mean there. This person such as as you shouldn't have to rescue person you're dating as. Maybe she rescued him rarely you know who rescued new hot right. I'm into may not see. Area part of our division after rescue personnel data may we all made a little rescuing rights. Every dollar and a little help. Maybe that's or look at for. He said. Maybe it's just different for different people. But touch on you seemed I bet you whoever your dating or your married her if you're out looking for someone to be. And in a relationship whereas men. I bet to and you need a little rescuing and I bet you I'll be signed a person I can help you. And and he said I said if she had a job and everything would you of Lexus and yes she's probably out of my league. She would probably be out of my league. All launching an around shoeless. Among the cast but. I'm guessing June regularly twice but he said that she was out of his league. Well there you go I mean this goes back to the handicapped in situation two I'm not just kind of I know I know I know but there are ways we can talk about this on Zain is passive be someway we can talk oh we talked about. For so long every one is it has a number or whether we like it or not I who has a number truck and if euros five the and you really like a certain things about a person that usually comes with someone who's eight or nine. The you have to try and find someone who has that says feature shirt but it's only a five. Or five or six of their with senior surely that's all I'm saying with our eyes very specific and if she were an eight or nine. Gainfully employed. Then maybe now but they're shooting or Applebee's and the eighties was when on how them. Written with it wasn't me I'm up on. I just. I don't see. How that's an appropriate. I don't see honestly I I really think it's the same thing as if you may like I said he made a hundred grand she made fifty grand you make really good money she makes pretty good might be make our money. Okay great congratulations you make more money there are caught in a way around or the other way around you're not abusing year. Its position there right now the success. Hopefully you both enjoy different arc she's in adults. She is she as a phone she uses her phone. To swipe left and right she has Dana she learned to date with you. You get to make that decision. I'm an almost troll the casino wants. And she wouldn't go out. Wanna I don't know. Probably Gamal enough. Scheme when I I love cussing you don't nickel and dime extra panache launched Friday and zero blackjack tables three dollars. It's embarrassing. She was almost like none of those homeless whose home levels of sales fell one guy is not Amman mountainous one. I'd like casinos for gambling and I look at you if I'm almost person and I think we don't like. Among ought to roll dice don't have the southern table. Almost a two dollars and. Never doubled around I have coupons for little thing. Never doubled down. I coupons for you and never double down never because they raise the minimum stuff that can never split casino. Look that's beside the point Mourinho not as an even playing blackjack at the time is just trying to judge go to the bus today. Brilliant group arms I guess I could not accountable so much. No my game is what's a company but they didn't come yet here they did you had coupons and income they come to make clear composite came in the mail no they were not all over again I don't know I didn't get them but my friend I don't know his mom got them as she got a minute mailer was for free and she doesn't know where they came from that was up only comes up today I hadn't all of them. And it was crap like night. It was flurries of the words coming from then she took the polluted than she'd. Men. What difference does it make. The point it I had the cops. I have also had a home. It's doing pretty well. He is an open. Cupid a comparatively. I think. Could you compare heroics are some with. And use less power slips so that it really limiting your options and we are gonna go over power here who have made it up but you can't. He can't physically overpower anybody voluntarily. Jimmy rough to find somebody who's just feels intimidated by lack. Maybe when your options are limited underground legs right. I just love that idea gender account. Well I don't download a third round. Those looking for someone who would be impressed by my leg a minimum wage your last ship. You might be impressed and are not your strong. He's beat up. No one is take myself so. He's Smart and play Smart articulate self defense glass that's. Tuition has been agreed to invest. Would you put support. And you know washing machine exists. It. More one person. No okay so Fuzzy quick is a very. I think it was from buzz create the status of Bosnia as. Plus the yes quit yeah there was some quiz I'm I know that buzz he did was similar to visit his where it originated. It has all these questions things that you do I think specifically was like in the bathroom and my brother sent it to me and they had things in it people don't realize. Other people and we think everyone does these things the same but we don't know because we don't watch them right these are things that you're doing your allotted herself okay so one of the things was asking did you grow as a when you white. Do you stand up or do you stay sitting down. Right right I said to my brother launch I stand up of course he's did you do. And I said yeah what I take device stand up I take a punter Brian white and he said. What do you mean you stand up I went to state you stick your hand in the twin he's like. Yeah I Stacy don't so this apparently were not the only ones who were freaked out by choosing answers the whole Internet was freaked out right people who sit down cant believe people stand up people who stand up can't believe people stand out what are you guys do. You don't stand out I stand up well you don't so don't when I take a paper I've. Ready to grow seriously but then I stand up like this you actually stand up yeah I lift my ass up off the what do you do Oslo eyes. You say setting. OK so this art and I stood up my good. He moves up my dad's get lives and visit us unsanitary and Nancy I'm not I'm not given a clean employs a promise I don't know I am I move up up to see. So this started holding people couldn't believe there are people did this so Simone came over the idea CN RA. What are all the things that would surprise us what are all the other stand vs sick. Things that people might do that we don't know about her right side and the back and just in general model my life a lot of them happen in the bathroom but in general. So. The bottom Melissa these are the top nine things you don't put number nine was drying off in the shower some people drop in the showers some people get out. To drive off of them I drought in the shower awaits on dry so I don't your water a little floor. Can you get out of the shower drought I get out and barely dry out of a I don't know economic assurance that it column put on my face right now from. Andrew Meyer drive that and then I throw on some boxers and I'm puzzles all that we don't mind. Like I am not soaking wet and others do like a quick pat. Alan all but I'm also delighted you know that got dry lived together you know he would do his legs and I'm trying to Somalia I don't do that and I get dry. I used to drive out of the shower but I read. Online that people actually drive and the showers I tried at that Saudi and Yemeni you get out you try your feet before you put my warm stay warm and dry off number eight on the list which this is something that I learned from you guys and this guy was apparently shocked or whoever posted this originally. He was shocked to find out just as I was that some guys use the hole in their underwear. And when they go to. And I had no idea for pot that's what is therefore there was going to be this guy says whoever invented that and having sex and transient hobos have his guys as whoever and by data layer of the amount. Protection. Whoever invented that did not try to match as soft hot dogs through overlapping she's the fabric after drug every three hours with no place to use the bathroom. Just pull the waste stand down and get the whole thing out of luck to flood gates open at the same time. No one has time to wean the snake through elaborate than an emergency. My thing is I try to linger and I try to do and what you've talked not know why we're boxer briefs or maybe a slightly different but isn't it's a process I don't know how you guys so maybe I. Conyers and it's braves are different. I Wear boxer agrees yeah briefs are my friends that my zipper is it your fingers like just basically open it. There winner comes out there are fewer and boxers and it's pretty easy actually I. He's scared when he's not a I mean it's and it's not a difficult machine. He's here even the Olympics there and maybe you're going to pull your pulling bat out of your zipper if that is don't you worry when you go to pull out there that once it comes over it's gonna cut it. That the zippers gonna cut it well now. I can't I try do what you we have this whole discussion a year ago or so a year and I tried in the why did I can get the wise thing to maneuver us. There. He has pulled out I don't know meant birdies I just zipped up and I get my belt on everything bone right fingers then. Spread the things spam where I stumpel mistakes and anything if you were my my the way my opinions are my fly is above my. Did. You know. Like it's below year yeah Mike Mike Mike Mike Weiner is down here yes the early days ahead early and just pulled out hard all right number six Graham crude not the only one who surprised by this. On number six I did not know this is a thing I've never. Isn't there and I get a you know. I. I forget it I'll ask Garcia I would take my chance to point cancer and have to. Better than this yeah yes and after I Halliburton. I pull it down when you're outside. I have to point cancel all men and yeah so it's standing outside like any earlier having like. It's real crazies no one night stand sex and a stairwell and you've got Japan's pulled on him but like Dick can you please. In the Euro is that it was WP a nearly bright purple you're paying only got zero block blood don't you know I just pulled the front down a fine PW there's still you know what's going down over his track he's one of those kids man who knows. Number sex policy don't pass of the journal says son. People are there apparently some people who when they lay down to go to sleep at night don't close our eyes. Angela falsely why I don't want you don't close your eyes itch in an effort to try and falls asleep and I'm not. Well I mean I'm what do you later it right away its own I mean I will read or do something in Brazil and so tired. That I know I'm going to sleep in the next second and I cannot do this like just drop below my book or whatever falsely. So but do you lay there like do is what I'm saying I don't I don't go like this. I don't stop and say it's time to go to bad I'm gonna close my eyes and make myself go to sleep I don't do that. I my eyes are open until the very last minute delay downing go. I responded Oka I basically pass out. I close my season when you talk falsely saying. Number five on the list. I've I do this I guess this is somehow wrong but when I turn on the shower I get in the shower and wait four to warm up. I think he didn't disperse and didn't realize that some people not wake the shower to warm up I don't according to Michael let's hold our guys did and then turn on gets cold the first so I don't. Who who I don't know what's invigorate and then you wait for a name I don't know if I'd step outside you make sure it's not as Palin there boom I. I'm sure you aren't our guys did I'm Marty naked I did and I turn the shower was cold and it's like wow yeah I think yeah. I don't know not to cardiac channel I am I know in my shower where it is in a hotel. A sizable burn myself because again I don't know I just starts getting too so there's the analysts are hot under the bed bath. The number four on the list some people walk around my house make it all the time. People who don't do that usually people that people who walk on the house make all the time can't believe that there are some people who never walk on how snake and I never never. Walk around the house naked never never ever ever. It is the first thing all of us agree on there would have to be some sort of an emergency. Room I mean I may go find I have to go downstairs to get like you know. Clothes dry and my. I don't judge at a bar owners and asked inbred in my laundry and then you know a lot of boxers and a teacher right tomorrow yeah I like naked negative swing around our boxers too and it just me guessing that's fine. Numbers not in anybody's overload and in no drama teacher known known donate it is out of the question yeah I even if I was going down to get. Boxes and notre I think I have a towel to my house was on fire that's ours and it sounds a little sigh Phil Gramm boxers and yeah I'm not gonna go transfer a fire without some now I know they're naked. Number three but some dribble water up toilet paper other people's fault quadruple this already marred the bathroom stuff old. I wanted forever my brother's side where this came up most of the go to guys that should fold you should also less hurtful and number two. I didn't notice this was a thing. Because I've always had voices in my hands the some people don't hear voices so when you read something. You know all in and you're alone and you're not like. Audibly reading your mouth disclosed. You're not in all. George Bush renew yourself like this or not you're you're you're just read you here voicing your head. Or no maybe. Do you hear a voice in your head telling you like it's time to make coffee you know it's time to go don't forget to take the trial's shown it's hard because you are reading solo words are coming through my head so maybe that's a voice plan like. I'm sounding out in my hand I guess life. So that's a hard one for me to put my finger on I would say the answer is I really don't know them because I don't know I can't put myself in your head. To describe what a voice your head sounds like I'm reading to myself I know that. I know exactly that's exactly I know exactly what you mean is just you're reading. The words but you're not you like say that it is Arabic my hero they come into your idea I hear my guess kinda I'm not actively reading but I don't have a by nearly got married in message stream my. We're right I know that's as I have. If I didn't I would be reading and I don't think I'll just be looking at like Carter explained my notes and yes yeah right I didn't hear that word in my head I would just be looking at letters right. But I don't have a voice I certainly don't analyze my head that says time permit autonomy because everybody I know and and no you don't. Now now yeah I have thought for sure white color so you talk your leg and I don't know gentlemanly conversation in his own mind you whenever I think to myself I like coffee isn't these are weird thing is now if I'm home alone I respond to myself audibly. So if you don't walk around with a microphone I mean you hear me sane. I know. I'm trying. I'm gonna hurry whatever. I know there's still ten minutes and I'm responding to this spot that I ask a lot of red light may be the voice in my head as saying all right I'm thirst delegates and drink. Now I don't ever say ball really you know double digits or something like now that's those are many once in awhile say oh crap I mean to go make sure do the exactly. I I want respond and it's a one sided brain tells your response where gosh I don't want to respond elements say on me do this all the bad things let me know of one. I'm from Seattle is I do also like I. New yeah I'm a CD to show Ulanova environmental warrior psychopath it's so. A what are those steps of the skipped so another thing I thought it was just seem like a scared so they they talked about some people apparently right. Mr. Burris now isn't really the same person every government and all I feel like it's just something I've done two and I'm honestly Sudanese say hi hey there's a person's iMac. It's not like that it's another person it's me talking to myself but I have a full conversation on one side is not audible on the other side is slightly. Audible I say it out loud to myself about especially bomb along. You know what side have you and then there's the other side does someone else kinda usually my release oil buddhism and mine that my side is always those of response. You know. Right they the other caller responds I don't know responders and similar joint and I'm trying definitely got to hurry levels can call like five minutes seriously that's that's what I do and apparently. There are no matter I I I am now so freaked out. I'm telling but I thought I'm so freed up and in my head I'm praying. That I haven't somehow convinced myself to do that to myself tonight right and I don't have the power of suggestion Danica so I'm home tonight I'm gonna be like moon. I'd like Doritos go to themselves are not good enough that happens I'll I'll jump out the window. As I can't tell you won't get a little like you can't you're not you don't have the guts to jump out the window and I say I know. You're right I dog. And I it's our fault. They say they're missing their time and we'll talk to themselves and they said. Arm you know like whether or not you hear the voice can you read things apparently some people cannot picture things in their head. And these people believe it when they hear someone say all picture a house senior had they always thought growing up that people meant that metaphorically. Like picture something in your head they didn't realize. That. Jim not being able to actually picture an image in their mind to think anything makes them part of the minority right. Like they cannot picture something in their head they are not capable I know that was a thing had never back or not it's true. These people were saying that that is true in a certain people who cannot picture at things and their might and like if they read a book when they try to imagine characters wherever. They don't have. Images of these characters and had they just have the words on paper remember apply and then the number one scene was. There is an argument about you know all the stuff the goes on about through apparently when they do that realizes some people sink the toothbrush in the water. And then major sports in toothpaste in their mouth and. On your part of that sort I I does that are active. A lot of people are going to be crazy and I thought that's not a bad idea bonds and some people argue muscles to be do you wet to toothbrush then put the two to paste on property put the toothpaste then what both and they said either is fine there's a whole another group of people even know existed. Who wet the toothbrush Finnish court toothpaste found out. And mix the two pitcher I think that sounds like an easier way to do it now start doing that while you can certainly get more 2000. Last Massey discord among when he said that I never thought about but you know I thought you know what that's less messy you're never gonna tell you get an incentive to plant boom like not. You're never gonna spill it on you don't get this agrees promise I'm. Balls on when he goes on doesn't think genetically in his. I got out according to a two things in my mouth that now I watched you earlier you have this different pop eyes and supporting the honey sauce in your mouth what's the difference. Friends so. Though just grew once funny ones who dies. Ones delicious I thought it was a good idea that this could very well about it and then not bomb like our element of that wouldn't it. It actually may originally made Arizona Ronald Thomas Ryan didn't goddamn two face in the singles on my iPhone assuming a pretty good idea I had no problems with that. There was other stuff like you know some people take issues of our attending gonna house I think that's just what every used to putting your socks on before you put your pants on or after you put your grandson imam before Obama afford to let her. I know the people who would otherwise I contacted. In a conversation who can't do it those overall personality quirks. Pulling the milk in the bowl first is you know pours the milk in the bulls I was sometimes I seriously doubt about it yes and yes he's the one person I know you forgot about it but you know what does not a steadfast rule would me. I don't have to do that when I don't freak out of my do. But when I mentioned that people lost their ass I thought. You know maybe I just. Don't care enough about any thing like I'm a bowl oh minus sitting there and I over a refrigerator and I grabbed the serial. Acampora amalgam vs little cereal like god or composer of personal amount I got. Now bay home actually usually not only the mountain not a muscle memory thing that is usually probably the mouth first. Mean you're American why would that be the wrong way and also understand. There's not just a regular thing is displacement I can't tell how much milk I'm gonna need Alan how much cereal I want and any enough milk to get the serial. And I think I'm a saturate doesn't amount to me is the most important part of the serial. But I can assure you have you wanna get a slightly some orange not totally submerged. And so you know Britain's first and how much milk you need I can't have our Susan remind them doesn't explain an elegantly done. I can't have too much not much cereal. I am too much in the senses faster spilling out on the countertop as my for a serial on top of them then the majority of its gonna sit there and load on top of it and finance emeritus ago room. I thought about this much right capital serial over the top moment I hit my soup bread and more like soup and some sort of so come. Dozens serial sit on top of the mill tournaments are on record Bowman and I'd take responsible to Iraq with a brownie but the cereal on first hey okay. You're erecting the natural order of things. We get and I never thought it was a weird. And now I created two more monsters because both my kids ability awaits him. There are gonna start there's a revolution boys. Mile folks first. And I want you next any for your milk in the ball I want you to respond and I'm voicing her head saying this is the wrong way to do it and how much are Hussein trying to. Well you know what I do I like his way inside my head and most of time he says who gives us. Nick Wright was sports. Year old farmer friend. Go to our you first things first. FS 1538. To eight starting right here in Kansas City. You nailed it absolutely. Deploying that's very good ratings it was a chaotic coming from Kansas City so I really appreciate that disaster. First part through the second part I assumed future. It. What's the Rogers Telus. It's Monday which were the most. At stake for our fighters raided today ever by a wide margin and the final hour hour show on Monday we did really really well. Like. Well. By our new shows standards for well life compared to competition standards and so were. We're tracking I think we're a little ahead of schedule or where one viewed the new show that's now had 67 so. Very nice congratulations. So appeal girl that. On a few good bet. Parts of the that are part of the last week kicking your rapid change debate so jurors what sort order national sports percent. Nolan went one time there was a big story. You all these suspensions this stuff that's happening with the NFL whether Clark or the guys Monday night all of you followed the at all. It's. Okay do you want view provide maybe a little treatment sites sport you wanna set the table or like your audience grow what happened. Well we we've talked a little bit about I mean we we discussed Monday night's game. I think we did you know talking up Peter's gates has been a we talked about grunts late hit and all that stuff I do like we've covered a little bit. I saw today that they were the NFL's considering implementing like targeting rules like they have and college. Yeah neck. I commuted artful sort of a year yeah an area of policy so here. NFL made it clear idea. That they don't want. They don't care running it right that is about it you hit it I like in the in the money game there was a play. Where George our local trying to break up well past the tying touchdown you win games you make that hit it what was is pretty unique. Yeah like sport. They ended up suspending him they just they rescinded the suspension this article want to bore. Great but the interval that it's not about what your trying to be dirtier. It's about where you'd like this sorry you didn't mean to we have to penalize Purcell not intent. You follow me. I dole they kicked out of bound to say. Is that the standard. Thing quarterbacks should be getting final some of these things as well. Struggle with someone like that Mike Mitchell safety for the cure talk today that lacked here you got 50000 dollar. Because you're going over the middle of the safety. It needle it will pack. Mitchell died it hit the player and got. Mitchell's third ball and that's what sole target the player at the Indo rootkit it means that hitting him in the head. It worked bank for defensive player it doesn't matter urine and should we not been saying for quarterback Donovan barriers and if you we featured right into that we really want accurate. Shouldn't be awkward does that make. Yeah. Blah I mean. Yes I mean you make a valid argument but I mean that's. So and I understand his interest and that's not gonna happen any there be no way to accurately. Mean if it's just resolves but he would there be no way to really. Reframe that as crews. What that result. But not result is laid out on the hands of the you know Alex Smith. Certain forward in any court we're. Defensive player beats flying for that the words you look at the pro. And you look at the probe on target or off to. Like you wouldn't have the break down every throw every game it would be okay well result in an illegal. With the pro on target or what that all of our. So you can get what you penalized for being a bad cornerback live. Your people right now by indict theoretically being bet they. Are you thought you were penalizing them for that that the way they hit. The person what he would make his trying to do I make a bridge from derivatives whose only going to be on results. And not intent the results you'd also be the quarterback's fault well. Well I mean I'd let us say like I get what you're saying but that's I mean it's it's notes on those arguments that. Yes you are you ride but there have been no way to ever prove that there be no way. There be no way to say it was off target or is on target to renew labour have for him to know whether it was on target are on target. And if that's the case and wanna just final wide receivers. Saying look you knew you're gonna get ahead. Why did you go up like delegates elected you know there's a guy there don't catch the ball anymore. Or how about we start finding me look we gotta go my results using a logic we're gonna go and collect the running back. Missed the chip block. And if he would've made the chip block men. You know it would Alex Smith when I had the throw the ball fast. The Internet to get rid of it earlier that I was worried about results so important to go down that rabbit holes as far as you want like any other murder mystery want to. Wanna take it one that we are already. Finding the guy that hit the players catching the ball it's outrageous you think about whether or not. Not quarterbacks and look all that some culpability in the. What was then they're using that logic is it not ridiculous is it outrageous to you don't think of the offensive tackle who missed the block. That he has some culpability or the wide receiver who ran the wrong. Note the running the wrong or is interesting. That one that I think people partisan group. The reason I'm not saying you'll have to tackle missile blocking it. There's too many things have been happened after that there's too many butterfly effect things that I think unpalatable. I think the quarterback in its approval. What about running the wrong route. I don't know is that. I mean I don't know in the real trying to that's who like how do we know what route useful. Rugged notebook I had to undergo relatives say that your job you know behind you get in trouble we can't prove any of this other stuff. Which would say the wide receiver the quarterback didn't throw a high. The wide receivers Bozeman five yards deeper it's a timing point. Did you commute on your phone again. The minute mark organs. I it Munich airport I like that Cairo or on television world can be more. The good workshop in all of you guys wanna talk more computers are good or do. A little bit of that I can understand they suspend him. Fair or not we don't there's people love him we both love that type of passion guys that wanna win. You know people are comparing him to my neighbor chief player of all time deal Carter actually heard the dogma that on on the sports agent. It's. Always Tampa emotionally it felt and suspend him. They didn't even a general. And I it was that you guys maybe follow the chiefs colts tonight to promote art. I missed one drive it till he got the read atlas. That. Saying why didn't he ever gets suspended for all those ago I mean how little don't know why he cost the chiefs and and in those games. And the beginning of this season when the chiefs were were winning all those games and he said he wasn't gonna do that he put it behind him and what at least the first two games. He continued to do that and they never an analyst on Abbott opened literally or lack yes. Well he picked up he took his towel right until the pedal just Albert Taylor the line. I think that's that's about Iraq I thought he did O may develop that thought he took his talent through it like it was. He took itself I know that happened I thought you also look like me I'm wrong herbal like. I kill. I don't think you can what Trevor LC you'd think he's done in the just suspend Marcus cougars period portable like. I don't think you can see why you. What I don't understand why you would you draft to the guy. It plays the way place. The NFL didn't think it was bad enough to be suspended so why. The world when they're fighting for hot spot or go to a bench when it appears that I'm. I don't understand why again. If it's like if you're a college coaches here. You know on a note now the army is Moses guys don't think that way anyways but here. You know. A college aren't willing. Right you think your. Your grooming young people to become a grown man and you're gonna teach a lesson and you know it that's the way that it looks on the university you wanna give me all those things fine. Let's suspend him. Well it's is it got a professional. That you. A judge and jury called the NFL commissioner and all those exams to spend them as a problem. Yeah I got what it is he read molding this guy and to be a better human being that he's doing. Now I look I agree with all of that. Right thing. The only time it makes sense pearl like what you remember last year when Cameron. The team wouldn't let him play the first series of the game because he didn't Wear his souped. Do you remember that. Okay what are. Well I think it's ridiculous but if the coach says they were all our Susan and a star player doesn't mean you know maybe you can lead is struggling maybe you can make a statement by it but not. Our stimulus statement you be making buns. I I don't either. Ear and I would agree. I would understand. A suspension if that let that it's toward war. That he's being suspended because he quit on eighteen to be lapped the field. Right but that he thought you would eject. I think we all understand right nobody thinks that you just like screw that are now islanders. I think some people did think that yes first I think they got Abbott now we all know and given hindsight. I think it's our job voters rejected everybody was being generous only just quit but now I know all his voters objected to LaToya and and so fine. Don't spend them. Right right. Right here at I don't know and I really of foolish to try. Invite you to know I can't help but with the late screaming from the Hilltop. Because this one is obviously. A race issue it's a of course it is the Cal's acting as well as across it signals. So make sure that I guess you guys both say the right question. Do you believe the Kansas City Chiefs suspended Peters and not Kelsey because the racist. I think that you know it was RL I don't wouldn't allow him to get away with the things he got away with the announcement enemy game. I think if you count black and he continued his definition of racism right I think it yes I think they're giving it raises cancer agents are racist as an organization. We're now with the I don't think in fact I think you could have. In what it buys it is they that don't necessarily worry level what we consider right great at what I do things. I don't think it's like you like and know. That Travis he'll be in higher. What does being he was ejected like security multiple crying like he'd been fighter he. Well worn in immediately. Would think having Keats and of the world with the thing and any and potentially with the organization if you global. Like it at cal he does. And whether even the big change. It I mean hell he's got passed on it but stop computer didn't like there's so many things. Travis Carroll he has benefited from purely. By being polite. Like to read edit partner that not. And I don't know how you're definitely would be treated if you wore white but I feel like you know definitive. Felt that it helped. Treated fuel black. And it is nothing like the spirit that. That the book all that Doug afternoon Tony and lead the entire show. And markets Peter repeatedly hit 35 minute monologue on him on Monday or corner mark for personal and now. We see right. What they're pitching me. Would open got kicked out of the game last year you talked about how it probably go with it you can get the actual rats and not give Kirk. Like eight in the double standard that will hold an organization I know it's within the median. Don't know it would have to be within the culture right. Who's responsible for suspending him. What would that well. What did they typically Coke now I would imagine. It's the older the more the guys suspended suspended but you you you would pick it become. We hear incurring theory did you go beat that he would not mean you're not that I like it should take soaring play. And the chief pat. Diary killed you have David Irving may have marked as Peter achieved by valuing dies with obvious. What you call character issues. Any theory deal. No I mean. It is fascinating it me it rankled later racists. No dull dull to. Opt out you don't do that and hang up the phone bill. Then I was asked on your phone was muted so we actually only heard you say Andy Reid racist should. Three times is that your phone nick right that you Matt. I just I it's I'm I I is irate. It's now. The guy is still there you know I exit there one day I'm getting phone call and it's going to be. So what you've you've been doing every guy. In a nation fired up but regardless if it. Your your left please save me. 26. Thank you are you my friend and spastic and god are you glad to hear it never remember. I was reading this thing you might of erasing the story. Did you see the the pastor's wife went between at a dealership no but I mention. So it involves at this point Gloria Allred is bald but. If I was reading this thing about they did the survey about Tom Saxton okay. And it's sad that 6% of people would rather sex with someone and actually have sex with them. Like they learn as you look satisfactorily laughter orange GAAP. And they said to prefer section because they feel more confident. Sure behind their phones and do person I understand that but the analysis at 27% of people have accidentally Saxton the wrong person of 11% of people since the new photos to co worker on maximum fine 5% of accidentally sent it to their parents. And 33 dollars parents is clearly an accident maybe censured or worm for residency or they say oops. Over officers and showed in my later 30% of people save their inappropriate photos and tax on their phone I'm surprised it's only 33%. But 32% of people save it. Which brings you back to the story about this pastor and his wife. So apparently what happened here. This happened last year they go into a car dealership in grapevine Texas to buy a new Prius is OK okay. They say that the carbine processes. Went pretty much as they were expected. But what happened behind the scenes. Is what is causing this lawsuit against the dealership and a former sales director because he's been let go and this guy's facing criminal charges now okay. So police believe Matthew Luke Thomas the car sales director. To change found nude photo Matthew Luke movements all very ironic isn't it Matthew Luke Thomas. It. He's a sales director he found nude photos of Clair on her husband's phone and forwarded them to an email address for swingers web site. Contract so apparently what happened here is he had such that the pastor had some sort of preapproved financing document any seeds don't just found. So the salesman who's trying to help them get this deal done and asked to borrow his phone so he could show that information to his manager Don it. Says when we see the photo taken your show my manager what she got. And he was only gone for a few minutes when he came back. They guide a pastor looks at his phone realizes something's something's amiss right. When he tried to pull up a screen shot of the pace stub. From his photos app on his phone scene you double tap the run but Imus imagine iPhone here he saw that there was a year old picture of his wife. There had been pulled up in his photos. And then he saw that photos of his wife eating in and out of their bathtub. Dumbo I was the pastor described as a private moment shirt had been sent to an email address. There appeared to be linked to a swingers website or lord. And now they're suing not only him but they're suing the Toyota dealership. Tim had downloaded application onto his cellphone. For preapproved financing. The sales person asked to see the application on the phone. And then told him. And clear that he needed to show the phone to his manager. To get the financing approved the couples says when they got the phone back and opened it a private photo of his wife appeared. And according to the lawsuit they later found evidence that it. And another similar photo had been emails he was able to ascertain that two photos and his wife. Both taken on the same day. One while she was stepping into the bathtub. And the other when she was getting out. Were sent to an email associated with swingers. Okay. They're suing. Pursuing this guy he's got criminal charges he's facing the salesman and then they're suing the actual. Dealership right that's why Gloria Allred is involved is involved right. And I don't know what that what numbers that they're looking for British she's involved a gust and it's a lot. But this just is it a good opportunity to remind people especially girls. That if a guy tells you. This is his wife's is is a little different. But if a guy tells you that he's going to delete the pictures Susie season or even if you're using snapped chat and you don't see that he took a screen shot. There's a very good chance. That he not least. Somehow got a screen showed a picture but that it's been safe and that a lot of guys who get these pictures on the phone shared them with friends. Co workers they show them off. So if someone tells you I promise I'm in our right to send me the picture and I'll get rid of it. Probably not. You can't trust anyone you can't trust anyone in specially Kantor's guys with with new pictures. That you're sending out in his NT think of players again trust your husband annoys me is in order 21 year old girl sexting someone. Right there's this guy mean and doing things no he had it was a mighty SpinRite his mad about it and she can obviously trust her husband. He probably never told originally I mean probably looked adamant pleasure himself right I've no idea if and but you know. I'm sure there's a chance which NA a massive this is in the story I could see hurting like I thought you deleted those photos templates model harsh but that's the thing we don't. And you might because you have photos from Newton. Of whom. People are sending pictures really eaten many ends. You think to yourself well I never really receive them think about. When my dad trying to bully them when you first and say you sent him your 21 years old I 827. You think as ancient history you never think that maybe somewhere. Someone still has those pictures are probably out on her phone they're out there. And this is why and I look I'm I'm very grateful that girls occasions and pictures I think you've. And I'm very grateful. But selling trump their thoughts. This is like the pictures are great they're so great this is why a lot of guys don't do it because we know lots and we not a picture thing works so girl might be serious and she says. Similar to pick let me see it actually like this diplomacy it. Anything. In Italy and guys do all the time though because Arnie always orange and they send the pictures in the northern Illinois you know laugh to you know they're touching themselves and girls like similar predicament Cendant then you know. Mahan and Anthony Weiner but how many times have you and I. Talked about. Why we don't send pics I first of all no one's asking I get that okay why wouldn't send him because I'm singular rule in the moment right. Let's discuss I don't discussing human eye can't look at it. And think I'm fat and disgusting. When it may put that phone owners and new picture alienated I'd like to see it with you know the fact that we were together as long as we have an icy every single day and have never seen it. I think that's kind of shouldn't see no. You don't think she's kinda we don't work well a lot of people every day they have never seen Larry like you and I were in the same room every day for hours. And I've never seen it. You never think about that no I never tell us think of all things and now. I don't know I don't know I don't know it looks like frenzy you've known since elementary school I know you've got friends in Michigan you know your entire life. Never CNET. That's a separate issue. The issue is if you send pictures and send to someone like snow cone or anybody for that matter. But improbably saving them on me and because I know that you are on tender young do whatever bumblebee and all that stuff about phone number. What is it bumping mumble and fumble fumble. And I know that you know there's pictures and you probably asked people to send you pictures and I'm guessing that saved us or do that. Meg gets them occasionally we'll all say you got caught cheating because you got the pictures. We have and I'm not on. Tender a case in the U manage those people on tender those arms thing and it took pictures of each other irons actually news Dave them on your iPad and in your girlfriend found them. I hate to bring back bad memory Ellen. What he's saying actually happened and I know that it happened to you right as some of those pictures were texted you may be didn't even ask form I don't know what they were taxed to deal right and maybe there was something implied like get where the picture please did you leave the pictures I don't know I was in there. How they're okay. Hearing but for some reason they didn't get deleted and someone solemn wasn't supposed to and you always think when you lose your phone also feel there's good karma. So view delete the pictures Emerson dealing the people should hopefully have deleted the picture you sent to them right it's like people talk about snapped Jack etiquette right you know if you screen shot something that you're not supposed to street John you'll see that when you're done you broke the rules that's it got really trusted. Guys are so so come have you ever. Received a picture on snapped chat and you had an idea of what it was before he opened it. And you pulled out another device take a picture of the screen on the phone or not that he's quite right you don't let of course I'd never even talked to a why don't usually use that gender offers much do you guys do I rarely use it. If the nose and I know I am I don't know store because if you don't know I don't know you don't know Cummings who are out of time but if you know also was is all right or are right. Policy India picture and then you see that red box and sitting there. And you know that there's an open picture if you get something right and take a picture does your wife have pictures of your arena. Now they're ex wife and Emerson unfortunately there I don't know price envisioned my way into with mantra you didn't I'm sure. Chatter did she ask for them lamb maybe just. Probably because I was sworn in and she probably just put him in some sort of files Washington. Deliver them to people now whenever she's angry at me I'm sure my excellent viewer at home you think and should ask outs and. Okay am aiming right and and you say like I'm thinking about have sent a picture alone in her room. But early and never anybody else. Mumbai are way mean. As a nondescript Wiener. I think the problem is is that when you start taking a picture when I mean I just admitted it when I didn't of the prominent Jewish advantages when you face and it. Mean and you're aware right like Anthony Weiner like Erica you know come from. 'cause you know I think any pitcher I return to my wing or just a winner and a pair of boxer shorts you know I mean I'm not trying to show you everything. Residents. Can't be fun for anyone and a lot of the pictures of girls and. You can see them. You might say to yourself all but I don't care doesn't bother me I'm single it's fun I'm young. Sex and other people okay but in 5678. Years. Walking down the dial. You get married it's all ancient history goes when especially on the blimp or a house and a picture of your way there helpful when you don't let guys you're like damn man of I just don't think what are people doing that rodeo OK so let me ask you you really wanted to back and so you do to Brittany to control an analyst at worst senators something what's the matter so people do use revenge porn and that guy just got. Charges Reid was the first time right that it that it got state that someone have been charges have been born. Spots I just think knowing I feel like there people who. Forget about the fact tour in serious relationships now forget that ten years ago they emailed a picture remains. It. Can just alleviates. It's seeing the guys understand what the problem. The problem is your gut you're actually gonna show me the picture now. And other people see the picture and don't tell me who it is but unless you're a senator are businessman or an actor. It's the amount of people are gonna see here are seven people look at the damages pretty minimal. Yeah I think Israel saying. Yeah and what the revenge for that was a video right. It was it was yeah org N news there it was a vicious these guys who got busted. He claims that the two of them were. Working on making. Homemade porn together and that she knew that this stuff was going to go public and that was the idea for us again trial happening Tucker this was the guy and a man of whose animated pictures. He's behind bars for posting sexual videos of his former girlfriend on line it's a landmark case about revenge form Benjamin Barber 31. Was convicted in Washington County courtroom for posting animate videos of himself and his girlfriend on adult web sites. The act of revenge score only became illegal at the beginning of 2016. And there's this woman who got this law pass and I think in all can agree it's about time it's long overdue. When he decided to break up with me because he was cheating on me. Then he exposed my pictures link to my FaceBook put my address and my phone number on the Lucas say oh look. This is the girls were from start to feel like if she sent the pictures to you then everybody horse. Well at the time there was no law protecting our that was in 2014. So should there was nothing she can do apparently the device in the picture in my leaner TO some fashion. I feel like that's yours now yeah new indoor what are your wallet that's unfortunately. Brett and Adam but there's laws saying it that's different in Oregon but I don't think that we have a law like that here right. So I already knew guns and a picture of your winner and no one else is a lot of doing and when I guess not. Because so much yourselves you learn governor of organ is send people pictures here we are making your original press. Yes. Guess not not I don't know how that would be revenge coroner I. And it's time that I in the obviously the mistake been sending those naked pictures someone and it ended up breaking up with. I mean that's private why should you be allowed to take someone's private photos and expose them negatively to my thing is once she sent it legislative products currently private anymore Pelosi took off from her phone or something right if he stole them from prior. But she sent them to him. But he's behind bars. That you post among. This new guy. Can Muster got him from her again with the launch yet acted out and you're going to people's obviously can't go to people's email alert right. It's like I was in jail well I don't see nudity they want it right this guy's in an FBI agent has stepped at some point isn't. I think the guys in jail now those sounds to me like they've they took these videos together when they were still together. Then they broke up he posts and videos and she says you can't play those windows where a general marks. Erect and so this is their its revenge form right what they're calling it. I get a dealer saying attention just for that person not prop eight vote I get it and but once you send a text to someone else is kind of I mean it's like giving them a Christmas gift. I know I bought you these shoes. Well I can get to choose to whoever I want right when you get the male mind. My there'd be no other case that I can think of where you gave me something. I couldn't do whatever I want when it. Yeah HIV. Welfare appoint a native Melbourne but we attempted murder yeah yeah and I only did it yeah that's reverend. Renowned linguist in Miami and you gave me a beer and I knew George did but I can't think of anything or you gave me something. And I held accountable for what I do within afterward right and you're irrelevant right now. Not saying that I doubt that's okay you obviously shouldn't do that some incentive to you have a little bit decorum about yourself. That's bad etiquette but what I recipe shows your friends at work befriends a school one or two friendship two friends. Socialism and eviction I assure you write what you should write Michael wanted to show me and I roads into the picture yeah. The budget does that does he go to jail clever show Maine. That same issue because I made opponent in this setting right do you have to post online. Now I do understand. The blackmail thing. Because there's been cases where people say I'm going to release this allows us presence is a person's body is still a homebody than they Sheryl and other people who don't insult our bodies and ensure their body which thing knowingly shared via electronic communication is someone we've got a few texts and that the organ case. He posts that are our phone number address that that's the that's a girl who. The first girl right but he is a lot of hope that you guys did that the first draw 2014. Who got this all right named after wherever. She said he posted these pictures and linked to tour FaceBook account and gave information. I don't know what this guy with a lazy I did all that I saw you posted on some porn sites something. Has presence is this is why you guys in a female on your show conversational like this at. You call and yeah then tell me what I'm missing here. As a man. Was I don't. I feel like I'm saying. It's disrespectful and you shouldn't do it but I don't know. I can't imagine how would be. Illegal unless they obviously made up law like an inordinate may want specifically for this if you took the picture. If you'd like what happened this Toyota dealership. This guy got on this person's life and win that's a really really don't need to go to jail stealing right until we can all agree the best you can but if you send it Toomey. You texted to me wherever it is. And I chose someone posts online. I feel like the revenge thing to blackmail thing is different. If you start blackmailing someone and say hey you gotta do this this in this from their posts these pictures of you these semi. Morning go. Oops sitting. Should not answering. And oracle are mentioned it in a flurry of mostly Candace legislator Monday. The house passed a bill to outlaw the posting of nude photos and videos of some online without that person's consent. And house lawmakers turned down a proposal to call a convention of the states to place limits on the federal on the circuit. The first proposals targeted as revenge formed sexual material posted about former spouses or others as a means of harassment. While the browser technology is a you have has ever evolving way people can be abused and relationship. Representative Stephanie Clayton said and over impart Republican who helped shepherd the bill this is a new way to abuse people. Schlesinger can be used only for us from both for blackmail she said in the lawn executable technology. I agree with everything she say my only question is is and why and why isn't that. Well why doesn't that. Cover Anthony Weiner. I read an zero and say yeah yeah hammering about Missouri right now now in this article is written so that laws in both states in 2015 and Kansas and Missouri. Make it a crime to secretly photographed someone. Against their knowledge or use compromising pictures to extort or blackmail someone which is what I was talking about that makes sense. If you send a black million U gotta give me money you gotta do this from oppose these pictures again that that's blackmail. But neither state prohibits making public pictures share drained a previous intimate relationship. Without the consent. Of the person pictured. So if you make those pictures public if you were to gather when you took them we sometimes articles written it wasn't illegal. The turn of this woman who had these pictures in terms. So there's been advocates in Kansas and Missouri criminalize revenge or. But I don't see anything in his salute. There. So there's no. This is from 2015 I don't know if they change the laws are not. It looks like in Kansas and Missouri you have to steal yet to take the pictures without them knowing but if you took the pictures. With their consent to your relationship and you break up. It's theirs. You can't blackmail them. You know any pictures on your phone. I'm an Arizona. So come. And then there's my picture is neat pictures earlier. The effigy of your more room. Don't think so have you seen in my that's got an Osama. As you say you're mean and that's what I need I need you to send me pictures of your morning. Calendar that I never thought cemeteries are born and where concerns if some of cessation of picture winner that I can send your Wiener that's a stump and as he goes on Google and Google images dazzling us finds only likes in the sends it says they know about you. They do you really good to have them what is Google originally a fifth. Boehner. If I wanna looks like it could be years ago and onto the black one but. Mine as well so there you go he's a black one on. I mean they make six small black widows and easy to find your I don't know America.