Wednesday, 5.27.20- The Church of Lazlo Podcast

Wednesday, May 27th

*The mask war continues. The same thing happened with seatbelts in the early 80's. Get over it. *We actually play a clip from a reality show and Lazlo seems impressed. *Headlines! Trump wants to shut down twitter. (Seems presidential) Speaking of presidential, Trump is also smearing a private citizen and possibly accusing him of murder. The CDC is actually warning us about aggresive rats. Need another indication that Americans are getting dumber? Only 50% of Americans say they would take an approved COVID-19 vaccine. WTF? *The 50 Happiest songs of all time. Will Lazlo and Slimfast agree with number 1? *It's time to say goodbye but we have a few more things we'd like to discuss before we leave. One story might actually make you feel good. *That's a wrap! Have a great day/night!