Why You're Single

Wednesday, August 8th


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Anybody here single. Open might well remain married and it what does that mean I think now it just means there's guys who have a girlfriend that you were that you weren't married right. Early I think so I device depends what have you learned Kashmiris say no I'm doing well I would girlfriend but half hour to go to the hospital in nice areas single master bush singled. So you know what's the question. Yes I think this is more valid to discuss its. Special someone I think it I guess of how you never use that terminology. Well GM own Nash girlfriend Charlie friends whatever. That you're not single according to this as an army. I don't know if this actually evening counts as a survey but I. It's kind of survey because it started off as this big survey asking single men. Why they think they're single but geez. Professors decided to a big study and figure out why men are single what's the biggest reasons for men. Who are perpetually single or just can't seem to find a date now they did exclude. Any of the people who'll. Our single by choice they don't want to be in a relationship so you have to be. You're not willingly single this that you wish you wish you were with someone right so make sense and they take all of these responses. They went over all of them and they studied them and figured out. What the most common reasons were the people listed for having a tough time finding a partner. I guess the study is from Cyprus at the university of nick coliseum in Cyprus OK but they're sitting American many European and so. The these are the reasons are if you wanna go over all of these big gains 42. Of the top reasons that matters in our Oreo restore or can just start of forty to move quickly but. So that for journalists is addictions so OK you've got some drug problems and that makes it tough to find. Significant other I think I do you know China's oil from drug problems you think so so maybe that's why solo on the list everybody has and a home on your mind. Difficult to keep our relationships of these people are able to get into relationships that they can't stand relationships that are single about some. That would being. Everyone who's single. Well that's seems like a gross. It over generalization if you get an relationships he's probably gonna double and then. They didn't last your entire life and you are no go to Cuban I guess maybe some of these people that aren't lots of relationships in just can't stay in a relationship but maybe some of these guys have been single for a long time and don't wanna be single. They like I said they had to exclude the people who were willingly. Single console are only looking people who wants someone else health. Like a disability issue time out. It's not socks which do with again I feel like he's kind of said earlier of and hold on to run somebody for Madonna like some sort of disability dating a good thing for men but their resolutions starting right right. Meantime people in wheelchairs and this will I don't know much and you have to prison Tricia gender is on their lives fighting for every. I'm just gonna look this up right now is sure others. And the good thing for Manson has a study about men. Women are much more than it has always collage to me bags have to be able to meet somewhere underneath the stars he got a disability dating right now write them. Like this for loving them both in and not let people know. You get on soon. It seems are easier to explain your cost me about to someone who has one thing right just like it is easier explain your your meth addiction someone might have met this girl and yeah. We were both smoke amassed a home win a baton comment would be the same as you know I met this other person and we both know. On dialysis like whenever. Okay music and I don't know thy house term is disabled thing is they're all fires like do you have does that have to do well does is sign up let's see as Olivier June when disability dating like this for loving. And later he may refer to those with physical impairment sensory impairment cognitive impairment intellectual impairment mental illness. And other various chronic diseases that looks like we were all qualifying. Under one of those categories you want to log and and I was gonna say is if your guy because all that this study was all about single man. You're lucky because. Women are more likely to feel to be compassionate overlook patent Alec you know I really love this guy love temper hooey isn't gonna help mountain. So you know there's always. That or there's disability dating apparently next on the list for number were on 39 fear of commitment OK well next Alex in a relationship 38. I guess the overall theme is just that these people said it's too much effort. Like maybe they think they could do it but it's too much work to try and get a relationship and stay in a relationship they would like to be and one but I don't think it's worth the effort our lives not. Right exactly so bold not worth the effort. The next one is these people have given up. So I guess include them because they would like to be relation they've given up trying because they failed so many times and Washington. I do unemployment rate numbers 36 on the list yet people so I don't want is none of three point eight. Haven't Republicans Democrats but an MB other our side of that as well I don't but millions builders quit looking. They're done. Number 36 has homosexual. So I guess gay guys. At least some of them are saying it's harder for them to Ireland this because there in the closet or be all right guys are saying town where. There's not a lot of there's not a lot of them openly gay men I don't know. Number 35 attracted to the wrong women. That that. For whatever. It may mean extracted to the Brahma and that can. I think a lot of guys cases would probably mean I'm attracted to women that are way out of my league that happens a lot so maybe that's what they're talking about. Odd these guys number 34 feel bad for these guys they don't think that they would be good partners like they're not worthy of being in a relationship area. Interest in fear of rejection number 33 my. I'm not interest team I'm not interest in enough. December 32. Just kind of the same of Brian who are worthy fear of relationships. Sexual issue number thirty and achieve erection something. Yeah or maybe they need something really specific in Meriden owner bring it up around our failure to find that you could find that there's a day down in Iraq tile dysfunction. Again this is a lot feel like you're good sign and our time girls are wondering I can't interaction measure of a lot of my pitcher most. But that's about it about a delightfully silly Aaron early great if you just heard trees rear admiral borrow and time again this is a a list that this school this university in Cyprus put out of the top reasons that men in the United States and Europe are single. Not picking up clues of interest. On which is a good one because. My ex wife when we met. She said that she had been very clear. That she wanted to date me for like four or five months. I had no idea. I even talked our friends and said. Yeah and now she's definitely venture should be a nice she's kind of person who give us maybe she might hang out the guys whatever but she's not interested in me right. And I had a difference in what she might be nice to know she's not so. I also think you and I are similar and this goes beyond just someone showing interest but when it comes to initiation. Rip current needs used to how many years rule initiate yeah you know that it's so. Not picking up clues of interest 28 don't trust women. Democrats that was the reason lack of money. Don't know how to start a relationship. Have not gotten over previous relationship. Lack of social skills. Stuck with one girl. I don't know what that means stuck with one girl like your your. Nurse right I assume right right and rooting you stuck with one girl like your mother. One very nice today and I'm a relationship. Girl alone and let me be around one girl you're right I don't want to be stuck with one girl right lack of achievements in life. Story Phillies if I don't ever live achievements plenty of women who also lack achievements come on. Maybe you've got maybe there's more guys but still there's plenty of women. Who lack achievements or mental health number 21 as the top 120 difficult to find women to match. Whatever content I mean part character. I have a porch nurture these guys as an airport character like I'm I've got my character actor tradition got character issues I get that number eighteen depression. Right. Number seventeen and I enjoy being single. Okay well that sounds like you're not actively pursuing it but partly these guys also a public relations but it's tough because I don't like being single socially dock port. Lack of time to date. Number fourteen in sighting. Number thirteen is that I segment too picky. On shyness. Different priorities now here's the top ten reasons. That. Men are still single number ten overweight. I'm number nine no available women. On although both of those things are ridiculous there's available women and there's people date you yes I guess you're overweight yes you find somebody you know. I like chips for whatever reason or no in the same ballpark. Just looking and it's overweight dating churn off your it is six months. Overweight dating big beautiful people meet third is harassing opponents are open. It's not hear that that's an excuse number eight bad experiences. From previous relationships have scared the new ones number. I'm going enough number five or flirting skills mean. Do you still need Danny and I guess now you if you still flirting with tender or whatever it was an ammunition but advantage in Israel healer in Whittier whenever what was it did he uses indeed when if you watch mash. Master of non these seasons are show that was called master of none. He's on tender and uses the same line every semi matches with some when he uses the same line Taro was I think it was something along the lines of I'm donut hole for losing to particular thing up but that was his go to life partner use tender Brett thought ala. That is intra scene if you had because it. Pick up lines I know some people actually use pick up lines I'd assaulting a deck what what is pick up line it's actually worked on women I've never tried to use. A pick up line but those are just funny I can't imagine any of those overworking. But if you're on tender bumble or FaceBook or whatever right you have a line that you recycle sure right yeah. That's that's like his was pretty good rip going all these trying to be funny Barraza and initiates conversation. So poor flurries still number four Tom not interest him relationships so again to meet those people. I don't know. Don't put enough effort. Now Israel and number two self esteem. Low confidence from. Yeah that that's tough on the number one reason. That there are still single. When you think it is. Actually kind of a combination of things but I'm not what. Parlux including baldness and short stature if a that sucks the Jersey that sixty minutes or I think it was a news twice point. Probably this is more rich point to anything and think. Where they took their their short guy who had you know a better job and everything it was all he was an actor run and and they told these are electoral young embrace this person and the short guy had had the toughest he just really really had a tough go of it sure emboldening panel look like George to stanza but still don't. A still you've been in those guidelines. He didn't I get election that didn't didn't they break up is used cheap dollar something's not trump he's also an actor. I know when I you know. I can see like people who were. Short bald say it makes it tough determination to. For everybody just got to find a short ball won't. Whatever but just a we've done has plenty of people out there you probably don't have to find a short bald woman did find a short while we're sending him you could identity your eyes at soldier dot Golding who taught my science fiction prize was looking for a man but the fact that I guarantee you jealous. I do and as I Angie is she wasn't walking into a bar. Modeling into a bar without sending a hand on. He just say tall enough for me that I mean maybe but I don't believe it I don't believe she was looking like that I don't think she was going into the singles by army in line. Does not have a good no job is not tall enough for me I am tall dark and handsome boy is no way that is not what she was saying I agree. But I also think that you don't have to limit yourself to us. Maybe you should as the world where a fair place may be short bald men should limit themselves short hole. The again fortunately I just say it. Does he have to your idol that Imus thing you have to do what I'm saying that's not an excuse. You can find a short bald woman. One of them talk my seventh grade science religion class and choose divert company. But I guarantee you. Dan did you. Maybe these guys also say they have those self esteem and those are some of those other answers I don't know. Yes if all else fails. You can go finalize those. A junior high what was she an English teacher science fiction. Science thinks that it's paid in a class act in a science fiction class and public school elementary science fiction knowledge. We did not have that anyway she talked to examine why results is stupid and science fiction stupid. The attorney then and it type. Was it but he had denied mount a button was science fiction poetry your post I don't know whole match goes like this also marks a Lexus or not. The cells they are doing a trial wants us so my Bermuda. Are we in this initials of the pocket on the front kind of polo journalists on the other side to throw out. Failed backlash and I decided drug science fiction. My husband Thomas Sander and I don't know Ray Bradbury and which compares. Some talk about some merchants and people don't attract a momentum and whenever. Some stupid. Well. I'm why it was so slow dry holes I teach you if that science fiction. And science fiction is that you survive. And now the Internet these people meet you know I'll bet she's not single anymore she's probably had a lot shoes Fahrenheit around anymore I mean I feel so comfortable talking about here you're using her name. Interim and homeless guy a theory using a fake name. That's either and someone over the weekend who knew the my kindergarten teacher whose amended memory kindergarten teacher the thought roving teacher. You know gotta say your name but yeah sorry I know I'm not someone who had her. Have the same same teacher in kindergarten. She was shocked. She was shocked when I told her about the foot running she had no idea she said why would you do that. As a why would I do that I was five years old six years old and why would I do that. She was kind of make it economy it felt like saying that teacher is old enough that's gross and now. I was a kid the issue of same teacher. This year and junior and now she says this should never never rub her feet I swear does not on the Internet and are shown. Weird scifi teacher yeah. And good and I swear that everyone in my classroom Turkey that was not just me we that we all went through and took turns those not just a mean thing maybe she didn't do it. By the time she got it to this I don't know but we all rub your feet. Are what that has to do at this list are being single. The point is is someone out there for everybody and if you have to use. Devoe was a disabled dating a big beautiful people meet or whatever the case Phoebe they're out there and and and plenty of us. Suck it flirting and hate initiating conversation or initiating any of it. Pass with the internet's for. Doc only wanna look for style points for products just. All you draw the line we're doing that and now learning hot shot right now. Bring her first edition of he just had to know something Arthur C. Clarke focus of an inch she's yours that's it. Self in if you wanted to get to that. Place would your feeling insecure because your short fat bald as a says they'll find short fat bald one. I'd say just use Internet and view wanted to find a short pebble meet cannon or he'd been you can probably also find someone else maybe in but remain. If you really like this guy struggling these new sailors struggling because there shore. Balding. And out of shape so when I mean there's women or short ball and not a shared just. Find yourself. Dating site. I got another mashup trump the eighty member when we signed up for that on the air that trump dating site I don't look where I do we talk to similar it was in the news it was trump. Trump date whenever there's a mag of site I don't think we're there and oh yeah we did they don't start this is I have to I'm gonna I don't know I think you had a sign up on the area yeah I don't remember I guess we did anyway gotta match on the that's my job I don't. But in all today yup she's from Jersey she looks interest in we have a lot of similar interests. Like making America great them again. Them. Doesn't have enough Ira I think we did we it's it was like a year ago we did this apparently I still have an account of another pretty good memory I don't ever get any mass nose cone. You remember matches. You had me sign up for literally only on. Yes he should sign up for had a computer right direction if we does that it has made me I have a computer here to allied and under yeah you to make it isn't news for some reason because I. I don't remember of the guy who ran it was. There was even if it's movies there was something he was due one. This was in the news that was the reason I signed up for it. I shouldn't say any thing but anyway got to match toughness was good to know that there's no matter I saw some of I got back going forming. Should all else fail. And if anyone else is out there. Who's worried about being single and you don't wanna go down the dock balding. The road into the demo and I think and high school you have Motorola Dario all day and no one called that looking. And that's a good one. Dot moment. She is usually appears to issue a walk in the classroom and you at all wrong not arrow on the bureau Disco. Ball. And engine doing ramming Manning and drew a good dad and matters at that shouldn't okay now luxury and then I'd force if you want. Ball. Present. It to them and just I just felt like I think about that woman's life. Draws show iron left to that. School every day and drove in her Volkswagen Rabbit back to her Condo in Livonia Michigan to serve alone. Knowing when she woke up in the morning should a look at kids like few words she wasn't going to a hotel Arnold tomorrow's RC's. This man Joe's line and it's cool hotel bar. Daylight out these guys are good enough for me fat lady was at a crappy state house Mara could take anybody who walked in and is he may still be both of which is not a FaceBook and out of visual.