Yelp Pt 2

Thursday, May 3rd


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Yesterday when I got home from work I got an email and it because it came from the website I thought. Ronald penis my man was Ronald bills we've been talking about snow cones hate mail on my hate mail and your and I thought here comes another one I was nervous street actually went wrong Ronald penis I thought you know what I'm just not not doing running away as I sit down. So I look at it and it wasn't hate mail. It's from she says and and Laura. That's that name she gave me and look it's give me a last name phone number sounds like she's not trying to hide her identity but yesterday. We've talked about a news story in Virginia. About a woman who had left a Yelp review for the restaurant. She gave a given a trash on our trees our view which she had the food delivered your house. And when the food was delivered the delivery person said hey do us a favor and leave us a Yelp review when you get done and she said sure. So she let's review this has something like the burger was kind of bland dessert wasn't great maybe next time I'll try to pizza. Wasn't it terrible review and she game three out of five stars. But then later that night around 10 o'clock which we've got you back. There was a knock at the door she'd known what was your door and then she started getting phone calls from an unknown number. And when she checked the message that the voice mail it was a must say hey this is the manager we are distressed traveler talked about the review as she works for the root. Which is. Black culture magazine online. And she does like editor there's a she wrote a story about this a lot of people said this owner or manager whatever. Is out of his mind why would he do this why would you go to someone's house and knocked and he said. This is trying to bring more food I. I just South Carolina viewer write a description on was wrong that pro Bob gave and I wanted to make it right and we said doesn't this seem a little harsh on this new restaurant they're just try it if that's true there's right and it's unbelievable amounts story right. And in the woman from the root was responding to people on delta would said while this guy changed his avatar now on Yelp. And she ever spicy yet he's a special kind of crazy I think we're all this kind of like. This just read Carter's shot out of control and we cut this guy. So this is what the email was about that she sent. Did some fast no question here I just sort of clarify something concerning this story I got to hear from you guys I got to you guys discussed today as I ran from place to place. Adding it to her the entire conversation. And I don't even know the whole story go from what I can tell you were all lost as to details as well this is concerning the woman who gave. The Yelp reviewed the manager owner who came to her door at 10 PM to discuss or deliver food or whatever he slash she was doing. You puzzle seem to be loss as to why she would be upset about a stranger coming to her door at 10 PM. Which real quick I did say. Yes someone not borderline he can put him right champions. 10 PM it's a little too late but she had ordered food earlier right there's a chance that this is someone trying to fix this. She talked about how would she say it was like a scary movie or something that I just said his. Like its loans are going to be a true story scary movie about the delivery guy bringing a free burger at 10 PM. I can assure you that most women would never answered their door at 10 PM at night. Especially if the person at their door is a stranger an absolutely. Wouldn't. If that stranger is a man my brother's father and husband may not think twice but a woman thinks about that sort of thing very differently. We don't know what part of town she was and we don't know what her life experiences are with Maine in general. I live in Johnson county and grew up in a different city in the safe suburbs with a protective father and mother and still. I would never answered the door 10 PM at a stranger who was possibly a man knocked on my door I think her outrages more about the frustration that he she. Thought that. That was a good idea and I'm truly led to believe it was a guy because again a female manager owner. Would definitely think twice before going to a stranger's house who had shown unhappiness. Again women think about these things like safety issues in a way that men don't ironically it made her feel incredibly unsafe. Rather than taking chances she called the cops I'm glad she called the cops. Why should she feel physically threatened and lie awake that night wondering if this person was going to come back at any moment. Women have to think about going to a party by themselves walked on the street by themselves. Where revealing clothing and public strangers talking tourism on the sidewalk we are. On all of our time. Meaning you know we're on guard all the time we're on all the time we have the right to feel safe and our homes and she did the right thing. He should use this as a learning lesson on how to speak to all women. Snow cones idea to simply comment on her review Austrian a regal every the next day was a great idea. So I just thought OK that's fair look at. That's fair bit and by the way this coming from someone I have I'm self proclaimed the weakest as weak as any man who walks right we can all agree on that. If I enter a room with other adult. Acts. Adults but look who's Leah I don't know about it seems like that's been in main issues right. But that's also a letter from one person speaking for an entire gender I yeah I agree which I am sure you don't want to name its if if your girlfriend was home alone someone knocked on doors 10 o'clock would she be where she think this is going to be. Or reflect and I'm worried or what you essentially now go do it now but she also told me the other day that she was walking on the street and someone pulled up in a car rolled their window down and said. Hey maybe you look in good enough to be my baby mama today or something like that and she said thank you when she was talking about what it. How awesome was that someone call a woman and her coach I know that America for women are different right now and and but I just thought we didn't take that. Remind me did to protect a season to remember that line where she's been riding shotgun in a car she's talking to Colin armor their characters' names. And enthusiasm and having a pocket sniper something she said. Something along the lines of it's it's knowing that as a woman it anytime you can trying to attack me you could trend rate reach only whatever and I have to be. Guarded at all times like I said any of my and I thought okay that is a point that we did not necessarily. Mentioned yesterday. I'd I'd I'd not seen and is a leader someone knocked on the door. You kind of think the same thing right if someone knocks on my door yes. I think I'm right I mean so as an anti you do I think a lot of tough guy so I'm not what I don't think I'm going to OK so I don't necessarily think. The first thing that goes my mind is as viable as normally ranked. Now batter that's two completely different things. Between the genders. Well over the door I do think open it up a little bit make sure I can slamming on whoever's trying to get a ride like yeah I'm thinking they're going to be somebody. Trying to break in my house to try to kill me. We're all on lap time unfortunately we're on my kind of guard right yes. Yeah I think I think I definitely am. I think she's just trying to say ahead whereas you might say who the hell is this an even be a little bit on guard. She's saying for her as a woman she feels like it is different because. Generally speaking it's men that are trying to attack people. A lot of times it's men trying to attack women who were alone should. And so she even growing up in a safe suburb. With parents around that helped her feel even safer she still is always on guard. And again yes she speak menthol and MAM and government should not go to women's houses atomic clock they don't know that's what she sank. You should know. That's what she's saying unless they called you over. Asian not go reserve and she is our time LA is 5 o'clock cool I don't know maybe not maybe not maybe shouldn't just not come in order I don't know. And she's employment of that a woman would have done is she's assuming that the manager owner is a man because she can't imagine a woman. Thank you the that would be okay to go I'm not gonna woman storm could be home alone. At night I don't know during the holiday if someone comes to your door and all the data trying to sell you a vacuum or something in your home alone. How do you respond to that are you nerve this is that inappropriate to you at. So good here yourself identifies the woman gender fluid. So called it can't hear us. Okay. Hey. There's somebody. Knocked on your door at 10 o'clock at night were doing answer. Yeah if you couldn't see them you this year. Well what happened to a few weeks ago my dog Bo Ryan I'd buy peek out the window and always food delivery person for my neighbor. All right we're expecting who were you nervous when the door yeah OK I was nervous in her eyes when I make sure she knows that we also get nervous right I think she would say. And speaking for her now cynical point she's trying to make is yes but it's different for us because were always on guard. OK and you said is she speaking fern entire Mariah gender yourself. That's how did you manage she feels or whether she asks re always on guard I'd feel bad that managed somehow perpetuated the fact that she feels like she always used to be on guard. In some ways though. We all blew a world. In today's society Orioles feel kind of on guard well remember that woman took the video of her your dog is a little reason to the other day I'm a guy but I still think while lie and I need to look around and everybody around here but. That video a couple years ago level and yoga pants walking on the street and they were counting how many times Maine came up Trace smile maybe you're looking good one guy starts following her. That is not a world that I live in Morocco is different though and it and it sucks. That show and I think we can forget sometimes. I agree that so that's all I just wanted to make sure that. She knows that I acknowledge that I read your email acknowledge it and it's a good point and I guess we did not articulate guy yesterday how scary you know someone actually Europe if someone knocks my door in the middle of the day I get scared like if it's light outside just to meet the idea of someone knocking on the door is souls fashion anyway if I'm not expecting something. I was a kid people there were more people who sell stuff to order door candy bars really done to him reduces eye gets weird I don't answer may loses reaffirming. What can I just. Hear me out and may not get many trouble. Can I try. Can I try you can certainly dried listen germane ya know. I don't get yes I get a little nervous of someone knocks on the door loners are well once that right sure. But I also assume that if it's someone who's trying to do me harm they're not knocking. Well sometimes they not to see who's all right right but that's rare. I think it happens I almost I don't know that a lot look I know this is just me and I am I'm not a cop. I don't know if the normal all. Procedures to knock on the door someone answers and MSI you get end. How is assuming either sneak in through a window or bust out the door I get more nervous if I hear something fall in the kitchen oh yeah very loud. That I use someone knocking on the door at night some knock on the door at night tells me. Exactly what happened to snow cone. God damn man my neighbor or heard it. Grub bit and it they got and they transposed into numbers yet so I gotta walk out there like those are my first thoughts. Yes I'm my doors open I'm not nervous because I think. The so sometimes some good ball out. Ounce and but I do worry like at this person's trying to sell something and if I don't know how to say no politely out and give our viewers here in a mine or Iraq. Yes I very very worried I'm bad as saying now.