Yes You Are

Friday, April 20th


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Adds William Shatner and about as with common people. My name is Sanjay Danny's earmark easier in joining us this morning is yes you bar. Homegrown buzz are as good morning I'm. You're doing I'm doing good how are you guys bring me Shane. Excited to have Buick and thank you reality heads and you know finally too long yeah I know you've done a lot of shows but it shows some kind of everywhere I know I seen you out there before and in my view upon her now he should totally because I'm oblivious I just tell us. Yeah a busy autumn I'm not commit the act as surge to download history. Well I don't know that a guy right side. At a menu Dion I'm done that you're play and a mile from yeah it's nice to have you. I know we and you have not been in before so I'm thrilled to have all of you and it's a very nice to meet your occasionally things rooming with. New single. That you re fat which is super funny I'm against that in a minute there's a couple things going on. Your opening for kids play at the true man may third. Yes that shows gonna sell out there like fifty tickets left yesterday food. Yeah so. If you want to go CE Cayne playing and yes you are open. For cave they baggage tickets and veg consider Raegan bad consistency. Yeah because I was yesterday early and yeah he plays in a sell out just ask our yes get your tickets and get a mountain so that's exciting. She. Ask you yeah her and her manager emailed us and we were like. Just out of nowhere out of nowhere Jay Leno who know what's on your notes you know what it was out of somewhere. Yeah how it was good but the managers said Laszlo. Really main news so it OK gotcha we have. Has slowed the thing I have to bring them you know getting our way yeah okay and contact information repress Atlanta you know let's move. Trying to get to the horse is staying forever well then how many you're I haven't been Obama appeared when he your device. An actuality in reality it has been an almost a draw near roars how my you know on the O'Leary yeah I can alum I Helmer Haile out. Low lying down better than anybody forgotten what do you want to know how can I get more shows like yeah. Active and you'll have to give him something better. That's how we operate. And you'll have to do sort of ahead. My dad's birthday you know if you can let my name me three. There's really an. Yeah yeah have noticed and yeah. Over on it. I'll buy Irish learn that is why I said OK because your manager is healing your manager really yeah it's done. In eager Shonn is our manager and Naomi and invited. And introduced us and Neil but yet but they both look like work together OK gotcha gotcha so yeah an Emmy winner shot I didn't know that he's a here's what I know and your shot. Worked at BT record yeah it was kind of easy records and who is responsible. Florida White Stripes and I hope that you MLB on the middle you know maybe. I know weird Sally yeah home I was super funny wherever you're only readies for years. We would run into an Obie do remember that. We will put our part of the reason though these balls I down on the like and what is so I don't know the. Yeah that's another dollar okay. EO hey honestly that different needs announcement and joins upon you and he does that. You there. Anyway melodies super funny yeah. And then obviously you are so drag each year and yet right we'll get Radke tomorrow now. I don't think it's an idea that tuna a long time we did were at the rent you for awhile and I mama Phillips then. And oh yeah he's grind series managers to. And yes you like the Smashing Pumpkins when there with were just coming out to heed his like is that her record is so awesome to just be like kind of responsible. For The White Stripes being signed. Signed it. And I think it was his idea which is really Smart and I could be run to break him in the UK first. So awesome Mika he's Smart yeah that was a real Smart things you didn't know what the word began and nobody knew what to think of them know it literally dead there's no bass player than you know what do we do is stand down they sound like real Rouse. Yeah I like get dirty their dirty our Sheridan you're either island out of the white spirit I love. Love Atlanta out of you don't know that integration and actually on. Genetic play guitar. And I'm glad I'm sure. I'm yeah Allentown and you're such a year the Smart ass are. If you are now well I'll fly in the capital learn how to you know he's going to be and what he's. I don't rail can it yet this doesn't work out we're gonna make it on your bad carry you guys are doing great your fantastic aria yeah. Will you play for us through that human reason as to me like stop the comedy ferment. No it's just pot as a lawyer pot is okay you resume playing now don't get here so yeah burial take a break you come back he played some great great because. Well the rules yeah. He loves it and yet we could talk about after that the app is coming up next. I. Are you did that morning buzz good morning names budgeting easier America's here and yes you are. Is in the studio program as ours they're opening for cape plate. Steve became players may third at the Truman in your tickets mother sums so available. Ari you're gonna perform. An older song why we're gonna play your new sign through new single just. Just when my today and a new video which I have seen the video yet so you can use our eyes on come back home corrects and. The videos out of excited to see it because I enjoy your answer amp photos. And outline that I wanna hear you it plays in your brow yourself for a Steussie interplay I'm HD ax but after that I want to talk about. Because I've already played a Mac now out and one time I played it and then mind apparently we critiqued at. Yes he lives. Are really good news. That butterfly and opener but you actually take it to heart dummies anyway. Well we you know we're always check in and really jeered was like always kind of kind of questioning the deadbeats to the song and and we were likes to hop trying to perfect it would listen to go forward now of course then you guys like affirm that for him. And and then yeah see those wooden. I have no fly you and me we got problems. We have. Rather than it was any because. DNA is notorious for saying beat me I mean I'd I'd. I am noxious. I mean ideally do you guys playing I can't wait to hear the new version yeah and I. I I hope you don't hate me for saying that our idols on hope you know al-Qaeda carries. I'm hoping there's and the nonsense there's only so much you can do with making a beat drop in my guess sort of like Americana. For him he's. Clinton. Yes. Oh that's totally me took that and you know full ED MPS. Tolkien and think he'll. Know our weeks of that's a good they're really solidly blue now yeah now but I was in the best that's what came to me it's like. If the looming ears could write this they would. Well I love what wind wow thank you we we are hoping it like a very positive. Lake critique I don't which is really nice that we in meaning he can we don't. Finishers thousand was an yeah getting McCain play where not and anger about the car itself. That being said we will play you the new read next Thursday. Come back home and asked do you perform why parents are right here is yes you are with HD ax. Additional us an idea. Since that's. Where I offenders who council. But didn't learn it. That it won't. Still don't do next in just glad it's done it's. When the wind days yes they did them and they must have done extensive did you do that. CN zone I have both got some kids geragos. Fans do you spend their days. We'd do it cousin. It's. Summer so just how. And I know he. Some of it's. Please man do you won't fans enough that only thing. So these two scenes and do what is believed. Just don't know much about beating me so when do you mean now. Then goes and don't come at all it's. And we're close we Olsen in Vienna on holy ghost explosion. We wouldn't do it doesn't fare tomorrow. Come home. Some zones. If I'm wrong from the. Long. Some ozone. It's. None none none none none that and I love London unknown unknown unknown unknown gunmen. Are you doing so. Yeah. Out of thin and zoom zoom the and that's just how Vincent Russo and match and I'm very unique but you'll the end. Out of millions of soup. Cents a pound in Houston zoo. Sue them. And food and brewer and our missing his own meant she could almost kissing. It's. Please do things done. And we do it because. Yeah now the. It's. It's. Love love love and none it's. No. I love it's. Yeah. And roar. I'll hand guys who I we didn't literally never played that might have before. Like now ever world acoustic Mohammed is now as a oh lead positive reactions as to make it that no matter how. He again. Think it's quite different so cool but like keep this whole elites like this and their parents. His eyes and you know rally lately I haven't they were singing and you weights off and she kind of and it up it was like I got chills and that was really good will that. One of the main things like he more than two. Singers you know in his voices like. It's an instrument almost a sound like an acoustic warm and start whereas like I am a big insurance she's just like even just the screaming. Eagle I could hear from you because she she. Just transpires. All day long it's and it hit me out of. It's like I mean she's very magnetic. It's. You couldn't get a man we knew that right from birds I don't know from the well and blues. And it didn't. A lot of I'm talking about turner a little bit of his dad's. Your voices like it is like really would like auto reverb for her and it just made it sounds old bull an awesome it's great thank you not because. They're about how could. Think it's great but it's nice here I'd like literally couldn't remember how when. But it's. It's the minute the zebra. I'm an opposing any idea because I always really lagging radio is I want and I love music cemeteries aren't going to be important I can't say. I don't claim instruments Gary music make things that ascending and the next best thing we should play music. But when do you think they do an idea that keepers. Mercury sing line all the and lastly there's some kind don't say anything. John Savage beating me like I'm I don't think they dock. Today and I I had never heard that but you were chosen your have friends and seeing them like that and that I can believe failure ultimately. Ahead though my yeah I don't really I didn't have any volume up and I had kind of like why everywhere and it's epidemic when only have class and. And the guy like watching Luke Skywalker do little bit targeting computers went down the trance like people who mine and what you sound great just keep doing. Anyway however yeah Casey use the force and did your right there are perfect but who pray yes you are. Is it that was their mind opening for K play which is may third at the training get your tickets as there are very limited. Very limited and available to purchase and that thing's going to be sold out it may third after treatment. And here's your brand is seeing around you can follow on any aren't social media to ask you are often it's of new video you know any of the new media doesn't want to let her. Deferred dead an injury never burned. The deputy go and it is so beautiful like a we don't want to work with them forever there from here who has it again Christopher Kennedy restricted but Kevin mortgages and. You know he's a lot of really great he does a lot of work outside of the city now because he's gotten so big. So we want to work with him for a long time not directed at him. Dreaming about you and you love them any W yeah and you do that. And they are yeah it was a really good. Mean it's better than these eleven days and then there's the transition in his left hand Allen here yes he literally passed I passed every time. Fevered. I'd come back from his name is single also officially outs along with the video but yes you are and then made entered. It's yes you are on social media and here is that sense it's called come back home and it is them as. Move that was insane that they hit. But that is the hit that is. Now a bad thing here that was it that you guys are you take orders no I'm not I really am not I I liked jumped a disarming I jumped up and down a couple of times we need to when he hit and then you drop giving out no strings came back whoever makes that did an amazing job. Are always there Ali crowd really grates against her you know that should be unions are. Out here yeah I'll man wearing a lot. EU. And now I know I'm out I'm like wow that's obvious and it got sold it now it was a bit its use of the amazing you know religious and because you don't producer. I'll take the credit area. Nine no not at all that was you guys that was amazing holy crap that's sound is this nightly again actually goes insane and I like that one more time the for the or more time I was well and intends to our lives and apple TV. Okay.