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Fri 10/19/18 - JSAF Podcast

Tales from last night, Insurance, Lobbies, Music News, Worst Day Ever, Cute Animal Halloween Costumes, Yes You Are, World Premiere, In Studio, Interview, Basic...

Thurs 10/18/18 - JSAF Podcast

Hair, Illegal Dumping, Blankets, Taylor Swift Lyrics, Jordin, 30 Day Ban, Music News, Basic Witch Party, Lottery winnings, Brew at the Zoo, Baby Sharks, and...

Wed 10/17/18 - JSAF Podcast

QT, Stealing, The Great Mall of the Great Plains, Mall stories, Basic Witch Party, Mortified, Live Journal, Xanga, Music News, Shooting on the Plaza, Brew at...

Tues 10/16/18 - JSAF Podcast

Opening Stories, Laundry, Jackets, Smells, Emo Quiz, Instagram, Phones, Listening, Motorcycles, Music News, Aliens, Tom Delong, Brew at the zoo, Jeriney, Jail...