Mountain Dew ICE COLD CREW

Mountain Dew ICE Sampling events

There's cool... and then there's Mountain Dew ICE. Chill hard, and refresh harder with a clear, refreshing, lemon lime flavored twist to the classic DEW you know. Moutain Dew ICE is a clear, refreshing lemon-lime Dew that will keep you charged, with a splash of real juice to refresh and excite your senses. THIS is how DEW does lemon-lime, charged with mouth-watering flavor.

We've teamed up with Mountain Dew ICE to give you the chance to try it for yourself. The Buzz street team will be out around KC with the Mountain Dew ICE COLD CREW all year long giving you free samples to charge up your day (or night!), and win tickets to the best upcoming live music.

Check back all year long as we update the calendar with where the Ice Cold Crew will be next!

Friday, October 5th
Fire and Ice BBQ

Friday, October 6th
Fire and Ice BBQ

Tuesday, October 9th
Local Tuesday @ Up-Down   6p-9p