Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy perform live

WATCH: College Kids Listen to Fall Out Boy & Get All Kinds of Nostalgic

FBE ’s “College Kids React To” series took on Fall Out Boy for their latest video, and not only are these kids familiar with the band, but their music brought back all the feels. The kids started out with the new song “Young And Menace” (which some kids were shocked to find was, in fact, a FOB song...
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Fall Out Boy performs before the All Star Game home run derby at PetCo Park

Watch Fall Out Boy Get Young and Menacing on Fallon

Last night (5/16) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fall Out Boy performed their latest single, “ Young and Menace .” If you think this one sounds like it’d be tough to perform live, we’re with you. But they brought it, and for as difficult as Patrick Stump ’s chorus must’ve been to sing,...
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Listen to New Fall Out Boy Single, Young And Menace

Fall Out Boy just shared their newest single, “Young And Menace.” Like a lot of bands recently, they seem to be experimenting with electronics. Give it a listen below: Fall Out Boy sent out a series of tweets this morning, detailing what’s to follow “Young And Menace.” To sum it up, bundles of...
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